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Taylor. Proved 9 Dec, 1741. Cape May Wills. 103 E.

1741. Aug. 8. Inventory (£77.11.8) includes **% of a skooner" (£40).
Appraisers — John Dagg, Francis Taylor.

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1747-8* Mareb SS« Doyl, PblIllp».of Deptford. Gloucester Co., weaver;
will of. Bxeeutora — ^brothers-in-law, Robert Stephens and Isaac
Stephens, with power to sell all lands, houses, etc in Gloucester Co.
and elsewhere, and to put money therefrom at interest for use of son,
Robert Doyl, when 21, excepting leiracies as follows — To mr cousin
Thomas, son of Thomas Bdfferton, £7 at 21., Haddonfleld Meetins^
House, £6 for a burial ground. If son Robert dies under a^e. estate
shall go to my brothers-in-law Robert Henery, and Robert and Isaac
Stephens. Witnesses — John Breach, John Frankin, Jno. Jenkins.
Sworn and affirmed 4 May, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 488.

1748, April 8. Inventory, £261.8.8 ; made by Simon Sparks. John Breach.

1741» Sept. 16. Drake, Aadrew. of Plscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Children — Randle (FitsRandolph), Geori^e, Jeremiah,
Edward, David« Johana Manningr* Susannah Smalley, Mary Lee, Lydia,
Sarah and Catherine Drake. Lands bought of Moses and Jean Sut-
ton and James Pyatt. Executors — wife, Hannah, son Jeremiah, broth-
er-in-law John Clarkson and friend Benja. Stelle, Jun'r. Witnesses —
Benja. Stelle, Hendrick Vroom, Jun'r, Marey Thomson. Proved Dec.
2, 1748. Lib. D. p. 104.

1748, Nov. 29-80. Inventory, £480.15.8; made by Joseph Fitxrandolph
and Gideon MerletL

174S» April IS. Drake, BeaJaaUm, of Maidenhead. Hunterdon Co.
Inventory of estate, £186.16.10, including loom and tacklingrs. Made
by Mathew Hickson and Reuben Armitai^e. Hunterdon Wills, 154 J.

1742, April 16. Bond of Sarah Drake, widow, as administrator. Fellow
bondsman, Benjamin Drake, of Hopewell, yeoman. Witnesses — ^Reuben
Armitage, Archibald Home.

174S, Feb. 7. Drake, David, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Wife, Sarah. Daughters — Susannah, Sarah and Mary Drake, all under
affe. Land leased of William Potter. Executor — brothers Jeremiah
and FitsRandolph Drake. Witnesses — Isaac Stelle, John Jones, Benja.
Stelle. Proved March 80, 1747. Lib. E, p. 8.

1747, March 80. The executors named in will refuse to act, and widow
declines administration, but recommends John Pound, Jun*r, and Edward
Drake, of Somerset Co., the principal creditors, as administrators.

1747, March 80. Bond of John Pound, Jun*r, and Edward Drake as
administrators. Isaac Manning and Elijah Pound, fellow bondsmen. Wit-
ness — Jonathan Dunn.

1747. April 1. Inventory, £143.13 ; made by Thomas Machfarson and
George Marlet.

1749, May 8. Account, showing lands sold to Sam'U Drake. Moleson
FitsRandolph, Jeremiah Drake, FitsRandolph Drake, Widow Jones; also
judgments against Francis Lewis, Andrew Johnston. John Vail, Jonathan

1750, July 27. Additional account Bonds of Josiah David. George
Lang, Benj'n Stiles. Simon Walker. Cornelius Moore, Daniel Ayers. Jacob
Ayers, John David. James Clarkson. John Deare. Joseph Barto, George
Drake, Edward Drake, Nathaniel Manning, Thos. Johnson. Joseph Claw-'

17SS, April 1. Drake, Fraaeis, 8ea*r, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Patience. Children — Rachel Runion, Martha.
Betty, Francis, Benjamin, James, Henry and Joseph (all minors).

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OrandBon, E:phraim Drake. Real and personal estate. Executors —
brother-in-law, Joseph FltsRandolph. kinsmen Edmund Dunham,
Jun'r, and Moses Martin. Witnesses — Henry Skibbow, Isaac Drake,
Moses Burgres. Proved April 27, 17SS. Lib. B, pp. S98, 400.

1755, April 26. Inventory, £48.3.2 ; made by Andrew Drake and Wil-
liam Hooles.

1749, Sept. 11. Joseph Fitxrandolph and Moses Martin, two of the
executors, with the consent of Patience Drake, the widow, made choice
of Azariah Dunham as executor in room of Ekhnund Dunham, deceased.

178^ Jmkr IS* Drake, Ctersbom, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., black-
smith; will of. Children — Philip, Cathrlne and Sarah, all under agre.
Executors — ^wife Rachel, and friend Samuel Dunn of Somerset Co.
Real and personal estate. Witnesses — William Clawson, Peter Bebout,
Reuat Runyon. Proved July 31, 1750. Lib. E. p. 443.

1760, July 25. Inventory, £337.01.6; made by David FiUrandolph and
Eb. Tingrley.

ns%, Jaly 21. I>rake. Jobs, of Hopewell Township, Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Rachel. Three daugrhters, Frances. Ruth and
Mary Drake. Son, John Drake, land which testator received from his
father; land bought from John Coxe. Sons Charles and Benjamin.
Executors — ^brothers Francis and Thomas Drake, and friend Willson
Hunt Witnesses — Richard Bvins, Zacharlah Drake and Edward
Cooper. Proved October 25, 1760. Hunterdon Wills. 280 J.

1750. Oct. 29. Inventory (£222.18.11) includes one neffro fellow. £55;
hive of bees; ffun and sword. Made by Reuben Armitage and Richard

1756. March 23. Account mentions Edward Burrows. Dr. Dewit. Fras.
Fowler, Henry Wolsey, Azariah Hunt, Thomas Drake. Eidmond Drake,
Benjamin Ketcham, Nevill Winn, Thomas Vandike. Richard Evans. An-
drew Titus, Reuben Armitage, Henry Vankirk. Henry Wolsey, Elisa
Runion, John Wolsey, Edward Cooper, Andrew Morgan, Isaac £«aton.
Samuel Henry, Reed and Furman, Luffort Waldron, Jos. Tindall. Daniel
Drake. Theo. Sevems.

17401, April 7. I>rake, Joba* Sen*r, of Essex Co., yeoman; will of.
Children — Benjamin, Isaac, Abraham, Samuel and Sarah Fulson.
Grandchildren — Abraham, John, Philip, and Qershom Drake; Samuel,
Thomas and Mary Davis, children of daughter Mary, deceased. Daugh-
ter-in-law. Patience Drake. Edward Slater, Allizhiah Skebbo, Elis-
abeth (wife of Benjamin Hull, Esq), FiTTratea (wife of Benjamin Mar-
tain), Moses FitsRandolph, Christian Rebout, the poor of Piscataqua.
Executors — ^grandsons, Samuel and Jonas Drake, and their mother,
Hannah Drake. Witnesses — James Manning. Grace Manning, David
Drake. Proved Sept. 29, 1741. Lib. C, p. 442.

1741, Sept. 30. Hannah Drake, wife of Isaac Drake, renounces the
executorship on account of age and other inability. Witnesses — John
Blackford. Jun'r. Jacob Thorp.

, . Inventory, £5.03 ; made by David Sutton.

178S* Feb. SS« Drake* Joslab, of Middlesex Co. Int. Bond of John
Berrien, merchant, of Somerset Co., as administrator. Andrew Hay. of
Perth Amboy, innkeeper, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 71.

1741» Hot. «• Drake* PbUip, late of Plscataway, Middlesex Co.,

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yeoman, having property in divers places. Adm'x, his widow. Chris-
tian. Fellow bondsmen — Gideon Merlett, John Pound. Lib. D, p. 16.

1734, April IS. Draper, Tkomas, of Nottingrham, Burlin^on Co.»
taylor. Administration granted to Catherine Draper, widow. Robert
Pearson, Esq., and John Middleton, yeomen, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. S, p. 894.
1784, April 22. Inventory, £182.19.7 ; made by Edw'd Beakes and
Ouisbert Hendrickson. Includes books, clock and case.

1735, March 15. Petition of Edward and Elisabeth, children of Thomas,
over 14, as both parents are deceased, that John Tantum, Sr., and John
Tantum, Jr.. be appointed their guardians.

174a» April 10. Driver, Jonatban, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., shoe-
maker. Int. Adm*x, Elisabeth Driver. Bondsman — Alen Congrelton.
Both of Penns Neck in said County. Witnesses — James Barkley, Nich.
Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. 281.

1749, April 7. Inventory (£106.13.8) includes cattle, horses, two boats.
"5700 staves and 20 coards of wood." Appraisers — ^Alen Congelton, James

irse, Dec. IS. DmmmoBd, ESvaa, of Middlesex Co. ; will of. Brother,.
William Drummond. Real and personal estate. Executors — Hon.
John Hamilton, Esq., Andrew Johnston. Esq., James Hude of New
Brunswick. Esq., and Mr. Andrew Hay. Witnesses — Adam Hay, Tho.
Bartow, Thomas Jaffray, Mary Delapp. Proved March 24, 1736.

Lib. C, p. 189.

1748, Jan. 7. Dmmmond, Gawea, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r,
his brother, Robert Drummond, of same county. Bond of Robert
Drummond, of Shrewsbury. Josiah Halstead, of same place, yeoman,
fellow bondsman. Witnesses — Anthony and Elisabeth Dennis.

Lib. E, p. 268.

Inventory (£184.11.11) includes one gun, two pistols, sword and bayonet.
Made by Stoffll Longstreet and William Jackson. Filed Sept. 27, 1749.

1788, July 7. DmmiiiOBd, John, late Earl of Mellfort, deceased.
Petition of John Porterfleld of Trenton, New Jersey, in behalf of
Alexander Porterfleld, Esquire, of Duchall, in the Shire of Renfrew,.
Scotland, brother to the petitioner, setting forth that John Drum-
mond. late Earl of Mellfort, was indebted to the petitioner's said

1733. July 4. Bond of John Porterfleld, of Trenton, Esquire, as ad-
ministrator of estate of the Right Honorable John, late Earl of Melfort.
Fellow bondsman. John Hyndshaw, of Hunterdon Co., yeoman.

Hunterdon Wills. 87 J.

1748, Jaa. 7. Dmmiiiond, John, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r, Rob*
ert Drummond. of same County, the widow having: renounced.

Lib. E. p. 268.

. . Inventory of estate of John Drummond, late of Shrews-
bury. £8.16.9 ; made by Jeremiah Borden, William Price and Thomas Bell.
Additional inventory. £26.4.10. made by William Davis and Thomas Bell,
(flled September 27, 1749).

1748, De«. 22. Dubois, Barent, of Pllesgrove. Salem Co.. yeoman;
will of. Wife, Jacomyntie. To son, Jacob Dubois, house and shop and
6 acres; son, Jonathan Dubois, bond of Robert Dars. Children —

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Kathartne BUwell, Solomon, David, iBaac, Oerr«t and Abraham.
Bzeeutora— wifa and eldest son. Jacob Dubois. Witnesses — Louis
Dubois. Henry Van Metere, Benjn. Worton. Proved SO Feb., 174S.

Lib. 7, p. SC4.

174t-S0. F^b. 12. Inventory (£SC9.1S.7%) includes horses, oatUe, wheat,
on the ground, shoemaker's tools, negroes, etc Appraisers — David Davis,
John Creaff.

17CS, . Account of Jacob Dubois, executor of the last will of

Jecomtle Dubois, executrix of the last will of Bamett Dubois, deceased.

ITMw May M. D«h«ya <Deh«ya>, Cbarlcs, of Amwell Township,
Hunterdon Co., weaver. Int. Inventory of estate, £10C.8.S, including
a Bible. Made by Jno. Opdycke and William WiUian&sone.

Lib. 7, p. tC

1750, June 7. Bond of Agnes Duboys, of Amwell, widow, as admin-
istratrix, and John Opdycke, of same place, trader. Witness — ^Theo.

1751, July 8. Account. Mentions Daniel Larew, Dr. Coleback, Wta.
Montgomerie, Henry Rlngo, John Aller, John Hull, Isaac Fitchet, Phillip
Peters, Andrian Kenny.

1TM» Oet. 18. Dugdale, William, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Children all under age; no names given. Sister, Margaret Hunt,
of Dublin, Ireland. Real and personal estate. Executor — wife Jane.
Witnesses — Alexand'r Moore, Elisabeth Moore, John Dies. Proved
April 21, 1741. Lib. C, p. 406.

17d7» Dee. ao. Dakemaneer, Jelia, of Deptford, Gloucester Co.,
husbandman; will of. Sons — John, Thomas and SamueL Latter to
have the plantation during full time due me in my lease from Luke
Gibson. Daughters — ^Mary Bryan, Sarah Day, Francis Gilfrey, Su-
sanah, Hannah and Elisabeth. Executor — son, John Dukemaneer. Wit-
nesses— Obidiah O. Gibson, Joseph Gibson, Junr., Michael Fisher.
Affirmed 19 Feb., 1747. Lib. 6, p. 412.

1747-8, Feb. 16. Inventory (£80.1.6) includes cattle, sheep, rye and com
in the field. Appraisers-— Michael Fisher, John Hopper, Jun'r.

1748^ March 90. Dsmeat, Peter, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Son, John, the large Dutch Bible. To him and his heirs £60 in pay-
ments by the four sons, Hendrick, John Baptes [Baptist], Peter and
Rynear, when the youngest son then living will be of age; likewise to
son Abraham. Lands to be divided equally between Hendrick, John
Baptes, Peter and Rynear. Daughters — Cattelintje (wife of Christiah
Lagrange), Margaret (wife of Gtoorge Bergen), Qerrette and Jannetie.
Executors — sons John, Abraham, John Baptes, brothers-in-law Rynear
and Nicholas Veghten. Witnesses — ^Dirck Van Veghten, Henry Van
Middleswaert, John Broughton. Proved 17 July. 1744. Lib. D, p. 166.

1744. July 12. Dumont. John, declines to serve as executor of the will
of his father. Peter Dumont Signed by Abr. Dumont. John Dumont

ITdf^ Aw. 21. Dsacaa, BUaaheth, of Salem Co. Int Adm'r. John
Duncan. Bondsman — William Maxfield. Both of said County. Wit-
nesses—Elisabeth Berker. Nich. Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 281.

1749. Aug. 28. Inventory, £81.4.6; made by Abner Sims, James Tyler.

1748, Jsly 18. Daseaa, James, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co. Int

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Adm'z, Elisabeth Duncan. Bondsmen — ^Thomas Laoky, John Duncan*
all of same place. Witnesses— Wtn. Chandler, Nioh. Gibbon.

Lib. 6. p. SI.
1748, July 27. Inventory (£93.2.2) includes cattle, horses, servant-man
by indenture, etc. Appraisers — ^Daniel Smith, James Tyler.

1748, Jaa. •• Diimean, J«h», of Salem Co., weaver. Int. Adm*r,
John Smith. Bondsman — John Andrews. Both of Salem County, yeo-
men. Witnesses — William Chandler, Nich. Gibbon.

Lib. 6. p. 52 (dates and names mixed).

1748, Jany. 10. Inventory, £62.2.2; made by Jn. Andrews, William

174St A«ir. 11. Dvmham, Beaajah* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.
Nuncupative will. States that "on Monday last, beinr 9th of Auffust*
about five hours before his death,*' he save to sons Benajah and Mar-
tin lands, etc., and they were to be kind to his wife. In presenos
Edmund Dunham, Ephralm Dunham, Phineas Martin, John Martin.
Witnesses — Jonathan Martin, Asariah Dunham, Elisha Whitehead.

Lib. C, p. 680.

1742, AuiT. 28. Dorothy Dunham, widow, declines to act as admin-
istratrix, and recommends her sons. Benajah and Martin, as administra-
tors. Witness — Asariah Dunham. Bond of Benajah and Martin Dunham.

1750^ May SI. Diiaham. Bcaajah* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman, who deceased May 24, 1760. Int. Inventory, £172.19.7; made
by David FltsRandolph and Jonathan FitsRandolph, Jun'r.

1760, June 1. Administration on the estate granted to Hannah Dunham,
widow. Phineas Dunn and Peter Wodden, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. E. p. 409.

1761, May 14. Account. Payments to Elijah Dunham. Dr. John van-
Buren, Ck>meliua Low, John Holton, James Wilson, Mary Smalley.

1781, May ». Daaham. Bdmaad, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Children — Benajah, Edmond, Jonathan, Ephraim. Mary
Smalley, Hannah Davis. Nephew, John Thomson. Land in New Eng-
land. Executrix — wife, Mary Dunham. Witnesses — Sam Walker,
Hugh Dunn, Hugh Dunn Jun*r. Proved April 10, 1784. Lib. B, p. 496.

1740» Jue 4. Daaham, EMaiuid, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Dinah Dunham. Children — Nehemiah, Daniel,
Stephen, Peter, Dinah (wife of Joseph Dunn), Elisabeth, Mary, Rachel
and Catrine Dunham. Lands bought of Benjamin Manning, Darby
Soapland, Alexander Mackdowell; lands bought with Jeremiah Dunn,
John Langstaff, Jun'r, and Henry LangstafP, Jun'r; lands my father
bought of Benjamin Hull, John Harrison, Benjamin Higglns. Execu-
tors— «on Nehemiah, and cousin Asariah Dunham. Witnesses —
Ephraim Dunham, Benajah Dunn, Jonathan Dunham. Proved July
18, 1749. Lib. E, p. 812.

17S9» Feb. IS. DvalMttt, Heaekiak, of Middlesex Co. The widow,
Elisabeth Dunham, declines to administer, and recommends John Dun-
ham, a brother, as administrator. Witnesses — ^Benajah Dunhano,
David FitsRandolph, Peter Woden.

1789, Feb. 14. Bond of John Dunham of Piscataway, a brother, as
administrator. Peter Wooden, fellow bondsman. Witness — Sarah Hodg-
son. Lib. C, p, 822.

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1TB9, Marek V. IHmkaai. J«bB* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, . Son, Blljah. Other children, but no

names srlven. Lands bought of Oedlon Marlat and of executors of
Richard Sutton. Executors — uncle Jonathan Dunham, brother Hese-
klah Dunham, brother-in-law Samuel Dunn, Jun'r. Witnesses—
Beiiajah Dunham, Edmund Dunham, Elisabeth Brlmley. Proved Oct
16, 1740. Lib. C. p. S55.

1740, Oct. 16. Inventory. £184.00.6 (the testator having deceased 13th
of Sept., 1740) ; made by David FItsrandolph, Edmund Dunham.

1740, Oct. 16. Bond of Jonathan Dunham and Samuel Dunn, Jun'r, as
executors, the other executor named In will beln^ deceased.

174T-8, Jaa. SI. DulMttt* Jeaathaa, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary Dunham. Six children, under 16 years
of a^e; Benjamin, only child mentioned by name. Bond of Oershom
Moore. Real and personal estate. Executors — friends Robert Fits-
Randolph, Charles March, David Donham, Jun'r. Proved Jan. 3, 1748.

Lib. B, p. 287.

1748, Jan. 26. Inventory, £166.18.11 ; made by John Moores. Jonathan

175% May 17. Daabam, Martla, of PIscaUway. Middlesex Co.; will
of. Wife, Martha. Children — ^Nathan, Phlneas, Mary, Ester and
Rachel Dunham all under a^e. Lands bougrht of Joslah Davis. Joln-
Ingr Jonathan Dunham and John Martin at Seeder Brook. Executors —
Cousin Phlneas Dunn and brother-in-law Peter Woden. Witnesses—
Bllsha Smalley, Jonathan FItsrandolph, Jun'r, Jonathan Dunham.
Proved June 8, 1760. Lib. B, p. 416.

1760, May 30. Inventory, £167.17.2 ; made by David FlttRandolph and
Jonathan FItsrandolph, Jun'r.

1736-7* Feb. M. Daaham* Mary, of PIscataway, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Children — Benajah (to have ffreat Bible), Edmund, and Hannah
I>avis. Grandchildren — Elizabeth, Mary, James and Bllsha Smalley,
Jonathan Martin, Jun'r, and Mary Sutton. Son, Edmund, sole execu-
tor. Witnesses — Jeremiah Dunn. Ben. Dunn, John Dunham. Proved
Auffust 18, 1742. Lib. C, p. 631.

17B#» Feb. 2. DwsbaM, Mary* of Woodbrld^e, Middlesex Co., widow.
Int. Adm'r, Jonathan Dennis, her father, of Woodbrld^e, yeoman.
Reuben Porter, of Woodbrid^e, yeoman, fellow bondsman.

Lib. E, p. 480.

1748* May 19. D«alap. Fraaels, of Township of Pilesffrove, Salem
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebecca, executrix* to have personal
•estate and use of house and land while my widow, and until youngest
child will be of are. Daughters — ^Mary and Bathsheba, to have plan-
tation (200 acres) whereon I live. Executor — Samuel Purviance. Wit-
nesses — James Currie, Alexr. McDowell, Patrick Grey. Proved 16 May,
1740. Lib. 6, p. 86L

1749, May 6. Inventory (£64.8) includes cash in hands of Jno. Miler,
Francis Hampton, Thom. Brley (?). Jno. Kennedy, Wm. Hudson. David
GofC W^ Blwell, Tho. Hutchinson, Richard Dunstan. Appraisers — James
Currie, Henry Earl.

17af-7» Jaa. SI. Dvaa* Hacb* of PIscataway, Middlesex Co., yeoman;

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win of. Children — ^Hu^h, Jeremiah, Zachari&h, Benjamin, Phineas,
Ruth and Rebecca. Land in Piscataway bought of John Barrowe,
formerly in the siesen of Thoa Hivrins; land bought of Benjamin
Hinens; meadow joining Henry LanffstafTs land; 180 acres pur-
chased of Benjamin Harrison, sold to my brother Joseph Dunn; land
in Somerset County; land joining land of Benjamin Wooden; meadow
joining John Wole^as' pasture. Executors — friends Joseph FitsRan-
dolph and Edmund Dunham, both of Piscataway. Witnesses — Jona-
than Dunham, Moses FitsRandolph. Jeremiah Randolph. ProTed Feb.
16. 1786-7. Lib. C. p. 146.

174St Dec •• D«BB« Jeka, of Penns Neck, of Salem Co., yeoman.
Int. Adm'z, Sarah Dunn (relict). Lib. 4, p. 878.

1742, Dec 8. Inventory (£212.6.0) includes catUe, £66.6. wheat, rye.
barley, flax imthreshed and unbroke. £16, **9 barrels of syder. £4."
carpenter's tools, £1. Appraisers — Edmund Wetherby, Martin Skeer.

ITflM^ April 28. Dvma, Joaathaa, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm*rs.
Rebecca Dunn, of Middlesex Co., and Samuel Dunn, of borough of
Elisabeth. Macaiah Dunn, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 884.

1760. April 6. Inventory. £389.18.8; made by David Fitsrandolph and
Ebeneser Drake.

1748, Dec. M. Dvmi, Joseph, of Essex Co.; will of. Wife, Hannah.
Children — James, Hesekiah, Benajah, Benjamin (at 21), Joseph, Mar-
tha, Rachel, Elisabeth and Hannah. Real and personal estate. Execu-
tor — son Joseph. Witnesses — John Bescherer. Jonathan Dunn. Proved
Jan. 2. 1748. Lib. E, p. 286.

174f>» May 10. Dvma, Joseph, of Peapack, Somerset Co. Inventory
(£185.4.10) includes notes from Bennaih Dunn, Hesekiah Dun. debts
of Joseph Carson. Made by Alexander Aikman. John McDanieL

Somerset Wills. 120 R.

1744, BTov. •• Duma, Samuel, of Piscataway. Middlesex Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Hester. Eldest son, Samuel Dunn, of Somerset Co., and
his children. Sons — Jonathan, and Micayah. Rosannah Dunn, eldest
daughter of son Sam'll. Samuel Dunn, son of son Jonathan, at 21
years. Grandson Samuel, son of my daughter Mary, wife to Peter
Runyon, at 21 years. Marcy Dunn, daugrhter to son Micayah. Daugh-
ter, Hester, wife of Nehemiah Dunham. Sister, Elisabeth, widow of
John Runyon. "My Pallatine servant man.'* 130 acres in Piscataway,
bouffht of John Barrow. Land left me by my father. Executors —
sons Samuel and Jonathan. Witnesses — Isaac Stelle, John Parker,
Benj. Gross. Proved Dec. 24, 1744. Lib. D, p. 211.

1744, Dec. 26. Inventory, £282.5.1; made by David Fitsrandolph and
Joseph Blackford.

1745, J«Me 2. DsBStar, Daalel DoBaldsea, of Somerset Co., ffent.;
will of. Trustees of estate Andrew Johnston of Perth Amboy, Rob-
ert Hunter Morris, Esq., Chief Justice of New Jersey, survivors and
survivor of them and their heirs. Legacy to Elisabeth Hay, daui^h-
ter of Andrew Hay, deceased. Provision for maintenance and educa-
tion "of the children I have by her." Proceeds of estate to be divided
amongr them when of a^e; surplus share devised to "my eldest son and
his heirs." Witnesses — John Barberie, Elisha Parker, Jno. Stevens.

1748. Oct. 24. CodicU. "I intend the 1792 1-10 acres of Pine Riffht

Digitized by



boacbt by JamM Alexander and Robert Hunter Morris of the Society for
me to be within this will, tho part of it be not conveyed to me as yet by
them." Same witnesses. Proved 18 Aug*., 1749.

17S0, March 26. Receipt for the original will out of Secretary's office
by Ja. Alexander. Lib. E, p. 322.

1789» J«l7 17. D«nin (Dwroa), Cbarles* of Second River, Essex Co.,
physician. Int. Adm*x, Katherine Duran. John Kins, fellow bonds-
man. Lib. C, p. 286.

1789, June 7. Inventory, £69.11.08 ; made by John Low and John King.

\74S, Jmkr 18. DnntaM <D«riiton)» Maryt of Woodbridge. Middlesex
Co. Whereas Mary Campbell, daughter of Archibald Campbell late of
New York, merch't* to whom the administration belongs is a minor,
she hath chosen Joseph Royall to be her guardian, while she remains
under 17 years of age.

1748, . Bond of Joseph Royall, of New York, gent., as admin-
istrator. James Hude, of New Brunswick, fellow bondsman. Witness —
Elisha Parker. Lib. E. p. 200.

175% Oet. 1. bye, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Wife, Anne. Children — John, David, William, James, Vinson. Joseph,
Anne, Katherine. Debt owinff to Capt. Samuel Leonard. Real and
personal estate. Executors — sons John and William, and son-in-law
Lawrence Dye. Witnesses — Peter Perrine, Stephen Warne, Sarah
Davison. Proved March 8, 1760. Lib. E. p. 496.

17S2, May 18. Dyer, Jamee, of Ash Swamp and Elizabeth Town,
Elssex Co. Int. Bond of John Rolph, principal creditor, who, at the
request of Elisabeth Dyer, the widow, was appointed administrator.
Thomas Rattoone, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 256.

1782, May 26. Inventory of estate found in Bucks Co.. Pennsylvania,
(£90.01.06), includes bonds of Wm. Hatchner. George Dlrdle, Thomas
Woolsten ; made by Joseph Wildman and Evelydus Longshore.

1782, June 10. Inventory of personal estate found in East Jersey.
£88.11 ; made by Jonathan Freeman. Hendricke DeCamp and James

1782-8* Jaa. 11. Dyer, Joha, of Greenwich, Salem Co., Doctor; will
of. Executors — friends John Ware and Thomas Withman, with power
to sell estate and pay debts, and divide the remainder between them.
Witnesses — James Watters, Henry Sharpe, James Carruthers. Proved
24 Jan., 1782. Lib. 3, p. 273.

1782-3, Jan. 2. Inventory (£70.6.10) includes cattle, swine, horses, etc.
Appraisers— Josiah Fithian, James Dixon.

1741» Nov. 18. Bakmaa, Charles, of Upper Freehold. Monmouth Co.
Sarah E«akman, the widow, resigns her right of administration in
favcyr of Joseph Forman. Witnesses — Richard Stevens and Cornelese

1741, Nov. 26. Administration granted to Joseph Forman, principal

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 19 of 85)