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James Hinceman, Andrew Redman, Jacob Husg, John Howill, Timothy
Matlock, Peter White, Anne ESstiake, James Hambleton, Isaac Jennings,
Thos. Clement, Win. Payday, E<beneaer Zains, Robert Down, Saml. Rain,
T. Atkinson, Philip Doyle, Isaac Williams, W)m. Kimsey, Joseph Harri-
son, John Jones, Priscilla Harrison, Dennis Organ, John Marshall, Robert
Anderson, Gabriel Bsnron, Richard Lynden, Joseph Marshall, John Frank-
lin, John Sparke, John Bewston, Philip Deverix, Robert Down, Frances
Haddock, amounting to £677.18.10%.

1747, AprU 80. Dewltt» Jobs, of the Borough of Elisabeth, Essex
Co., Esq. Int. Adm'x, Ann Dewitt, the widow. Wm. Chetwood and
George Lurting, fellow bondsmen. Witness— Matt. DeHart.

Lib. E, p. 88.

1744, Get. 22. Dey, James, of Machaponex. Middlesex Co.; will of.
Wife. Margaret. Daughters — ^Mary and Sarah. Three children by my
second wife, Margaret, no names mentioned. Executors — sons James
and Lorance, and son-in-law Peter Perrine. Witnesses — ^Joshua Ed-
wards, Sarah Edwards, William Laird. Proved Nov. 26, 1746.

Lib. D, p. 848.

1745, Nov. 28. Inventory. £254.2.6; made by John Perlne and William

1744, Dec. 17. Dibble* Thoatas, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'rs, James
Caruthers and Alexander Moore, creditors. Both of Cohansey. Bonds-
man — William Murdock, of Salem County, innkeeper. Witnesses —
Wm. Pennock, Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 6, p. 422.

1748-9, Feb. 11. Dlekaaoa, Joaatbaa, of Manington, Salem Co.,
husbandman, will of. Wife, Dorothy, executrix. Son, John Dickson,
when 21, equal share of real and personal estate with his brother,
Nathaniel Dickson. Executor — Son, NathanieL Witnesses — James
Mason, Mary Popino, Alexr. Simpson. Sworn and affirmed 10 March
1748. Lib. 8. p. 282.

1748-9. Feb. 4. Inventory (£217.17.10) includes cattle and grain in
ground. Appraisers — James Mason, William Nicholson.

17M^ Jaae 21. Dtcklasoa, Feawlck* of Township of Piles Grove,
Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Eleanor, sole executrix. Sons John
and Joseph (not 21). Daughter Susannah. Four youngest children.

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(not of aff«) — Abraham, iBaac, Isabell, Eleanor. Daughter, Sarah.
Wltnesaea — Oeorre Dlcklson, H«nry Paullln, Jacob Richman. ProTed
19 Dec, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 114.

17S9. Dec 4. Inventory (£299.0.8) Includes cattle, horeee, sheep. hay»
etc Appraisers— Elisha Bassett, Samuel Blwell.

1761 (Filed). Account of Thomas Murphy and EHeanor, his wife, late
Elinor Dickinson, executrix of last will of Fenwlck Dickinson. Moneys
paid Samuel Angelo, Joseph Dickinson, Thomas Parke, Edward Horster,
Mary Gray, Jonathan Dickinson, Nathan Merrin^, James Robinson, John
Jones, DanL Mestayer, Doctor Lenox, Benjamin Bispham, Saml. Morgan*
David Garrison, Frederick (blacksmith), Jeremiah Wood; bond from
Isaac Thompson (insolvent) ; another insolvent bond of Wra. Oawleys*
Devereux Driggus, Thom. Graham. Bringing up of Ellenor Dickinson, S
years, Elisabeth Dickinson, 8 years, Isaac Dickinson, 6 years, Abraham
Dickinson, 4 years, Joseph Dickinson, 2 years (each at £10).

17d7» Sept. 1«. DleklMsea, Jeaathaa* of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex
Co., clerk; will of. Wife, Mary. Children— Jonathan, Abigail (wife
of Jonathan Sergeant), Temperance (wife of John Odell), Elisabeth
(wife of Jonathan Miller), Mary (wife of John Cooper), and Martha.
Real and personal estate. Executors — sons-in-law-Jonathan Sergeant
and John OdelL Witnesses — Qershom Hlggins, Cornelius Hetfleld,
Knos Ay era Proved Oct. 18, 1747. Lib. E, p. 108.

ITST* April 16. Dlcklasoa, Joseph, of Monmouth Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm*r, Zebulon Dickinson. Lib. C, p. 169.

1787, March 27, April 9. Inventory, £16.01.6; made by John Williams
and Amos Pettit, chosen by the widow, Hannah Dickinson. States it was
of estate "of Joseph Dickinson, late of Shrewsbury."

175% Dee. S. DUdlse, Fnuicto* of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Children — Abraham, John, Elisabeth, Catherin and Helenah»
all under age. Executors — wife, Mary, friends Luke Voorhees and
Peter Cochran. Witnesses — William Hall, John Griggs, Jacob Weisea.
Proved Feb. 26, 1750. Lib. E, p. 610.

1760-1, March 18. Inventory (£161.12) includes "one half dosen guUt
pictures;" made by D'k Schuyler and D'k Vanveighten.

im. May 10. Dllley, Jeaathas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'rs, Jonathan Dilly and Edward Crowel. Lib. B, p. 406.

1789, May 28. DlMsdale, (Damsdale). §arah. of Haddonfleld, Glou-
cester Co., widow; will of. Executors — John Dillwin, of Philadelphia,
merchant, and Joseph Kaighn, of Newton, Gloucester Co., yeoman.
£800 upon special trust, as follows: — Interest of £100 to brother Joseph
Collins; after his death to his daughters Sarah, Katherine and
Rebacka. To sister, Elisabeth Southwick, interest of £100, and after
her death to her children, Maham and Sarah, equally. Rebecka Bryan,
Bister, £100, and after her death to her child or children, as she may
appoint; also £60 bond of her late husband, Thomas Bryan. Lega-
cies to nieces, Katherine Ellis (wife of Thomas Ellis), Rebecka Sat-
terthwait, Mary Jackson, Katherine Ellis (wife of William Ellis)»
Priscilla Ares and Elisabeth Williams; also to nephew, William Buck-
ley, and to Francis Collins, son of John Colllna £26 to members of
Haddonfleld iConthly meeting. Cousins — Katherine Ellis (wife of
Thomas Ellis), Priscilla Ares, Sarah Ellis (wife of Simeon Ellis).

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Rebecca Clements and William Buckley. Witnesses — Edward Turner,
Sarah Winter, Elisa. Estaugrh. Proved 9 Nov., 1739. Lib. 4, p. 208.

1739. Oct 26. Inventory ( £1280.16.8 ^) Includes cash. £76.18.6. wearing
apparel, £71.15.9, library of books, £4.5.6. Appraisers — ^Timo. Matloack,
Jon. Kaighin.

1740, Aoir* 8. Dlmiree, Cbarles* of Great Kgg Harbor, Gloucester Co.
Int. Adm'r, Charles Dingree, of Chester County, in Pennsylvania. Fel-
low bondsman — James Eldridgre, of Burlington, yeoman.

1740, 4 mo. (June), 20 da. Renunciation of Judith, widow. Witnesses
— E«dmon Somers, Gervas Hall.

1740, 5 mo. (July), 31 da. Renunciation of Christopher, son of Charles
Dingee as admr.. in favor of his next eldest brother. Charles Dingee. Wit-
nesses — Jos. Fisher. Simon Hallock. Lib. 4. p. 250.

174B, Peb. 19. DlrAoHT, Amtoayt will of. (Original in German).
Whereas our Children are all begot of one father and mother, they
shall have an equal share in the division. Land sowed of my children
upon the old place. Wife to live on land where the testator then
dwelt by his son Christian, as long as she pleased. Son Christian
bought the land with the testator. Son Christian and daughter Chris-
tina. Witnesses — Hans Peter Jager, Wllhelmus Werts and Johannes
Peter Laashent. 'Tet to notice, that the division in money shall be
as at first above said from the eldest to the youngest in order till they
have it; now we children have all agreed and witness this with our
hands as follows: Hinrich Dirdorff. Peter Dirdorff. Bernhardes Ach-
enbach, Johannes Dirdorff, Antony Dirdorff, Christian Dirdoff, Wil-
lem Ecker and Christina Dirdorffln. Done at an wile the 19th of
february 1745 is this Testament confirmed.*"

1746-7, March 2. Christian Grassold. the translator, testified to the
English translation of the original will, at Philadelphia, before William
Allen, Recorder. Proved March 15. 1746-7. (Hunterdon Co.)

Lib. 5. p. 321.

1746-7. March 14. Christian Dirdorff. of Amwell. renounces right of
administration as no executor was named in will, in favor of Christian's
son, Peter Dirdorff. Witness — ^Abraham Zutphin.

1747, May 6. Bond of Peter Dirdorff. of Hunterdon Co., yeoman, as
administrator, and Rudolph Hurli. of same place, yeoman.

1735-6, Marcb 98. Dkibrow, Benjamla, of City of Perth Amboy,
Middlesex Co. Int. Margaret, the widow, declines to administer the
estate, and makes a quit claim to John Disbrow, cordwainer. Wit-
nesses — Sarah Disbrow, Oba'd Huntt. Junr.

1736. May 15. Bond of John Disbrow. the brother, as administrator.
Joseph Johnson and Griflfln Disbrow, all of same place, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. C. p. 95.

174IK Aum» 12. Disbrow, Henry, of Cranberry. Middlesex Co.. car-
penter : will of. Wife. Katharine Disbrow. Children — Daniel ( land I bought
of Andrew Gordon), Henry, William, Joseph. Katharine. Anne, all
under age. Executors — friend Frederick Buckalew, Junr., of Cran-
berry, and brother-in-law, Hendrick Hendrickson of Middletown.
Witnesses — Ste'n Warne, Joseph Disbrow. Hen. Moore. Proved Nov.
13. 1749. Lib. B. p. 343.

1749, Nov. 3. Inventory (£313.17.7) includes Bible, negro woman and
boy. mare given to wife by Benjamin Disbrow. her brother-in-law. Made
by John Barclay, Peter Gordon, Luycas Schenck.

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174S, April 80. Dkibrow, William, of Hopewell Township, Hunter-
4lon Co., cordwainer; will of. Sister, Hannah Applei^ait. Cousin,
Hannah Apple^ait. Brothers — Benjamin and Joseph Disbrow. Execu-
tors — brother, Joseph Disbrow, and friend Zebulon Stout, of Somerset
County. Witnesses — Daniel Stout, Jno. Hyde and Olsebert Lane.
Proved June 27, 1743. Lib. 4. p. S67.

1743, June 18. Inventory (£59) includes a house and three acres of
land and one house not finished ; books ; carpenter's tools and a sword.
Made by David Stout and John Wayooff. Debts due from John Disbrow,
John Stout. Aaron Vanhook, Echebard Lee. Benjamin Stout. George Park,
Henry Disbrow. Thomas Burrowes. John Pitch and Joseph Stout. Jr.

1748. April 6. Account mentions John Hyde. Vinsin Runen, Andrew
Reed, Robert Hooper. Joseph Packston, Robert Rosebrook, James Leonard,
Benjamin Disbrow, Zebulon Stout. Samuel Stout. Robert Hooper, Henry
Diabrow. Joseph Merrel. Dr. Cadwalader. WVdow Doughty, Sarah Dis-
brow, Andrew Johnson. Colonel StouL

1748, D«e. 6. Ditty. Hmrk. of Penns Neck, Salem Co., tailor; will of.
Wife. Hannah. Real and personal estate. Children — John. Thomas.
Martha and Margret. Executors — wife, and James Outtery of White
Clay Creek, in the County of New Castle. Witnesses — James Oonart,
James Barkley. Proved 13 Dec, 1748. Lib. 6. p. 92.

1748. Dec. 12. Inventory. £87.2.9 ; made by Alen Congelton. Jonathan

1738-0. Jaa. 2. Dixoa* James* of Greenwich, in Cohansey, Salem
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca. Daughters — Sarah (to have the
house and lot where I live on the East side of Main Street. Greenwich,
after her mother's death), Rachel and Isabel (my lot on the West side
of the Main St. in Greenwich, equally). Three acres of lot joining
Josiah Fithian may be sold. Executors — wife, Charles Dennis and
Philip Dennis. Witnesses — Nichs. Gibbon. Samuel Fithian. John
Oroen. Proved 15 Jan. 1739. Lib. 4, p. 217.

17S»-40k 1 mo <Mar.>» 17 da. Dixson, Daalel (son of Anthony Dick-
aon, yeoman, and Mary his wife, late of the south side of Cohansey,
Salem County), ward. Guardian — Ebenezer Miller. Witnesses — Rich-
ard Wood, Josiah, Samuel and Isaac Fithian. Salem Wills. 684 Q.

1740w May 99. Dobblas, Joaepb, of Newton. Gloucester Co.. tailor.
Int. Adm*r, Timothy Matlack, of Htiddonfield, yeoman. Fellow bonds-
men. James Hinchman. Esq.. and Thomas Coles, gent., all of County
aforesaid. Lib. 4. p. 239.

1740. May 13. Renunciation of John Dobbins, as adm'r of his brother
Joaeph Dobbins. Witnesses — James Jeffries. David Donogan.

1739-40. Feb. 8. Inventory. £39.4.9. Appraisers — Ja. Hinchman. Thomas

17SX Feb. 15. Dod, Joaatbaa, of Newark. Essex Co. Int. Adm*x.
Hannah Dod, the widow. James Nuttman. cooper, fellow bondsman.
Witnesses — Joseph Peck, Moses Ball. Lib. B. p. 388.

ITSJ; Jaae SI. Doddlastaa. Tkaakfal, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r,
Charles Townley. Nathaniel Mitchell, fellow bondsman. Witness —
Kbeneser Lyon. Lib. B, p. 421.

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1740, Not. 90. Do4ri««e, PkUip, of Woodbrid^e, MlddlCMX Co., yeo-
man; will of. Mother ^. Devises lands joining lands

formerly of Adam Lees, Solomon Hunt, Joseph Oliver, Charles Wricht»
John Skinner deceased, to be divided in 19 years amon^ his children,,
no names i^lven. Executors — wife, Lydia, and friend Nathaniel Fits-
Randolph, blacksmith. Witnesses — Ruth Pack, Meribah Dodrldffe,
John Moores. Proved Jan. 12, 1749. Lib. B, p. 869.

1749» April S. Dolbery <DoIber)» Nlekolas, of Greenwich, Gloucester
Co., yeoman ; will of. Plantation whereon I live at the lower end of Bil-
lins Port to Andrew Long's children — Moses, Jonathan, Mary and Ele-
nor. Plantation which I purchased of the sons of Samuel Vanaman, de-
ceased, to the five children of Jonas Cox« Isaac Cooper to be guardian
of the aforesaid children. Other tract of land to William Lasberry
and Hester, the wife of Daniel Cooper. £6 to wardens of the church
at Raccoon Creek. Legacies to Mary and Sarah, daughters of Jonas
Cox, and Sarah, daughter of Gunner Swanson. Executors — Andrew
Long and William White. Witnesses — Nicholas Justlson, Thomas
Parker, Alexr. Randall. Proved 20 April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 87.

1749, April 11. Inventory (£266.8.2) includes ship carpenter's tools,
£8.18.0. Appraisers— Wtou Mickle, Alexr. Randall.

174S, April lOu Dole, Jobs, of Great Egg Harbor, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Dole. Fellow bondsman — Japhet Leeds;
both of same place. Witness — Revell Elton.

Lib. 6, p. 881; Lib. 7, p. 88.

1748-9, March 14. Inventory (£94.8.4) includes bonds against Samuel
Scull, Joseph Stone, James Robison, George May, Joseph Dale, and
book account against Samuel Church. Appraisers — Joseph Ireland, Japhet

174S-50, Mareb 6. Donsldsoa, James, of Somerset Co., cooper; will
of. Real and personal estate to be divided equally among brothers,.
Robert, William and Joseph Donaldson. Executors — Peter Berrien,
of Somerset Co., gentleman, and Samuel Neilson. of New Brunswick,
merchant. Witnesses — Daniel McCurrey, Daniel Brittan, Robt. Rolfe.
Proved 22 May, 1750. Lib. 6, p. 421.

1749-60. March 12. Inventory (£146) includes small Bible and psalm
book, 6s., gun, sword and cartouch box. Made by Ja. Leonard, John

1786, Sept. 17. Dose, George, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
weaver. Int. Adm'r, Samuel Rogers, of Upper Freehold, merchant*
Thomas Hunloke and Isaac Pearson, of Burlington, yeoman, fellow
bondsmen. Witnesses — Joseph Rose and Richard Kennedy.

Lib. 4, p. 78.

1788, Msr. 86. Doremss* George, of Saddle River, Bergen Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Marritie. Oldest son, Cornelius (not 21). Rest
of my children — John, George and Hendrick (not of age). Execu-
tors — sons Cornelius, and wife's brother, John Berdan, Jr. "It is my
will further that my brother, Thomas Doremus, and my wife's brother,
Vemant Berden, shall be Joint executors with the others." Wit-
nesses — Johanes Doremus, Isaack Kip, Corneles Kip. Proved 20 Oct.,
1788. Lib. B. p. 476.

1746-7, Msreb 16. Dors, AUee, of Monmouth Co., single woman.
Int. Adm'r, Cornelius Dorn, of Monmouth County, yeoman, brother

Digitized by



of deceased. John Clark, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 1.

1747. March 26. Inventory, £66.3.6% ; made by Daniel Hendrickson and
John StUlwelL

17S8, Feb. 1. DorrlastOB, Jeha, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. (son
of Thomas, deceased), an orphan about 16 years of a^e. Bond of John
Meffie as guardian. Joseph Me^ie, fellow bondsman. Witnesses—
W. Chetwood. Thomas Hill. Lib. C, p. 270.

17S1, Jue S. DorrlBct«M <Dommlmct«M)» Th«ma% of Elisabeth
Town, Essex Co., mariner; will of. Wife, Thankful. Children — Abi-
irail and John. Expected child. Elinor, wife of John Woodruffe.
Real and persona^ estate. Executors — Charles Townley and Nathaniel
Mitchell. Witnesses — John Chandler, Stephen Crane, Abso'm Ladner.
Proved June 12, 1738. Lib. B, p. 480.

1741, Sept. 98. Doiwett, Joseph* of Middletown, Monmouth Co., yeo«
man; will of. "Bein^ weak and infirm.*' Wife, Elisabeth, to have
ne^ro woman, Dinah. Other nei^roea Land devised to testator by his
deceased son, Samuel, to be sold. Children — Rachel, John, James,
Martha, Elisabeth and Joseph. "If son John dies of his present sick-
ness." Orandson, Andrew Dorsett, minor. Executors — friend, James
Mott, and sons John and James Dorsett. Witnesses — Joseph Smith,
James and Martha Walling. Codicil, same date. "If Joseph dies of
present sicknesa*' Elisabeth, daughter of son Joseph. Same witness-
es. Proved October 29, 1741. Lib. C, p. 467.

1741, Nov. 17. Inventory (£486.6.6%) includes negro woman and child,
neKTO girl, 2 negro children. Made by Cornelius Dooren, Joseph Smith
and Jarrat Wall.

1741« Sept. 10. Dorsett* Samael, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Rachel, one-half of land during: widowhood, "af-
terwards to my child or children" (not named). Father, Joseph Dor-
sett. Land adjoining Joseph Smith. Executors — friends Joseph Dor-
sett, James Mott and John Dorsett. Witnesses — James Dorsett, Joseph
Dorsett, Jr., and Thomas Bullman. Proved October 29, 1741.

Lib. C, p. 464.

1741. Oct. 22. Inventory, £146.06.3 1-3 ; made by Cornelius Doren and
Jarratt WalL

1740W Dee. 1«. Dosbleday, William* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'r, Ellas Cotting. Bondsman — John Hunt. Both of said County.
Gentlemen. Witnesses — Chas. O Neill, DanL Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 262.

1740, Dec 24. Inventory (£16.0.1) of William Doubleday "of C^ohan-
sey." Appraisers — Josiah Fithian, Abraham Reeves.

, . Memorandum of book debts, etc. : William Mulford. Peter

Batman, Moses Bishop, John Bowins, William Joslins, Silas Newoomb
(note payable from James Johnson), Nathan Tarbell (from William Bar-
low), John Jones, Peter Sowter, John Sherrer, John Brook. Vouchers on
said estate by (^pt Cotting."

1740, Marek 11. Doairhty» BesJasUat of Prince Town, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Wife, Abigrail and son, Benjamin, house and plantation, oc-
cupied by Joseph Morrow. Executors — wife, and friends Thomas
Leonard, Esquire, of Somerset, and James Leonard, of Kingstown,
Middlesex County. Witnesses — ^William Mounteer, Joseph Morrow and
Noah Gates. Proved May 2, 1747. Hunterdon Wills, Lib. 6, p. 601.

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1747. April 17. Inventory (£2086.7.6) Includes old silver tankard. £4 ;
goods Benjamin Doughty bought of Thomas Whitehead ; old Sambo, £5 :
Sarah and child. £40 ; negro girl. £20. Bills and bonds — John Bainbridge.
Jr.. Robert Bamet. Robert Montgomery. James Price, Nehemiah Howel,
James Howel. William Olden. Thomas Leonard. Charles Miller. James
Whitehead. Jesse Wlaller, Jon. Waller. John Brown, John Parker. Jon.
Desburry, Jon. Huff. Richard Huff. Mathias Swaim. George Bonaface.
Joseph Longley. Richard Iveson, James Vance, Joseph Barber. William
Olden, Richard Stockton, James Wllmot, Archibald Shorten, Thomas Rich-
ards. Jonathan Ketcham, William Bell. William Bryant. Even Harris.
William Monteer, William Willin, Edward Bunill. Joseph Pearson. William
Jolley, Isaac Fitchrandle, Thomas Price. Thomas Oroom. William Brlt-
tain, Thomas South. Benjamin Jolley. Dolle Hagersman. Elisabeth Fries.
Nicholas Lake, Nathan Havelan, Thomas Scholey, John Covenhoven. Wil-
liam Bunting. Jonathan Croxson. James Doan, Zacharia Bonam. Daniel
Brittain. Thomas Fleming. Isaac Randle of Newtown, Pennsylvania, Wil-
liam Deval. Jon. Rylie, Thomas Dunkin, Kathrin Clark. Jon. Howell, Jon.
Riddle. Jon. Calleman (a negro), Christopher Conner. Nicholas Able.
Hugh Talbot, Daniel Carmack. Jos. Davis. Benjamin Laurance. Jr.. Wil-
liam Devale. Jon. Parks, Jonathan Runian. Nicholas Christopher. Robert
Spencer. Jos. Morril, Mathew Giles. Bamet Stroud. Jon. Cunnungham.
Richard Birk. James Keley. Benjamin Corle. Robert Wheatly. Thomas
Stillwell. Edward Pedrick, Elenor Mory, James Danbridge. James Hides,
Edward Hopper. James Stewart. Ells Luther. Martha Ferrill. Francis
Larkin. George Birkhead. Thomas Morford. William Maise, Jon. Doho-
day, Jon. Shields, Jon. Grigs. Evan Harris. Thomas Stevenson. William
Offlt. Richard Robbins. Robert Fish, Samuel Smith. John Bainbridge.
EMward Bunil. Jon. Shaw, Richard Stockton. Inventory made by Ed-
mund Beakes. Jedidiah Higgins. and Aaron Hughs; filed in Hunterdon

1750-1, Jan. 4. Donirkty, Bllaa, of Mansfield, Burlington Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Father and mother. Brothers — John. Jacob and Thom-
as. Ellas and Elisabeth, children of brother Thomas. Susannah Tay-
lor. Personal estate. Executor — friends George Taylor. Witnesses
— John Qibbs. Benjamin Gibbs. Joseph Pope. Proved Jan. 18, 1750.

Lib. 6. p. 395.

1761. April 7. Inventory, £59.7.6 ; made by Joseph Pope and Benjamin
Gibbs. Includes debts due from Philip Marot, George Taylor and Jacob

1787, Sad d., Btb mo. <Jnl7). Donirbty, Jacob, of Bethlehem Town-
ship, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Amy; son, Daniel, and daughter
Deborah. Wife, executrix. Witnesses — Samuel Stockton and Mans-
field Hunt. Proved August 11, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 110.

1737. Aug. 1. Inventory (£479.11.0) includes plate. £26; plantation.
£200; Bible, £1 ; "creatures in Thomas Leonard's hands." Made by Joseph
Wilits and Joseph King.

1730, Sept. ^ Donw, Andrlea, of Raretons. Somerset Co.; will of.
Children — Volckert, Wllhelm. Johannis. Dorothy. Executor — son
Volckert. Witnesses — William Hall. Richard Hall, Edward Murphy.
(Will not proved).

1746, June 12. Summons to Fulker (Volckert) Douw to produce the
will of his father, which he had suppressed since his death (about 1736).

Digitized by



and in which he leaves a legacy to his daughter Dorothy, now wife of
William HalL Somerset Wills. 86 R.

17S6» §ept. 20. Dove, Alexander* of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will
of. Wife, Jane, executrix. Children — Samuel, Jane, Margret, Mary,
Isabel, Elizabeth and Hannah. Land in Amboy purchased of George
Wolek, deceased. £6 put at interest "for the upholding of the
Church." Witnesses — James Dey, James McKnight and John Buck-
ale w. Proved November 80, 1739. Lib. C, p. 299.

1740, March 26. Inventory (£278.7.00) includes mortgage of George
Hnlets, George Woolley and Joseph Wilson; bonds of John Thompson,
Walter Wilson. Kenneth Anderson, Michael Eireckson, Jonathan Ander-
son and Thomas Hay. Made by John Chambers and John Barclay.

1747* July 80. Down* Robert^ of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Jemina Down, widow. Fellow bondsman — Anthony Sharp,
yeoman, of same place. Witness — Hannah Ladd. Lib. 6, p. 17.

1747, 4th mo. (June), 29th da. Inventory (£299.16.11) includes bonds
from Jacob Hugg. Thomas Kimsey; debts from John Ladd, John Small-
wood, Joseph Qoldeye ; 8 day clock, £14 ; cows, wheat, rye, etc. Apprais-
ers — Anthony Sharp, Jos. Lord.

1740» Jmie 12. Downey, Dennki, of Burlington Co. Int. Adm'r,
Thomas Hooten, of Burlington. Elijah Bond, of Trenton, Hunterdon
Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 78, bis.

1747» Marcb 28. Downs, RIcbard, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife,
Elisabeth. Unto Downs Edmons, grandson, and his heirs, all lands
and tenements forever, he to pay £20 to his brother Richard Edmons,
when 21. Part movables to daughter, Mary Edmons. and rest to
grandchildren, Robert Edmon's children, and Randal Hute's children
(that he had by his first wife Hannah Downs). Executors — Elisha
Hand. Nathaniel Foster, Esq., both of Cape May. Witnesses — Josiaji
Cresse, Benjamin Shaw, Obed. Shaw. Proved 12 May, 1747.

Lib. 5, p. 526.

1747, Bilay 1. Inventory of "C^pt. Richard Downs" (£192.11.8) includes
cattle and oxen. Appraisers — John Shaw, George Stites.

1748, Nov. 18. Account. Moneys paid to Elijah Hughes. Thomas John-
son, John Garlick, Lory Hand, Uriah Hughes, Barnabas Crowele, Ebenezer
Swaine, EHienezer Johnson. George Stites. Jeremiah Leaming. Downes
Edmuna, EHisha Crowele. John Robinson. Robert Edmunds, Zachariah
Sickles, Josiah Cress, William Cooper. John Buck. Mary Edmunds, Samuel
Leonard, Elisabeth Downs, the widow of the deceased, Robert Edmunds.
Amey Ekhnunds, Rachele Hewit. Joseph Fancher (who married with one
of the grandchildren of the deceased), Henry Toung, Elisha Hand, etc.,
amounting to £264.12.7.

1741, Jvly 4. Downs, Wllllani, of Cape May Co., mariner; will of.
Uncle Richard Downs, Esq.« of Cape May, all real and personal estate,
"but if my brother should come to this country, my will is that he
should have and enjoy my house and land." Sole executor — uncle
Richard Downes. Witnesses — Robert Edmonds, Abigail Dagg, Fras.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 18 of 85)