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made by Samuel Ker, Joseph Ker, David Ehiglish.

174*, Oct. 11. Bcrrymaa, Joha, of Burlington Co. Inventory of
personal estate, £88.2.6%; made by Thomas Atkinson and John Fos-
ter; includes book accounts of Roger Fort, Marmaduke Fort, Jenet

1749, Oct 19. Margaret Berryman, widow, renounces administration in
f^vor of Benjamin Bispham, principal creditor. Bond of Benjamin Bis-
pham. of Bridgetown, merchant Robert Hartshorn and Thomas Atkinson,
fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 824.

ITSOb Dec 8. Bfhhy, Richard, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co., la-
bourer. Bond of Mary Bibby, widow, as administratrix. Samuel Rad-
ford, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 8, p. 140.

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17S0-1, Jan. 4. Inventory of personal estate, £41.19.7; made hy Wil-
liam Wells and John Mlddleton.

1748» Jwkmm 10. BtekhaSAt Heary, 19 yrs. and upwards, son of Rich-
ard Blckham. late of Gloucester Co., ward. Quardlan — Samuel Shiv-
ers, of Racoon Creek, Gloucester Co. Gloucester Wills, 68 8H.

1748, June 21. Petition to Charles Read — **That our nephew, Hendry
Bickham hath* made choses of Samuel Shivers for his Garden, etc**

Signed. Thomas Bickham, Martin Blckham.

1780> • mo. (Nov.), 21 da. Blekkaatt Richard* of Gloucester Co.,
yeoman; will of. Eldest son, Henry Bickham, when 21, to have
easterly side of plantation to easterly corner of Thomas Bickham's
land; thence to Oule Pond, down to Delaware River. Son, Richard
Bickham, to have rest of plantation when 21, etc. Above sons, Henry
and Richard to have *'Seader Swamps." Leflracies to daughters,
Sarah, Ann and Mary Bickham, when 21. Executors — ^Wife, Mary, and
Abraham Chattin. Witnesses — Walter Fawcet, Martin Bickham, Wil-
liam Wood. Affirmed 14 July, 1740. Gloucester Wills. 261H.

1740. 4 mo. (June), 28 da. Inventory, £261.14.00. Appraisers — ^Thos.
WUkins, Martin Bickham.

ir48» Nov. 1. Blekhaait Martte. of Greenwich, Gloucester Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Sara, dauffhter of Robert Gerrard. Children —
all under agre. spoken of but not by name. Executors — wife and
Samuel Shivers. Witnesses — Samuel Hopper, John Hanby, Mary Key.
Proved Feb. 16. 1760. Lib. 7. p. 149.

1760-1. Feb. 4. Inventory of estate. £66.14.2, made by Thomas Bick-
ham and William Gerrard.

1744» July 10. Blekley* Abraham, of (Burlington) Province of New
Jersey, bricklayer. Administration granted to Peter Hodgson, of
Philada., arent. Mary Andrews, spinster, and Wm. Paschall. sadler,
both of same, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 86.

1746. July 21. Inventory of personal estate includes £160. beins amount
received for 1160 acres of land in Hunterdon Co., taken in execution at the
suit of Mary Andrews and sold to her.

1746. July 21. Account of Pet'r Hodffson. showing payments to Mary
Andrews, Jno. Cox and Bennet Bard.

1748t Aii«. 10. Blckley, Mary, of City of Burlington, widow. Ad-
ministration to Charles Willias, of City of Philada., blacksmith. Isaac
DeCow, Esq., and Ruchard Wriffht, grent., both of same, fellow bonds-
men. Lib. 7, p. 94.

1748, Sept 27. Inventory of personal estate, £192.6.4; made by R.
Wright and Isa: DeCow. Includes negro man and an old woman. £80;
two silver coins. £9.16.6 and tayloring outfit

174», Blay 15. Blekiey, Samael, of Philadelphia. Pa.; will of. Wife,
Margaret. Children — Abraham, William. Peter. Mary. Two lots in
Philadelphia; tracts in County of Kent. Delaware. Executors — James
Polegreen, of Philadelphia, grent, wife Margaret, son Abraham. Wit-
nesses — Jno. Finney, Gideon Griffith, David Finney. Proved June 17,

1760, April 11. Margaret Blckley, administratrix of estate of Samuel
Biokley, "late of Newcastle, deceased, dyed at Newcastle." Lib. 6, p. 286.

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1788, JvlT — H Btekley WIIUmiu of City of Burlington, y«oman; will
of. Stater, Blixabeth Powl^rean. House and lot on Hi^h Street, City
of Burlington, now in possession of Samuel Bustill. Jun'r, and meadow
adjoining Jonathan Wright, Daniel Smith and Caleb Raper. Wife,
Mary, sole executrix. Witnesses — John Craiff. James Hancock, Ralph
Peart. Proved Jan. 16, 17S9. Lib. 4, p. 219.

1740, July 24. Inventory of personal estate, S61.14.2 ; made by Joseph
HeoUnss and Jos. Soattergood.

178S» Nov. 14. BIslowt Joha» of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; inventory
of estate, made at request of his widow, Abigail Billow, £118.12.2,
tncludinff a sword and stone, 7a6d ; a corbin and pistols. £1.6.0 ; a Bible
and some small books, £8. Made by Qershom Mott and Jonathan

1722, Nov. 21. Bond of Abigail Blglow, widow, as administratrix.
Samuel Crosman, of same place, bloomer, and John Budd, of same, gentle-
man, suredea. Witnesses Sarah Budd, Thomas Biglow.

Hunterdon Wills, 84 J.

1TS8» April 6. BllAerbaek, Albert, of Penn's Neck, Salem Co., hus-
bandman: will of. Wife, Margaret, to have the estate until children
will be 21. If she marries, estate devised to sons Daniel and Peter
Bilderback; if either die without issue, his share to descend to son
John Bilderback (not 16). Daughters — Sarah, Jane, Margaret (not
21). Executors — Wife, Margaret, and brother-in-law, Senick Senick-
aon. Witnesses — Josiah Pennington, John Denny, John Richmond.
Proved 6 May, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 210.

1731-2, Jan. 6. Inventory, £114.7.0 H, of farm stock, etc. Appraisers— >
John Seneck, Hance Bilderbaclc *

1740w April 8. Bilderback* Peter, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Admx.
Sarah Bilderback ("relict or*). Bondsmen — Timothy Rains, John
Savoy, all of said County. Witness— Obadiah Loyd.

1740, March 22. Inventory. £16.2.6. Appraisers — ^Tim. Rain. John
Savoy. Salem Wills. S57 Q.

174*, May 99. Biles* Joka* of Maidenhead Township, Hunterdon
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Blisabeth. Daughter, Sarah Biles; two
sons. John and Charles Biles, land where testator lived. Executors —
wife and brother, Alexander Biles. Witnesses — Gtoorge Rosel, Samuel
Lee, Mary Carpenter. Proved July 22, 1740. Lib. 4. p. 247.

1740, July 1. Inventory of personal estate, £167.17.6 ; made by John
Price and John Hunt

174Bp March SOu BUee, Samael, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.,-
tanner. Bond of Mary Cary, widow, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., as
administratrix. Isaac Pearson, of Burlington, Esq. and Thomas
Wetherill of same, gent., fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 227.

1740, April 8. Inventory of personal estate, £1806.14.2 ; made by John
Mlddleton of Nottingham, yeoman, and Frettwell Wright, of Burlington,

17SS-4, Mareh 19. BUla, Natluwlel, Jr„ of Monmouth County, single
man. Bond of Qershom Bills, of Shrewsbury, cordwainer, as ad-
ministrator. David Allen, of Shrewsbury, cordwainer, fellow bonds-
man. * Witnesses — Samuel Sonman, William Madock.

Monmouth Wills, 629M.

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, . Inventory of the Mtato (£71.0.0), includes bond of

Richard Gardiner. Made by William Qoodbody and Joseph Oifford, who
were sworn Sept 9, 17S4.

17S8» April !•. Bird, Jeremlali, of Elisabeth Town, Bssex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Children — Joseph, Abigail FitsRandolph, Mary Kinff,
Prudence Oedis, Hannah Atkinson, Martha Bird and Rachel Kellsey.
Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife, Abigail, and son-in-law.
Joseph FitsRandolph. Witnesses — Edward Vauarhn, John Terrill,
Anne Terrill. Proved May 6. 1788.

1788, May 6. Joseph FitsRandolph, Quaker, qualified as executor.

Lib. C, p. 194.

1788, 6th mo. (July), 11. Inventory of personal estate (£461.09), in-
cludes bonds of John Frase, Samuel Moor, Benjamin Crowel, William
Porter, John Radley, Sam'll Frasee, Josiah Terrill, Ben. Fraxee, Richard

, Eliphalet Fraxee, Thomas Sender. Thomas Abbott, John Kins,

Hendrick ; made by Joseph Shotwell and Eliphalet Frasee.

1740» Sept. 2X Bird, Joaepk, of borouffh of Elisabeth, Essex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Children — Samuel, Ruben, John and Abigail Bird.
Executrix — wife Elisabeth. Real and personal estate. Witnesses —
Benony Frasee, Stephen Borrowes, John Terrill. Proved Oct. 6, 1740.

Lib. C, p. 868.

1749» July 4. Blakop, Abigail, widow, late of Township of Hope-
well, Cumberland Co. Int. Phebe Bishop, James Davise, administra-
tors. Fellow bondsmen — Daniel Davise and Samuel Lomas, of the
Township of Deerfleld. Cumberland Co., farmers. Witnesses — ^Abra-
ham Reeves, Junior. Ellas Cottingr.

1749. June 29. Inventory of personal estate. £102.4.11 (£101.16.11.
orifirinal). Appraisers — Thomas Sayre, Benjamin Lupton.

C!umberland Wills, 22 F.

1742-8» Marck 10. Blakop* Daniel* of Cohansey. Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Abigrail, use of plantation, etc. Son, Nathan Bishop
(when 21), house and barn, "and all that land and marsh that my
father grave to me; also ^ of marsh I bouffht of Anne Grant, known
as 'Jewel's Marsh;' also ^ of land bouffht of Elias Cottingr, joining the
river and situate between his line and Joshua Barksted's, containing
227 acres; also ^ of salt marsh, 26 acres, near Tindal's Island, bought
of Elias Cottinff." Son, Daniel Bishop, when 21, to have other half
of the above and woodland bougrht of Anne Grant. Daugrhter, Elisa-
beth Bishop, when 18, 160 acres (bought of Elias Cottinff) which John
Terry lives on. Daugrhter Phebe, when 18, 160 acres, bougrht of Elias
Cottinff. Daughter Abigail Bishop (not 18). Executors — wife and
Moses Bishop. "Whereas some persons claim under Joshua Barksted's
riffht a part of the land I bougrht of Ellas Cottingr, therefore my exe-
cutors are authorised to defend any action by such." Witnesses —
Nathaniel Bishop, Benjamin Lupton, Thomas Sayer. Proved 30 April,
1748. Lib. 4, p. 874.

1748. March 29. Inventory (£130.10.6.) includes cattle, sheep, swine,
etc. Appraisers — James Robinson, Jonathan Holmes.

1749, June 12. Blakop, Moses, of Township of Hopewell, Cumberland
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife sole executrix. Sons, Moses and Levi,
land and marsh. Daugrhters — ^Esther, Mary, Rachel and Eunice (all
under 18). Witnesses — ^And'w Hunter, Mary Perry. Rob't Nichols,
Joseph Bishop. Proved 8 July, 1749. Lib. 6, p. 896.

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174B-S* Mareh 6. Blsk*p» NftthamleU Of Cohansey, Cumberland Co.»
yeoman; will of. Wife Mary* Sons — Isaac and Preston (to have
taOQsee. lands, marshes equally), Jeremiah. Zephaniah, and Nathaniel.
I>aushter8 — ^Mary Lupton, Abigail, Bllsabeth and Hannah. Land
bouflrht of Daniel Bishop. Bxecutors — ^Wife, Mary, and Annanias
flayre. Witnesses — John Preston, Moses Bishop. Proved 1 April, 1749.

Lib. 6, p. 108.

1748-9, March 11. Inventory of personal estate. £122.8.4. Appraisers-
Jonathan Holmes, Samuel Miller.

174B-«, Feb. 15. Blskop, Noab, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., black-
smith; will of. Wife . Daughters — ^Mary, Sarah, Lydia, Han-
nah and Ruth. Son — Noah, and his two sons, Noah and Japhet. Real
and personal estate. Executors — son, Noah, and friend, David Alston.
Witnesses — Jonathan Connet, David Stile, Thomas Alston. Proved
June 20, 1760. Lib. B, p. 428.

174B9 Jvly 4. Blakop. Pkebe, ward, "of 14 years and upwards, **
daughter of Daniel Bishop, late of Township of Hopewell, Cumber-
land Co. Guardian — James Davise. Bondsmen — Daniel Davise, Sam.
Lummus. all of Township of Deerfleld. Witnesses — Abraham Reeves,
Jr., Blias Cotting. Cumberland Wills, 26F.

1741* Anv. 14. Blakop. Thomas, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Children — Thomas, John, Joshua, William, Ann
Smith, Mercy, Elisabeth Warrington. Hannah Prickett and Mary At-
kinson. Granddaughter, Sarah Gaerlng, under age. Lands adjoining'
Thomas Hains, Joseph Wills, Philo Leeds and Brook Stop '*the Jades."
Bxecutors — sons-in-law, Henry Warringrton and Jacob Prickett. Wit-
nesses — Isa. DeCow, Thomas WetheriU, Jos. Scattergood. Proved
Aug. 2, 1746. Lib. 5, p. 267.

1746, Aug. 1. Inventory of personal estate. £818.16.8 ; made by Samuel
Woolston and Thomas Haines.

1747, Feb. 10. Blshopp Thomas* of Bordentown, Burlington Co.,
skinner. Administration to Joseph Borden, of same, merchant. Jo-
seph Thorne, of Chesterfield, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. 6, p. 487.

1744« Oet. 21. Black* Joka, of Springfield, Burlington Co., farmer.
Administration to Thomas Black. William Black, fellow bondsman;
both farmers of Springfield. Lib. 6, p. 64.

1744, Nov. 24. Inventory of personal estate, £812.1.6% ; made by
Michael Newbold, John Rockhill, Benjamin Shreve.

1747, March 18. Blaekfortf, John, of Piscataway. Middlesex Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Ruth. Sons — John, Nathaniel and Jeremiah.
Real and personal estate. Bxecutors — sons, John and Nathaniel
Blackford. Daughters — Sarah Chantler, Susanna (wife of Moses
Astin), Mary Laing and Ann. Witnesses — Isaac Chantler, Samuel
Drake. Proved March 80, 1749. Lib. E, p. 286.

1749. April 1. Inventory of personal estate, £82.4.6; made by Samuel
Drake and John Pound, Jun'r.

ITSS* Hov. 97. Blaekmaa, Joaiali, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
blacksmith. Int. Whereas Mary Blaokman, widow; mother, Mary
Tuckness, widow; sister; Richard Blackman, brother, Isaac Dawson,

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liatter» and Jane hU wife, sUter of deceased, do live in Provlnoe of
Penna., they renounce their rlarht of administration unto James Han-
cock, of Burlington, peruke maker. Witnesses — John Cralir, Joshua
Henssey, Bnoch Roberts, Solomon Kemble, John Harper, David Oum-

17S8, Dec. 7. Bond of James Hancock, of City of Burlington, peruka
maker, as administrator. William Petty and Job Lipplncott, yeomen, of
same place, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 161.

1780^ April 6. Blamehard, Jolui* of Bliiabeth Town, Essex Co. Ad-
ministration granted to John Blanchard, of Essex Co. Jos. Meeker,
Jun'r, Wm. Robison and Andrew Joline fellow bondsmen.

Lib. B, p. 168.

1780, April 29. Inventory of personal estate (£782.10.06) includes
bonds due from Alexander Scot, Peter Eastman, John Hayward, Samuel
Whitehead, Jacob Piat, John Lambert, Samuel Wheten, Amos Goodln,
John Morehouse, Samuel Day, Benjamin Ogden, Cosine Andris, Michael
Stutter, James and William Cole, Jeremiah Osboum, Jeremiah Osboume,
Jun'r, Jonathan Gilbert, Richard Hall, Daniel Ooble, Joseph Tharp, Joseph
Codington, Thomas More, Mathew Connet, Henry Connet, Joseph Jen-
nings, John Carter, Job Pack,, William Watson, Hendrick DeCamp, James
Doughty, Oeorge Pack, Erasmus Allton, William Robinson, Isaac White-
bead, Silas Pearce, Thomas Hampton. Roberd Lardner, Conradus Winalns,
John Winalns, George Gibbs, Daniel Goble, Jun'r, Roberd Goble, Nicolas
Classen, William Winalns, Jun'r, Noah Bishop, Thomas Pope, Thomas
'Gearing, William Allton, James Bishop, Amos Roberds, Joseph Rogers,
Joseph Grummond, Henry Jaquish. Thomas Force, Samuel Littel, James
Clarkson, Nath'll Stllwill, John Tremble, James Cole, Jun'r, Andrew
Chrelgh, Jun'r, Jonathan Gilbert, Joseph Gray, John Wilkinson. Thomas
Bates, Thomas Rogers, William Baremore, Isaac Price. Abram Shotwell,
Widow Hall, William Cole. Jun'r. John Chrelgh, Amos Goodin. Gershom
iTrasee. Thomas Clark, James Stone, Benjamin Gray, William Stray-
beam, John Rsmo. Jun'r, Francis More, Samuel Mils, Jeremiah Stllwill,
William Robinson. James Rigs. Ephralm Sale, Jeffery Jones, John King,
John Frasee, Thomas Bulsson, John Winalns, Jun'r, David Stuerd. Roberd
Howell, Daniel Terrel, John Darby, Ephraim Terrel, John Tucker, Ephraim
Frasee. Joseph Bird. Josiah Terrel. Joseph Ludlimi, Isaac Frasee, Mar-
garet Rolph, David Powell, John Chanders, Caleb Woodruff, Elnathan
BoUy, Peter Elstone. Jim'r. John Hayward. John Rolph, Miles Williams,
Jacob Earle, John Rayman. Joseph Coddington, Roberd Morse, Joseph
%>encer, John Eastwood. Gershom More. Eliphalet Frasee. Jonathan
Marsh. Richard Pangbum, Stephen Osboum, John Jennings. Widow Win-
alns, William Darby, John Allstone, Roberd Pool, James White, Danlsl
Marsh. Benja. Shelly. Jasper Totten. John Robinson. Mathlas Swem,
Benja. Darby, Adam Lee, Jonathan Freeman, John Oliver, John Stray-
heame, Sam'll Norrls. Jeremiah Osboum, William Dyer, Samuel Wheatlng.
Joseph Williams. Joseph Shotwell, James Frasee, Margaret Frasee; also
silver made by Robert Ogden and James Hamton.

1747, Ju»e 90. Blamchard* John, ES«4„ of Elisabeth Town, Essex
Co.; will of. Wife, Mary, sole legatee. Real and personal estate.
Executors — Wife, Mary, and brother-in-law, John Halstead Esq. Wit-
nesses — Wm. Chetwood, W, Stebs, Geo. Emott. Proved May 4, 1748.

Lib. E, p. 188.

1747, Oct. SO. Jonathan Hampton makes complaint that Mary Blanch*
«rd and John Halstead, executors of above will, refuse to bring the sams^

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to the Prerogative oflSoe; they are therefore cited to appear at the
flecretanr of State's Office at Perth Amboy, March 2Ut, next, to bring
the wiU and have it duly proved. Lib. E. p. 101.

1748. March 19. Executors decline to act and desire that the adminis-
tration be granted to Jonathan Hampton, principal creditor.

1748, May 4. Bond of Jonathan Hampton, of Elizabeth borough, yeo-
i as administrator. Ellis Crisy, fellow bondsman.

1745, May !•• Blaacluurd* PhiUp* of Allaways Creek, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. To sister, Elisabeth, wife of Joseph Ware, my
plantation (160 acres) at Alaways Creek, she paying £10 each to Jere-
miah Powers children: John, Elisabeth and Mary Powel, when they
will be 21, or at marriage. Executors — ^Brothers-in-law, Joseph Ware
and Jeremiah PowelL Witnesses — Joseph Ware, Andrew Gardiner.
I>an*l Mestayer. Proved 20 May, 174S. Lib. 4. p. 262.

1748, Sept. ». Bloomfleld, BwUel, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.;
will of. Wife, Margaret. Nephew, Esekiel Bloomfleld, 10 acres in
Essex and Middlesex Counties, joining Edward Frazee's land, he to
pay his brothers, Ebeneser and Jeremiah Bloomfleld, and sisters, Han-
nah, wife of Jonathan Wright, and Ursula, their legacies. Brothers —
Timothy, Joseph and Benjamin. Sister, Mary, wife of Obadiah Ayers.
■Sister-in-law — ^Eunice, wife of Joseph Bloomfleld, my brother.
Mary, wife of James Wilkinson. Mary and Catharine, daughters
•of my brother, Jeremiah, deceased. Executors — Wife, Margaret, and
brother, Timothy Bloomfleld. Witnesses — William Burnet, ^Tho's
Skinner, Tho's Bartow. Proved Feb. 11, 1748. Lib. E, p. 261.

174A, N«v. 18. Bloomfleld* Jeremiah, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co.,
farmer. Sarah Bloomfleld, the widow, renounces her right of ad-
ministration in favor of Richard Bloomfleld, principal creditor. Wit-
nesses — ^Jonathon Thickston, Benjamin Allword. Sam'll Preston.

1746, Dec 6. Bond of Richard Bloomfleld, of Woodbridge, as adminis*
trator. Samuel Martin, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Lib. D. p. 441.

1746, Dec. 10. Inventory of personal estate. £81.00.11. includes cash
received from Sarah, widow of Samuel Martin; made by Samuel Preston
sind Benjamin Allword. both of Middlesex Co.

1744-6* Jan. 99. Board, Comelliiji, of Bergen Co.. yeoman; will of.
Trustees to sell lands in Essex and Morris, purchased of Wm. Dav-
enport, and all land "above the small tract that I formerly sold to the
Oggdins, called the *Falls in the County of Bergen.' " Wife, Eliza-
beth. Eldest son, James, and his heirs, the home-plantation at Ring-
wood, on the west side of Long Pond River; likewise small tract
lying between said place and Philip Pico, on east side of said River.
Son, David, and his heirs, that part of my plantation In the Fork of
the Long Pond River and the eastermost part of the Iron Works, or
Furnace River. Son, Joseph, and his heirs. Daughters— Elizabeth,
Bhusanah, Sarah and Martha. Executor — son, Joseph. Trustees —
Jonathan Davis and Joseph Bartram. Witnesses — ^Robert Sturgeon,
Joseph Bartram, Qerrit FitzgarriL Proved 16 Sept., 1747.

Lib. E, p. 97.

1747, Oct. 1. Administration granted to James Board, eldest son, as
Joseph Board, Executor named, was 10 years old and ESlizabeth. the
widow, had renounced her right. Fellow bondsmen — Joseph Bartram.
<of Rlngwood. Jonathan Davis, of Newark, Essex Co. Witnesses— David
Ogden. Usal Ogden. Lib. E, p. 100.

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1747. Sept. 27, (filed 11 Dea 1760). Inventory of peraonal eirtat*
(£6S8.4.9), includes sword, £1, 2 neflrroes, £100, wheat, notes, bonds, and
book debts as foUows: John Phillips. Zacharia Baldwin. Caleb Ward,
Ellsha Kent. Nathaniel Cosrswell. Ebinesar Kilbum. John Baldwin. Mary
Howel. Adam Dickason, John Cambel, Christopher Frampton, Samuel Sal-
ter, Nathaniel Calkin. Martha Potts, Josiah Baldwin, James Chadwlok,
Daniel Dod, Stephen Coartland. Richard Day, David Michal, Oeorse
Ryason, Jr.. Caleb Person, John Bruin, Joseph Bruin, George Rsrason, Sr..
Mathew Scain, Paul Lenard. Archibel Olandining, Robert Arvin. John
Howil, Wm. Hains, Josiah Church, Robert Dummin, Jacob Mead. Samuel
Johnson. John Johnson. Thoa Johnson. Jesse Ford, Coonrod Lions. Abra-
ham Mowris. Joseph Hogan. Wm. Taylor, Domini Comili. Owin Rabliii*
David Johnson. Samll. Catham. John Richards. Jacob Wess. Oliver Had-
den. John Hill. Jacob Pitsort, Thos Day. Appraisers — Joseph Bartram,
Jacob Insoes (?), David Ogden, Jr.

1787* May 4. Boartom» Joseph* of Town and Co. of Burlington,
farmer; will of. Children — ^Mary, Sarah. John and Rachel all under
age. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, and John Wright In
Carrostoga. Witnesses — Anthony Baker. Mary Baker, John Craiff-
Proved Oct. 8. 1787. Lib. 4, p. 118.

1737. 80th day, 6th mo. (July). Inventory of personal estate, £168.8 ;
made by Thoa Scattergood and John Craige.

1787. Oct. 8. Sarah Spencer, late Sarah Borton. administratrix (In
absence of John Wright) affirms to above inventory.

1747-8, Feb. 28. Bodlne, Jacob, Jiia*r, of Hunterdon Co. Inventory
(£118.7.9). includes 106 bushels of wheat. Appraisers — John Hander-
shot. Jacob Shipman.

1748, May 28. Bond of Catherine Bodine, widow, administratrix ; John
Bodine and Nicholas Shipman, fellow bondsmen.

1748-9, Feb. 22. Inventory. £118.7.9.

1748. Aug. 11. Account Clash paid John Haneshot. Johannes Sharp,
John Budd. John Haman. "The deceased dyed posesed of a tract of land
of one hundred eighty-three acres held by Lease from John Budd. EJsq. and
Sarah, his wife, for the term of ninety-seven years, to comence from the
first Day of November in the year of 1746 at the yearly rent of three
Spanish pistoles and a half and four shillings and Seven pence curant
money of America." (Signed). Cathrin Bodine. Admx. Witnessed by
Brice Riky.

1764. April 8. "Jacob Bodine's Inv. of Huntn. or Morris" ( £66.8.8. >,
signed John Hendershot, Jacob Shipman, Roelof Roelofson. Same day,
account of cash paid to Michael Hilabrant, Roelof Roelofson, Andrios B[il-
lian, John Haneshot, Johanes Sharp, John Budd, John Haman. Freder-
ick Shipman. Burbra Chirts. Peter Cramer. Michael Deller. Thos. Neal,
Andrios A. Mark. Cornelius Bodine. Peter Van Nest, Dortier (Doctor 7 >
Spitsor, Frederick Shipman. Brice Riky, Abram Dewit, John Evans, John
Vandewater. John Riky. Sarah Budd. Danl. Vanwagener. Wm. Wlnn^
John Hendershot

1764, Jime 18. Settlement of personal estate of Jacob and Nicholas
(children of Jacob Bodine, Jr., late of Lebanon, deceased), wards of
CJomelius Bodine. Hunterdon Co. All accounts relating to the estate came
into the hands of Rullif Rolefson, Morris 0>. by his marnrlng Cathem,
late widow of the above said Jacob Bodine. deceased. Witnesses— Brice
Riky, R. Smith. Morris Wills, 21 N, 208 3,

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um, W^h. Si. Bo«lM» J«kii, of Bssez Co.; will of. Wife. Margaret.
Sister, Elisabeth. Real and personal estate. Executor — ^brother Abra-
ham Bodine. Witnesses— Oeertje Krom« Jeremiah Douty (Doaty),
TennU Mldda^h. Proved June 26. 1741. Lib. C. P. 424.

17<i7» April •. Bodlme, John, of Rariton Landing, Middlesex Co.,
trader. Bond of Peter Bodine, his father, as administrator. William
Williamson and George Vroom fellow bondsmen. Witnesses — John
Deare, John Vroom. Lib. E, p. 24.

171B* May 14. Boels* Thosias* of Freehold, yeoman; will of. Be-
queaths £40 to overseers of poor of "Lower Freehold or Topenamus,"
"the Interest to imploy in the learning of poor children to read, for-
erer.** Sister, Dorcas Bradford, and her husband, Andrew Bradford.
Sister Sarah's eldest sons. Brother-in-law, Robert Ellis, if living.
Sister Priscilla's son, Robert Ellis. Sister Sarah Nixon's son; if he
dies, one-third to go to the instructing of children in doctrine of the

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 6 of 85)