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min Bispham. Roffer Buckings, Abraham Barber. (Seorge Miller, Jeremiah
Wood, and "counsel fee to John Coxe. E2sq.. to defend an action broL agst.
this accomptant at Salem by Joseph Hughs."

1T44, July 16. Barckalow, Derrick, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Jane. Children — William, Cornelius, Daniel,
Aeltie. Weycoff, Helena, Jane and Mary. (Last three daughters evi-
dently unmarried). Oranddaughters — Elisabeth and Jane Suydam.
Executors — sons William. Cornelius and Daniel. Witnesses — ^Tunis
Denis, Gisbart Van Mater, William Wikoff and Jno. Henderson.
Proved August 16, 1744. Lib. D, p. 170.

1744, August 14. Inventory of estate. £199.17.0 ; made by Tunis Denis,
Qisbart Van Mater and WUliam Wikoff.

17S1, Dec. 29. Barclay, JoIib, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex Co. John
Barclay, the son, relinquishes right to administer estate in favor of
William Bradford.

1731-2, Jan. 1. Bond of William Bradford, of New York, stationer
and principal creditor, as administrator; Andrew Hay. of Perth Am-
boy. fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 240.

1731-2. Jan. 3. Inventory of personal estate. £275.7.8. ind. accounts
due estate from Robert King. Esq., John Kinsey. Jun'r.. Fen wick Lyell,
Daniel Grandine, Robert Lawrence. Philip Kearny, George Emot, Wm.
Jamison. Coll. Parker. Benjamin Price. Lawrence Smith, Evan Drummond,
Thomas Gtordon. dec'd. Gtoorge Wlllocks. dec'd ; bond of William Toung ;
made by John Mathie and Harman Stout

1744, Nov. 14. Barcleson, John, of Salem County. Int. Admr.,
Andrew A. Barcleson. of Penns Neck, Salem County, yeoman. Bonds-
men — ^William Barcleson. Samuel Whltehorne, both of said County.
Witnesses — John Baton, Wm. Pennock (?) Lib. 6, p. 90.

1748, April 9. Inventory, £49.1.0 includes Swedish books. £0.10.0. Ap-
praisers — John Eaton, Joseph Hawkes.

1782, Oct. ». Bard, Peter, of Burlington Co.; will of. "At the first
opportunity for London, a letter shall be sent to Mr. John Monteaud,
who will give information as to whether my father, Benoist Bard, be
living, and, if so, £60 is to be remitted to him in France." Children —
Benoist, Peter, Samuel, John, William, Mary and Rebecca. Real and
personal estate. Wife, Dinah, sole executrix. Witnesses — ^Edmund
Cowgill, Jun., Edward Shippen. Proved Aug. 16, 1784. Lib. 8, p. 417.

1784, Not. 11. Barker, Fraaels, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
founder. Letters of administration to Joshua Briggs; John Doe and
Richard Roe, fellow bondsmen; all of Northampton.

Burlington Wills, 2668C.

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174tb Amm» 18. Barker, Joha, of Salem County. Int. Admr8.» Bator
Barker and William Barker, both of said County. Witnesses — John
Stewart, Nlch. Gibbon. Lib. 7, p. 86.

1748, Mtk «aT» 7tli mo. (Sept.) Barker, Joehva, of city and Co. of
BurUngrton, saddler; will of. Wife, Martha. Children— Caleb, John,
Elisabeth and Abigail, all under asro. Land on Hisrh Street, adjoin-
lD|r Caleb Kaper and widow Powlffreen. Executors — ^brother Caleb
and Joshua Raper. Witnesses — Jonathan Lovett, William Sorsby,
Isa. DeCow. Proved Nov. 1, 1746. Lib. 6, p. 186.

1754, J«Iy 29. Barker, Robert, of Burlington Co.; will of. Men-
tions Elisabeth Ann, dauffhter of Edward and Katherine Peirce, of
Burlingrton. **£80 to be expended for my burial." Executor— cousin
Ralph Barker, who Is also named residuary leffatee. Witnesses —
Tho'a Shaw, Thomas Wetherlll, Isa. DeCow. Proved May 10, 1786.

Lib. 4, p. 60.

174ib Sept. 7. Baricley, James, of Hunterdon Co., will of. Wife,

Jenut Daughter. Afirnis. Executors — John Kelly, John Todd and

Joseph Hair. Witnesses — ^Daniel Oliver and John Palmer. Proved

February 8. 1749-60. Lib. 6. p. 388.

17IS^ Amm* SB* Barnes, Tkoaiaa, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Son, Thomas, to have one-half of lot and
a house formerly belonirinir to Jeptha Smith In Trenton. Son, John,
other half of lot and stable, and one-half of shalop called the "Elisa-
beth." Daughters — Mary and RacheL Wife, executrix. Witnesses —
Wm. Atlee, John Allen, Jr., and Daniel Hendry. Proved April 9,
1740. Lib. 4, p. 227.

1755, AprU 9. Barratt, Thomas, of Mannlnffton Township, Salem
Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife. Elisabeth, sole executrix and to have all
of the moveable estate for the brinffinsr up of my children and the use
of the plantation where I live until my son Thomas Barrett will be
11." Then he to pay his sisters, Rachel and Elisabeth, (at 18 or mar-
rlaffo) £20 each. In case of death of son Thomas In non-a^e, planta-
tion to descend to my daughter Quinn Barratt. Said Qulnn Barratt
at 18 or marriasr« to have 200 acres on Salem Creek, bounded on An-
drew Peterson's plantation. Have iriven power of attorney to John
Powell to sell share of 700 acres near Lewis Town. Witnesses —
Richard Graves, William Barratt, Dan. Mestayer. Proved 10 May,
1788. Lib. 3. p. 828.

1738, AprU 27. Inventory of Thomas Barratt, Senr., £189.6.2. Apprais-
ers—Bartholomew Wyatt, Joseph Woodnutt

1747, Feb. M. Bartleeoa, Andrew, of Penn's Neck, Salem Co. Int.
Admx., Sarah Bartleson, widow. Bondsman — William. Vanneman.
Both of said County. Witness — John Eaton. Lib. 6, p. 428.

1747-8, Jany. 16. Inventory ( £126.11.7 H) includes "horse and armour,
IIS.4.0," "Sweed book and others, £1.1.0"; also "the ^ part of Thomas
CahUrs time." Appraisers — John Eaton, William Vanneman.

175«, Marek 26. Bartleeoa, 'William, of Salem County. Int. Admx.,
Sarah Bartleson. Bondsman, Peter Peterson. Both of Penn's Neck
of said County. Witness — Samuel Whitehorne. Lib. 7, p. 88.

1749-60, March 28. Inventory (£99.0.4) Includes "his riding horse, sad-

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tto and bridle." and '^pparrel and amHmr.** Appralaera— Aton Confle-
ton, Samuel Whitehome.

1760-1. March 1. Additional inventory. £2.14.4f). Appratsere — ^Thomas
Carney. Samuel Whitehome.

1761. June 18. Account of Jeremiah Baker and Sarah, hts wife, of
Penn*8 Neck, administrators of William Bart l eso n . of Manninirton, late
deceased. Paid James Bax*kley, Rebecca Peterson. Nichs. Qibbons. Saraiirt
Whitehome. Receipts are from John Whittal. Michael Miller, Ar<diibald
Hamilton. Andrew Peterson. Junr.. George Stark, Andrew Peterson. Senr..
Catharin^ Crawford. Christopher Linmire, Qeorge Trenchard, James Dun-
bar. Joseph Hawks, Peter Peterson. John Procter. Matthias Nealson.
Thomas Stanley. Blisha Basset, Ounla Felgate. Alen Congelton.

1786-7, 17tk day, Imt mo. (Marek). Bartoa, Bdward, of Mansfield,
Burlinirton Co.. weaver; will of. Executrix — wife Margaret who is to
have land adjoining William Coats. Daniel Wills and Samuel Bunting.
Jonathan, eldest son now living, land lying between John Harvey
and William Pancoast. Jun*r. and land near Thomas Curtis. Other
sons — David and Aaron. Daughters. Meribah and Mary Field. Bx-
pected child. Witnesses — Elisabeth Harvey. Elisabeth Ellis. Richard
Gibbs. Proved May 2. 1737. Lib. 4. p. 104.

1787, 20th day. 2nd mo. (April). Inventory of the personal estate,
£412.14.1 : made by John Harvey and John Buffln.

1740, asrd day* lOth mo^ (Dec). Bartoa, Jonathaa, of Mansfield,
Burlington Co.. sreoman; will of. Wife Mary, and expected child. Broth-
ers — David and Aaron. Sisters — Mary Field. Meribah and Sarah Bar-
ton. Real and personal estate. Wife sole executrix. Witnesses —
George Folwell, Job Ridgway, Jun'r, William Pancoast, Jr. Proved
Jan. 24. 1740. Lib. 4. p. 266.

1784, April 10. Basker, Joseph, of Salem Co.. wool comber. Int.
Admx., Sarah Watson. Bondsmen — Samuel Holmes. John Doe. all of
said County. Witnesses — Richard Smith, Danl. Mestayer.

Lib. 8. p. 418.

1745, Sept. 10. Basset, DaAlel, of Piles Grove. Salem Co.; will of.
Wife. Mary. Eldest son. Daniel Basset, to have plantation joining
Adam Labarer's mill, also lot at Newport, Pa. Youngest son. Zebe-
dee, to have home plantation. Legacies to daughters Elisabeth. Han-
nah. Sarah. Mary and Amy. An expected child. Executors — wife
Mary, and son Daniel Basset. Witnesses — Ellsha Basset, Deborah
Dunn. Thos. Farrell. Proved 8 Feb.. 1746. Lib. 6, p. 268.

1746. Nov. 2. Inventory (£262.7.0) includes bonds due from Sarah Holl,
Ann Davis. Appraisers — Roger Huggins. David Davis.

1720, 2Bd mo. (April), 22nd da. BaMet, 'Wflliau, of Pilesgrove,
Salem Co.. yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebeckah. sole executrix and to
have all estate. Witnesses — Zacheus Dunn. Samuel Graves, William
Birkett. Proved 26 Oct., 1788. Lib. 8, p. 886.

1788, Oct 10. Inventory (£118.18.8) Includes oxen, sheep, etc. Debt-
ors — James Donlap, Joseph Clerck. Appraisers— Roger Huggins, David

1781, Aug. 81. BassBlt, Sarah, of Town and Co. of Burlington,
widow; will of. Dau., Mary, under age. Cousins — Samuel, Sarah Ami
and Mary Bustill, Sarah and Elisabeth Pearson, Wm., Thos. and Bllsa-

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belli Pumis. Bister, Sarah Borradaile, 400 acres In Hunterdon Co.
Ifing between branches of Rarinirton, near Znckarunln^, '*w1iieh I
had of my bro. Hathew Oardnier," and lot on Hiffh Street, adjoinlnir
William Hapues and Sam'l Scattergrood. Bxecutors — ^brother Isaac
Peareon and friend Caleb Raper. Witnesses — James Hancock, John
Saunders, Sam'l Scattergrood. Proved June 10, 1784. Lib. 8, p. 419.

1781, Nov. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £84.18.6 ; made by Samuel
Scattersood and Robert Smith, includes debts due from John Qibs, Su-
sannah Yard, John Butcher, John Stokes, Silence Bucher, James Quest,
Mathlaa Gamer, Elisabeth Proser, Thomas Staples, Peter Ross, John
Richardson, John Deacon. John Hudson. Joseph Ridseway, Grace Bustlll,
Joseph Thomas, Mary Seyler, Solomon Smith. William Gale, Hanah Gibbs,
Susanah Robason, Susanah Hoon, Jane Richardson, Hanah Pearson,
Joanah Carter, Arthur Burdill, John Barton.

174«v Anv* 11. Basto» Thomasp of Somerset Co., "labourer." In-
ventory of personal estate. £20.12.11. Notes of Derrick Marlot, Garret
Bern, Peter Cassiner. James Carty, Abrm. Bodine, Isaac Smalley, Fran-
cis Cossart. Appraisers— Abraham Bodine, James Graham. Affldavit
before Ralph Smith. "John Anderson" on back of Inventory.

1744, Auff. 28. Administration granted to William McDaniel (Biack-
donei) of Somerset Co.. yeoman. Fellow bondsman — ^Daniel Donaldson
Donster, of same County. Harked "Not signed by Wm. Hackdonel."

Lib. D, p. 178.

1746. Aug. 20. Inventory .of personal estate, £8.6.0, made by Abraham
and James Graham.

178S» Oet. 81. Bate, Joseph, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Mercy, sole executrix, with assistance of son-in-law
John Hillman. Daughter, Abigail, and son, Benjamin, minors. Son
Thomas. Witnesses — Thomas Stokes, Rachel Stokes, John Kay.

1734, 8d mo. (May). 28 da. Codicil. Witnesdea— John Kay. (Quaker),
Kltiabeth Wood (Quakeress). Proved 80 Dec 1784. Lib. 8. p. 488.

1784. Oct 9. Inventory. £98.16.06%. Appraisers— John Kay, Francis
Hogsett, William Samlnson (?).

1TB4S Fe%. 12. Bate, Maryt 14 years and upwards, daughter of Wil-
liam Bate, Gloucester Co., ward. Guardian — Jonathan Zane, of
County aforesaid, merchant. Witness — Luke Tuckniss. Lib. 6, p. 876.

I78T, Apr. L Bate, WIUIsm, of (Heucester Co.. yeoman. Int.
Widow, Esther Bate, admx. Wm. Alberson and John Miekle. of (^unty
aforeaaM, bondsmen. Witnesses — Jacob Alberson, Joseph Rose.

Lib. 4, p. 94.

1787. Mar. 81. Inventory, £186.16.00. Appra is er s J ohn Miekle, Abra-
haoB Alberson.

17S4, September 14. Bates, John, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
husbandman. Bond of William Norton of same place, yeoman, adminis-
trator. Bdward Griffith, of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Wit-
nesses — Joseph Ross and Samuel Bustill. Lib. 8, p. 414.

I7S1, Sept. 21. Bates, Joseph, of Gloucester Co.. yeoman. Int.
Widow. Elliabeth, Admx. Bondsman — John Brown of Town and County
of Gloucester, shopkeeper. Lib. 8, p. 140.

1781. May 18. Inventory, £66.14.6. Appraisers— William Sharp. John

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1748» Feb. 6* Bates* Wllllaai, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., yeoman.
Inventory of personal estate. £101.10.6; made by William Panooast and
David RodchilL

1748, Fob. 21. Letters of administration to Jeremiah Bates, yeoman.
William Panooast, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 8S1 ; Lib. 7, p. 97.

17S8* Jaa. 6. Bayard* Peter, of Essex Co., merchant; will of.
^ther-in-law, Henry Wileman; mother. RacheL Brothers— John and
Samuel. Sisters — Helena, wife of John Debois, and Elisabeth Wileman.
Real and personal estate. E«xecutrix — ^wife Eve. Witnesses — ^Henry Coer-
ten, Heres Wendover, Geo. Lurtin^. Proved Apr. 26. 1744. Lib. D, p. 1S2.

178S, Aii«. 2B. Bayley* Heary, of Amboy, who deceased July Sl»
1788. Bond of Penelope Bayley, widow, as administratrix. Jacob John-
son, of Middlesex Co.. fellow bondsman. Lib. B. p. 457.

1788. Aug. 29. Inventory of personal estate, £66.8.9 ; made by John
Whitlock. house carpenter, and John Letts, yeoman, both of Middlesex Co.

1750* Aw. as. Baymtom* Mary, of City of Burlinirton, widow; will
of. Sister, Ann Wheeler, sole executrix; son Benjamin to have sister's
part of tract on Delaware River called Loepeatenun^. Nephew, Joseph
Pidgeon. Son-in-law, John Basmton. and his daughter Mary. Cousin*
Elisabeth Stapleton. Church in Burlington to have £10. God-children —
Joseph and Rowland Ellis, Mary, Sarah and Ann Cullum, Dinah Wheat,
William Spencer and Grace Bustlll.

1760, Aug, 24. Codicil. Rev. Mr. Collin Campbell to be executor In
case sister dies before Benjamin is of ace. Witnesses— Jos. White. Junr.,
Mary Campbell. Mary White. Proved Dec. 19. 1760. Lib. 6, p. 890.

1742* Dec. 11. Bayatom* Peter* of City of Philada., merchant; will
of. To be buried by wife at Philada. Sons — John and Benjamin, both
under age. Father-in-iaw, John Budd. Sister. Ruth Banfleld and her son
Peter. Sister-in-law, Ann Wheeler. Aunt, Elisabeth Devit. Cousins —
James and Elisabeth Derkinderen. Mary Sedeway of Rhode Island, kins-
woman of my late wife. Late apprentice. John Stapleford. Friends,
Benjamin Pollard, of Boston, Joshua Maddox and Thomas Bourn. Lega-
cies to poor of Philada. ; to poor oommunloants of Episcopal Church in that
City; to Church at Burlington; to ten poor widows, three in Burlington
and seven in Philada. ; also to god-children, vis. Ann, daughter of Daniel
Jones ; Mary, daughter of Joshua Maddox ; Thomas, son of Charles Will-
ing ; Samuel, son of Samuel Massell ; and Sarah, daughter of Alexander
Woodrops. £260 towards building a New Episcopal Church in Philada.
House and lot on North side Arch Street, "which I bought of William
Pywell;" house and lot in Burlington *1 bought of Simon Nightingale."
Executors— wife Mary, son John, and friends Joshua Maddox and Thomas
Bourn of Philada. Witne s ses — Colin Campbell, Mary Campbell and Rebec-
ca Bard. Proved March 14, 1748-4. Lib. 6. p. 16.

1700* June •• Beaeh* Bpeaetiia* of Newark, Essex Co. ; will of. Chil-
dren— Esekiel. Joseph, Elisha, Eppenetus. Jabes, Hannah, Phebe, Rachel,
Sarah, Mary Lois and Tabitha, "last ten under age." Wife, Phebe. Real
and personal estate. Executors— brother Josiah Beach ; sons Joseph and
Esekiel. Witnesses— Isaac Browne. Samuel Beech. Jeremiah Halsey.
Proved Aug. 8, 1760. Lib. E, p. 446.

1760, Aug. 8. Josiah Beach and Joseph Beach decline the executorship.

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17S7, Oet«Wr SS. BeatfM, Blteka, of Trenton, baker; will of.
^'Knoifinir the dangers of the sea." Wife, Mary. If child by wife, Mary»
it shall have house and lot in Trenton when of age, "likewise a house and
lands called the Lower House, situate in the parish of St Michels, in
the Bast in the County of Munmoth in wals" (Wales) ; one-third of a
bouae and land in Ponty Poole in said county, lately belonging to ESisha
Beadles, the testator's father, now in possession of testator's brother,
Nathaniel Beadles. Wife, executrix. Wit n ess es T ho. Barnes, Wm. Atlee»
Jamee Gould. Proved August 20, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 801.

174S, aiKk •f 9th mo. (Not.). Bealces, Staey, of Trenton, Hunter-
don (^.; will of. Wife, Mary. Only son, Stacy (minor), a lot bought
of David Martain, sheriff, land purchased of Mahlon Kirkl^ride. Daugh-
ters, Lildia, Ruth and Mary Beakes when aged 21. Son. Stacy, to learn
trade when aged 14. Land that belonged to testator's uncle. Mahlon
Stacy, which testator's father, Atkinson, and testator's mother, promised
the testator, to be sold and money to Mahlon Kirkbride to pay for land
boug;ht of him. Executors — ^wife and brother. Gideon Bickerdick. Wit-
nesses — ^Edm'd Beakes. Nathan Beakes, William Robinson. Proved Au-
gust 11, 1746. The executors, Quakers. Lib. 6. p. 264.

1745-6, 14th of 11th mo. (Jan.). Inventory of the estate, £888.6.2,
Includes Joiner's furniture, and in the shop: 90 molding plains; 20
plains of divers sorts ; chisels, gouges, saws, lathe, etc ; 1,000 ft Black
walnut; 4,000 ft pine, cedar and gum boards, etc Obligations of Hugh
Farguson, Samuel Depue. Abel Jenne, Jun'r. Richard Howell. Daniel Cox,
Samuel Johnston, Bartholomew Rowley, Cornelius Ferrill, John Smith.
Archabel McCarty. Appraised by W. Morris, Wm. Plaskett, Charles

1755, March 11. Accoimt of Gideon Bickerdike, executor, mentions Cor-
nelius Ferril, John Smith, Archibald McCarty. Richard Howell.

174S, March 90. Beaaford, William* of Hopewell, Hunterdon co.
Bond of Frances Beanford, administratrix, with John Phillips and Cor-
nelius Anderson, all of Hopewell, as fellow bondsmen.

1742-8, March 6. Inventory of the estate. £70.15.2; made by John
Phillips and Cornelius Anderson.

1746-7, Jan. 27. Account shows debts paid to William Pierson, Andrew
Reed, Enoch Anderson. Thomas Burroughs, William Branford of Phila.,
Edward Hunt George Clifford, Frederick Vanoye, EHies'r Morgan. Cor-
nsltns Anderson. Humphrey Hughs. John Phillips. John Lee, Andrew Mer-
abon, James Bigger. Samuel Lee. William Moore. James Adams. Jon.
Reed, Samuel Ketcham. Danl. Coxe. Hunterdon Wills, 161 J.

1744, Nov. 5. Bee, Bphralm, of Greenwich. Gloucester Co.. yeoman.
Grandson. E«phraim Lloyd, to have all real estate; in case of his death,
without issue, same to become property of cousin. Ephiram Bee. and. if he
dies without issue, cousin Thomas Bee and in case of his decease
without issue, cousin Jonathan shall have it. Elxecutors — son. John
Lioyd, and friend, Alexdr. Randell. Witnesses — John Bright Thomas Bra-
man, James Holden. Proved 7 Jan., 1744; probat 20 July, 1746.

Lib. 5. p. 140.

1744, Dec 8. Inventory. £19.11.1. Appraisers— Thomas Braman, John

1747. Feb. — ^. Account (£21.10.6). includes moneys paid to Thomas
Holden. Rol>ert Brayman, Gabraell Rambo, James Holden, John Bright.
Ephraim Bee. Samuell Paull.

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1749» F«%. 18. Bell, J«km» of Morrisses (Maurice) River, Cumber-
land Co. ; will of. Wife. Mary, to have the plantation until son, Robert,
will be 21, and % the marsh of 80 acres over the river, Joining Leam-
ings, providing she remains unmarried. Sons: John, to have plantation
formerly belonfl^inff to Abraham Jones on the south side of Manuskln^;
Thomas, the land formerly belonffin^ to Johannes HofEman ; likewise land
and "cripple" belonging, formerly, to Hance Steelman; likewise land and
"cripple," formerly Joseph Jones', not redeemed, he to have the money
if redeemed; Henry, land and marsh held in partnership with the Learn-
ings, excepting 80 acres. Personal estate to four sons, and to Mary
Bell, Junior. Agnes Bell, an expected child, and wife, excepting Robert,
whose share "shall fall into the hands of his mother." Additional bequests
of a Cedar E^wamp (John to have below. Robert above. Sharp's Mill) ;
% of the new* mill, purchased of Samuel Iszard to be sold. Executors —
wife. Mary ; son. Robert. Aaron Leaming. Witnesses — ^William McOlaugh-
lin. Richard Shaw, John Reed. Proved 20 June. 1749. Lib. 6, p. 12.

1749. May 26. Inventory of C^p'n John Bell's personal estate. £2848.8.6.
Appraisers— John Purple. John Cormick.

1749. May 29. Renunciation of executorship by Aaron Leaming. Wit-
nesses — John Purpple. Thomas Peterson.

1785, Oct. 4. Belltom (Belltem). Jonatkam, of Township of Water-
ford, Gloucester Co.. cordwainer; will of. Bphraim Tomlinson. of Glou-
cester Township and Co.. sole executor. Wife. Mary. Infant son. Hese-
klah Belton. Daughters. Lyndonia and Mary Belton. "to have the pro-
ceeds from the labor of my prentice shoemaker, Daniel Calvin (a mulatto)
until he will be 81 and my said daughters to be apprenticed "to some
religious and discreet master and mistress and learn to read the Bible and
housewifery." Son-in-law (supposed step-son), Joseph Mapes. Son. Pot-
ter C^hampion. Witnesses — John Shivers. Josiah Shivers. Michael Grum-
ley. Affirmed 7 ApHl. 1787.

1786, 9 mo. (Nov.), 26 da. Renunciation of Ephraim Tomlinson as
executor. Witnesses — John Way, William Way. Lib. 4. p. 96.

1787, Apr. 7. Administration granted to Mary, widow of Jonathan
Belton. John Shivers, bondsman. Witness — Joseph Rose.

1786. May 6. Inventory (£185.11.7), includes 224 pounds of bacon,
"shumakers tools," sole leather, 16 cattle. Appraisers — ^Tobias Hollo-
way, John Shivers.

1749, Aum* as. Bemder, R€»bert» of Township of Greenwich, Cumber-
land Co. Bond by John Brick, of Township of Stow. Cumberland 0>.,
and Alexander Moore, of Township of Deerfleld, merchant, administrators.

1749. Aug. 26. Susanna Bender, of Township of Greenwich. Cumber-
land Co.. widow and relict of Robert Bender, renounced administration.

Chmiberland Wills, 20 F.

1788, Sept. 0. Bensetf Jacobus, of Middlesex Co. Inventory of per-
sonal estate £77.9.6; made by four freeholders of New Jersey, chosen
by widow. Abigail Bennet, vis., Ella. Burger, Adriaen Bennet. Cornelius
Bennet. ChrisstofTel Probasco.

1784, Aug. 19. Bond of Jacobus and Jacob Bennet, dated May 8, 1780,
for £1,000, held by Cornelius Vanderhoven. of Kings Co.. New York, re-
ceipted in full. Witnesses to bond — John Bennet, Mare Manion; witness
to receipt, Jan Vaendervoort Middlesex Wills, 797-800 !■•

ITSa, Sept. IS. Benset, Jastee* of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.,
yeoman. Bond of Abigail Bennet, widow, as administratrix. William

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Davimport and Henry Berry, Jun'r. both of Perth Amboy, fellow bonds-
men. Lib. B, p. too.

ITSS. March 1. Beaaet, Jaha, of Ehreflham, Burlington Co., saw-
yer. Letters of administration to Susanna Bennet, widow. Qeorge Mor^
ris, of Mansfield, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 155.

1747* AiMT. SS. Benaet, Joha, of Northampton, Burlington Co., yeo-
man. Letters of administration to Mary Bennet, widow. Thomas Reves
and Patrick Resmolds, yeoman, of Burlington Co., fellow bondsmen.

Lib. 5, p. S62.

1747, Auff. 22. Inventory of personal estate, £116.7 ; made by Patrick
Reynolds and Saml. Gamble.

1744» April ao. It«Biion, Johaiiaes» of Bergren Co. Bond of Blisa-
l>eth Benson, of Bergen Co., administratrix, and Ryck Leidecker, of same
County, fellow bondsman.

1744, May 9. Inventory of estate, £125.17.8; made by Elizabeth Ben-
son, and appraised by Hendrick Banta and John Zabrlski.

Lib. D, p. 128.

1749-7, March 7. Bertmaa (Barymaa, Beremaa), Thomas* of Cohan-
sey, Salem Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Martha, use of whole plantation
until my son, John, will be 20. In case of his death before 20, and after
the decease of wife, estate shall go to six daughters: Annabel Johnson,
Rachel Benet, Perthenia Reeves, Bllzabeth (under age), Zurviah (under
age) and Hannah (under age). Executors— wife, Martha, and son. John
Beriman. Witnesses — Eliakim (?arll. Sen., Joseph Brick, Patrick MitcheL
Proved 14 June, 1749, before ESlias Cutting, Surrogate of CTumberland

1749, July 14. Letters testamentary granted to Martha Beriman (sign-
ed Martha Banrman). Lib. 6, p. 294.

1749, July 14. Inventory of personal estate, £211.7.0. Appraisers —
Samuel Moore, Bllakim C!arll.

17S9» March 10. Berry, Hcary, of Monmouth County, carpenter.
Bond of John Berry, of Monmouth, as administrator. Andrew Craw-
ford, of same county, and Henry Berry, of Perth Amboy, fellow bonds-
men. Henry Berry, eldest son of deceased, renounced right to ad-
minister, in favor of his brother John Berry, March 20, 1789; re-
nunciation witnessed by John Kelly and Thomas Bartow.

Lib. C. p. 826.

1740. July 18. Inventory (£20.4.9), Incl. carpenter's and Joiner's tools;

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 5 of 85)