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Olouoester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Esther, sole executrix. Sons —
Peter and Thomas, 800 acres on which I live, begrinningr at the line
that divides my son Richard's plantation down to the Sound or Bay
of Abcecon Creek, the latter to have the part with the dwelling, etc.,
as far as the Kingr's Road. The Cedar swamps, beeches and other
out-lands to aforesaid three sons equally. Daughters — ^Mary, Jeml-
mah, Esther, Sarah, Rebecca. Witnesses — Frederick Steelman, John
Counover, David Llndsey. Proved 17 June, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 242.

1740. Hay 22. Inventory, £86.8.0 ; made by John Counover, Thomas

1.74a» Dee. X, Rlsley» Thoman, of Great Kgg Harbor, Gloucester Co.
Brothers — ^John Rlsley, of Hartford. New England, and Richard.
Richard's sons, Richard, Peter and Thomas, to have lands Jolningr
their father and John Covenoven by the Bay. Nieces — Sarah (not 21)
and Rebecca ("the youngest"), daughters of my brother Richard.
Executor — nephew. Richard Rlsley. Witnesses — Japhet Leeds. Rich-
ard Philpott, Japhet Leeds. Jr. Affirmed and sworn 4 June, 1746.
(Letters grranted May 27, 1748). Lib. 5, p. 886.

1789» Oct. 28. Ritchie, Anne, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'r. John Ritchie, the husband. James Newell and Peter Savery,
fellow bondsmen. Witness — John Burnet. Lib. C, p. 293.

1740. Aug. 26. Bond of (George Leslie as administrator. And'w Johns-
ton, of Perth Amboy, ffent.. and Peter Savery. barber, fellow bondsmen.

XTSTf Hay 7. Roberts (Robards), Hvflrh, of Newark. Essex Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Wife. Mary. Children — ^Hu^h. John, Samuel. Hannah
Smith and Abigrail Roberts. Children of my daugrhter, Rebecka Tomp-
kins, deceased. Executors — sons Hu^h and John. Witnesses — Isaac
Cundlt, Daniel Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor. Proved Dec. 26, 1788.

Lib. C, p. 287.

1788, Dec 25. Inventory ( £211.06.11 H) Includes notes from John Rob-
erts and Huirh Roberts ; made by Deacon Wheeler and Thomas Longworth.

1747, Nov. IS. Roberts, John. Scn^r, of Chester. Burlinsrton Co.,
yeoman. Int. Inventory of personal estate, £421.6.4; made by Thomas
Middleton and Samuel Coles. Includes 4 nesrroes, £122.

1747. Nov. 16. Adm'r. John Roberts, of same, yeoman. Thomas Mid-
dleton and Samuel Coles, of Evesham and Waterford, yeomen, fellow
bondsmen. Lib. 5. p. 486.

1740, Feb. 8. Roberts, Mary, relict of Jonathan Roberts of Tren-
ton, Hunterdon Co.; will of. Dausrhter, Jemima, wife of Solomon Max-
well; ffranddauffhter, Ablffail Morrel; daughter, Mary, wife of Rob-
ert Combs. Other dausrhters, Sarah, Elizabeth. Kesia. Executors —
Ralph Hart and Richard Furman. Daughter. Martha, to have equal
share with other four dausrhters. Witnesses — Jonas Wood. William
Snowden, Edward Hart. Proved March 26. 1741. Lib. 4. p. 288.

1749, Feb. 19. Robertson, Thomas* of the City of New York. Int
Adm'r. Edward Vogg, of New York, merchant. Benjamin Smith, of
Trenton, merchant, surety. Witness — Archibald Home.

Hunterdon Wills, 169 J.

1749-00, Feb. IS. Robertsoa, William, Jr., of Mlddletown Township,

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Monmouth Co., yeoman; will ot Wife, Mary. Children — Robert, Marx
and Duncan, when of affe. Brothers and sisters mentioned but pot
named. ^Ixecutor — brother, Duncan Robertson. Witnesses — Janif»
Reid, Biisabeth Robertson, Robert Savagre. Proved March IS, 1749-50.

Lib. B, p. sei,

^41, A»rU 1. ItobiM, Isaae, of Hunterdon Co.; will et Wife,.
ABHbia. Sons— Vincent and Joseph. Six children mentioned. B^xecu-
tors — wife, and friends Job Robins and Amos Thatcher. Witnesses —
Jacob Knowles, Lydia Thatcher, John Lewis. Proved Oct. 22, 17il.

Lib. 4, p. S22.

1741, Oct. 13. Inventory (£46.15.2) includes books. Made by W.
Montffomerie, Charles Woolverton. Peter Johnson.

ir47-9» Fek. 8. RoblM, James, of (AUenstown), Upper Freehold..
Monmouth Co.. tailor; will of. Wife, fillsabeth, executrix. Son,
James, 46 acres bought of Nathan Allen. Daughter, Elisabeth. S^
acres bought of Charles Jolley. Brothers and sisters, but not named.
Witnesses — James Lainff, Timothy Robins, Thomas Lawrie. Prove4
Feb. 22, 1747-8. Lib. B, p. 181.

1747-8, Feb. 12. Inventory, £96.3.8; made by Charles Jolley. Thomas^

175tw Mareli •• Robias, Jekm, of Gloucester Co. Int. Adm'r, Tho9>-
as Denell, Salem Co., merchant. Bondsman — ^Thomas Denny, oC
Qreenwich. Witness — Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 7, p. 543.

1749-60. Jany. 27. Inventory, (£8.0.8) ; made by Thomas Denny,
Mathew Qill. Mentions Abraham Nelson.

ir8ll» April 14. Roblas* NatkaBlel, of Upper Freehold Township*.
Monmouth Co., yeoman. Int. Sarah the widow resigns riffht ot ad-
ministration to Jonathan Robins. Witness — James Reynolds. Jon-
athan Robins, of Monmouth, ffives bond; James Reynolds, surety.

Lib. C, p. 269.

1738-9. Jan. 26. Inventory, £20.8.6^ ; made by William and James Rey-

ir47-8, Mareh IS. Robins, Tl^iotliy, of Allen Town, Burlington Co.,
oarpenter. Int. Inventory. £99.00.2; made by Thomas Lawrie ao^
Samuel Davenport

1747-8, March 24. AdministraUon granted to Ruth Robins, widpw.
AAron Robins, of same, fellow bondsman. Lib. 5. p. 48 1.

17411, May X(. Moblas, Eaehaiiali, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.»
tanner. Int. Inventory (£844) includes mortar, 12 trenchers, 8 yearn*
service of nesro, Bristow (£25); 6 yrs. of Richard Holland's tixii«
(£6); 11 deer skins (£6.4); leather (£30.10); hides (£8.1); 52 sides ot
leather (£15.12); 70 hides in tan vaU (£33); 117 sides of leather (£35) ;
raw hides and skins In bark house (£32.12); hides in tan vats (£16.16);
bark at Thomas Taylor's and at Hankinson's, etc Made by Robert
l«awrenoe and Thomas Cleayton.

1749, June 9. Administration granted to Mary and Moses Robins.

Ub. 6, p. 838.

1740^ Jaa. 8, Roblasoa* Edward* of Philadelphia, cooper. lot.
Adm'r, Thomas Robinson, of City of Philada., blacksmith. Panl%l
Smith, Ju'r, of City of Burlinirton, merchant, fellow bondsman.

Lib. 4, p. 268.

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1740. Jan. 8. InTentoiTi fll.lO; mad* by Thos. Roblnaon. Inclodea
bo^d from David Shreeve for £1K dat«d Oct. 6, 1727.

174M9 April 17. RolblBMoa* Jaaie«« of Township of Deerfleld. Cum-
berland Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, James Robinson. Fellow bonds-
man — ^Daniel Lomas. Both of the same place. Witness — Blisabeth
Cottinff. Lib. 6, p. 51.

1749, April 13. Inventory (£53.16.6) includes cattle, horses and hogs.
Appraisers — ^Daniel Luomaus, Robert Hood.

19S4» May lOu Roblasoa* Joha, of Maninffton, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Kathrain, and Clement Hall, executors, to divide move-
able estate among children — Elisabeth, Catrain and Jean. Eldest son,
John. Daughter, Margaret Robinson, plantation I possess after her
n&other's death. Witnesses — Lorance Wining, Rose Rutherford* James
Rutherford. Proved IS July, 17S4. (Letters granted Katharine Rob-
inflon in absence of Clement Hall). Lib. 3, p. 445.

1734. July 6. Inventory. £81.8.1; made by John Huse, James Ruther-

ITdBt Oct. aOb Itobiasoa* Joaab» of Morris Co. Int. Adm*x, Susanna
Robinson of said County. Bondsmen — Samuel Swasey. Junr., Morris
Co., and Samuel Davis, of Brookhaven, Long Island, blacksmith.

Lib. E, p. 217.

1748, Oct. 15. Inventory (£146.19.0) includes note from David Allen.
Appraisers — Caleb Horton, David Luse.

17SS» April S. RoblBsoa, ^rmiaai, of Cape May Co., yeoman, ^nt.
Adm*r, Dinah Robinson. Fellow bondsman — John Smith. Both of
same County. Witnesses — ^Daniel Norton, Jacob Spicer, Jacob Spieer,

1732-8, Jany. 10. Inventory, £64.12.6 ; made by Daniel Norton. John
Smith. Oipe May Wills, 79 E.

ir40^ Sept. 98. Robtoaa, Artbar, of Middlesex Co., labourer. Int.
Adm'rs, James Wilson, of Perth Amboy, and Cornelius Arvin. Wit-
aass— John Martin. Lib. 8, p. 332.

1749, Oct. 24. Inventory, £15.19.7 ; made by Thomas Morford and
Richard JeweU.

mr. Ear. ». Rablsaa, Jabu, of Cranberry, Middlesex Co.; will of.
Friend, William Laird, executor and sole legatee. Real and personal
aatate. Witnesses — James Willson, James McKnlght, Samuel Spence.
Proved Dec. 16, 1737. Lib. C. p. 182.

1737-8, Jan. 21. Inventory, £46.9.3 ; made by John Anderson and
Samuel Dove.

1740, April T. Roblsaa, Joba, of Elizabeth Town, Essex Co.; will oL
Children — ^William, Mary, Samuel and John, all under age. £10 to
Gburch of Christ in Westfleld. Land bought of Rev. Mr. Jonathan
Dickinson and Joanna his wife, laid out in right of Mr. Moline, for-
merly of Boston, deceased. Executors — wife, Mary, son William, and
friend Henry Clark. Witnesses — William Clark, Cornelius Ludlam*
Hatb'll Hubbell. Proved May 21. 1740. Lib. C, p. 348.

1740, April 21. Inventory (£222.10.10) includes Bible called "Daniers."
called ''John's," book called "War with the Devil," sermons and

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other books, bonds from Bphraim Oakley. Bdward Barber, Samuel Wood-
ruff. Eiflncham Townley. Abraham Chandler. Daniel Rosa. Senior, necro
boy (i26) and nesro ffirl (£S0). Made by William Clark, William Miller.
Henry Clark. William Roberson.

1740, May 21. Mary Robieon renounces the executorship in favor of
son. William, and Henry Clark. Witnesse s W illiam Clark. Cornelius

1746-7, fttb day, 11 mo. (Jam.). Robtooa* Sanik, of City of Burllnff-
toA. widow; will of. Sons — David and Richard. David to have £S0
per year, quarterly, during his life. John Miflingr's three children.
Oeorffe and Sarah Miflinir. Oeor^e and John Miflinff. sons of Oeorgre
MiflinsT- Kinsman. John Miflingr and Joseph Trotter. William and
Jonathan, sons of my sister and her husband. Richard Smith. Ann
and Elisabeth Smith. Kinswoman, Martha DeCow. Ann Pound.
Samuel, son of Ralph Peart. Women Friends of Monthly Meeting of
Philada. Lot of land in Philada.. formerly William Lees; and other
lands; also personal estate. Executors — friends John Mlflinff and
Joseph Trotter. Witnesses — Richard Smith. Ralph Peart. Isa. DeCow.

1746-7, 9th day, 11th mo. (Jan.). Codicil. MenUons son David.
sister Elisabeth Smith, Martha DeCow and Ann Pound. Same witnesses
as to will. Proved Feb. K. 1746. Lib. 5, p. 296.

1746-7, Feb. 6. Inventory, £1,508.8.9; made by Stephen * Williams and
Ralph Peart of Burlinffton. sadler. Afflrmed by the son, Samuel PearL
Includes Silver Plate, weight 1S6.15 ^ S-6. £79.7.4 ; neffroes. £64.

1750, Nov. 18. Roeh, Joka, of Township of Deerfleld, Cumberland
Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, Alexander Moore. Bondsman — Samuel
Leek. Witness — Elisabeth Cotting. Cumberland Wills, 64 F.

17S9, Jam. 81. Rochead, James, of New York City, merchant; will
of. Lesracles to eldest sister, Sophia Home, in Bdinburffh. Scotland,
widow of Doctor Alexander Home, and her children, Elizabeth. An-
drew and A§rnu8; to sister. Marsraret Spence, widow of Mr. Thomas
Spence, late of Edinburgh, writer, and her children, Agnus, Sophia and
Jane Spence. Property in New Jersey. New York, New England and
Maryland. Requests to be buried beside deceased brother, John, in
the churchyard at '"Topenomous," Monmouth Co. Executors — ^Andrew
and Elisabeth Home, with Mr. Charles Home and George Burnet as
assistants. Witnesses — Charles Home, George Burnet. Daniel Cofton.
Proved Jan. 26. 1740. XMonmouth Wills), Lib. C, p. S78.

17S7, Jam. 11. Roekead, Joka, of Monmouth Co. Int. Adm'r, James
Rochead of same County, gent. Laurence Smyth, of Perth Amboy.
Esquire, fellow bondsman. Witness — Adam Hay. Lib. C, p. 190.

1748, Jane 6. RoekklU, Edward, of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Wife, Ann. Son-in-law, William Godly, and Mary his wife,
testator's daughter; son, John; negro boy, Dick; daughters, Ann and
Achsah. Executors — wife, and testator's "brothers." Parnall Clasrton
of Burlington Co.. and William Clayton of Trenton. Witnesses —
Emanuel . Coryell. Job Warford. Jona. Robeson. Proved June 10,
1748. Lib. 6, p. 476.

1748, July 7. Inventory (£1.436.18.9) includes large old Bible; negro
girl Cate, £40; negro boy Dick. £80; negro girl Hannah. £18; 11 Indian
Blankets in store, £7.14; numerous ' articles of general mdse. ; sundry

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soods bouirht of Preserve Brown, at Philadelphia, May 25, 1748 ; house and
Improvements, £50 ; simdrles appraised at upper place at Bethlehem ; negro
hoy Peter, £28 ; 6 hives bees; fuUinr mUl and 60 acres of land, £124 ; half
an old boat, £5; tract of land in Kingwood, £127.9.8. Bonds of Robert
Wilson, Samuel Stevenson, Baekiel Oliver, Henry Benet, Moses Oolllns,
John Barbor, Edward Slayter, William CkMits. Made by W. Montgomerie
and Job Robins.

1762, March 15. Account. Mentions land bought of R. Smith, Samuel
Carpenter's article found in John Coat's hands, John RookhiU for posting
books, Robert Pearson, James Martin, Samuel Holcomb, Malon Kirkbride,
Francis Bows, Catharine Meadock, Benjamin Sevems, Rut Johnson, John
Riddel, Francis Castakin (for Samuel Myas Cohain and Bur. Kelsey),
Pamel Clayton, John Coxe, Thomas Larrance, James Burling, B2dward
Burling. Blisabeth Baxter, Andrew Reed, Robert and Amos Struttel,
Benjamin Price, D. Martin, Mary Rockhill, Isaac Decow, Sr., Paul Lewis,
Thomas Litle, John Coxe (for cost against executors of B. Corril), Thorn*
as Cadwalader.

175tw Feb. 95. Roe» Hemry* of Gloucester Township and Co., yeo-
man; will of. Executors — wife, Hannah, and son Abraham. Real
and personal estate to be sold; two shares to my wife, and the other
children one share, but eldest son, Abraham, to have £20 above his
share. Witnesses — Da'd Roe, John Pickin, Michael Fisher. Proved
IS March, 1750. Lib. 7, p. 374.

1750, March 8. Inventory (£467.18.9) includes bonds, bills, book
debts, bills due from James Reynolds. William Cheeseman. Appraisers-
John Wlllman, Michael Fisher.

1749, Feb. IS. Rogers, Isaac, son of John Rogers, of Burlington,
of 14 years and upwards, prays that Thomas Gill of Chester, yeoman,
may be appointed his guardian. Bond of Thomas Gill and Jos. Biddle,
fellow bondsman. Burlington Wills, 4565 C.

1740, Jane 27. Rogem, John, JaB*r, of City of Burlington, yeoman;
will of. Wife, Sarah. Children — Isaac and Rebeckah, both under age.
Real and personal estate. Negro boy. Executors — wife, and friend
Revell Elton. Witnesses^ — John Deacon, Samuel Laning, Jos. Scatter-
good. Proved Aug. 13, 1740. Lib. 4, p. 250.

1740. Aug. 12. Inventory. £281.0.7 ; made by Jacob Llppincott and
John Deacon. Includes note of James Hapes.

1780-7, Feb. 28. Rogers, WUllam, of Evesham. Burlington Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'x. Ann Rogers, widow. John Turner and John
Evens, both of same, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 86.

1786-7, Feb. 25. Inventory, £258.9.5 ; made by John Turner and John

1780, Nov. 27. Rogers, ^nriUlam, of New Hanover, Burlington Co.,
yeoman. Int. Inventory, £159.11.6; made by William Davis and John

1736. Dec. 10. Adm'x, Hannah Rogers, widow. Marmaduke Fort, of
same, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 78.

1750, J«Be 0. Rogers, William, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.,
cordwainer. Int. Bond of Kittrell Mundin, of Piscataway, as ad-
ministratrix. Benjamin Doty, of same place, fellow bondsman.

Lib. E. p. 412.

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1781. JulT le. IilTentbiT (£t4.12.1) Includes mention of JonitHito
Dunh&m, John Hoptmm, Thomae DatlB. Thomas Lester. James Pjrttl.
Oershom Lee. John Pound. Jan'r. John Harlatt, Joseph Vutten. liatfe
hy Joseph Drake, and Benajah Doty.

ir4l^ Not. Itu B^liew Joha, Be«.» of Salem Co.; will of. Sons — Johh.
plantation in Ifaninton precinct. Salem County, in occupation 6f
Thomas Stowe. when my son Josiah will be 21; Josiah (at 21). house,
lot and meadows I live on in the town of Salem. Daughter. Mary
Rolfe. in New Castle. Pa., to be paid £50 by my son John. Son-in-law,
David Ross, and Sarah his wife, my house and lot in Bridge Street,
in Salem, occupied by Daniel Mestayer. Residue of personal estate
(negroes allotted) to be divided between the three children when
they arrive at 21. Executor — ^The Rev'd Mr. George Ross, Minister of
New Castle, Richard Smith, James Whitton, and my son John. Wit-
nesses — ^Daniel Mestayer, Robt. Hart. F. Oaudonett. Proved 9 Dec,
1732. Letters granted to Richard Smith in absence of others named.

Lib. S. p. 225.

Inventory and account indexed, but not found.

174e, April M. Rolfe, Moms. Be«^ of Somerset Co.. Adm'x. Mary
Rolfe, widow. Fellow bondsmen, Samuel Rolfe, of Middlesex Co.

Lib. D. p. S7S.

1746. May 1. Inventory of personal estate (£41.12.2) includes great
Bible. £1 ; books. "The State of Europe.*' "Dr. Vincent's Explanation of
Assembly," "The Doctrine of Mortification." "The Country Justice." three
"Acts of Assembly," "The JusUces' Guide." "Military DisotpHne." Ap-
praisers — ^William Worth. John Sutton.

1747. April 22. Account. Monesrs paid Dr. Wood. Henry Freeman.

1747-8, ISth day, UHk mo. (Fel^>. Rolph, Jok«, of the Borough Of
Elisabeth. Essex Co.; will of. Children — ^Henry. Hannah, Elisabeth
and John, all under age. Expected child. Real and personal estate.
Executrix — ^wife. Sarah. Witnesses — Samuel Smith, William Hall,
Joseph Shot well. Proved March 26, 1760. Lib. B, p. S74.

17SS, May IB. Rolph, 8am«el« of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Executors — wife, Anne, and John Alston; wife sole
legatee. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Jacob Thorn, Abra-
ham Thorn, William Hider. Proved June 9, 17SS. Lib. B. p. 42f.

1748, 8ept. 98. Roailae» Christopher, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth 0>.
Rebekah Romine, the widow, resigns right of administration in favor
of son, Thomas Romine, and Lasrten Romine. Witnesses— Christopher
Romine and Robert Lee. Lib. B, p. 212.

1748, Sept. 28. Bond of Thomas Romine and Layton Romtoe, of
Shrewsbury, yeomen, as administrators. Samuel Layten of Freehold,
yeoman, fellow bondsman.

1TS8, April 14. Romyae, 8«m«el, of Six-Mile Ran. Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Son, Nicholas Romyne, at 21. Real and personal
estate. Executors — wife. Saertye, brothet' John Romytie, mttd brother-
Ifi-law, Phillip MuBthortt Wltnesse*— WllllftDi Wllllaihsoii. SMIY.
William WIlUaiBSotr, JdB*r. H. N. Sg^rtliig.

1782, April 11. (>>dioiL In case of death of wife and of son without

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IMue, estate to be divided between my brothers SJdd sisters and mj wife's
brothers and sisters. Witness — Same. Proved Auir. K, 1782.

Lib. B. p. 296.
1748* Maveh 5. Rose, Bt^hraUa, of Little BgTff Harbour, Burlington
Co., yeoman. Int. Inventory, £277.17.4 H; made by Samuel Andrews
and Joseph Parker.

1748. March 8. Adm'z, Martha Rose, widow. Samuel Andrews and
Blisha Stout, of same, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 5. p. 437.

17<M, J^ae 14. Rose, Jaaies* of Fairfield Preolnct, Cumberland Co.;
irtn of. Wife, Elisabeth. Children — Phebe. Abigail Hays. James (to
have the Bible), Hannah and Elisabeth. Residue of personal estate
to wife. Elxecutrix — wife, with cousin, Thomas Harris; they to put
Son James to trade. Witnesses — Daniel Elmer, Ephraim Daten, Jun*r.
David Bower. Proved 20 Dec, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 298.

1748* Dec. 8. Rose, Timothy, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co. Int.
Bond of Mary Rose, as administratrix on her husband's estate — John
Cluck, of same place, fellow bondsman. Witness — William Rose.

Lib. E, p. 220.

1749. May 26. Inventory (£273.18) incltdes bends from John Hill,
Benjamin Simmons. Jacob Burchal, Daniel Oreegs and Benjamin Wilson.
Made by Qriffln Disbrow and Nath'll Hillyear.

1759, Oct. 18. Ross, Geovse, of Borouffh of Elizabeth, Essex Co.,
carpenter; will of. Children — John, Susanna Or iff e, Oeor^e, Hannah,
David and Phebe. L*and Joiningr land of John Williams; lands bought
of Andrew Hampton, Jonathan Miller, Caleb Jeffers, deceased, Kbe-
neser Sears, Thomas Woodruff and Hesekiah Woodruff. Executors —

sons John and Oeorgre. Witnesses — ^Thomas Sender, James Still,

Coverly. Proved Nov. 10, 1750. Lib. E, p. 461.

1748, A«ar. as. Ross, Isatah, of Waterford, Gloucester Co., yeoman;
irlll of. Executors — wife, and Benjamin Holme, they to sell the
plantation. Son. John, and daughters Sary and Elisabeth, to be ap-
prenticed and to have at ape eqtially one-third of estate; remainder
to wife to briifir up son, Isaiah. Witnesses — Samll. Boggs, Nell Mor-
ris, Margaret Moris. Proved 6 June, 1749. Letters granted to Ruth
Ross, Sept. 16. Lib. 6, p. 2t6.

1748, Oct. 14. Inventory of "Isaer Ross, that Dyed the 27 day Of
At«ast 1748" (£108.1.4) includes cattle and hOrses. Appraisers— Isalu:
Matlack. Daniel Fortiner.

17S4» Hov. 98. Ross, Joha, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co.. weaver;
will of. "Belngr In 28th year of my aare." John, son of Thomas Shaw,
ftiy brother-in-law. William Mackreder and his sister, Nancy Reader.
Real and personal estate. Bxecutori — brother-in-law, James Taylor,
Jun'r, of Woodbridgre, weaver, and James Taylor, Of Staten Island.
Witnesses — Jacob Apers, Wm. Sharp, Jun'r, Israel Thornell. Proved
JMI. 14, 1784. Lib. C, p. 6.

1748-9b Jafe. 1#. RosseU (R#seU>, Ifathaalel, of Maidenhead, Htih-
tordofi Co. Int. Renunciation of widow, EHlsabeth, Itt favor of friend,
Andrew Reed, fisquire, of Trenton. Witness— Henry MorshOn. Boikd
4f Andre# Reed, merdhint, as ada&lnlttrAtor. ThsophllAs SeVerHs.
0t Trenton, merohant, surety. Witness — Benjamin Biles. Lib. 6, p. 17.

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174t-9, Jan. 10. Inventory. £2S.9.8 ; mad« by Henry Merebon and
TlMo's Seveme.

1764, Oct. 1. Account Mentions Charles Axford, Robert Taylor,
Bstate of Francis Bowes, Bsquire, Philip Rinso. Bstate of Joseph Peace,
William Yard, Jeremiah Anderson.

174St Aum* t^ Bowamdt Alezamder* of Waterford Township, Qloti-
oester Co., yeoman; will of. Bxeontors— wife, Abigail, and son John.
Son, James. Surplus from sale of moveables to be equally divided
amongr Ave other children — ^Mar^aret, Ann, Hannah, Isaac and Thomas
(last two when 16 or 17 to learn a trade). Proved Nov. 7, 1^4S. Wit*
nesses — John HiUman, Jeremiah Meteeth, Thos. Lawrence.

Lib. 6, p. 4.

1748, Oct 8. Inventory, £180.6.6 ; made by John Hinchman. John Hill-
man (Quaker).

175tw April S. B«i7ce» Aaroa, Morris Co. Int Adm*x, Blisabetb

Royce, widow. Bondsman — John Royce. Lib. B, p. S80.

1760. April 4. Inventory, £84.7.0; made by Amos Crane, John Cole.

ITSt^ Jwme IS. Royae, Tbomas. of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. . Int
Adm'x, Mary Royse, the widow. Sam'll sBarrowe and Henry Lanir-
staff, fellow bondsmen. Witness — Robert Hude. Lib. C, p. 270.

1749w Dec. M. Raekauui* Joha» of Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife,
Susannah, and William Allen, executors. Sons and daughters men-
tioned but not named. Witnesses — Jonathan Stout Thomas Ruck-
man, Uriah Bonham. Proved Feb. 2, 1749-60. Lib. 6, p. 887.

1749-60, Jan. 26. Inventory, £86.12.6; made by Jonathan Stout and
(Charles Wolverton.

1767. April 16. Account of William Allen, actlnc executor, names
Jonathan Stout, William Carrell. John Readinir. Esq., O. Fox. Jonathan
Pettlt (for weavinir), Joseph Yard. B«8q.. Jno. Burcham, Jno. Opdyke.
Robert Ehrans. Andrew Anderson. Joseph Ruckman. Jacob Rush. Uriah
Bonham (for writlnir the will), Thomas Ruckman. J. Warrel, B^sq.,
Thomas Price (who married eldest dausrhter of deceased).

1727, Sept. ao. Rvdderowt Joha, of Chester, Burlinirton Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife,' Lucy, profits of plantation I now let unto Samuel
Davis. Daughter, Hannah, (wife of William HoUinshead), 60 acres
I bought of Thomas Lippincott Daughters, Mary (wife of Joshua
Madaks), and Ann (wife of Samuel Davis). Qrandau^hter, Jane
Addia £10 towards building a church. Executor — son, John, to have
remainder of estate and plantation at decease of his mother. Wit-
nesses — William Forster, Joseph Browning, John Kay. Proved May
12. 1788. Lib. 8, p. 808.

1788, April 20. Inventory, £64.14; made by Joseph Herita^ and
Joseph Browninff.

1786, Sept. 1. RadBtaa, Bllsabeth, of Philadelphia Co., Penna..
widow; will of. Children — Maffdalen Robeson and Anna Catharina,
wife of Peter Tranberg. Orandchildren — Andrew. Rudman. William.
Elisabeth and Sarah Robeson; Andrew, Rebecka and Elisabeth Tran-
berff. Plantation situated on Schuykill river. Witnesses— Mounce
Keen, Judith Mattson, Philip Chetwood. Proved Oct 2. 1786. Bond

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of Peter Tranberv. as administrator of the estate, with Mounce Keen

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 51 of 85)