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dlesex Co., yeoman. Inventory of personal estate, £144.19.11; made by
David Paurot and Alexander Thomson.

1744, Oct. 1. Administration on estate granted to Elisabeth Ayers, the
widow, and Joseph Ayers, the eldest son. Sealed by Jacob Ayers, bonds-
man, in the presence of John Smyth. Lib. D, p. 180.

1745, Sept. IS. Ayers, Obldlak, of Basklngrldge, Somerset Co.,
guardian of Daniel Allword, a minor of 18 years. Lib. D, p. 884.

1786, April 18. Ayers, Robert, of Salem Co., yeoman. Bond of Sarah
Ayers, of Salem Co., administratrix of the estate. Inventory [61.6.6.

Lib. 4, p. 67.

1T40^ Sept. SB. Ayers, Robert, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of "being In the 86th year of my age." Sons — ^Frasy and
Robert, both under age. Three daughters, no names given. Expected

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child. Real and personal estate. Salt meadow bouirbt of uncle, Johh
Ajrers. deceased. Executors — wife Hummus, brother Obadiah Ayem
and friend Jonathan Dennis, all of Woodbrldsre. Witnesses — John
Roy, Joseph Martin, Bllakim Martin. Proved June 4, 1741.

Lib. C, p. 41S.

17SS» April SB. Ayen, ThoaMa» of Woodbrldffe, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Children — Abraham, Sarah, Peter, Mary, Lerie, and
Rachel, all under 17 years of aire* 60 acres of land between lands of
John Campbel and John Wllkison. E^xecutors — wife Mary, and broth-
ers John and Obediah Ayers. Witnesses — ^Blinor Moriran, Jonathan
Shepherd, Jno. Sarjant. Proved June 12, 1782. Lib. B, p. 287.

1782, June 12. Inventory of personal estate (£206.2.9) Incl. debts due
from Wm. Edenfleld, Hendrlck Breese and John Bell; made by Moses
Rolfe and Jno. Sarjant.

1740^ Dee. 21. Ayers, John, of Cohansey, Salem Co.; will of. Wife
Secily. Children — Samuel, John, Mary, Steven. Executor — Joseph
Reve. Witnesses — Seeth Bowen, William Jones, Temprance Ayars.
Proved April 24. 1741. Lib. 4, p. 188.

1744* BTov. S. Ayree* Isaac, of Salem County, weaver. Int. Admr.,
Nathaniel Dominy, Junr., ('*nearest of kin and principal creditor")
of Suffolk County, New York, yeoman. Bondsman — Jonathan Holmes,
of Cohansey, Salem County, farmer. Witnesses — Burton Penton, Chas.
O'Neill. Lib. 5, p. 66.

1744, Oct. 22. Renunciation : "Whereas Isaac Asrres, formerly of Ejast-
hampton, Suffolk County, New York, weaver, lately dyed at Cohansey,
Salem County, New Jersey, intestate, havini: no wife, so that the admin-
istration of his goods belongs to his nearest of kin, but we Benjamin
Erya, Junior, William Brys, Clemens Brys and EHisabeth Domony. broth-
ers and sisters of said deceased, all of Easthampton, renounce the admin-
istration of said estate in favor of Nathaniel Domony, Junior of Ejast-
hampton, he being the husband of one of the sisters of the said decease^
Witne ss es David Mulford. John Davis."

1744, Nov. 8. Inventory, £46.8.11. Appraisers — Samuel Miller. John

17Stw Dec 4. Ayree, Moses. Inventory of "Captain Moses Ayres,"
late of Baskingrldge, Somerset Co. (£876.17.11), including sword,
£0.17.6, powder horns and shot bags, £2.6.2; made by John Roy, Levi

1760, Dec. 19. Renunciation of Jane, widow of Moses Ayres, in favor
of her son-in-law (step-son) Nathaniel Ayres, eldest son and heir of Moses

1760, Dec. 19. Administration on estate granted to Nathaniel Asrrea.
Fellow bondsmen — ^Daniel Morris, Benjamin Lewis. Lib. E, p. 469'.

17S8, Dee. 14. Baeoa, Abel, of Bacon's Neck, Cohansie, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mercy, to have during life plantation on
Bacon's Neck, "being H of my father's (the late William Bacon's)
plantation." Son, William Bacon, to have same at her death, "also
the other moyety of my said late father's plantation now In th4
possession of my mother-in-law, Mary Bacon, devised to her by my
said father during her life. My messuage and 8 acres in the town

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of Qreenwicb, Salem County, In the occupation of John LoYerinc
cordwainer, I devise to my daughter Sarah Bacon, at marriaire or
at the ase of SI years." Gifts to Cousin Benjamin Bacon. Elxecutors
— ^Wife, and my kinsman Benjamin Bacon. Witnesses — Jere. Bacon,
John Ware, John Bacon (Quaker). Affirmed 10 January, 178S.

178S, Jany. 10. Letters testamentary srranted to Benjamin Bacon, the
aunrivinff ezeoutor therein named. Lib. 8, p. 895.

17S8, Dec. 26. Inventory, £166.9.6. Appraisers — Joslah Fithian, James

1731* Alls. 1* BaeoB* Jereatiah, (of Salem Co., but place not iriven) ;
will of. Dausrhter, Hannah, to have house and lot in Greenwich,
Salem County. Son, Nathaniel; wife; daughter, Lettisha. Executor —
brother-in-law, Richard Wood. Witnesses — James Axford, Ann Grant,
Jno. Goodwin. Proved 9 Aug., 1781.

1782, May 27. Letters Testamentary granted to Richard Wood, the
^xeoutor therein. Lib. 8, p. 196.

1781, Aug. 6. Inventory (£286.0.1) of Jeremiah Bacon, sadler of Salem;
Includes saddles at Ck>hansey. Appraisers — ^Richard Smith, Jno. (Goodwin.

1747-8, Jaay. 11. Bacoa, Jeremiah, of Salem Co. Inventory, £14.6.0.
Appraisers — ^Howell Powell, John Bacon (Quaker).

Salem Wills, 890A.

1747, Jany. — w Account Cash paid Aaron Pagitt, Hanna Bacon,
Thomas WalUng, John Bacon, Howell Powell, Alexander Smith, Richard
Wood, Elbeneser Miller, (Attr. to James Goold).

174^ Feb. t. Baeea, SaaiveL of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adnuc,
Hannah Bacon. Bondsman, Philip Dennis. Both of said County.
Witnesses — ^Urlah Bacon, Danl. Mestayer.

1740-41. 12 mo., 16 da. Inventory (£81.8.6.) includes "one Taylor's
ITOOS," etc. Appraisers — John Bacon, Philip Dennis. Lib. 4, p. 267.

1747, Jaay. SB. Baeoa* SaaiveL S't of Salem Co., yeoman. Int.
Admr., Jeremiah Bacon. Bondsman, John Bacon. Both of Cohansey.
Witness — Jno. Andrews. Lib. 5, p. 424.

174S-4* Jaa. 19. Baeet, Heary, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman:
will of. Wife, Mary. Son, Johanes. Elisabeth Reace. to have a heifer
bought of Philip Ringo. SonSk Godferree and Henry, minors. Son, Joseph.
Daughter, Ann Hoppay, and her husband. Tunes Hoppay. Son, Johannes,
to have plantation In Amwell and land bought of Peter Overvelt Elxecu-
tors — sons Johanes and Joseph. Witnesses — (3odfree Potters, Garr'd Wil-
liamson and Philip Rlngo. Proved February 20, 1748-4. Lib, 5, p. 19.

1750^ Aag. 10. Bailey, Robert* of Lebanon Township, Hunterdon
Co., yeoman; inventory of estate, £217.14.2, including 180 acres of land;
made by Isaiah Young and Patrick Brown.

1760, Aug. 26. Bond of Annable Bailey, of Lebanon Township, widow,
as administratrix ef her sakl husband's estate. James Woods and John
Vorster. of Lebanon, sureties. Hunterdon Wills, 276 J.

17S2, Feb. IX BalabHdse* Joha, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co^
gentlemen ; will ot Directs that tomb be erected over his grave "and om
It be put the day and year of my death and my age, which was seventy-
foor years the second dajr of November last," and akio a tomb over wife's

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sraTe, who died Mareh 26» 1731, in her 67th year. Son, Bdmund. Daush-
ter Eaisabeth'8 eldest son, commonly called John Yard, to be tau«rht to
read, write, etc Dauffhters-^-Mary, Rebeckah and Enisabeth. Orandson,
Sdmund Bainbrldge, a minor. Son, John, to have residue of estate, in-
dndlns one-sixteenth part of a Proprietary Riflrht in West Jersey. Execu-
tors — kinsman Theophilus Phillips, and son John Balnbridge. Witnesses —
Stephen Jones, William Phillips and Joseph Phillips. Proved March 1,
1732. Lib. 8, p. 261.

1732-3, February 24. Inventory of estate, £367.12.6, including bond in
hands of Robert Lawrence; made by Joshua and John Anderson.

1747-8, Feb. 5. Batrd, Johm, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Eldest son,
William Baird ; other children mentioned but not by name. E^xecutors —
wife. Avis Baird, brothers, Andrew and Zebulon Baird and Peter Boune.
Witnesses — ^James Molicans, Samuel Barclay, Ann Smith. Proved July 6.
1749. Lib. E, p. 310.

1747, 8 mo. (Oet.)» 18 da. Baits. Joaathan, of Township and County
of Gloucester, yeoman; will of. ''Mother to have my plantation and land
durinff life.'* Three sisters — ^Abigail Qreenaway, Martha Ward and Biary
Baits. Executors — mother and brother, George Flana^rin. Witnesses —
Thomas Cheeseman, Richard CHeeseman, Isac. Jenings. Proved 9 Nov.

1747, Nov. 9. Letters testamentary granted to Elisabeth Baits, the
executrix named in the wilL Lib. 6. p. 486.

1747, Oct 31. Inventory, £104.10.0. Appraisers — John Hillman. Thomas

1756, June 16. Account of Elisabeth Bates, executrix, shows payments
to Hanah Llppincott, Jonathan Ellis. William Clarke, Francis McMurray,
Mary Morgan, John Matlack, Jr., Anthony Nichols. Samuel Somers, Rob-
ert Worrell. Elisabeth Robert, Thos. Redman. Wm. Griscombe. John
Dilkes. Jacob Clement. Abram Inheap. Thos. Newell, Wm. Alberson, Josiah
Alberson. John Maxwell, John Hunchman. Ladd A Scattergood, James
Hencdmian, William Cooper, John Hewston, Susannah Williams. John
Inheap, Benjamin Collins, Tha Webster, John Collins, Jr., John Thomsb
Joseph Tomlinson, Thos. Atmore, Amy Collins, Ruth Adams. George Wil-
son, William Hilman, William Cheaaman, Ells. Hammitt. John GUe. James
Tow, Robert RoUinson, Isaac Hammett, Elis. Bates; amounting to

ITWK April 9. Blaker, Heary, 8ea*r. of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.,
tanner; will of. Children — ^Henry, Nicolaus, Deborah. Joanna. Susannah,
Margaret. Elisabeth, Sarah, Lydia and Hannah. 60 acres joining lands
of George Jewel, Benjamin Lyon and Benjamin Bond ; also 6 acres join-
ing meadow of Richard Baker, deceased. Tools for carrying on trade of
shoemaker or cordwainer. G^randchildren — ^Lawrence and Susanna Baker,
^Udren of son Jacob deceased. Executors — ^wife Lydia and son Henry.
Witnesses — Jonathan Dickinson, E^phraim Price, Peter Hagawout. Proved
April 7, 1786. Lib. C, p. 117.

m7» Kerr. 18. Bakeiv lbawseaee» of Richmond Co., province of New
York. Bond of John Braahen, of New York City, as administrator ; Henry
Barry, fellow bondamaa. Witaees Lawrence Smyth.

Middlesex Wills, Lib. C, p. lai.

Xrmk A#ra 6. Wmkmwk Tla»0tfeij, of Maidenhaad. Hunterdon Go.; will
oC Wif^ Susannah. BUdest son, Samuel; other aona-^Mathis, Timothjr

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and Thomas. Daughters — ^BCary» Grace Cohnan and Ruth. Home plan-
tation to son Timothy. Executors — John Smith and Jasper Smith. Wit-
nesses — ^Dayid Cowell, Samuel Mead and tiannah Carter. Proved June
9, 1747. Lib. 5. p. 864.

IT^S^ FeK ». BaMwla* BevJaMtm mmd Bllsabctk, of Newark, Bssez
Co. Inventory of personal estate, £98.15.09; made by John Cooper and
John Morris.

1782, Feb. 17. Administration granted to Moses Ball and David Toung ;
Bliphalet Johnson, fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 888.

17S8» Dc«. 6. BaMwtm (Baldlmg)t Blaatkaa, of Hopewell, Hunter-
don Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Kesia. Daughter, Ruth Burt. Son,
Stephen, to have plantation of 100 acres, he paying legacies to: Moses,
Thomas, Joseph and Blnathan Baldwin. Plantation bought of Caleb
Herman to be sold and proceeds to testators five youngest sons.
Witnesses — Nathaniel Moore, Enoch Armitage and E3dward Hart. Proved
May 9, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 176.

1748, BToT. 10. Baldwin, Isaac, of Newark, Essex Co., cooper. Bond
of Zachariah Baldwin, of Hanover, Morris Co., as administrator. Obadiah
Bruen and Timothy Johnson, of Newark, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. E. p. 220.

1748, Nov. 10. Account Payments to Thomas Stiles, Samuel Baldwin,
Zopher Beach, and Doctor Turner ; *'to Jacob Baldwin for five eighth parts
of Isaac Baldwin's estate, namely, Jacob Baldwin, and by a power of attor-
ney from John Mitchel and my sister Sarah Mitchel his wife, Mary Bald-
win and Patience Baldwin my sisters, and Matthew Baldwin my brother,
to Abraham and Israel Baldwin, and to myself, one of the brethren,"
Israel Lyon, David Shipman, Nathaniel Camp, Benjamin Winchill.

1748-9, Feb. 10. Inventory of personal estate, £128.02.08; made by
John Robards and David Shipman.

1782-8, Jam. 28. BaMwIa (Baldlaff), John, of New Brunswick, Mid-
dlesex Co. Inventory of personal estate £88.11.6. ; made by Tho. Harmar,
Jacob Onsel.

1782, Aug. 6. Bond of Hannah Baldwin, "relick," as administratrix.
Peter Blanchard, of Rocky Hill, Somerset Co., fellow bondsman.

Lib. B, p. 294.

1788, Dc«. 18. BaMwtm, John, Jnm*r, of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman;
will of. Children — Sllvanus, E«beneaser, Jonas, Moses and Hannah Bald-
win, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife Lydia
and Daniel Baldwin, Junr., of Newark, yeoman. Witnesses — ^David How-
ell, Moses Ball, J. Style. Proved Jan. 81, 1782-8.

1782-3, Jan. 81. Lydia Baldwin and Daniel Harrison qualify as execu-
tors. Lib. B. p. 871.

1788-7, Jan. 17. BaMwln, LMea, of Newark, Essex Co. Nuncupa-
tive will of widow of John Baldwin, who made his will dated Dec. 18,
1782, leaving as legatees wife Lidea, and daughter Hannah Baldwin. Said
Lidea in presence of Moses Harrison, Zopher Beech and Lidea Peck, all
being of lawful age, on the 11th day of January bequeathed to her oniT
daughter, the aforesaid Hannah, £60. The residue to be divided amonc
all her children. Witnesses — ^Moses Harrison. Zopher Beech. Lidea Peck.

1786, Feb. 21. Administration granted to Moses Ball, the uncle, and
Daniel Harrison, the brother. Lib. C, p. 161.

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17SC-7, li&rch 7. Inventory of personal estate, £268.08.11; made by
Sam'll Farrand and Joseph Harrison.

ITM* Anm. 6. Baldwin, Nathaalel, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of.
Wife, Bster. Sons — ^EHiJata, Robert Joseph and Jonathan. Land joining
lands of Sam'll Johnson, David Offden and Nehemlah Crane, near the
water hole; meadow bouRht of Thomas Lon^worth; land In the neok
Joining lands of Stephen Baldwin, Nathaniel Johnson, Obadlah Brown,
Samuel Penln^ton and David Ogden. Dauirhters — Eunice Beach and Jane
CUsby. Land bouirht of Caleb Baldwin and his brother joining lands of
Stephen Baldwin. To the Rev. Mr. Aaron Burr, £20. Executors — son
Sljah and Joseph Beach. Witnesses — ^Wm. Turner, Silvanus Baldwin,
Silas Baldwin. Proved Nov. 8, 1760. Lib. B, p. 604.

1748, J«ly as. Ball* Caleb, of Hanover, Morris Co., gentleman; will
of. Wife. Sarah. Sons — Isaiah (to have 100 acres bought of Peter Im-
lay) ; Joshua (the land he lives on) ; C^leb (the home-place land on the
south side of Forge Pond, and 26 acres adjoining W. land bought of Peter
Imlay), and above named sons to have the forge, saw-mill and stream
equally; Esekiel (80 odd acres on both sides of "Wepemy River" where
the old saw-mill stood, as appears by deed of Joseph Lindsley) ; and
Mathew. Daughters — ^Abigail Johnson, Bliner. Jane Perry, Mary Bates,
Sarah, Lydia, Ann, Deborah and Keziah Kitchel, deceased (had heirs).
Executors — ^Wlfe Sarah and sons Isaiah, Joshua and C^leb. Witnesses-^
David Kitchel, Thnothy Tuttle, Elijah Qillett Proved 29 Aug. 1748.

Lib. 6, p. 84.

17SS, AprU 24. Ball, JoMph, of Essex Co.; will of. Wife Elisabeth,
to have 8 acres at Wheeler's point, joining lands of Joseph C^nfleld and
David Person. Children — Daniel, Joseph, Samuel, Isaac. Jonathan, Han-
nah fiall and Rebecca Baldwin. 60 acres of land upon Third River;
lands joining lands of John MoHss, Thomas Ball, Moses Ball. Thomas
Ailing and Daniel Harrison; also land on Maple Island Oeek. Execu-
tors — brother Moses Ball and son Daniel Ball. Witnesses — ^Daniel Ser-
geant, Jonathan Sergeant, David Ogden, Jun'r. Proved May 14, 1788.

Lib. B, p. 427.

1747, Nov. 17. Ball, Mary, of Newark, Essex Co., widow; will of.
Cousin — ^Mary, wife of (^ristopher Seely. Sisters — ^Abigail Henoock,
Rachel Samson, Sarah Tichener, Hannah Shingllton. and Elisabeth Day.
Executor — Stephen Baldwin. Witnesses — John Ogden, Jon*n Sergeant.
Proved Jan. 18, 1747-8. Lib. E, p. 117.

1747, Mareh 28. Ball, Moses, of Newark, Essex Co.; will of. Cousins
Caleb Ball, John Ball, Joseph Peck, Timothy Peck. Sarah Peck, Marcy
Dowd, and her sister Elisabeth, and Ruth Seward. CHilldren of brother
Joseph Ball, deceased, Isaac only excepted, to have land bought of
Nathaniel Bowers. Children of brother Thomas Ball (one named Amos).
Cousins — ^Moses Harrison, Daniel Harrison and Moses Baldwin. Land
on the cove bought of John Oardner. Children of brothers Caleb, Joseph,
and Thomas Ball, and children of sisters Abigail Harrison and Lidea
Peck. Remainder of real estate to Samuel Ailing. John Ogden, Jun'r
and Stephen Baldwin in trust for the Presbyterian Society of Newark for
the support of the ministers. Executors — ^wife Mary and Stephen Bald-
win. Witne s s e s James Nuttman, John Stratten, Jon'n Sergeant. Proved
May 8, 1747. Lib. E, p. 88.

1747, May 14. Inventory of personal estate, £867.10.00; made by Jon-
athan Sergeant and Nathaniel Johnson.

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1748-9, ICaroh S. Account of •xecutor, Stephwi Baldwin of Newark,
showing payments to Mr. Orant (for head atone) Mary Ball. Mary Sealy,
Doctor Farrand. arbitration with Henry Lyon, John Crane. Isaac Offden,
Abigail Henoock, John Ogden Sen'r, Joseph Rigsa, Elisabeth Brewin« Obad-
iah Brewin, John Allinc, Sam*ll Huntington, Samuel Johnson, Eli'h Bald-
win, Eli'h Crane. Sam'll Plum. Daniel Harrison, Moses Harrison, Joha
Ogden, Sam'll Ailing. Mr. Woodruff. Mr. Cocker, David Ward, Doct'r Preckp
het. John Dreen. Sam'll Baldwin. Eben'r Baldwin. Aaron Baldwin, Doct'r
Turner. David Ball, Joseph Peck. John Johnson. Cspt Johnson. Jonas
Baldwin. BUkim Seward. Jonathan Serjeant. Nath'U Bawldwin, John
Ball. Daniel Harrison, Sarah Peck, Ruth Seward, Timothy Peck, Meroy
Doud, EHisabeth Estel. Balls and Harrison legacies; lands sold to Sam'U
Johnson, Sam'll Ball, John Crane, James Nicholson. Articles sold at
vendue to John Johnson, BUeaser Brewin, Nathaniel Anderson, E<sekiel
Ball, Mr. Burr, Robert Crane, Henry Martin. Job Brown, Jonathan Ward ;

bonds of Doct'r Turner, Joseph Tichener, David Day, ^ Carter.

Vreelandt, John Day, Samuel Parkhurst, Samuel Dalglish. Ander-
son and Crane, John Oard, Ben'j Perry, Timothy Baldwin and Jonathan

1742^ March 19. Ball, Thomas, of Newark, Essex Co., blacksmith;
will of. Children — ^Timothy, Aaron, Nathaniel. David, Esekiel. Jonas,
Thomas, Amos, Moses. Apphia, wife of Simon Searing, Mary and Rachel
Ball, the last two at 18 years. Real and personal estate. ESzecutora—
wife Sarah and son Timothy. Witnesses— Nathaniel Bonnell, Jun'r, Na*
than Baldwin. Benj'n Bonnel. Proved Nov. 29, 1744. Lib. D, p. 197.

1744, Nov. 14. Inventory of personal estate. £878.10.8 ; made by
Stephen Browne. Jno. Osbom, Isaac Crane.

VTS9, Aag. 14. Balleasrer. Thomas, of Evesham, Burlington Co., yeo-
man. Letters of administration to Elisabeth Ballanger; Joshua Ballen-
ger, fellow bondsman ; both of Evesham. Lib. 4, p. 171.

1739, Aug. 14. Inventory of personal estate, £417.10.4; made by Thomas
Evins and William Foster.

1747, Feb. IX BallUi«er, Amarlah, of Olouoester Co.; wUl of. Wife
and son, Isaac, to have upper part of plantation beginning on Steal's lias
to "line between me and my cousin, Amariah Ballenger." Daughters —
Sarah. Margret and EHisabeth, all under 18. Son Isaac, when 21, to have
plantation in Township of Evesham, Burlington Co. Executors — Joshua
Ballinger and Oabriel Davia Witnesses — Joseph Ballenger., John Aderly,
Thomas Essary. Proved 8 Nov., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 262.

1748, Oct 81. Inventory, at "Township of Debtford," £668.18.6.

1758, May 26. Account of Joshua Ballinger and Oabriel Davis. Execu-
tors of Amariah Ballinger. Moneys paid to Levi Peiroe, John ICvans.
John McColloch, John Ladd, Jane Sparks. Henry Treadaway. John Stiles.
Neal McNeil, Joseph Ooldy, Joseph Scattergood, Isaac Ballinger, Richard
Chessman, John BCarshall, John Blackwood, Habakkuk Warder, John
Peiroe, John Dilkes, John Snowden. Amos Haines. David Roe, Amariah
Ballinger, Henry Wood, Thomas Sparks, John Sedden. Samuel Dukemsj^
ear. Richard Wistar. Thomas Redman. Henry Elwes, Nathaniel Delap»
Hannak David, Matthias Aspdea, Henry Sparks, Ells. Ballinger, Heargr
Ballinger, Rebecca Edgell.

1797, Maveh 8. BaJMsiger, Haavy^ of Bveshanu Burlington Co.; will
of. Children— Mary Rethmel, Elisabeth Willard, Esther BavUett, Rebeosa

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HanTifch, Roth. Thomas. Amaiiah. Henryt Josiah and Joseph. Real and
personal estate. Executor — son Anutrlah. Witnesses — Jonathan Bldiidge,
WUUam HolUnshead. Jacob Heullngs. Justice. Proved AprU 10, 1788.

Lib. 8, p. 286.

1788. March 27. Inventory of personal estate. £80 ; made by Jonathan
BIdrids* and Andrew Conarro^.

17S9W Nov. M. Balm, Joha, of Bllsabeth Town and Rah way. In Essex
Cow Bond of SC Oeorse Talbot, of New York, as administrator, belns
prlndp&l creditor; William Thompson, cordwainer. and John Thompson,
lonkeeper. fellow bondsmen, both of Perth Amboy. Land In Raway mort-
Wtm^A to Rev. William Veasey of New York for £264.11.10; assignment
•f same made to St Oeorse Talbot at his request Lib. C. p. 298.

1789. July 11. Inventory at **Raway" of p^^nal estate. £1778.17.06^.
tafecL a picture of the deceased at length, a picture when a boy. and several
others; a "schreen" of five leaves claimed by Mr. Talbot, a ne^ro wench
and child, a German Indentured servant named John Mulmllhicy; made
by Mooes Rolfe. John Cralff, ESse. Bloomfleld.

1789. July 28. Second Inventory of £188.09.05, incl., bonds of Joseph
Bird. Ben. Gray, Sam. Bonnel. Joseph Alton, Sam. Frase, Job Wright
Noah Bishop, Edw'd Barber. Rich'd Lambert James Jackson. Joseph
Bon. widow Rickets ; notes of Ellphalet Frase, Tho. Gin. Richard White-
bead, Sam. Oliver, Job Prance, Ric'd Taylor, Wm. Wlnans, John Howel,
Jaeob Thorn, Joseph Hasmes, David Stewart. Jonas Greenway, Sam.
Jacques; book debts of Richard Jones, Rublen Bird, Jonathan Wlnans,
Cornelius Hart Tho. Bloomfleld, John Marsh, Widow Musrow, Lewis
Wlnans.' George Marshall. E. Bloomfleld. Sam. Cole. John Stephens, Wm.
WoodrulE, Petter Noe, Dan. Lane. Ben. Eisey, Joseph Woodruff. Jno. Radly.
David Steward, Tho. Bunes. Sam. Fralze, James Praise. Patrick Mick-

maners. BenJ. Kelsey. Tho. Jeffers, Wm. Nibllt. Johanes . Wm.

Danoldson. Jonathan Marsh. Jacob Thorn, Sam. Farren, John King, John
Ijove. Sam. Brant James Marshall, Ric'd Clark, Alex. Blak, Job Bird.
Nat Houffh. Joseph Spencer, Sam. Moore, David Oliver, Tho. Nicholson,
EfCrom Terrel Sen'r. Ric'd Hall, Sam. Cole, Joseph Alton, John Winans,
Daniel Terrel. Wm. Marshall. Petter Simons; made by Rev. Eklward
Tau^m. George Encott Andrew Joline.

, , — ^. Account of St G^eorge Talbot administrator. Pay-

menU to Mr. Alexander. Mr. PinUrd. Henry Gartwright Mr. William
Chetwood. James Marshall. Ellphalet Frase, John Stevens. Stephen Bor-
row. Jno. Wright Abram Clarke. Mr. Kennedy. Mrs. Rockets. Mr. Moore
and John Hicks In the Sup. Court Mr. Nichols, post master of New York,
WB/ej Bradley. Thomas Clarke, Esq., alderman. Samuel Bonnel, Jeffery
joaea, Mary RIeketts. David Stuart Mr. Vease.

171ti» May M. Baata* Jae«b Headrlekae, of Hackensack, Bergen Co.,
yvonan. wtU of. Wife, Cornelia. Real and personal estate In Bergen
Oi». Son, Hendrlok. Land at New Hempstead for £80. Witnesses — ^Der-
Hek BUnlMrhoff, Elisabeth Blinkerhoff, Robert Livesey. Proved 26 Nov.
ITM. Lib. B, p. 221.

im> Jaa. as. Baata. W^fert. of Hackinsack, Bergen Co., weaver;
wfll oC Wife, Marie, Bxeeutrix. Children. WIert (eldest son), David.
Hsadrlck, Jacob (youngest son). Rachel and Ledia. Brother, Hendrlck
Banta and brothar-ln-law John Zabowrlsky, both of Hackinsack, "tutors
and administrators of all my mlnorene children as also executors and
assistants of my said wife;" youngest child not 18. Land and tenements

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on the Hacklnaack (where I live) and land on the "great swamp;*'
meadows on the west side of Hacklnsack River. Witne s s es — ^David Dem-
orest. Sen.. Joost Vredenburirh, Johannls Bougart, Robert lilveaey, Jacob
Banta. Proved 16 June. 17SS. Lib. B. p. 441.

1740* Dc«. IS. Barber, Saainel (of Pllesffrove), Salem Co.. yeoman.
Int. Admr.. Daniel Barber. Bondsman. Ellakim Carle, yeoman. Both
of said County. Witness — Elizabeth Jones. Lib. 4, p. 262.

1740. Dec 15. Inventory, £24.0.11. Appraisers — Benjamin DuvaU;
HuRh Moore.

1741. June 1. Account by Daniel Barber. Moneys paid to David (Har-
rison. C^has. O Neil. Aquilla Barber. Dr. Vanleore. Zacheus Dunn. Benja-

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