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abeth, all under affe. Executors — wife, her brother Cornelius Van
Hom« of Freehold, and William Lawrence, Jr., of mddletown. Wit-
n e ss es — John Reed, Thomas Kinnan, Dorothy Nesbit and William
Lawrence, Jr. Proved Sept. 8, 1780. Monmouth Wills, 447M.

1741, April a*. ClsTkt Aam, of Freehold, widow; will of. Bequests
to— Janet Huttin; Ann Watson, '*who now liyes with me;" Ann Jolly,
daurhter of William Jolly; William Brown; Richard Bates; Qeorre
W^alker's children; Ann Barclay, daughter of John Barclay; Joho
Huttin; John Reid, now of Upper Freehold; James, son of James Reed.
Mentions, "my deceased husband's will." Executors — ^friends, Timothy
Lloyd and Qeorge Walker, yeomen. Witnesses — Sarah Crawford,
Richard Bates, Joseph Forman.

1746, May 80. CodicU. which fives date of will as April 18. 1741. To
Hannah, wife of John Button, all that was bequeathed to Janet Huttin.
Asm Watson, who is now Ann Brown. Mary Watson, daughter of Richard
Wiatson, deceased. Margaret Brown, daughter of William Brown. Wit-
nesses — Obadiah Huntt, Jr., Elisabeth Forman and Joseph Forman. Proved
May 2. 1747. Lib. B, p. 8f.

174S, Sept. SOw Clark, Beajamla, Jr.» of Windsor, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Children — Benjamin and Ann, both under age.
Brothers, James and John Clarke. Plantation bought of Isaac Fits
Randolph, at Mlllston River; also plantation and mansion at Stony
Brook; land laid out to me in a West Jersey right. Executrix —
wife, Margaret. Witnesses — James Oldden, Ursula Shippey, William
Worth. Proved Feb. 18, 1748. Lib. D. p. 129.

1742-8, Feb. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £658.7.8. ; made by
Ekeklel Smith, William Worth, Benja. Doughtye.

tm» April 20, Clark, BUaabeth, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., widow.
Administration granted to Lawrence Smith. Lib. B, p. 247.

ITdS, Feb. 14. Clark, Isaae, of Morris Co. Int. Admx., Mary (his
widow). Bondsman — Alexander Roberts. Both of Hanover in afore-
said county. Lib. B, p. 868.

1741, Oet. 8. Clark, Joka* of Gloucester Co. Int. Admx., Mary
Clark, Tuokaho. No bondsman. Witnesses — ^Niell Mcnell, John WiU-

1741, Oct 8. Inventory, £14.18.0. Appraisers— NeiU Mcneil, John
WlUett. Sworn at Cape May, 3rd Oct 1741. Gloucester WUls, 268H.

ITBO, May 21. Clark» John, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. Bond of
Hannah Clark, of Trenton, widow, as administratrix. Daniel Tool, of
same place, surety. Witnessed by Martin Appleby. Lib. 7, p. 84.

1748, Sept. 6. CTlark, Joaathaa» of the Borough of Elisabeth, Essex
Co., cordwlnder; will of. Children — ^Mathias, Sarah. David, and
Jonathan Clark, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors

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— ^brothers, and friends John Potter, weaver, and John Clark, cord-
winder. Witnesses — Jonathan Allen, Caleb Osbom, Junr., Jno. Os-
born. Proved Oct. 14, 1748. Lib. E, p. 406.

1714, Sept. !•. CUatL, Mattbew, of New Windsor, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman. Bond of Benjamin Clark, Jr., administrator, with Jamea
Clark and John Doe, of said county, as fellow bondsmen.

1784, June 1. Inventory, £268.7.0, made by Eliaklm Hedffer and Giles
Worth. Middlesex Wills. 86S Ij.

1788, May 14. Clark, Rlckard, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Anne. John Barclay, of Perth Amboy, £10. Kinsman,
Richard, son of Andrew Baits, deceased. William, son of John Brown
late of Chessquaiks. Isabel Fish, daugrhter of Charles Fish, of Free-
hold. Eldest son of Qeor^e Walker, of Freehold. Anne Barclay,
daughter of John. Executors — wife, Anne, and friends, Timothy
Lloyd and Q^or^e Walker, yeomen of Freehold. Witnesses — ^Thomas
Bedford and Jno. McConnell. Proved May 80, 1738. Lib. B, p. 468.

1742, Amm* 17. Clark, Richard, of the Borouffh of Elisabeth, Essex
Co., ship -carpenter; will of. Children — Hannah, Richard, Abigail,
Elizabeth, Henry, John, and Jonathan. Land purchased of Sayre, of
about 200 acres. Real and personal estate. Executors — sons, Rich-
ard, Henry and Jonathan. Witnesses — Edward Willmott, Edward
QriffinflT. Nath'll Hubbell. Proved May 17, 1743. Lib. D, p. 68.

1748, May 16. "I Richard Clark bein^ very sick for a lon^ time, and
still weak, desire my brothers to act without me." Witness — James

1742, Sept. 14. Inventory of personal estate (£40.06.05), incL bond of
Jonathan Clark ; made by William Clark, George Ross.

1748, May 90. Clark, Richard, Sea^, of the Borough of Elisabeth,
Essex Co.. yeoman; will of. Children — Richard, Blisha, James, Ruben,
Samuel, Thomas, Rachel (wife of William Lawrence), Jemima (wife
of Daniel Kellsey). and Abigail Clark, at 18 years. Five sons under
age. Land in Raway, which my father, Richard Clark, bought of
Samuel Olliver; land Joining lands of Joshua Marsh, Abraham Clark,
Andrew Hampton, and John Craig; land taken up in right of Caleb
Curwithy. Grandson, John Mills, son of daughter Hannah, deceased.
Executors — wife, Hannah, and son, James. Witnesses — ^Abraham
Clarke, John Craig, John Terrill. Proved Nov. 6, 1743. Lib. D, p. 97.

1743, Nov. 2. Inventory of personal estate (£118.08.08), incL bonds of
Joseph Kelsey, Nathaniel Clarke and John Lee ; made by Abraham Clarke,
and G^eorge Ross.

1781, May 81. Clark, Thomaa, of Bridgeton, Township of Northamp-
ton, Burlington Co.; will of. Children — Thomas, John, Samuel,
Ephraim, Margaret, Martha and Hannah. Lot in Town of Burlington
I bought of Thomas Wetherill, and land on Ancokus Creek, also
Northampton River. Wife, Hannah, sole executrix. Witnesses —
Oddy Brock, John Tonkins, Jr., John Burr. Proved July 5, 1781.

Lib. 8, p. 143.

1731, June 80. Inventory of personal estate, £806.00.6^ ; made bj
John Burr and Thomas Budd.

1788, Oct. 80. Clark, WUlIam, of Township of Gloucester, Glou-
cester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — ^William, Sarah,

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John, Joseph, Benjamin, Richiurd, Mary, Thomas. Bzecutor, son
William. Witnesses — Sarah Norris, Isaac Kay, John Kay. Proved
Sept. 19. 17SS.

17SS, Auir. SI. Inventory. £96.0.0, made by John Kay and Isaac Jen-
nings. Lib. 8. p. S7S.

1742-9, March U. Clarke* Beajamla, 8eB*r, of Stoney Brooke, Mid-
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — James, Ann Cooper, Blisa-
beth Lord, Mary Braley and John. Real estate in Somerset Co. Exe-
cutors— sons James and John Clarke. Witnesses — Benja. Yard, Wil-
liam Kinnlson, Joseph Oldden. Proved June 6, 1747. Lib. B, p. 52.

1747, May 28. Inventory of personal estate, £159.10.7 ; made by Edm'd
Beakes, John Oldden, John Stockton.

17SS, J«»e 15. Clarke, DaaleU of Chester, Burlinston Co., yeoman.
Inventory of personal estate, £78.5.8; made by John Mllborn and Wil-
liam Sharp.

1782, Jane 28. Bond of Hannah Clarke, widow, as administratrix. John
Milbume, of Chester, and William Sharpe, of Evesham, yeoman, fellow
bondsmen. Burlington Wills, 2217 C.

1TS0* Jam. 19, Clarke, Joka, of Deptford, Gloucester Co., laborer.
Int. Admr., Peter Rambo, yeoman, county aforesaid. Witnesses —
Joseph Rose, John Doe. Oloucester Wills, 197H.

1737, Jany. 6. Inventory (£16.16.9), includes "charges for looking after
him." Appraisers — ^Peter Rambo, Peter Mattson.

1744-6, Marek •• Clarke, Joka* of the Borough of Elizabeth, Essex
Co.. yeoman; will of. Children — Jotham, Daniel, Phebe (wife of
Joseph Hetfleld), and Sarah Clark. Real and personal estate. Exe-
cutors — wife, Deborah, and son, Jotham. Witnesses — Benjamin Wade,
Samuel Wade, Benjamin BonneL Proved June 17, 1746. Lib. D, p. 298.

1782, May XL Clawsoa* Akrakam, of Somerset Co. Administration
on estate granted to his widow, Elizabeth. John Qifford. bondsman.

Lib. B., p. 266.

17a8-9» Marek 34. Clawaoa, Joka, of Elizabeth Town. Essex Co.,
mason. Administration granted to Jean Clawson, the widow. Joseph
Williams and Edward Thomas, fellow bondsman. Witness — Wnu
Dagworthy. Lib. B. p. 116.

1729. March 80. Inventory of personal estate (£349.13.06), incl. Dutch
Bible, and bonds of John Morris, Michael Vreeland, Jno. Stagg, Wm.
Stagg; made by Joseph Williams and Edward Thomas.

1789, June 21. Accompt filed by widow, Jane Clawson, showing pay-
ments to Roluil Van Houghton, John Dennis, Bastyone Vangeeson, Thos.
Johnson. Rachel Vreeland, Samuel Winans, Jane Tongerlove, Benjn. Wil-
liams, Law. Elgbert, John Lambert, Ichabod Burnet, Daniel Ross, Mad'm
Brockolls. John Winans, Benjn Price, John Salnave. John Hampton, Jaoob
Dehart, Abraham Brockess, Jonathan Woodruff, John Davis, Andrew
Joline, Wm. Brltton, Hendrick DeCamp, Sam. Royse of Barbadoes, John
Parker, Esq., Mayor of Perth Amboy, Thos. Jackman.

1789, Jose 21. Ciawsoa, Joka* of Essex Co., an orphan of 14 years.
Bond of Jonathan Dayton, of Elisabeth Town, as guardian. Thos.
Ogden, fellow bondsman. Witness — Robert King. Lib. C, p. 286.

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ir44, Mmr 4. Ctawa^a, JoUwk, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Mary Clawson. Children — Phebe (wife of Cornelius
Johnson). Sankey (wife of Bliakim Martin), Anne (wife of Nathaniel
Hamet). Rachel (wife of Joseph Martin, Jr.) and John Clawson. Exe-
cutors — ^Bliakim Martin, Cornelius Johnson and friend Oershom Mar-
tin, of Woodbridffe. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Daniel
Martin, Joseph Martin and Nufflent Kelly. Proved April 80, 174f .

Lib. B, p. 178.

1748. April 80. Btlakim Martin and (jtorshom Martin qualify as execu-
tors, the other executor beinff deceased.

1748, April 26. Inventory of personal estate, £98.18.2; made by Jona-
than Dennes and William Sharp. Nathaniel Hamed and Robert Dennes,
fellow bondsmen.

1TS8, June 1. Clawsom, JosUih, of Somerset Co. Administration on
estate granted to Elisabeth Clawson. Lib. B. p. 485.

1788, tlan 81. Clawsom, Robert, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Ad-
ministration granted to James Clawson, John Clawson and Agnes
Presgrrove. Lib. B, p. 586.

1788, J«ly 8. Clay, Hvmplirey, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Children — Humphrey, Catherine Thorn, Sarah Clay, Rebecca
Wood, Hannah Thorn, Phebe Cox, Bathalenth Denton. Real and per- .
sonal estate. Wife, Rebecca, sole executrix. Witnesses — John Ste-
vens, Rob't KinflT. Jno. Waller. Proved Auflr. 2, 1732. Lib. B, p. 298.

1786, J«Be 18. Clay, Hvmpkrey, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
mariner; will of. Son, Humphrey Clay, the estate of his grandfather,
Lawrence Vangall, deceased. Real and personal estate. Executors —
mother, Rebecca Clay, and Richard Fits Randolph. Witnesses — John
Stevens, John White, Thos. Bartow. Proved July 14, 1786.

Lib. C, p. 111.

1748, Amm* 86. Clayton, David, of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Wife,
Ester. Children — David, Jr.. Joseph, Edward, Amle (wife of Joseph
Matthews), Catherine (wife of Cornelius Tomson), Hannah and Anne.
Provision for maintenance of son Richard. Executors — wife, brother
John Clayton, and brother-in-law Edward Taylor. Witnesses — Re-
becca Morford, William Norcross and John Henderson. Proved Jan.
25, 1748. Lib. E, p. 246.

1748, Oct 18. Inventory of estate. £222.06.04%. IncL an old weaving
loom; made by William Hankerson and Richard Saddam.

1750. May 17. Additional Inventory. £19.12.5% ind. debU due by John
Henderson and widow Mary Taylor.

1748, A«g. as. Cleaytoa, Paraell, of Mansfield. Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Sons — John, Thomas, William and Parnell. Daugh-
ters — Mary, Martha and Deborah. Children all under age. Real and
personal estate. Executors — brother, William Cleayton, and bro.-ln-
law, Gtoorge Nicholson. Witnesses — Oeorge Folwell, Isaac Boulton
and William Pancoast. Proved Oct. 4, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 586.

1748, Oct. 26. Inventory of personal and real estate, £797.7.5 ; made
by Michael Newbold and Robert RockhlU.

1748, Avgiiat SS. Cleayton, Zebnlon, of Upper Freehold township,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Thomas, John, Margaret,
and Leah Robins, wife of Joseph Robins. Granddaughter, (not

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1), daughter of son Zebulon Clayton, dooMUMd. Bxocutora-— wife
and SOB Thomas. Wltneaaoa^— Thonaa Cox, Jamas McKeand, Thomas
DaTld and Robert Laurence. Thomas Cox, witness. Executors
Qaakers. Proved May 24, 1744. Lib. 6, p. 28.

1744, AiMll 1«. Inventory of the estate, £14#.14.0. IncL a necro woman
sad drt; made by Jacob Robins and Benjamin Lawrence.

HMw Smiw 0> CMmmm* Jesepk* of New Hanover, Burllncton Co.,
yeoman: will of. Wife, Sarah, all estate, to enable her to brine mp
**my poor child Elisabeth." Executor — friend, Joseph Arney, of New
Hanover. Witnesses — ^Koses Robins, Jur., Benjamin Allen, Ephraim
Bobins, Heary Van Hook and Francis Wllliama Proved Auflr. 4, 1760.

Lib. 4, p. 244.

17f 0, July 21. Inventory of personal estate, £1M.17.6 ; made by 8am*l
BkBJey and Moses Robins.

ir4C» J«lF ax CloMiBcs* BdwavC of Chester, Burllnflrton Co.; will
of. Sons — ^Benjamin, Judah and Ephraim. Real and personal estate.
Wife. Elisabeth, sole executrix. Friend, Thomas Hackney, trustee.
Witnesses — ^Dan'U Morgan, Thomas Stokes, Joseph Heritaare. Proved
Sept. 22, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 282.

1746. 2§th day, 7th mo. (Sept.). Inventory of personal estate, £146;
made by Dan'l Morgan and Robert Franch.

ir48» V**b« as. Clement* Benjamin, son of Edward Clement, aflred 19
years, makes choice of Samuel Stokes, of Chester, as his aruardian.
Bond of Samuel Stokes as guardian. Benjamin Allen, of Evesham,
fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 28.

17a»» Jan. 18. Clesbly (CtosUy), Hanmaht of Newark, Essex Co.,
widow. Bond of Daniel Sayre of Elisabeth Town as administrator
on the estate. Epenetus Beech, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 182.

1720, March 19. Inventory of personal estate, £64.19.01, Incl., bonds
fhmi Isaak Jones, Joseph Wheaten, Isaack Ljron, made by Stephen Browne
and Cliristopher Wood.

1740-6«b Feb. S. Cllae <Klcln>, Bartraae, of Kingwood, Hunterdon
Co. Int. Wllhelm Klein, son and heir of Bartram Cline, assiflrns his
Tight to administer on his father's estate to Peter Hapach of AmwelL
Witnesses, Cornelius Wyckoff, Jr., and Martin Ryerson.

1749<-f 0. Feb. 6. Bond of Peter Hopough, of Am well, as administrator.
Martin Ryerson, Esquire, of same place, surety. Witnesses — John Arrison
and Samuel Stout. Administrator sworn, slflmed "Fitter Habbach,'* In

17S0, May 2. Inventory, £27.12.7 ; made by William Vanest and Isaao
Bogart. Hunterdon Wills, 246 J.

ITdSw April 1. Claee, John* of precinct of Deerfleld, Cumberland Co.,
hatter. Int. Elinor, widow, renoun^ces. Admli^istrator — Samuel
Parvlne (signed "Parviahie") of Aloways Creek, Salem County, yeo-
man. Fellow bondsman — William Oakford. Witnesses^— Elisabeth
Cottlnff, Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 62.

1749, April 1. Inventory of personal estate (£17.4.0) includes notes
acainst Thomas Pearson and Patrick Murphy. Appraisers — William Oak-
ford. Samual Bowen.

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ITSa* Dec ai. Clothler» He»r7» of Upper Freehold Township, Men*
mouth Co. Administration granted to Anne Clothier, the relict.

Lib. B. p. S60.

1782, Dec. 18. Inventory of personal estate (£489.12.8^) includes one
nesro man, Cato, hides, leather and curriers tools; bills and notes of
Ambrose Field, Jr., William Thorn (granted to Abraham Bonnel), Wil-
liam Poole, Jonathan Lovet, Edward Bvans, Robert English. Samuel
Keimer, Richard Britten, Peter Rantilborough (or Cantllborough), 0>n-
■tentine Macmanes, Daniel Hollinshead. Made by Ellas Smith, Aaron
Robins and Isaac Stelle.

1784, Dee. 99. Clotkler^ Henry, of Aliens Town, Monmouth Co.,
currier. Account of Ann Clothier, administratrix. Inventory of per-
sonal estate amounted to £480.12.8^* Credit side of account men-
tions: Edmund Beakes, Gabriel Stelle, Samuel Lovett, Joseph Kinnan,
John Black, Samuel Rogers, Ellas Smith, Peter VantiUburgh. Mar-
garet Carr, Nathan Allen, Joseph Rockhill, John Quicksall, John
Middleton, Joseph Borden, Benjamin Applegate, Dorothy Large, Daniel
Licker, James Chambers, Abraham Wildes, Benjamin Lawrence, John
Parsons, Nathaniel Stevenson, Thomas Parks, Peter Bruesa, John
Row, Isaac Ivins. John Newbury, Samuel Robins, Robert Stuart, Wil-
liam McOhee, Samuel Wright, James Laing, Rachel Fenton, Qeorge
Snow, Robert Montgomerie, William Evilman, Nicholas Stevens,
Thomas Farrel, Joshua Barker, Benjamin Clark, Arthur Whitehead,
Ambrose Field, Nehemiah Cowgill, Richard Smith, John Laning, Doc-
tor John Brown, Thomas Woodward, Robert English, Ouisbert Hen-
drickson, Lewis Curree, Daniel Hollinshead, Richard Britton, Wm.
Pool, Samuel Keimer, gone beyond sea; Peter Vantillburgh, Cornelius
Delany, Henry Coats, Isaiah Folkes, John Collyer, Joseph Applegate,
Joseph Butler, James Chambers, Benjamin Doughty, James Moon,
Joseph Overton, Obadiah Hireton, George Bates, Thomas Terry, John
Wood, Joseph Britton, Joseph Butler, Thomas Richards, Elisha Law-
rence, John and Robert Rockhill, William Bickley, Samuel BustilL
(See Archives, XXIII, p. 98, for administration).

Lib. B, p. 850; Monmouth Wills, 485-4981C

1785-6, Jan. 28. Coate, Snmoel, of Bethlehem Township, Hunterdon
Co., waterman. Inventory of personal estate, £10.0.1; made by Joseph
Willits and Robert Wlllson.

1736, Jan. 31. Bond of Marmaduke Coate' of Bethlehem, yeoman, as
administrator. Joseph Willltts, of same place, surety. Lib. 4, p. 62.

1788, Feb. 27. Account of administrator includes money paid to John
Ck>ate and John Pursel, for expences during sickness of the deceased.

174», Dec. 16. Coate, l^tlUam, of Welllnborough, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca, use of plantation in Welllnborough.
Sons — BarslUa, Israel, Marmaduke and William. Daughters — ^Ann,
Hannah, Rachel, Mary, Bulah and Edith, all under age. Plantation
in New HanoVer given me by my father Marmaduke Coat. 28 acres In
Springfield, bought of Jonathan Wright. Executors — wife, brother-
in-law Joseph Noble, and cousin Richard Smith, Ju'r. Witnesses —
Thomas Busby, John Busby, Robt. Hartshorns. Proved March 24,
1749. Lib. 6, p. 818.

1749-60, March 22. Inventory of personal estate, £984.18.3; made by
Revel Elton, Henry Cooper and John Busby. Includes debts due from P.
Brown, Henry Cooper, Isaac Conners, Thomas Reeves, Mary Butcher, and
Wm. Busby; also 3 negroes.

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1761, Jan. IS. Account of Joseph Lipptacott and Rebecca hia wife,
which Rebecca was acting: executrix of th6*ni8i will of her late husband
William Coate, shows payments to John Pocfle; 'Witlftun Northcross, Blls.
OowKill, Jane Stretchbury, Henry Ck>oper, Sam'l Smith* Joshua Raper,
Thomas Rodman, Abraham Grifllts, William 8heels*,Jt>hn*IIartsshome,
Isaac Connero, Robert Taylor, Joseph Alllnson, Daniel Doughty, Hannah
Atkinson, G. Blond, Richard Smith. John Busby, James Smith, ^oslah
White. I>oc't Shaw, James Smith (Bx'r of Saml. Lovett), Catherine Bl3C^.
lor. Hester Oovell, Preserved' Brown, Darling Conroe, Joseph HoniAjg^*
bead. John E«wan, Richard Smith, Jun'r, Robert Hartshorns, Jos. TalmafaT .'
Samuel Mickle.

17B«w Jam* S. Coatcs. Marmadvke, of Burlington Co. Int. Ad-
ministration flrranted to Rebecca Coates, widow. Robert Hartshorns,
atty,-at-law, fellow bondsman. Lib. 7, p. 102.

174*, May 7. Coats* Marmadvke, of Mansfield, Burlinflrton Co., house
carpenter; will of. Wife, Sarah, tract in the mountains at Kinirwood,
Bethlehem Township, to enable her to brinff up child John and ex-
pected child. Plantation In Mansfield I bouffht of John Qibbs. Exe-
cutors — wife, and brother John Coata Witnesses — John Buffln, Ann
Buflin. Joseph Pope. Proved May 81, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 800.

1750, May 7. Inventory of personal estate, £269.8.6; made by Thos.
Earl and Michael Newbold.

17S3, Jam. 28. Coats, Thomaa, of Salem Co., weaver. Int. Admr.,
Samuel Wade. Bondsmen — John Doe, Joseph Ware, all of said Coun-
ty. Witnesses — Daniel Mestayer, Mary Mestayer. Lib. 3, p. 398.

1733>4. Jan. 11. Inventory (£24.12.1) includes "loom ft wharpln boxes."
Appraisers — Joseph Wear, HuKh Clifton.

174S, Amm* 28. CochrsA* John, of the City of New York, Joyner.
Bond of Peter Cochran, of New Brunswick, principal creditor, as ad-
ministrator. Jas. Neilson and Andrew Norwood, fellow bondsmen.

Middlesex Wills, Lib. D. p. 316.

1745. Sept. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £52.7.7 ; made by Wil-
liam Cox and Derrick Schuyler.

1746. Aug. 8 and 11. Account of Peter Cochran as administrator, show-
Inc paynfients to John Quest, John VanNorden. Francis Starkey. Luke
▼oorhees, William Smith, Elsq., at York, Isaac Stelle, Crlsterfor Warasley,
Andrew Norwood, Thos. Farmer, Esq.. Israel Balldwine. James Reed, Reu-
ben Runyon.

1746. Nov. 21. Above bond revoked and administration on estate grant-
ed to Robert Cochran, brother, now of New Jersey. James Newell and
Richard Roe. both of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsmen. Witness — Ryneer
▼angeson. Lib. D, p. 487.

1747, April 16. Account of Robert Cochran, of the City of New York,
the administrator, showing moneys received from Mr. Catherwood, Petter
Bjrard, E:brim Lerue, Mr. Oanter Reed, John King of Pekant River, Ehnan-
uell Cocker of Newark. John Quay, David Ward of Newark. Stephen
Cortlands, John Vanse of Newark, Mr. Ludlow, Alexander Wllle. Mr. Mil-
ler of Brunswick. James Nikson. John Vance, Osell Ogton, Esq., Joseph
Ward of Newark, Mager Johnston, Esq., Hezekiah Johnston, John Dow,
James Still, Jeremyah Tutol of Newark, David Thomas. Sam Dobens,
Robert Sanford. Simon Corgear; also payments to Mr. Banard. John
Foot, John Kip, Francis Waters, E^benezer Feron, Alexander Bagols,
James Lane, Mr. Hereon.

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1747, Nov. 1. InT«iitoi7 ibC em^Ui/ l2ll,Z.t ; made by Rob«rt Coolirui.
John Dow, of Suliaiit^R|^,3eiigman Coats, Tbomaa Ludle^ follow boiid»-

• • • *• *•

17M» Afirlj .1{»** A,* C«€iK, tlolw* of Waterford* Gloucostor Co., yeo-
mam wiH e/.:''Wife, Lydia, sole exooutrlx, and to have all lands lii
Newi^n on* the south side of Cooper's Creek and In Waterford on
•ttit n(^h side of said Creek, except that part on the road from
•NathlTniel Champion's to Thomas Spicer's. Legacies to cousins Na-
/thanlel Champion and Richard Bushel. Devises to brother, Alexander
Morflran, all land in Waterford on the north side of Coopers Creek,
(reservinflT that before ariven to wife). He to pay sister, Charity-
Johnson, £100. Witnesses — Jos. Cooper, Samuel Morton, Mary Molder.
Affirmed 19 April, 1786. Lib. 4, p. »4.

1786, April 17. Inventory (£606.16.4), includes 44 horned cattle, sheep^
7 nesro boys, ne^ro woman, 4,000 bricks. Appraisers — ^Tho. Spicer, John

17SS, Dee. 26. Coddtm^toM (Codliiffton), John, of Woodbridge, Mid-
dlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — John, Rich-
ard, Blisabeth Marsh, Hanah Price, Rachel, Mary and Daniel Coding-
ton. Real and personal estate. Executor, son Daniel. Witnesses —
Job Pack, Jacob Pits Randolph, Moses Rolfe. Proved Jan. 9, 1788.

Lib. C, p. 284.

1788, May 4. Coddtm^toa, Sarah, of Elisabeth Town, widow. Bond
of William Winans and Samuel Oliver as administrators. Lawrence
Smythe, of Perth Amboy, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 194.

1738, May 1. Agreement between the heirs, vis., Moses Rolfe, Andrew
Drake, Samuel Oliver, William Winans, Jonathan Fraaee, James Riff, Wil-
liam Oliver, Elisabeth Whlthead, David Conger, David Olllver, Benonl
Frasee, Mary Ogden, Elisabeth Olliver, Joseph Oliver, John Oliver. Wit-
nesses — John Ross, John Radley.

, , — ^. Aooompt of administrators showing goods sold at

auction to John Radley, Jun'r, Jonathan Hlggins, Richard Whitehead,
Blisabeth Oliver, Mary Ogden, Moses Rolfe, David Bon Rapoe, William
Oliver, James Riggs, Benjamin Fraser, Mary Moore, Joseph Oliver. Sam-
uel Roberts, John Ross. Wm. Winans, David Conger, Mary Ogden, Jun'r,
Joseph Chandler, Doctor Burnet, Elisabeth Halsey, E^hraim Terrll, Jacob
Carpenter, John Parker, Thomas Ogden. Widow Halsey, Timothy Pike,
John Hlggins, Joshua Clark, Eunice Gray; also debts due by Abr^Jiam
Hatfield, William Ross, John Ross, Widow Johnson, Widow Ogden and
E^hraim Terrill, Junr.

17S9, Jaly 1. CoeJauiBs, Aadrles, gentleman, of Somerset Co.; will
of. Wife, Geertsuid. Son, Samuel Staats Coejmans, to have £100
as a birthright; also two silver cups and large silver tankard, and
£600 when he attains 21 yrs. Daughters — Johanna, Mayeke, Oeer-
huyd (under 21). "Lands, tenements and properties in the province
of New York as in the province of New Jersey." Executors — wife

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 12 of 85)