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be in about 4 months, all estate, real and personal. Bxecutors— son.
Bowman, and Revell Blton, Bsq. John Allen, Bsq., and Isaac DeCoW
to be trustees. Witnesses — John Neale, William Horst, H4nnah Bud-
welL Proved July 7. 1748.

1748, July 7. Revel! Blton renounces executorship in favor of the son.
Bowman. Lib. 6, p. 468.

1748, July t. Inventory, £294.d.l ; made by Thomas Scattertood and
John Bacon. Includes 62 ounoes of plate (£80.11.11), elfht day dock
(£10), and negro boy and girl (£60).

17d«, Asi«. 94. HovliMk, l^ottas, of City of Burlington, gent.;
will of. Wife, Sarah, profits of my ferry for two years till son,
Bowman, Is 21. Daughter, Mary, 4 silver spoons formerly belonging
to her sister Peggy. Grandson, John Bonder. Rudolph Price, all the
money he owes me. Negro servant. Real and personal estate. Bxe-
cutors — wife, with Isa: DeCow and John Allen to Assist her. Wit-
nesses— Isa: DeCow, Thos. Shaw, Row*d Bills. Proved Oct. 8, 1746.

Lib. 6, p. 290.

1746, Nov. 22. Inventory. £872.16.1%; made by Jos. HoUhishead and
Row'd Bills. Includes, of books, Poulton's Statutes. Burnet's History,
Dalton*8 Justice. Sacred Divinity, Scrivener's Quide. History of the Tar-
tars; also three slaves, eight day clock and Dutch cabinet.

1744* Dec. lO. Hwsloke (Hnalocke), Capt. Jeka* of the Borough of
Bltsabeth, Bssex Co., mariner; will of. Daughters— Anne and Mary
Hunlocke, both under age. Half brother, Joshua Hunlocke. Daugh-
ters-in-law — Bllsabeth (wife of William Smith) and Sarah Dag-
wortby. Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — wife. Sarah, Samuel
Woodruff and John Blanchard, Bsq. Wltnesses^-Josiah Winans, Sel-
vester Cole, Leonard Miles. Proved Nov. 16. 1745. Lib. D. p. 860.

ttVtf Jaa. 11. Hiiaa, Adriaa, of Middletown Township. Monmouth
Co., merchant; will of. Wife, Phebe, sole legatee, "to bring her chil-
dren up with," and an unborn child. Bxecutors — wife, brother-in-
law John Smith and Mr. James Henderson, both latter merchants in
New York. Witnesses — Richard Franses. Robert Clirhartt. John
Kearny, Robert Dodsworth. Proved January 18. 1787. Lib. C. p. 188.

1788. March 29. Inventory (£429.9.11) Includes sadler and josmer wart

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(£46), 24 pUnM. 8 hand saws, 20 shosmaksr's knlvM, 22 bullet moulds,
2 dosen latches and staples, % doi. jewsharps. 1 bit and pair stirrups^

5 lb. shavinff soap ; various ladies' dress goods, etc. ; books, includ-
ing 20 Testaments, Psaltsr and small book ; 4 do. Watson's poems ; S do.
Sure Guide to Heaven; 8 small Common Prayers, Duty of a Justice of
the Peace and other articles kept in a country store. Made by Gideon
Crawford, Jno. Smith and James Rockead.

1741, Sept. U. UmmU BdwarC ''son of Ralph Hunt of Maidenhead."
.Hunterdon Co., deceased; will of. Brother, John Hunt, 160 acres in
Hopewell, in possession of Thomas Shaw and John Dufflis, tenants.
Brother, Ralph Hunt, to take said land until brother John is ayod
twenty. Residue of estate to rest of testator's brothers and sisters.
Executor — ^father-in-law. Phillip Phillips. Witnesses — Samuel Hunt,
Abner Phillips, Alexr. Biles. Proved Jan. 16, 1741-2. Lib. 4, p. 819.

1741-2. Jan. 6. Inventory, £27.16.6 ; made by Theo. Phillips and Samuel

174l^l» Feb. 11. H«mt» Jeba* of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Eldest son, Wilson, a negro slave "Peet," and an account due testator
from Mr. Daniel Coxe. Second son, Jonathan, plantation. Wife. Mar-
garet, negro wench Dinah. Two daughters, Johannah and Charity.
Sons, John and Noah, plantation where Richard Hudnut lived. Sons,
Oershom, Daniel and Enoch, plantation where testator livedo ad-
Joining George Smith. Executors — wife, and sons Willson and Jona-
than. Witnesses— William Cornell, Gershom Moore and Reuben Arml-
Uge. Proved Oct. 1, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 82.

1748, Oct. 1. Inventory (£484.6.4) includes Bible; 28 cheeses (£2.6.8).
negro wench, Dinah (£60), two guns, 12 hives of bees, negro man Peet,
(£30). Made by Andrew Smith, Esquire, and Vinson Runyan.

178S» Hev. 5. H«mt» CaptalM Ralph* of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.,
gentleman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Eldest son, Edward, 160 acres
of land at Hopewell, a gun, etc Second son, Ralph, a minor, part of
plantation above the King's road leading from Trenton to Brunswick,

6 acres of meadow between Samuel Hunt's widow and Powel Huff's,
4 acres of meadow at lower end of lot in great meadow; Ralph to pay
legacies to testator's eldest daughter, Jemima Hunt, daughter Kesia,
and son John. Third son, Samuel, part of plantation below the Kind's
Road leading from Trenton to Brunswick; Samuel to pay legacies to
testator's daughter, Elisabeth Hunt, when Samuel is aged 26 years,
and to fourth son, John, when John is aged 30 years. Executors —
wife Elisabeth, Major Alexander Lockhart, of Hopewell, Esquire, and
Theo. Phillips, Esquire. Witnesses — John Anderson. Abraham An-
derson, Jr., and James McKinley. Proved Feb. 9, 1732-3.

Lib. 8. p. 279.

1732-3, Jan. 20. Theophilus Phillips, of Maidenhead, renounces as
executor. Witnesses — Joshua Anderson and Jas. McKlnly.

1783, June 25. Inventory ( £326.04.7 H) includes a servant, Laurence
Lareu. Made by C^harles Cook and Nathaniel Moore. Elisabeth Philips,
late Elisabeth Hunt, the executrix, testifies to Inventory, Oct. 24, 1734.

1741* A««wit IK. Hvmt, Ralph* of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co. ; will of.
Wife provided for, not named. Eldest son, Asariah, plantation, when
of age, paying his brother, Nathan, £50. Youngest son, Nathan, plan-
tation bought of testator's brother, John Hunt. Wife's sister. Charity

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Forman. Two daughters. Charity and Mary. Executora— wife and
Reuben Armitaffe. Witne«see - Jno. Ouild, Ephraim Titus. Benjamin
Drake. Proved Dec 9. 1741. Lib. 4, p. S20.

1741. Oct 29. Inventory. £212.10.0; made by Nathaniel Moore and
Benjamin Drake.

17S7» April 19, Hmt* W^Ullaai* of Manioffton Precinct. Salem Co.,
husbandman; will of. Son. John, home farm of 300 acres, "he to pay
£160 between his mother and the rest of my children as they come to
their respective aires.*' sons at 21. daughters at 18. If John dies dur-
ing minority, son William shall have aforesaid plantation. In case
of his death it shall belong to my youngrest son. Thomas. Wife.
Sarah, one-third of the personal; rest to my six children, vis.. Ann.
Sarah, John. Elisabeth, William and Thomas. Executors to sell 240
acres of upland joining my new dwelling plantation and that of John
Vance, and 60 acres of marsh on the N. side of Vickery's Creek Join-
ing Haynes' marsh in Manlnffton. Leiracies to friends. John Smith
and John Ooodin, whom I appoint executors. Witnesses — Wm. Smith,
Joseph Crass, Junior. Alexr. Simpson. Proved 14 Feb.. 1740.

Lib. 4. p. 200.

1740. Feb. 14. Renunciation. "Whereas John Goodwin (since de-
ceased) and John Smith of the same place and county (now bein^
absent) executors thereof. I. John Hunt, eldest son of William Hunt,
renounce my ri^ht and pray that letters of administration may be granted
to Clement Hall of Salem. Esq." Witness — Chas. O Neill.

Clement Hall thereupon appointed administrator. Bondsmen — Wil-
liam Frasier, Obadiah Loyd. all of Salem. Witnesses — John Powell.
Danl. Mestayer.

1740, Jany. 16. Inventory, £197.17.8 ; made by Clmt Hall. John Smith.

173S» JwM 4. Hwit» WlUlasi* of Somerset Co. Int. Adm. on estate
granted to William Plumstead.

1723. June 12. Inventory (£18.14.0) includes Bible. Made by Wil-
liam Spader (Speeder). Burton Bird. William Plumstead.

Lib. B, p. 444.

1748-8, Feb. 11. HiitcklBa» Husk* of Mansfield, Burllnprton Co..
yeoman. Int. Elisabeth Hutchin. widow, renounces administration,
and requests the same be granted to John Hutchins. Bond of John
Hutchins as administrator. Benjamin Shreeve and Francis Gibs, all
of Mansfield, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6. p. 831; Lib. 7. p. 97.

1748-9. Feb. 18. Inventory. £120.14 ; made by Robert RockhiU and Ben-
jamin Shreeve.

ITSS* A«i0. a. HotcklBsoa* Dvacaa, Doctor of Phisick. of New
Brunswick. Middlesex Co. Int. Administration on the estate grranted
to Elisabeth Hutchinson, the widow. (No inventory found).

Lib. B. p. 455.

1744-6. March 10. Account (£163.08.2), showing payments to C^apt
Abraham Sanford, Mr. Philip French, Doctor NicoHs. ' Comales Santford.
Davas Smith. John Machet, Mr. Barnes. James Watson. Mra Longavalt,
Benjamin Price. Gilbert Ash; payments from Mr. Peter Bodine. John
Bodine. George Hutchinson, Adam Hay, John Byse, Mr. Fargruliar. Fran-
cis Dildine. Richard StillwUl. William Martin. William Storey, Frances
Drake. William Covenhoven. Cornelius Van Horn. Capt Lennard. Robart
Commin. Paul Labateaux. Jereoms Rapalia. Cristian Oandroner, Hendrick

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Smock, finisha Whitehead, Mr. Benjamin Price, "who has the Doctor*^
books in his care." Dated New York, 10 March, 1744-6.

1747» Oet. 19, UUT, B^Aai^nd, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r.
Joseph Scatterffood. Bondsman — John Bacon. Both of the city or
Burlinirton, irent. Witnesses — James Quest, Luke Tueknlss.

Lib. 5, p. 486^

1743, July IS. Iml«y, J^ka* of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.^
carpenter. Int. Inventory, £29.11.0; made by Lucas Dwidt and Robert

1742, Sept. 18. Adm'r, Samuel Rogers, of Allentown, merchant, prta«-
cipal creditor. Lib. 4, p. 877.

1740, May 80. Iml«y» Peter, of Mansfield, Burlinirton Co., yeoman;
will of. Children — William, Joseph, John, Lydia, Margaret and Blisa^
beth. Real and personal estate. Executors— wife, Lydia, brother
Robert Imlay, and sons William and Joseph. Witnesses — ^Agnes-
Thompson, Tho. Potts, Jun'r, Oeo. Bliss. Proved Aug. 8, 1749.

Lib. 6, p. 820.

[1749], ■ I ■ , ^ Imlay, Peter, eldest son of William Imlay, or
Monmouth County, deceased, yeoman; over 14 years of age, asks that
his friend, Tobias Polemus, of Monmouth County, yeoman, be ap -
pointed his guardian.

1749. April 8. Bond of Tobias Polemus as gruardian of Peter Imlay.
Lefferd LelTerson, of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. States that
father, William Imlay, left a will. Witnesses — Peter Imlay, Luke Tucdj-
niss. Lib. 6. p. 878.

[1750], , — . Petition of Peter Imlay, over 14 years of age, eldest

son of William Imlay, yeoman, deceased, states that his father died Intes*
tate. Asks that his friend, Jacob Lawrence, be appointed his guardian.

1760. Nov. 29. Bond of Jacob Lawrence, of Burlington Co., yeoman^
as guardian of Peter Imlay. Tobias Polemus, of Monmouth County. fe1*>
low bondsman. Luke Tueknlss, witness.

1741, April •• Imlay, William, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co..
yeoman. Int. Inventory of the estate (£437.6.2), Includes great silver
spoons, clasps and buckles, pair of old gold buttons; large Bible,
two small Bibles and other books, gun, bond of Robert Imlay, negre>
man, woman and child (£80.00.02), 2 negro girls (£45). Made by Rich-
ard Stevens, Robert Imlay and Cornelius Vanborne. Lib. 4, p. 279.

1741, April 10. Adm'rs, Rebecca Imjay, the widow, and Peter Imlay.
of Mansfield, Burlington County. Esquire. Robert Imlay, of Upper Free-
hold, yeoman, and Samuel Woodward, of Chesterfield, Burlington Coimty,
yeoman, fellow bondsmen.

1746. Nov. 5. Account of Stephen Pangbum and Rebecca his wife,
late Rebecca Imlay, administratrix, and Peter Imlay, administrator. Casb
paid to John Tantum. E«seklel Furman, Samuel Woodward. Robert Imlay,
William Watson, Safc^ty Borden, Peter Imlay. Qab. Stelle, Robert Steward^
Zebulon C^ook, Stephen Jones, Abiel Davis. Elisabeth Brown, John Shaw.
William Meghee. Thomas E}verlngham, Moses Robins, Junior, William.
Barker. William Tapscott. Joseph Borden, Joseph Forman, Elisabeth Mo-
Main. Jeremiah Stillwell, James Hajrwood.

1784, Sept. 14. laglto, Tkomaa, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co., inn*
keeper; will of. Son, James; other children mentioned but not nametf*

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Real and personal estate. Executrix — wife, Mary. Witnesses-— Jne.
W«bb, Richard Hewes, John Qifford. Proved April 22, 1786.

Lib. C. p. St.

17SS, April L iMdcccp, Joseplu of Waterford. Gloucester Co.; will
of. Mother, Mary Inskeep. Brothers— -John. James and Abraham.
Children of my brother, John Inskeep. Brother Abraham to pay
sister, Mary Hewlin^s, the £50 my father ordered me to pay her in
seren years after his death. Real and personal estate. Brother,
William Hewlihffs, executor. Witnesses — Tho. E*vans, Sam Bves, Sam.
Llpplncott. Proved April 26, 17S2. Lib. 3, p. 190.

17S2, 24th day. 2nd mo. (April). Inventory, £121.19.6; made by Thorn*
as E^rens and Sam. Llpplncott

ITMw Dec It. iMley, Blteka, of Woodbridce. Middlesex Co., shlp*>
Wright; will of. Children — Blisha, John and Oach, all under affe.
Executors — wife, Elisabeth, brother Jonathan Insley, and father-in*
law Thomas Gach. Witnesses — John Pike, Will'm Stone, David Don-
ham. Proved Feb. 26, 1760. Lib. B, p. 487.

1TM^1» Jas. «. Irelaad* Abms* of Effi: Harbor, Gloucester Co., yeo-
man; will of. Son, Amos, to have whole plantation and "beech and
seader swamps." Daughters — ^Katherine and Sarah Ireland. S«xecu-
tors — Able Schull. Witnesses— Isaac Addams, David Scull, Peter
Couttoum (Conover), Saml. Church. Proved 14 Jan., 1746.

Lib. 6, p. 214.

1746, Oct. 24. Inventory (£179.3.8) includes book accounts "hunting
John Smith, Dr. £1.10.0," Robert Morss, Peter Risley, Isaac Cavenover
(Covenhoven ), Daniel Scull, Jacob Ireland. Appraisers — Nathan Lake,
Daniel Scull.

1749, Oct 81. Account Moneys paid Nathan Lake, Danl. Scull, James
JOIinBon. Jacob Ireland, Recompence Scull, William Hope. Mary Addams,
Esther Risley, Mercy Adams, Stephen Morris, John Griffith, William Gris-
eombe, Benjamin Harker. Daniel Ireland, Peter Covenhoven, Thomas
Vamum, William Cooper, Joseph Dale, Bdmond Cordeary, Isaac Addams,
Isaiah Scull, Enisabeth Lee. Josiah Covenhoven. Samuel Church, Chris-
topher Lucas. John Griffith.

S7S9^ J«»e M. Irelaad, Jaaies* of Great Egg Harbour, Gloucester
Co. Adm'r, Joieph Ireland. Japhet Leeds fellow bondsman. Both
of same place.

1782, June 19. Inventory, £86.16.0; made by Japhet Leeds and Japhet
Leeds. Jr.

1782, May 24. Petition of Daniel and Amos Ireland that their brother,
Jos^h, be given power to administer the "very small estate" of their
brother, James. Burlington Wills, 2801-6 C.

17dT, Jan. 4. Irlik, Mathaalel* "now dwelling iri the Township
«f Bethlera, Hunterdon County;" will of. To be burled near his broth-
•r, George Cmikshank, at Sauchon. Sistei*, Elisabeth Lee, of the
island of Montserrat, and her three daughters, Sarah, Elisabeth and
Jane. Nephew, William Irish; niece, Sarah Irish. To testator's
lUitvral daughter, born of Ann Santee, named Ann, a plantation on
which she lived called Private Neck, on the West Branch of Delaware
Hl^er; also part of a plantation, part of a survey at ihouth of Sauchom
Cr%ek, reserved when testator sold plantation to George Cruikshank.
To iaid daughter a ikegro' woman liamed MartHla, and her daughter.

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a neffro ffirl Betty. Natural son, Johnny, llvinv with testator. Execu-
tor — William Allen. Bequire. of Philadelphia. Date at end of will.
February 29, 1747. Witnesses — Qeor^e Mitchell, Jno. Chapman, Rob-
ert Ballantine. Proved April 18, 1748. Lib. S. p. 440.
1748. Dec 23. Inventory (£1247.14.0) includes l-4th of tract of land
held by lease in company with Messrs. Allen ft Turner, for the term of
fourteen years, and part of a furnace and forse thereon erected. One
fourth of furnace, valued at £37S ; charcoal, fourth part. £6S ; grist mllL
£26 ; sawmill, £7.10 ; teams and carriaces. £32.10 ; goods in store £12.10 ;
negroes, £1S0 ; smiths' tools, £8 ; piff iron. £400. Estimate of estate and
stock of Messrs. Allin and Turner, fumaoe, forge, buildings, etc., being in
Bethlehem Township ; Furnace, £1600 ; charcoal in stock. £220 ; grist
mill. £100; sawmill. £80; two horse teams and carriages. £130; goods In
store, £60; eighteen negroes, £600; smiths' tools, £12; pig iron on the
bank. £1600 ; forge with stock of coals. £600. Made by Samuel Johnson
and Jona. Robeson.

1T44* J«ly 10. Isaacs* Abrabaai* of New York, merchant Int. The
widow. Hannah Isaacs, declines administration, and recommends
Jacob Isaacs, the eldest son. Witnesses— -Frances Polock and Samuel

1744. July 27. Bond of Jacob Isaac, of New York, merchant, as ad-
ministrator. ('*Swom on the Books of Moses, being a Jew"). Pontius
Stelle. fellow bondsman. Middlesex WUls, Uto. D, p. 168.

1750» IVev. 5. Jackson* Jamest of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man. Int. Bond of Mary, the widow, and Hartshorns FitsRandolph,
as administrators on the estate. Richard FitsRandolph. fellow bonds-
man. Lib. E, p. 461.

1760. 9th mo. (Nov.). 7th d. Inventory of personal estate. £80.4 ; made
by Sam Moores and Abram Tappan. Memorandum of bonds, bills and
book debts due from Samuel Allen, Obediah Ayres. Patrick Arvine. Ben-
jamin Alston, William Alexander, Daniel Arvine. Thomas Alston. Joseph
Ayres. David Alston, Spencer Alston. Peater Alston, William Bloodgood.
Moses Bishop. Nathaniel Blumfleld. Sam'll Burd. Esekiel Blumfleld. Mathew
Bunn, Henery Berry. Andrew Brown. John Berpo, Samuel Barrens. Mica-
Jah Bunn. Thomas Brown, Benjamin Blumfleld. Richard Bishop. Richard
Blumfleld. Frances Bunn. Andrew Blumfleld. Jedlah Brooks. Miles Bunn.
John Brooks, David Berpo, Samuel Blumfleld. Wdlliam Bishop. Robert
Butler. Noah Bishop. Living Balrmore. Jorge Badgle. Joseph Burd. John
Bums. Mordecoy Barton. Simon Bogar. Timothy Blumfleld. Jeremiah
Blumfleld. Jeames Collens, Samuel Cole. Benja. Colons, Richard Carmen,
Jeames Clarkson. Lourance Charter. Samuel Congar. Benjamin (>>nnet,
William Conly, Jonathan Connet. Rubin Clark. Jorge (^ilds, Samuel
Coddington. Andrew Kearny. Oershom Conger. Richard Cutter. Robart
Comes, Copathite Copalon. William (fitter. Joseph (fitter. Edward Ooel.
Samuel Croel, John Davis, Thomas Duglas. Jonathan Dunham, Ellsha Dun-
ham. Joseph Dunham. John Donland. Samuel Davison, John Donham«
Abraham Drake, William Dannels, William Davis. (3atheron Dunham,
Matthew Davis. Jacob Deney, Jonathan Daniels, David Dunbar. David
Dunham. Jeames Eddy. Benjamin Ensley. Gtoying Eddy, Samuel Alston,
William Fraisley. Gilbert Foulter. John Flecher, Edward Fitchsomans,
Vuseton Froast. Henery Freeman. John Force, Benony Freeman, Thomas
Finch. William Ford. Samuel Force. Isac Freeman. John Freeman. Sam-
uel Ford, William Oilman, Ebeneaser Gray. Heseklah Goodfellow, John
Gaddes, David Hay. Samuel Hale. Thomas Homer. Robart Hude. David

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Herrod. William Hider. Jorge Herod. John Hobklns, Elnatlum Halley,
Rubin Hlard. Wllllaro Hoffins. Martha Holby, John Hoffgint, Robart Hays,
Foster Harason. Mioael Homan, Thomas Hiffgens, Nathanell Hadden.
Samuel Jaquish, Thomas Johnson, Thomas Infflish, John Johnson. Wil-
liam Jackson. Jonathan Inslee, Benjamin E«nsle, Bfraim Jones. Joseph
Insle, David Insle. John Jackson. Benjamin Jones, Bliflet Jones, Benjamin
Kinsy, Spencer Kelley. Jeames Kamey. John Cent, David Kelley. William
Kent, David Kent, John Kelley. Nujant Kelley, John Kelley, Jun'r, Jona-
than Kinsey. Jeames Kelley. John King, Samuel Lewis, John Lovit, Wil-
liam Ladnor, Abel Levis, Ritchard Lambart. Jeames Martain. Samuel
Moores, Samuel Martain, Robart Mitchel, John Morris (of Bleestown),
Jeames Mores, Mical More, John Morris, Jun'r, Benjamin Morris. Samuel
Moore, Jonathan Moores, John Moores, Joseph Martain, Daniel Moores,
Ketrol Monday. William Maglocklin, Mathew Miller. Benjamin Moore,
Justis Morris, John Noe. Robart Noble. Peater Nap, Jeames Nevil, John
Panprbom, Jarot Oman, Joseph Olever, Job Pack, Jun'r. Job Pack, Pour-
man Pike, William Pike, Bdward Parke. Samuel Pitt, Benjamin Perdon,
Edward Potter, Josiah Parker, Rubin Potter, Jeames Price, Samuel Ran-
dolph, Junr. Robert Randolph. Jacob Randolph, Jun'r. Jeames Randolph,
Jeames Robison, Samuel Rodes, William Robison. John Ramsdon. John
Rainno, Ritchard Rundals. Edward Ritche, William Ranals, Hugh Roos,
Edward Randolph, Jo^ Reaves, Samuel Randolph, Jun'r. Antony Run-
als, John Runals, Thomas Roos. John Roobard, Benjamin Skiner. Wil-
liam Smith, Darby Sylaven, Robart Sharp, Mathew Sharp, Joseph
Shotwell. Sen'r. John Stilwell. John Smith. Edward Stoutter. Nick-
elos Shotwell, John Steavens, Thomas Skaw. John Speadwell, Joseph
Smith, Jorge Stead, Tristram Sobe, Ichabod Smith, William Sutcleaf , Joseph
Shotwell. William Stone. John Shotwell (tailor), David Stuart, William
Taillor, Abraham Tapham. Solomon Thorp, Jeames Thomson, William
Thomal, Jonathan Thoms, John Thorns, William Thorp. Odel Tumear,
Samuel Terren, John Thorp, Benjamin Thomal. Elexsander Thomson,
Samuel Thomson, Jacob Thorp, Benjamin Thorp. Josiah Tarrcn, John
Thackston, John Updike, Mathew Veal. John Van Camp, John Veal,
Comealous Van Cleaf, Samuel Walker, Ritchard Wright, Joseph Williams,
Sylas Walker, John Wright, John Waller, Job Wright. Benjamin Wheaton,
E^lward Wilkson. Joseph Wheaton, Simon Walker. Ritchard Walker,
Jeames Wilkason, ESdward Heresman, John Hereman, Mott Issleton, John
Bishop. Jun'r, Samuel Brant, Steaven Insle, Abraham Pain, Zebulcn Pike,
Nathaniel Bunn, Benjamin Pangbom, William Thomson, Zobulon Thorp,
Job Conger, Jun'r, Thomas Homer. Jacob Deng. Nickelos Shotwell, Wil-
liam Maglock, Sen'r, Jeames Clarkson, Samuel Davison, Jonathan Kinsey.

1742, H*v. 8. Jackaoa* Robert* of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Brother, John, sole executor, and he, with sister Mary
(wife of Daniel Sutton), all estate real and personal. Witnesses —
Samuel Oldale^ Jno. Raworth. Proved Dec. 1, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 885.

17SS, J«t7 18. Jacoeks* Jaates* of Cape May Co., mariner; will of.
Cousins — ^James Swaine (when 21, the plantation I live on at Cape
May). Mary, Sarah, Daniel, Neser, Ruth (one sheep running at Samuel
Swaine's), Silas (my Bible); they all being the children of my sister,
Mary Swaine. My friend, Judah Swaine, (a gun); my brother, Jona-
than Swaine, my right to a tract of land at Cape Fear, to dispose of
to which son he thinks best. After Swaine, or Liffelet Swaine. Cousin,
Jemima Beal, a cow and calf running at her father's at Cape Fear.
Cousin, Jonathan Swaine, at Cape Fear, my old gun; and all the

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cAttle to be divided amoni: hie brothere that are left, he havinir hia
equal part. Executor — my brother, Bbeneser Swaine. Witnesses—
Samuwell Swaine. Jarusha Swaine, Reuben Swaine. Proved 18
AuffUBt, 17S2. Lib. 3. p. S14.

1782. Auff. 5. Inventory (£32.10.0) includes "a mare and all other living
creatures and two ffuns (£8.01.0),'* "whailins craft, tuls and all sundries
of old iron (£2.03.02 3-4)." Appraisers — Nathaniel Foster, Samuwell
Swaine. States : "This is an inventory of James Jacock's estate, deceased
at Cape May on July the 21th, 1782."

IT'M, April 19. Jasard* Themae* of Deptford, Gloucester Co.. yeo-
man: will of. Wife, Ann, during: widowhood the personal estate and
use of the plantation for the maintenance of my children; my son
Robert at 21 to hold the same, and he to pay £30 to his sister. Ann.
when he has been in possession of the plantation two years. Five
acres of Cedar swamp upon a branch of one called Jericho, in Glou-
cester Co., to be sold. Executors — wife, Ann, and my brother. Jamea
Jaffard. Witnesses — Richard Heritaire, Georgre Flamingran, Michael
Fisher. Proved 29 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 284.

1749, May 4. Inventory, £134.6.11 ; made by Richard Heritage. George

1746, May IS. Jaaeway* Jacob* of Somerset Co., merchant; will of.
Whole estate in America or elsewhere to be disposed of by the execu-
tors at discretion. Residue, after payment of debts, bequeathed to
wife, Sarah, for her support and the education of the children, vis.,
William, Georgre and Sarah. Executors— wife, Sarah, and Bernardus
Lerrangre. Witnessea— Adrian Hooffland, John Haffewordt, Isaac
Powell. Proved 6 June, 1747. Lib. E, p. 86.

1747. Oct 18. "Received out of the Secretary's office the original wiU
of Jacob Janeway." (Signed) "Barnardus La^rrange."

1760, Auff 23. Obligation of John Hacawoudt, Somerset 0>.. admr. de
bon. non of Jacob Janeway. Sarah Janeway. executrix, now beinff de-
ceased. Fellow bondsmen — Ellas VanCourt and Adrain Hoo^land.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 32 of 85)