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brothers. Philip Vanarsdalen and Nicholas Wyckof. I order that
children by my first wife shall first have out of my estate £67, etc
Witnesses — Abraham Vanarsdalen, Josound (Johannis) Salt (Halt).
Nicholas Wyckoff. Proved 26 March. 1760. Lib. B. p. 876.

1763. May 9. Inventory (£688.8.0) includes ne^ro wencb and child.
£60 ; bonds. £466.18.0 ; bonds in York money. £96.18.0. Made by SagiriiTUs
(Zaccheus) Van Voorhees. Petris ()uick.

1749V Marrh 81. Vaa Blarkhaai. Petros, of Essex Co. Int. Adm'r.
John Van Blarkham. Jun'r. eldest son. as administrator on the estate
of. Gerrardus Drake, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 278.

[No datej. Vaa Baakerek, Thomas, of Reading Township. Hunter-
don Co.; will of. Wife, but not named. Son. John. Daughters —
Janetie, wife of Pieter Van Norden; Gertruy. wife of Wiert Banta.
Residue to children, vis.. Laurens. Andries. Abraham. Pieter. Isack.
Machiel. John. Mar^ret. the wife of John Church, and Title, wife of
Andries Amack. Executors — sons Laurens, Abraham and Biachiel.
Witnesses — Jacobus Swart, Joost Schamp. Nicholas Wyckoff. Proved
Oct. 20. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 689.

1747-8. March 1. Inventory. £136.3.10; made by John Stoll, Jr.. and
Isaac Krom (or Crom).

1747, May •. Vambrackle. GIshert, of Middletown. Monmouth Co..
oordwainer; will of. Wife. Rachel, land bouffht of James Mott and
John Dorsett. Daughters. Anne and Rachel. An unborn child. Bx-
•outors — ^wlfe, Rachel, brother Stephen Vanbrackle. friend James
Mott. Witnesses — Jarratt Wall, Richard Herbert. James Dorsett.
Proved May 80. 1747. Lib. B. p. 48.

1747. June 11. Inventory (£378.13.10^) includes sword and 2 guns.
Made by 0>rnelius Dooren and Jarratt Wall.

1749, FM. a. Vaa Braekle (Verhreckle), Matthias, of Monmouth
County, yeoman; will of. Children — Stephen. Matthias. James, Joha,
SamueL Granddaughter. Anna Vankirk. Daughters — Cornelia Van-
klrk. Naomi Oawford. loom and tackling belonffinff to weavinff trade.
Son. Stephen, bark-mill and currying and shoemakinff tools. Grand*
daughter. Artilla Verbrackle. Son. Samuel, "has been lonff abaent
and know not where;*' if he does not return in two years, or has

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issue, then £• ffiven to ffranddauirhter, Artilla, to come from Samnora
■hare. Lands to son Stephen, excepting a borylnir-place on testa-
tor's home plantation, to be SO ft. square and have fence and free
passage to road leading from testator's house to John Bowne's house.
Bzecutors — son, Stephen, and John Bowne, ESsq. Witnesses — ^William
Couwenhoven, Johannes Bennet, John Nathaniel Hutchlns. Proved
March 24. 1749-60. Lib. B, p. 871.

17S0. March 28. Inventory (£881.16.6) includes 2 suns, pistol and
sword, £2.10; 2 Bibles; 1 '*voyalln." Made by William Couanhoven, Jo-
hannes Bennet, Isaac Hance.

174B, MaMh ». Vam CaatpcB, Jeha, of Somerset Co.; will of. DebU
to be paid out of bond of £100, riven by Wessel Brodhead. Wife,
Tietle. Children — John, Jun'r (eldest), Isaac, Cornelius, Heyltie (wife
of, Jacob Dewitt). Grandchildren — John Cock, Jun'r (under 8 years),
son of daughter Janitle, deceased; John, Patris, Heyltie (children of
son Jacob, deceased), provided labt three discharge bond of Bverson
ffiven by their father Jacob Van Compen and myself. Personal es-
tate includes slaves, Plato and Betty. Executor — son, Cornelius. Wit-
nesses—Albert Low, Ari Molinare, John Brouffhton. Proved 8 May.
U746. Lib. D, p. 282.

174B» Get. 9i. Vaace* James, of Princeton, Somerset Co., innkeeper.
Int. Adm'r, Thomas Noble, of New York City, merchant, principal
creditor, the widow, Margaret, having renounced rlffht. Fellow bonds-
man — William Burnet. Lib. D, p. 848.

1749» Oct. SI. VaaCleaf, CmmeUwt, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r,
his father, John VanCleef of Lonff Island, the widow, Femmetie, hav-
ing renounced. Fellow bondsman — John Vanmiddlesworth.

Lib. B, p. 888.

1749, Oct 26. Inventory, £124.10.7 ; made by Abraham Voorhees, Peter
Schenk, Gterrit (Serritsen.

1747, Sept. M. Vam Cleave, BeBjamla, of Freehold, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife, but not named. Bldest son, John, land whereon he
lives in Freehold, purchased of Daniel Orandin and John Benham,
formerly Hendrick Kips, deceased. Daughter, Elisabeth, wife of
William Cownover. Son, Richard, land whereon he lives, purchased
by testator from William and John, sons of Alexander Clark. Land
adjoining road to Mount Pleasant. Daughter, BUen, wife of Hendrick
Van Derbelt. Son, Benjamin, land whereon he lives, bought of John
Heppron, and land bouffht of Jehannes Coart. Daughters — Alse (wife
of William Beard), and Mary (wife of John Brocaw). Bxecutors—
sons John, Richard and Benjamin, and friend John Bowne. Witnesses
— David, Elbert and Arthur Williamson. Proved Nov. 12, 1747.

Lib. E, p. 118.

1781, Aair* SB* Vaaellef, Isaac, of Upper Freehold, Monmouth Co.;
will of. Wife, Rebecca. Real estate to be sold and proceeds divided
between wife and children (not named). Eldest son, £10 more, beinff
legacy left him by his uncle. Jacobus Vanclief. Cornelius Van Home
and Joseph Forman, trustees. Brothers, Lawrence and John Van
Clief. Executors to siffn release to Jacob Morice for share of farm
on which testator lived. Executors — wife, "brother" Joseph Forman,
and friend Cornelius Van Horn. Witnesses — Richard Saltar, Jacob
Morris, Mary Morris. Proved Oct. 2, 1781. Lib. 8, p. 160.

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17S1. Sept. 20. Inventory (amount lacking) ; made by Isaac Stelle and

175«, AprU 4. Vam C*«rt, iBliam of Piscataway, Middlesex Co.,
Gordwainer; will of. Wife, Ann. all real and personal estate as lonff
as sbe lives. Children — Affness. Jane, Ann, Bllsabeth, Ifoses, Thomas,
Samuel, John and Michael, all under agre. Sons, Bllass and Daniell,
liave had their portions. Executors — wife, son Moses, and brother-in-
law Daniell Cooper. Witnesses — Benjamin Runyon, Jare SebriniTf
Kdward Willmott. Proved Auff. 28, 1760. Lib. B, p. 449.

1760, Auff. 24. Inventory, £268.16.1; made by John Vail and Peter

174B* Jmlj 22. Vaa Cvllm* Jacobas, of Salem Co., yeoman; will of.
Orandson, Andrew Matson of Oldman's Creek, Gloucester Co. (my
daughter's son), to have my land in Orenigr, Gloucester Co., the money
that CHiarles Friend and Timothy Rain owe; also £11 that Robert
Pedrlck owes. Son, William Vanculin. Rest of my personal estate
to my wife. Bxecutors — John Rain and grandson, Andrew Matson,
both of Gloucester Co. Witnesses — Peter Peterson, An Peterson, Mar-
tin Reardon. Proved 16 April, 1747. Lib. 6, p. 886.

1746, De«. 27. Vaacvlla, WtlUam, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., yeoman;
will of. Bxecutors — son, John Vanculin, Samuel Shivers of Glouces-
ter, and John Parrack of Philadelphia, shipwright. Honored father,
Jacobus Vanculin, to have during life 100 acres in Penns Neck a^-
JoininflT Ash Creek whereon Robert Peddrift lives; after his decease
same to be divided as the residuary estate. Said son, my wood boat.
Rest of estate to my eight children — John, Jacob, William, Andrew,
Catherine, Rebecca, Sarah and Rachel (my son John, eldest, to have
a double share). Bxecutors shall be the guardians of children dur-
ing minority, and apply the interest of personal estate for mainten-
ance, education, or placing them out to trades. Son, John, to be duti-
ful to his mother. Witnesses — Wm. Graddocke, John Forbes, John
Church, Jno. Reily. Proved 19 Feb., 1746. Lib. 6, p. 498.

1746, Jan. 16. Inventory, £210.10.6 ; made by Tim. Rain, BenJ. Bispham.

175«, Jaly 14. Vaaderbeit, Jeremiah, of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co., yeoman. Int. Adra'x, Neeltie Vanderbelt, widow. Frederick
VanLowe. of Somerset Co.. and Luke Voorhees. of Middlesex Co., fel-
low bondsmen. Witness — David Cawood. Lib. B, p. 481.

1760. July 11. Inventory, £932.01.7; made by Robert Van Noordstrant
and Hans Bleekhad.

, » — . Account. Bonds of Jno. VanD'rbelt, (3errit VanDuyn.

Aart VanPelt. Dan'll Thomson, Jacob VanDeventer. Hugh Blackhull,
widow Wyckoff, Com'r Dehart, James Hude, Rem. Sjrmonse. Bxecutors of
Bstate of William Clarkson. Joris Brinkerhoff, Peter Remson. Theo. Van-
"Wyck, Catharine Schuyler, Derik Schuyler. Mich. Veght. Jno. VanBower,
Ann Longfleld, Jno. Bissel. Lefflert Waldron, Volkert Van Noordstrand,
Mary Voorhees. Jno. Shureman. Dirck VanAllen, Charles Fontine, The
Deacons of Flatbush Church.

1746-7, Jaa. 8. Vaaderhvydea (Vamderhye), Cathariae, of Free-
hold, Monmouth Co.. widow; will of. Daughter, Blisabeth, £166, etc,
when of age. Sister, Gertrude Craig, her children, and children of
testatrix's brother, Joseph Ward, deceased. Bxecutors — sister, Ger-

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trude Craiff. and friend David Rhe. WItnessM — ^William Ker, Robert
Barclay, John Henderson. Proved March 5, 1746-7. Lib. D. p. 4S4.
1746-7. Feb. 2. Inventory of the estate (£361.18) Includes things be-
lon^niT to the clockniaklnv or watchmaker's trade. 3 gold rings, old g»ld
and old silver. Made by Jacob Sutvln. William Ker, John Henderson.

17BS* April XL Vaaderemter, Abmkaai, of Monmouth Co.. black-
smith; will of. Wife, Alohe. Son. Peter. Wife's daughter, Mary Van
Dom, interest due from Crlsyon Van Dom. Executors — father-in-
law. Cornelius Cownover. and brother Isaac Van Deventer. Wtt-
nesses — Jacob Vandeventer, Rowliff Couenhoven, John Bowne. Proved
Dec 11, 1731. Lib. B. p. 47».

1733, June 2. Inventory. £45.14.0 : made by Johannis Bennet. John
Bowne. Nathan Beers.

1747-8, Jam. 22. VaMdeveMter, Peter, of Middletown. Monmouth Co.,
yeoman. Hannah Vandeventer, the widow, resigns right of admin-
istration to James Wlllson and Joseph Dorsett, of Middletown. Wit-
ness — ^Thomas BuUman.

1747-8. Feb. 1. Adm'rs. Joseph Dorsett and James Wlllson. Lambert
Johnson, of Middletown. fellow bondsman. Lib. B, p. 1S3.

1747-8, Feb. 2. Inventory (over £67) includes ^ a boat. £30. Made
by Joseph C^arman. Matthias Johnson. Nicholas Johnson.

1748-t. F»b. 22. Vaadevere, Heary, of Penns Neck, Salem Co.; will
oi. Wife, Sarah. Lands to be sold and the money put at interest
towards sustaining Jacob, my son. In case of his death, to wife.
Bxecutors — wife, Sarah, and Peter Deriokson. Witnesses — Jacob Van-
devere, Thomas Tussey, Thomas CahlU. Proved 12 March, 1748-9.

Lib. 6, p. 289.

1748-9, March 4. Inventory. £41.12.1 ; made by Thomas Tussey, Jacob

1748, Feb. 11. Vaadtck, Stepbea, of Salem Co. Int. Adm*x, Irane
Vandick, widow. Bondsman — John Fitspatrick. Both of AUoways
C^reek. Witnesses — Saml. Hedge. NichL Gibbon. Lib. 6. p. 322.

1748. Feb. 11. Inventory, £40.8 ; made by John Fitspatrick. James

1760, Nov. 5. Account. Monies paid Robert Hartshome. William Mur-
dook. Nicholas Gibbon. James Hutson. John Jarman. Benja. Allen, John

17S2» Dec. 1. Vaadlke* Charles, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co.. yeo-
man; will of. John. Mary and Elisabeth, children of son Aurt Van-
dike, late of Island of Bermudas, deceased. Son, Thomas. Children
•f daughter. Gerty Remine (or Romine). Children of daughter,
Angleche Vanwey. Children of son. John, late of Shrewsbury, de-
ceased. Moveable estate to son Thomas. Bxecutors — son, Thomas.
Jacob Dennes, Richard Hartshome, Junior. Witnesses — Daniel Ttl-
t«n, Britain White. Richard Hartshome. Junior. Proved March 11.
1734. Lib. C. p. 12.

1734-6. March 3. Inventory (£62.2.7) Includes Bible and 2 other Dutch
books. £1.0.0; sword and belt; bond of Corte Myers; judgment before
Justice Little against Rebecca Vandycke. Made by Isaac Hance. Thomas
Ltppinoott. Thomas and Peter White.

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17S1» Jam. ao. VaaAIke, John, of Shrewsbury, Monmouth Co. Bond
of Rebecca Vandike. the widow, as administratrix. Theophilus Lonff-
street, yeoman, of Monmouth Co., fellow bondsman. Witnesses —
Somerset Mash, Anne Morris. Bondsman — Stoffel Lanstraat.

Monmouth Wills, 616 M.

1748» Sept. 8. Vam Dora. Aiire, of Freehold. Monmouth Co., miller;
will of. Wife. Ante. Son, Jacob, under a^e. Daughters, Mary, Sarah,
Anne and Nelly, when married. Qrist mill and land left to testator
by his father, Jacob Van Dorn. Brother, Isaac, to keep his building
and tan house for life; also his shoemaker's and merchant shops and
cellar. Executors — friends. Garret Scanck (Schenck) and Isaac Van-
dom. Witnesses — William McConckey, John Schenck, Jr., and Isaac
Vandorn. Proved April 18, 1749. Lib. E, p. 296.

1748. Sept. 4. Inventory (£681.1.2) includes large Bible, small Bible
and other books ; two negroes, one wench, and three children. £280 ;
pike and sword. Made by Johannls and Hendrick Bennet, Rolof Schenck.

1744* De«. 15. Van Bate (Van Eta), Arte, of Somerset Co., yeoman;
will of. Wife, Elisabeth, estate duringr widowhood; thereafter same
equally to sons Samuel, Jacobys. John, they to give daughter, Elisa-
beth, £14, when youngest will be 21. Land in Morris Co. Executors
— brother, Jacobys Van Etea, and Mathew Van Stee. Witnesses — An-
dries Stol, Frederick Bodyen, Volckert Doun.

1746, Aug. 29. Codicil. Makes provision for son Arie. bom after the
signing of will. Witnesses — ^Frederick Bodyn, Hendrick Van Stee. Voli-
kert Doun. Proved 6 Aprtl. 1747. Lib. E, p. 19.

1747, April 2. Inventory, £164.14.10 ; made by Frederick Bodyn. Hen-
drick Van Stee.

1746, May •• Vaaemaii, Joha, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., husband-
DEian, yeoman. Int. Adm'r, William Vaneman. Bondsmen — Allen
Congleton, Martin Skeer. All of said county, yeomen. Witnesses —
Margaret Vaneman, Dan. Mestayer. Lib. 6, p. 421.

1746, May 6. Inventory. £64.12.10 ; made by Martin Skeer. Alen Congle-

1748, Nev. 1. Vanemaa, WlUIam, of Piles Grove Precinct, Salem Co. ;
will of. Wife, Magdalen. Sons — Jacob, plantation (100 acres of land
and 17 of swamp) in said Precinct and county where Matthis Holten
formerly lived; William, plantation I have hitherto lived on and 10
acres of marsh; Andrew, piece of rough land, 100 odd acres. Joining
my son Jacob's land. Daughters — Elizabeth Lorance and Rebecca
Vanneman. Negro woman and child allotted. Moveable estate equally
divided among the children. Executors — sons, Jacob and William.
Witnesses — ^Mary Vaneman, Andrew Senicks, Peter Tranberg. Proved
SO Nov.. 1748. Lib. 6. p. 225.

1748, Nov. 28. Inventory (£272.2.4) includes negro woman and child.
£80.29. Appraisers — Senick Senickson. Samuel Linch.

1748, Feb. 21. Account. Monies paid Alen Congleton. Daniel Mestayer.
Martin Skeer, Margaret Vaneman. Margaret Hill. Mary Jones.

ITM, Jmae •. VaaEmbargh, Johaaala, of Bergen Co. "Doctor of
Phyaick;*' will of. Wife, Cathrina, management of whole estate dur-
ing widowhood. Eldest son, Guisbert, £6 as birthright. Son. Wil-
liam Sandford VanEmburgh, my doctor's chest and all instruments.
Rest of the estate after death of or remarriage of wife divided equally

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amonff my children, vIe., Guisbert, Sarah Spier, Rachel Kinff, William
Sandford, Mary Sandford, Johannes. Cathrena, Elisabeth Bartulf and
Perriffeam. Executors — Richard Edsall, and my eldest son, Ouisbert.
Witnesses — John Qeust, Johannes Everson, Haermaen Lukes. ProTed
18 Sept., 1742. (Guisbert VanEmburffh qualified as executor).

Lib. C, p. 641.
1742, Sept. 23-25. Inventory, personal and real estate (£1S02.2.S). in-
cludes old sword ; lot of land with house. £17S ; the old place, land with
buildings and orchard. £200; the house lot with house on east side of the
church, £S0 ; land at "Hoffhakos," £226 ; 10 acres down Hackinsack River,
£10; negroes, Clay (86 years old), £86; boy (6 years), £16; Jane (40
years), 16 shilllnrs. Made by David Demarest, Benjamin Demarest,
Effbert Ackerman. Bonds and notes: — Demarest. William E^niss. William
Santford, Ellas Williamson, William Eniss. Isack Morris. John Verwey.
Thomas Vandyck, Henry Myer. Sarah Vareck, Jacob Coal, John Coal.
Olivier Schuller. Wamar Burcer. John VanHoIkerk, Jacob Vangelder,
Gysbert VanB^nbur^e.

1742, Jmlj •• VaaBmbvrsc, Katherlse, widow, of Hackinsack.
Bergren Co.; will of. Children — Stairah (wife of Abraham Spier), Gys-
bert, Rachel (wife of John Kinff), William Standford, Johanes, Kath.-

erine (wife of Giebs) and Pereerrain. Grandchildren — Guillam

Bartholst, son of daughter, Elisabeth, deceased; William and Mally
Sandfordts. children of my daughter, Mary, deceased; unto them
equally the residue of my estate, which I have upon New Barbado
Neck, according to last will of my mother, Sarah £l^ndford, deceased.
Mr. Cornelius Wynkoop, David Demorest and Benjamin Demarest,
all of Hackinsack, executors of my minorene grandchildren and as-
sistants of all my children. Witnesses — Hendrick Sabagh, Nicholas
Stillwell, David Demorest, Thos. Turner. Proved 18 Sept., 1742.

Lib. C, p. 644.

1743. Nov. 17. 19. Renunciation of David and Benjamin Demorest as

1746. May 1. Inventory (£632.14) of Catharin VanEmbur^h, **late of
New Barbadoes." Bonds due from Gilbert VanE^mbunrh. Thomas Van-
Dike, Frans Van Den Burirh, William Enis. John Cool, Jacob Ck>ol. Isaac
Morris. David DeMarest. Enoch Elarl, John Van Boskerk. Jacob Van
Gelder, Oliver Schuyler.

1733» Sept. 1. Yarn Gale, Lawresce, of Perth Amboy. Middlesex 0>.
Int. Adm'xs, Hannah Clay, Margaret Forster, Catherine Lufberry
(co-heirs). Lib. B, p. 4€t.

1742, Aw. 27. Vaa Gardea, Alhart, of Walpack. Morris Co. Int.
Adm'r, William Van Garden. Bondsman — Derrick Westbrook, of same
place, yeoman. Witness — James Cumine.

1742. Au^. 21. Jannetie. relict, renounces in favor of William, eldest
son. John Coxe, Esq., Proctor. Witnesses — Derrick Weetbroeck. Abrara
Van Campen.

1746, Sept. «. Inventory (£12.11.0) ; made by Benjamin Smith, of Wall-
pack, and Richard Howel, of same place, tailor. Includes bill of Dr.
An'w Maxwell. Mar. 17. 1740. for medical visits to intestate, and debts
to James Hyndshaw. Derrick Westbroeck, Jacob Kuykindael, Abram Van
Campen. Harman Van Garden. Hendrick Cortrecht, Lambert Brink.

Morris Wills, 2 N.

1748-9. Mareb 1%. Vaavelder. Haaaah, of Amwell Township, Hun-

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terdon. Int. Adm'r, Henry Oxley» of Hopewell, yeoman. Thomas
Stilwell, of Amwell, yeoman, surety. Witness — Zaccheus Beebe.

Hunterdon Wills, 2S8 J.

1741* Avir* 9^ T«»steseB, iMuie, yeoman, of Hackinsack, Bergen
Co. Int. Adm'r, Henry Vanffiesen, of same place. Fellow bondsman,
Henry Vangiesen, of Second River, Essex Co.. yeoman. Witnesses —
Jno. Clark, Edward Harrold. Lib. C, p. 426.

1741. Auff. 24. Inventory (£229.6.10) includes 25 shirts (£18.12),
silver hilted sword (4), ivory headed cane, larce Dutch Bible (£8), Dutch
books, EInglish books, silver porlnger. negro woman and children (£76).
Made by Jan. Romyn, Albert Terhuyn. Hendrick VanQiesen.

1747» May •• Taahenvle, Amovt, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r,
Hendrick Vanhengel. Fellow bondsmen — John Jubart. Lib. E, p. 86.

1747. May 14. Inventory (£168.10.6) Includes large Dutch Bible (£1),
sword and "beldt** (14s), negro man and woman (£70). Made by Cor-
n^less Vanhengelen. Ouk Vanhengelen, Steffy (C^rlstoffel) Van Aertsdalen,
Daniel Hendrickson. Maertynes Hogelandt. Pouwel Aminmen (Amerman),
Charles Suydam. Richard Stockton, Ren <3erritsen, Pieter Schenck.

1747» April «• Vaaklst, Ralaler, of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'r,
Ranler Vanhlst. Bondsmen — ^William Barker, of said County, gent.
"Witnesses — Joseph Carroll. Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 6. p. 421.

ITSa^l* Feb. 18. Vaa Hook* Heary* of Upper Freehold. Monmouth
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Deborah. Son. Lawrence, half of land
near Manalapan, adjoining Thomas Hankinson; other half to L*aw-
rence's uncle, Aaron Van Hook. Son, Benjamin, land bought of John
Nesmith, at Middletown Point. When, son, Isaac is of age. testator's
dwelling house and lot, in AUenstown, to be sold and money to testa-
tor's wife, and to sons, William. Samuel and Isaac Executors — wife,
and son Liawrence. Witnesses — Ephralm Robins, Benjamin Allen,
^William Liawrence. Proved March 7. 1760. Lib. 6, p. 419.

1760-1, March 4. Inventory ( £76.8.7 H) includes bond of Benjamin
Allen, bills of Thomas Herbert and Nathaniel Bowman. Made by Wil-
liam Lawrence, Jr., Benjamin Allen.

1740b Jome «• Vsm Hooreii, Wimth, of Bergen Co.; will of. Only son,
John, all land at Oemocenepa, Bergen Co., with all improvements.
Daughter, Jannltje, wife of Dirck Cadmus, all land at Pemrepoch,
Bergen Co., with improvements, and rights In commons of Bergen,
except such as have been sold to my son. Daughters — Marytie, wife
of Ellas MIchlelJe Vreelandt, and Antie, wife of Jacob Bergen. Ex-
ecutors — MIchlelJe Vreelandt, his wife Marytie, Jacob Bergen, and his
wife Antie. Witnesses — Johannls Vreelandt, Johannis DIederick,
Hartman Bllnckerhoff. Proved 8 June, 1741. Lib. C, p. 419.

1741, June 10. Inventory (£ Includes bonds and cash. £1,066.-
19.6 ; negro man. £80 ; negro woman and child, £46. Appraisers — ^Law-
rence VanBuskirk. Cornelius Blinkerhof.

1782-8* Feb. M. Vaakora* Comalles, of Scralingbrough, Bergen Co.,
yeoman. Eldest sons. Cornailes, Loukes and Joannes, all land equally,
each to pay £26 to their brothers and sisters being seven (if wife be
now with child); eldest son. Cornailes, to pay In 8 years. Luke, 2nd
son, in 12 years, Joannes, 8d son. In 16 years. Moveables equally
divided among children. Executors — brothers, Loukes and Johanes

Digitized by



Vanhorn. Witnesses — Yan Duru (Jan Duryee). Johannes Vanbos-
kerck. John Morse. Proved 26 May. 17SS. Lib. B, p. 4S7.

174S» De«. S4. Vaakora* Conellaa, of Reading Town, Hunterdon
Co.; will of. Wife, Hannah. Eldest son, Thomas, tract of land where
testator lived, bouffht of John Bud. subject to maintainlnir testator's
minor children. Son, Matthias, land in Upper Freehold, adjoining
Thomas Leonard, Thomas Averhem. Abiah Cook and Joseph Williams,
in Monmouth County, subject to payments. Bldest daughter, Cathrlne
Vanhorn, when a^ed 27; second daughter, Elisabeth Vanhorn. wben
agred 24. Son, Cornelius, small tract of land in Upper Croswix Creek
in Burlington County, purchased of Matthew Watson, he payinc
money to younger brother Daniel Vanhorn, at 21. Seven sons and
three daughters. Executors — son, Thomas, brother Abraham Vanhorn,
and Nicholas Wykoff. Witnesses — Cornelius Wyckof, Roelof Roelof-
son, Methias Van Horn, Matt: Brown. Proved March 16, 1743-4.

174S-4, Feb. 3. Codicil. Testator's printing books to whole family.
Elisabeth Vanhome, side saddle which was her mother'& Witnesses —
Matthew Brown. Cornelius Wyckof, Methias Van Horne. Lib. 5. p. 17.

1744. April 6. Inventory (£992.19.4) includes two Bibles and other
books, two guns, two swords, servant woman's time (£12). two negro
boys (£50), bills of Burges Hall. Isaac Still. John Estil. Leonard *
Lawrence. Harmanns Roilefson. Jacob Shermerhom. Hugh McCarrin.
William Peppenger. Merriley Sharpsteen. Made by John Ehnley and EM-
ward Rockhill.

174a» Sept. •• Van Horne, Aadrew, of Piscataway. Middlesex Co..
gent.; will of. Wife. Mary. Children — Tomes, Catharine and Sarah.
Executors — wife, brother James, and brother-in-law Phillip Kearny.
Witnesses — James Lyne. Alexander Henry, Francis Costigen. Proved
Jan. 19, 1747.

1747, May 18. Codicil provides for an equal division of estate among
the wife, above children and expected child. Witnesses — James Thomson.
Richard Merrell, Jonathan Stelle. Proved June 14. 1763. Lib. H. p. 241.

17SS, Jwie 2S. Van Horae, John, of City of New York, merchant;
will of. Executors — all my children. Cornelius, Andrew. Abraham.
James, and Catharine. Liand bought of Samuel Royce, John Burrows.
Dockwra, Sonmans, and John Outman; lands joyning ''brother'* Abra-
ham Qarrett, and Henry Neald. where Edward Phillips lives, on
MiUston River, Joyning land of Francis Elrington; land where Robert
L.etice Hooper lives, Joyning lands of James and Thomas Leonard and
Edward Phelps. Witnesses — Joh. VanSolingen, Jere. Tothill. P's
Rynders. Proved Nov. 22. 1735.

1736. Nov. 9. Bond of Andrew Vanhome, brother of John Vanhome.
Jun'r, as administrator on estate left unadministered by his father. John
VanHome. Patrick McE^vers, fellow bondsman. Witness — James Hooper.

(Middlesex Wills), Lib. C. pp. 51, 57.

1788, Blareh 28. Vanneman (Van Iman), David, of Oreenwich.
Gloucester Co., yeoman; will of. Adm'x. Mary Vanneman. widow.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 62 of 85)