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May Co.; will of. Wife, Ruth, to have ^ of real and personal estate.
Son, Olifer Cromal, the other half. Executors — wife Ruth, and son
Olifer. Witnesses — ^Wlll. Ball, William Allen, Barns Sifln, Joseph
Woodward. Proved 11 January. 1789. Cape May Wills. 98 B.

1740-41, Mar. 22. Letters testamentary granted to Ruth Cromall,

1740, May 24. Inventory, £60.18.0; made by Jeremiah Hand, Moses

1750, Jnse 13. Crook, John, of Gloucester Co.. joyner. Int. Adm*x,
Beata Crook. Fellow bondsmen — Thomas Denny, Andrew Hopman,
all of Gloucester Co. Witnesses — John Ladd, Jo. Scattergood.

Lib. 8, p. 386.
1760, June 8. Inventory (£49.8.2) includes "Carpinders tools." Ap-
praisers — Andrew Hofman, Jas. Hinchman.

1749, April 18. Crosman, Joseph, of Mendum Township, Morris Co.
Int. Adm'r, Bbeneser Byram of same place. Bondsman — John Deare
of Perth Amboy.

1749, April 22. Renunciation of Abigail, widow. Witness — ^Mary Thom-
son. Lib. B. p. 298.

1749, April 18. Inventory (£89.10.0) includes shoemaker's bench, lap-
stone, etc. Appraisers — ^Henry Clark. Joseph Hinds

17319, Dec. •. Crosmaa, Robert, of New Hanover Township, Hunter-
don Co., yeoman. Hannah Crosman, widow of Robert, states that
principal creditor of estate is her late husband's "only brother Sam-
uel Crosman, in this country," and asked Samuel be granted letters
of administration. Witnessed by John Wilshear.

1782, Dec. 10. Inventory (£28.17.9) includes a Bible and sermon book;
made by Ebeneser Mahurin and Joseph Coe.

1782-8, Jan. 6. Adm'r, Samuel Crosman, of New Hanover Township,
yeoman. Joseph Hinds, of same place, yeoman, surety.

Hunterdon Wills, 71 J.

1789^ May 98, Cross» Joha, (Rev,), of Baskingridge, Somerset Co.;

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will of. Wife, Deborah, home plantation during widowhood ("with
the white servants, negroes, stock and crops thereon, and out of the
profits to ^ve the children good English learning"). Oldest son
Robert; other children (names not given), and an expected child.
Daughters to have 1-4 less than the sons. "In case of the death of all
of them In their non-age, the oldest daughter of my brother Wil-
liam to have £50, my youngest brother Nathaniel £800, and Robert, the
eldest son of my brother Hughes, £80. The residue of estate to be
divided among the rest of these brothers' children." Provides for
John Minthorn, "the lad that now llveth with me"; mentions one Ed-
ward Rigs, and that John Ayres, Samuel Rolfe and John Hoey shall
settle affairs with the congregation. Also that John Reding, one of
the Governor's Council of this Province, take the plantation near the
meeting-house in Hopewell, and« "if he sees flt« buy it of Mr. Cox for
the good of my children." The plantation near Baskingridge meeting-
house devised to the congregation for a parsonage, the conveyance
being dated with these presents. Executors — John Reding and Hend-
rick Fisher, of Plscataway. Witnesses — John Chambers, George
Davidson, Brice Ricky. Proved 20 Oct., and 16 Dec., 1748.

Lib. E. p. 227.
174t» J«l7 9. Crowell, Baraabas, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, AbigaiL Son, Barnabas, to have all lands. Daughter, Martha
Havens. Rest to my six children — ^Barnabas, Blisha, Daniel Crowell,
Marey, Lydia and Sarah Crowell. Witnesses — Nathaniel Hand, Joanna
Hand. Abiah Ross. Proved 80 March, 1748. Lib. 5. p. 458.

1748, Feb. 14. Crowell, Bealamia, of Somerset Co. Int. Adminis-
tration on estate granted to widow, Elisabeth. Bondsman — John
(Traig. her father, of Middlesex Co.. yeoman.

1749. Feb. 14. Bond of John Oaig, adm.de bonis non of Elisabeth
Oowell. dec'd. Fellow bondsman — Samuel Oliver, Junior, "both of the
Borough of Elisabeth, yeoman." Lib. E. pp. 264, 868.

1749-60. Jan. 2. Inventory (£187.9.6) includes bonds and notes from
Philip imd William Kemey. Vincent Bodine, John Hall. James and Robert
McQuown. William Case. Robt. Allen, Wm. Todd. Jno. Van Clean. Tho.
Harding, Simon Stoughton, Jno. Henery. Junr.. Hendrick Misener, Case
and Helen Bill. Ephm. Lockheart, Moses Craig. Albert Decline, Gtoo.
Remers, Isaac and John Lefever, Jonathan Winans. Tho. Jelfery. Reid
Whitehead, Junior. Ephm. Terrell, Senr. Made by John Terrlll. Thomas
Clark. John Oaig. adm.

1747, Dee. 98. Crvlae, James, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., glasier.
Int. Adm'r, John Forsyth, yeoman. Sam'l Farnsworth, fellow bonds-
man. Lib. 5. p. 486.

ITSt, , ^ Cvbberly, James, of Burlington Co. Account of

the estate (£11.81.16 8-4) by John Cubberly, acting executor.

Burlington Wills, 2908-6 C.

17W, Sept. as. CiUlag, (Vaa Cvllea) Catherlae, of Deptford, Glou-
cester Co.; will of. "I bequeath my third of my first husband's estate
to my daughter Mary and for the rest of the moveables of the estate
ny desire is that they be divided equally between them" (no names
mentioned). Witnesses— Peter Rambo, Thomas Sutton. Proved It
April 1786. Lib. 4. p. 66.

1786, Nov. 29. Inventory of CatheHne Van (Tullen, widow (£188.17.6).
Includes H barrel of Shad, £00.08.0, milk vessels and bottles, £1, 9 comM

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and hay. £18, 12 barrels of "syder," £8. Debtors — John Overend, Stephen
MuUekey, John Mattson, son of Peter. Appraiser — ^Peter Rambo. Dept-
ford, yeoman, who swears tha£ the other appraiser, name not mentioned
and who does not si^n, consented to the making thereof.

1736, Nov. 2. Account of Mary Matson, spinster, daughter and ad-
ministratrix of Catherine Culin, late of Deptford, Gloucester Co., shows
moneys paid to Wm. Monington, Francis Batten. John Clark, George Avis,
Gabriel Rambo, Mary Gordon, Mary Glentworth. George Ward. Jun..
John Raines, Peter Matson, John Mattson, etc.. amounting to £136.6.6.

1750» Avs. 90. Cull, E:dward, of Gloucester Co., laborer. Int.
Adm'r., James Hamilton, cordwalner. John Sparks, fellow bondsman.
All of same place. Witnesses — John Rumford. John Ladd.

1760, Aug. 13. Inventory, £32.10.0; made by Jones Coxe. John SparkSL
1762, Dec. 6. Account "By funeral charges as coffin, winding sheet,
digging the grave, inviting the neighbours and entertainment, £6." Deb-
tors. John Sparkes, Joseph Marshall. Gloucester Wills, 464 H.

1748-9, 11 mo (Jaa.), 7 da. CnlUer, Benjamla, of Manington, Salem
Co., husbandman; will of. Wife. Sons — ^John (at 21 to have planta-
tion where John Kempster lives and marsh joining the creek towards
Preston's) and Samuel (at 21 the plantation I live on and marsh
between James' line and Mary CuUyer's). These sons to be put to
trades at 14. Daughter, Rebecca, not 18. Sole executor, cousin Henry
Stubbins. Witnesses — William Marshall, John Kempster, Alexr. Simp-
son. Affirmed 10 March. 1748-9. Lib. 6, p. 293.

1748-9, 11 mo. (Jan.), 19 da. Inventory (£162.1.1) includes dwelling,
swine, wheat and rye, etc. Appraisers — Benjamin Cripps, James Mason.

1788, Jany. 18. Cvllyer, Samvel, of Manington, Salem County, yeo-
man; will of. Brothers, William and Benjamin Culyer, executors, and
to have lands and marsh equally. Certain moveables to sister, Pris-
oailia Culyer, and John Kid, Junior. Witnesses — ^Bartholomew Hyatt,
William Barratt, Sarah Mason. Affirmed 5 April, 1734.

Lib. 3. p. 417.

1734, April 5. Inventory (£10.16.4) includes "hors, bridel, saddel and
A parill." Appraisers — ^Thomas Wright, John Husd.

1788-4, Feb. 11. Cnllyer, William, of Manington, Salem Co.. hus-
bandman; will of. Wife sole executrix. Daughters — ^Elisabeth,
Martha, Isabell and Sarah Cullyer. Witnesses — Mary Miller, Alex-
ander Miller, Alexr. Simpson. Affirmed March 1734.

Lib. 3. p. 421.

1733-4. Feb. 27. Inventory (£148.17.1) includes cattle and a servant-
man. Appraisers — ^Alexr. Miller, Alexr. Simpson.

1781, Marck 10. Carrey (Curry), Thoma*, of Newark, Bssex Co.,
taylor; will of. Children — Samuel, John, Sarah, Joseph, Elisabeth and
Eunice Curry. Real and personal estate. Executors — father-in-law,
Mr. Samuel Ailing, and wife, Elisabeth. Witnesses — Jno. Cooper. John
Clements, Esekiel Ailing. Proved Aug. 3, 1732. Lib. B, p. 303.

1788, April SB. Curtis Tkomaa, of Hanover, Burlington Co., yeoman.
Int Administration granted to John Curtis. Benjamin Kirby, fel-
low bondsman; both of the Province of New Jersey. Lib. 3, p. 190.

1732. April 26. Inventory, £124 ; made by Samuel Wright and Benjamin

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17Sa» D««. as. C«rtis, Tkom«»» of Mansfield, Burlington Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Wife. Blisabeth, personal estate. Eldest son, John, "he
havinff the ffreatest part of my plantation- entailed upon hira by my
father." Children — Blisabeth, Jonathan. Joseph, and Ann. wife of
Thomas Pancoast. Grandson — Joseph Pancoast. Meadow bought of
James Craft and "land surveyed to me by my father's ri^ht of prop-
erty," also meadow bought of Robert Hunt and Joseph Shreve. Execu-
tors — ^wife and sons Jonathan and Joseph. Witnesses — Joseph Pan-
coast, Thomas Folkes, Jun'r, and John Pancoast. Proved May 17, 1748
by Jonathan and Joseph Curtis surviving executors. Lib. 8, p. 32.

174S, 17th day. Srd mo. (May). Inventory. £28; made by Thos. Folkes
and John Pancoast

1748, Ja^ an. Cwrtis, Tkomas, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife,
Xls, the house she then lived in. Son, Thomas, half of testator's land.
Son, Benjamin, other half of land. Three daughters, not named.
Wife and son Thomas, executors. Witnesses — Timothy Hixson, Elis-
abeth Bird and Lawrence Huff. Codicil April 26, 1749. Son Benja-
min to have house after wife's decease. Proved May 11, 1749.

Lib. 6. p. 66.

1749. May 23. Inventory (£91.2.6) includes 3 hives of bees. Made
by John Arrison and Aaron Seyou (or Scyor). Signed by Alse and
Thomas Curtis.

17S7, 14th day. 2ad mo. (Aprtl). Cntler, Sarah, of City of Burling-
ton, widow; will of. Children — Elisabeth, wife of John Mullln. Sarah,
wife of Joseph Rockhill, and William. Personal estate. Executors —
•on l^illiam and friend Samuel Lovett. Witnesses — Caleb Raper,
Joshua Parker, Thos. Scattergood. Proved July 23. 1737.

Lib. 4. p. 63.

172S, 4th day, 11th mo. (Janaary)* Catler, William, of Burlinsrton,
bricklayer; will of. Children — William and Sarah. Son-in-law. John
Edwards, and dau.-in-law, Elisabeth Edwards. Land near Joseph
White on River Dellay bought of Hugh Huddy. Real and personal
estate. Wife, Sarah, sole executrix. Witnesses — Sm'U Lovett. BenJ.
Wheat, Tho: Scattergood. Proved , 1731. Lib. 3. p. 331.

1741, Nor. S. Cntler, William, of New Hanover. Burlington Co.,
husbandman. Int. Administration granted to James Shinn of Bur-
lington, yeoman. Samuel Scattergood, of Burlington, merchant, fel-
low bondsman. Lib. 4. p. 316.

1741. Nov. 24. Inventory. £36.10.6 ; made by Michael Atkinson and
John West

1741, Dee. •. Dagg, Joha, of Cape May Co. Int. Admr.. Richard
Downes. Esq. Fellow bondsman — Ebenesar Johnson. Witnesses — '
Nathaniel Foster. Fras. Taylor. Cape May Wills. 102 E.

1741. Dec. 4. Inventory, £34.6.2; made by Ebeneser Johnson. Frans.

17S1, Oet. M. Dagworthy, WUllaai, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co.,
Inn-holder. Int. Bond of Sarah Dagworthy, widow, as administra-
trix. Edward Thomas and William Williamson, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. B. p. 235.

1731, Dec 29. Inventory (£400.06.05) includes 3 Bibles, 3 Books of
Common Prayer, other books, pleasure slay, servant boy named Daniel,

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boat called the "Dorothy." Made by Andrew Joline, James Hampton and
Qershom Hl^^inB. Wttn eeeee John Salnave. Thoe. Jackman.

1747-8* Fe^ l«u DahlM, <Dal]M)» Henuui. of Hunterdon Co.; will
of. (Original In German). Wife. Testator's mother to continue with
widow. Son, William: danffhter. Margaret. Wife and Jeromes
Manxes, executors. Witnesses — John Dolelnc Jerom. Hom^ and
Tunis Quick. Proved March 2S. 1747-8. Catherine Dauffhles, the
executrix, sworn March 2S, 1747-8. (Original will translated by John
Doeling). Lib. 5, p. 470.

1747-8. March 18. Inventory (£1S7.1€.0%) includes a gun and sword.
Made by Godfrey Peters and Peter Rockifeld.

17SS, Sept. 18. Dalk«, Mary* daughter of Charles Dalbo, late of
Greenwich, Gloucester Co., ward. Christopher Taylor, of same place,
guardian. Witness— Mary W. Renolds. Gloucester Wills, 1€3 H.

1748» Dee. 1*. Dalbr*« Andrew* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Maudalena. Sons — Charles, Gabriel and John Dalbo*
the land (S26 acres), whereon I dwell, to be divided equally after my
wife's decease, Charles to begin at Horse Creek and take in the
house; Lawrance, "with power to take his brother Israel as an
apprentice to learn the trade of a wheel Whrite"; William (5 shill-
ings) and Andrew Dalbo (5 shillings). Daughter, Sarah Helm (1^
shillings). Executors — sons Charles and Gabriel. Witnesses — ^Wil-
liam Wilder, Martin Morton, Robt Howard. Lib. €, p. 101.

1748. Dec 20. Inventory (£172.0.11) includes "cash, horse, bridle, sadle
armour. apparielU a flott. £64.3.11." cattle. £02.17. Appraisers — Samuel
LInch. John Helm.

1748-0* Mareh •• Dalbre* Aadrew. of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs*
Catherine Dalbo and Lawrence Dalbo, both of Penns Neck, said
County. Witnesses — Wm. Barker, Nfch. Gibbon. Lib. 0. p. 822.

1748. March 8. Inventory (£119.17.4) Includes "cash in the hands of'
Gabriel Dalbo. John Dalbo. William Dalbo. Jonas Skeen, Timothy Rain.
Jacob Her. (Jasper Lock. Jacob Cole, Jeremiah Wood. Philip Grace. Daniel
Weatherby, Bartholemew CarrolL Appraisers — John Helm. John Van

1760, Sept. 19. Account. By moneys paid Thomas Parsons, Samuel
Shivers. Ranter Vanhist, Nichs. Gibbon, Caleb Coupland, Andrew Hoff-
man. James Thompson. William Hall. Thomas Duell. Lawrence Dalbo*
William Barkers. Thomas Keen. Eliriia Basset. Samuel Morgan. BCathew
Gile, Robert Howard.

17S2-S* -~— 1ft. Daldlnirt Johm* of New Brunswick. Inventory*

£83.11.0; made by Thomas Farmer and Jacob

Middlesex Wills, 093 L.

174S* Avs. as. Dall* John* mariner, late mate of the "Snow Heath-
cott," belonging to Perth Amboy, Robert Farmer, master. Inventory
of personal estate (£16.18.9), incl. four ruffled shirts, 2 wigs, a stone
ring and a Bible. Made by Fran; Bralser, Sam*ll Borrowe, James

1746. Aug. 23. Adm*r, James Newell, principal creditor of the estate.
Andrew Robinson and Eliskim Higgins. fellow bondsmen, all of Perth
Amboy. Lib. D, p. 314.

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1T40^ Marek SO. Damfortf, Jmmem, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.,
*^ho departed this life Sunday the 26-March." Samuel Danford re-
linqulBhes riffht to admlnlstrater on estate of his brother to his sister,
Elizabeth Baxter.

1749» March 31. Bond of Elisabeth Baxter, of Trenton. Hunterdon Co.,
as administratrix. William Duckworth, of same place, fellow bondsman.

Lib. 6, p. 78.

1749. April 1. Inventory at Bordentown, £83.4.6 ; made by Peter Imlay
and Philip Marot; includes note of Wm. Danford and debts due by
Ebeneser Robinson, Sam'l Danford, Jos. Steward. Wm. Wbod, Ben Fowler,
Sam'l Famsworth, Edw*d Black, Jos. Borden, Jos. Wood. Sen'r. Sam'l
IRogem, Wm. Rush, John Bunting, John Steward.

1745, April 6. Damford* SamveU of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Sons. William, Samuel and James, and Samuel's
two sons. Granddaughter, Mary Pittman. Son-in-law Richard Pitt*
man« executor, he to receive "my son Aaron's" clothing. Witnesses —
William Watson and James Clarke. Proved July 6, 1745. Witnesses
and executor Quakers. Lib. 5, p. 168.

17S7» Oct. 28. Damlel Aarom, (orphan of 14 yrs.), of Salem Co.,
ward. Guardian — ^Edward Hancock, of said County, yeoman. Wit-
nesses — Abel Nicholson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 124.

1785, April as. Dsmlel, JohBt of Cohansie, Salem Co., yeoman; will
of. *'My body to be decently buried by my mother and to have a
funeral sermon preached by Mr. Pearson, missionary of Salem, for
which I allow £8." Sarah Padget (daughter of Francis Padget, my
intended wife). John Lorrin's children. Mary Cherry. Remainder
of estate, real and personal, to Thomas Walling, senior of said place,
gentleman, who is to be sole executor. Witnesses — David Shepherd,
Thomas Timmons. William Brand. Proved 2 May. 1785.

Lib. 4. p. 13.

1786. April 29. Inventory, £69.9.10; made by*Josiah Fifthian, Owen

17S7, Oct. »• Daalel, ^Wllllsm, of Salem Co. An orphan of 18
years. Guardian — William Hancock, Esq., said County. Witnesses —
Abel Nicholson, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 122.


174«» Dee. 27. Daalcis, Clemeat, Sr., of Cape May Co.. will of.
Wife, Mary. Daughter, Martha Savage. Sons — Clement, Thomas and
Randal Daniels, to have equally cooper tools, cedar swamp and marsh,
excepting five acres adjoining Wigenses Branch, "which I give to my
grandson, John Daniels." Executors — sons, Clement, Thomas and
Randal. Witnesses — Robert Townsend (Quaker), Felix Fits Summons
(Quaker), Nathaniel Morrison. Proved 80 Jan., 1746.

1748-7, Jany. 80. Letters to (dement and Randal Daniels.

Lib. 8. p. 884.

1748-7, Jany. 30. Inventory (£48.19.3) includes cooper tools. Ap-
praisers — John Leonard. John Ireland.

1784» Apr. S. Daalelasa, Jacobas* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Mary Danielson. Bondsmen — Cornelius Cobnoram. John Doe.
All of said County. Witnesses — John Eaton, James Rutherford.

Lib. 8, p. 410.

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1784. Apr. 3. Inventory (£41.6.8) Includes "parahill of Sweads Books."
Appraisers — John Eaton. Cornelius Cobnoran.

17S4* Nor. •• Darbysklre. Jokm* of Salem Co.. cooper. Int. Adm'r,
Matthew Morrison. Bondsman — Obadiah Loyd. Both of said County,
yeoman. Witnesses — Dan. Mestayer. Rich. Roe. Salem Wills. 467 Q.

1784. Nov. 10. Inventory. £9.10; made by Will. Dorrance. Francis

1747-8, Feb. 1. Dare, ^William, of Cohansey. Salem Co.; will of.
Wife. Elisabeth. Son, William, to have plantation (100 acres) on
which he now lives and % of the salt marsh purchased of Samuel
Barnes; the other half to my son. John Dare. Daugrhters — ^Marsr
Jessop and Hannah Ogrden. to have equally the salt marsh purchased
of Mr. Budd. Five of my children, William. John. Elisabeth Preston.
Rachel Westcott and Sarah Westcott, to have equally two tracts of
Cedar swamp (100 acres at Lebanon below Bever Dams. 15 acres upon
Morrices River), and all real and personal estate without the limits
of this County. John to have all lands (100 acres) and the plantation
(76 acres) on which I now live in the Indianfleld survey; also that
part of the Cedar swamp at Lebanon above Bever Dams. Executor —
son John. Witnesses — Ebeneser Westcott. John Ogrden. David Offden.
Proved 6 Dec. 1749. Lib. 6. p. 282.

1788* Nor. 1. Darkln* Haaaah, of Salem County, ward. Petition:
"Friend Joseph Rose. Salem, November Ist, 1738: These are to cer-
tifle to thee that I of my own free will and desire and likewise by the
consent of my stepmother Hannah Darkins. and consent of my cousen,
Sarah Wyatt. do make and choose my uncle. Richard Smith, to be my
ffuardian and desire thee would let him have Letters of Oardianship.
and to the above we have hereunto set our hands the day and year
above written. Dr. of Joseph Darkin late of Blsinborouffh, yeoman.
(Signed) Hannah Darkin. Hannah Darkin. Wldddo. Sarah Wyatt."

Lib. 4. p. 160.

1780, April 14. Darlklm* JomepU, of Salem Co.. Int. Adm'x. Hannah
Darkin (relict). Bondsman — John Darkin. Both of said County.
Witness — Saml. Abbott. Lib. 4. p. 199.

1788. 6th mo. (Aug,). 28rd da. Inventory (£690.0.1) includes 8 negroes,
£89.19. and cash in hand of Richard Smith. Appraisers — Samuel Abbott.
Lewis Morris.

175<^1» Jaay. 21. Dates, Epkrabs* Jr., of Fairfield township. Cum-
berland Co. Int. Administrator. Joseph Daten. Fellow bondsman —
Silas Newcomb. of aforesaid County. Witnesses — John Dowdney.
Elias Cottingr. Lib. 7. p. 426.

1749. Dec. 7. Inventory. £84.16.6 ; made by Robt. Hood. Edward Lum-

1750-1. Jan. 21. Inventory. £151.14 ; made by Ebnesar Bower. Silas

1760-1. Jany. 7. Renunciation as administrator of ESphralm Daten,
the elder (father of Ephraim. deceased) of Fairfield township. Cum-
berland Co. Witnesses — Nathaniel Hewet (?). David Daten.

174S, Sept. 4. Dates (Destos), Jscob, of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r.
Samuel Purviance. of Alloways Creek, principal creditor. Bonds-
man — William Fraser. Esq.. Salem Town and County. Witness — ^Thos.

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1742, Sept. 3. Renunciation of Ann Deaton, widow. Witness — ^Henery

Parr. Lib. 4, p. 877.

1742, Sept. 8. Inventory, £9.17 ; made by Henery Fair, Benja. Holme.

1749-MK Jmmr. 90. DaiwoB (DawMin), William^ of AUoways Creek,
Salem Co. Int. Adm'r, Daniel Smith. Bondsman — Job Shepherd. Both
of said place and county. Witness — Francis Teste. Lib. 7, p. 27.

1749-50, Jany. 15. Renunciation of Margaret Dawson (relict). Wit-
nesses — Job. Shephard, Jun., James Cromwell, Francis Test.

1749-50, Jany. 26. Inventory (£41.11.4) includes looms and tackling
and pair of worsted combs, £8.2.0. Appraisers— Job Shepherd, Francis

ITW-e, Jam. 29. Daveaport* William, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex
Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Phebe, Martha, Charity, Dorothy,
Robert, Mary, Thomas, William. Real and personal estate. Execu-
tors — wife, Bridflret, and friend, Andrew Johnston, Esq. Witnesses —
Robert "King, John White, John Oifford, John Oifford, Jun'r. Proved
April 23, 1786. Lib. C, p. 87.

17S6» Sept. 80. Davlea, Joka, of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Abigail, all estate to brinff up my children, if she
hath another; if not, for herself and child Elisabeth. If wife marries,
estate to **my two children." Executors — brother, Thomas Davies,
and friend, Thomas Cooper. Witnesses — ^Thomas Cooper, David Burdffe
and William Hartshorne, Junior. Proved November 4, 1736.

Lib. C, p. 182.

1786, Oct. 19. Inventory (£100.03.06) includes a canoe, a brass
"chaphendish," large Bible, an old sword and belt. Made by William
Hartshorne, John Makllsses and James Bowne.

17S1* Sept. 22. Davis, Benjamla, of Chester, Burlington Co., inn-
holder. Int. Inventory of the personal estate, £180.3.1; made by
Joshua Grainger and Thomas Hackney.

1731, Sept 27. Adm'x, Esther Davis. Thomas Hackney, William Coxe
and Francis Hogsett, all of same, yeomen, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. 8, p. 154.

17SX Feb. 27. Davis, Benjamla, of Salem Co. Int. Admr's, Esther

Davis and Benjamin Davis. Bondsman — John Bishop. All of said

county. Witnesses — Joseph Ryley, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 8, p. 290.

1732, Dec. 80. Inventory (£355.18.8) includes one shallop, £35, 1 gun
and negro man, £5.4, cattle, horses and sheep. £166.8.0, grain on the
ground, etc. Appraisers — John Bishop, Joseph Ryley.

1786, Dee. 17. Davis, Benjamla, of Salem Co. Int. Admr's, John
Thompson and Edward Trenchard. Bondsman — ^Robt. Hart, gentle-
man, of said County. Witnesses — Danl. Mestayer, John Doe.

Lib. 4. p. 108.

1736, May 10. Inventory (£28.6.9) includes gold rings, sword, Bible,
etc "Sun, Mathew Mathakel, books and instruments, £5.10." Appraisers
— Richard Woodnett, Robert Hart.

1748, AprU 6. Davis, David, of City of Philada., mariner. Adminis-
tration granted to Lydia Davis, widow. Joseph Thomas and Rich-
ard Fordham, both of City of Burlington, shipwrights, fellow bonds-
men. Lib. 5, p. 488.

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1748, April 6. Inventory taken at Black Creek Forge, £171.7.11 ; made
by Jno. Imley and Thos. Folkes, both of Bordentown. Debt — ^bond of
James Murgatroyd.

17S6, May 18. DaTla* BUas, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admr,
Charles Davis, gent. Bondsmen — Benonl Dare and Thos. Waithmao,
gent. Witnesses — Josiah Flthian, Dan Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. €6.

1736. April 27. Inventory, £52.18.6; made by Thos. Waithman, Ben-
oney Dare.

1749^ July 5. Davis, BllMibetk, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co^
widow. Int. Bond of Isaac Faurot, her son, as administrator of her
estate. Henry Langstaff, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. S09.

1749, June 16. Inventory. £27.13.4; made by Henry Langstaff and
Phineas Potter.

1789, Marck SB. Davis, Isaac, of Township of Pllesgrove, Salem
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, to have all negroes (two men
and one woman), and the use of "the home plantation during widow-
hood; and after her decease I give it to William Crawley, son of my
daughter, Eleanor Crawley." If said Eleanor Crawley should not

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 16 of 85)