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Jamison, Esquire, brother Andrew Johnston and friends William
Jamison, John Throckmorton and John Reid, gentlemen. Witnesses
— William Crawford, John Tipple and Lawrence Smyth. Proved April
18, 1788. Elisabeth and Andrew Johnston, as executors, qualified
same day. Lib. B, p. 484.

17M, Aa^ast 8. Johastoa. Mary, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.; will
of. Son. John Johnston. Son, James Johnston, executor, and to have
lands at Crosswicks, which were bequeathed to testatrix by her
parents, Joseph and Hannah Qrover, by wills dated December 7, 1688,
and May 8, 1690, respectively. Above lands, purchased by testatrix's
mother from James Johnston, October 16, 1690, on east side of
testatrix's husband's land on Doctor's Creek. Witnesses — ^William
Kinnan. James Poullown and Richard Douglass. March 15, 1782-8,
David Johnston, husband of the above Mary, then deceased, declares
he gave full liberty to make said wllL Witnesses — ^William Kennan,
James Poullon. Proved May 7, 1788. Lib. D, p. 282.

1741» Dee. 8. JokastoB. Mary, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Brother,
Lewis Johnston, lands devised by sister Euphemia. Nephews — John
Smyth, Johnston Harrison, John Johnston (son of brother John),
Lewis Smyth and Lawrence Smyth, my share of my father's estate.
Niece, Mary, daughter of John Tingle, deceased. Niece, Euphemia
Smyth, and nephew. Andrew Smyth, at 21 years, or to surviving
brothers and sister. Executors — brother Lewis Johnston and brother-
in-law Lawrence Smyth. Witnesses — ^William Davis, Thomas Robin-
son, Andrew Robinson, John Smyth. Proved May 16. 1744.

Lib. D, p. 184.

ITSS^ Feb. ST. Johastea, 'William, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elce. Children — James, Mary and Sarah.
Executors — Benjamin and David Johnston. Witnesses — Joshua Ed-
wards, Mary and Oeorge Wooley. Proved May 20, 1788.

Lib. B, p. 481.

1741, Jaae 18. JoUae, Aadvew, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co.,
gentleman; will of. Son, John, debts due me from Matthias Bauldlng,

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taylor, of £20» and John Brookfleld, £10. Daughter — ^Mary (wlf« of
John Blanohard), and their children, Andrew, John, Ann and Mary
Blanchard, all under age. Real and personal estate. Including a
number of negroes. Executors — ^wlfe, Mary, and son John. Wit-
nesses— Bphralm Sale, Oeorffe Nloolls, Thos. Jackman. Proved Feb.
18, 1741. Lib. C, p. 485.

1747-8t Marck 24. Joaes* Asdrew* of Precinct of Fairfield, Cumber-
land Co. Int. Adm'r, Joseph Jonea Fellow bondsmen — ^Thomas
Whiteker and John Whiteker, of place and county aforesaid.

1747-8, March 22. Inventory (£81.18.2) incmludes loom and tackling.
Appraisers— John Whltecar, Thomas Whitecar. Cumberland Wills, 1 F.

lTa» May IS. Joaes* Aaa» of Township of Waterford. Oloucester
Co., widow; will of. Sons, John and Henry, 5 shillings each. Per-
sonal estate to be sold and the monies divided equally among my
daughters — Mary Jones, Ann Shuts, Rebecca Holms, Elisabeth Rud-
derow. Bdith and Sarah Jones (youngest). Bzecutors— son-in-law,
John Rudderow, and Thomas Stoaks. Witnesses — Cicely Ashead, Ben-
jamin Collins, Amos Ashead, Moses Ashead. Sworn and affirmed 28
July, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 249.

1740, July 28. Inventory, £54.6.0 ; made by Moses Ashead.

174S» April 17. Joaes* Beajaaala* of New Hanover, Burlington Co.;
will of. Daughters — Sarah and Mary, each £50 at 18. Brother*-*
Spencer and Richard Jones, each 6 shillings. Son, Benjamin, land
lately bought of Hesekiah Wilson. Executors — ^wife, Jane, and kins-
man Jonathan Fox. Witnesses— Patrick Field, John Jones, Wm.
Cooke. Proved May 10, 1748, by Jonathan Fox, surviving executor.

Lib. 6, p. 487.

1748, May 7. Inventory, £265 ; made by Samuel Wright and Thos.
E«arL Includes a servant man £6.1.

1760. April 4. Account of Jonathan Fox, executor, having paid execu-
tors of Dan'l Smith, also Thomas Newbold, CSaleb Shreeves, Qeorge Ken-
dall, Henry Jones, mason, John Buffln, John Marshall, Benj'n Oney, Josiah
White, Samuel Wright, William Murrell, William Jones. James Shreeve,
Isaac Ivins, William Cooke. Jno. Crusher. Barsillal Newbold.

17M, Aag. 8. Joaea* Beajaatla and Mary» over 14 years of age, son
and dau. of Benjamin Jones, dec'd. Bond of guardianship by Joseph
Amey. of New Hanover, yeoman.. Jonathan Thomas, of City of Bur-
lington, innholder, and Thomas Woodward of Monmouth Co., fellow
bondsman. Burlington Wills, 4691-7 C.

Daalelt (will not found, or record of same).
1750, 1st mo. (Mar.), 81 da. Renunciation of William Cheeseman of
executorship of above wilL

1749-60, F^b. 26. Inventory (£144.2.0;) made by Joshua Stokes. WU-
Uam Bates.

1767, March 28. Letters testamentary granted Naomi Jones. Executrix.

Salem Wills. 528 Q.

1795* N«v. 8. Joaes* DavM» of Town and County of Oloucester,
oordwalner. Int. Adm'r, John Whlteall (during the minority of
Susanna and Alice Jones children of the said deceased) cordwainer.

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Bondsman — John BaatUk* (mark), weaver, all of the County afore-
said, aiouoester Willa, 181 H.
1734, Sept 11. Inventory (£85.12.») inolodee "ehoomaker's seat/' etc
Appraisers — John BkMtlake, SamL Harrison.

1748, ApHl •. JoB«i» BSdmoBd, of City of Burllnffton, Joyner. Int.
Inventory of the personal estate, £49.9.6; made by Joseph Heulin^a
and Israel Heulinffs. Includes case of drawers to be had of Isaac
DeCow and a wooden house on Rob't Smith's grounds in Water St.

1748, April 86. Adm'r, John Raworth, of same, fflover. Jacob Heulinss
and Israel Heulinss, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4. p. 871.

174»-S% Felb. 11. Joaee, Heary* of Waterford, Gloucester Co.; will
of. Sons, Jeremiah and Henry Jones, all lands equally. Daughter,
Ann Haynes. Bxecutor» - wife, Naomi, and WlUlam Cheeseman. Wit-
nesses — Oeorffe Weed, John Stokes, Joseph Browning. Affirmed 4
April. 1760. Ub. 8, p. 8M.

174S, April S. Joaee* Isaac* of Northampton, Burlington Co., saw-
yer; will of. Friend, Gabriel Blond, my grun. Friends — Solomon, son
of Carlile Haines, and Mary. dau. of William Parke, remainder of
estate. Witnesses — Isaac Taylor, John Springer, Gab. Blond. Proved
June 16. 1745.

1741-6. Jan. 16. Adm'x, Mary Park, spinster. WUliam Sharp and Jon-
athan Haines, all of Evesham, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 5, p. 421.

1784, April 8. Joaee* JoIm* of City of Burllnffton, joyner. Int.
Adm'r, James Richardson, of same. Burlington Wills. 2747-8 C.

1784. Jan. 8. Inventory, £5.2.8 ; made by Isaac DeCow, Ju'r. and
Patrick Brannin. Includes . in hands of Bdmond Jones.

1786* lf«T. 11. Joaes* Joha* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife. Hannah, sole executrix, and during life profits of all ffoods and
chattels, which at her death shall be divided equally amonv my
three children — John, Samuel and Blisabeth. Other three children —
Andrew. Joseph and Blinor, wife of Samuel Barnes, having received
their respective portions. Witnesses — John Fithian, James BunelU
Josiah Weakes. Proved 25 Nov., 1786. Lib. 4, p. 48.

1786. Nov. 21. Inventory. £19.16; made by John Fithian. WUUam

17a9» Oet. 10. Je«ea» Jokm* of Salem, schoolmaster; will of. Son*
in-law. Job Hancock, a piece of land between the house I live in and
land of Joseph Wade, deceased. Son. John Jones, rest of my land
with buildings thereon. Wife, Mary, executrix and the house I dwell
in with the land thereto, and the personal estate for the brinvinv up
of my son. Witnesses — Jacob Townsend. John Younc Nathan Smart.
Proved 5 Nov., 1789. Lib. 4, p. 20f.

1789, Nov. 9. Inventory (£4€.9.€) includes note of hand upon George
Crow. Appraisers^Thomas GllUngham, Wm. Siddons.

174ew April as. Joaee, Johm« of Salem, Salem Co., innkeeper; will of.
£10 to mother, Mary Jones. In case of her death same to be divided
between my sisters. Elinor Jenkins in Bristol, and Klixabeth Jones,
My sister, Ann Mullan. now living in Philadelphia. Friend, Thomas

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Hinds. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix, and to have residue of estate.
Witnesses — ^Bdward Test, John Williams, Joseph CarrolL Proved 2
May, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 288.

174€. Inventory (£968.15.8) Includes eiffht-day dock; negro woman,
i20; white maid (time?), £10; negro boy. £80; servant man (time?),
£10. Made by Clem. Hall, Bdward Test

174S* Oet. aOw Joaes, John, of Salem Co., Att-y-at-law. Int. Adm'x,
Kary Jones, widow. Bondsmen — ^Thomas Thompson, Thoms. (Good-
win. All of said County. Witnesses — Stephn. Cormick, DanL lies-
Uyer. Lib. 5, p. 457.

1786, Jmm, ». Joaes, Katharine, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.,
spinster. Int. Adm'r, Adam Hay, Doctor of Medicine. Andrew Hay,
vintner, fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 61.

1736, Mar. 26. Inventory, £6.5.5; made by Joseph Leigh and Henry

1749» Jaae 24. Joaes* Harcwi* of Salem Co. Int. Adm*r, John
Holmes, of Alloways Creek. Bondsman — Samuel Thompson. Wit-
nesses — BenJ. Thompson, MichL Gibbon. Lib. €, p. 281.

1749, June 24. "The subscribers give the right of administration into the
hands of our son, John Holme. Benj. Holme, Rachel Holme. Witness —
SamL Thompson. Benj. Thompson."

1749. June 24. Inventory, £154.17; made by Saml. Thompson, Benj.

174S* Oct. IS. Joaes** tamael, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm*rs.
Thomas Jones and Robert pummlng, of same county. William Thom-
son of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Lib. D, p. 92.

1748, Oct. 17. Inventory, £46.4.6; made by Oawin Watson and James

1744, Oct. 18. Account. Bonds, bills, etc., of John Rochead. Robert
Davison, Robert C^mmiing, William Preston, John Frances, William
Hughes. William Laird, Thomas Laird, Thomas Jones, Senior, EUlis
Jozies and Samuel Jobs.

1748* Jaly 8O1. Joaes* Themas* of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. In-
ventory, £9; made by Robert Spencer.

1748, August 17. Adm'r, Isaac Oreen, of Trenton, Robert Spencer, of
Trenton, surety. Hunterdon Wills, 218 J.

1747, Hay 6. Jeaes, Wllllan, of Plscataway, Middlesex Co. ; will of.
Wife, Ann, sole legatee and executrix. Witnesses — ^Affla Manning,
Mary Manning, Jno. Stelle. Proved June 10, 1747. Lib. B, p. 68.

1747, Aug. 7. Inventory (£171.4.4), includes silver buckles and gold
buttons, silver tea spoons, Bible and Testament. Made by Jno. Croker
and James Drake.

175e» Feb. 10. Joaet* Daalel, of Borough of Elisabeth, Essex Co..
gentleman; will of. Orandson— Cavelier Jouet, at 21, my great Eng-
lish Bible and gold head cane; grandson, William Trotter, plantation
la the parish of St. Andrews on the Island of Jamaica, with the
negraes. Other grandchtldren-^ohn Cavelier Trotter, and Catharine,
Sarah and Elisabeth, all under age, gold buckles, silver snuff box
and gold ring. Nephew, William Dixon, large French Bible. Land in

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Essex Co. Executrix — wife, Mary. Witnesses — John Keyt, Willlana
Barker, Ichabod Burnet. Proved March 21, 1750. Lib. F, p. 184.

17SS, J«l7 4* Jo«et» Mary, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. widow;
will of. Orandson, William Dixon, moneys due me from Thomas
Woodruffe, Nathaniel Crane, Joseph Haer, Daniel Clarke, Richard
Miller, all of Elisabeth Town, and a small silver mugr- Daughter,
Elisabeth Ladner, and her daugrhter Mary. Sons — Daniel and Peter.
Orandson — Daniel Jouet. Executors — son, Daniel, grrandson William
Dixon, and son-in-law Absalom Ladner. Friend, Rev. Mr. Edward
Vauffhn, to be overseer. Witnesses — Jane Tonffrelon, Mary Emott,
Geo. Emott. Proved Nov. 25, 17S2. Daniel Jouet and Absalom Ladner
qualified as executors. William Dixon not beinp of ag^e.

Lib. B, p. S2e.

1744-S, Harek 14. Juejaase (Jarlamie), Garret, of Bergren Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Beletje. To three children of my eldest son.
Jurejan Gerretse, deceased, named Gerrlt, Altje, Beletle. one-half of
three lots on the south of Altje Dedrlck's and on the north of Mar-
sellous Pieterson; also % part of land joining: Johannls Gerretse
VanWaffenen and Johannls VanHoute; also ^ of rlg^ht to meadow
within the Bridge Creek; also one-third part lyingr over the Bridge;
also ^ part of the meadow by the mill, joining, N. B., Arent Low*
rencey (the whole containing' 5 % morgans); also one-third of land
at Affhquaquenock, S. of land bought of Jurian Pieterse, provided
their mother, Gritje, the widow of my son Jurejan Gerretse, shall have
the same during widowhood for maintaining them (the grand-
children), until the youngest will be of age. Son, Cornelious Gerretse,
the other half of the aforesaid lands; also the outward grarden for-
merly belonging to Guert Korten, lying N. W. of Matheys DeMott«
and S. of Johannls Vanwagene; also the lot formerly belonging to
Hendrick Osterum. Son, Johannls Gerretse, land formerly belonging:
to Balthus Bayard; also my inside garden; also % of the land which
joins Johannls Gerretse Van Waganen and Johannls VanHoute; also
% of meadow within the Bridge Creek, he to have the home planta-
tion after the decease of the widow. Son, Dlrck, to have full liberty
to live in the said home. Also, son Dlrck to have two-thirds part
(90 rods) of the land at Agquakaunack, joining the land devised unto
the heirs of my son, Jurian, deceased; also the tools belonging to the
trade of a wheelwright. The claim to the commons, or undivided
lands in the township of Bergen, to be divided among the sons and
heirs of the deceased son. Legacies to daughters Elisabeth (wife of
Maghlel Vrelant), and Leah (wife of Jacob VanWagenene) ; also land*
on the S. and N. W. of Thomas Frederlckse. at Ag-uakaunack. Execu-
tors-^wlfe, Beletje, and sons Cornelious and Johannls. Witnesses —
Peter Marselis, Zacharias Slckels, David Abeel. Proved 8 April, 1749.

1749, Apr. 8. Cornelius Jurianse and Johannls Juranse qualify as
executors. Lib. E, p. 277.

17441, Amm, 7. Jarlaase, AltJc (single woman), of Bergen Co. Int.
Administration on estate granted to her brothers, Harman Jurianse
and John Jurianse, of Essex Co. Fellow bondsmen — ^Nicholas Gere-
brant, Garret Thomase, yeoman, all of Essex County.

Bergen Wills, 241 B.

1740, Jaly 16. Jnstlm, Andrew, of Salem Co., gent.; will of. Daugrh*
ter, Ann Cornelineson, to have land and marsh I live on, formerly
John Yanimor's in Penns Neck, Salem County. In case of her death

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and that of her heirs, said plantation to go to the grandchildren —
Maray Scott and Bllnor Wlllln. My said daughter to have % of my
lot In WiUlnfftown, bevinninff in Second St.; the other half to my
grandchild, Marey Scott The marsh In New Castle County to be
divided equally between them, provided said Mary Scott does not
marry Hugh CureL Rest of my land In New Castle to be sold to pay
debts. £8 to my daughter, Catherln WlUen. Executors— Charles
Cornelius, and my daughter Ann. Witnesses — William Phllpot, Alen
Congrleton, Jeremiah Baker. Proved 19 Aug., 1740. Lib. 4, p. 264.

1740, Aug. 18. Inventory, £76.6.8; made by Jeremiah Baker, William

17d9» ApHl 8O1. Kaighla, Joha* of Newton, Oloucester Co., yeoman;
win of. Wife, Abigail, the personal estate and house and lot in Had-
donfield. and my two houses and lots on the east side of Second
street, or Moyamensing Road, "as the said street extends from the
City of Philadelphia" for the maintenance of my children until 21,
respectively. Daughter, Sarah, to hold the said house and lot, and
my sons, John and Samuel, to hold the aforesaid two houses and lots.
Bzecutors — wife, Abigail, and my brother-in-law, James Hlnchman.
Witnesses — Caleb Spragrue, Robert Stephens. Joseph Cooper. Proved
14 June, 1749. Ablflrall Kaighin sworn In as executor July 4, 1749.

Lib. 6, p. 280.

1748* May Itu Kalshla* 'William, of Town and County of Oloucester,
husbandman. Int. Adm'x, Abigail Kaighin, widow. Bondsman, Sam-
uel Harrison, of said County. Witnesses — John Ladd, John Mickle.

Lib. 6, p. 16.

1748. May 8. Inventory, £62.14.4; made by SamL Harrison, John

17d9» May 7. Kalshn* Joseph* of Newton, Oloucester Co.; will of.
Wife, Mary, sole executrix, and to have the personalty absolutely
and benefits of the real estate until my children, Joseph, John, James,
Isaac and Elisabeth, attain 21. Real estate — 80 acres on Delaware
River, where Bdward Hampton lives; home farm (80 acres) southwest
of Isaac Cooper's field, which his father bought of Joseph Dole, to
the line, lately of Tobias Qriscomb; 100 acres west of the meadows,
lately of Stephen Newby's; a field northof Joseph Mickle's meadow,
jolninflT Arthur Powell's; land south of Daniel and William Cooper,
west by Delaware River. To son, John, land In the City of Philadel-
phia. Witnesses — Joseph Morgan, Wm. Orlscom, Joseph Cooper.
Affirmed 7 Aug., 1749. Lib. 7, p. 5.

1781, Oet. 4* Kay, BeHjaaUn, of Oloucester Co., miller; will of.
Brothers — Isaac, Josiah and John. Sister — Sarah. Legacies to daugh-
ters of my brother John; to daughters of my sister, Elisabeth Wood,
deceased; to sons and daughters of my brother Josiah; to Elisabeth
and James Morris, children of my sister Sarah Morria Executor —
my brother, John Kay. Witnesses — John Thome, Oervas Hall, Amos
Ashead. Affirmed 80 Dec., 1781. Lib. 8, p. 192.

Inventory (£116.7.9) includes Bible, Testament, bonds and bills. Ap-
praisers—William Ellis, Amos Ashead.

1740-1, IZ mok (Feb.), 20 da. Kay, Joha, of Waterford, Oloucester
(3o., yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah, house we live in, and the land
**as far as the tree we go over to Thomas Ellis' house." Elisabeth

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Fearn to serve her during her indenture. Son, John, to have my
house in Evesham, where Nathaniel Hopewell lives, he paying £M
to Samuel Smith, of Salem County, or to the children he had hy hla
wife. Mary, the daughter of John Appleton; he to sirn a title to Jolin
Cleverly for the land I sold him in Hanover. Daughter, Sarah Norria,
my brick house in Philadelphia, and the house she lives in, in Hatten-
fleld, and that land adjoiningr to Simeon Ellis by the bridge in the
road, bounded by Jonathan Axford's land; also all my land unsold in
Mauris (Morris) County. Qranddauffhter, Elisabeth (daughter of my
daughter Sarah Norris), H acre joininc her mother's lot in Haddon-
fleld. Grandson. Josiah. son of my son Josiah Kay. 1 acre in Haddon-
fleld. Son. Isaac, to have the house he lives in. the mill and all my
land on that side of the creek; also that on the north side of the
branch (SOO acres); also that piece of meadow adjoining Jonathan
Axford; also that warrant of survey for 500 acres and the re-
version of the house and land ffiven to my wife during her life, upon
condition that he will pay to my son John £S00. and my son Josiah
£100. within four years after my decease. Granddaughters, Abigail
(the wife of Robert Hunt). Mary (the widow of Josiah Cole). Elisa-
beth (the wife of Elias Tay) and Hannah Wood, land equally bet'ween
the two branches of Rackoon Creek, they performing Samuel Col-
lins* lease and paying £20 to their brother. Benjamin. My warrant
of survey for 400 acres in the care of Isaac DeCow I ffive to my son,
John Kay, whom I appoint my executor. Residue of my estate to be
divided amonff my children — John, Josiah, Isaac. Sarah Norris, and
my said four ffranddauffhters. Witnesses — Benjamin Collins. Thonuui
Stokes, John Ashead. Affirmed 16 Sept.. 1741. Lib. 4, p. 312.

1741-2, Feb. 10. Inventory (£384.5.4) includes bonds, bills, notes and
interest due thereon, £232.18.5. Appraisers— Jas. Cooper, Jno. Kaighin.

1748, Jnly S. Kealy, Edward, of Plscataway. Middlesex 0>^ cooper;
will of. Wife. Christian. Daughter, Mary, under age. Real and
personal estate. Executors — friends Garshum Marten. William Mc-
Daniell of Woodbridge, and John Hepburn of Plscataway. Witnesses
— Richard Taylor, Alex*r Thomson, Josiah Davis. Proved April 7,
1749. Lib. E. p. 289.

1749. April 3. Inventory of personal estate. £95.12 ; made by Abraham
Shotwell, of Plscataway. and John Campbell, of Woodbury.

174t, May C Keaniey, Catkerlae, of Middletown Township, Mon-
mouth Co.; will of. To daughter, Mary Shippey, negro girl Bridget,
testatrix's brocade gown and wedding ring. Daughter, Catherine.
Son, Thomas, negro boy Cork. Son, James, negro boy Ireland, and
negro woman Leucy. Granddaughters, Catherine, Mary and Anna
Kearney, daughters of John Kearney. Daughter's (Mary Shippey's)
children. Friend, Marget, daughter of Marget Judges, £10, when aged
18. Sister, Mary Conun. Mentions Hannah CotrelL Executors —
sons Thomas and James, and friend John Taylor, Esquire, of Middle-
town Township. Witnesses — Aarent Dyrcken van Haaren, John
Cottrell and Thomas Bullman. Proved Nov. 27, 1749. Lib. EI, p. 848.

1745» Feb. 18. Keaniey, Thomas* of Monmouth Co., merchant; will
of. Wife, Catherine, annuity, furniture, silver, negroes, etc. Eldest
son, John, has received money and slaves. Son, Thomas, 760 acres
where testator lived, called Key-grove, bounded N. by the bay, B.
by land late of Christopher Wormsley and land called C^anasko, S.

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by land late of Oershom Mott, deceased, W. by Lupakltonque Creek and
Rapeketon brook. Said land was bought from John Bowne July 21,
1714. John Johnstone. Bsquire. Sept. 18. 1714. and John Bowne. Jan.
IS. 1715. If Thomas dies without male issue, land to son John and his
male heirs, or to male heirs of son James. If no male heirs, then to
testator's son Thomas's first born grandson and his male heirs, he
and they retainlngr the name of Kearney additional to their surnames
In the family. To son, Thomas, land bought. November 19, 1717, from
Blisha Lawrence; land in Middletown, bougrht of John Willson and
wife Hannah, April 28, 1719; 40 acres bouffht of Lawrence Smith, Feb-
ruary 28. 1717. Also riffht of Propriety bought November 18, 1717. of
Richard Saltar. Half of saw mill brook and saw mill house. Daugh-
ter, Catherine Kearney. Son, James, land in Middletown Township,
called Brown's Point, bounded N. by bay, B. by Lupaketonque creek
and Rapaketonff brook, S. by Obadlah Bowne and William Bowne,
deceased, W. by lands late of Lydia Bowne, deceased, and Whlnffson
brook and creek, Obadiah Holmes, Jonathan Holmes and Mattewan
bay. same as granted to testator by John Bowne July 21, 1714, Abram
Watson AuflTUSt 21. 1717. Richard Saltar November 18. 1717. Daughter.
Mary, wife of Joseph Shippen of Philadelphia, merchant. Bhcecutors
— ^wife, and sons Thomas and James. Witnesses — James Mott, Joseph
Carman, Qysbert Van Bracle and Nicolas Cottrell. Proved April 14,
1747. Lib. B, p. 85.

1748* J«l7 as. Kearmca* NIekolaa, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co.
Int Adm'r, William Come. Lib. 7. p. 92.

1T4»-1« Marek 13. Kearay, HIekael, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex
Co.; will of. Son, Philip, one-half of Howell lot in Kent Co., on
Delaware. Daugrhters — Mary Vanhorn, Isabella, Sarah. Euphemla,
Arraliella, and Graham Kearny, last two under a^e. Son, Michael,
provided for by Lewis Morris. Bsq. Land I purchased formerly be-
lonrinff to James Armour, opposite Perth Amboy City; land Lewis
Morris ffave his daughter Sarah Kearny. Executors — daughters, Mary
Vanhom, Isabella and Sarah Kearny. Witnesses — Jon. Miln, Elisa-
beth StodfflU, Patrick Devlin. Proved March 9, 1742.

1744, . — , Letters to Isabella Kearny and Mary Vanhom. two

of the executors ; Sarah, the other executor being deceased and the other
daughters under age. Lib. D, p. 149.

1T44» Jan. W. Keaakey <CaskcT)» Bvadway (son of Edward Casbey
of Salem County and Elisabeth his wife, also deceased), being 14 yrs.
and upward, ward. Guardian — Jonathan Bradway of Alloways Creek.
Wltnesses-^Bd. Had Price. Jo. Scattergood. Salem Wills. 428 Q.

171S-4v Fek. •• Ke — k e y » Bdward* of Town and County of Salem;
will of. Son. Broadway Keasbey, that 18 acre lot against Thomas
Taylor's, joining widow Wiggins' lot and 20 acres joining Richard
Smith's from the end next Salem Town, and ^ acre joining Mathew
Keasbey's lot; also the rent of my house and lot where James Vance
Itvee, to be paid by my exeeutors when he will be 21. In case of
death, son Edward shall have the same to be paid in like manner; also
the reaiduo of niy real estate, the profits of which shall be for main-
taining my sons until of age. If he dies without lawful issue, same
shall descend to my son Bradway, and his lawful heirs. In case of no
such issue, my said sons' brother. Mathew Keasbey, shall have the

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