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morton, Jun'r, John Throckmorton, Sarah Throckmorton. Proved
Jan. 27. 1748. Lib. E. p. 249.

1745, Ans. S8. Loaer (Loaler), Hellebmnt, of Bergren Co., yeoman,
gruardlan of Abraham Ackerman, an infant of the age of 14 years and
upwards. Fellow bondsman — ^John Nevill, Esq., of Perth Amboy.

Bergren Wills. 236 B.

1745, April IS. Loaier, Nicholas, of Hackensack, Bergren Co.. shoe-
maker; will of. Wife, Antie, sole executrix duringr widowhood.
Brother-in-law, Jacob Derkse Banta, and son-in-law, David Demarest,
both of Hackinsack, to be tutors and administrators of the mlnorene
children, as also assistants of the wife, and, if she dies or remarries,
to act as executors. In case of second marriage, wife, Antie, to hold
the whole estate secured, until the youngrest child will be sixteen, that
the children may be educated, etc. Then the oldest son, Anthony, to
have the land where he hath formerly lived, at Steenraapje (?), that
is from €Iacklnsack River runningr back westerly accordlngr to the
deed thereof unto the first run beyond the hill. Son, Johannis, to
have remaining part of said land. Son, Petrus. the land where he
formerly lived, called the New Hook, on Hackinsack river, between
Peter Alje Hendrick and Samuel Laroe. Son, Lucas, the south half

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part of the trmct between the l&nd of Qoleyn Ackermaa and Peter
Alje (according to deed). Son, Derrick, the other half of the tract.
Bona, Jacobus and Benjamin, the land on the plain eaat of Hackin-
aack River, with the slip, containing €S acres (according to deed
thereof). Sons, Jacob and Abraham, the home farm, with a piece of
land I boofirht of Benjamin VanBoskirk. and the meadow bougrht of
Wm. Day. Son, Hillebrant, '*all his smith tools." Further, I have
fflven to the children begrotten by first wife, Fraintje, vis., Anthony,
Jannetje, Petrus, Johannis, Mary, Hillebrant* Antje, Lucas, Jacobus
and Benjamin, each £6 allowance of their mother's estate. **01dest
son, Anthony, to have my cane and *sit place* in the church at
Schralenburgr*" Unto children Fraintje, Hester, Rachel, Derrick.
Jacob. Abraham. Lea, and Mar^rietje, whatsoever they may require
out of my estate. Witnesses— Johannis Vanhooven, Silvester Earle,
Robert Livesey. Proved 8 April, 1761. Antie Losier qualified as
executor. Lib. G, p. 419.

1745. Apr. 12. Fracrment of renunciation. "Whereas Nicholas Losier
by his last will, dated 12 April, 1746. appointed Antie Losier, Jacob Derkse
Banta. and David Demarest executors, and whereas the said Jacob Derkse
Banta and David De (misslnir) refused to take upon them the burthen."

17S7-S* lltk mo. (Jan.). Lvcas, Robert, of Wellinffborrow. Bur-
lln^on Co.. yeoman; will of. Son, Benjamin. Grandson, Seath Lucas.
Dauerhters — Hannah Oibbs, Elisabeth and Margraret. Land in Ches-
ter I bouffht of Lucy Bore. Executors — son, Benjamin, and daugh-
ters Hannah Gibbs and Elisabeth Lucas. Witnesses — William Heul-
inffs, Joseph Fenimore, Jun'r, Henry Nordik. Proved April 18, 1740.

Lib. 4, p. 229.

1740. April 14. Inventory of the personal estate, £200.16; made by
Joseph Fenimore and Peter Parker. Includes debt due from Francis

1796-7* Jan. 15. Lvdlan, Amthoay, of Cape May, Cape May Co.,
ffent.; will of. Wife, Presela, during widowhood, use of the planta-
tion whereon I live and % of the moveable estate. Daughters —
Elisabeth, pair of curtains that were her aunt Sarah's; Jude and
Elizabeth to have, respectively. £7.10 in arold. and H of riffht of land
surveyed by Henry Tounff, Deputy Surveyor. Son. Providence, land
at "Popler Island," Cape May, with all the mills, houses, etc.. to be
delivered when he will be 20; also one-third of the marsh below the
"Thorowfare" In the south side of Dennis Creek, which he shall have
no power to sell until he comes to the agre of 30. Son, Reuben, at 20,
H of the plantation I live on, but have no power to sell same under
80 years of a^e. Son. Anthony, at 20. the other half of the planta-
tion where I live; but if my wife marries before he will be 20. then
disposed of as hereafter directed; also two-thirds of the marsh below
the "Thurafair" on the south side of Dennes Creek in Cape May
County, but with no power to sell the same under 80 years of are.
Son. Joseph, at 26. all land and marsh in Gloucester County, on the
southernmost branch of Great Harbour River, commonly called Tuck-
aho River, but with no power to sell same under 80. "If either of
my sons should die without children, the land shall be divided be-
tween the said brothers that shall be living." Rent of the mills,
house and plantation to be applied to the schooling of my sons Provi-
dence. Anthony, Reuben and Joseph. Whomsoever has the mill shall
grrind toll free for my father and for my wife, while my widow.

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Two-thirds of the personal shall be divided equally amonff my four
sons and delivered one year after my death. Executors — wife, Pre-
sela, and my father, Joseph Ludlam. Witnesses — Joseph I^udlam, De-
borah Younff. Henry Younff- Proved 21 July, 1737. Lib. 4. p. 111.

1737. July 13. Inventory of personal estate, £182.19.11 V& ; made by
Henry Young. Jeremiah Hand.

1781* Not. 17. Lnes (Lewis f)» Bdward. Inventory of personal
estate (£5.19.8). Made by Ephraim Dunham, David Sutton.

Somerset Wills, 83 R.,

173^3, Feb. 28. Lnm, SamveU of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Children — John. Samuel, David. Hannah and Mary Luni»
all under age. Real and personal -estate. Executors — wife, Martha,
Major Joseph Bonnell and Christopher Wood, Esq.. yeoman, of New-
ark. Witnesses — Edward Oillman, Joseph Bonnell. Jun'r, Charles
Hole. Proved March 6, 1732-3. Lib. B. p. 393.

1733. April 7. Inventory of personal estate. £191.04 ; made by Joseph
Bonnel, Christopher Wood.

1738, Oct. 28. LwBmls, Edward, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife. Abigail. Children — Edward. Abigail. Samuel. Sarah.
Daniel and Mary, to have £1 apiece. Remainder of the estate equally
to my three younger daughters — Tamson. Lydia and Elisabeth. "My
sons should accept their legacies or parts herein griven in husbandry
implements." Executor — son. Samuel Lummis. Witnesses — Zechariah
Sandwell. Hannah Seely, William Trefy. Proved 5 May. 1740.

Lib. 4. p. 284.
1739-40. Feb. 27. Inventory (£117.9.11) includes cattle, sheep, swine
and wheat. Appraisers — Josiah Fithian. Nathaniel Jenkins.

1748, Ans. 6. LvbumIs, SamveU of Cohansey. Cumberland Co..
yeoman; will of. Wife. Deborah, sole executrix and use of my planta-
tion until my three sons, Samuel, David and Henry, will be of a^e.
Executrix to sell four pieces of Cedar swamp, that the expected child«
when of agre. may have £20. if a boy, or £18 if a grirl. Also to dispose
of a piece of meadow at discretion. Witnesses — Ephraim Seeley. Ed-
ward Lummus. Nath'l Jenkins. Proved 80 July. 1760.

1760, July 20. Inventory of real and personal estate (£76.18.2) indudee
2 lots of cedar swamp (£20.1.1). Appraisers — ^Robert Hood. Jonathan

1761. Oct. 30. Aocoimt Cash paid Alexander Moore. Robart Hartshorn,
Daniel Lummas. John Dare and Abraham Reves.

1744, April n. liWMiUx, WllUam, of Amwell Township. Hunterddn
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Cathrine. After decease of wife, nevro
man Primes to be free and to have two acres of land adjoining the
place of Carneles Rin^oes for life. B«xecutrix — wife. Witnesses —
Benjamin WiUcoz. Robert Meldrum. Oarret Williamson. Proved April
9. 1746. Lib. 6. p. 888.

172M^ Karek 90. Lvptoa, Ckriatopker, of Cape May Co. Int.
Adm'x. Abigail Lupton. Fellow bondsman — Richard Downes. ESsq.
Witnesses'— John Eldridgre. Jacob Spicer. Junior. Francis Bevis.

Cape May Wills. 76 B.

1782-3. Mar. 19. Invttitory of personal estate. £11.10.0 ; made by Benja-
min Crafford, Ellsha Hand.

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17 S3. July 2S. Aooount. Monesrs paid to Richard Downes. John Han4
Timncfs Berto, Isaac Flood, Eliriia Hand, John Scull, Benjamin CrafPoM
Jacob Spicer, Nathaniel Foster. Qeorge Crandall.

1741, Dee. 7. liwmtom, J«««pkt of Salem Co. Renunciation. To all
whom it may concern: Know ye that we, Daniel Lupton and Nathan
Lupton. Executors appointed by the last will and testament of our
late father, Joseph Lupton, of the County of Salem, dec'd, weaver,
bearing date the thirtieth day of March, 1736. for ^ood causes us
hereunto movinflr, do hereby renounce and refuse all our ri^ht and
title to the administration of the said will as Executors thereof, beingr
unwlllingr to take the burthen of the execution of s'd will upon us.
Signed by Daniel Lupton and Nathan Lupton. Witnesses — Dan.
Mestayer. Chas. O. Neill. Salem Wills, 638 Q.

1740* Jan. 90. L«rtlas, (Jeorse* B<HI>« of Essex Co. Int. Bond of
Peter Schuyler, principal creditor, as administrator. David Offden,
Jun'r, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 368.

1744* Ans. >•. Laae, Beajamla, of Roxbury Township, Morris Co.;
will of. Wife, Abigail, use of estate duringr widowhood. Daughters—
Abigail and Mary, at 18 or marriage. Sons — Joseph. Benjamin, Mat-
thias and Eleasar, at are, to have real estate equally. Executors-*
wife. Abigail, my brother David Lues, and Samuel Coleman. Wit-
nesses — Jesse Corwin. Walter Brown, Wm. Orifflnff. Proved 2 Nov.,
1749. Lib. E. p. 388.

1744, Nov. 7. Inventory (£90.9.6) includes "bought servant. £4." Ap-
praisers — Samuel P. Faxser. Wm. Qrifllnsr. (Filed 1749).

1T8S» Marek IS* Lyc«a, IVlckolas* of Deptford Township, Gloucester
Co.; will of. Executrix — my friend, Dinah Cox, and she to have all
of my personal estate. Witnesses — John Chester, Abirel Chester,
Ellas Fish. Proved 7 June, 1733. Lib. 3, p. 326.

1733, April 9. Inventory (£74.3.4) includes bonds of Michael Lycon.
Peter Cox; debts due from James Wills, John Chester. Appraisers —
Wm. WUkins, Constantine Wood.

1748-Sw Jaa* 1& Lydee* Jaaies, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co. ; inventory
of estate, £70.10.1; made by Charles Clark and Arthur Howell.

1748-9, Jan. 26. Bond oT Margaret Lydee as administratrix. Charles
Azf6rd, of Trenton, surety. Lib. 6, p. 76.

1780* A»H1 8. Lyell, DavUU of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.; will
of. Sons — ^Lorain and Thomas. Real and personal estate. Execu-
tors^-wife. Mary, and brother Fen wick Lyell. Witnesses — John
Ifoofbourrow, Andrew Robinson, Wade Loofbourrow. Proved July
f» 1742.

1742. July 9. Mary Lyell qualified as executrix, Fenwlck Lyell the other
«xeoutor named, having died before the testator. Lib. C. p. 526.

17S7» Seyt. 97. Lyell* Feawlck* of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Five children (no names given). Expected child. Real and

personal estate. Executors — ^wlfe , friends Andrew Johnston,

Bb4.. and Mr. John Stevens. Witnesses — ^Jennet Parker, Martin
Wilkins. LawT Smyth.

1741. March 18. Codicil. Mary and James Lyell. bom since making

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my will. EiXecutors, all my children as th«y ehall aeverally arrive at 19
years. Witnesses-— John Smyth, Sarah SteTens. Richard Stevens. Proved
July 9. 1742.

1742, July 9. Lawrence Smyth sworn as witness. Jennet Parker is de-
ceased, and Martin WUkins (as is said) is beyond seas.

1762, June 8. William Lyell, one of the children* qualified as executor.

Lib. C. p. 62S.

1788* Dec 28. Lymdsey* Mark, of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Rebecca Lyndsey. Bondsman — Andrew Jones. Both of said
County. Witness — Alexander Morgan.

1788, Dec 26. Inventory, £97.7.8; made by George Ward, Walter
Griffith. Gloucester WUls, 16f H.

1788, May 1. Lyae, Conmdt, of Bergren Co. Int. Administration
on estate granted to Abraham Lyne, of said Co. Jacob Arents, of
Bssex Co., fellow bondsman. Lib. C, p. 194.

1788, Jan. 19. Inventory of personal estate £125.2.0; made by Philip
Schuyler and Wessel Pieterse.

1747* Dec 88. Lyoa* Beajamla* of Lyons Farms, in the borough
of Elisabeth, Essex Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Martha. Children —
Benjamin, Samuel, Matthias, Daniel. Moses, Rachel, Mary, Sarah and
Martha. Four sons under age; Rachel and Mary married. Land Join-
ing land of Stephen Meeker and John Tunis; lands bought of Wil-
liam Broadwell, deceased, and Esekiel Crane, Joining lands of Ben-
jamin Crane, Daniel Salle, deceased; Morehouse, Samuel Con-
ger; land at Ash Swamp, Joining land of Nathaniel Lyon, deceased;
lands bought of Joseph Lyon, Sen'r, and Henry Peirson. Grandson,
Rufus Crane, son of Jonas Crane, deceased, a minor. Wife's daugh-
ters — ^Hannah Lum and Mary, wife of my son Benjamin Lyon. Execu-
tors — sons Benjamin and Joseph, and son-in-law Amos Day. Wit-
nesses — Stephen Morehouse, John Perry, Charles Hole. Proved Jan.
18, 1747. Lib. E, p. 145.

1747-8, Jan. 28. Inventory of personal estate (£548.01.04), incl. silver
buckles, and debts due from Ephraim Baker. Timothy Harrison. Joseph
Bonnel, Thomas Winter. David Morehouse, Hesekiah Johnson, Matthew
Johnson. James Carter, Daniel Thompson, Samuel Chandler. James Chand-
ler, Josiah Lyon, Esekiel Crane. Daniel Day, John DiUy, deceased, Peter
Kuton, John Wade Jun'r, William Whitehead. Isaac Jones, Richard Broad-
well, deceased, David Meeker, and note of Samuel Lum. deceased. Made
by Christopher Wood and Benjamin Crane, Esq'rs, both of Lyons Farms.

1742, May 21. Lyoa. David, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Wife,
Phebe, sole executor and legatee; after her decease estate to brethren
— Nathaniel, Jonah, Zophar. Jonathan and Henry Lyon. Land Join-
ing land of John Johnson. Witnesses — ^Josiah Quimbe, Samuel Win-
ter, David Ogden. Proved Nov. 26, 1742. Lib. D, p. 16.

1788-8, Jan. 22. Lyoa, Capt. Bbeaeaer, of Elisabeth Town, Essex
Co., yeoman; will of. Daughter. Elizabeth, wife of Ephraim Clark,
and her five children, vis., Elisabeth, Ephraim, Hannah, Ideras and
Dark is Clark, all under age. Daughter, Darkis, wife of Ebeneser
Stebbins. Daughter, Susana, wife of David Moorehouse. Grandson,
Peter Lyon, land bought of George Jewell, deceased, at 21. unless his
father, my son Benjamin, should return and need it. Grandson,
Ebeneser Wade, land I bought of his grandfather, Benjamin Wade,

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and £3.10. to purchase two acres of land from the heirs of Daniel
Burnet, deceased. Granddaughters — Elizabeth and Hannah Thomp-
son, a trunk dated 1682, with its contents (£43.16.08), belonsringr to the
estate of Benjamin Wade. Jun'r, for the use of his son and daughter,
Ebenexer and Mary Wade, both under acre; Phebe Thompson, a lesracy
left her by her father. John Thompson, at 18 years of agre. Other
grandchildren — Bethiah Winans, Mary and Ebenezer Lyon, Samuel
and David McCan, Elizabeth, Ephraim. Hannah, Darkis, Henery,
Riderous. Nathaniel and Ichabod Clark. David and Johaanah Moore-
house, Cornelius. Abigail and Jacob Stebbins. Land joining lands
of Benjamin Meeker, John Thompson, Alexander Kene, deceased.
Land that belonged to Thomas Headley. Executors — friends. David
Ogden, attorney-at-law. Thomas Longworth. Isaac Lyon. Benjamin
Clark. Joseph Lyon of Newark, and Joseph Tuttle of Hanover. Wit-
nesses — Benjamin Meeker. Samuel Meeker. Thomas Jackman.

1738-9. March 17. Codicil. If son, Ebenezer. should not return in four
years, his share to revert to my three daughters. Witnesses — Benjamin
Meeker, Samuel Meeker, Thomas Jackman. Proved May 16. 1739.

Lib. C, p. 270.

1739. April 9. Inventory of personal estate (£465.09.08). includes bonds
of Samuel Kneeland of Boston. Joshua Hunlock and Zophar Lyon; cash
received from Thomas Cushing of Boston ; debts due from Nath'll Price,
Nath'll Oane. Mathias Burnet. Ephraim Terrill. Jotham Clark. Joseph
Mun. William Martin. Made by Nathaniel Johnson. Benjamin Meeker.

1739. May 4. Benjamin Lyon, of Newark, called Benjamin Clark in
will, Joseph Lyon and Joseph Tuttle decline to act as executors. Wit-
nesses — John Hinds. Samuel Chandler, Nathaniel Dalglish, Samuel Mun.

1739, May 16. Accompt of executors, showing payments and legacies
to the widow, three daughters. Ebenezer and Mary Wade. Phebe Thomp-
son. David Moorehouse and 20 grandchildren ; also to Roger French,
James Bancks, Justice Mun for coffin. Eliakim Higgins, Mr. Chetwood,
James Townley, Jr., Mrs. Cooper, Will'm Winans, Mr. Grazalle, Jonathan
Dickinson, Jonathan Thompson. Samuel Price. Edward Willmott, Henry
Oarthwait. John Higgins. Ebenezer Stebbins, Peter Wennura, Mrs. Tongre-
loo. Stephen Hinds. Doct'r Burnett, Eunice Gray (admx of Joseph Gray).
Joseph Marsh, John Pierson. John Joline, Andrew Joline, Daniol Clark,
8en*r. Nath'll Hazard. Thomas Woodruff. Nathaniel Johnson, Samuel Car-
ter. Widow Say res, Henry Howell, Nath'll Woodruff, Stephen Brown, Jon-
athan Dayton. Samuel Farrand.

1731, May 31. Lyon. Bllsabeth, Jan*r, of Newark. Essex Co.,
spinster: will of. Nephew (niece). Sarah Miles, daughter of Leonard
Mills; children of Annis Mills; children of brother Thomas Lyon;
Mattoniah, son of Isaac Lyon. Personal estate. Executors — friends
John Cooper and Eliphalet Johnson, Jun'r. Witnesses — Joseph Peck,
Jonathan Sergeant, Jun'r, Jno. Cooper. Proved Feb. 16, 1732.

1732, Jan. 7. Codicil. Nathaniel, son of brother Isaac Lyon. Remain-
der of estate to all the children of Thomas Lyon. Isaac Lyon and Annis
Mills. Witnesses — Ebenezer Lyon, Mary Beech, Jno. Cooper.

Lib. B. p. 388.

1782, Jan. 16. Inventory of personal estate (£68.10.04 H) includes pay-
ments to Sarah Miles. Major Banner, Eliphalet Johnson. Doctr Burnet,
Nathaniel Johnson, Jonathan Peirson, Joseph Browne, Mr. Bradford ; cash
received from David Oane.

1744, Juno 16. Eliphalet Johnson made oath to the truth of above


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Inventory, the original having been in the custody of Col. Cooper, the other
executor, since deceased.

1750, Jaly 18. Lyoa, Juhmi (son of Zophar Lyon, of Essex Co.,
deceased), over 14 years of age. Bond of Isaac Lyon and John Cra»e
M ffuardians. Christopher Wood, fellow bondsman. Witness — Joseph
Johnson. Lib. E. p. 600.

1744, Dec. 11. Lyom, Zopkar* of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Bond of
Mary Lyon, the widow, as administratrix. Christopher Wood, yeoman,
fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 206.

1744, , — Inventory of personal estate, £167.16.07; made by

Nathaniel Johnson and Isaac Lyon, both yeomen.

1741* Jue 16. BIcCas, Jokn« of Middlesex Co., fuller. Int. Bond of
Huffh McCjin, his brother, fuller, as administrator. John Brown,
iarmer, fellow bondsman. Lib. C. p. 413.

1737, Ans. 6. BfeCarty, Dcamls, of Town and Co. of Burlinffton,
yeoman., Int. Administration granted to Benjamin Butterworth, yeo-
man, and Ann, his wife (late Ann McCarty) of Springfleld. William
Jlobinson, of City of Burlington, innholder, fellow bondsman.

Lib. 4, p. 110.

1740» Mar. 10. BfeCarty, Densls, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r,
John . McCarty. Bondsman — Henry Thorne. All of said County, yeo-
3nen. Witness — Alexr. Robinson.

1746-7, March 23. Inventory, £41.0.9. Debtors — Joseph Ballinger, John
Conner, Henry Roe, Richard Cheeseman, Benjamin Burd. Robert Harts-
horn, Neal McNeal. Appraisers — ^Henry Thome, Hugh Bartlet.

Glouceeter Wills, 386 H.

1748, May 6. MeCarty* Owes, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r, Thomaa
Bates. Bondsman — Jonathan Ellis, yeoman. Witness — John Mickle.

1748, April 29. Inventory, £20.3.0; made by Jonathan Ellis, John Bor-
ton. Gloucester Wills, 336 H.

17S9, Oct. 15. McClaae, WUllam, of Salem Co., wheelwright. Int.
Adm'r, Simon Sparks. Bondsman — Benjamin Duvall. Both of said
County. Witnesses — Jenkin William, Danl. Mestayer.

Lib. 4, p. 199.

1739. Oct. 12. Inventory (£44.18.3) taken at Pilesgrove, includes cattle
and sheep. Appraisers — Benjamin Duvall. William Weatherby.

1740, Dec. 4. Account. Includes monies. paid to Jas. Sharp for medi-
cine and attendance on dec'd, John Hoffman. Ann McClain for nurslns
dec'd and his wife, John Hoffman, Henry Sparks. Jon. Smith, Jas. Les-
trange, Isaac Sharp, Thos. Graves. Wm. Hambleton. Anthy. Wilkinson,
Michael Noah, Benjn. Bispham, cash from Jon. Ashbrook, Aaron Aah->
brook, Richard White. Monies paid to BenJn. Duvall, Jon. Coye (for Jon.
Jones, atty for John Hoffman).

1748, Jvme 8. McCelleek (McCvllvck), Samvel, of Gloucester Town-
ship, and County, yeoman. Sons — John (eldest, not 23), to have 400
acres of the homestead fronting Timber Creek, a tract, which was hia
grandfather's and my father's (John McCuUoch's). also the meadows
and two tracts of land and cedar swamps called Faraway Swamp, and
all my lands formerly Montgomery's; George, at 21, to have th^
other part of my plantation, 200 acres, beginning at Samuel Hasard'a

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upper corner, and the principal and interest from the sale of pine
land, 220 acres, at Four Mile Branch road, also White Oak, Fish
Creek and White Hall Cedar Swamps. Daugrhters-^Mary, Blisabeth
and Hannah McCulluch. Executor — son, John. Witnesses — James
Cooper, David Ward, Michael Fisher. Sworx^ and affirmed 80 June,
1748. * Lib. 8, p. 256,

1748, June 29. Inventory (£886.18.11) includes watch, cattle, horses,
sheep, timber, husbandry tools. Appraisem— >John Blackwood, Richard

1740. Oct. 33. BfcCoUnm, Dnsall, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co.
Int. Mary McCollum, his widow, declines acting as administratrix,
and recommends Michael Erickson. of Monmouth Co., yeoman, as ad-
ministrator. Bond of Michael Erickson as administrator. James
English, fellow bondsman. Witness — Hannah Lewis. Lib. D, p. 120.

1746* Get. 13. McColm, ^nliitlm (%vcmtlB), of Piscataway. Middle-
sex Co., merchant. Bond of Alexander Malcolm, of Marblehead, Coun-
ty of Essex, Province of Massachusetts Bay, clerk and brother, as ad-
ministrator of estate. Anthony White, Esq., of New Jersey, fellow
bondsman. Witnesses — Alex'r Malcolm and Peter Kemble.

Lib. D, p. 4li.

1746, Sept 27. Inventory of personal estate of ''Master Quentin Mc-
Colm, who deceased August 3, 1746," (£1842.9.6) includes silver watch,
several small sold rings, stock in partnership with Mr. Kemble, bonds
of Adam Fullerton, Dan. Mc(]k>uens. Geo. Wm. Lawrence, Ja. Ritchie, Mr.
McRea. Hugh Campbell. Jacob Tennyck.

1750, Dec 31. McComb* Joecpk, of Middlesex Co., mariner, late be-
longing to ship "Snow" of Belfast. Bond of Samuel Lyon, mariner.
Master of the '*Snow," principal creditor, as administrator. John
Deare, of Perth Amboy, Esq., fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 470.

1747, fltopt. 8. McCoy, Jamee, living between first and second Moun-
tains in Somerset Co.; will of. Wife, Mary. Plantation to be sold and
divided equally between daughters, Margarett, Sarah and Elizabeth
McCoy. "If Isaac Powell has a mind to purchase it, he can have it
20 pounds cheaper than any other man." Executors — Isaac Powell,
of Bound Brook, cooper, and Alexander Lynn, of Mine Brook, shop-
keeper, '^^itnesses — Jon. Harris. Charles Adams, Francis Peppard.
Proved 16 Sept., 1747. Lib. B, p, 81.

1747, Sept. 16. Inventory of personal estate (£142.19.6) includes ser-
vant man and servant girl, £8.10. Appraisers — Jon. Harris. Joseph Coltee-

ITSAp Jan. 5. McOowall, Isaac, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co..
mariner; will of. Intending a voyage to sea. Father and mother.
John and Jane Mackdowall. Expected child. Nephew, Isaac, son of
brother William. Nephew, William, son of sister Elisabeth Vance.
Children pt brothers John and William Mackdowall. Land in Chester
Co.. Pepn., purchased of Robert Patten. Wife, Honar, sole executrix,
with the advice of Mr, Philip Kearny, gent. Witnesses — Sam'll
Jaquess, Susanna Kearny, P. Kearny. Proved July 26, 1740.

Lib. C. p. 848.

1743^ Oct. 33. McDowall (McDowell), Joks, of Hackensack. Co. of
Bergen, physician. Bond of William McDowall, of Mill Creek Hun-

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dred, Co. of New Castle, yeoman, and only brother, as administrator
of the estate. John Thomson and James Newell, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. D, p. 12.

1742, Nov. 4. Inventory of personal estate (£266.7.2), includes silver
watch and chain (£6), gold signet-ring (£2), knee-buckles, gold chain, S
gold rings, silver tea pot, silver tankard, parcel of silver work, negroes —
Floura (£16). boy Joe (£30), Jenny (£12), boy Billy (£10), boy Prince
(£8). Made by John Berry, James Christy.

List of book debts— Gisbert VanBlarm, Wm. Forbes, John Berry, Cor-
nelius Bentta, C>>rnelius VanDan, Henrick Boss, Abra. Vester. Francis

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