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lett, Robert Breaden and Francis McKemie to appraise property.
Samuel Sloan to be free at testator's decease, and Benjamin Mc-
Farlin to take care of him and send him to schooL Said Benjamin to
take care of Mary McClean. Clothinsr of testator and his wife to the
disposal of Francis McKenne (or McKemie), Robert Breden and Rob-
ert Haslett, to distribute amonflr testator's children. Residue of
estate to children (?), William Miller, Benjamin McFarlin, John Black,
James Younflr, Thomas McBroom and Daniel McClean. Executors —
Francis McKemie and Robert Breden. Witnesses — ^Thomas Camens
and Robert Haslett. Proved Feb. 24, 1746-7. Lib. 6, p. S16.

1746-7, Feb. 8. Inventory of estate (£27.0.6), includes a Qreat Bible.
Made by Samuel Loudin and James Cimins.

1748, Dee. 24. MlUes, Mleluiel* of Evesham, Burlingrton Co., yeo-
man; will of. DauflThters — ^Rosannah and Sarah. Real and personal
estate. Executors — wife, Sarah, and brother-in-law, Benjamin Moore,
Jnn'r. Witnesses — Samuel Moore, Ann Sill, John Burr, Jun'r. Proved
Jan. 30, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 28.

1748, 11th day, 10th mo. (Dec.). Inventory of the personal estate,
£488.S.6; made by Carllle Haines and Amos Austin.

17S0, May 28. Account of Benjamin Moore, Jun'r, and Sarah Milles,
showing payment to Jonathan Austin and Elisabeth Shinn for funeral
charges, Timothy Matlock, Reuben Haines, William Fester, David Bas-
sett. Job Haines, Jacob Heulinvs, Samuel Hale.

1TS2, 2ad day* Sad mo. (April). Mills, Fraacto, of New Hanover,
Bnrlingrton Co.; will of. Children — Joshua, William, Aurellus, James
Lord, Jamima, Mary, Kesiah, and Sarah, all under agre. An expected
child. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Elisabeth, and
friend John Wrisrht, Esq. Witnesses — David Davis, Masrdalin Bard,
James Lewis. Proved Sept. 16, 1782. Lib. 3, p. 216.

1782-8, March 17. Inventory of the personal estate, £99.7; made by
William Bowker and Constantino Wood. Includes '*wearinff apparriU
where he dyed in Pennsylvania," two Bibles and other books.

17S8» Jaa. ••. Mills* James* of Salem Co., tailor. Int. Adm'r, John
Steward, of AUoways Creek, yeoman. Bondsman — ^Robert Hart, mer-
chant, of SaleuL Witness — ^Richd. Roe. Lib. 4, p. 180.

1738-9, Feb. 2. Inventory (£110.6) ; made by Clem. Hall, Robert Hart

1747* Dee. 5. Mills* James* of the Borouffh of Elisabeth, Essex Co.,
cutler; will of. To Gideon Mills land bought of Susannah Morehouse.
Thomas, son of brother Robert Mills, to be apprenticed to Isaac Nut-
man. Brother, Edward Mills, land in Kinsrdom of Ireland. Land in
North Carolina. Executors — friends Isaac Nutman and David Smith.
Witnesses — ^Matt. Baldwin, Mary Baldwin, John Ross. Proved Nov.
18, 1749. Lib. E, p. 340.

1785* April 15. Mills* Joha* of Indian Fields, Salem Co., yeoman;
Will of. Wife, Mary, durlnsr life, all my plantation and improved
lands on the north side, called Rich Neck Branch, providlnsr that

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Bhe takes care and provides for mj little dauflrhter. Temperance. At
her decease lands shall go to my son John, on condition aforesaid.
Son. Ephraim. at agre. to have lands I purchased from William Joslin.
Son Seelye, 50 acres in Little Mill Branch, The marsh which I pur-
chased of Ephraim Sayres to my Ave sons. John, Seelye. Ephraim,
Uriah and Jedidiah, equally. Dausrliters — ^Mary. Sarah and Rebecca.
Executors— wife, and son John. Witnesses — Samuel Foster. John
Robinson. John Pedmore. Proved S June, 1735.

1735. June S. Letters testamentary irranted to Mary Mills, execotrlac
named. John Mills being under age. Lib. 4. p. 36.

1736. May 13. Inventory, £286; made by Joatn. Fithian, Jno. Black-

1740-1. Marek 10. HUlii, Joka, of the south side of Cohansey
''called by the name of Rich Neck," Salem Co.; will of. Wife, Pheebe,
to have whole estate forever, and to put to interest £7 in two years
from this date for the use of my eldest son. Jerediah, until he will b«
21; likewise for my youngest son Jeremiah; both said sons at 14 to
be apprenticed to a joyner*s trade. Wife to have the use of my part
in the salt meadow which my father bought of E^phraim Sears nntfl
sons will be of age. Executors — wife, Phebe, and Daniel Bowin.
Witnesses — Hugh Luckie, Jacob Robinson, Abraham Hyatt. Proved
21 May. 1741. Lib. 4. p. 285.

1740-1. March 10. Renunciation of Danl. Bowen. one of the executors
named. Witness — Elias Cottlng.

1741. May 1. Letters testamentary granted to Phebe Mills, executrix.

1740-1, March 24. Inventory. £84.6.1 ; made by Jonathan Bowen, Abra-
ham Hyatt.

1748, Feb. 22. Mills, Jobs, of Stoe Creek, Cumberland Co. Int.
Administratrix, Mary Mills, widow. No bondsman recorded. Wit-
nesses — Peter Long, Ellas Cotting. Lib. 6, p. 7€.

1748. Dec. 80. Inventory of personal estate, £61.01.0 ; made by Peter
Long, David Reed, both of Stoe Creek.

1740, July 12. Mills, Jonsthss* Of Township of Stoe, Cumberland
Co.. yeoman, appointed guardian of James Padgett, an infant of 14
and upwards, son of Francis Padgett, late of same place. Bondsmen
— Jonathan Mills, Joseph Denn, both of the township of Stoe. Wit-
nesses — Rebekah Padgett, Elias Cotting. Cumberland Wills. 42 F.

1744* Amr. 7. Mills, Ssmiiel. of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co., yeoman;
will of. "Being far advanced in years." Children — Samuel, John, Jo'-
seph, Mary Thompson, Hannah Scott, Rachel Stuart, Susanna Wlnans,
Elisabeth Frasee, Phebe Clark. Sarah Lee and Jane Mills. Sons —
Richard Mills. Sen'r, and Richard Mills, Jun'r, (alias James Mills);
division of land between them to be made by William Porter and
Abraham Clark. Executor — son, Richard Mills, the elder. Witnesses
— Joseph Kelsey, John Cleverly, Daniel Kelsy. Proved March 10, 1744.

Lib. D, p. 246.

1741, Amr. 10. MUiior, Johs. of City of Burlington, Innholder; will
of. Children — Isaac, John, Joseph, Thomas, William, Martha and
Mary; the daughters under age. Land and houses in Penna. to sons
Joseph and John. Executors — Wife. Martha, and son Joseph. Wit-
nesses — Thomas Scattergood, Jr., Will Lyndon, Francis Hague. Prov-
ed Aug. 15, 1741. Lib. 4. p. 811.

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CALENDAR OF WILLS — 1 730-1 750 341

1746. July 24. Inventory of the personal estate. £76.2.1 ; made by Isaac
DeCow and Israel H^ulin^s.

1745, Oet. 11. Minor, Samuel, of New Windsor. Middlesex Co..
weaver. Int. Bon4 of Hannati (Annatie) Minor, his widow, m ad-
ministratrix of his estate. William Updike, fellow bondsman. Wit-
ness — John Heard. Lib. D. p. 843.

1745-6, Jan. 18. Inventory of personal estate, £162.13.6 ; made by
James Clark, William Updike. Luke Cowenhoven.

1742, May 1. Htniada. George, of the City of Philadelphia, mer-
chant. Bond of Ann Magrdalen Miranda, widow of said deceased, as
administratrix of the estate. Joseph Warrell, of Trenton. Esquire,
and Thomas Bourne, of Philadelphia, merchant, sureties.

(Hunterdon Wills). Lib. 4. p. 878.

17S1, April 14. MIteheU, Jaeob, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co. Int.
Bond of Hannah Mitchell, Nathaniel Mitchell and John Halstead. as
administrators on the estate. Witnesses — Tlmo. Halstead. Elisabeth
Halstead. Lib. B. p. 206.

1780-1, Jan. 6. Inventory of personal estate (£176.14.08) includes
debt due from Richard B<astbe, Hanover. Made by Ebeneier Lyon,
Jonathan Allen.

17S3, Sept. 18. Vttehell, Jolui, of Cossiam. Phllada. Co., Province
of Penna. Administration on estate srranted to Joseph Lownds, of
Cosalan, yeoman. Samuel Bustlll, Esq.. of Burlinsrton, fellow bonds-
man. Witnesses — John ^yndshaw. Joseph Rose.

Burlinsrton Wills. 2309 C.

17S8, Jnl7 11* MltekelU NatM^lell, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co..
tailor; will of. Children — James, Oeor^e, William. Sarah, Mary and
Elizabeth. Swamp land purchased of Aaron and Thomas Thompson;
land in partnership with my brother William Mitchell; land Joining
land of Samuel Lambert, deceased, fflven me and my wife by my
father, Oeorgre Jewell, deceased. Executors — wife, Elisabeth, and
friend William Richardson. Witnesses — Richard Miller, Samuel
Killer, John Borrowes. JuA'r. Proved July 28, 1738. Lib. C, p. 204.

1738, Au«. 14. Inventory of personal estate. (£219.00.09), Includes a
silver porringer, and a negro man valued at £66. Made by Jon. Dayton,
William Wlnans.

174^ Dee. 18. Ml^tehell, Nathaniel, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.,
orphan of about 14 years. 9ond of Jonathan Allen as guardian. Wil-
liam Mitchell, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — James Hindes, Jo-
seph Littell. Lib. b. p. 28.

1747-8, Jam aS8. Mocle^th (HeUlrsth), ^nruilam, of Somerset Co.
Administration on estate granted to Thomas Mocleroth, brother of
deceased. Fellow bondsman — Henry Sloan. Lib. B, p. 118.

1747-8. Jan. 21. inventory of pergonal estate, £68.00.2 ; made by David
Sutton, Abraham Vantuyle.

1780^1, Jaa. 8. MoUegan, Jamee. Administration granted to Sam.
Dennis, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Lib. B, p. 182.

17494 Seipt. M. HoniAaj (Kaady), «(opeweU^ of Piscataway, Middle-
sex Co. Int. Bond of Sarah Munday, his widow, as administratrix.

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Jeremiah Hemated and John Martin, fellow bondsmen. Lib. B, p. 332.
1749, Sept. 26. Inventory of personal estate, £84.11; made bj Henry
Langstafr and Joshua Marvin.

1754, Sept. X Monday, Nleholas, of the Vineyard, PlscaUqua Town-
ship, Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of. Children — Joseph, Hopewell.
Thomas, Nicholas, Benjamin, John, Samuel, Abigail Qyles, Hope
Blackford, Elisabeth Flat, Mary Luke, Margaret Monday. Orand-
dauffhter. Providence Blackford. Lands Joining lands of John Bfartin,
Jun'r, Joseph Martin, Henry Loveal, Mistris FitsRandolph, Nicholas
Monday, Elisabeth FitsRandolph, Samuel Hulls, Nicholas Monday,
Sen'r, and Jun*r, Moses Martin. Meadow I purchased of Joseph Dennis,
Joining lands of John Compton, Henry Potter, Daniel Hendrick. Part
of land sold to me by John Dennis, Jabesh Hendrick, Wm. Taslo,
Benjamin Smith, Peter Martin, John Parker. Executors — ^wife, Hope,
and Thomas Monday. Witnesses — ^Peter Martin, Resiel Runyon, Tho.
Broderwick. Proved Nov. 20, 1784. Lib. B, p. 674.

Monday (see Munday).

1748* Jnne 24. Monsell» Thomas, of Cape May Co. Int. Adm'x, De-
borah Monsel. Fellow bondsman — ^Thomas Munsell, of Cape Bfay

1748, June 22. Inventory of personal estate, £28.9.2; made by John
Leonard. Thomas Daniels.

, , — ^. Account. Moneys paid Henry Youn^, Danl. Mes-

tayer, Thomas Dulls, Christopher Leamin^, Recompence Hand, etc

Cape May Wills, 188 E.

1755, Jnne 1. Montsomeiie, John, S^«*» late Captain Oeneral and
Oovernour in Chief of the Province of New Jersey, New York, etc
Administration on the estate g'ranted to Charles Williams, flrent. Wil-
liam Cosby, Esq., Captain Oeneral and Oovernour in Chief of the
Province of New Jersey, New York, etc., fellow bondsman — Witness —
Jo. Warrell. Burlington Wills, Lib. 8, p. 316.

17S4, Dee. 19. Montgomery, Goorve, of Middlesex Co. Int. Bond
of John Miller, principal creditor, of New York City, as administrator.
Andrew Hay, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Witness — James
Hooker. Lib. B, p. 687.

1747, May 8. Moon, Peter, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.,
mason. Int. Bond of Henry Bosrert, bolter, and Evert Pels, rope-
maker, both of New York City, as administrators, beinflr next of kin.
Abraham Hyer, of New Brunswick, cooper, fellow bondsman.

Lib. E, p. 36.

1741, May 27. Moore, Alexander, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.,
innkeeper; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — John, Alexander,
Henry, William, Mary, Oeorsre. and James, all under affe. Real and
personal estate. Executors — friends Alexander Henry and William
Ouke, both merchants of New Brunswick. Witnesses — ^Fran. Costiffan,
Jan DeWitte, Thos. Hardinff. Proved March 21, 1742. Lib. D, p. 28.

17S2, Sept. 12. Moore, Andrew, of Burlingrton Co., labourer. Int.
Administration on estate granted to Thomas Barns, of Nottingham,
Innholder. Thomas Clayton, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., fellow bonds-
man. Lib. 8, p. 137.

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1732, Sept. 12. Thomas Bams states that Andrew Moore died at hla
house of a fever and that he had no kindred in these parts.

1738-7, Jam. 41. Moore* Johst of Chesterfield, Burlingrton Co., jeo-
man: will of. Legacies to Thomas, son of Gershom Moore, deceased,
in Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.; to John, son of Nathaniel Moore of
Hopewell. Hunterdon Co.; to Sam'll, son of Benjamin Moore, of New-
town, Queens Co., Island of Nassau; and also to eldest dau. of said
Benjamin Moore. Wife, Mary, executrix. Real and personal estate.
Witnesses — Samuel Fenton, Samuell Taylor, Jno. Richardson. Proved
Dec 17. 1735. Lib. 4, p. 47.

1735. Nov. 7. Inventory of the personal estate, £94.12 ; made by Is.
DeCow and R. Wright. Includes large Bible and other books.

iraau Marck 18. Moore, JohB, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeoman;
will of. Children — Benjamin, Enoch. Samuel, Daniel, William, John,
Rachel. Mary, Hannah, Deborah, Sarah, Elisabeth, Hope and Frances.
Real and personal estate. Lot joining land of Peter Elstone. Execu-
tors — wife. Mary, and son Benjamin. Witnesses — Joseph Conger, Jo-
seph Oliver, Benj. Tharp, J. Stevens. Proved April 20. 1786.

Lib. C, p. 86.

1739V Jnly 41. Moore, Joha, of Salem Co.; will of. To the son of
Jacob Moore, my brother, the bond I bought from Joseph Pack. Land
bought from my brother, Samuel Moore, I freely will to said Samuel,
whom I appoint my executor to dispose of my effects as follows:
one yoke of oxen to my brother Jacob, a case of bottles to my sister
Eliza.beth Pack, and the personal to himself. Witnesses — Geo. Hanna,
Joslah Parvin, Ephraim Mills. Proved 10 Oct., 1789. Lib. 4, p. 205.

1739, Aug. 20. Inventory, £88; made by Josiah Parvin, Eiphraim

IJAC 7, Jaa. 17. Moore, Lewis, of Rockyhlll, Somerset Co., merchant;
will of. Wife, Margaret. Estate to be sold at discretion of execu-
tors; one-third to wife and two-thirds to bring up the three children,
Lewis, John and William. Executors — Alexander Moore, Gershom
Shippey and John Corle. Witnesses — Jurie Brower, Joseph Kno,
John Berrien. Proved 10 Feb., 1736. Lib. E, p. 144.

1736-7, Jan. 24. Inventory of real and personal estate (£782.0.4) in-
cludes one acre of land and the buildings, £125. ; silver watch, £7 ; silver
hllted sword, £4.10. Appraisers — ^Thos. Yates, Jurie Brower.

1733-3, Feb. 34. Moore, Mattkew, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.,
carpenter; will of. Children — Nehemiah, Elisabeth, Matthew, and
Sarah Skinner. Grandson — ^Matthew Skinner. If negro, Frank, pay
£25 by Feb. 24, 1738-4 and interest for one year, he shall have right
to his wife, Parthenia, and her children. Real and personal estate.
Executors — Sam'll, son of James Moore, deceased, and Robert, son
of John Moore, deceased. Witnesses — Samuel Lockheart, Thomas
Jackaon, Elisabeth Dyer. Proved April 5, 1788. Lib. B, p. 390.

1748» Dee. 38. Moore^ Robert, of Manlngton, Salem Co. Int. Adm'x,
Jane Brown. Bondsman — Robert Walket. Both of said County. Wit-
nesses — ^Wdl Barker, Nichls. Gibbon. Lib. 6, p. 328.

1748-9, Jan. 19. Inventory, £8.19; made by Thomas Haynes. Alexr.

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1783, May 17. Moore, WUl, of Middlesex Co.; will of. Wife and
children mentioned but not named. Real and personal estate. Execu-
tors — Matthew Clarkson, of New York City, and Henry Fisher, of
Raritan. Witnesses — Elisabeth DeForest, Jno. Brouffhton, Andrew
Barclay. Proved March 2S, 1738-9. Lib. C, p. 268.

1745, JiuM 8. Moore*, Joha, of Woodbridsre, Middlesex Co., Esq.;
will of. To dausrhter, Mary, and her eldest dausrhter, a nesrro I bought
of John Noe. Children — Mary, John, Daniel, Matthew, Francis and
Elisabeth, last four under a^e. Expected child. Farm I purchased
of the executors of Benjamin Force, joininsT lands of Joseph Bloom-
field and Jonathan Frasee; land bought of the executors of John
Harrison in Perth Amboy; salt marsh by mortsragre from Thomas
Moore late of Woodbridsre, deceased; land sriven me by my father and
land purchased of Cousin William Moores; land bought of Serajah
Bunn; land formerly belonsrinsT to my brother, Benjamin Moores,
deceased; freehold risrht I purchased of Joseph Oilman. Executors-^
wife Mary, son John, and friend William Brittain. Witnesses — James
Wilkinson, Sam. Jaquess, David Donham, Jun'r. Proved July 1, 1746.

Lib. D, p. 802.

1789, June IS. Morehouse, David, of Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.,
carpenter; will of. Wife, Susannah. Children — Pheebe, Hannah, Jo-
hannah, Abigail and David, all under aire. Land Joining lands of
Edward Sale and Bowley Ramsey. Executors — friends Matthias
Hiet0eld and John Offden. Witnesses — Samuel Meaker, James Chand-
ler, Thos. Jackman. Proved Dec. 24, 1789. Lib. C, p. 814.

1739-40, Feb. 18. Inventory of personal estate (£829.17.02), Includes
bonds of Daniel Sayer, Henery Peirson, John Hunloke. Made by Joseph
Woodruffs and David Whitehead.

1755, Nov. 5. Morehoiise, Joha, of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife,
Susannah. Executors — wife, and brother David Morehouse, of Elisa-
beth Town. Plantation to be sold and proceeds to wife, for the brins-
inff up of children (not named). Witnesses — Jonathan Osborn, Zaoh-
ariah Fairchild, Henry Lacy. Proved Jan. 10. 1782. Lib. 8, p. 240.

1782, Nov. 27. Inventory of estate, £106.16.2; made at Hanover, by
Edward Sale.

1756, April IS. Whereas Stephen Morehouse, son of John Morehouse,
late of Hunterdon County, deceased, hath made complaint that David
Morehouse, deceased, surviving executor of the will of said John More-
house, did not render any account of his administration, and that Biatthiaa
Het/ield, Esquire, and John O^en, of Elisabeth Town, executors of
the will of David Morehouse, have not rendered an account, citation was
issued by Charles Read and the said executors appeared, April 28, 17M.

1784» Avs* 81. Mores (Morris), Joaepk* of Bersen Co.; wiU oL
The thirds of the rents of the plantation I now live on and of the rent*
of the land sold at New York shall be paid yearly to my mother,
Rebeckah Anderson, during her life. Executors to dispose of the
whole estate and after all debts paid to put the remainder for the
maintenance of my wife, Elenor Mores, and her children, that is to
say, "my daughter Rebeckah, my son William, my son Joool^us and
my child not yet born." Each shall share equally, exc#pUnc a hk
share which I ffive to my son-in-law, Isaac DeReiner; but If the
said Isaac shall recover my estate at the fresh water he shaU liav^
% of a share. The lands at New York formerly in the possession of

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William Huddleatone I ffive equally to mj sisters, Rebeckah, Hannah,
and Sarah, if they can recover the same. Executors — wife, Elenor,
Thomas Dekey and Jeams Hasyard, with power to execute deeds for
that which I have sold to Joan Blake at New York for a lot of land
there. Siflrned "Joseph Morris." Witnesses— Jere Bleke, St. Oeorflre
Talbot, Richard Edsall. Proved 28 May, 1736. Thomas DeKay and
Blenor Morris qualify as executors. Lib. C, p. 40.

1784. Nov. 26. Inventory of personal estate (£201.9.6) includes nesro
women Gate, £85, Jude, £80 ; bonds of Joan Block, William Anderson
and Charles Comlein (?). Made by Samuel Edsall and Bfatheues Benson,

1747, May an. Horford* Tkoauw, of Mlddletown Township, Mon-
mouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Hannah, land, negro wench Beas,.
etc Son, John, land at Shoal harbor, silver tankard, etc Son, Jer-
rett, 20 sh. Son, Thomas, £160, loom and tackling. Daughter, Mary,.
has had her share. Daughters — Sarah, Hannah and Catherine, when
aged 18. Son, Joseph, under age. Executors — wife, and son Jerrett.
Witnesses — Oeorge, James and Elisabeth Mount, and William Woolley.
Proved June 2, 1760. Lib. E, p. 418.


1751* Nov. 4. MorgaBt Alexaader* of Waterford, Qloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Hannah. Sons — Joseph, to have in addition
to the place whereon he lives, by previous deed of gift, land in Town-
ship of Newton, purchased of my brother-in-law, Joseph Cooper;
Benjamin, the home tract, also land purchased of Samuel Burge, 28
acres in Burlington County, joining Samuel Davis and Thomas Lippin-
cott, 84 acres of swamp purchased of Samuel Burroughs on Delaware
River and the northeast side of Pensawking Creek. Daughters —
Mary (wife of Edmund Holllnshead), Elizabeth (wife of William
Miller), Lydia, to have her legacy in 12 months, Hannah, Sarah and
Rachel to have theirs at 21. Orandchildren (minors; names not given).
Executors — wife, Hannah, and son Joseph. Witnesses — Oeorge Weed,
Thomas Lippincott, Junior, Saml. Spicer. Affirmed 11 Dec, 1751.

Lib. 7. p. 166.

1751, Nov. 28, 29. Inventory (£1912.1.11%) includes clock (£20), map
of Europe, Delft ware. "A Lamm Clock A stand," 2 mulatto slaves, a
woman and boy (£68), wheat, rye, hay, boat with awning, sail oars.
Appraisers — ^Tho. Spicer, Joshua Raper.

17S9» Oet. ^ Horgaa, Charles, of Hopewell. Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man. Int. Inventory of the estate (£169.09.02) includes a servant
man, bond from John Cole. Made by Joseph Stout and Samuel Stout.

Lib. 4, p. 184.

1739, Nov. 9. Adm'x, Elisabeth Morgan, of Hopewell, widow. Samuel
Stout, of same place, yeoman, surety.

174t-50, Jaa. 9, Morgaa* Charles, of Middlesex Co., yeoman; will of.
Children — Thomas, Charles, William, Danniel, James, Mary, Abigail,
Sarah. Plantation purchased of Oeorge Lesley, where Yose Soey
formerly lived, on Cheasquake Creek. Executors — sons William and
Danniel, and brother-in-law Seth Ellison. Witnesses — John Bowne,
Samuel Ellison, John Night. Proved April 10, 1760. Lib. E, p. 880.

1784, Amm» 12. Morgaa, BUaabeth, widow of Charles Morgan, of
Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'x, Joanna Paine. Lib. B, p. 686.


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1748, Mmj 12. MoivaBt Morrla* 18 years of asre. 8on of Bvan Morffan*
late of Philada. Peter Bard, of Philada., appointed flruardian. Bennet
Bard, of Burlinsrton Co., fellow bondsman. Burllnflrton Wills, 4186 C.

1786* A«v. 10. M^rvaa, Robert, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
schoolmaster. Int. Inventory, £54.18.6; made by Samuel Woolston
and John Hllher.

1786, Aug. 24. Administration granted to Mary Morgan, widow. Sam-
uel Woolston, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4. p. 71.

ITSa, Dee. 1. Hoirell, Tbomas, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Mary. Children — ^Martha, Mary, Hannah. Abigail, John
and Daniel. Executors — wife, Benjamin Hixson of Amwell, and An-
drew Smith of Hopewell. Unborn child. Witnesses — John Fidler,
Joseph Reed, Oeorflre Smith. Proved May 16. 1788. Lib. 8, p. 809.

1783. May 26. Inventory (£108.12.0) includes library, bonds of Oliver
Silverthom. John Titus. John Fidler. Made by Joseph Price and John

17SS. , — . Additional inventory (£11.11.0) includes debts of

Joseph Price and Hugh Hendry. Made by Abraham Philip Philips.

1784, Jan. 28. Account of Robert Ck>mbs and Mary, his wife, late Mary
"Morrell, executrix of Thomas Morrell. Mentions ESnoch Anderson, coro-
ner of Hunterdon County for viewing body of deceased, Francis Bowes,
Esquire, Jeremiah Smith, Mary Roberts. Ralph Smith, John Dagworthy,
Abraham Ames. John Smith, Andrew Smith. John Mullen, Hugh ODonel,
Susannah Crltchfted.

1733^ 11 mo. (Jaa), St da. Morris, David, of Blsenburgh, Salem
Co.; will of. Son, David, at 18 to have plantation I live on with the
mill and marsh; if he dies, then to my son, John Jefltreys Morris, at
18; if he dies, then to my daughter, Jane Morris; if she dies without
heirs, then to male heir of my brother Lewis Morris, and, for want of
a male heir, to the female. My two plantations upon BCanington Creek
to my wife, Jane, during life and, at her decease, the plantation Rob-
ert Connaway lives on to my son, John Jefltrey, and the plantation
which was John Young's unto my daughter, Jane. Personal estate
unto my wife with the rents and profits of the home farm for the
bringing up of my children, until son David will be 18. Executors —
wife, Jane, and my brother, Lewis Morris. Witnesses — ^Richard Smith,
Phil. Chetwood, Nathan Smart. Sworn and affirmed, 16 Feb., 1783.

Lib. 8, p. 389.

1784. 8 mo. (May). 26 da. Inventory (£861.8.2 f^) includes clock. 8
negroes (£90). oxen and other cattle, large boat, cable, anchor. 6 stocks
of bees. Appraisers— Richard Smith, Whi. Hancock.

1786. June 14. Account. Paid John Powel, Thomas More, BCathew

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 43 of 85)