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bondsmen. Lib. C, p. 44.

1786, Aug. 16. Inventory of personal estate, includes bonds from Ben-
jamin Moore, Jacob Thorn, Joa Rolph, Thom. Atkinson, Jno. Doe, Ben-
Jamiin Rolph, Lues Deboy, Samuel Oowel, John Noe, Jun'r; also large
Bible, 48 lasts, shoemaker's tools and 4 sides of leather. Made by Joseph
FitsRandolph and Benjamin Coddington.

174»» Fek. la. Merekaat, Psal, of Mansfield, Burlington Co. Int
Administration on estate granted to Henry Delatush, of Mansfield,
yeoman. Isaac Oibbs, of Mansfield, and Patrick McCowen, of City of
Burlington, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 7, p. 91.

1749-60, Feb. 28. Inventory of the personal estate. £88.6.1 H ; made by
George Taylor and Benjamin Shreve.

173S» May M. Merick* Roger* of Springfield, Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Sons, John and Thomas, now in Bracknockshire, Wales.
Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Mary, and Thomas Potts.
W^itnesses — Peter Woolf, James Freeman, Titan Leeds. Proved May
t, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 299.

1788. April 80. Inventory of the personal estate. £114.7.6; made by
Roger Fort and Job Rldgway. Includes debt due from Thomas Kimble.

174g, Oet. 11. Merit, Joka» of Springfield, Burlington Co., husband-
man. Int. Administration on estate declined by the brother, Samuel
Merit. In favor of Joseph Atkinson, chief creditor.

1740, Oct. 28. Inventory, £82.17.8; made by Joshua Owen and John
Butcher, Jr.

1740, Oct. 26. Bond of Joseph Atkinson, of Springfield, Burlington co..

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yeoman, as admlniBtrator, with Samuel Scattergood, of Burllnirtcn. mer-
chant, as fellow bondsman. Burlington Wills. S261-6 C.

1748, Avir. SB. Merlatt* Thomna*' of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife,
Nelly, executrix, and to have the house and lot in Piscataway near
the Bound Brook. Lefiracies to sons Abraham, John, Thomas and
Mark. If Thomas or Mark die in non age, survivor shall have his
portion, but if both die their portions shall be divided among their
three sisters (not named), or their heirs. Executor — John Pound,
Junior. Witnesses — Isaac Smalley, Zachariah Bonham. Proved 18
Jan., 1748-9. Lib. E. p. 241.

1748-9, Jan. 12. Filed 1762. Inventory of personal estate. £203.13.2;
made by John Vail, Joseph Hall.

[Not dated]. Account of said estate, mentions Peter Kemble, Jonathan
Dunham. Isaac Hoofe, Thos. Pound, Jno. VanBuren, David Lang, Zacha-
riah Bonham, Micaiah Dunn, John Pound, Jun., Teunis Middah. Elijah

1740, Aug. 10. Merrill. WUU^n^ of Hunterdon Co. Int. Pennelie
Merrill, having b^en advised by her brother, Benjamin Stout, that
"Mr. ffenix, Leyal atturney att Law Liveing at amboy," desired her
to take an inventory of the estate of Will: Merrill, deceased, declined
to do so and relinquished her right to administer on the estate. Dated
at Hopewell, August 19, 1740. Lib. C, p. 395.

1740, Nov. 4. Bond of Jennet Parker, of the City of Perth Amboy,
widow, as admixiistratrii^ of the estate. Fenwick Lyell. of same place.
Esquire, surety.

17S0, Jvn^ 25. Merry (Merrey), Ebeaeser, of Woodbridge, Middle-
sex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Joseph, Job, Annah, Phebe. all
under age. Executors — Job Tharp and David Evens. Witnesses —
Benjamin Price, Barsheba Duvall, William Kent Proved July 27,
1750. Lib. B, p. 442.

1750, July 28. Inventory of personal estate (£113.19.3) includes moneys
due from Jonathan Tharp. Mr. John Pierson, Robert Combes, Robert Don-
ham, James Ross. William Coats, Job Tharp. Made by Joseph Freeman
and Isaac Tappen.

1762, Nov. 20. Account, showing payments to Barsheba Duvall for
nursing, Rev. Mr. John Pierson, Morgan Linnard, John Heard. EMward
Mitchel, Edward Crow^l, James Brown, 3enjamin Thomell, John Morris.
Jun'r. Henry Freeman, Doctor Forker, Jonathan Klnsey, George Man-
hom, Andrew Brown, Doctor Christey. Zedekiah Bonham, James Cod-
dlngton. Doctor John PijBrson, Nugent Kelly, Mary Wilkinjson, Benjamin
Bloomfleld, Reuben Potter, William Coates, Zebulon Tharp, Jonathan
Brooks, Thomas Nelson, Thomas Edgar, Alexander Freeman. ^enJsMi:iiQ
Price. Joseph Fn^eman, Isaac Tappen, Wljliam Kent

1788, «l«ly IBf Mfx^hon, H^prjp of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.,
weaver; will of- Wife, Ann. Son, Qoughton, plantation of 111 lucres.

held by several deeds, from Revel, Benjamin Maple, Susanni^h

Stiockton and Daniel Cox, Veing a second purchase. Wife, Ann, five
acres of meadow boujrh^ of said ^evil, in town of Ma<l<l«nlX9&<l» &<1-
Joining five acres which belonged to Hesekiah Bonham. Sons — Henry,
4^drew, Peter ^^n^ ThomM* Daughters — ^Mary, Ann. Reb^ckah. Elisa-
beth and Sarah. Wife executrix. Witnesses — Stephen Min^r, Philip
Cbapman. John Jol?. Proved Oct. 27. 1738. LU>. 4^ p, 149.

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nit, Oct. 25. InvtBDtory of estate (£265.6.0) Includes one servant man,
£10 ; one negro girl, £40 ; twelve swarms of bees. £5 ; three looms and
harness, £10 ; books £1.5. Made by Stephen Minor and Peter Mershon.

Hunterdon Wills.

It47t May •• Merak^a* Peter, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co., farm-
er; will of. Wife, Jane. Children — Andrew, Daniel, John, Aaron,
Elisabeth and Ann. Profits of plantation to wife to bring up chil-
dren, until they are aged fifteen years. Testator's four oldest chil-
dren by former wife; two youngest sons by wife Jane. Executors —
brother, Thomas Mershon, and brother-in-law John Vandeave. Wit*
nesses — ^Henry Mershon, John Sihith, Nathaniel Fits Randolph. Prov-
^A June 11, 1747. Lib. 6. p. 416.

1747, July 25. Ihventory of the estate (£641.9.6) includes looms and
weavers' utensils (£6.18.6), a negro Wench and three negro children
(£77), his land and meadows (£283). Made by Henry Mershon and
Nathaniel Fits Randolph.

1781* Harck V. fileatayer, Bllaa* of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Two negroes, Stephen and Hester Steall, upon pay-
ment of one hundred pounds in five years, to be free; to aid in this
they to have use of farm, implements and atock. After expiration
of this time, estate to be sold and proceeds to testator's only sister,
Anne Hester Villeneau, wife of John Villeneau of Spittelfleld, London,
distiller, during her life, and, at her death, to the poor of the French
Protestant Church in Artillery Lane in the said Spittelfleld. Other
part of estate, not left to negroes, to be sold at once and proceeds to
said sister. Executors — friends, John Auboyneau, of New York, mer-
chant, and Peter LeConte, practitioner of physick, of Shrewsbury.
Witnesses — Stoffel Langstraat, John .Chamberlain, Robert Ireland.
Proved June 1, 1731. Lib. B, p. 226.

178S» Bee. 37. Mtckle, Arektbald, of Newton, Qloucester Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Mary, sole executrix and to have estate aff^r
legacies paid to my brothers, Joseph and James Mickle, and to my
sister, Mary Powel. Witnesses — Tobias Holloway, William Kent,
Ruth Wright. Affirmed 9 Feb.. 1786-6. Lib. 4, p. 62.

1735-6. Feb. 3. Inventory, £164.10.4 ; made by Tobias Holloway, Rob-
ert Stephens.

1T86» May 8. Mtckle* James» of Newton, Gloucester Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Sarah. Brother, Joseph Mickle. Sister, Sarah Powell.
James Hinchman and Joseph Kaighin of Newton, executors, and to
apply the rent from plantation necessary for the bringing up of my
daughter Rachel until my son Jacob will be 21. In case of death of
these children under age without issue, estate shall descend to my
cousin, Joseph Mickle. Witnesses — William Kent, Thomas Randall,
Priscilla Ingram. Sworn and affirmed, 14 May, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 65.

1736, May 13. Inventory, £52.1.1 ; made by Tobias Halloway, Robert

1T41, Sept. 7. Mickle, Joka, of Gloucester, Gloucester Co., yeoman;
Will of. Wife, Mary. Sons — William, to have 411 acres on the east
side of Oldman's Creek in Gloucester Co., with 87 acres of meadow
and swamp on a branch of said Creek called "AUsprout;" John, at
age, the plantation where I live, within the town bounds of Glouces-
ter, also 47 acres of Cedar swamp "I took up in conjunction with

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William Alberaon;" Samuel, th« residue of my lands, taken or an-
taken, by virtue of my Proprietary Rights, the same to be shared with
my daughter, Hannah Iiadd. My cousin, Joseph Cooper, of Gloucester
Co., to have charge of the estate and education of my son John during
his minority. Grandchildren — John Mickle, to have 126 acres in
Penn's Neck, Salem County, adjoining Hugh's land; Hannah Mickle,
£10, and the youngest child of my son William £10. Executors — sons
William, Samuel and John, and son-in-law John Iiadd. Witnesses —
Joseph Thackray. Joseph Heritage, Job Slddon. Affirmed 12 Dec.,
1744. Lib. 6, p. 62.

1744, Dec. 8. Inventory (£622.08.11) includes Bible, £2.17; negroes—
Jim, £20, Tom. £40, Nell, £40, Jack, boy, £26, Tom. boy, £18. Lindee, girL
£12, Moll, ffirl, £10, and Roger, boy. £6; wherry. £6; cattle, £82. Ap-
praisers — ^Wm. Harrison, Jacob Alberson.

1748* May 1. Mickle, Samvel, of Newton Township, Gloucester Co.,
Sadler; will of. Wife, Letitia, executrix, and brother, John Mickle,
and David Cooper, executors. Premises to be sold and £160 put to
interest for education of my son, Samuel, until he will be 14. In
case of his death under 21 without issue, all lands, excepting the said
house and lot, my son would have had, to be divided equally among
my brothers, John and' William Mickle. and my sister, Hannah Ladd.
Mentions tract of land in Morris County and a marsh in Bgg Har-
bour. Witnesses — Wm. Griscom, Thomas Varnum, Jacob Stokes.
Affirmed 21 Aug., 1748. Lib. 6, p. 262.

1748, May 22. Inventory (£202.14.10H) includes china Delft, Sadler's
tools, gold and silver buttons. Appraisers — Isaac Andrews. Whi. Griscom.

1786, Marek at. Mlddletoa, Joka, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Garthro, executrix, and to have estate, real
and personaL Sons — John (eldest) and Jacob. Witnesses — William
Howard, Samuel Shivers. Affirmed 17 May, 1726. Lib. 4, p. 67.

1726. April 29. Citation: To "(Gertrude." widow of John Middleton to
prove will of the deceased.

1736. May 3. Inventory. £42.6.2; made by Mounce Keen. Samuel

17S7, A«g. 97. MlddletoR, J^ka, of Deptford Township, Gloucester
Co., yeoman. Adm'x, Grace Middleton, his widow. Bondsman — Aaron
Ward, of the same place. Witnesses — Peter Rambo, John Snowden.

Lib. 4, p. 114.

1740^1, Marek 17. Mlddletoa, Jokn, of Burlington Co.; will of.
Children — William, John, Abel, Amos. Jonathan. George. Bridget and
Neomy. Grandson, George Middleton. 60 acres to be taken out of a
warrant I have upon Job Booth's Right; 146 acres I bought of William
Wilson; plantation in Monmouth Co. I bought of Francis Doughty;
meadow joining Thomas Wetherill in Burlington; also land Thomas
Wilson and his wife have for their lives. Bxecutors — wife, Esther,
and friend James Clark, of Stony Brook. Witnesses — William Bunt-
ing. William Cannaro, Edw'd Beakes. Proved May 14, 1741.

Lib. 4. p. 281.

1741, April 14. Inventory of the personal estate, £1202.6.8; made by
Isaac Homer and William Bunting. Includes two Bibles, Dictionary and
other books.

1748-4, Jam. 6. Mlddletoa, Joaatkaa, of Upper Freehold. Monmouth

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Co. Int. Inventory of the estate (£846.1S.2) Includes, In the smith
shop, 96 lb. London steel at 7d., 47 lb. Bristol steel at 6d.; bonds, etc.,
of Thomas Lowrle, John Foord, Abraham Tilton, Samuel Damford,
John Biddle of Philadelphia, Bdmund Beakes; balance on books for
smith work, (£146.12.10). Made by Bartholomew West and William
Miller, Quakers.

January 20, 1742 (?). Meribah Middleton, widow of Jonathan, and
Thomas Middleton, brother of Jonathan, affirm that the deceased died

174S-4, January 17. Bond of Meribah and Thomas Middleton of Upper
Freehold, as administrators of the estate. Bartholomew West, of same
place, fellow bondsman. Lib. 5, p. 11.

1T40» J«ly 37. MldletoR. BUaabetk* of Burlington Co.; will of.
Sisters — Jane Richardson and Martha Rogers. Cousins — Mary and
Slisabeth Midleton, Mary Staples, Ann Brown, Martha Handcock,
Susanna, Mary, Phebe, Jane, and Blisabeth Richardson. Real and
personal estate. Executors — brother, John Richardson, and cousin
Henery Brown. Witnesses — Henry Hall, Peter Imlay, Lydia Imlay.
Proved 18th day, 9th mo. (Nov.), 1740. Lib. 4, p. 258.

1740. Nov. 8. Inventory of the personal estate, £18.7.6 ; made by Jon-
athan Shreve and Peter Imlay. Includes debts due by Henery Browne,
Peter Imlay, Henery Hall and John C^wen.

1740. Nov. 22. Additional inventory, £124.15.8%. Includes bonds from
estate of John Rogers, Jun'r, Estate of Joseph Orouden, Elsq., John Rich-
ardson and his son John; also a Bible and Prayer Book.

1749» April 13. Mler (Meyer), Andros, of City of Burlingrton, yeoman;
will of. Son, John, and dau., Johannah, my lands; son John to pay
my dau., Cornelia, £50, and Johannah to pay my dau., Biariah, £60.
Bxecutors — wife, Frena, and son John. Witnesses — John Vansciver,
John Vansciver, Jun'r, Jos. Scattergrood. Proved May 4, 1749.

Lib. 6, p. 884.

174(^1» Feb. 19. MtHbonrm* Ajidrew» of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.,
carpenter. Int. Bond of Sarah Milbourne, the widow, as adminis-
tratrix. Roffer Woolverton, of Hopewell, tailor, surety. Witnesses —
Archibald Home and John Clark. Lib. 4, p. 806.

1741, May 15. Inventory of the estate (£78.19.0) includes a ffun and
sword, £1.10. Made by Andrew Smith and Roffer Woolverton.

1747» Oct. 2. MUest Isaac, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'r, Jeremiah
Oarrltson. Fellow bondsman, Peter Scull. Both of Cape May County.
'Witnesses — Henry YounsTt Benjamin Scull.

1747. Oct. 1. Inventory of personal estate (£10.19.1) includes twelve
weaver's spules. Appraisers — Peter Scull, Benjamin Scull.

1748. Sept 80. Account Allowances, £28.7.9. C^pe Biay Wills, 184 B.

1743p May 5. Miles* Thoma«« of Penns Neck, Salem Co., weaver;
will of. To Ann Owens one painted dressing: box, and one silver
tumbler. To Richard Ashdon and Thomas Bmlin "my apparel, ex-
cept two new suits, and my best hat with the stockingrs and all things
thereto belong inff." To Thomas Elwell "all the debts he oweth me."
"I give £50 to erect a schoolhouse in some part of the lower part of
Penns Neck." My son, Francis, at 21 to have the remainder; if he
dies in non-age the interest shall be used to erect a schoolhouse and
to maintain a schoolmaster. The Trustees of the place in Salem

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County shall appoint whore tho schoolhottBo shall be built, the num-
ber to be tauffht, and a master. Bxecutok^— son« Francis Miles, with
Ainnlok Binnlokson, his guardian. If the said Slnnickson should die
before my son will be of age, Daniel Branderiff; and In case of his
«eath I appoint Edmond Weterby. Witnesses — John Marshall. Jo-
seph Gibbon, Onesiphorus Standly, John Callaham, Peter Btynberff.
Proved 21 May, 174S. Lib. 4, p. 864.

Oodidl. Sfamlck Slnnickson appointed sole executor until Francis Miles
will be seventeen, and, if my said son at 21 refuses to pay within three
years the legacies mentioned in the will, the beouests to him shall become
void and pass immediately to the use of the school mentioned.

1743, June 24. Letters Testamentary granted to Sinnick Slnnickson.

1748, May 18. 19, 20. Inventory (£561.8.2.%) Includes riding horse,
armour, books of law, mathmaticks and other books (£17.16.2), writing
deMc, maps, pictures, morter, "pistle." weight and scales, iron and steel,
bellows and anvil, with other smith tools, pair of steers at Thomas Gil-
christ's, oxen at John Malcolm's, at James Owen's, at Owen Ryan's and
at Eh*8ack Gilljohnson's. oows and calf at John Malcolm's, at Daniel
Bllderback's. and on his plantation, etc. Appraisers — Ranier Vanhlst,
James Barkley.

1748, June 17. Additional goods from the houses of Tewrlson and
Shuxanna Herman. Appraisers — ^William Tuft, James Barkley.

1743, June 22. Additional appraisement by John Kellachln and Peter
Brynbery includes cash from Charles Scott.

1744, Feb. 5. Affidavit of Francis Miles, now at the age of seventeen
years, that the several annexed writings contain the will of his father
and that he will truly execute the same.

1744. Feb. 6. Account. Moneys paid to Benjn. Bispham. John Mar-
shall, Francis Janviers, Roger Sherron, Sarah Dtmn, Thomas Qillingham.
Wm. Peake, Jeremiah Baker. Morris Johnson, Jacob Comelieson. Sus-
annah Harman, Henry Peterson, John Smith, Margate Wilder, John
Fumy, Roger Sherron, Robert Hart, Ranier Vanhlst. Daniel Bilderback,
Elisabeth Wallls, James Owen, Isaac Sharp, Joseph Test. John Callahan,
Mary Grafton, Anne Owen. James Congleton, Sarah Downing, Danl.
Lambstone. Bllsth. Casperson, George Monrow. Richd. Ashdon. Andrew
Bartleson. John Baton. James Barclay, John Jones. Johannes Flannegan,
Danl. Bilderback, Ellsth. Wright. Jos. Sharp, Charles O Net 11. Abner
Penton. John Demsey, John Pierson, Willm. Pennock, Catherine Mc-
Knlght, Josiah Pennington, Ashdon & Emley, Jos. Test. E^rick GUIJohnson,
Andrew Sinnick, Tim. O Conner. Ja. Barkley, Danl. Mestayer, Thomas
dwell. Mary Grafton, James O>ngleton, John Mecum. Willm. Mecum,
Archibald Crawford, Thomas Gilllngham and Nicholas Harman.

174a» Feb. 18. MtlUir» Georve, of Pilesgrove, Salem Co., blacksmith;
will of. Wife, Mary, to have use of the place I live on during widow-
hood for the bringing up of my sons, vis., Joost (at 21 to have the
said place, 112 acres) and James (100 acres Joining the same tract).
The money arising from the sale of one-third of the moveables to
be put at interest during the minority of my sons and used by my
wife for their support and education. Executors — wife, and brother,
William Millar. Witnesses— Josiah Elwell, Andrew Lock, Joseph
Carroll. Proved 28 February, 1742. Lib. 4, p. 858.

1742. March 8. Inventory (£144.19.10) includes horses, oxen, etc,
smith's tools, Bible, "balance of his books. £38.07.7,'* debt due from Sam-
uel Morgan. Appraisers — Samuel Morgan, Thos. Graves.

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1750^ Juc 9S. Miller* Cliarlea* of Burlington Co. Administration
on estate granted to John Imlay, of Bordentown, merchant. John
Trapnele, of Burlingrton, Innholder, fellow bondsman. Lib. 7, p. 44.

17S9»40b 1 mo. <Mar.), IT da. Miller, Bbeaeaer, of Salem Co., house
carpenter, guardian of Daniel Dickson (son of Anthony Dickson, yeo-
man, and Mary his wife, late of the south side of Cohansey). Wit-
nesses — ^Rlchd. Wood, Joslah Flthlan, Samuel Flthian, Isaiac Flthlan.

Salem Wills. 684 Q.

TT49, Feb. 8. Miller* Jamea (14 yrs. and upwards), son of Gtoor^e
Miller, of Salem Co. Ouardlan — ^Jeremlah Wood. Bondsman — Bateman
Loyd. Witnesses — Zechonlus Wood, Frederick Hoffman.

Salem Wills, 766 Q.

1786* Marek at. Miller* Joka, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'x.
Martha Miller, widow. Bondsman — Jonathan Holmes. Both of said
county. Witnesses — Abraham Reeves, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 67.

1786, March 26. Inventory (£166.1.1) of '*John Miller, weaver, ' Includes
cattle, horses, wheat, books, etc. Appraisers — Abraham Reeves, John

1788-«* Feb. 14. Miller* Joka* of Chesterfield, Burlln^on Co. Int.
Inventory of the personal estate, £117.0.2; made by Joshua Wrlgrht and
John Steward.

1786-6, March 19. Administration granted to Ann Miller, widow. John
Steward and Thomas Miller, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 65.

1788, June 19. Account of "Ann Muller," administratrix, showlnar
moneys paid John Tantum for making coffin and digging grave, Doct.
John Brown, John Qulcksall, Wm. Cooke, Anthony Woodwatd, Wm. Chap-
man, Richard Smith, Benjamin Burges, Oeorge Hopkins, Richard Harri-
son, Miriam Fowler, Samuel Horseman, Elisabeth Newberry. Richard
Martin, Thomas Roberts.

1T40* Sept. 12. Miller* John* of Cohansey, Salem Co., cooper; will
of. Wife, Susannah, executrix, and to have all my goods and chattels.
Witnesses — ^James Caruthers, Abraham Reeves, Joslah Flthlan. Prov-
ed 17 May, 1749. Cumberland Wills, 40 F.

1749, May 2. Inventory of personal estate, £100.1.8 ; made by Hugh
X>unn. Caleb Ayars, Junior.

1749, June 3. Jonathan Holmes and Josiah Parvln appointed admin-
istrators. Fellow bondsmen — Caleb Ayars, Jun., and Hugh Dunn. Wit-
nesses — James Ayars, Ellas Cottlng.

174t* Feb. 8. Miller* Jooat (aged 14 years, and upwards, son of
Oeorge Miller. Salem Co.), ward. Guardian — Jeremiah Wood. Bonds-
man^-Bateman Loyd. Witnesses — Jechonias Wood, Frederick Hoff-
man. Salem Wills, 766 Q.

1735-6, Marck 19. Miller* Noak* of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Joanah. Sons — Samuel, Noah and John. Daughters —
Elisabeth, Joanna and Susannah. Home farm to be divided among
the sons. Executors — ^wife, and son Noah. Witnesses — Nathaniel
Bishop, Moses Bishop, Abraham Reeves. Proved 8 Oct., 1787.

Lib. 4, p. 146.

1787. Oct. 4. Inventory (1116.13.11) Includes cattle, sheep and horses.
Appralsers-^ames Robinson, Moses Bishop.

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1741, Oet. a*. MUler, Nm1i« of CohanMy, Salem Co. Int. Adro*x,
Susannah Miller (relict of). Bondsmen — John Rementon and 8am«
uel Clark, of Cohansey. Witnesses — Robt. Lynd, Chas. O. Neill.

Lib. 4. p. SI 6.

1741, Nov. 2. Inventory, £122.18 ; made by Abraham Reeves. James

1786* April 24. Miller, Peter, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.
Int. Bond of Eve, his widow, as administratrix. Jacob Cuke, fellovr
bondsman. Witness — Thomas Harmer. Lib. C, p. 9S.

ITSl-a, Jam. 20. MlUer, Rlckard, J«M*r, of Elisabeth Town. Essex
Co. Int. Administration grranted to the widow, Sarah Miller.

Lib. B, p. 242.

17S1-2. Feb. 2. Inventory of personal estate (£281.01.11), includes not*
from Matthias Miller, bonds from Johannes Black, carpenter. (Seorse
Leslie, Caleb Jefferys, Samuel Williams, David Whitehead, Peter Steel-
man, Daniel Inserson, James Steelman. Made by Andrew Joline and
Matthias Hetfleld.

17S6, Feb. 28. **On the Srd of Jan., 17S1. Richard Miller, Jr., dyed intes-
tate, and letters of administration were granted Sarah Miller, the widow,
on Jan. 29, 1781. And whereas she has since intermarried with one EHijalk
Davis, they have now exhibited an account of administration."

1786, Feb. 28. Bond of EHlJah Davis as administrator on the estate.
John O^en and John Me^e, fellow bondsmen. Lib. B, p. 242.

Accompt of Elijah and Sarah Davis, showing receipts from Mr. Andrew
Joline, Searle ft Pintard, Mr. Royall, Joh. Lawrence. William Qathwalt,
Jeane Tongasto, Mindwell Williams, John Blanchard, Thomas Clark,
Andrew Crag, Steven Hinds, Joseph Tooker, Steven Crane, Daniel Meeker,
Mary Marsh. John Drew, Phebe Meeker, Jonathan Dayton, Joseph Gray
(for Peter Scull of Cape May), Jeremiah Crane. Jun'r, Aaron Miller,
Jeams Marten. Sam*ll Miller. Dan'U Clark. Joseph Megle. Sam'll Littell,
Gtorshom Hlgins, Icobod Burnet, William Miller. Peter Steelman, James
Steelman, James Steelman Jun'r. Zachary Blake (of New York), Matthew
Hetfleld. Myndert Williams.

1786, Get. 28. Miller, Rstk, widow, of Salem Co. Int Admr's, John
Foster and Ruth Foster. Bondsman — Joslah Flthian. All of said
County. Witnesses — Jacob Ware, Danl. Mestayer.* Lib. 4, p. 107.

1736, Oct. 26. Inventory, £68.6.1 ; made by Joslah Flthian, Jacob Ware.

1749, May 18. Miller, Svaamiiak, widow of John Miller, of Cohansey,
Cumberland Co.; will of. "I bequeath my whole estate left me by my
husband to my three children, Elisabeth, Susanna and Jonathan,
equally." Executors — Josiah Parvin and my son, Jonathan Holmes,
Witnesses — Elisabeth E. Mulford, Sarah Shepherd, Joseph Read.
Proved S June, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 119.

1769, May 1. Miller, Tkosuui, of Morrlstown, Morris Co., weaver;
will of. Wife, Margreat. Sons — James and John to have the whole
estate and pay legacies to other sons and daughters, vis., Thomas,
Mary and Isaac Miller (no interest to be demanded until they will be
sixteen). Executors — wife, Margaret, and son James Miller. Wit-
nesses — Zophar Olldersleeve, Daniel Walling, Caleb Fairchild. Prov-
ed 25 July, 1760. Lib. B, p. 481.

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1761, Feb. 6. Renunciation of Margreat Miller, the Executrix, in favor
of tlie said James Miller, executor. Witneasea John Riky, John Miller.

174e.7. Jan. 20. MlUer. William, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Son-in-law, Benjamin McFarlen. Son, John Black. Robert Has-

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 42 of 85)