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Lib. E. p. 298.

1748, April 9. Thompson, Catharine (alias Catharine Robison)^ of
Middlesex Co.; will of. Children — John and Moses Thompson. Real
and personal estate. Executors — William Macdaniel and Mallieiah
(Malachi) Randolph. Witnesses — Jonathan FitzRandolph, Ebeneser
Saltar. Proved May 24, 1749. Lib. E, p. 305.

1748, April 12. Inventory (£26.08.11) includes Dutch "Wlioall." Made
by Gershom Martin and William Sharp.

178S, «lnly- 19. Thompson, Henry, of Mansfield, Burlington Co.r will
of. Sons — Thomas and John. Daughters — Rebecca Ouest and Dlna
Hopkins. Meadow adjoining Jacob DeCow and other lands. Execu-
tors — wife, Elizabeth, and friend John Tantum. Witnesses — Con-
stantlne Overton, Jno. Tantum, Jr., Elizabeth Tantum. Proved Dec.
2, 1786. Lib. 4, p. 46.

1785, Dec. 1. Inventory, £116.8 ; made by John Rockhill and David
Rockhill. Includes negro girl, £8.

1749, Sept. 99. Thompson, Isaac, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.,
weaver. Int. Adm*r, John Thompson, gent. Bondsman — John Hunt.
All of said county. Witnesses — John Fitspatrick, Danl. Mestayer.

Lib. 4, p. 266.
1740, Sept. 20. Inventory (£6.2.6) includes loom and tackling. Ap-
praisers — John Fitzpatrick, John Kelly.

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1719->M» Marek •• Th^aipaom* «laaics» of Town and Co. of Bur-
Unffton, cordwainer; will of. Wife, Bllaabeth, personal estate to
brinff up children, and sole executrix. Real estate. Witnesses —

Sam'l Smith, Abra. Heullngrs, Is. DeCow. Proved , 17SS.

Burllnffton Wills, 2027 C

178S, «IVBe 94. ThcmtpMNi, «loha« of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co..
merchant; will of. Body to be burled In the church ground at Piscat-
away; funeral charges not to exceed £20. Wife, Mary, now In Dub-
lin, Ireland. Son, Benjamin, in Ireland. Son, John, suit of black
broad cloath and silk westcoat and breeches. Servant man, David
Davies. Real and personal estate. Executors — Coll. John Hamilton of
Perth Amboy, merchant, Mr. Robert Kinff of Perth Amboy, collector,
Mr. James Hude of New Brunswick, merchant, and son, John Thomp-
son, now of New Brunswick, schoolmaster. Mr. Benjamin Price, of
New Brunswick, attorney, and Mr. John Parker of Perth Amboy,
attorney, to collect debts. Witnesses — Alexand'r Moore, Jno. Dally,
Sam*ll Belknap, David Davies. Proved Sept. 24, 17S3.

Lib. B, p. 468.

17S9, Dee. 17. Thempsoa* «loaeph, of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.;
will of. Wife, Sarah, use of plantation durine: widowhood. Sons —
William, 170 acres, part of the land I live on; Joseph, 50 acres, ad-
joining John Hilton, also that he be apprenticed. Daughters — Elisa-
beth, Jane, Martha, Sarah, Qrace, Mary and Susannah, the two-thlrda
of my moveable estate. Executors — wife, and my son William. Wit-
nesses — BenJ. Holme, Martin Garrel, William Thompson. Affirmed
26 April, 1740.

1740. May 1. Letters granted to Sarah Thompson. Lib. 4. p. 231.

1739-40. 11 mo. (Jan.). 30 da. Inventory, £137.8.2; made by BenJ.
Holme. William Oakford.

1749. «l«Iy 4. ThoBtpsom* Joseph, of Mendam, Morris Co.; will of.
Sons — Stephen (eldest) the land where I dwell, bougrht of John Bullan,
except 10 acres on the north side of the road from Rocksitecos to
Morristown, which I formerly gave to my son Aaron, deceased;
David, 96 acres purchased of Josiah and David Osrden, Bsqrs.. to-
gether with meadow, 16 acres, purchased of Benjamin Lenard. de-
ceased, and at 21 to have £160 out of the moveable estate, to be paid
by my son Stephen. Daughter, Desire; grandson (not 21), son of
my son Daniel, deceased, by Abegal Byram; the children of my son
Stephen and my daughter Marey. Executors — son, Stephen, and Jere-
miah Brown. Witnesses — Esra Cary. Daniel Cary, Brice Riky. Proved
19 July, 1749. Lib. B, p. 816.

1745-e, Jam. IS. Tkoatpsom* IVatkaaleit of the Borough of Ellaa-
l>eth, Essex C^., yeoman. Int. Adm'r, Benjamin Thompson, uncle.
Samuel Chandler and Timothy Thompson, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. D, p. 857.

1748, June 29. Inventory, £81.06.10 ^ ; made by Christopher Wood
and Benjamin Crane. Witnesses — Samuel Walter. Richard Townley.

1780, Ave. 1. T%ompsoa (Thoms^a), Pkebe» of Essex Co., an orphan
about 16. Bond of Jonathan Dayton as guardian. John Thompson,
fellow bondsman. Both of Elisabeth Town, yeomen. Witnesa —
Rachell Harrison. (John Thomson not being admitted guardian to
his sister, Jonathan Dayton was chosen). Lib. C, p. 886.

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1788» Jnl7 !•• TkempaoB, SaaivcU of Salem Co., yeoman. Int.
Adm'x, Abiflrail Thompson. Bondsman — Samuel Forster. Botb of said
County. Witnesses — John Weale. DanL Mestayer. Lib. 8, p. 862.

I7S2-3. Jan. 14. Inventory (£168.17.6) includes cattle, horses, sheep,
oxen. Appraisers — Saml. Forster. James Wbite.

1749, Dee. 17. Thompsom* Samvcl* of Alloways Creek, Salem Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Edith, use of the home plantation until my
0on Thomas will be 21; said son to pay £12 to his brother Samuel
when 21, likewise to his brother Aaron when 21. Daughters — Ann,
Mary and Rebekah. The 66 acres I bouflrht of William At wood, mer-
chant, of Philadelphia, to be sold. Executors — wife, and Benjamin
Thompson. Witnesses — Joseph Ware, William Oakford, Huffh Black-
wood. Affirmed 24 Feb., 1749-50. Lib. 6, p. 486.

1749-60, Jan. 24. Inventory (£228.0.2) includes ''still and neoessarys be-
longing to it, £21.16." Appraisers — Joseph Ware. William Oakford.

1750^ Jue 19, Th«BtpM»B, Stepkea, of Morris Co., blacksmith; will
of. Legacies bequeathed by my deceased father in will dated 4th
July, 1749, shall be paid by my executors. Wife, Marey, to hold the
home plantation until my son. Jacob, will be 21, that she may bring
up and school the children. Jacob, at age, to pay legacies to my
daughters, Phebe and Lydia, when they will be 18, and plantation to
be divided equally between them in case of death of my son. EhL-
ecutors — Joseph Hinds, of Morris Co., Brice Riky, of Somerset Co., and
my wife, Marey. Witnesses — Ezra Cary, Daniel Cary, Dezier Thomp-
son. Proved 9 July, 1760. Lib. E, p. 480.

1760. Aug. 14. (Filed 8 Dec., 1767). Inventory (£514.19.8); made by
Daniel Cary and Caleb Balwin. (On back of inventory: "Pade to the
widdow besides, when she married").

1760. Sept. 8. List of debtors — David Allen, John Heams, Henry CHark,
John Cary, Perkins Lovet. Zekel Lyon. Ebeneser Byrams, Jun'r, Japheth
Byrams, Caleb Linsley. Saml. Ford, Morris Aber, John Whitehead, Johh
Heams. Richard Carton, Timothy Penetant, Caleb Baldwin. E^ra (^arey,
Captn. Robet, Benjn. Leonard. Ebeneser Allen, Pipes & Browns. John
Wills. Bsra Carey. Danl. Carey.

1748, Sept. 14. Th«MBp«OB, Themas, of Mansfield, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Agnes, personal estate and plantation during
widowhood, to enable her to bring up my younger sons and daughters.
Sons — John and Thomas. Executors — wife, and friend Thomas Biddle.
Witnesses — John Laning, James Hammell, Isaac DeCow. medius.
Proved Oct. 8, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 1.

1743. Oct. 8. Inventory. £66.16.9 ; made by Joseph Tallman and Nathan

1747. Dee. 24. TkompsoB* Tkoatas, of Salem Tdwn and Co.. Joiner;
will of. Wife, Mary, during life, use of the house I live in; then my
son, Daniel, shall possess it, he paying £20 to my son Joshua, and to
my daughter Mary. Executors — wife, and my brother, Joshua Thomp-
son. Witnesses — Samuel Abbott, Eliz. Hall. Thos. Rice. (Not properly
proved). Salem Wills, 844 Q.

17M. Feb. 11. Thempsom* Tk«mas» «l«i'r, of Elizabeth Town, Essex
Co., yeoman; will of. Mary and Nathaniel, children of my first wife,
the daughter of Nathaniel Lyon, deceased, land in common between

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me and Stephen Brown. Other children — ^Thomas. Daniel, Sarah and
Joanna, land purchased of George HarrU, dec'd. Executors — ^wlfe.
Sarah, and brother Jonathan Thompson. Witnesses — James Gallo-
way, Samuel Whitehead, Jonathan Meeker. Proved April 13, 17S1.

Lib. B, p. 2f C.
1734, May 15. Inventory, £111.18.09; made by David Whitehead and
Henry Peirson.

17S8, AprU 7. TkoaipMn, WUliaM, of Ailoways Creek. Salem Co.:
will of. Sons — Joseph (had portion); William (had portion); SamueL
the home plantation, he payingr £16 to my son Benjamin and £5 to
my grandson Sam'l Test when they will be 21; the said Benjamin
to have 20 acres on the south side of the creek and S acres joining
the bridge. Daughter, Sarah (had portion). Rest of personal estate
to son Benjamin and daughter Rebekah. One acre for use of a bury-
ing ground and a meeting-house for the people called Quakers. Kx-
ecutors — sons, William and Benjamin. Witnesses — ^Benjamin Holme.
John Powel. Richard Bradford. Affirmed 26 April, 1734.

1734, April 26. Letters granted to William Thompson.

Lib. 3. p. 4 It.

1734, 2 mo. (Apr.). 16 da. Inventory (£146.13;) made by BenJ. Holmes.
Daniel Fogg.

17B0» Sept. 29. TkoauMB, Lewis* of Freehold, Monmouth Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife Sarah. Daughters — Mary and Elisabeth. Brother.
Cornelius. Executors — brother, Thomas Thomson, and friend John
Clayton. Witnesses — James Wilson, Rachel Willson, John Anderson.
Proved October 17, 1760. Lib. E, p. 460.

1742, Ort. 4. Then. WUUam, of Nottingham, BurlinflTton Co.; will
of. Son, Jedidlah. 30 acres. Son, Joseph, his present land, adjoining
Abraham Tllton by the York Road. Sons — ^William. Thomas and Mahkm.
Daugrhters — Mary Wright, Elisabeth Sykes and Meribah. Executors —
wife. Meribah, and son Joseph. Witnesses — William Stiles, William
Wetherill, Jos. Reckless. Proved Nov. 17, 1742. Lib. 4. p. 3S0.

1742, Nov. 5. Inventorj', £222.10.7 : made by John Steward and Ben-
jamin Robens.

1784, Sept. 18. TkerBb«r*vsh» Ge«rve, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth
Co., cooper. Administration flrranted to Robert Ireland.

Lib. B, p. 587.

1736, July 24. Account. Mentions bond of Adam Brewer.

1785-a, Fel^. 16. Therae» JehB, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co.;
will of. Sons — John, Joseph, Samuell. Benjamin and Thomas, all
under aflre. Daughters — Rebecca Simmons, Kathron King, Hannah,
Sarah, Mary and Debra. Real and personal estate. Wife, Kathron,
executrix. Witnesses — William Murfln, John Tantum. Samuel Mer-
rit. Proved June 14, 1737. Lib. 4, p. 104.

1737, June 6. Inventory, £200.19 ; made by John Tantum and William
Wills. Includes silver plate £16 ; two Bibles and other books.

17S5, May 90. Thome, WiUUn, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'rs, Mary Thome and Richard FitzRandolph. Lib. B, p. 617.

17S0, March 94. Thorp, JMeph, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co., yeo-

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man; will of. Wife, Anna. Children — Paul, land to the line my
father set between my brother Benjamin and me; Jonathan, Zebulon.
Job, Mary. Kezia. Grandsons — James and William. Executors — Adam
Hude and Abraham Tapine. Witnesses — David Cambell. Jonathan
Oambell, Jo'n Stevens. Proved Sept. 19, 1749. Lib. E. p. 328.

17R0, Oct. 16. Tkorpf Solomon, of Woodbridgre. Middlesex Co.. yeo-
man. Int. Adm'rs. Hannah Tharp (Thorp), widow, and William
Moore. Thomas Thorp, fellow bondsman. All of Woodbridge.

Lib. E. p. 458.

1783, D««. 1. Thorpe, Joiiepli, of Woodbrldge, Middlesex Co. Int.
Adm'x, Janna Paine, widow. Adam Hay. Doctor of Medicine, and
Liawrence Smyth, fellow bondsmen. Witnesses — John Hamilton, John
MIcheH. Middlesex Wills, 819 L.

178«, Oct. 21. Tkorpc* M'ilUam, of Woodbrid^e, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Children — W'illiam, Thomas, Elijah, Rebecka (widow of
John Wilkison). Lydla and Barsheba. Grandson, Israel, youngrest
child of son Israel, deceased, at 21. Land I had of my father. Thomas
Thorpe, of said town, deceased. Executors — brother, Daniel Thorpe,
and son Thomas, both of Woodbrldge. 'Witnesses — Charles Murray,
Benjamin Morris, Ad. Hude. Proved March 12, 1740. Lib. C, p. 398.

1748, April 23. Throckmorton, Job, of Shrewsbury. Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Negress. Hannah, and her children, and neflrro
Oliver, not to be sold. Land formerly John Williams'. Wife. Hannah.
Daughter. Elizabeth. Brother, John Throckmorton. "Brothers and
sisters" mentioned, but not named. Executors — brothers, John and
Joseph Throckmorton, and uncle Jeremiah St 11 well. Witnesses — Sam.
LfSonard. John Throckmorton. Jr.. William Madock. Proved May 3,
1748. Lib. E. p. 307.

1748, Jaly 25. ThrocknortOB, Job, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.
Frances Throckmorton, the widow, resigns rigrht of administration
in favor of her eldest son, John. Witness — Elizabeth Dennis. Bond
of John Throckmorton, yeoman, of Freehold, Samuel Throckmorton,
of same place, yeoman, fellow bondsman. Witnesses — Jonathan Burdy,
JBIixabeth Dennis. Lib, E. p. 307.

1741» Oct. 12. Tliroclunorton, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife. Abigail. Mother, Sarah Throckmorton. Son,
Job, land bought of John Williams; lot near Wintepeck Bog purchased
by testator's father from Nathaniel Leonard: lot bought of Samuel
Dennis; pine right purchased of Richard Ashfleld. Son, John, land In
Middlesex County purchased of Robert Lucting (?) and William Brad-
ford in New York. Son, Joseph. Daughter, Mary Leonard. Son,
James, under age. Daughters, Sarah, and Eliza, under age. Son,
Samuel. Executors — brothers, Joseph and Job Throckmorton and
Thomas Morford. Witnesses — Parthenay Cook, William Nichols,
Richard Saltar. Proved Nov. 11. 1741. Lib. C, p. 461.

1741. Nov. 10. Inventory ("John Throckmorton. Esquire"). £1269.8.7.
Includes sword. 2 negro men. negro woman, negro boy (£180). 92 head
of cattle, 3 guns. Made by John Campbell, Jonathan and John Forman.

17B#» Sept. 19. Tlirop, JohB, of Monmouth Co.. single man. Int.
Inventory, £26.14.5%: made by Thomas Mount and William Vahan.

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1750. Oct. 3. Adm'r. brother. Samuel Throp, of New Windsor, Middle-
sex County. Francis Holman. of same county, fellow tx>nd8man.

Lib. E. p. 46S.

17S«» Mareh 1. TlchMier» Joseph, of Township and County of Mor-
ris, shoemaker; will of. Wife. Elisabeth. Sons — Joseph, 66 acres on
the west Joiningr to the heirs of James Primrise, deceased; James, and
Daniel, equally, the remainder of my land; Moses. 61 acres in the
ffreat Swamp bougrht of Mr. Penn. Daughter, Jane, two-thirds of
moveable estate. Witnesses — Caleb Fairchlld. Sam'l Tuthill. Benja-
min Conger. Proved 6 April, 1760.

1760, May 10. Administration granted to Elisabeth (relict). Bonds-
man — Nathaniel Ward. Lib. P.. p. 7.

1761. Nov. 6. (Letter on file, from Usal Ogden, Jr.. of Newark, states
that Mr. Fairchild wrote the will, but entered executors' names after
testators decease, though at his direction, and that Samuel Wade "ts
now married to the widow Tichener").

1782, JsM. aB. TIcliener, Martaln, of Newark. Essex Co., weaver;
will of. Children — Susanah, Ester. David. John and Martin. Real and
personal estate. Executors — wife, Susanah. and brother-in-law Moses
Ball. Witnesses — John Cooper, Eliphalet Johnson, David Shipman,
Proved Feb. 22. 1732-3. Lib. B, p. 387.

1788, Dec. 18. Tleb^at, Henry, of Middletown, Monmouth Co. Int.
Adm'r, John Tiebout, of City of New York, brother, Johannes Bennet,
of Middletown, trader, fellow bondsman. Lib. C. p. 226.

1749, Jam. 12. Tlllyer, «lohB, of Somerset Co., cordwainer; will of.
Wife, Susannah. Real and personal estate to be sold; one-half to be
given to wife for her maintenance and bringing up of the child, the
other half to be put at interest for my daughter Bfary, until 18, or
on the day of marriage. If Mary dies before marriage, said share to
my brother William's son, Thomas. Executors — brother, William
Tlllyer, and Francis Feurt, of Somerset Co. Witnesses — Samuel Qu-
lick, James Baynham, Jockam Qulick. Proved 29 Jan., 1746.

Lib. D, p. 446.

1749. Oct. 14. Tlltom, Damlel, of Middletown. Monmouth Co.; will
of. Children — John, Mary Ridge way, Margaret Lawrence, Anne,
Sarah, Phebe and Lydia. Money due from John Ellison. Executors
— Robert and Nathan Til ton. Witnesses — Peter Tllton, Esekiel Smith,
Cornelius McCurtain. Proved Nov. 18. 1749. Lib. E, p. 488.

1749. Nov. 13. Inventory (£791.19.8) includes debt from John Neve-
son, Bible and 12 books, gun. silver bowl, 26 bbls. elder. Made by Samuel
Holmes. John Tilton, Jedidiah Allen.

1747-8, Feb. IS. Ttlton, Damlci, Senler, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Eldest son, Peter. Son, John. Samuel,
son of testator's son Peter. Daughters, Hannah and Cathrine. Chil-
dren of daughter Sarah. Youngest son, Mott. Sons, Joseph and
Daniel. Executors — son, Daniel, and William WaycofT. Witness es
Daniel Tilton, Benjamin Carman, Arthur Rowland. Joseph Tlllton.
Proved May 81. 1748. Lib. B, p. 190.

1781, A«g. 11. Tilten, «lohm, of Middletown, Monmouth Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Eldest son, Robert, part of plantation bounded by
Samuel Tilton, Swimming River, etc. Son. Nathan, part of planta-

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tion bounded by land of testator's brother Peter, Samuel Dennis's
saw-mill brook, etc. Tounerest son, John, under a^e, middle part of
plantation adjoining William Lawrence. Daughters — Anne, Marsraret
and Hester. Son. Nathan, to be overseer and gruardian of his brother
John. Executors — sons, Robert and Nathan, and testator's brothers,
Daniel and Peter Tllton. Witnesses — Joseph Lawrence, Lucas Whit,
Richard Bartlet, Jacob Dennis. Proved Oct. 9, 17S1. Lib. B, p. 268.

1748, May 13. Tllt«a, PatteBce, of Nottingham, Burlington Co.,
widow. Int. Adm'r, Abraham Tilton, of same. John Lawrence and
Joseph Thorn, both of same, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. 6, p. 825; Lib. 7, p. 91.

1781-a, Feb. 26. Tlltoa, Peter, of Freehold, Monmouth Co., car-
penter. Int. Inventory, £89.10.10%; made by John Williams. Daniel
McKay, James Patterson.

1731-2, March 4. Administration to Abel Tilton. son and heir.

Lib. B, p. 246.

1742. April 1. Account. Mentions Elisabeth Wood. Steaven Aumack.
Joeeph Nutens. James Maocoy. MacDaniel. Silas Tilton. Peter Til-
ton, Silvester Tilton. Joseph Forman. drummer's suit, William Brintey,
Justice Littel. Jacob Gibbins, John Fenton, John Clap. John Henderson.

1745, 8tk, ad mo. (April). Tilton. Samuel, of Middletown, Mon-
mouth Co.. yeoman. Int. Inventory (£394.01.02%) includes 39 cheases,
£4.17.8; 31 casque of flower, £20.18.08; 66 bushels wheat in mill, £8.6.
Made by William Miller and Thomas Lawrie.

1746. May 6. Adm'x. Patience 'Hlton, widow. Lib. 6. p. 113.
1748, April 20. Inventory, £83.08.0; made by Thomas Lawrie and

Robert Lippincott.

178S, «laly 18. TIadal, Robert, of Trenton, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Aged mother. Isabel Tindal. Kihswoman. Isabel Vanroomer. daugh-
ter of Josiah Vanroomer, in Middlesex County, when 18. Susannah
Vanroomer. sister of said Isabel, when 18. Friend, William Pearson,
work, etc., done since partnership with testator. Friend. Phebe
Howel. of Trenton. Executor — brother, William Tindal, of Middlesex
County, and he residuary legatee. Witnesses — Benjamin Robeson,
Maurice Justice, Jonathan Davis. Proved Oct. 26, 1732. Lib. 3, p. 220.

1732. Sept. 18. Inventory of estate, £78.11.6 ; made by Alexander Biles
and Joseph Tindall.

1782, Nov. 17. TIadall, Uabel, of Wlnsor, Middlesex Co., widow of
Thomas Tindall, Sr.; will of. Daughters — Isabel Vanroomer, Anne
Biles (the ^reat Bible), Sarah Bud. Sons — William, Joseph and Isaac
Grandchildren — Marey. Margaret, Elisabeth and John Pullln; also
Catrin, Mary, Elisabeth, Rachel, Sarah and Anne Pearson. Real and
personal estate. Executor — son, Joseph Tindall. Witnesses — Isaac
Tindall, Jon. Marlen. John Beates. Proved May 15, 1733.

(Hunterdon Wills), Lib. 3, p. 810.

1782-8. Jan. 26. Inventory. £130.0.6 ; made by Daniel Halries and Jo-
seph Haines.

1741-2, 12tk mo. (Feb.), 7 da. TIadaU, JoMph, of Waterford, Glou-
cester Co.; will of. Son, Benjamin, also Mary Gibson, Elisabeth Gib-
son and my daughter, Sary Hereta^e, to have 6 shillings. Grand-
daughters, Elisabeth Rase and Darkis Heretage, when 21. or at mar-

Digitized by



riace. Executors — cousin, John Holme, and my daufirhter, Ruth Ross,
who shall have residue of my estate. Witnesses — ^Marget Ayers,
Alexander Hambeltown, Benjamin Holme. Sworn and afllrmed, 27
Sept, 1743. Lib. 5, p. 4.

1742, Nov. 20. Inventory (£69.15.9) includes bond from Ben. Tlndel
to his father. Joseph Tindel, for £50 ; note from John Holmes. Ap-
praisers — Robert Powell, Rowland Owen.

1738, S«pt. 8. Tln«all« WllUam. of New Winsor, Middlesex Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Children — ^John, Thomas, Robert, Elisabeth, Rachel and
Sarah, last four under age. Land bought of Joseph Lee on Assinpink
Creek. Executors — wife, Sarah, and brother Joseph TindaU. Wit-
nesses — Richard Kerns, Martha Rogers, Johanna Pagre. Isaac Stelle.
Proved March 25, 1742. Lib. C, p. 502.

1788, May 81. Tltmort, Isaac, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., farmer;
will of. Children — Jacob, and second son, mentioned but not by name;
both under agre. Land due me out of estate of John Martin, late of
Piscataway. Executors — wife. Elizabeth, and Samuel Dunn, of Pis-
cataway. Witnesses — William Titsort, Moses Martin, Nugrien Kelly.
Proved July 6, 1783. Lib. B, p. 4S6.

1783, July 20. Bond of Andrew Van Horn as administrator. Gershom
Martin, fellow bondsman.

17a9, May 26. Toers, Jakenlntlr, widow of Claes Arentse Toers.
of Town and Co. of Bergen. Son, Arent Clason Toers, all farminar
utensils. Rest of personal estate to children, vis., Arent Clase, Judith
(wife of Gerrit Roos, carpenter), and Petertie Toers, unmarried. Ex-
ecutors — son, Arent Claes, son-in-law Gerrit Roos (in right of his
wife Judith), and daughter, Pietertie. Witnesses — Nich's Bayard,
Morris Light. Sam'l Bayard. Proved 9 Jan., 1744. (Arent Claes
Toers qualifled as executor). Lib. D, p. 235.

1787, Sept. 26. ToatlUMom, WUllaai, of Waterford Township, Glou-
cester Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Rebekah, executrix, and to have
whole estate; ^ shall be hers and the other half I give to my three
children. Samuel, William and Daniel, when 21. Witnesses — >David
Hide, John Kay, Joseph Tomlinson. Affirmed 29 Oct., 1731.

Lib. 4, p. 122.

1787, 8 mo. (Oct.). 26 da. Inventor>- (£176.5.6) includes bonds, bills
and accounts £20.09.00. Bible and other books. Appraisers — Sam. Lip-
pincott, Samuel Coles.

1731, March 33. Toatpklaa, Joacph, of Newark, Essex Co., yeoman;
will of. Nephews, children of brother John Tompkins, deceased, viz.,
Obediah and Iccobud. Wife, Mary, real and personal estate during
life and to be executrix. Witnesses — Jno. Cooper, Robert Murdock,
Bethya Tompkins. Proved May 10, 1732. Lib. B, p. 309.

1732, June 1. Inventory (£147.06.07) includes debts from Robert
Hayse, Silas Halsey, Nathaniel Baldwin. Ebenezer Linsley. Made by
Joseph Tuttle, John Baldwin. Jun'r.

1782, April 18. Toatpkina, Mary, widow of Joseph, late of Newark.
Essex Co., deceased; nuncupative will of. Josiah Ogden and Joseph
Burwell declared that the will of deceased was that the two sons and
two daughters of her sister. Corre, deceased, and her sister. Asubah

Digitized by



Day, were to have her estate. Her brothers were In her debt. Proved
May 10. 1732. Lib. B, p. 810.

1782, July 4. Liberty siven Joseph Day to secure the crops.

T^aipklaii (see Thompktns).

1747-8, Feb. 37. Tobm, J«Mitkam, of Woodbridffe, Middlesex Co..
yeoman; will of. Wife. Hannah, partition ffiven her by her father.
Peter Blstone. in his last will. Children — ^Benjamin. Daniel and
Johanah. all under ase. Real and personal estate. E^xecutors— wife,
Hannah, and Jonathan Fraxee. Witnesses — ^Michael Moore, Benjamin
Elstone. Thomas Alston. Proved April 6. 1750. Lib. B, p. 879.

1742» Oet. 18. T«asreloB, «laBe, of New York City, widow; will of.
Nephew. Lewis Carree. at 21. Elisabeth and Jane, daughters of niece
Mary, (wife of John Emott). both under age. Nephew. John Pintard.
Jun*r. son of sister Katharine (wife of John Pintard). To the poor
in Elisabeth. £26. Rev. Louis Row. minister of the French congrega-
tion in New York City, £15. To the poor of same congregation, £25.
Land in possession of John Emott. Executors-^-eister. Maria Kath-
arine Boudinot. and brother-in-law. John Pintard. Witnesses — Gtor-
shom Higgins. Will. Anderson. Geo. Emott.

1743. Aug. 3. Codicil. Now of Elisabeth Town. Essex Co.. widow.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 60 of 85)