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The Mitchell Family




The first American Mitchell of note was the Rev.
Jonathan Mitchell, minister of Cambridge, Mass., the son
of Jonathan Mitchell, who was born in England in 1624.
He was brought to this country in 1635 by his parents, who
sought a refuge from ecclesiastical tyranny in the wilder-
ness. His father first settled at Concord, Mass., after-
wards he lived at Saybrook, Wethersfield, and Stamford,
Conn., and died in 1645. Mr. Mitchell was graduated at
Harvard college in 1647, having made great acquisitions
in knowledge. Under the ministry of Mr. Shepard his
mind was impressed by the truths of religion. While
at college he kept a diary in Latin.

When he began to preach, he was invited to settle at
Hartford, Conn., but he was ordained at Cambridge, Mass.,
as the successor of Mr. Shepard, August 21, 1650. Soon
after his settlement. President Dunster embraced the
principles of antipedbaptism. This was a peculiar trial
to him; but, though he felt it to be his duty to combat the
principles of his former tutor, he did it with such meekness
of wisdom, as not to lose his friendship, though the con-
troversy occasioned his removal from the college. In
1662 he was a member of the synod, which met in Boston
to discuss and settle a question concerning church member-
ship and church discipline, and the result was chiefly writ-
ten by him. The determination of the question relating
to the baptism of the children of those who did not ap-



proach the Lord's table, and the support thus given to
what is called the half-way covenant, was more owing to
him than to any other man. Considering baptized per-
sons as members of the church and liable to its discipline,
he thought, that their children should be admitted to

He died July 9, 1668, aged 42. His wife was Margaret,
daughter of Mr. Shepard. his predecessor. His children
were John; Nathaniel; Samuel, a graduate of 1681; and
Jonathan, a graduate of 1687. Mr. Mitchell was eminent
for piety, wisdom, humility, and love. His vigorous
powers of mind were diligently cultivated; his memory was
very retentive; and he had acquired much learning. He
wrote his sermons with care and yet preached without
notes, speaking with great majesty, and attaining towards
the close of his discourses a fervency, which was most ener-
getic and impressive. His delivery awas inimitable. He
was frequently called to ecclesiastical councils, and, pos-
sessing singular acuteness, prudence, and moderation, he
was well qualified to heal differences.

Attached to the institutions of the founders of New
England, he frequently said, that if it should become a
general opinion, that all persons, orthodox in judgment as
to matters of faith, and not scandalous in life, should be
admitted to partake of the Lord's supper without any ex-
amination concerning the work of saving grace in their
hearts, it would be a real apostacy from former principles,
and a degeneracy from the reformation already attained.
He was faithful and zealous in the discharge of the duties
of the sacred office. Beside his stated labors on the sab-
bath, he preached a monthly lecture upon man's misery
by sin, salvation by Christ, and holy obedience, which was
much attended by persons from the neighboring towns.

He published a letter of counsel to his brother, 1664;
an election sermon, entitled, Nehemiah upon the wall in

troublesome times, 1667; a letter concerning the subject
of baptism, 1675; a discourse of the glory to which God
hath called believers by Jesus Christ, printed in London,
and reprinted in Boston, in 1721.


Thomas Mitchell, born England, 1627, died Charles-
town, Mass,, 1677, married Anne . Children:

Thomas, Jr., married November 1655, Mary Molton, died

1 September, 1709. Children: v. ana P.o;

Andrew, born 1662.

Mary, married 1675, William Ellis.

Thomas, born 15 August, 1660.

John, born 29 July, 1664.

Abijah, born 23 October, 1666.

Caleb, born 17 January, 1671, died 1701.

Andrew (1) son of Thomas and Mary, married 12

November, 1686. Children:

Mary, born 26 July, 1687.

Abigail, born 13 February, 1689.

Sarah, born 2 November, 1690.

Andrew, born 25 January, 1694.

James, born 11 January, 1696.

Eliz., born 7 January, 1698.
-Phillip, born 11 September, 1699.
"Jane, married Geo. Russell.

Moses, married Margaret Knowlton.

Robert, married Alice Harris.

Andrew Mitchell (2) born 1694, died Lunenburg,

Mass., 1761, married Martha . Children:

Jane, born 14 February, 1724, married Geo. Russell.

Ruth, born 19 Ju'y, 1726, married Moore.

Martha, born 12 December, 1729, married John Richards.

Susannah, born 27 December, 1731, married Samuel Russell.

Hannah, born 15 September, 1734.

Andrew, born 18 January, 1738.

Esther, born 15 October, 1740, married Mitchell Richards.

Mary, born 19 July, 1745.

Andrew Mitchell (3) son of Andrew, born 1738, died
Temple, Maine, married 26 October, 1776, Roxanna
McDonnell. Children:
Jonas, born 8 April, 1787, died, 1796.
Andrew, born 1780,
and six others.

Andrew Mitchell (4) son of Andrew and Roxanna,
born 1780, Temple, Maine. Children:
David, born 27 February, 1813.
Jonas, born 1815.

Jonas Mitchell, son of Andrew (4) and Roxanna,
born 1815, died 1882. married Myra Campbell. Children:
Myra Abby, born 1833, married Reuben Fenderson.
Jonas A., born 1835.
Moses C. born 27 January, 1838.
Marcus M., born 10 June, 1840, died 1862.
Henry H., born 1850.

Moses Campbell Mitchell, son of Jonas and Roxanna,
born Temple, Maine, 27 January, 1838, married 26 July,
1876. Mary C. Hanson. Child:
Alex. H.. born 7 May, 1878, married Marion Hall.


Recorded in the Boston, Mass. Directory for 1789,

John Mitchell, mariner, Fleet St.
John Mitchell, shop keeper. No. 32 Newbury, Vt.


The Moravian Seminary for Young Ladies, at Beth-
lehem, Penn., is one of the oldest female institutions of
learning in this country. Since 1786, thousands of young
ladies have attended the Bethlehem school. In the early
days few of the pupils were Moravians, but were members
of aristocratic and wealthy families, and for many years
the seminary was quite the vogue. The following list of
pupils, recently found, will prove of great genealogical
1801. Susan Mitchell, born 14 January, 1791. daughter

of Andrew Mitchell, of New York.

1806. Mary Ann Mitchell, born 3 April, 1795. daughter
of Gov. Nathaniel Mitchell, of Delaware, married
13 February, 1817, John L. Mason. Brooklyn. N. Y.

1807. Ann Elizabeth Mitchell, born 28 June. 1798, ward
of Mrs. Ward, of New York, married 1822, Thomas
Newbold, New York, died 1853, in New York.

1808. Ann Maria Mitchell, born 20 August, 1797, daugh-
ter of Thos. Mitchell, of Louisa Co., Va.

1833. Anna Mitchell, ward of Archibald Dunbar, of

Natchez, Miss.
1833. Margaret Mitchell, ward of Archibald Dunbar, of

Natchez, Miss.

1839. Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell.
M. D., of Philadelphia.

1840. Hannah C. Mitchell, daughter of Alfred Mitchell,
of Philadelphia, married 27 September, 1853, Fred
Waydell, New York.

1841. Kosalie A. Mitchell, daughter of Mrs. Mitchell,
of Flushing, Long Island.

1844. Sarah M. Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell.
M. D., of Philadelphia, married William Neilson.

r^ui^'j&b .t'Pvl

1844. Letitia Mitchell, daughter of J. K. Mitchell. M.

D., of Philadelphia, married Geo. L. Harrison.
1850. Josephine H. Mitchell, granddaughter of J. D.

Harris, of New York.
1863. Clara Mitchell, daughter of Thos. S. Mitchell, of

1863. Luclnda E. Mitchell, daughter of John J. Mitchell,

of Alton. III.

1863. Juliana M. Mitchell, daughter of John C. Mitchell,
of Philadelphia.

1864. Mary Ann Mitchell, daughter of William H. Mit-
chell, of Alton, 111.

1865. Lizzie 0. Mitchell, daughter of A. S. Mitchell, of
New York.

1868. Alice Mitchell, daughter of Ira Mitchell. Port

Golden, N. J.
1871. Mae E. Mitchell, daughter of George H. Mitchell.

of Philadelphia.
1873. Lavina H. Mitchell, daughter of J. H. Mitchell.

of Boston. Mass.


Richard Mitchell was deputy treasurer of Kent Co.,
in 1684. He was in the Assembly 1745-6.

James Mitchell was appointed justice of the peace in
Chester Co., in 1722.

John Mitchell was deputy sheriff of Philadelphia
Co., in 1763.

James Mitchell was a member of the Assembly from
Lancaster Co., in 1729. He was county collector from
1731 to 1743.

Robert Mitchell came from Scotland to Pennsylvania
in 1682. later Settled near Guilford Court House, North
Carolina. His son Adam had a son Robert, born 19 Feb-
ruary. 1767.



Matthew Mitchell, born England. 1590, died Stam-
ford, Conn., 1645, married 16 April, 1616, Susan
Butterfield. Their children were: ,..

Abigail, born 26 April, 1618.

David, born 12 November, 1619, died 9 July, 1668.
Sarah, born 14 October, 1621, married Samuel Sherman.
Martha, born 26 October, 1623, died 22 November, 1623.
Jonathan, born 19 December, 1624, died 9 July. 1668.

married Margaret Shepard.
Susan, born 14 October, 1627.

Matthew, born 5 July, 1629, died 4 October, 1629.
Hannah, born 26 June, 1631. ,,j

David Mitchell, son of Matthew and Susan, married

Sarah Wheeler. Their children were: .";. ; -f nivi! <

Matthew, died 1736. married Mary Thompson.


Daniel, married Susanna Sherman. ^ and M»j th.i, Wl,^

Martha, married Nathan Baldwin.

Grace, married November, 1701, William Pixley.

John Mitchell, son of David and Sarah, died 3 Jan-
uary, 1732, Woodbury, Conn. He married Eliz. Knell.
Their children were:
David, born November, 1679.
Eliz., born November, 1683.
Elnathan, born October, 1686.
John, born February, 1689.
Martha, born March, 1697, married Abr. Hurd.

John Mitchell, son of John and Eliz., died 22 April
1748, married 7 January. 1717. Eliz. Curtiss. Their chil-
dren were:

Joana, born 18 November. 1718, married Aaron Mallory.
John, born 12 October, 1720.

Ashahel, born 6 October, 1723, died 1 May. 1797.

Elnathan, born 9 February, 1728, married Sarah Tenny.
Reuben, born September, 1733 died January. 1737.

Asahel Mitchell, son of John (2) and Eliz., married
21 January, 1747, Olive Root. Their children were:
Reuben, born December, 1748, died 9 November, 1822.
Daniel, born August, 1750, died 13 May, 1824.
Susanna, born October, 1752.

Justus, born 8 September, 1754, died 24 September, 1806.
Asahel, born October, 1756, died 21 September, 1819,

married Lucy Judson.

Justus Mitchell, son of Asahel and Olive, married 7
September, 1779, Martha Sherman. Their children were:
Eliz.. born 28 August, 1780, died 10 June, 1825, married

Charles Thompson.
Sherman, born 2 July, 1782, died 1823, m. Hannah Fitch.
Minot, born 24 September, 1784.
Chauncy, born 25 January, 1786, died February, 1811,

married Anna Johnston.

Minot Mitchell, son of Justus and Martha, married
Eliza Leeds Silliman. Their children were:
Joseph, born 11 February, 1809.
William M., born 29 May, 181 1.
Chauncy L., born 10 November, 1813.
Josiah S., born 2 February, 1816.
Ann E.. born 28 October, 1818.
Charles H., born 18 February, 1828.

Caroline M., born 12 May, 1829, married David M. An-
James M., born 12 May, 1829, twin.

Charles Halsey Mitchell, son of Minot and Eliza,
died 1873, married 1860, Isabella Hull. Their children

Margaret H., born 1861, died I January, 1896.
Eliza L., born 1 868, died young.
Anna M., born 1 870.



(From Original Records.)

Mitchell, Abraham and Susannah Jananace, 13 August,

1774. Staten Island. N. Y.
Mitchell, Abraham and Margaret Decker, 22 September,

1801. Staten Island, N. Y.
Mitchell. Allen and Phebe Smith, 20 December, 1785,

Hempstead, N. Y.
Mitchell. Andrew and Mary Van Eppe, 12 September,

1760, New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Andrew and Margaret Stiles, 18 March, 1781,

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Andrew and Ann Steele, 23 October, 1780. New

York State Licence.
Mitchell. Ann and John Miller. 27 March. 1760. New York

State Licence.
Mitchell. Anna and Elias Inyard. 6 October. 1793. Port

Richmond. N. Y.
Mitchell, Ann E. and Thos. Newbould. 1822. New York.
Mitchell. Arthur and Harriet E. Post. 5 October. 1859,

New York City.
Mitchell. Catherine and John Merlin. 28 February. 1799,

Staten Island. N. Y.
Mitchell, Catron and Arnold Dickens. April 14, 1754,

Westchester Co.. N. Y.
Michel. Christina and Jonathan Silsby, 16 February. 1758,

Salem. Westchester Co.. N. Y.
Mitchell. Edward and Caroline C. Woolsey. 5 December,

1867. New York City. N. Y.
Mitchell. Elenor and Pierre Pittet. 24 November. 1793,

New York City.
Mitchell. Elinor and Jesse Lear. 3 June. 1779, New York

State Licence.
Mitchell. Elizabeth and John Eaton. April 30. 1702, New

Mitchell. Elizabeth and Richard Lawrence. 7 March. 1750,

Hempstead. N. Y.


Mitchel, Elizabeth and William Briggs, 6 March. 1788,

Bangall. Dutchess Co., N. Y.
Mitchell, Elizabeth and William Copp. 4 December. 1790.

New York City.
Mitchell. Freelove and John Carle. 21 July. 1751, Hemp-
stead, N. Y.
Mitchell, Harriet B. and Clark E. K. Royce, 4 February,

1864, Sag Harbor, N. Y.
Mitchell, Hugh and Sophie Peters, 14 November, 1768,

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Jocamiah and Elizabeth Jones, 30 May, 1730,

Hempstead, N. Y.
Mitchell, Jocamiah and Sarah Bowne, 14 November, 1758,

New York City.
Mitchell, James and Margaret Wilson, 18 June, 1781,

Staten Island. N. Y.
Mitchell. James and Elizabeth McGarr, 20 August. 1773,

New York City.
Mitchell, John and Catherine Adams, 8 July, 177^, New

York State Licence.
Mitchell. John and Hannah Thorpe, 2 December, 1788,

New York City.
Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Cammack, 10 May, 1802,

New York City.
Mitchell, John and Rebecca Hewlett, 10 October, 1764,

Hempstead, N. Y.
Mitchell, John and Deborah Prince, 31 May, 1760, Hemp-
stead, N. Y.
Mitchell, John and Sarah Norry, widow, 7 February,

1795, New York City.
Mitchel, John and Ann Tilton, 28 May. 1 793, New York

Mitchell, John and Sarah Degrove, 23 April, 1795, New

York City.



Mitchell, John and Elizabeth Lewis, 17 March, 1758, New -..g

York State Licence.
Mitchell, John and Rebecca Hulcat, 12 September, 1764, -,"

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Laura C. and Alex. B. Crane, 12 July, 1865, ,

New York City.
Mitchell, Lewis and Mary Boram, 18 May, 1828, Staten \ .

Island. N. Y.
Mitchell, Margaret and Stephen Ryder, 4 January, 1772,

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Mary and Jacob Smith, 25 February, 1760, New ,_.,

York State Licence.
Mitchell, Mary and Lambert Jenners, 21 August, 1774,

Staten Island, N. Y.
Mitchell, Mary and Stephen Mott, 29 June, 1811, Staten

Island, N. Y.
Mitchel, Medad and Sarah Tucker, 22 February, 1789,

New York City.
Mitchell, Peter and Sarah Baker, widow, 16 October, •

1803, Staten Island, N. Y.
Mitchell, Peter and Ann Byrnes, 22 August, 1800, New

York City.
Mitchell, Phebe and David Gelston, 24 August, 1769. New

York State Licence.
Mitchell, Phebe and James Halstead, 27 March, 1767,

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Phebe and James Fairlee, 2 June, 1757, New

York State Licence.
Mitchell, Phebe and John Nuttman, 2 December, 1737.

New York State Licence.
Mitchell. Phebe and Richard Mathews, 29 March, 1767.

•Hempstead, N. Y.
Mitchell, Phebe and James Farcley, 3 June, 1757, Hemp-
stead. N. Y.
Mitchell, Rachel and John Seguine, 12 November, 1775,

Staten Island, N. Y.


Mitchell, Robert and Mary Latham. 12 June. 1759, New

York State Licence.
Mitchell, Robert and Margaret Lafong, 23 December,

1766, New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Robert and Sarah Allen. 9 April, 1757, New York

State Licence.
Mitchell, Robert and Hannah Cornell, 14 March, 1729.

Hempstead. N. Y.
Mitchell, Sarah and Joseph Brown, 2 February, 1762,

New York State Licence.
Mitchell, Sarah and John Bessonet, 23 July, 1778. New

York State Licence,
Mitchell, Samuel L. and Cath. Akerly Cock, 22 June, 1799,

New York.

(To be Continued)


Gilbert Mitchell was a lawyer in Courtland, Ala., in
1840. His father Nat. Mitchell was postmaster in 1830.

Alex. M. Mitchell, born North Carolina, 1809. died
St. J^oseph, Mo., 26 February, 1861. He was a colonel in
the Mexican War.

John B. H. Mitchell, born Monroe Co., Ky., 26 No-
vember, 1820, died in Stillwater, Minn.

Eliz. Mitchell, born 1785, daughter of John Mit-
chell, a merchant of Philadelphia, Penn., married Samuel
Hyer, born Lancaster Co., Penn., 1779, died 1862.

John Mitchell served in the Cumberland Co., Penn.
Militia, during 1777-9.

Jane Mitchell, of Chambersburg, Penn., married
William Thompson, of Franklin Co., Penn., born in 1754.
He served in the revolution.

Joseph Mitchell, Sr., died in Paris, Ky., 2 April. 1842,
in his 78th year. He had served in the revolution and for
many years was an elder in the Presbyterian Church.


,i(. >■


The following Mitchell deeds are from the original
records of Augusta Co., Virginia:

Date 12 May. 1746, deed from John Mitchell, farmer
and his wife, Mary, to William Mitchell, farmer. Recorded
Augusta County, State of Virginia, Book I, page 73.
Land described as follows: 400 acres, part of land patented
15 March, 1744.

Date 12 May, 1746, deed to William Mitchell, farm-
er and his wife, from John Mitchell. Recorded Augusta
County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 73. Land de-
scribed as follows: 400 acres.

Date 13 August, 1747, deed from William Beverley
and his wife, to John Mitchell. Recorded Augusta
County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 317. Land de-
scribed as follows: 609 acres.

Date 13 August, 1747, deed from William Beverley
and his wife, to Helen Mitchell, widow. Recorded Au-
gusta County, State of Virginia, Book 1, page 330. Land
described as follows: 200 acres. Breckenridge's line
corner to Teet's line, corner to David Doak, John Lockharts
corner John Teet's land.

Date 10 February, 1748. deed from William Mitchell
and his wife Margaret, of Augusta Co., Va., to James Mc-
*Clung. Recorded Augusta County, State of Virginia,
Book 2, page 131. Land described as follows: 200 acres
(Patent 25 September, 1746) on branch of James river
called the Mary. Signed William Mitchell, Margaret
Mitchell. Witnesses: Gilbert Campbell, Andrus Mc-
Nabb. William (his 0. mark.) Hall.

Date 19 August. 1748, deed from Andrus Mitchell
and his wife, Mary, to James Miller, Recorded Augusta
County, State of Virginia. Book 2. page 61.
Land described as follows: Beverley Manor.


it^}^i^o 1-


Paul Mitchell, born Massachusetts. 1758. died 1845. mar-
ried 1779. Merab Coffin, born 1762, died. 1846.

Richard Mitchell, son of Paul, born 1791. died 1868, mar-
ried 1814, Frances Lincoln, born 1790, died 1876.

Richard Mitchell. Jr., born 1819, died 1840, married
Charlotte Frances Morton.

William Mitchell, born Connecticut. 1748, married 1773.

Mary Alton.
John S. Mitchell, son of William, married Sarah Shelton.
Samuel A. Mitchell, son of John S., married Rhoda Ann

Samuel A. Mitchell, son of Samuel A., married Clara S.


William DeWitt Mitchell, born England, married Miss

Thomas Mitchell, son of William D.. born England. 1755,

died Henry Co., Ga., 1840, married Mary Barnett.
William Mitchell, son of Thomas, born 1777, married

Eleanor Thompson.
Isaac Greene Mitchell, son of William, married Mary


Edward Mitchell, born East Bridgewater. Mass., 1716.

died 1801. married 1738. Elizabeth Gushing.
Gushing Mitchell, son of Edward, born 1740, died 1820,

married 1765, Jennet Orr. born. 1749, died 1774.

James Mitchell, born Pennsylvania, 1749, married Eliza-
beth Mclllhenny.

John Mitchell, son of James, married Diana Friend.

Elizabeth Mitchell, daughter of John, married John Camp




Alexander, (1871-75) born Scotland, 18 October,
1817. died New York. 19 April. 1887. i C,,..

Anderson, (1842-43) born Caswell Co., North Caro- —

Una, 1800. V . .

Charles F., (1837-41) born New York City. :t; ..

Charles Le M. (1883-87) born New Haven. Conn.,
6 August. 1844, died New York City, 1 March. 1890.

George E.. (1823-7) born Cecil Co.. Md., 3 March,
1781, died Washington, D. C, 28 June, 1832.

Henry, (1833-5) born Woodbury. Conn.. 1784. died
Norwich. N. Y.. 12 January. 1856.

James C, (1825-9) born Mecklenburg Co., North
Carolina, 1790, died Jackson. Miss.. 7 August. 1843.

James S., (1821-7) born York County, Pa., 1784, died
Belleville, 111., 1844.

John, (1825-9) born Perry Co., Pa.

John H., (1872-85) born Washington Co.. Pa.. 22
June. 1835, died Portland, Ore., 8 December. 1905.

John I.. (1877-81) born Tioga Co.. Pa.. 28 July, 1838.
died Tioga Co., Pa., 20 August, 1907.

John J., (1909-1 1) born Marlboro, Mass.. 9 May. 1873.

John L. (1891-94) born Milwaukee, Wis.. 19 October.
1842. died Milwaukee. Wis., 29 June, 1904.

John M.. (1896-9) born New York City. 18 March,
1858, died Tuxedo, N. Y., 31 May. 1905.

Nahum. (1803-5) born East Bridgewater. Mass.. 12
February, 1769, died Plymouth, Mass., 1 August, 1853.

Nathaniel, (1786-8) born Sussex Co., Delaware, 17,53,
died Laurel, Del., 21 February, 1814.

Robert, (1833-5) born Pennsylvania, died Zanesville,
Ohio, August 1850.

Samuel L., (1804-9) born Hempstead, N. Y., 20
August, 1794, died New York City, 7 September, 1831.


-noiiTi r.i-i

bsifc >!;\'i .,» ; .<JnuoJ jItoY

Stephen M.. (1793-5) born Wethersfield. Conn.. 9
December, 1743, died Wethersfield. Conn., 30 September

Thomas R., (1821-33) born Georgetown, South Caro-
lina, died Georgetown. South Carolina, 2 November, 1837.

William, (I86I-3) born Montgomery Co., N. Y., 19
January, 1807, died Macon, Ga., 11 September, 1865.


Following are recently discovered Mitchell wills in
Mitchell, Thomas

Amherst, Co., Va. Will filed October 5, 1767.

Son, Charles Mitchell.

Son, Joab Mitchell.

Daughter, Elizabeth Mitchell.

Daughter, Nancy Mitchell.
Mitchell, Daniel

Bedford Co., Va. Will filed September 25, 1775.

Wife, Mary.

Brother, Robert Mitchell.
Mitchell, John

Rockbridge Co., Va. Will filed February 2, 1790.

Wife, Margaret.

Son, William Mitchell.

Son, Thomas Mitchell.

Daughter, Hannah Mitchell.


Samuel L. Mitchell was one of the owners of the
American Museum in New York in 1791. He was U. S.
Senator from 1804 to 1810, and in the latter years was vice
president of the New York Historical Society.

Simon Mitchell came from Southbury, Conn., in 1818,
and bought a farm in Brooklyn on the site of the present
City Hall.


nr 2lii"n' IIdH';;. ■.^. ■ ' -.a g'


The Mitchell Family


APRIL, 1916


(Contributed by Rowland D. Buford, Esq., for many years Clerk of Bed-
ford Co. This list includes every Mitchell marriage from 1778 to 1915.)

Samuel Beard and Mary Mitchell, 5 August, 1778,
date of marriage license.

John Mitchell and Frances Burgess, married 25
July, 1782. by Rev. John W. Holt.

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