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Administration on estate granted to Thomas Hendry, merchant. Ed-
ward Peirce, gent., fellow bondsman. Both of Burlington.

Lib. 8, p. 218.

1748, Oet. 21. Pettlt, Andrew, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.. black-
smith. Bond of Dinah Pettlt, of Amwell. as administratrix. Job
Robins, of same place, surety. Witnessed by Anne Rockhill. (Dinah
Pettlt, a Quaker). Lib. 6, p. 76.

1748. Dec. 26. Inventory, £367.11.5 H; made by Job Robins, Mansfield
Hunt, Amos Thatcher.

1747, A«g. 15. Petty (Pelty), William, of Burlington, woolcomber.
Int. Adm'r, Richard Blackham, of Philada, blacksmith. Benjamin
Kimble and Israel Heulings, yeomen, of Burlington Co., fellow bonds-
man. Lib. 5. p. 484.

1748, April 28. PlOlllps^ JoMpk, of Maidenhead, Hunterdon Co.;

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will of. Wife, Mary. Eldest daughter, Mary, when affed 18. £100
to each daughter. Residue to three sons (not named), under 14
years. Executors — wife, brother Theophilus Phillips, and brother-ln-
Uw Abner Phillips. Witnesses— William Philips, John Philips, Ben-
jamin Stevens. Proved May 9, 1748. Lib. 5, p. 460.

, , — . Inventory £166.10.6 ; made by Benjamin Stevens

and John Vancleave.

1740. Aanwt 91. PkUllpm Pklllp. B^mr^ of Maidenhead. Hunterdon
Co., yeoman: will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Oldest son, Philip. Son,
Abner, 12 acres of land on east side of the King*B Road, by Samuel
Hunt's line. Son, Samuel, when of age, the mansion house and planta-
tion. Daughters — Esther and Ruth, at marriage. Youngest son,
John, to remain with son Samuel until aged If. Executors — wife, and
son Philip. Witnesses — Samuel Hunt. John Van Cleave, Lewis Charles
FanuieL Proved November S. 1740. Lib. 4. p. 267.

1740. Oct. 24. Inventory, £249.15.0 ; made by Theo. Phillips and Sam-
uel Hunt.

1748, Fek. 8. PkUllpm PklUp, of Morris Co. Int. Admr's, Johannah
Philips, of Oreenwitch, Morris Co., and Benjamin Slack, of Maiden-
head, Hunterdon Co. Bondsman — John Carmen, of Oreenwitch, Morris
Co. Witnesses — James Anderson, Samuel Carman. Lib. f, p. 76.
. 1748-9, Jan. 24. Inventory includes 190 acres of land, £160; bonds,
£120; cattle, £13; horses, £18; book debts, £37.11.8. Appraiser*— James
Anderson, John Carman.

1T60, Sept. 21. PkUUpe, Fkllip, of Morris Co. Int Adm*r, Reuben
Winget, of said County. Bondsman — Obadiah Heady (signed "Hed-
den"). Lib. E. p. 48k

1760, Nov. 1. Inventory, £80.7.6 ; made by Oideon Rigga. Thomas Dar-

1748, Marcli 90. PkUIpet, JokB, of Penns Neck, Salem Co.; will of.
Wife, Christiana. Estate to be sold and money put at interest for ber e-
flt of my three sons — John, Earick and Abraham. Executors — wife.
Christiana, and Edmond Weatherby. Witnesses — ^Martin Skeer,
Henry Oilljohnson. Proved 23 April, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 644.

1748. April 16. Inventory (£160.8.8) includes cattle, £68.4; wheat, £81.
Appraisers — ^Martin Skeer. Samuel C^pner.

174X A«g. 28. PklUp^ts, RIckard, of Oreat Egg Harbor, Gloucester
Co., tailor; will of. My land and money in England to my sister,
Mary Ades, and after her to her child. "If she can keep my wife from
the thirds thereof, she is welcome to it, by giving her five shillings.*'
20 shillings to Mr. Jenkin Jones, Baptist minister in Philadelphia.
Residue and my lands here to my aforesaid sister, "living in the
Parish of St. James, in Milk Street, near the eigne of the ship Bris-
toll," and her daughter. If they do not see cause to come here and
enjoy it, let it be sold, and the moneys remitted home. Executors —
my brother-in-law, Walter Ades, and his wife, my sister Mary, in
Bristoll; but, they being not here to act. Japheth Leeds. Junior, and
Edward Doughty shall be trustees to act for them. Witnesses — Peter,
Isaiah and Phebe Covenoven, Joseph Ashurst. Sworn and affirmed 4
Nov., 1742. Lib. 4, p. 348.

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174?. Oct 28. Inventory. £«1.17.8 ; made by Japhet Leeds. WillULm

1749» J«me 4. Pleraom, Amm* of Salem Towa and County, widow; will
of. Daughter, Mary, to have the Great Bible, negro woman Flora, .two
silver pepper boxes, nine large silver spoons, one set of teaspoons and
£200. when of age or at marriage; the interest thereof to be used for
the bringing up and education of said daughter. Sons — Henry to
have £100 at interest, for his bringing up and education; John, one
silver porringer, two silver salts, two small silver spoons, together
with the sum of £200 to be delivered to him when of age (the £200
to be put to interest for the bringing up and educating of my son).
Residue of my estate to be divided among my three children. Mary.
Henry and John; the land to be delivered at their respective ages
aforesaid. Executor — my brother-in-law. Joseph Sharp. Witnesses
— Blixabeth Coleman. Oeorge Trenchard. Proved 1760. Lib. 9. p. 83.

, , — . Inventory, (£313.18.6. but missing).

1741, Nov. 17. PlerMa (Pelnoa), Daniel, of Elisabeth Town.
Essex Co.; will of. Children — ^Daniel. Phebe. Sarah. Stephen, Hannah.
Abigail and David. Expected child. Real and personal estate. Ex-
ecutors — wife. Sarah, and brothers Henry Pierson and Jonathan
Crane. Witnesses — ^Daniel Perrine. Enoch Miller. Nath'll Hubbell.
Proved April 16. 1748. Lib. D. p. 34.

1743. April 30. Inventory. £71.16 ; made by Andrew Craige. Daniel Per-

1747* Oet. 0. PlersoB, John* of Salem Town and Co.. clerk; will of.
Wife, Ann. sole executrix, and to have personal estate with the
profits of my real estate until my three sons will be 21. Sons — Cole-
man, at 21, to have the plantation called the Fork, which I purchased
of Edmund Wetherby. also my negro boy Prime and my silver tank-
ard; Henry, my dwelling in Salem Town, with the lot belonging, he
paying £100 to his sister Mary Pierson. when she will be 21. also my
negro girl and my pint silver can; Abraham, when 21. to have my
house, land and marsh in the Town bounds of Salem, with 18 acres in
Cow's Neck, and my silver ladle. Daughter. Mary, at 21. or mar-
riage, to have my silver salver and negro girl. Calia. Unto the ex-
pected child (be it male or female). £100. Witnesses— Andrew
Gardiner. Rebekah Coleman. Dan. Mestayer. Proved 29 Oct., 1747.

Lib. 9. p. 359.

PlersoB (see Pearson. Peirson. Person).

179»-1» Fek. IB. Pike, JoMph, of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Children — John. Sarah. Timothy and Elisabeth, all
under age. Land joining the farms of James Worth and Samuel
Jaques. Executrix — wife, Elisabeth. Brother. Zebulon Pike, and
brother-in-law Richard Cutter, to assist her. Real and personal es-
tate. Witnesses — Stephen Foster. Thomas Cook. Wm. Jones. Proved
March 12. 1780-1. Lib. B. p. 193.

ITSt, J«ly 8. Pike, Timothy, of Essex Co.. aged about 16 years.
Joslah Terrill, guardian. William Craige. fellow bondsman.

Lib. C. p. 126.

1741, Oct. 81. Pike, Timothy, of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co.. yeo-
man: will of. Cousin, John Pike. Sister. Elisabeth Pike, at 21 years.
Brother. John Pike. Real and personal estate. Executor, uncle Zebu-

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Ion Pike. Wltnesse*— David Herlott. Ursula Herlott. Jno. Waller.
Proved Dec 1. 1741. Lib. C. p. 4d7.

1786. Octo^r 90. Pllklafftov (PtUKtrntea), GakHeU of Momnoutli
Co.. •tailor. Admlnlstratioii granted to Qeorse Allen of same connty,
yeoman. Samuel Leonard, of same county, fellow bondsman.

Lib. C. n. ltd.

1786. Nov. 16. Inventory (£82.11.4) includes gun and sword. Made by
Adam Brewer and Benjamin Parker.

ITSa, Feb. 6. PlAe» JoBathaa* of Elisabeth Town, Bssez Co., cooper;
will of. Eldest son, Jonathan, my ffun; other children mentioned, but
not by name, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executor*—
wife, Phebe, and friend Samuel Searinip. Witnesses — Isaac Southard.
Jane Southard, John Blanchard. Proved March 28, 1788.

Lib. B, p. 48S.

1788, May 26. Inventory, £64.15.06; made by Benjamin Pettit and
John Clark.

1T99, Feb. S4. Plntard* Aathony, Sealor, late of Shrewsbury, Mon-
mouth Co., now of the City of New York, gentleman; will of. Beinc
affed and infirm. Eldest son, Anthony. Daughters — ^Margaret, Flor-
inda and Frances, house and lot in the City of New York, near the
new Dutch Church. £80 to the French Church in New York; £10 to
the minister, Lewis Rou. £10 to Mr. Moulinar, another French min-
ister at New Rochel. Children — John Lewis, Samuel, Macdalen
Hutchins, Catherine Searls, Margaret, Isabela Vandam, Florinda and
Anna Frances. Executors — friend Lewis Carree, of New Yorlc, mer-
chant, sons John Lewis and Samuel Pintard, and son-in-law John
Searles, all of New York, merchants. Witnesses — Philip Cortlandt,
John Waldron, Daniel Bontecou, Pr. Quintan. Codicil of July 81,
1781, makes provision for legacy to daughter Isabel and recites
agreement made at the time of her marriage to Isaac Van Dam, son
of Rip Van Dam. Witnesses — Tho: Ives, Oerrit Roos and Thomas
Owen. Proved May 11, 1782. Lib. B, p. 248.

1748. Marek 81. Platard* SaMscl, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r,
Anne Pintard. James Russell, of Monmouth Co.. fellow bondsman.

1748, May 4. Inventory, £36.9.0; made by William Hugan, Benjamin
Kalliun and Robert Thompson. Lib. E. p. 158.

1749» J«ly 1. PIrey (Perey), Wllllaai, of Alio ways Creek, Salem Co..
yeoman; will of. Wife, Margret. Sons — James (eldest), S shillings;
Samuel (second), the plantation with all my lands. Daughter.
Rebecah McKnight (£20). Son James* daughter, Mary Perey (not 18).
Servant girls — Mary Moore and Blener Holland, both under age.
Executors — son, Samuel Perey, and Thomas Eivings. Witne sses
Bilby Shepherd, William Finlow, Thomas Pagett. Proved 6 Sept.,
1740. Lib. 4, p. 856.

1740. Sept. 2. Inventory, £172.8 ; made by John Finlow. Thomas Pagett.

174X Nov. 25. PItcock, Stei^kea* of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., planta-
tion man; will of. Two sons, John and Thomas Pitcock. Executors-
friends, Thomas Kitchen and William Barnes. Witnesses — ^Edward
Rockhill, Andrew Pettit, Jacob Knowles, Thomas Thatcher. Proved
Dec. 28. 1742. Lib. 4, p. 848.

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. , — Inventory £92.9.8 ; made by Henry Ketohln and

Oeorse F6z.

1761, April 10. Acooont by William Bams. Thomas Kitchln, the other
executor, beinff rendered Incapable by age. Mentions William Montgom-
•ry, Benjamin Taylor, John Watson, George Fox, Charles Hoffman, for
B. Smith, William Yard, James Neilson, John Wright. Walter Caine. Sam-
uel Carey, John Lewis, Benjamin Savery, Joseph Lambert, Jerom Home.
Jeremiah Thacher. Mary Robins, Philip Rlngo, Thomas Thacher. Thomas
Liaba. James Joumay, Emmanuel Carreyell. George Bayles. Benjamin Cham-
ley, John Robins, Samuel Carey. Henry Kitchlns, Jacob Knowles, Mary
Adams. Joslah Prickitt, John Stevenson, John Mullln, John Wells, Nathan-
iel Pettit, Joseph King, Benjamin Sevems.

m^ April IS. Pitney, Jaaies* of Morris Co. Int. Admr's, Susan-
nah Pitney and Jonathan Pitney, widow and son of deceased. Bonds-
man — Shobal Smith, of Woodbridge. Middlesex Co. Lib. B. p. 883.

1748, Jam. 1. Pitney* Samnel* of Roxbury Township. Morris Co..
irent.; will of. Executors — ^wife. Sunriah, brother Jonathan Pltaey and
Nathaniel Drakef who are empowered to dispose of estate, for main-
tenance and bringing up of children (not named). Remainder payable
to my sons at 21, to my daughters at 18. Witnesses — Jeamiah Rogers.
James Martin. Benjamin Pitney. Proved 27 Jan. 1748. Lib. E, p. 250.

1748, May 14. Plnskett, WllUam, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., mason;
will of. Wife, Margaret. Son, William (under age), house and lot
wherein David Martin lived, on the east side of King's Street in
Trenton, bounded by the Church lot. the kitchen of house where
testator lived and Enoch Anderson's land; another lot in Trenton,
purchased of Amos Janney, adjoining William Yard's land on Maiden-
head Road at Stockin's Hollow. Son. John (under age), house and
lot on east side of King's Street, adjoining abovesaid lot. and is
testator's dwelling, bounded by Benjamin Smith's corner, and Enoch
Anderson's land; and another lot in Trenton bought of George Ely.
adjoining Joseph Warrel's land, containing ten acres. Daughters.
BCargaret. Mercy and Mary Plaskett, when of age. Executors —
brother, John Lucas, and friends William Morris and Nathan Beakes.
Witnesses — Thomas Barnes. Richard Margerum, Joseph Yard. Proved
June 16. 1748. Lib. 5. p. 460.

1748, 16th of 4 mo. (June). Inventory. £423.11.0; made by Gideon
Bickerdike and Thomas Barnes.

1748, Dec IS. Platts, Jonathan, of Stow Creek. Cumberland Co..
yeoman; will of. Wife. Jean, to have use of my plantation until my
aon Thomas will be 21. Son, Jonas, 60 acres of land and marsh, part
in Hell Neck; also a piece of marsh, 10 H acres, in Bottel Neck on
the west side of Stow Creek; also £25. Remaining part to be divided
(with the H of my moveables) equally between my daughter, Mary
Evens, and my son. Thomas Piatt. Youngest son. Thomas, at 21 to
have my plantation (186 acres), and 30 acres of land and swamp.
Executors — wife. Jean, and son Thomas. Trustee— James Butcher.

• 1748-9. Feb. 18. Affidavit and affirmation of Thomas Pagett and Wil-
liam Daniel. 'That the within named testator allow the within instrument
to be his will and at the doing thereof he was of sound mindr that the
aeal was fixed to the said will and the said testator sat up to sign the sd.

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tnstrument' and attempted the same, but died away before he could oora-
plete the same ; and that David Piatt was in the Room with those depcm-
ents, which would have been witness to the sd. will." Lib. 6. p. S8f .

1748-9. May 18. Inventory (£199.14.1) includes bHcks at John Plmnben.
wheat, rye and sundries at Thomas Bucher's, at William Daniel's 1 pair of
oxen, cow and calf, Indian com, etc. Appraisers — Peter Lonff, H. Stub-

17S6« Marcli 25. Pledger, Joli&» E:e««lr«, of Salem Co., iruardian of
Jane Hart (upwards of 14 years), only daughter and heir at law of
John Hart, late of Salem, merchant, deceased. "Her parents being
deceased many years, having left real and personal estate."

Lib. 4. p. 8.

1748* Dee. 90. Pledger, Jekn, Be««lre» of Salem Co.; will of. The
800 acres called the Fork to be sold to pay debts and legacies. The
one-third of the profits of the plantation I live on (exclusive of the
part where Richard Oraves lives, and where Thomas Hale did live),
unto my wife during life, and one-third of the rent due from James
Chambless (after legacies due to him and his brother, and sister are
paid) to my wife. The dwelling house and plantation (21f acres)
where I live to Edmond Weatherby and Martha, his wife, forever.
My son-in-law, Joseph Siddons, to have the privilege of occupying
free, for 7 years, the tan-yard set upon the above premises. Grand-
son. Joseph Pledger, at 21 to have the plantation (92 acres) where
Richard Oraves lives, and where Thomas Hale did live. If it should
not be necessary to sell the same to pay debts and legacies. Legacies
to wife and my daughter Elizabeth Casperson, grandchildren Jo-
seph, Sarah and Dorothy Pledger, and to John, Joseph, and Pledger
Redstreicke, after they arrive at 21 years. Executors— son-in-law,
Edmond Weatherby, and Martha, his wife. Witnesses — Dan. Mestay-
er, William Tuft, Geo. Trenchard. Proved 4 Jan., 1748.

Lib. 5, p. 14.

1743, Jan. 9. Inventory (£582) of John Pledger, "late of Manington,**
includes (j^eorge Fox's Journal, oxen. cows, yearlings and calves, negro
man (£15), mulatto boys time, servant woman's time. Appraisers —
Benjamin Cripps. Daniel Smith.

1748* J«ly 28. Pledger* Jokn* Jr., of Township of Alloways Creek,
Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Son Joseph (at 21) to have the home
farm. Two daughters, Sarah and Dorothy Pledger (at 21), to have
one-third of an undivided tract of land in the Township of Manington.
Wife, Mary, the personal and the rents, provided she maintains my
said children. Mary Vaughan to have a cow, if she lives with my
wife until 18. Executors — wife and my father, John Pledger. Wit-
nesses — Wm. Pennock, Jeames Johnston, Mary Vaughan. Proved 10
Oct.. 1743. Lib. 5, p. 11.

1743, Sept. 29. Inventory, £350.14.2 ; made by Benjamin Cripps. Daniel

1788, Jan. 15. Polomy, Thomas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'r, John Bloomfield. Lib. B, p. 58f.

174S, Oct. IS. Porter, Ahmkam, of Gloucester Co., who made will
dated 17 Dec, 1729; unadministered estate. Adm'r de bonus non,
Charles Stow, of Philadelphia, innholder. Bondsman — William Coats,
Burlington, yeoman. (For will and inv. see Archives, Vol. 28, p. 870).

Lib. 6, p. 588.

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17SS, April 14. Porter, J«ks, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'rs, Philip
Dodrid^e and William Porter. Lib. B. p. 380.

ITaSt Jmau 1. Porterfleld, JokB» of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., mer-
chant; will of. If necessary, executors to sell 200 acres out of a tract
on south branch of Rariton River in Bast Jersey, containini: 1,000
acres, bought of William Farquhar. who received same from EiVan
Drummond. Brother, Alexander Porterfleld, of Duchall, Scotland.
Lands in East Jersey received from John, Barle of Mellfort, deceased,
conveyed to testator by deeds from William Corby, sheriff of Middle-
sex and Bernard Vanbryck, SherifT of Monmouth County. To Wil-
liam Farquhar, chyrur^reon at Brunswick in this Province, the testa-
tor's nephew, one-third of the forire at Trenton, with the lands,
houses, waterworks, etc., with 100 acres of land bou^rht of Geor^re
Qreen in Nottin^rham Township, a tract in said township adjolnini: the
Pond Run, bought of Robert Baton, and a tract in same township on
Mirey Run adjoining land late of John Cox, surveyed by Samuel
Green. Nephew, William Rallston, in Ayrshire. Bmanuel Walker,
Collector of Port Qlasirow. Boyd Porterfleld, irrandson of testa-
tor's brother, bond due testator, dated June, 1708, for 2,846 marks
Scotts, or £130 Sterling. Bond from James Stuart, of Lum loch, the
testator's uncle, payable to testator's mother and by her assiirned
to him; this bond left with testator's brother in 1708 with power of
attorney; testator is informed the bond was paid by the Barl of Qlas-
ffow; the principal was for £1,000 Scotts or £83.6 Sterling:, dated
about 1700, or before. If above legatees die, then leiracies to next
heir of the family who shall succeed to the estate of Duchall after
the decease of testator's nephew, William Porterfleld. Executors —
John Kinsey of Philadelphia, attorney-at-law, Joseph Peace of Tren-
ton, and William Farquhar. the testator's nephew. Witnesses —
Thomas Barnes, Jr., Elisha Beadles, John Allen, Jr. Proved June
16, 1738. Lib. 4. p. 186.

1750, April 23. Post. J«kB, of Am well, Hunterdon Co., farmer;
will of. Wife, Altle, executrix, and to receive the interest from
estate until the children (John, Charity, Mary, Abraham, William and
Hendrick) are of a^re. Executors — Peter Scank and John Precor
(Brokaw) of Millstone, Somerset Co. Witnesses — Thomas Poole,
Thomas Newman, Lovrence Vankleef. Proved 1 May, 1760. [On back
of will "John Post's will of Somerset Co., who dyed in Hunterdon"].

Lib. F, p. 168.

1750. May 4. Inventory (£606.16.8) includes large Dutch Bible in a
box with a hone, £3.17.0; sword; cross-cut saw at Jacob Powelsess, a
bond, £488.1.5. Made by Pieter Stryker, Peter Perrine, Jacob Probasco;
and by Peter Schenck and John Brokaw, executors.

1741, Jam« 10. Potter, HeBry, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Ad-
ministration on the estate granted to Phineas Potter, the son.

Lib. C, p. 469.

1741-2, Jan. 25. Articles sold at vendue and bought by Henry Lang-
staff, Wm. Foord. Reuben Potter, Eunice Shippey, Daniel W)aldron, Ben-
jamin Wooding, David Evens. Notes of Samuel Walker, Jeremiah Ogle,
Duson Ogle. Isaac FltsRandolph. Josiah Barent, John Bowey. Joseph
Applegate; debt due to Cornelius Wynans.

1743, April 1. Inventory (£79.01.2) includes cash paid to Andrew Van
Home. Made by Henry Langstaffe and Samuel Martin.

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1740* Jvae SS. P«tter» Preaerre* of Shrewsburj, Monmouth Co.,
laborer; will of. Wlf«, Catherine. Son. Thomas, two-thirds of
rlffht to take up land, bought of Robert Saraffe. Other children —
Hannah, Robert, and Deborah, last named under a^e. Jacob, son of
brother Joseph Potter. Executors— brother, Joseph Potter, and friend
Joseph Patterson. Witnesses— Henry Herbert, William Newbraj, Jon.
Herrlnff. Proved Jan. 7, 1747-8. Joseph Potter, a Quaker, affirmed
as executor. Lib. E, p. 124.

1747-8, 16th d., 11 mo. (Jan.). Inventory £89.7.6; made by John WU-
llams, cordwalner, and Joseph Potter.

1747-8, March 17. Joseph Patterson declined to serve as an executor.

1746-«» Marek 17. Potter* 8aM«el« of Hanover, Morris Co., vent;
will of. Wife, Phebe. Sons— Isaac, 60 acres at the north of the
homestead; Samuel (at a^e), 20 acres adjoining, and to be put to a
trade when 14 years old; Joseph, the remainder of the homestead and
to care for his mother and younger brothers and sisters, excepting
Zebeedee, who shall have £26 at affe and be put to a trade at the
discretion of the executors; Moses, £20 at a^e and when 14 to be put
to a trade. Legacies to daughters — Phebe, Sarah and Jemlmah, when
18. Executors — brothers, Joseph and Noediah Potter, of Elisabeth-
town, Essex Co. Witnesses — Joseph Meeker, Robert Schooley, Stephen
Ward. Proved 2 May. 1746. Lib. D. p. 879.

1746. April 28. Inventory (£347.6.6) Includes cows and calves, wheat,
rye and other crain. Appraisers — Stephen Ward. Ephrm. Price. Jun*r.

174a» l«tk day, Bth mo. (J«ly). Potts, Tkoaias, Jsa^r, of Mansfield,
Burllnffton Co., tanner. Int. Inventory of the personal estate. £911;
made by Isaac Horner and Preserved Brown. Includes stock In tan-
yard and shoemaker's shop. £160.8; five neirroes £100; book debts sup-
posed to be ffood. £862.4.7 H-

1742, July 19. Adm'x. Sarah PotU. widow. Isaac Homer, of Biansfleld.
yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 877.

17S1, Avff. 1. Povlaoa. Jomas, of Great Effff Harbor. Gloucester Co..
husbandman. Int. Admr's. Jasper Poulson and Joseph Pearce, of
place aforesaid, yeoman. Witness — Joseph Rose.

1781. Aug, 1. Renunciation of Ann Poulson In favor of said adminis-
trators "on account of their brother. Jonas Poulson, and for us take care

of all the estate and the two boys and girls." Witnesses — ^Rob. (?).

Dennis Dorrell.

1731, Aug. 6. Inventory. £48.16.6 ^ made by Robert Smith. John Darby.

1733. Sept 4. Account. Monies paid to Levi Pearce. Jeremiah Adams.

Charles Shinir. John Hunlope. Peter Cavelier. Lashley. Isaac Will-

cockson. Gloucester Wills. 129 H.

1749, Nov. 1. Powell* Artkar, of Newton Township. Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary, to have during widowhood the profits.
Son, James (not 21), the plantation, and to pay ray daughter, Rachel
Lewis, £60 and my grandson, Samuel Kent, £26 in four years after my
wife's decease or her marriage. Executors — wife, Mary, and Joseph
Ellis. Witnesses — Robert Stephens, Edward Hampton, Jos. Harrison.
Affirmed 80 March. 1761. Lib. 7, p. 181.

174S-4. U mo. (Feb.)» 11 da. Powell, Jeromlak, of Alloways Creek,
Salem Co.; will of. Son. John, a silver cup and to have the home

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farm and land in Stoe Neck. Daufhtera— Elisabeth, a truck that waa
jny mother's; Mary, one silver spoon. The residue to be divided
amonff mj three above-named children. Daughters to have their part
at 18 or marriage, and son his part of the moveables at 20. Cousin,
Mary Mason, to have my daughter, Elisabeth, until 18. John and
Elisabeth Nicholas to have my daughter Mary during her minority;
also my son John until he will be 14, "that he may be put out to be
a tailor." Executors — Nathaniel Chamlis and Benjamin Allen. Wit-
nesses — Abel Nicholson, Joseph Ware, James Abbott.

1744-6, Jany 11. Codicil. The profits of all my lands shall be divided
equally among my children, John, Elisabeth and Mary Powell until my
son will be 18. (Unsigned). Afllrmed 10 Feb., 1744.

1746, April 8. Benjamin Allen sworn as executor, Nathaniel Chamlis
liaving renounced his right Witness — ^Thomas Atherlngton. Lib. 6, p. 93.

1744-6. 12 mo. (Feb.), 4 da. Inventory (£124.12.4) Includes catUe, horse
jind sheep. Appraisers — Saml. Abbott, John Stewart

1748* May S. P«well* Joha, of Salem Co. Int. Adrar's, James Mason

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