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1740» April 5. Sattoa, Moaes, of Pepack, Essex (Somerset?) Co.,
weaver. Jane Sutton, widow, renounces right to administer, and
desires John Sutton, her eldest son, be appointed. Witness — ^Benjamin

1740, April 14. Adm'r, John Sutton, of Pa3i>ack, yeoman. Benjamin
Shelley and Samuel Willet, both of Lebanon. Hunterdon Co., yeomen,
fellow bondsmen. Essex Wills, Lib. C, p. 382.

1740, July 7. Inventory, £86.6.4; made by James Sutten, Jelbes John-
son. Debtors — Joseph Samle, Edward Luis, John Johnson, John Harris,
John Bell, Hennery Beegel, Edward Jones, James Alen, Aaron Rice. Abra-
ham Drake, Aaron Sutten, James Plat. Bond from James Pyat and Philip
Cox, dated April 28, 1719.

17SS» May X. 8«ttaa» Natkaa* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co. In-
ventory, £1.10.0; made by Daniel Sutton and Jeremiah Drake.

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1788. JLug. 88. Admintatratioii granted to Richard Sutton.

Lib. B, IK 4Si.

1740» Oct. lA. SsttoB, Peter* of Metuehen, Iflddlesex Co., weaver;
will of. Wife, Sarah. Brothers and sisters; no names given. Real
and personal estate. Bzeoutors— wife, Sarah, James Canipble and
John Blackford. Witnesses — William McCreery, Alexander Thomson,
Richard Sutton. Proved Nov. 1, 1740. Lib. C, p. 868.

1739^ Sept. 8. Svttoa* Rlehard» of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Son, Nathan. Other sons and daughters, not mentioned
by name. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Sarah, brother
Daniel Sutton, and brother-in-law Peter Runyon. Witnesses — Jno.
Borrowe, William Hunt, Elisabeth Borrowe. Proved Feb. 88, 1788.

Lib. B, p. 88S.

1760w April 90. SvydaMi* Biehard» of Freehold, Monmouth Co., blacks
smith; will of. Wife, Sarah. Son, Richard, Jr., silver beeker, when
of age. Negrro man« Yarrow, to wife. Daug'hters — Elisabeth, Jane,
Lucretia and Sarah Suydam, under aire. Executors — father-in-law.
Johannes Luyster, brethren Hendrick and John Suydam, friend John
Williams. Witnesses — ^Richard Vanmater, Daniel Hay. John Hender-
son. Proved May 17, 1760. Lib. E, p. 41.

1747» April 6. Swalm* Joha. of Waterford, Gloucester Co., weaver.
Int. Adm'r, Thomas Busby, of Welling boroug'h. Bondsman — John
Busby. Lib. 6, p. 489.

1747. April 18. Account. Payments to Benjamin Holmes for funeral,
John Holmes, Isaiah Ross, Preserved Brown.

17S8» Sept. 21. Swalme, Lemoel, of Cape May Co., whale-man; will
of. Wife, Jerusha. Son, Samuel, at 81, 60 acres back of William
Johnson, which land I hold by deed from the Proprietors. Son, Reubbn,
lands whereon I live. Daughters — ^Abigail, Elisabeth, Marcy, Lydia
and Phebe, two-thirds of personal estate, equally. If my wife be
with child and it live to maturity, said son or daughter an equal part
in the personal. Executors — ^wife, Jerusha. and son Reuben. Wit-
nesses — Humphrey Hugrhes, Ebenesar Swaine, Daniel Swaine. Proved
8 March. 1738-4. Lib. 8. p. 408.

1783-4, March 2. Inventory, £108.18.1 ; made by John SUllweU, Joshua

1748* Dec 97. Swallow* Johannes* of Amwell, Hunterdon Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Eagnea, to be maintained by testator's son, Jo-
-hanes. Son, Johanes, home plantation. Son, Jacob, plantation
"amonffst the Rocks,** bought of Seth Lowry and James Anderson,
in Amwell Township. Son-in-law, Benjamin Johnson. Executors —
sons Johannes and Jacob. Witnesses — ^Thomas Stllwell, Andrew Trimer
(Tremer), Philip Ringo. Proved March 27, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 71.

1748* Dee. atK Swallow* Johannes* Jr.* of Amwell, Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth. Daughters — ^Eaernes and Mary; an
unborn child. Plantation left testator by his father's wllL Execu-
tors — brother, Jacob Swallow, and Philip Ringo. Witnesses — ^Peter
Rockefeller, Thomas Stllwell, Jacob Ronk. Proved March 87, 1749.

Lib. 8, p. 61.

1786* Sept. SS. Swanson* John* of Oreenwleh, Gloucester Co., yeo-
man; will of. Peter Tranberg, in special trust, my plantation (800

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acres) bourlit of Zaeheus Dunn, on Oldman's Creek, to grlve rente and
proilts to my eieter, Judy Matteon, duringr life; same to be dhrlded
equally between my cousins, Peter and William Mattson, after the
decease of his mother. Cousins— Gertrude Dun, John Justls (for his
■ohoolinir)* Catherine, Liddy and Mary Mattson. Brother. Peter Swan-
•on. Executor, brother Mathias Mattson, he to hare residue of per-
sonal estate. Witnesses — Samuel Shirers, Jacob Mattson, Joseph
Coles. Affirmed 14 Dec., 1736. Lib. 4, p. 78.

17 56, Dec 2. InventtMry* ilSO.19.1 ; made by Joseph Coles, Samuel

1744-5* Feb. SI. 8wart» Jehaaacs* of Monmouth Co., yeoman. Int.
Barnes Smock and Isabella Heaviland declare before John Bowne,
judffe, that they heard Rebecca Swart, widow of Jehannas Swart, de-
ceased, say to Jehannas Swart, son of Jacobus, that she would not
administer on the estate, that his father may.

1744-6, February 22. Adm'r, Jacobus Swart, yeoman. James Hutch-
ins, Esq., of Middlesex County, fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 288.

1748, May 16. Sweetea (Sweettas), ^Tllllam (over 16 years old),
son of Andrew Sweeten, of Gloucester Co., yeoman, petitions that
William Sell, of Gloucester Co., carpenter, be appointed his guardian.
LeUers issued. (Burlington Wills), 4843 C.

1757, Aair* 97. SweettaiT* Aadrew, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'x, Rebecca Sweeting, (relict). Bondsman — ^Alex-
ander Randall, Esq., of same place. Witnesses— Hannah Ladd, Michael
Fisher. Lib. 4. p. 114.

1788, Sept 16. Account filed with Inventory. Inventory (£78.4.6).

1747» Jaly 6. Swiader (Swiadoa), Robert, of Middletown. Mon-
mouth Co.; will of. Daughter, Nanoey, under Age, Son-in-law, John
Delap. Apprentice boy, Qeorge Porter. Executors — brother-in-law,'
John Van Brakle, and friend James Mott. Witnesses — Jarrett Wall,
William Wall, James Van Brakel. Proved July 84, 1747.

1747, Aug. 8. Inventory (£140.6.7%) includes tailor's tools, one sword.
Made by Jarret Wall and John Bowne.

1747, AuflT. 12. James Mott, of Middletown, renounces as executor.

Monmouth Wills, 1487-43 M.

1787» 8 aie. (May)» SI da. Sykes, Aaa, of Waterford, Gloucester 0>.;
will of. Samuel Coles, executor. Sister, Elisabeth Cosines. Sis-
ter's son, James Cosingrs (not 21); her daughter, Mary, (not 18),
legacies when of agre, and residue of estate. Witnesses— Susanna
Coles, Benjamin Stokes, Samuel Lippincott. Affirmed June 18, 1787.

Lib. 4, p. 106.

1787, May 31. Inventory, 72.2.1 ; made by Sam. Lippincott. John Col-

1788, Dec 30. Account by Josiah White.

1787» Jaae 19. Tsber, Beajaatla, of Gloucester Township and Co.;
will of. Wife Elisabeth, whole estate, including irold. silver, Jewels,
etc., and to be executrix and "universal actrix," to brinir up the chil-
dren until they will be fit for trades. She may dispose of plantation
lately purchased by me from Thomas Munnyon, in township and
County aforesaid. Witnesses — Samuel McColloch, John Edire, Will
Kyd, Richard C^hew. Affirmed 81 July, 1788. Lib. 4, p. 148.

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nn, JmlT 17. Jar^atOTj (£141.18.6) Inohidae inaa-MrTSBt £6; w«ar-
tns mppartl, £5; oaah. £1; del»ts due him. £lf.l4.f ; oatU«, £M.5. Ap^
prml8eni - Oeorge Ward, Samuel MoCuUooh.

174l» Sept. IS. Talbwt, WllUni* of Bordentown, Burlington Co^
oooper. Int. Jennlt Talbart, widow, requests that Joseph Richard^
yeoman, be appointed administrator. Bond of Joseph Richards. Pre-
served Brown, Jun*r, fellow bondsman. Lib. 4, p. S77.

1742. Sept. 18. Inventory. £66.16.4; made by WlUlam Morlan mnd
BenonI Gregory.

ITSS; Sept. It. Talbet* Samk, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Dauirhter, Martha Talbot, to be apprenticed to Rachel PInyard, wife
of Matthias PInyard, sister of testatrix, to learn trade of talloresa,
until 18. Bzecutors — friends. Captain James Gould and James Trent,
gentleman. Witnesses — John Anderson, Mary Oboyle, Jos. Yard.
Proved Feb. 10, 1731. Ub. 8. p. 84S.

178S-3, Feb. 10. James Trent and James Gould renounced executorship.
Administration to John Anderson.

17Si» Feb. SI. TaiBMuu Jtammth of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, AblcalL Son, James, negroes Jemmy and Joe;
cattle at Toms River. Eldest daugrhter, Deborah Mott. Dauirhter,
Mary, neyro irlrl, SalL Youngrest daughter, Elisabeth, under are,
neyro girl, Pegg. Executors — wife, son James, brother Benjamin
Talman, friends John Bedford and Pontius Stelle. Witnesses — Wil-
liam Brlnley, Edward Patterson Cook, W. Brlnley, Jr., Jacob Dennis.
Proved March 89, 1787. Lib. C, p. ISf.

1787, May 27. Inventory (£1.68L00.11%) Includes silver plate. £16;
12 negroes. £877. Made by Jacob Dennis, Pontius Stelle, George Wllllama.

17SS, Sept. 14. Taatem, Jebm, J«»r, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.;
will of. Son, John. Other children mentioned, not named. Real and
personal estate. Wife, Anne, executrix and to have personal estate.
Witnesses — John Mlddleton, Walter Davenport, Parnell Cleayton.
Proved Oct. 26, 1789. Lib. 4, p. 184.

1789. 12th day. 8th mo. (Oct). Inventory. £172.2.2; made by John
Mlddleton and Glssbert Henderson. Includes servant boy and girl. £6.

174S, Feb. S7. Tmmtmmk^ Jeha. of Nottingham, BurllngTton Co.; will
of. Wife, Rebekah, personal estate. Son, Joseph. Daughter-in-law —
Ann Tantum. widow of deceased son, John, and their children — Fran-
cis. Mary, Martha and John. Daughters — ^Elisabeth Worth, Mary
Morfln, Ann Heulens and Sarah, wife of Jonathan Lovet. Children
of dau., Mary Morfin. Grandson, Abraham Heulens. £6 to be paid
Mathew and Marmaduke Watson for burying ground at Crosswicks.
Mentions William Morfin. Land in Hunterdon and other real estate.
Executors — ^wlfe, and brother-in-law Thomas Folkes. Witnesses—
Rob't Priest, Charles Burton, Sarah Shippy. Proved Nov. 6, 1742.

Lib. 4, p. 880.

1742, Nov. 6. Inventory. £268.10.3 ; made by John Lawson and William
Wills. Includes 2 servants £18.

1744, April IS. Tappen, David, of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co^
weaver; will of. Nephew, Isaac, son of Abraham Tappen, land on
which I live. Executors — ^wlfe, Hannah, and friend Jonathan Frasee^

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Real and personal estate. Witnesses — ^Mary Wrlirht, Joseph Donham,
DaTid Donham, Jun'r. Prored Dec 9, 1748. Lib. B, p. 22S.

1781» Not. 8« Tappea. Jaee%» of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeoman, husr
Imndman; will of. Wife, Mary, executrix, and to hare durlnir life
mil real estate in Cohansey; after her decease, to my dauchter- in-law,
Mercy Williams, and her lawful heirs; in default of such issue, to my
crandson, Joseph Hod^e. Witnesses — Charles Davis, Qeorre Oray,
Jno. Podmore. Affirmed 6 Feb., 1712. Lib. 3, p. 278.

1782. Nov. 24. Inventory. £141.14.9; includes catUe and sheep £82.3.
Ifade by EAteniser Smith. Jonathan Stathem.

1749-St^ March 6. Tapseott, JaaMs* of Upper Freehold Township,
Monmouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Margaret. Plantation to son
William. Negress, Cate, to son James. Ehcecutors — son, William, and
Edward Taylor. Witnesses — ^William Scott, Richard Harent, John
Lawrence. Proved Nov. 22, 1760. Lib. E, p. 464.

1750. April 10. Inventory (£420.0.1) includes 38 paper books and 48
Ixmnd books, £6.17.00; old gun and old sword; 38 bbls. flour and 1 bbL
•com meal, £30. Made by Thomas Cox and Joseph Holmes.

178«» Aair* 1- Tate* T h om a s, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm*r, Peter De-
Heimer. Fellow bondsman, Albert Voorheea Lib. B, p. 446.

1760. Oct. 22. Inventory, £12.18.7 ; made by Abraham Heceman. Al-
bert Van Voorhes, Jochm. Gulick. Saml. Oulick.

1748* Jwne 1. Tatem» Joha, of Deptford Township, Gloucester Co.,
tailor. Int. Adm'x, Sarah Tatem, widow. Bondsman — Abraham
Chattin, Jun., of same place, carpenter. Witness — Jacob Heulingrs.

Lib. 7, p. 43.

1748. May 20. Inventory, £96.4.10; made by John Chew, Michael

1750. July 17. Account. Monies paid James Wood, John Ladd, Jo-
seph Hugg, Jane Walte. Jonathan Fowler. John Snowden, William Wood,
Andrew Sloan, Elisabeth Lord. John Blackwood, William Fletcher, Wil-
liam Cooper, Nathan Lord. John Jessop. James Cattell. Jonas Jagard. John
Chew, E^dward Richardson. Phebe Ward. Michael Fisher. Thomas Klmsey.
John Jagard. Timothy Matlack. Moses Ward. Nixon Chattin, John Mar-
shall. Habakkuk Ward, Abraham Chattin, Abraham Chattin, Jun.. Rich-
ard Chew. Joseph Marshall. James Lord, William Sill (guardian of Wil-
liam Sweetin). Thomas Redman.

174l» May 14. Tateia, Stephea, of Deptford Township, Gloucester
Co., yeoman; will of. Brother, Joseph, executor, and to have all
estate, real and personal. If he depart this life before recovery of a
bond (£60) under the hand of my brother William, dec., in such case
I irive the bond to William Tatem, son of said Joseph. (Signed Oct.
16, 1742). Witnesses — Shadrach Clement, Isaac Butterworth, William
Tatem. Proved 23 Oct., 1742. (Letters granted Oct 17, 1746).

Lib. 6, p. 178.

1745, May 6. Inventory, £64.02; made by Robert Boggs. John Snow-

1789^ Jaly 7. Tatem, WlUteat* of Deptford, Gloucester Co< Int.
Adm'x, Mary Tatem, widow. Bondsmen — John Wood and (George
Ward, of same place. Lib. 4, p. 188r

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Witnesses— Joseph Reckless, Ju'r. Rowelth Beck, Sam'l Harris. Prov-
ed June 8, 1760. Lib. 6, p. ttS.
17S0. June 8. Inventory. £420.16.11; made by Thos. Duslass and Jo-
seph Reckless. Includes bonds of Mich. Newbold, Jos. Reckless and Wm.
Chapman, Jun'r.

1747» Aw* 9T. Taylor, Josepb» of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeoman ;
will of. Wife, Eleanor. Children— Joseph, John, Amey Strickland,
Hannah Chamberlain, Anne Tomson, Rebecca Clayton, William, David,
Mary, Margraret, and Bleanor. Executors — wife, son Joseph, and
oousin Edward Taylor, of Middletown. Witnesses — Rebecca Mills.
William Norcross, John Henderson. Proved April 27, 1748.

Lib. E, p. 178.

174S» April 8. Taylor, Nich^lwi, of Burlinffton Co. Int. Adm*r.
Andrew Anderson. Thomas Shaw, fellow bondsman. Both of Bur-
lington Co. Lib. 5, p. 489.

ITSd <?>, A«iir. 8. Taylor, Sarak, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. In-
ventory (£420.8.4^) includes bonds, etc, of Robert White. Huffh
Hartshorns, John Mount, Zebulon Clayton, John Estell, Willson ft
Hortopie. William Hews, Brlndley ft Curlis, James ft Willson, Jacob
and Jonathan Robins, Qeorffe Rescarick, Margaret Leonard. Oasharea
ft Kinnan, James Stelle. Made by John Curlies and William and
Thomas Llppincott. Signed by William and Hugh Hartshorne.

1787-8. Feb. 28. Additional inventory. Bonds, etc. of William Hugs
and Oeorge Molat. Made by John Curlies. Thomas Lippincott. William
Hartshorne. Monmouth Wills. 80S-5 M.

174», April 8. Taylor, WlUlaai, of Chesterfield. Burlington Co. Int.
Adm*r, Charles Taylor, of same, carpenter. Samuel Famsworth,
bricklayer, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 331; Lib. 7. p. 97.

1749, April 6. Inventory. £121.18 V^; made by Wm. French and Sam'l
Famsworth. Includes debts from Greorge OiIt>ert, James Powell. Jacob
DeCow, Burgess Hall, Joseph Borden. Edward Blaney, Phillip Marrot,
Oeorge Bliss, Robert Ashton. Samuel Harris, Charles Miller, Adam Pavey.
Thomas Bishop. Thomas Douglass, BenJ'n Franch. William Marlain. Jacob
Hooker. Daniel Barker. Charles Vandike, John Stevenson. John Fllntham.
Matthew Forsyth. Mary Cleaton, Matthew Wright. John Thorn. John
Trapnal. Joseph Field, Joseph Tilton. Joseph Wright, Benja. Biles. John
Collins. William French. Insolvent Debtors: James Powell, Burglss Hall,
Jos. Borden, Sam'l Harris. Chas. Miller, Adam Pavey. Thos. Duglis, Wm.
Morlam. Jacob Hooler. Daniel Harker. Chas. Vandike. Jno. Stevenson.
Mary Cleaton. Jno. Trapnell, Jos. Field, Jos. Wright. Jno. CoUlngs.

1749-50, Jan. 4. Accotmt. Payments to Thomas Budd. John Ashton.
George Bliss. John Horner. Safety Borden, Preserved Brown. Thomas
Briggs, John Elgin, Charles JoUey. Jos. Richards, Sam'l FamsworMi.
Jos. filnglish. Jacob Taylor, Jo& Borden, Jun'r, Benoni Gregory, John Im-
lay (for funeral charges). Jacob Taylor.. Jno. Budd, Joseph Aronson. Oeo.
Palmer, and Jno. Beecks (for burial of deceased at Crosswicks). .

1784-5, Marck 15. Tees <Teaae>, Robert, of Bethlehem, Hunterdon
Co., weaver. Int. Inventory (£57.8.6) Includes Indian goods. £4;
loom and tackling, £7. Made by Robert Laning and John Moore.

1785. March 81. . Adm'r, John Couan (Cowen) of Bethlehem. Robert
Laning. of same place, surety. Witnesses— Andrew Lyttle, James Cowaju
Will Roblson. .

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1786, April 6. Account Mentloiui Benjamin Severns. John O&rriaon.
Samuel Johnson, Andrew Little. John Mullen, William Devall, James
Mease, Abraham Vanhom, Israel Riky. Hunterdon Wills, lOS J.

1741, Oet. as. Teabreek* «leha« of Roclcy Hill, Somerset Co., yeo-
man. Int. Adm'x, Catherine, widow. Fellow bondsmen — Oeor^e Van
Nest, yeoman, and Benjamin Price, Bsq., of New Brunswick.

Lib. C, p. 4S8.

1747, Ave. 14. Teabrook, Wessel , of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife.
Neeltje, the home-plantation (400 acres) with the negroes and stock,
durlngr widowhood. In case of marriage, executors to have same for
use of the children: Jacob (the oldest), Tyerk, Johannes, Anatje and
Slisabeth (all under 21). Wife, Neeltje, executrix. Bxecutors—
brother, Cornelius, Jacob Tenbrook, brother-in-law, Henry and An*-
dreas Dewltt. Peter Nevius and John Berrien. Witnesses— Abraham
Stryker, Hendrick Tader, Thomas McBryde. Proved 1st March, 1747-8.

1760, Auff. 3. "Peter Nevius qualified." Lib. B, p. 140.

1748, Dec. 1. Inventory (£663.8.6) includes horses, sheep, negroes
Quack (£70). Kuff (£66), Pete (£66), Sarah and Pegs (£23), Deanna
(£18) ; woman servant (£6). Made by Roelof VanDike, Abraham Stryker.

1768, Apr. 24. Inventory continued (£1,298.7.6) includes notes of
James Hill, Isaac Schonhorsden, Hendrick Baeriene. John Sutvin, Isaac
King. Peter Wienaer. Cornelius Tinbrook. Made by Roeloff Van Dike.
Gerrit Dorlant.

1740, Dee. la. Terrill, «lMlah, of Blisabeth Town, Essex Co., yeo-
man. Int. Adm*r, Lewis Terrill, of Connecticut. John TerriU and
Ephraim Terrill, both of Elisabeth Town, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. E, p. 868.

17S6* April 11. Teedal* «loka» of Waterford, Gloucester Co.; will of.
Friends, Henry Wood and Sarah Wild, executors and legatees. Broth-
er, (George, one shilling. Mentions William Albortson. Witnesses —
Mary Wood. Thomas Boner, John Green. Sworn and affirmed, 14
June, 1786.

1786, June 13. Inventory. £20.10; made by Samuel Nicholson. John
Green. Gloucester Wills, 187 H.

1737* Ave. 24. Tevalsaea* Comelivst of Raratan River, Somerset Co. ;
will of. Wife, Neelye, the home plantation on Raritan River, during
widowhood. Oldest son, Cornelius, one-half of same at her remar-
riage or death, and to pay to my eldest daughter, Fenmeye, widow of
George Fairly £800. Second son, Tunis, to have the other half and
weaving looms. Peter DuMont, John Tunissen, Junior, Derk Van
Veghten, to proportion said plantation equally between these sons.
Tunis to pay my youngest daughter, Sarah, £800. Third son, John,
the plantation on which he now lives, at the ''bound brook," which
was purchased of Jonathan Douty. The youngest son, Dinis, that
plantation between the first and second mountains, bought of Jacob
Sebring, on which my son Cornelius now lives. Residue of estate,
consisting of bonds, plate. Jewels, cattle, horses, slaves, etc., to be
divided equally among the six children. Bxecutors — sons Cornelius
and Tunis. Witnesses— Peter Sonmans. Manuel Correll, Noah Butter-
ton. Proved 8 Oct. and 8 Nov., 1781. Lib. B, p. 288.

17S8, AprU 1%, Tkarp, Bea|a»la, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm*r, Thomas Edgar. Lib. B, p. 880.

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17S6» JmMr ft* Tharp, Israel* of Woodbridflre, Middlesex Co., yeoman :
will of. Children — Jonathan, Thomas, Lydia, and Anna, all under a^e.
Lands bought of John Seal, Shobal Smith, William Bingrle and Bd>
ward Crowell. Executrix — wife. Mary. Witnesses — John Bllyou.
Moses Freeman. Jonathan Shepard. Proved Feb. 13, 1735.

Lib. C. p. «8.

17S6, May SI. Tharpc (Tkerp), Mary, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co..
widow, and executrix of last will of Israel Tharpe. Int. Adm'rs,
Thomas Thorpe and Jonathan Shepherd, both of Woodbrid^e. Jos.
Leiffh, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — James Smyth, Lawrence Smyth.

Lib. C. p. 101.

1749, May 12. Thateker* «l«ka, of Kingrwood, Hunterdon Co.; will
of. Daugrhter, Ann, to be brought up by testator's wife, not named.
Executors — brothers, James and Jeremiah Thatcher. Witnesses —
Mathew Resley, Edmond Thatcher, John Arrison. Proved Auflrust 1,
1749. Lib. 6, p. 27«.

1749, August 1. Susanna, widow of John Thatcher, withdraws her

1749, Aug. 16. Inventory (£47.3.3) includes gun and sword, £1.10.
Made by Jaques Barkeloo and Daniel Lake.

1752, Nov. 19. Account. Mentions John Lewis, Doctor, William Mont-
gomery, Nathaniel Petlit, Daniel Howell. Justice Montgomery, A Curtis.
William Sleter. William Barnes, William Thatcher, Joseph Thatcher, Jr..
Aaron Sigock (?), Isaac Rutinghouse, Charles Hoff, Jr.. William Foular.
Lot Ritinghouse. Jona. Furman. Jacob Swallow, Edmond Thatcher, James
Allen, John Allen, Jeremiah Thatcher, Elisabeth Thatcher, Joseph Thatch-
er, Sr., William Allen.

1747, May 26. Tklckstoa, Joha. of Middlesex Co., blacksmith. Mary
Thickston, widow, renounces her right of administration, and desires
that William Clawson be appointed. Witnesses — Samuel Martin, Isaac

1747. May 26. Bond of William Clawson of £:ssex Co.. and Isaac
Manning of Middlesex Co.. yeomen, principal creditors, as administrators.
John Deare, of Perth Amboy, fellow bondsman. Lib. E, p. 46.

1748, March 28. Th«maa, J«ha, of Deptford Township, Gloucester
Co., laborer. Int. Adm'x, Prudence Thomas, widow. Bondsman —
Thomas Kimsey, of same County, yeoman. Witness — John Mickle.

Lib. 6, p. 13.
1747-8, Ist mo. (Mar.). 12 da. Inventory, £82.18.2; made by John
Wilkins, William Wood.

ITSOw June SO. Thomas* JohM, of Evesham, Burlington Co., single
man; will of. Davis Strattan to be discharged from all debt due me.
Bxecutor — friend, Robert Braddock, who is sole legatee of all estate,
real and personal. Witnesses — Elisabeth Holbird, Sarah Price, Thom-
as Shinn. Proved July 18, 1750. Lib. 6, p. 885.

1760, July 21. Inventory, £48.15; made by William Sharp and David

17B«^ Ave. M. Th«mast «lMeph, of City of Burlington, shipwright.
Int. Adm'x, Sarah Thomas, widow. William Heulings, of same, fel-
low bondsman. Lib. 7, p. 40.

17S1, May 1^ Th^aiaa, Lewis* of Hanover, Burlington Co., school-

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master. Int. Inventory, £16.8.6; made by John BuUock, Benjamin
Kirby, John Steward. Debts due from Thomas Bevis, Thomas Bran-
son, William Roflrers, Ju'r, Francis Mills, Joseph Rogers, James
Starkey, Dr. Wrisrht, Banja. Kirby, Andrew Race, Isaac Kniffht, John
Rumford, Joseph Holt, Steven Wright, Francis Fowler, Cornelius

17S1, May 29. Adm'r. Joshua Wright. John Steward, bondsman. Both
of New Hanover, yeomen. Burlington Wills, 2176-80 C.

17S8, Sept. 15. Thomas, Philip, of Evesham, Burlington Co., hus-
bandman. Int. Hannah Thomas, widow, renounces right of ad-
ministration in favor of Benjamin Moore, yeoman, principal creditor.

1788, Sept 23. Adm'r, Benjamin Moore, of Evesham. John Doe, fel-
low bondsman. Lib. 4, p. 149.

1788, Nov. 27. Inventory, £68.4; made by Levi Shhin and William

1745, Jan. 25. Thompkiiui <Tomkliia>, EUeeaaer, of Newark, Essex
Co., yeoman; will of. Rev. Mr. Aaron Burr, £10, for use of the Gospel.
Daughter, Rachel, remainder of real and personal estate at 21; in case
of her death, my brothers and sisters. Wife, Hannah. Land called
Tomkins Point. Executors — brother, David Thompkins, and Joseph
Harrison. Witnesses — Stephen Baldwin, Samuel Crane, William
Turner. Proved Feb. 18, 1745-6. Lib. D. p. 867.

1746-6, Feb. 18. Inventory (£129.13.10) includes bonds of Sam'll Bald-
win, John Ball, Nath'll Anderson. Made by Isaac Lyon and Wm. Turner.

1749, April 18. Thorn pMoa, Aaron, of Mendam Township, Morris
Co. Int. Adra'x, Mary Thompson, widow. Bondsman — Ebenezer
Byram, of same place.

1749, 15 Aug. Inventory (£99.10.10) includes 3 Bible.^, 6 other books,
and debtors: Capt. Bobbet. Joseph Dod. John Cary, Stephen Dod. Perkins
Lovel, Mallei Hallowy. Appraisers — Henry Clark, Ezekiel Lyon.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 59 of 85)