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1760, Feb. 9. Inventory of "remaining estate" (£80.17.11) includes a
Dutch Bible. £3. an English Bible £0.10a, etc. Made by Ellas V. Court.
Florian Hou^ian.

174r» Nov. 19, Ja«sat, Joka* of Penns Neck, Salem Co.. yeoman;
will of. Sons — Paul (eldest), % of my land, marsh, swamp and
meadow Joining Charles Buckley's line; Peter, ^ of the like Joining
Daniel Garrison's line; Hance (when of a^e in three years), ^ of the
like and my plantation whereon my sons Peter and Paul now live;
Joseph (when of a^e, which will be in five years) an equal \i of the
like, but he shall not clear over the Kind's Road. Daughters — ^Re-
becca Jaquat and Mary Elwell. Elxecutors — son-in-law, Joseph Bl-
well, and my daugrhter. Rebecca Jaquat. Witnesses — Solomon Almon
(Allomon), Peter Boon. Samuel Whitehorne. Proved 5 Dec. 1747.

Lib. 6, p. 89S.

1747, Nov. 30. Inventory, £54.2.6 ; made by Samuel Whitehorne. Jacob

1748, Dee. 21. Ja«sat, Peter, of Penns Neck, Salem County, yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Jane, sole exeoutrlx and to have whole estate.
Witnesses — Joseph ElwelU Hanna Jaquat, Samuel -Whitehorne. ProTed
81 Dec, 1748. Lib. €, p. 97.

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1748. Dec 29. Inventory (£86.12) includes *'hi8 iMtrt of the old flatt ft
% of the old boat," old sails, cord wood and staves. Appraisers — Samuel
Whitehome. Joseph Elwell.

17S1* JsB. 4* J««vee» Hesrr, of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co.. mariner;
will of. Wife, Rebeccah. Children — Samuel. David. Ruth. Henry.
Moses (all under affe). Debts due from people in North Carolina.
Plantations in Essex and Middlesex counties. Tract of land in Mary-
land. Executors-^wife. and brother-in-law Benjamin Rolph. Wit-
nesses — Peleff Mumford. Rachel Martin. Joseph ShotwelL Proved
Jan. 18. 1750-1. Lib. E. p. 474.

173S« Slarek 4* Jarmaa (Gennon)* JokB» of Town and County of
Salem, blacksmith; will of. Wife. Martha, sole executrix and to have
whole estate. Witnesses — John Simms. Daniel Rumsey. Danl. Mes-
tayer. Proved 22 Jan.. 1738. Lib. 4. p. 179.

1788 (1787 ?)» Har«k 18. Jeaaes, Henry* of Salem Co.; will of. Son.
Henry, my "now dwelling plantation." In case of his death without
lawful issue, same to descend to my four daughters: Anna. Jean.
Chrlstianna and Margrrat (none of affe). Use of real and personal
estate to ffo towards the "brinffinff up" of my children. If they die
without heirs same to descend to my cousins. John and Mary Test.
Executor — '*my only two brothers." Joseph Test and Matthias Lamb-
son. Witnesses-^Thos. JauUin. Qeorgre Fish. Daniel Lambson. Proved
1 March. 1787-8. Lib. 4. p. 147.

1738. Aprtl 7. Inventory (£228.14.9) includes 2 cows at Hugh Nail's.
1 oow at Allen C^ngleton's. 1 cow at William Smith's at Manlngton. negro
wench (£18). Appraisers — Sinnick Sinnlckson. Martin EHceer.

1749* July 8. Jeeocks, Jonatkaiit "sometime since of Shrewsbury,
late of Virginia." Bond of Joshua Bond, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth
Co.. yeoman, a creditor, as administrator of the estate. Thomas
Jecocks. of Shrewsbury, yeoman, and William Brinley. of same plaoe,
fellow bondsmen. Witness-^Richard Morris. Junior. Lib. E. p. 309.

1750» J«ly 8. Jeeocks* TkosMui, JoAtor, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth
Co.; will of. Executors — wife. Mary, and James Irons. Father. Thom-
as Jecocks. to be maintained. Sister. Leah. Brother Jonathan's
daughter. Tabitha. Sister. Grace Jecocks. Witnesses — Peter Romaine.
Philip Tippy, Arthur Rowland. Proved August 25. 1760.

Lib. E. p. 588.

1747» Oct. 18. JelleiT» WilXUim, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife. Mary, lands at Manasquan. etc. Eldest son.
William, half of plantation testator lives on at Deal, with half of
meadow belonging to it on Raccoon Island, and half of pine land
1>ougbt of Benjamin Lewis. Son. Daniel, other half of plantation,
etc. and to care for his insane sister. Phebe. Meadow at Poplar
Swamp brook. After marriage or death of wife, lands at Manasquan
to sons Thomas. John, Joseph and Jeremiah. Youngest son. David,
under 14 years. Daughters — Grace, Jemima and Elizabeth. Execu-
tors-^friends. William Jackson and Job Cook. Witnesses — Benjamin
Iiewls. Daniel Woolley. (Quaker). Jacob Dennis. Proved May 19,
1749. Lib. E. p. 810.

1749. May 22. Inventory (£872.11.09) includes a gun and shot. 4 hives
<xt boM. 49 8heep« 48 head of cattle, a tame "Dow." Made by Stoffel Long-
atreet and Emanuel Woolley.

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1788, Mmr 24. JeaUm, He»iT» of Sprlnfffleld, Burlington Co., plas-
terer. Int. Margaret Jenkins requests that Samuel Wriffht be ap-
pointed administrator on her husband's estate.

1788, May 28. Bond of Samuel Wrifrht, of New Hanover, yeoman.
John Denn and Richard Fenn. both of same, yeoman, feUow bondsmen.

Lib. 8, p. 8<».

1788, June 9. Inventory £84.0.4 ; made by John Offbom and Michael

1784. May 28. Account of Samuel Wright, showing pajrments to Wil-
liam Morrell. Elizabeth Shinn, Thomas Shreeve, Dr. Thomas Shaw, Nich-
olas Powell, Sam*l Scattergood.

1740, Get. 24. JeaaeM (JeaBlsgs)* James, of the Township of
Deerfleld, Cumberland Co., yeoman. Int. Administratrix — Rebecca
Jennens, widow. Fellow bondsman — Peter Bateman, same place. Wit-
nesses — Bphraim See ley. Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 844.

1749. Oct. 24. Inventory (£85.8.9) includes cattle, horses and sheep.
Appraisers — ^Robert Hood, Peter Bateman.

1748, Nov. 21. Jeaaey (Jaaney), Amom, of New Jersey. Bond of
William Yeardley, of Bucks Co., Pennsylvania, as administrator of the
estate. Benjamin Biles, of Trenton, surety. Witnesses — Joshua Ho-
well and Theo. Severns. Hunterdon Wills, Lib. 6, p. 78.

1740, Oct. 7. JeBBlBirs, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Int.
Mellison Jennings, the widow, renounces her right to administer the
estate of her husband in favor of John Moore, of Woodbridge. yeo-
man, principal creditor. Bond of John Moore. Andrew Robinson,
of Perth Amboy, blacksmith, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 855.

1740, Harek 80. JeBmlags, MaiTt of Elsinburrow, Salem Co., widow;
will of. Son-in-law, James Jennings. Daughter-in-law, Margrett
Jennings, a cow at Clem Hall's. Granddaughter, Jean Dickey. Rest
of estate divided equally between my grandchildren and Margrett
Jennings, "whom I also will to Deborah Smart to be brought up
according to her father's desire." Son, Robert Dickey, executor.
Witnesses— Nathan Smart, James Allen, Mary Bencher. Proved €
April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 858.

1749, 2 mo. (Apr.). 6 da. Inventory (£72.8.11) includes 10 hd. of cattle,
£22. Appraisers — Nathan Smart, Aaron Bradway.

1748, Sept. 10. Jeamlags, Redmon, of Salem Co. Int. Adm'x, Mary-
Jennings. Bondsmen — Israel Lawrence. William Hudson. All of
Pilesgrove. Witnesses-^Ann Gibbon. Michl. Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. 49.

1748, Sept. 10. Inventory (£67.12.8) of "Redmon Genins, "late of Pilee
Grove, includes "7 cow kind." (£20.15). Appraisers — ^Thomas Graves,
William Worton.

1781, Dec 6. Jeraey (Jerale, Jernce), Jokm, Sr., of Manasquan,
Shrewsbury township, Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisa-
beth. Grandson, son of eldest son John, deceased. Sons, James and
Peter, land testator lived on, between lands of Thomas Ellis and
John Havens. Executors— wife, son James, and Peter Traverrie.
Witnesses — Thomas Ellison, Nehemiah Bowne, Thomas Bills. James
Stanley. Proved December 4. 1788. Lib. C, p. 265.

1788. May 29. Inventory (£810.18.6) includes a young negro wench

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(£25) ; an old negro wench (£00.10.0). Made by Peter Traverrle and
Thomas Eniison.

1749» Dc«. 37. Jc«o», J«ka, of Oloucester Co. Int. Adm'z, Mar-
garet Jeaop* widow. Bondsman — ^Robert Stephen, of Newton in said
County, yeoman. Lib. 7, p. 42.

1749, 10 mo. (Dec), 2 da. Inventory, £188.6.7; made by Isaac
IKephens, Deptford Township, Gloucester Co. and Richard West

1752, Jan. 10. Account. Moneys paid John Whiteall, John Blackwood,
James Wood, John Marshall, John Davis, Thomas Coombess, William
Wood. Jonathan Fowler, Wilfan. Hudson. Timothy Matlock, Joseph Scatter-
good, ESlisabeth Oaig. Robert Stephens.

ITMX Dee. Itt. Jewell* O e wge , of Blisabeth Town, Kamex Co., gentle-
man: will of. Sarah Jewell, daughter of Jane (widow of Nathaniel
Ross), late of Blisabeth Town, deceased. Granddaughters — Sarah
Wheaton, Elisabeth Heady (daughter of son (George Jewell), Mary
Wade and Sarah Mitchell. Grandson — ^Benjamin Spinning, land called
Bakers landing, by the well of Nathaniel Bonnel, Jun'r, upon condi-
tion that executors or administrators of Benjamin Spinning, late of
Blisabeth Town, deceased, pay to my estate £7. Daughter — Mary
Marsh, land purchased of Samuel Melyne. Grandsons — (George and
John, sons of son John Jewell, deceased. Son George to reserve fire-
wood for Isaac Jewell, labourer. Bxecutors — son George, son-in-law
Nathaniel. Mitchel, and Bbeneser Lyon. Witnesses — Thomas Ross,
Job Brookfleld, Thomas Chapman. Proved Aug. SI, 17S4.

Lib. B, p. 666.

17S6, April 29. Inventory. £4.12.08 ; made by Abs'm Ladner and Charles

1744» Amm* Sik Jewell* Oc«rs«, Jwi*r» of Borough of Blisabeth, Bssex
(^., yeoman; will of. "Being bound on a voyage to Island of St.
Christopher's." Land joining the parsonage and land of David Smith.
Sister — ^Mary Harbour, of S*nt Christopher's. Aunt Blisabeth Kersey,
of same place. Aunt Blisabeth Mitchell and her daughter, my cousin,
Mary MitchelL Executors — friend Henery Garthwait, and cousin
James Mitchell. Witnesses — Edward Grifflng, Joseph Sayre, Thomas
Chapman. Proved May 6, 1747. Lit). E, p. 42.

ITTTp April as. Job (Jobs), Jokm. of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Sarah. Land to be sold. Eldest son, William Job. Wife to
have bringing up children testator had by her. All children by first
wife to care of executor. Four daughters— Mary, Elisabeth, Martha
and Carcha Job. Residue to three sons, William, John and James
Job. Executor — brother, William Job. Witnesses-^Daniel Holllns-
head, William Hollinshead, Thomas Ring. Proved Oct. 17, 1788.

Lib. 8, p. 878.

, . — . Inventory (£864.2.6) includes one negro boy. "a core

of sheep, and bees." Made by John Manners and John Garrison.

1787. May K. Account of William Jobs, executor, filed on this date by
John Taylor, executor of said William Jobs. Mentions Joseph Stout and
WUliam Williams.

17479 Jas. 8. Job, Samvel, (place not stated) ; will of. Son, SamueL
Other children mentioned but not named. Bxecntors-^wlfe, Rachel,
John Anderson and John Morford. Witne s ses John Mulrbead, James
Keen, Gilbert Barton. Proved Jan. 29, 1747-8.


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1747-8, Jan. 29. John Morford alona qualifies as executor, the others
having decUned. Middlesex Wills, Lib. B. p. 12S.

1748, Jan. 5. Account. Pasrment to Tomson Hoolman. Qilburt Barton*
William Ross, Francis Hoolman, John Williams, James Patterson. Jamea
Wilson (executor of John Appleirate). Charles Cossin, Matthias Mount.

1748-9, March — . Account. Debts due to Patrick Vance, Robart
Holms, Humphrey Mount, Benjamin Applegate, John Kar, Thoa Harburd,
John Coxe, attorney, John Hite. Money received from Peter Wilson, Paul
Miles, John Dear, Andrew Qerding.

1744» Ammmmt SOw Jobs, Rjickel, of Freehold, Monmouth County,
widow of Qeorffe Jobs; will of. Son, Samuel Jobs, £100, with interest
from February 22, 1725, being legacy left testatrix's son George by
his father, George Jobs, and paid by said Samuel. Five daughters —
Rachel Spence, Mary Fenton, Dorcas Walker. Deborah Tomson, and
Blisabeth McCoy. Two sons — Samuel and George. Executor — son
SamueL Witnesses — George Jobs, Junior, John Jobs, Noah Gates.
Proved March 8, 1747-8. Lib. E. p. 140.

1747-8, March 8. Bond of John Morford, of Perth Amboy (executor of
Samuel Job, who was left executor of Rachel Jobs' estate) as administra-
tor on estate of Rachel Jobs. Samuel Jobs and George Job, Jun'r, fellow

1787» Hay 16. Jobs, WtUlam, Jr., of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man. Int. Bond of John Taylor, yeoman, of said county, as ad-
ministrator. Thomas Houghton, of same place, yeoman, surety. John
Taylor to be administrator during minority of Jas. Jobs, only brother
of the deceased.

, . Inventory (£57.16.0) includes a stallion. Made by

Thomas Houghton. Hunterdon Wills, 117 J.

1786, March 18. Jobs (Job), ^rilllam, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.,
freeholder; will of. Nephew, William Job; residue to rest of testa-
-tor's brother's children, John, James, Christopher and Martha Job.
As to Mary Reeder's part, if Joseph Reeder will give up deed of lands
from testator to him, etc. The two youngest girls, Jerusie and Sarah
Jobs, household goods, and they and the two youngest boys to live
with their mother and husband, William Excien. Executors — friends
.John Taylor and Daniel Lake, and testator's nephew, William Job.
Witnesses — Thomas Houghton, Francis Gano, John Minor. Proved
April 28, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 100.

, , — . Inventory (£474.12.4) includes bonds of William

J^obe, Jr., Joseph Reeder. John Jobe, William Hankins. Robert Comes and
John Morris; one negro woman. Made by Thomas Houghton.

1743, Marck 20. Johnsom, Anne, of Woodbrldge. Middlesex Co.,
single woman. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Bloomfield, principal creditor.
Esekiel Bloomfield, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 124.

1748. , — Account. "To nursing deceased in my house," and

to Anne Ower "for nursing in her own house."

1744. May 4. Inventory, £27.16 ; made by David Donham, Jr.. and
Bam'U Jaquess.

1786, Jam. 24. Jokaaom, Bbeaeaer, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.;
'Will of. Children — ^Ebeneser, Thomas, John, Sarah, Elisabeth and
Abigail, all under age. Expected child. Real and personal estate.

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Bzecutoni — ^wlf«, Sarah, and David Ovden, attorney. Wltneasea^
William Rom, John Mavee, Jane Rom. Proved May 7, 1787.

Lib. C. p. 178.

175e» Felb. Si JohBaom. Brick* of Penna Neck, Salem Co. Int. Adm'z,
Margaret Johnson. Bondsman — Peter Bllderback. Lib. 9, p. 92.

1760-1, Jany. 81. Inventory (£140.8) InoIudM horM, bridle, saddla,
armour, "2 boats with all their Riflrinff (£20)," wheat in staok. Appratoera
— Jeremiah Baker. Andrew Sinnickson.

1746-7» Feb. 17. Jokaaoa* Hemry* of the Borouffh of Elisabeth,
Emox Co., labourer. Int. Inventory of personal estate, £40.11.08;
made by Isaac Manning and John Pound, Jun'r,-of Piscataway. Adm'r,
Thomas Johnson of Somerset Co. Isaac Manning and John Pound,
Jun'r, fellow bondsmen. Lib. D, p. 488.

1782^ Marek IQ. Jokmsoa* John* of Manlnffton, Salem Co. Int.
Admr's, William Johnson and Edward Johnson, sent. Bondsman —
Benjamin Acton. All of said County. Witnesses — ^Benjamin Alford,
John White.. Lib. 8, p. 291.

1782, Sept. 17. Inventory (£86.5) includes carpenter's tools and whip-
saw. Appraisers — John White, Daniel Haynes.

1738, , — . Account (£51.14.10) includes monies paid to John

Davis, Benjamin Acton, Thomas Mason, Peter Turner, Rlchd. Haynes,
Warwick Randal, Joseph Test, Robert Hart. Ann Haynes, William Sid-

1784, April 24. Jokasoa« John* of Monmouth Co. Int. Admr's.
Barns Johnson and Nicholas Johnson. Lib. B, p. 586.

17ao» Amm» 18* JohMon, Hariraret* of Salem, widow and executrix
of Robert; will of, etc. (See N. J. Archives, VoL 28, p. 268).

1782^ Sept. 1. Johaaoa* Nleholas* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Mary, sole executrix, and to have the use of the planta-
tion duringr widowhood, or until my sons Nicholas and Othnlel will
be 21. Said sons to have equally my lands and marsh togrether, pay-
Inff £60 to my son Nathaniel (youngest), whom I order to have a ffood
trade. Legacies to my daughters — Sarah Harles, Hannah Peterson,
Ann Smith, Temperance and Sarah. "The two last named to have
their legacy each at 18, or marrlagre." Witnesses — ^Nathaniel Jenkins,
Robert James, John Dowdney. Proved 27 Feb., 1782-8. Lib. 8. p. 270.

1782-8. Jan. 25. Inventory (£818.8.4) includes cattle, sheep, horses,
wheat, barley, flax, bonds due estate and some iron. Appraisers — Nathan-
iel Jenkins, Abraham Reeves.

1744» Nov. 28. Jokasoa* Nicholas* of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeo-
man; will of. My brother. Garret Johnson, plantation I live on.
Personal estate equally to my said brother, and to Margaret and
Elisabeth Johnson. Executors — Slnnick Sinnickson, and my brother.
Garret Johnson. Witnesses — "Only Sephins Stanly" (mark), Edward
Gorman, Roger Sherron. Proved 6 Dec., 1744. Lib. 5, p. 82.

1744, Dec. 6. Letters to Slnlck Sinnickson. one of the executq^s, "Gar-
ret Johnson the other executdl' at this present time very sick and likely
to dye."

1744. Dec. 4. Inventory (£58.8.11%) includes black cattle. 80 swine,
14 sheep, com and hay. Appraisers — James Barkley, Andrew Sinnickson.

1744. Dec 18. Additional inventory, £1.1.6; same appraisers.

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1748, N«T. 6. J^kmaom. Pa«1* of precinct of Maurice River, Cum-
berland Co. Int. Adm'x, Rebecca Johnson. Fellow bondsman —
Joseph Lord. Both of same place. Witnesses — Matthias Johnson,
Margaret Morphey. Lib. 6, p. 77.

174S. Oct 12. Inventory (£99.0S.6) includes a silver tankard, rasors,
2C head of cattle. C horses, 8 sheep. Appraieers — Joseph Lord. John Pet-

17SS» Jam* 1<K JokaaoBt Rhlaa* of Salem Co.» spinster. Int. Adm'r,
Matthias Johnson. Bondsmen — SInick Slnnickson, John Doe. All of
Salem County. Witnesses— Clem. Hall, Dan. Mestayer.

Lib. 8. p. 891.

1748» Amm* 80* JohBaom. Rat, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Ann. Son, John, after her decease to have homestead planta-
tion (exceptingr the grave yard). Son. Qarrerd, plantation adjolnlngr
to or near Delaware River whereon he now lives. Daughters — ^E^ve
HufT, Winefred Huff, Anne Updike, Christian Smith, Bllsabeth Covan-
hovan and Mary Schenck. Legacies to Elisabeth Huff, daughter of
John Huff. Qrandsons-^John (son of John Johnson), and Joseph,.
Cornelius and Rut (sons of Oerrard Johnson). The grave yard to be
reserved forever as a burying-ground 'for my offspring and to be in
care of my son John and hie heirs.** Executors — sons John and
Gerrerd Johnson. Witnesses — Francis Wallace, William Binge
(Quaker), Joseph H. Hendrickson, Nathaniel Fits Randolph. Proved
24 April, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 284.

1749. Apr. 8. Inventory (£6,719.17) Includes cattle, horses, negroes
(£898.17.6) and bonds (£ Made by Edmd. Beakes. Captain
John Price.

ITS, Nev. 21* Jekas^m, tamvel, of Cape May Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Charity, executrix and use of all lands until she remarries, or
until son, Samuel, shall be 21. Land at Ooahen, alias Mackrel Neck, in
Cape May County, whereon I live, I devise unto son. Samuel Johnson.
Daughters — Sarah, Hannah, Phebe, Charity and Susannah, to be paid
as they arrive respectively at age of 18 years or at marriage. Wit-
nesses — Daniel Walker, Benjamin Mareux, Henry Stites, Junior.

1729, April 8. Codicil. Daughter Phebe being dead, her share to go ta
my other f6ur daughters. Witnesses — ^Anr. Learning, Comoltus Sohlllinlai,
Jtoiior. Proved 18 and 27 May, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 2«1.

1782, Feb. 9. Inventory (£124.18.04) Includes cattle, sheep and swtee,.
etc Apprai s ers Benjamin Hand, Henry Stites. Junior.

17SS, Jww 6« JokasoB, SamaeU of Elisabeth Town, Kamex Co. Int.

Inventory of personal estate (£176.07.09), includes mention of Daniel
Meeker. Obad, Lewis, Wm. Broad well. Henry Oarthwait, David Thom-
as, Jacob Seebring, Jos. Williams, William Qarthwalght, Jno. Megie,
Jas. Potter, Thos. Feare. Made by Charles Hole and Samuel Potter.

1782. June 6. Administration granted to Mary Johnson, the widow.
Daniel Potter, fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 261.

1784. Dec. 8. New bond of Mary Davis (now married to Nathaniel
Davis), formerly Mary Johnson, the widow, as administratrix. Nathaniel
Davis and William Broadwell. yeoman, fellow bondsmen.

1786* Nov. as. JokBsom, Sam«el» of Newark, Essex Co. Int In-
ventory of personal estate (£98.16.11); made by Thomas Longworth
and Nathaniel Johnson.

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1736, Oct. 18. Bond of Hannah J<rfin«on, the widow, as adminiatratrix
on th« estate, Nathaniel Johnson and Isaac Lyon, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. C. p. 12c.

1754^ J«ne 8. JoIimob* Samiielt son of Samuel Johnson of Bssex
Co., deceased, beinff 14 years of a^e and upwards. Petition that
Thomas Canfield and John Roberts may be appointed his guardians.

1750, Aug, 11. Bond of Thomas Canfield and John Roberts as
guardians. Bphralm Canfield and Thomas Johnson, fellow bondsmen.
Witness — ^David Ogden, Jun'r. Lib. E, p. 100.

17S1» Harek 7. Jokason. Tkoauuiy of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.,
gentleman; will of. Daughters — Debora Smith. Sarah Canfield, Han-
nah Keen. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife , and

son Ebeneser. Witnesses — Andrew Joline, Sarah Dagworthy, • Daniel
Makmekell. Proved Hay 28, 1782. Elisabeth Johnson qualifies as
executor with her son. Lib. B, p. 262.

1748-0, KaMk 8. JokMon, WUllam, of Cape May Co.; will of. Wife,
Abigail, sole executrix and to have all lands and personal estate
during life, after which same shall be given to my nephew, Amos
Johnson. Witnesses — Timothy Hand, Esekiel Hand, Elijah Hughes.
Proved 16 May, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 78.

1749, April 29. Inventory. £67.16.3; made by George Stites, Joshua

174S* Dec. 12. Jokaston, Aagnstiis, of Middlesex Co., being about
14 years of age. Bond of Lewis Johnston, Esq., of Perth Amboy, his
uncle, and Bathsheba Robinson, of Rhode Island, late Bathsheba
Johnston, his mother, who are appointed his guardians until he
arrives at 21 years. Lib. D, p. 107.

17S8, J«ly S. JokasteB. David, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife, Mary. Children — David (eldest son, in Scotland), John,
Hannah, Mary and James. Executors — son James, and James Orover
of MIddletown. Witnesses — Robert and William Imlay, James De-
bo we and Robert Montgomerle. Proved October 12, 1788.

Lib. C, p. 214.

1738. Oct. 7. Inventory of the estete (£242.18.0) includes bonds of
Isaac Stelle, Jacob Lane, William Imlay, Thomas Everlngham. William
Duglass, William Wilkin's bill. Made by James Cox. John Ashton, Robert
Imlay and William Duglass. Additional inventory, (£1.8.0), made Dec. 28,
1788. by Richard Fits Randolj^ and Samuel Borrowe.

ITSS. Nov. 14. Joknstom. Bvpkam, daughter of John Johnston, of
Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co.; will of. Sister, Margaret Smyth. an4
her children. Eupham and James Smyth. Eupham, daughter of
brother Andrew Johnston. Friend, Mary Forster. Mary, daughter of
William Harrison, late of Amboy. Executors — father, John Johnston,
and brothers John and Andrew Johnston, and sister Mary Johnston.
Witnesses — Ad. Hude, J. Stevens, Isabella Graham. Proved Oct. 11,
1782. Lib. B. p. 824.

1781, Oct. 98. JokMtos, Jokm, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Children — John, Andrew, Margaret Smsrth, ' Jennet Parker. Mary
and Lewis Johnston. Children of George Johnston. James Johnston,
son of son James, deceased, farm on Hop River called Scots Chester

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In Monmouth County. Farm at Matchaponix that was formerly Rob-
ert Barclay's; 400 acres by patent dated June SO, 1688; farm on San-
plnk River at Crosawlcks on which James Silver now lives, of 400
acres; 2,180 acres in Bergen County; land which belonged to Michael
Hawdon, lyinv by Major Brockhool's, to hold in partnership with
Georffe Willocka Executors — wife, Eupham, sons Andrew and Lewis
Johnston and sons-in-law John Parker and Lawrence Smyth. Wit-
nesses — ^Evan Drummond, John White, J. Stevens.

1788, Auff. 18. CodicU. To Mary Forster, daughter of MUes Forster.
my friend. 800 or 600 acres on Passaick River between land of John
Parker and Lawrence Smyth. To the widow and children of son John,
1000 acres In EiVans Pattent in Province of New York. To Johnston, son
of William Harrison, 6.800 acres in Bergen County, at 81 years. Execu-
tors — ^Rev. W. Skinner and James Alexander. Witnesses — ^Bhran Drum-
mond, Danlell Donalson Dunstar, Richard Fitsgerald. Proved Nov. 17,
1782. Lib. B, p. 820.

1781* Aawst 10. Johastoa. Joba. Jwdor» of Monmouth Co.; will of.
Wife (not named) to have furniture, plate, little negro girl. Hannah,
etc. Children — John, Mary, David, Jamison and Hannah, to be main-
tained and educated until of age. Executors — ^wife, her father David

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 33 of 85)