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1749, April 10. Inventory (£162.16.6) includes debts due from Hush
Caplee, Alexander Annen, Jas. McQinnes, James Hammond, James Wil-
son. Made by David Chambers and James Hamond.

1748* Sept. 27. Reed* Wllllam» of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Bfary. Plantation to be sold. Children to have shares
of estate (boys when 21, ffirls at 18), but not named. Unborn child.
ISxecutors— wife, and brothers John and Joseph Reed. Witnesses-
Smith Cornell, Nathan Moore, Sarah Reed. Proved Nov. 8, 1748.

Lib. 6, p. 54L

1748, Oct 29. Inventory £64.16.0 ; made by Philip Palmer and Nathan

1786-r» 28rd, 12 aio. (Feb.). Reeve* Joha, of Philadelphia, mariner;
will of. Children — Peter, Hannah, Mary and Rachel. Personal estate.
Bxecutors — friend, Israel Pemberton. and brother Matthias Aspden,
both of the City of Philadelphia, merchants. Witnesses^Wm. Hill,
Bvan Bevan, Abr. Mitchel. Proved Sept. 5, 1743.

Cape May Wills, Lib. 6, p. 2.

1748* Sept. 14. Reeve, Joha* of Burlington. Int. Inventory of the
personal estate, £1,362.5.10; made by Caleb Raper and Dan Smith.
Includes 101 ounces of Plate, £50.10; shop goods, £688.0.6 H; servant
maid's time, £5; negro girl, £20. Burlington Wills, 8629-82 C.

1748* Nov. 11. Reeve, Joeeph, of South side of Cohansey, Cumber-
land Co.; will of. Son, Mark, to have 100 acres of land, purchased of
Hannah Pierce; also 70 acres of land, situate at Morris River, ad-
joining lands of Gabriel Powel and William Cobb. Son, Joseph, the
home place I now live on, joining my son Mark's land; to begin at the
N. end of the tide bank that runs from Oilman's place to Stores Is-
land, thence (giving courses and naming) Ayres' line, Middlemarsh
Creek, Cohansey Creek, Joseph Bacon's. Son, John, all lands west-
ward of Joseph's land, beginning at the mouth of Little Creek above;
Joseph Bacon's, then up the creek to Ayres' land until it comes to>
Dickason Shepherd's line, then to Cohansey Creek. Son, Samuel, all
lands on the south side of Middlemarsh Creek. Legacies to daughter
Mary at the age of 20, and to son Benjamin (not 21), who shall be^
apprenticed by my executors. Sons, Joseph, John and Samuel, twa
tracts of land situate at Morris River, one on the east side called
Dibbles Island, the other on the west side called "old Major." Re^-
mainder of real estate to be divided among my four sons, Mark, Jo-
seph, John and Samuel. In case of death of any of them, without
Issue, that part shall descend to my son Benjamin. Executors — sons
Mark and Joseph. Witnesses — Richd. Wood, Dickason Shepherd, Ebe-
nesr. Miller, Jr. Proved 1 March, 1748. (Richard Wood and Bbenezer
Miller affirmed). Lib. 6, p. 249.

1748-9, 12 mo. (Feb.), 1st da. Inventory (£796.10^) includes library
of books, cattle, horses and bees. Appraisers — ^Moses Shepherd, Richard
Wood. Lib. 6, p. 249.

26 , . .

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17S1» Sept. ». Hcereiu Ama, of Northampton. Burlfn«ton C6^
widow; will of. Sons— Walter. William. Joseph, filtsha. Cal€^ aM
49amueL Personal estate. Bkecator — son. SamoeL Witnesses — J^M.
Smith. Jno. Allen. Sam'l BustilL Proved July SI. 17SS.

Lib. S. p. SiC

1781. Auff. 20. Inventory. £114.6.2; made by RereU Bltom and Samvsl

1754. Dec. 20. Account of executor, showing payments to James Ver^
(for coffin). Wm. CoUum. Bfary Willis. Samuel Scattergood. Samuel Bn^
till. Peter Ross. Elisabeth Frampton. Thos. Elklnton. John Allen. Joseph
Devenish. John Wills. Esq.

1740. BfoT^ 14. Reeres* David, of Allowayv Creek. Salem Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Son, David, all my lands and meadows on the east side
of Salem Road, or the upper side; also 50 acres of marsh below Jon-
athan Wadinffton's. Orandson. Joshua Reeves, the remaining part of
the land on Salem Road, also part of my salt marsh not before be-
queathed. Daughter-in-law. Partheny Reeves, to take care of said
lands until Joshua will be of age. Residue of the moveables (negroes
alio ted) shall be equally divided between my two granddaughters
(when 18), Mary Reeves (daughter of my son David), and Ellxabet^
Reeves (daughter of my son Joshua). Executor — ^Thomas Pagett.
Witnesses — James Cromey. Saml. Perry, Elisabeth Oomey. Proved
2 Dec. 1749. Lib. 6. p. 2«7.

1749. Nov. 28. Inventory (£188.16.8) of personal estate of "David
Reeves, Senior." tocludes grain, and 4 negroes (£120). Appraisers — Jon-
athan Bradway, James Oomey.

1750, Dee. IS. Reevee, BUsha* of Gloucester Co. (late of Burtingtbn
Co.). Int. Adm*r, David Watson. Hunterdon Co.. laborer. Bonds-
man — Elnathan Stevenson, of Burlington Co.. yeoman. Lib. 7. p. 101.

Dec. 10, 1760. Inventory of EHlsha Reeves, of Township of WaterfUrd.
•Gloucester Co.. (£46.16.2%) includes bond of Wm. Reeves, Jun*r; notes
of David Watson. George Monroe. Appraisers — Simeon Ellis. Wimam

1747» Dec. SI. Reevee, Jesepk* of Northampton. Burlington Co. Int.
Inventory of the personal estate, £59.9.10; made by James LIpplncott
«nd Samuel Haines. Includes 1.669 lbs. pork delivered to Thos. Shinn.
£16.17.8; ISO lbs. pofk at Richard Fenimore's at 2%; pair of scales,
and gold and silver weights.

1747, Jan. 22. Adm'r, John Fenimore. of l!^ringfleld. yeoman. James
LIpplncott and Samuel Haines, of same, yeoman, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. 6. p. 486.

1787* Dee. S. Reevee, SaMiael* of Northampton, Burlington Co..
Baylor; will of. Samuel, son of my brother William. Real and per-
gonal estate. Wife, Mary, sole execdtrix. WItnesseft— Tho. Shtnn.
HeVell Biton. Sam'l ShInn, ThomlM Kemble, John Geary. Proved JatL
19. 1787. Lib. «. *. tt7.

1737-8. Jan. 18. Inventory. £286.8.6 ; made by SUm'l ShInn and llioi^aks

1755, Sept. S8. ileeves, ipi^atter, of Korthampton. Burlington Co,
Aoc6tint of Anne ReeVes. ekeetitrli. ^armifhts i<iade t6 James
C6oper. Thotaas Tresset of Philadelphia, Isaacs Marriott of BtfHMi-
ton. Rob't Wheeler. John Tatam, George Deacon. Dr. John R6bert%

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Ikiil Thomka Wetherill. DiAbursementa td the children of deeeiiseid,
rtm., wmter, Jonathan, William, Blisha, Joseph, Caleb, Samael aifid
Bitsabeth. Burltnyton Wills, 2346-60 C.

1748, April 90. Held, Jmm^m, of Freehold, Monmouth Co. Int. Ann,
the widow, resigns ri^ht of administration to Joseph Forman, princi-
pal creditor. Witness— William Cruckshank. Lib. E, p. 196.

1748, May 2. Adm'r, Joseph Forman. of Monmouth Co.. cent. Wit-
ness — ^Thomas In^lis.

1748. Bfay 4. Inventory of the estate, £38.14.6; made by William
Hasan. Benjamin Kallum, Robert Thomson.

1740, Oet. SM. 1ft«tTC« (Reeres), Hesry, (place not named; Qlou-
cester Co.); will of. Executors— wife, Abigail, and my brother
Thomas Reives, they to sell the real estate wheresoever. Children —
Hope, James, Ann, Abraham, Henry and Mary. Widow to have use
of same until the boys are 21 and the ffirls 18. In case of her re-
marriage, my brother Thomas to have care of said children. Residue
of my real and personal estate shall be my wife's for the care anid
education of said children. Witnesses — Richard Floyd, Jonathan
F6wler, Josa. Lord. Sworn and affirmed 20 Jan., 1745. Lib. 6, p. 216.

1745, Nov. 6-9. Inventory (£246.13.8) includes "A Penel ffiven by Jon-
athan Reeves to Thomas Shin and assigned to Henry Reeves" ; notes
from Jonathan Reeves to Thomas Newel and by a second assignment to
Henry Reeves; book debt from William Buddel; "one equal halfe paort
•oif a 8 cord flat with the sails and oars" (£12). Appraisers — Jonathan
Fowler, Josa. Lord.

17aa-S» Feb. 15. RemlagteB. John* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Sarah Remington, widow. Bondsmen — John Ooodwln, Benja-
min Peters. All of said county. Witness — ^Mary Abbott.

Lib. 8, p. 291.

1732-3. Feb. 15. Inventory (£40.19.6) ; made by Jno. (Goodwin. Benja.

17SS, March SS. Remlavtoa* 8arah» of Salem, Salem Co., widow.
Int. Adm'r, John Remington. Richard Smith and Joseph Oregory,
of same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 3, p. 297.

1733, Man^ 30. Inventory, £47.0.0; made by Hugh Clifton and John

17S1» Oet. 4. WL&mmkmw, Tkomas* of Gloucester Township and Co.,
Ukborer. Int. Adm'r, Richard Weldon. of the same place, mariner.
Bondsman — Samuel Harrison. Witness — ^Edw. Rs. Price.

Lib. 3. p. 163.

17BS, Immt •. ReystevM* Ovke, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Ida, sole executrix, personal estate and home plantation In
Itomerset Co., during widowhood. Real estate valued In Somerset Co.
at £1,610. Sons to have two-thirds; daughters one-third of said sum.
Son, Reynier, to have 150 acres lying on the western side of "Mllston
IRlrer,*' binding upon Roolif Van Bront's land. Son, Cornelius, to
tuer^ 100 acres in Middlebush, lying on the eastern side of Milfeton
Rtrer. Sons, Hendrick, Aemout and Coke, the rest of the land la
lUddlebUBh, joining the lahd of Cornelius upon Mllston River. Daugh-
%0rk Magdelana, Catherine, Ida, Aleda. Mary, Ariaeatje and Fenuny.

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Witnesses — Dk. (Dtrok) Schuyler, Jaoob Cuke, Wm. Ouke. ProTed

20 Jan.. 1740. Lib. C, p. 8St.

1740, March 6. Inventory (£S80.22.8) inclodee catUe, £4S; horses, £80;

S slaves. £140; wheat, £119. Made by John Bookhout, Garret Oarretsen.

174T» Get. 0. Rhomer* AdasM of Somerset Co. Int. Adm*r, Cather-
ine Rhemer, widow. Fellow bondsmen, Jacob Strite (Streiffht), of
Somerset Co. and Lawrence Roelofs, of the County of Hunterdon.

Lib. B, p. 98.

1747, Oct 6. Inventory (£176.6.10) includes vuns, sword, powder homo,
"servant boy that is sick like for to die" (£0.4.2). Made by Alexander
Linn, Bryan Leferty.

1760, Oct. 2. List of debts paid by Katherine Remer. To Leonard
Straiirht, Susanna Chldester, Comelus Low, Junr*, Louranoe Sluker (?),
Francis Moriarty, Alexander Linn, Joseph French, Jno. Castner, Peter
Smith, Frances Bukel, Barthelo Kelsey, Elisabeth Rimmer, Peter Castner.

1740* May 27. Rlec, Tkeaias, Salem Town and County, guardian of
Bdward Keasby, son of Bdward Keasby. (Mother has since died).
Bondsmen — Thos. Thompson, Daniel Haynes. Witness — Clem. Hall,
John Jones. Lib. 4, p. 196.

1748, Get. 27. Rtebards, BeBjaaUa* husbandman, of Gloucester Co.
Int. Adm'r, Jeremiah Burch. Bondsman — Archibald Jolly, of Dept-
ford Township, yeoman. Lib. 6, p. 49.

1748. Oct 24. Renunciation of Ruth, widow of Benjamin Richards.
Witnesses — John Jenkins. Richard C^eeseman.

1743. Nov. 7. Inventory, £22.4.1 ; made by Richard C^eeseman, Arch-
ibald Jolly.

1748, Oct. 27. Richards, Jeremiah. Adm'r, Jeremiah Burchon.

Lib. 6. p. 49.

1742, April 10. Rlcharda, Joha, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., ditcher.
Int. Jonathan Forman and John Henderson, creditors, agree that
John Forman. another creditor, may administer on the estate.

Lib. C, p. 600.

1742. April 12. Adm'r. John Forman, yeoman. E^seklel Forman, yeo-
man, fellow bondsman.

1742. April 16. Inventory, £21.0.6 ; made by John Layton and Hend-
rick Suydam.

1748, May 10. Richards, John, of Newark, Essex Co. Int. Phebe
Richards, the widow, declines to act as administratrix, and desires
that Aaron Richards, eldest son, be appointed. Witnesses — John
Johnson, Uzal Ogden.

1748. May 10. Adm'r, Aaron Richards. David Richards, fellow bonds-
man. Lib. E. p. 260.

1748. April 1. Inventory. £190.10.02 ; made by Ellphalet Johnson and
Jon'n Sergeant

1740, Jiiae 18. Richards, Joha, of Greenwich Township, Gloucester
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary. Sons — Joseph, to have the planta-
tion after his mother's death; John, the plantation adjacent; Benjamin.
20 acres of the tract I bought of Samuel Burgle. Legacies to trrand-
ohildren,' John and Mary Sweeting (under age). Executors and trus-
tees for wife and children — John Hains, of Greenwich, and my son

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Joseph. Witnesses — John Chlvers, Thomas Chester, Benjn. Lodffe.
Prored 27 Nor.. 1750. Lib. 7, p. 18.

1760, Oct. 16. Inventory. £117.18.0; made by Mathew Tontin. Hoses

1760. 2nd da., 8 mo. (Oct.). Renunciation of John Halns. as executor.
Witness — Jacob Cosens.

17SS, ApHl 97. RieksFds, Tkomas, of Bssex Co.; will of. Children -
Thomas, Daniell and Nathanlell, all under a^e. Land joinlni: lands
of Daniel Dod, Jun'r, and Samuel Dod. Bxecutriz — wife, Mary. Wit-
nesses — David Ward, Samuel Ward, Jun'r, David O^den, Jun'r. Proved
May 14, 1788. Lib. B, p. 422.

17S8» Feb. 0. Richardsoii» Beajamlm* of Cape May Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Elizabeth, the use of all my lands until my son, Samuel,
will be 21; she to brinff up and maintain my two children unless she
marries before that time; then I desire my brother, Jacob Richard-
son, to take immediately my lands and to have the use of my other
estate, which is hereafter given to my children, for their maintenance.
Son, Samuel, to have all lands I live on, and to pay £20 to his brother.
John, when of aire. Residue of my estate shall be equally divided
between my two said children and "I desire my wife to take into her
hands and bring up and maintain them until each one will be fourteen
years of age." Executors — wife, Elizabeth, and my brother. Jacob
Richardson. Witnesses — Ephralm Edwards, James Edwards, An.
Leaming, Junior. Proved 26 November, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 222.

1789, Nov. 3. Inventory (£76.2.9) includes horse, cattle, sheep, swine
and fowls. Appraisers — NathL Jenkins, Ephralm Eklwards.

174a» Sept. 17. RlchardsoB, James, of City of Burlington, joyner.
Int. Anne Richardson requests that administration be granted unto
her father, Isa. DeCow.

1742. Sept 18. Adm'r. Isaac DeCow. Richard Wright, fellow bonds-
man. Both of City of Burlington, gents. Lib. 4. p.' 877.

1742. Sept 18. Inventory. £42.11.2 ; made by R. Wright and Dan
Smith. Includes debt of Thomas Budd.

17S5> May 97. RlduirdsoB* Josepb. of Oloucester Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Anne Richardson, widow. Bondsman — Edward Richardson
and John Doe of same county. Qent. Witness — John Oeary.

Lib. 4. p. 17.

1736, 3d. mo. (Bfay), 23 da. Inventory (£240.17.06) includes bonds
due from Thomas Monlcan, Thomas Kinsey. Mary Bull and John Clark;
notes by William Johnston, James Kinsey. John Stiles. John Smallwood;
book debts from Walter Qrlfleth« Enoch Eniison. Daniel Worthlngton,
Henry Eliet. Edward Williams. Oeorge Shirreld. Indentured: Katherine
Kinshloghs. William Emesone. Appraisers — Abraham C^attin (Quaker),
William Hampton.

17S2» Dee. SS. RIcluirdsMi* Josbaa. of Deptford. Oloucester Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'x, Martha Evans. Bondsmen — John Doe and Rich-
ard Roe. Witness — John Ladd, Jun'r.

1782. Dec. 20. Inventory of Joshua Richardson. "Senior," (£12.16.6)
includes cash due by Aaron Ashbrook. Martha Howel. Thomas Dorah.
John Newborey; "due to Ellis Battlnes by Wtlliam Vaughan (?)." Ap-
praisers— WUliam Davles, William Vahhan. Oloucester Wills. 164 H.

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ITSS, Dec. S. Rtekar«MB. 8a»Ml« of Cap« May Co.; will of. To
my brother, Benjamin Richardson, all my land; but If my wife be
now with child and it comes to a^e, then said land to belonir to the
child. If 'said Benjamin possesses the land, he shall pay £10 to my
brother, John Richardson, within one year, and £6 to my brother,
Jacob Richardson, when 21. Wife, Elisabeth, all the chattels, except
my best hat, which my brother Jacob shall have when of a^e. Ex-
ecutors — wife, Elisabeth, and my brother Benjamin. Witnesses —
John Jones, James Flood, Ephraim Edwards. Proved 20 Marcli,

17S2-3, Jany. 17. Inventory, £46.8.10; made by Nathaniel Rnsoo,
Ephraim Edwards. Cai>e Hay Wills, 7t B.

IT47-8, March Itt. Rickey, Bobcrt, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co. Int.
Inventory of estate (£66.0.10) includes a Bible, bonds of Stephen Bald-
win, Daniel Kelsey, BMward Hunt. Bickley Wellinir» James Osborn.
Made by Philip Cawlvin and Edward RockhilL

1747. Bfarch 16. Adm'r. John Richeye. of Amwell. James Darompel
and Edward Rockhill. of Amwell, yeoman, sureties. Witnessed by Abra-
ham Bonne]]. Lib. 6. p. 4fl.

1749-60. February 20. Account. Mentions Elisabeth MulUn, Andrew
Mershon. Charies Bounfleld, Abraham Bonnell. Joseph Paxton, Jno. ODon-
nell. Samuel Flemtnir, Jno. Rouse, Doctor John Naars, Isaac Lanntnc,
William Roseborough. John Jobe.

1744* J«Be •• lUchaiam, Hcrmaa* of Township of Piles Orove, Salena
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Mary Elisabeth. Sons — Jacob (eldest),
to have 260 acres that I bouirht of Ellas Klnur, where my said son
dwells; also 160 acres that I bought of John Easter, joining said
plantation; John, SOO acres of the tract I bought of John E«aster;
Uldrick, the plantation (S60 acres) I live on that I bought of Joseph
Clews; also 6^ acres bought of Isaac Davis, joining the mill pond
and Clews joining the Creek; also the place (200 acres) bought of
Nicholas Hoffman, joining the home place; also 46 acres bought ot
Clement Hall; also % acre of land and store-house on Oldman's Creek
that I bought of John Rain (but if he marries Sarah Chanlier, or any
of the family, his portion shall be five shillings); Michael (at 21),
800 acres that I bought of John Blaster. Daughters — ^Margaret (eld-
est), Mary, Ann, Elisabeth, Maudlen and Sarah; they to have 111
acres each of the tract I bought of John Easter, with 60 acres liought
of James Currie. additionally, to Sarah. 300 acres bought of Andrew
and Peter Boon in Monatauny at Schoolkill In Pennsylvania, 60 acres
in Gloucester County, and 60 or 60 acres at Broad Neck, Salem County,
to be sold and the money divided equally among my children. The
26 acres of Cedar Swamp bought of Henry Paulin shall be divided;
H shall belong to the home place, the other divided between Johm
and Michael; also t% acres that I bought of Timothy Rain on Old-
man's Creek shall be equally divided among Jacob, John and Michael,
when the last named will be 21. If any of my daughters marry with
any of the Sceilley's family they shall not have one foot of my laad.
Executors — sons Jacob, John, Uldrick and Michael. Wltnes see
William Paullin, David Davis, Elisha Basset, Thomas Duell. Affirmed
t August, 1744.

1744. Aug. 10. Letters granted to Jacob, John and Uldrick Rlchmaa,
Michael Richman, the other executor, not being of lawful age.

Lib. 6. 9. U.

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^:ai4n»4« of WIH.S— 1730-1750 398^

na, July 5, 9. Inventory (£712.8.10 H) includjBS n^«ro man, woman
and four childrep, il02 ; cattle, horses, sheep, and swine. £126.18. Ai^
praisers— Dayid Davie. William Paullia.

1738, Mmj as, Bldd^l, Walter* of Somerset Co. Int. Administration
on estat^ granted to Quinton McColme. Fellow bondsQien, Lawrenco
Qn^grth^ Adam Hay, both of Perth Amhoy. Lib. C, p. 197.

1738, May 2. Inventory of cash, goods and book debts due to the store
In partnership betwixt the deceased Walter Riddell and Quintin McColme,
£972.13.5 ; iQade by Peter School Justice of the Peace. Benjamin StirUns^
ai^d Stephen Campbell.

Inventory of papers belonging to deceased. Walter Riddell:

Indenture betwixt |iobt Barclay and Wm. Aikman for one-tenth part
of one fourty-eight part of the Province of Elast Jersey, dated April 22^..

Release, The Proprietors of East Jersey to Wm. Aikman of 400 acres
land* June 2d, 1688.

Deed, The Proprietors of New Jersey to Mr. Archbald Riddell and
QT^er of Survey for 200 acres land, July 28, 1686.

I^lease, The Propi^ietors of tSast Jersey to Mr. Archbald Riddell of
800 acres land« June 2d, 1688.

Agreement, Mr. Archbald Riddell and Mr. Tho. Aikman. Aug. 7, 1685.

letter of Attorney, Wm. Aikman and Mr. Arch. Riddell, Aug. 7, 1686.

Agreement,' Mr. Arch. Riddell and Tho. Aikman, Aug. 7, 1785.

Disposition, Wm. Aikman to Capt Walter Riddell, Sept 5, 1730.

Disposition, Mr. Arch. RiddeU to Capt Walter Riddell, pec 30. 1707.

I^leaso, Capt Walter Riddell to Walter Riddell, his nephew. Dec. 81.

Letter of Attorney. Capt Riddell to Walter Riddell. Dec. 81. 1736.

Order of the Proprietors of East Jersey to survey 170 acres of Land
for Walter Riddell, Aug. 9. 1737.

Extracts of Survey for Adam Hude and Andrew Johnston, etc.

Bond of Relief, QuinUn McColme to Walter RiddeU. Oct 3, 1737.

Eight letters, John Johnstone to Capt RiddelL

Six letters, John Hamilton to Capt Riddell.

Two letters. James Douglas to Capt. Riddell.

1747, J«ly 20. Bi^m^mr, IMckavd, of Springfield, Burlington Co..
carpenter. Int. Phebe Ridgway, the widow, declines to act and re-
Quests that Jobe Lipplncott be appointed administrator.

1747, ^uly 21. Adm*r Job Lippinoott of Springfield. Edward Tonkin,
of same, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 5. p. 438.

1747. July 23. Inventory, £175.7; made by John Monrow and Thos.
Ftoster. Mentions Joseph Pranson, William French, William Shinn, Henry

1747, Oct 27. Account. Moneys paid Dr. Thos. Shaw, Geo. Qilbert
(for his wife nursing deceased 2 weeks in the smallpox), Joseph Pope,
Joshua Shreeve. Joseph Wright, E. R. Price. Isaac Ivins, ESdward Ton-
kins, Henry Cooper, William Fox, Susannah Toole. William Sorsby, Anna
Stockton, John Stockton (Exr. of William Buddell), Isabella School^y,
Thomas Black*. Debts due from Joseph Allinson, James Shinn, Jr., Wil-
liam Fox, WUliam Rogers, Benj'n Bryan.

IT8X Jwe 7. QMnfajr, Thoaiaii» of Little Eggharbour, Burlington
Co., yeoman. Peter Andrews, of same, appointed guardian of Edward
^4 ^'9^r^ ^W^ ®' ^^^ sons of Thomas. Lib. 3, p. 198.

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X799f Dee. 4. RMley* ^i^UlUum* of Salem Town and Co., ward (affed
18 3rrfl.). Guardian, Robert Hart, of same place, merchant

Salem Wills, €41 a

1749, Not. IS. RMleTt WllUam, of Town and Co. of Salem, car-
penter. Int. Adm'z, Hannah Ridley. Bondsman — ^Thomas Thompson.
Both of same place. Lib. €, p. I7f.

1749, Nov. 15. Inventory, £119.12.11; made by Wm. Murdock. Samuel

1.7S8» Aum» IT. Rtely, Bridget, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r Mathew
Topham, of City of Burlington, cordwainer. Samuel Bustill, of same,
irent.. fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 142.

17S3, Aug. 21. Inventory. £34.11.9 ; made by Paul Watkinson and
James Richardson.

1.7S4-5* Jam. X, RUey. Joeepk, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Son. Aaron (at 21) to have all my lands. Other three sons
the personal estate "only my great wrighting book and great arith-
metic book I give to my son Joseph, and the book of Marters and
three Nativity books to my son Mark Riley, the History of Troy and
the Book of Geogrify to my son Blihu and my Bible to my wife
during widowhood;" other books to be equally divided among my
three youngest sons. Wife, Rachel, use of real and personal estate
until sons will be 21. Executors — wife, and brother-in-law, John
Reminton. Witnesses — ^Moses Shepherd, John Bishop, Dacon Buck,
Abraham Smith. Proved 24 Feb., 1784-5. Lib. 4. p. 9.

17S4-6. Feb. 28. Renunciation of Rachel, widow. Witnesses — ^Moses
Shepherd, Silas Freland.

1734-6, Feb. 12. Inventory (£80.18.6) includes cattle, sheep, horse and
swine. Appraisers — Moses Shepherd. Abraham Smith.

1740* Feb. 15. Rlag» BUas, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Wife, Deborah. . Children to be brought up out of estate, boy until
21, and girl until 18. Son, Nathaniel; daughter, Deborah. Wife, ex-
ecutrix. Witnesses — Joseph Overton, Thomas Barnes, John Allen, Jr.
Proved April 7, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 278.

1741, April 6. Inventory (£371.1.0) includes negro slave, £36. Made
by Thomas Barnes, Reuben Armitage, John Hart, Jr.

1780» J«ly SI. Rlago» Peter, of Hunterdon Co., gent. Int. In-
ventory, £18.7.6; made by John Hunt, Cornelius Ringo, Alexander

1730, Aug. 13. Adm'r. Philip Ringo. of Hunterdon O).. gent. Alexan-
der Lockart, of Hunterdon Co., gent, surety. Hunterdon Wills, 66 J.

17SS-4, Jam. 17. Rl<»rtea«9 Joka, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.;
will of. Son, John. Real and personal estate. Wife, Magdelen, sole
executrix. Witnesses — John Tantum, Benjamin Robins, Isaac Stelle.
Proved May 29, 1734. Lib. 3, p. 415.

1729* Jam. 6. Rlpley» Bdward* of Middlesex Co. Inventory ef per-
sonal estate (£6.06.3); made by Samuel Stone and Thomas Gach.
(Omitted from Archives, Vol. 23).

1728. July. Account Margaret Ripley; for her husband's funeral.

1736, Oct. 4. Receipt of Richard Bishop, coroner, for 40s.. as fees for
viewing the body of Bdward Ripley, who was drowned.

Middlesex WUls.

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I7S7» Mar S- Rtete7» Rlehard, 8r^ of Township of IUgg Harbor,

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