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Primrose. Nat^l. Rolfe. Moses Dottey. Dan'l Morris, Timothy Houton.
Zeek. Sutton. John Dotty, John Roy. Saml. Dalfflish. Rebecca Haines. Marey
Oates, Daniel McOown. John Hooey. Wm. Beard. Saml. Brown. Mrs.
Britan, Oeorse Mills. Henry Haynes. Rebecca Haynes. Saml. Heaton.
Oeor^ Park, Thos. Elison. Joseph Stiles, John Linbey. Jabish Jarvis. Wil-
liam McCarey. Steven Barnes. Isaac Names. Isaac Pricket. Israel Riky.
Abraham White, Thos. Little, Robt. Rigrht.

1748, A«c. !•. Halaee, BUsabctk, of Burlingrton Co. Int. Adm'r.
Daniel Haines, of Springrfleld. yeoman. Edward Rudolphus Price. Esq..
atty-at-law, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6. p. 827; Lib. 7, p. 98.

ITd*. Sept. 11. Halaes, Fmaels, (wife of William Haines), of
Northampton. 'Burlingrton Co.. (with consent of husband); will of.
Eldest son, Thomas Bonell. £40 of my former estate. Son. John
Bonell. and two errandchildren. Robert and Frances, son and dau. of
my dau. Hannah, wife of Jeremiah Haines. Son, Samuel Bonell.
executor and residuary legratee. Witnesses — Nehemiah Reeves. Nath-
an Haines. John Burr. Jun'r. Proved Augr. 21. 1750. Lib. 6. p. 871.

1749-3, JaM. 18. Halaes, Joha, of Evesham. Burlingrton Co.. yeo-
man; will of. To be buried near my wife. Anna, whom I appoint sole
executrix. Daugrhters — Rachel and Hepslba. both under agre. Real
estate and rigrht in Hains* saw mill. Witnesses — Caleb Haines. Wil-
liam Poster. Enoch Haines. Proved Feb. 16. 1742. Lib. 4. p. 859.

1742-3. 8rd day. 12th mo. (Feb.). Inventory. £259.18.10 ; made by Caleb
Haines and William Foster.

17S1, Jome 18. Halaes, Joaatkaa, of Evesham. Burlingrton Co., yeo-
man. Account of Mary Haines, executrix, showingr payments to Ben-
jamin Paschal. Jon. Head, Jon. Peacock, Jon. Oosllngr, Darllngr Con-
arrour, Solomon Smith. Dan'l Wills, Jon. Craigr, Jon. Snoden. Jon.
Biirr. Dorothy Largres. Wm. Park, Rich'd Climer, Rich'd Parks, Thom-
as Lindley, Wm. Cullum. (For will, see N. J. Archives. Vol. 23. p. 200).

Burlinffton Wills, 1698-1700 C. 2126-30 C.

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174St Feb. W, H«i»€«f liAwreace* Int. Adm'r, Joseph Weaton.

Lib. 6, p. 21.
1781* Sept. IS. Halsea» Nebeailah ■■< Joka* sons of Jonathan
Haines, beinff each above 14 years, make choice of Wm. Haines and
Caleb Haines, of Northampton, to be their guardians.

Burlington Wills, 2128 C.

1745, 9th day, dtb aio. (A«c). Halaes, Nehemiaht of Rodmanton»
Chester Township, Burlington Co.. yeoman; will of. Son, Bphraim,
real estate, and at 21 he is to pay his two twin sisters, Hannah and liary
each £25, they having been provided for by their grandfather, Liance*
lot Brown. Daughter, Hope, under agre. Bxecutors — wife, Ann, with
friend Joshua Humphris. Witnesses — Joshua Bispham, John Cox,
Sam'l Atkinson. Proved Sept. 80. 1745. Lib. 5, p. 168.

1745, 28rd. 24th days, Sept. Inventory, £387.4.6 ; made by Sam'l Atkin-
son and Joshua Bispham.

1744, Dee. 17. Halaee, Richard* of Bvesham, Burlinffton Co., yeo-
man; will of. Sons — ^Abraham, Richard, Carllle, Bnech and Bethanah.
Daughters — Mary Matlack, Rebecca Matlack, Rachel Allison, Sarah
(wife of Bdward HiUier), and widow, Blisabeth Newbilk'y. Children
of dau., Mary Matlack. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — wife,
Mary, and dau., Blisabeth Newbury. Witnesses — ^Lucy Springer. Ben-
jamin Allen, Gab. Blond. Proved April 12, 1746, by Blisabeth New-
bury, surviving executrix. Lib. 5, p. 286.

1746, 11th day, 2nd mo. (Apr.). Inventory. £218.15.10; made by Thom-
as Wilklns, William Foster and William Sharp.

1748-9, Sad day, 11th aio. (Jaa.). Halacs, Saaiael, of Northampton,
Burllnerton Co., yeoman; will of. Children — ^Thomas, Sarah, Lydia,
Jacob and Samuel, all under a^e. Lot in Mt. Holly and other real
estate. Bxecutors — wife, Lydia, and friend John Woolman. Wit-
nesses — Revell Blton, Nathaniel Haines. Blisabeth Mumppervat.
Proved Jan. 26, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 21.

1748-9, 25th day, 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory, £592.18.9; made by
Revell Blton and Joseph Burr.

Halace (see Haynes).

1740, May 18. Halas, Daalel, of Allen Town. Monmouth Co.; will
of. Daughter, Hannah Hains, to be brought up at discretion of execu-
tors. James, son of brother James Hains. Daniel, son of brother
Stephen Hains. Ann. Sarah, Ruth and Phebe. daughters of sister Ann.
Sarah, daughter of sister Sarah. Daniel, son of sister Phebe. Bxecu-
tors— Stephen Johnes and Abiel Davis. Witnesses — James Johnston,
Moses Robins, Junior, and John Foord. Proved June 10, 1740.

Lib. 4, p. 241.

, , — . Inventory (£484.15.11) includes parcel of bark, tan-
ner's tools, 47 hides of sole leather, 18 hides of upper leather, 76 calf
skins. 18 upper leather hides in the fat, 3 kip skins, etc; also 1.000 ft.
boards. Made by John Middleton and Moses Robins, Jr.

1740, , — . Account. Payments to Thomas Cahill, for schoolinc

legatee, Bdward Stevenson, Blisabeth Hutchinson, for instructing Hannah

In tailor's trade, Richard Cames, Bethla Ketcham, Bveritt, William

Pidgeon, Benjamin Briton, William Whitehead. David (}ovide, Oideon
Vikerdike, Thomas Sutton.

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17S1* Dee. 9. Halae* HaBAsH* of Gloucester Co., widow; will of.
Deuffhtere— Sarah, wife of John Snowden, and Mary, wife of John
Wood. Grandchildren — Jamei Whiteall, Hannah, Sarah, James, Henry,
Jeremiah, Mary and Alice Wood, Liddla, Hannah and William Snow-
den. Bxectttor — son-in-law, John Wood. Witnesses — Jos. Lord, Rich-
ard Bickham, Ju'r, Wm. Wilkins, Constantino Wood. Affirmed %$
Dec, 1732. Lib. 8, p. 288.

1782, Nov. 29. Inventory of Hannah Hains, of Woodbury Creek, Glou-
cester Co., (£187.15.10) Includes bonds of John Snowden. Richard Bick-
ham. Ju'r, Tho. Wilkins, Thomas Bickham, rent due, for Redbanke, from
Richard Bickham, Jur. ("from Hainses and John Wood, executors"), and
a servant-boy, £20. Appraisers — Wte. Wilkins, (Constantino Wood.

, , ^ Halwi, Silas* of Hanover, Morris Co., tailor; will

of. Wife, Ruth (2nd wife). Children — Silas and Jemima Hains
(minors). An expected child. Mentions "brother Samuel Haine's
widow, and children" also 'inheritance supposed to be fallen to me
on Lonir Island." In case children, Silas and Jemima, should die
minors, household ffoods I had with former wife shall be returned to
Mr. Daniel Taylor. Executors — Rev. Mr. Daniel Taylor, of Newark,
and Joseph TUttle, of Hanover, Morris Co. Witnesses — Elijah Gillette,
James Hayward, John Tompkins. Proved 2 Feb. 1742.

MorrU Wills, 8 N.
1748, Sept. 27. Receipt for Silas Hains' will and Richard Wood's ad-
min'n bond to be carried to Burlln^on. (Signed) David Stout.

1748, Sept. ST. Hall, BvrscMi, of Bordentown, Burlington Co.,
mariner; will of. Wife, Abigrail, all estate, real and personal, during
widowhood. Daurhters — Martha Preach, Ruth and Abigail. Execu-
tors — ^wlfe, and Robert Field, Sen'r. Witnesses — ^Rees Roberts, Robert
Ashton, (}eo. Bliss, Jun'r. Proved Auff. 31, 1749. Lib. 0. p. 318.

1749. Aug. 7. Inventory £215.19.9% ; made by Thos. Folkes and Isaac
Homer. Includes debts due by C^eorge Palmer. Elihugh Lee, Jacob Hooker,
Rees Jones, Joseph Wood, Jun'r, Rob't. Ashton. Joseph Roberts, Preston
Manlaw. CTharles Taylor, Job Warford, James Pugsley. Edward KImbal,
James Denness, John Ashton. Daniel Davis, John Goldsmith, Patrick
(Campble, John Lorton, Joseph Field. James Powell, Richard Parker, Sam'l
Barwell, Oliver C^rty, Thomas Holmes, Mathew McCarty. Mathew Far-
rell. Francis SImson, Edward Chapman, Rob't. Taylor. John McKim, James
Butler, James Fagon, Rees Roberts, Ocke Halanes.

17S6, Nev. X9. Hall* Clemeat» of Salem Town and County, mer-
chant, petitions to be guardian of Mary Wolcott. Former guardian,
Samuel Abbott, appointed 23 Aug.. 1734. Witnesses — Joseph Tomlln-
son. SamL BustilL Lib. 4, p. 50.

1741* Oet. as. Hall* Cleaieat* Town and County of Salem, Esq.;
will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Sons— William Hall, my dwelling and 8
acres In the town of Salem, being part of the 16 acre lot devised by
my father to my brother Nathaniel Hall; also 50 acres at the Town's
End Joining William Hall's land; John, 8 acres of said land, being the
lower moiety of the sixteen acre lot; also all my land In Cows Neck;
and Ashton, the plantation In St. George Hundred, purchased of
James Byard. Daughter, Anne Hall, at 18 or marriage, to have
£800. Remainder of real estate (plantation tracts and lots) and
rights and shares of Proprietary Land to be sold and the monies

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dtridod amonff wife and children, Wtlllaat, Jolui, Ash ton and * Ann
H41L Bxeoatora — uncle.' Clement Plnmstead. conalA wnilam Plum*
•tead, brother WlUfam Hall and mr wife. Elisabeth. Wttne—ee
PhtL Chetwood, Stephen Carmtck. DanL Meatayer. FroTed ' 7 Jvno,
1742. Lettera testamentary granted to William Plamstead. William
Hall and Blisabeth Hall, three of the executors named.

Lib. 4. p. Stl.

1748* Jvae IS. HalU Heurr* of Somerset Co. Administration on
estate grranted to Eleanor Hall, of County aforesaid. Fellow bonds-
man — John Oarretson (signed *'John Qarrison"). Lib. E., p. 19S.

1748. June 18. InYentory (£111.17) includes one gun and sword. £1.14;
1 negro boy. £2€ ; negro girl, £16. Made by John Garrison, Henry StOTens.

1747. Hay IS. Hall* Joka* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admz..
Anne Hall, widow. Bondsmen— James Chamless, Saml. Purveyance.
All of said County. Witnesses — Edward Test, DanL Mestayer.

Lib. 5. p. S2S.

174S» Aag. i. Hall, Samael, of Salem Town and County, shop-
keeper: will of. Brother. John Hall, executor and sole legatee, except
five shilling to brother Daniel Hall. Witnesses — Wm. Siddons, John
Pledger. Wm. Pennock. Sworn and affirmed 19 Aug., 1742.

Lib. 4. p. 214.

17SS, Aag. St. Halleabeek, John, of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co..
yeoman; will of. Wife. Wellimtye. Children — Catherine. Rachel and
Jane Hallenbeek. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^father-la-
law . Peter Vanbu8carrick,_^aDd wife. Witnesses — Justus Falckner,
Nicholas Utter, Isaac Blanchard. Proved July 11. 1737.

1787. July 12. Administration granted to WiUemtye Shotwell. late Wil-
lemtye Hallenbeek. Lib. C. p. 168. 169.

17SS. March SI. Halstead, Caleb, of Middlesex Co.. about 16 years
of. age, selects as his guardians John Halstead. of Elisabeth Town,
yeoman, and Joseph Marsh, of Perth Amboy, shipwright. Witnesses —
John Deare and Perit Lester. Lib. C, p. 76.

1754, May ». Halstead* Tlnothy, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co..
yeoman; will of. Eldest son. Timothy, and his five children, each
£5. Other children — Jacob. Jonis. John, Hannah (widow of Jacob
Mitchell). Abigail Painter, Charity Haywood. Elisabeth Halstead,
Rebecca Higglns. Daughter. Amey, £162, payable by bonds of
Timothy Town, Barnet Christopher, Peter Sloot, Peter Andrewvet,
Jonis Halstead; James Haywood and Henry Oarth weight to see it
paid. Executors — all the legatees. Witnesses — Joseph Man. Nathan-
iel Crane, Jun'r, Abs'm Ladner. Proved March 1, 1734-5.

1734-6, March 1. Jonas Halstead, Timothy Halstead. Rebecca Higgins
and Elisabeth, wife of Jonathan Allen, called in the will Elisabeth Hal-
stead, qualify as executors. Lib. C. p. 19.

1740, A«g. 15. HaltoB* Charles, of Greenwich, Qloucester Co., yeo-
man. Int. Adm'r, Zacliariah Peterson (during minority of John HaU
ton. only brother of deceased). Bondsman — Edmund Lord. Witness
— Edward Noble. Lib. 4, p. 197.

1740, July 21. Inventory, £76.11.7 ; made by Edmund Lord. John Jones.

1755. April a. HaltoM. Haace. of Rackoon Creek, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman: will of. Wife. Briget. Sons — John, the plantation (120

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acres) on which I live; Lawrence, the 100 acres joining the aforesaid
land. -Also they to have equally the land (100 acres) I beusht of
lAwres Halton and the meadows (14 acres) on said Creek, and. 50
acres boiurht of Samuel Shivers. Lawrence to have meadows (5
acres) bougrht of Paul (Perron, and 60 acres bought of Lawrence
Paulson. Daughters — Mary, Sarah and Rebecka Halton. Sole execu-
tor — son, Charles Halton. Witnesses— Micheall Conelly, Zarias Peter-
son, John Jones. Proved 21 March, 1730. Lib. 4, p. 92.
17tO. May — ^. Inventory, £06.8.8; made by Zarias Peterson, John

17S», K^h. 9, Haltoa, JaaMs, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.; will of.
Wife, Katharine. Son, James Halton, executor, and to have whole
•state. Daughters — Christeena Guest, Mary Silly and Maffdalena GilL
Witnesses — Erick Cox, Lawrence Paulson, John Jones. Proved SO
AprtU 1748. Lib. 4, p. 869.

1742, Dec 4. Inventory (£92.6.2) includes "cattle, cotton and sider
trough." Appraisers-— John Jones. William Guest.

ird*. Aaff. IS. HaMoBt Lawveaee, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co.,
jreoman. Int. Adm'r, Zacharias Peterson, in place of John Halton, a
minor brother. Bondsman — Edmund Lord. Witness — Edward Noble.

1740, AuiT. 9. Inventory (£67.12.1) includes working tools and old
lumber, boolcs and book debts. Appraisers— Edmund Lord, Zarias Peter-
son. Gloucester Wills, 264 H.

17a8» Jaly !•. Hasi* WllUaai, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Int.
Admx., Grace Ham. William Carvell, of Shrewsbury, fellow bonds-
man. Witnesses — Gabriel Stelle and John Bedford.

Monmouth Wills. 646 M

174e» Jam. S. HamUtaa, Arehibald, of Penns Neck, Salem Co..
schoolmaster; will of. Wife, Judith, executrix, and to have duringr
widowhood household groods and interest of bond due by Daniel Pen-
ton. Daugrhter, Catrine Penton. Witnesses— Olliver Webb, Nicholas
Philpot, Sr., Nicholas Philpot, Jr. Proved 22 Dec, 1747.

1747, Dec 21. Inventory (£72.8.7) includes Urge Bible, £1.1. Apprais-
ers—Jeremiah Baker, Josias Penunton. Salem Wills, 829 Q.

1T8S, Nov. 7. Haailltoa* Col. Joha» &•«.» of Perth Amboy, Middle-
sex Co.; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix, and all estate both
real and personal. Witnesses — P. Kearny. Jno. Brouffhton, Susanna
Kearny. Proved March 21. 1747. Lib. B, p. 138.

1742t Nov. Sa. Hamittoa, WUUam, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x. Mary
Hamilton, relict. Bondsman — John Jones, atty-at-law, Thomas Carny.
yeoman. All of same place. Witnesses — Tim. Rain, Chas. O Neill.

Lib. 4, p. 877.

1742. Nov. 22. Inventory (£60.6.9) includes gun, sheep and cows. Ap-
praisers — Thomas Carney, Benja. Cullen.

1748, May SO. Hamlltoa* WlUUua, of Cape May County. Int. Adm'x,
Hannah Hamilton, his widow, Quakeress. Fellow bondsman — John
PaiRe. Witnesses — Enoch Lewis, Benjamin Houlden. Lib. 4, p. 380.

1743. April 30. Inventory of estate of "Doctor William Hamilton"
(£32.3.1). includes broad cloath coat, black vest, leather breeches
(£2.10.0) ; blew coat, double breasted vest and old breeches (£1.10.0) ; old

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red great coat, eld banyan, 18 gloves and old wig. cane and belts, enmll
papers containing some pils. rastns and powders, "the value whereof Is
not well known to the appraisers, but conceive they are worth £1.10.0,"
box of small Viels, some empty and some containing some waters, spirits,
salts, etc.. "the value of them not well known to the appraisers, but con-
ceive them worth £1.0.0," an amputating knife and saw, 2 saw plates,
some other chirurgin's instruments, case of chirurgln's instruments, case
of lancets. Debts due from James Townsend. Silvantis Townsend. Estate
of John Qrandam, Estate of John Stites. Appraisers— Aaron Learning,
Elisha Hand.

1746, March 29. Account Cash paid to Lydia Taylor. Joseph Rose
(surrogate), Elisha Hand, ESnooh Lewis, Samuel Stevans. Jacob Spicer.
David Culver, Henry Young, BenJ. Holdin, William Mulford, Aaron Learn-
ing, Henry Stites (Justtce of the Peace).

1784» 2n4 4ay» Srd mo. (May). HaMmel, Jobs, of Town and Co. of
Burlington, gent.; will of. Children — John, William. Michal (wife
of Michael Freasland), Mary (wife of Peter Rose) and Elisabeth
Thomson. Real and personal estate. Daughter, Elisabeth Thomson,
sole executrix. Witnesses — Jno. Ra worth, Thos. Scattergood, Thos.
Scattergood, Jun'r. Proved Sept. 18, 1734. Lib. 8, p. 428.

1748, S«pt. 15. HaMmlt, \¥llllam» of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'x.
Elisabeth Hammit, widow. Bondsman — ^Thomas Cheeseman.

Lib. 6, p. 828.

1748, June 28. Inventory (£174.8.0) includes cash due from ThoB.
Chessman. Henry Roe, William Smallwood, Richard Cheeseman. Apprais-
ers — ^Thos. Cheeseman. William Cheeseman.

1748, Jwnm 22, Haaiptom (Hamtoa)» Ajidrew. of Elisabeth Town.
Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — ^Andrew, Abner, Jacob, Hannah
and Margaret, last three under age. Plantation given me by my
father, Andrew Hampton, deceased, of Elisabeth Town, joining lands
of Thomas Clark and John Terrill; land bought of John Ryno at Ash
Swamp, Middlesex Co. Executors — wife, Mary, and friend Joseph
Cory. Witnesses — John Pike, Abraham Clark, Jona. Hampton. Proved
Dec. 28, 1748. Lib. E, p. 288.

1748. Nov. 18. Inventory (£811.00.04) includes bonds from John Ter-
rill, Sam'll Brooks, Andrew Bryant, Samuel Olliver. Elnathan 0>ry.
Nath'U Clarke, Bo. Drummond. Made by Thomas Clark and Jona. Hamil-
ton, j

1748v Sept. 11. Hampt^B* Haaaak, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.,
spinster, upwards of 14 years. Bond of Samuel Olliver, yeoman, as
guardian. Moses Vanname, of Perth Amboy, mariner, fellow bonds-
man. Lib. D, p. 408.

17S1» Get. 27, Haaiptom (Haaitoa), James, of Elisabeth Town,

Essex Co., yeoman; will of. Wife , two-thirds of estate. (Thil-

dren^^Tonathan and Lydia, both under age. Land called Frasee's
meadow, lying between Passaick and Dead Rivers; plantation lying
to northward of James Clark's land. Executors — son, Jonathan, and
friend John Spinning. Witnesses — ^Thomas Hills, Thomas Clark, An-
drew Joline. Proved May 23, 1782. Lib. B, p. 288.

1732, April. 24. Inventory (£299.08.02). includes sheep sold to James
Hlndes Jun'r, books sold to Ebeneser Johnson, and bonds due from Phil-

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Up Donman, Jno. Salnave. Humphrey Sholes. James Clarke, It Hiffsins,
Jno. King, Nath'U Bonnell, Jun*r, Sam'll Clarke, C^eorge Johnston, Benja-
min Watktns, Joseph Tooker. Made by John Salnave.

• 1744-6, March 5«— Ha»pt«a» Joaathas* of Rah way. Essex Co.; will
of. Eldest son. Abraham, of Staten Island, land joiningr lands of
Peter Tremleys and Qarret Post. Son, Jonathan, negrro man and
clock, after the death of his mother-in-law. Daughters — ^Marffaret
Styles, Mary Oliver. Sarah, Johanna and Hannah Hampton. Son-
in-law. John Bird. Land Joining lands of John Marsh and Daniel
L^ne. Executors — wife. Elisabeth, and son Abraham. Witnesses —
John Badffley. Euphema Badffley. Edward Vaughn. Proved April
13. 1746. Lib. D. p. 262.

ir4r-8, Mareh 21. Ummpfm (Hamtoa), Mary Aoa, widow of Jon-
athan Hamton of Essex Co. Int. Joseph Hindes. Jun'r, (with consent
of Jonathan Hampton). adminii|frator. Jonathan Hampton, fellow
bondsman. Lib. B. p. 188.

1748* May 19, Haaiptoa* Thoauw* of Gloucester Township and
County, boat or flatt-man; will of. Legacies to brothers — ^Edward,
husbandman. John, yeoman, and William, husbandman. Sisters —
Rosanna Albertson (has daughters Judith and Nancy, both under
affe). Mary Zain. Sarah Boffs and Judith Anderson. Executors — father.
William Hampton, yeoman, of County aforesaid, and brother, William
Hampton. Witnesses — Richard Arell. John Hider. Michael Fisher.
Proved SO Dec. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 266.

1748. Aug. 20. Inventory. £804.11.1; made by John Hider. Michael

1788* Oct. 1. Haaitoa* Aadrew* of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. tailor;
will of. Wife. Mariraret. the money due her from Josiah TerriU. Chil-
dren — Johannah Lambert, widow. Elisabeth Oliver, Thomas, Andrew.
John, and Margraret Hamten. Land joiningr land of Thomas Clark;
land I bouffht of James Hind. Executors — Joseph Tooker and Thomas
Clark. Grandsons — Isaac Terrill. Jonathan Hampton. Witnesses —
Joseph Clark. John TerriU, Mary Clark. Proved Jan. 80. 1788.

Lib. C. p. 247.

1788-9, Jan. 18. Inventory (£170.04) includes debts due from Jonas
Wood. Leonard Miles. Joseph Hetfleld. Peter Simons, widow MitcheL
Made by John Spinins and Andrew Joline.

17W-*» S4th 4 of IS MO. (Feb.). Haace. Joha» of Shrewsbury. Mon-
aiouth Co.; will of. Wife, Elizabeth. Son. Thomas, the testator's
sloop. Residue of estate among: all my children, son Thomas ex-
cepted, and son John to have £5 more than the rest. Daughters to
have £6 less than sons. Executors — brother. Isaac Hance, and Gabriel
Stelle. Witnesses — Preserve Lippincott. Aron Robins and Amos
White. (No record of probate. In the record the preceding probate
date Is Auvust 6. 1782). Lib. B, p. 297.

1744» Amgmait X. Haace* Joka* Sealor, of Freehold. Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife. WiUemtie. Eldest son. John. John. Antle. Aart.
WlUemtie, David, Jannetie, Marya and Leenaa. children of son John.
John. WlUemtie. Sary and Peter, children of eldest daughter. Jan-
netie. WiUentie. John. Marya. Cornelias. Catryntie and Jametie. chil-

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, dren of jrouoffest son, Hendrick. Dauffht«r, Marya. Executors — ^Roelof
8oh«nck (son of John Schenck) and William Williamson, blacksmith.
Witnesses — John Van Kerck and John Schenck. Proved Nov. 14,
1746. Lib. D. p. 4S2.

174«, Oct. 9. Inventory (£667.18.C) includes bonds of Rkshard Sudani.
Peter Schenck, Samuel Car, John Van Ifater, John Hanoe. Leffert Lief-
fertson. Cornelias Van Hencrelen, William Williamson. Mr. Brickson, Wil-
liam Lo^an, — Thorn, Teunnis Awmack. Made by Peter Bowne and John
Van Kerck. AddiUonal inventory. £4.16.S ; made by WUliam Clark and
Peter Bowne.

174dv Jmly 15. H«»ec» Thmwuuh of New Brunswick. Middlesex Co..
mariner; will of. Children mentioned but no names ffiven. all under
a^e. Executors — wife, Abigrail. and friend John Lyle. Witnesses —
William Blane. Nathaniel Offden. Proved Auff. IS, 174C.

Lib. D. p. 401.

1746. Oct. 28. Inventory, £96.16.2; made by Nathaniel Ogden and
Petries Slegt. *

17S4, Ave. 5. HaBC^ek* Bdward, of Alio ways Creek, Salem Co.,

. ffuardian of John Hopper, son of Benjamin Hopper, late of same place,

weaver. Lab. 3, p. 425.

1787» Oct. 26. Haaeeck* Bdward. of Salem Co., yeoman, guardian
of Aaron Daniel, an orphan 14 yrs. Witnesses — ^Abel Nicholson, DanL
Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 124.

1720, April •• Hancock* Bdward» of Alloways Creek, "alias Mun-
mouth River." Salem Co.. husbandman; will of. Wife. Hanna, for the
brinflringr up of the children, the use of all real estate during her
widowhood; also benefit of plantation griven me by my father's will,
purchased of Jeremiah Powell, until my son Edward attains 21.
Dauffhtera^EHsabeth and Lidla Hancock at 16. my part of that
plantation in Pens Neck, unless my wife and brother, William Han-
cock, see fit to sell the same, and put the money at interest for them.
Daugrhters^Hannah and Grace Hancock at 16, plantation and tract of
land I purchased of Benjamin Allen. Executors — wife and son, Ed-
ward. Witnesses^ — Charles Davis, Wm. Siddons, John Jones, Chas.
Connor. Affirmed 3 Oct. 1739. Lib. 4. p. 204.

1739, May 14. Inventory, £303.4.6; made by Samuel Hancock, James

1744. Oct. 22. Haacock, Job. of Salem Co.. tailor. Int. Adm*r.
Bradbury Stretch "as related and principal creditor." Bondsman —
Thomas Hancock. Both farmers in said County. Lib. 5, p. 55.

1744. Nov. 9. Inventory (£118.14.3) includes Bible, £0.9.0. Appraisers
— Jonathan Bradway. James Chambless.

1789. Nov. 5. Hancock, Nathaniel, of Alloways Creek. Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. To daughter, Mary Hancock (not 16). all estate.
Her firrandmother, Mary Chandler, to have the use of all lands, except
the timber, for the bring^ingr up of said daughter; if the said Mary
Chandler dies, Joseph Stretch, Junior, to act in her place. If said
daughter should die under 16. without lawful issue, estate shall be
divided equally amongr my own brothers and sisters. Executors —
Daufirhter, Mary Hancock, and brother-in-law, Joseph Stretch, Junior.

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Wltiie88«B^-Jo8«ph Stretch, Ifenior, DAYld Lop^r, Richard Bradford.
▲nmMd 1 May, 1T40. Lib. 4. p. 2S2.

1740, 2 mo. (Apr.), 8 da. Inventory, £154.4.1 ; made by Wm. HahCock»
Jonathan Bradbury.

17S8* Dec. 18. HaMceek* Richard, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admra.,
Joseph Bacon and Charles Oakford. Bondsman — Joseph Darken, yeo-
man. All of said County. Witnesses — John Norton, Danl. Mestayer.

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