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Bondsman — Christopher Taylor, of same place yeoman. Witness — A-

1732^8. March 21. Inventory (£138.18.9) includes 3 Bibles and Ck>m-
mon Prayer book. Appraisers — John Van Iman, Robert (^rrard. YTm.
Mickle. Gloucester Wills. 172 H.

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ITSl^ Fek. 9i. VB ««f ■, gaauMl, of Greenwich, Gloucester Co.,
jeoman; will of. Sons — Samuel and Jonas, the plantation (140 acres
where I lire); Gabriel, David and John, land upon Clamell Creek;
Peter, £26. Wife, Marirarett, executrix and to have residue of estate.
Bxecutors — Jacob Foreman and Alexander Randall, and to be guard-
ians of son Peter. Witnesses — Stephen Jones, Abraham Jones, John
Lock. Proved 28 March. 1783.

1782-8, March 22. Inventory (£168.3.8) Includes 2 weavers looms, £2.
Appraisers — John Van Iman, Stephen Jones.

1784. April 17. Account. Monies paid Wm. Ward, Dtshadorus Vanne-
man, Peter Vanneman. Margaret Vanneman. Gloucester Wills, 174 H.

174S-4» Jaa. 97. Vam Neste, 6eorire» of Rarltan, Somerset Co.. yeo-
man; will of. Children — ^Mary. Peter, Rynear, Jean, Abraham, Hen-
drick and Jacob. Home plantation, of 604 acres, to be "sold at vandue
amongst my children." Executors — sons Peter, Rynear, Abraham,
Hendrlck and Jacob. Signed ''Joris Vannest." Witnesses— Da*l Don.
Dunster. Rice Vroome. Georiro Price. Proved 6 July, 1747.

Lib. B, p. 62.

179X Jaa. 22. Vam Noaui, Aaslebert (Aacellbwrth), of Essex C:o.
Int. Adm'r. John DeCamp. John Vanwinkle and John Blanchard,
yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. B, p. 860.

1782-8. Feb. 1. Inventory, £88.09.10 ; made by Solomon Bates and John

17S0» Marek 21. Vam Nortstrarndt* Casparos* of Somerset Co., black-
smith; will of. Wife, Jane. Children — Jacob, Chrlstophell, Jane, Ann,
Arjantie and Sarah. Those under 16 years to have suitable education.
Home farm, adjoining Rarlton River, to be Jacob's and Chrlstophell's.
In case Daniel Donaldson Dunstar conveys a tract of land, as by
obligation of 7 of Feb., 1788, said land to be paid out of personal
estate, and, after wife (Jane's) re-marriage or decease, to be divided
equally among the children. Executors — ''brothers," Jacob Van Nort-
•trandt, Isaac Kipp, Aria Miller and John VanMiddlesworth, Junior.
Witnesses— Jores Rappelye, Boudewoyn Dennerl, Jacob Janeway.
Proved 16 May, 1744. Lib. D, p. 189.

1744, June 19. Renunciation of Isaac Kipp as executor. Witness-
Isaac Kipp, Junior.

1747, Sept. 2i. Tarn Nays, Jeka, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co.,
joyner; will of. Children — Jacobus, Margrata, Lena, Elisabeth and
Anna. Land on Tan Pit Brook. Executors— wife, Ariaentje, son
Jacobus, and friends Abraham Cuke and Gerrit Stoothoof. Witnesses
— Aereys Vanaesdaelen, Peter Vredenburgh, Johannes Nefyees. Real
and personal estate. Proved Nov. 28, 1747. Lib. E, p. 192.

174t, Fek. 2. VamRlpea, Jwrle, late of Bergen Co. Int. Adm'r,
Thomas VanRlpen. Fellow bondsmen, John VanRlpen, of Bergen Co.,
and Adrian A. Post, of Essex Co. Bergen Wills, 249 B.

1749, Apr. 14. VaaKlper, gi me s a , late of Walokran (?), Bergen Co.
Int. Adm'r, Mersalus Post, of Acquanknong, Essex Co^ the widow,
Tonckee, renouncing her right. Fellow bondsman, George Vreland.
Witnesses — Geo. Vreland. Andrlan Post. Bergen Wills, 260-2 B.

174t, Aas, 2*. VaM^sam bakik, of Middlesex Co. Int. Adm'r,

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Daniel Hankins. who married one of the daughters. William Hutchin-
son, Beq., and Francis Holman, fellow bondsmen. Lib. B, p. 20t.

174»-6«^ Feb. 8. Vaaschv7ae» ^aha* of Co. of Borlinffton, yeonum;
will of. Wife, Mary, personal estate. Plantation I purchased of Rob-
ert Ridffway and William Cutler to my sons, Walter and John, they
payinff legacies to my daughter Katherine Venralah, the heirs of De-
borah Westervelt, my daughter Jane Venralah, and my youngest son
Jacob. Plantation I purchased of Charles Read to sons Abraham and
William. Daughter, Gertrude. Bxecutors — son, Walter, and friend
John Morris. Witnesses — Jacob Heays. Mary English, Casparus
Schuyler. Proved Feb. 17, 1749. Lib. 6, p. S12.

1749, Aa«aiit 8L Vam Stckelea, Relaler, of Reading Township,
Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Styntie. Daughter, Jannetie. Residue
to wife and sons Ferdenant and Ryke, Oeisbert and Hendricks, and
dauffhters Jannetie and Marya. Bxecutors — brother-in-law, John
Sudam, and brothers Oeisbert and Johannis van SickeL Wltnessea—
John Van Sickle, Peter Van Sickle, John Van Boskerck. Proved March
6, 1749-SO. Lib. 6, p. S26.

1749-SO, March 6. Inventory (£83.14.6) includes ffun and sword. BCade
by Jacobus Vandeerveer, Daniel Lucas.

1767, Dec. 1. Account. Mentions Jacob Smock, Johanes Van Boskirke.
John Johnson. Joost Shampe. Mich. Demott, Peter Vansickelen, Dan.
Crast. James Blair. Adam Arie, Nicholas Wycoff, Hannah Johnson. John
Brouffhton. Oeorse Hall, Catherine Schuyler, William Day, Cornelius
Lowe, James Job, Jacob Vanderveer, Cornelius Lane, Jacob Swart, Garret
Vansickelen. H. Lane, Jacob Swartwort. Peter Lowe. Ann Stryker. Peter
Sliffht, Herman Lane, Johanes Van Sickland, John Stall, Jerry Hoff,
Doc*r Van Waggoner, John Vroom. Mich. Vanboskirk. Mary Sichlen. Geo.
Besss. Jacob Vanderbilt (for fulling mill testator sold in his life time),
George Brinkerhoffe.

1749-S, March 4. Vaasleklet Garret* yeoman, of Readings Town.
Hunterdon Co.; will of. Wife, Margaret, executrix. Son, Garret, the
dwelling place, when of age. Bldest daughter, Tonilie (or Tonjtie).
the place, with half the mill, near Coart Johnson's, when of ace.
Daughter, Margaret, £800. If wife marries, David Cocks to be guard-
ian of children. (Signed by Garret and Margett Vansickle). Wit-
nesses — Abraham Tetsort, Hendrik Vandessal, BCary Sanders. Proved
Oct. 20, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 4.

1748, Oct. 12. Inventory (£619.18) includes wind mill, three negroes,
two wenches. BCade by Frederick Bodine. Harman Lane. Abraham Tits-

1749, May M. VaMtekle, Jacob, aad Abraham, of Middlesex Co..
upwards of 14 years, make choice of Micaiah Dunn and James Camp-
bell, as guardiana Bond of same, both of Piscataway. Edmund Dun-
ham and Jonathan Dunhaih, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. SOt.

1744^ Dm. 18. Vam Sleklee, Abraham, of Pisoataqua, Middlesex C^.
Inventory, £91.6.2; made by James Campbell and William Clawson.

1749, June 1. Account rendered by Elisabeth Rattan, formerly Van
Sickles, widow of Abraham. Lib. D, p. 208.

17S4, May 9*. Vamveghtea, Michael, of Raratan, Somerset Co., yeo-

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man; will of. Wife, Jannitje, executrix, and the income from bonds,
blllB and debts outatandingr during life. Daughters — ^Mary, wife of
Jeremiah Field, £200; Jannitje, wife of Jacobus Heffemen. the planta-
tion on south side of Raraton River bouffht of Philip Headman, now
in possession of Jacobus He^eman, also piece of low land to south-
ward of the New River, and one-half of land and meadow at place
<saUed the ffreat "inboffht," near Catskill. in Albany County, N. T..
known by lot No. S, and part of a lar^e tract, formerly patented to
one William Leveridgre. The other half of said land to son Dirck,
who is to have residue of estate. Executors — son, Dirck, and son-in-
law. Jacobus Heffeman. Witnesses — Cor. VanHorne, M'w Clarkson.
Jno. Chambers. Proved 24 March, 17S7-8. Lib. C, p. 101.

17<i7» Jome •• TamveMrhteB» Beajamlii, of Rariton, Somerset Co.,
husbandman; will of. Wife, Sarah. Children — Cornelius (oldest).
John, Reuben, Annatie, Mary, and youngest son Benjamin. Personal
estate. Executors — wife, Sarah, and "John Webster, my son." Wit-
nesses — Tesep Falkerse. John Davis, John MacNiell. Proved 26 June.
1747. ^ Lib. E. p. 61.

1747, June 27. Renunciation of John Webster as executor.

1748, Oct. 8. TamVeffktle, BSphrmlm, of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co. Int. Adm'x, Catherine VanVeiffhten, of Albany. John Richards,
of New York, fellow bondsman. Lib. E. p. 21 S.

1747, Marek S4. Vam V<»*rkees» Peter, of Somerset Co.; will of.
Wife, providing she "marry not," the house, furniture, and land be-
lonffinff to it, with the lot of land in Brunswick. At her death real
estate to be sold and price divided amonc the children: Oerret.
(oldest) to have £26 over his common share. Executors and trustees
— Peter Nevius, Daniel Polhemus, Hendrick Vanfofhees. Witnesses-
John (Gordon, Nicolas WaycofT (Wycoff). Oisbert Lane. Proved 2
April, 1748. Lib. E, p. 815.

1740, May 24. Inventory (£148.9.6) includes negro-man (£18), biff
Dutch Bible, guna and sword. Appraiser — Oky Vorous. ("Hendk. Voor-
hees died before this came to the office").

17S4» Sept. 8. Vaa V<»*rlile«, Alkert, of Somerset Co. Inventory,
£188.11.6; made by Jerimijes VanDerBilt. Cornelius Bennett. (Signed
also by Catrina Vorhees). Somerset Wills. 41 R.

17a«» Jaa. SI. TaMV«orklea, Alkert, of New Brunswick. Middlesex
Co., yeoman; will of. Children mentioned but not named; all under
age. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Cateyntje, and
brothers Roelof and Minne VanVoorhies. Witnesses — Cornelius Cor-
nel, PetruB Sperling, J. N. Sperling. Proved Dec. 2, 1784.

Lib. C, p. 8.

ITK, Sept. 9*. VaaV^orklM, MIniM. of Middlesex Co.; will of.
Wife, Lametje. Children — Luykis, Oerrit, Minnies, John, Abraham and
Cattrina, all under age. Real and personal estate. Executors —
Albert VanVoorhuiss, Abraham VanVoorhuiss. Derrick Schuyler. Wit-
nesses— Hend'k Fisher. Reijck Suddem. Peter Morn. Proved Nov. 15.
1788. Lib. B. p. 494.

17as» Jam. 18. TamV<»*rkoaee» J*kii, of New Brunswick, Middlesex
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife. Sarah. Children — John. Anne. Sarah.

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Eleanor, all under ace.- Expected child. Real and personal estate.
Executors— rJobn Luyklsse, John Schenck, Lucas VanVoorhouse, Jao*r,
Minne VanVoorhouse, Derryck Schuyler. Witnesses — Cornelius Got-
enhoven, Aure VanDom, Robert Dodsworthy. ProTed Dec 4, 17S4.

Lib. C p. IS.

17M, Sept. S*. VaaWteck*!, Jaeeb Jacobeea, Br^ of Berffen Co.,
yeoman; will of. Second wife, Marvaretha, executrix and whole estate
during life. In case of her death, my eldest son (by Marffaretha),
Henry, to be executor. Minorene children to be brought up and
educated before diyision of estate, '*which by agreement I am bound
to do.'* The % of whole estate to be delivered equally to my four (?)
children (begotten of my said wife, Marffaretha), vis., Henry, CSatb-
erine and SamueL The children of my first wife, Aeltie VanWlnckel.
vis., Jacob (S sh. for his birthright), Marffaretha, Daniel, John and
Simon, to have H pert of whole estate. All that tract of land, which
I enjoy by conveyance of Henry Teunisen Hellinir* with the lot I
live upon, paying equal portions of the same to their sisters, I will
to my sons, begotten of my wife Marffaretha, with all the moveable
estate for £76, ^ of said sum to the children of first wife, H to chil-
dren of second wife. Witnesses — ^Henry BIpken Banta, Abraham Ack-
erman, John Conrad Codweiss, Matthys Demoot, Elaes Oerbran.

1709, Sept 19. Codicil. Daughter. Cathrine VanWlnckel, bed with
furnishings. Witnesses Ulderick Brouwer, Cornells Qerbrantaen, John
Ck>nrad Codweis. Proved 16 Oct., 17S2. Lib. B, p. SIL

1732. Oct. 16. Hendrick VanWlnckel qualifies. Fellow bondsman —
Jacob Hendrickse Banta. Witnesses — ^Roelof Westervelt, Benjamin

1748» April 11. Vam Wlekel, Abrahasi* of "Bquackanam," Essex C>o.,
yeoman; will of. Children — Simeon, Fransois, Sytie, Antie, all under
affe. Expected child. Real and personal estate. Executors — friends
Richard Bradbery, Marynes Vanwinkel, and wife, Mary. Witn e sses
— Marselis Post, John Vreland, Oeor^e Vreland. Proved Sept. 28, 1744.

Lib. D. p. 2S7.

1746. March 26, Apr. 8. BCarianus Van Winkle and Richard Bradbery
renounce executorship.

mm, Mareh IB. Vam Wtekle (Vam Wlmekle), Jaeeb, of Acqueke-
nonff, Essex (^., yeoman; will of. Daughter — ^Hannanche, under ace.
Ann, eldest daughter of brother Simon's son, Abraham Van Winckle.
Real and personal estate. Executors — ^wife, Catherine, Mr. Samuel
Bayard. Jun'r, of New York, and brother Marrinus VanWinckle. Wit-
nesses — John Vrelandt, John VanVechten, James Billinffton. Proved
May 9, 1760. Lib. B, p. 86.

ITS, Jmme 1ft. Vam WImkle, Slaiem, of Acquackanong:, ESssex Cc
yeoman; will of. "Beinff asred and infirm." Wife, Anna. Twelve
children — Jacob, Aria, Johanus, Gideon, Simeon, Marinus, Abraham.
Marffrett, Trlntie, Rachel. Altie and Leah. Real and personal estate.
Executors — sons, Johanus and Qideon, and Johanus Cowman. Wit-
nesses — Jno. Cooper, Arian Sip, Eder Sip. Proved Feb. 84, 1781-8.

Lib. B, p. 498.

1782-8, March 6. Inventory (no amount iriven) ; made by (3eorge (Gor-
don with consent of widow and her sons.

1784, June 8. Additional inventory was made.

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175«» May % 11. Vaaskas, SmmwI, of Monmouth Co. Int. The
widow, Mary, reslffns riffht of administration to Huffh McCullom and
William Liminff. Witness — John Qisebartson. Bond of same. John
Monrow, fellow bondsman. Witness — ^Luke Tuckniss. Lib. 7, p. 88.

1760, , — Inventory (£34.2.4) includes 180 new rails, £0w6; a

house and improvement. £3.10. Made by David Vaughan, Hugh Mc-

1747, Jaly 80. Vaaskm, B4war«, Minister of St. John's Church in
Elisabeth Town, Essex Co.; will of. "Having been a missionary for
many years under the Society for the Propagation of the Gospel in
foreign parts, and being far advanced in years, I do hereby possess
myself to die an orthodox member of the Church of England.'* Land
in possession of John Kelt, my tenant, purchased of John Lea, to re-
main to the use of the Church of England Minister, at Elisabeth Town
and his successors, forever. James Emott, of New York City, gentle-
man, by his last will, dated Oct. 3, 1709, devised to his wife, Mary,
his executrix, and his four sons, George, William, James, and John,
all his estate; I afterward married his widow, Mary Emott, who is
also since deceased. House and 12 acres of land, sold to Mr. William
Ricketts. Niece, Mrs. Sarah Townley, all my plate and £100; niece,
Mrs. Mary Townley, £50; brother-in-law Mr. Charles Townley; sister-
in-law, Mrs. Sharpnagle, £100; sister, Mrs. Jane Qodden, wife of
Thomas Godden, of Leather Lane, near Holborn in London, £100. To
Charles Vaughn, son of my brother, the Rev'd Mr. Robert Vaughn,
Rector of Llantewell and Vicar of Llantrissan in Monmouthshire, in
Wales, £100. Executors — friends Paul Richards, Esq., of New York
City, and Walter Dongan, of Staten Island. Witnesses — Isaac Browne,
Rob't Ogden, Nath'U Rusco. Proved Oct. 29, 1747. Lib. E, p. 103.

1748, April ai. Vegkte, Jokannea, of Somerset Co., yeoman; will of.
Wife, Gerretje. Lands at Millstone River, Somerset Co., to be sold
and proceeds given equally to wife and the daughters, Cornelia and
Gerretje. Executors to hold the daughters' shares until 18. In case
of death of these children, the same shall descend to the nephews
John, son of my brother Nicholas, and John, son of my brother Garret
Veghte. Executors and trustees — brothers Nicholas and Garret
Veghte. Witnesses — Avis VanDerBilt, ChristofTel Hoaghlandt, Dan'l
Corsen. Proved 25 April, 1748. Lib. E, p. 162.

1785-4, Marck 28. Vlckery» Jokn, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., single
man, yeoman. Int. Admr's, William Mecum. Margaret Mecum. Bonds-
man — Andrew Hendrickson. All of said County. Lib. 4, p. 57.

1736-6. March 19. Inventory (£38.6.11) being % of persona] estate of
Thomas Vickery, late of Penns Neck, father of deceased, now in hand
of Margaret Mecum, wife of William Mecum. Appraisers — William Mecum.
Thos. Miles. Witnesses — Charles Scott. Thomas Welsh, Samuel Buck-
ley. Proved 21 Feb.. 1788.

1788, Sept. 18. Vlekery, WUIIam, of Penns Neck, Salem Co., hus-
bandman; will of. Lands to be divided equally between sisters Jane
and Margaret Vickery, upon condition that Jane shall pay £80 to
Margaret when 21, in consideration of legacy left her by her father,
Thomas Vickery, deceased, and fully acquit me and my heirs from
said legacy. In case of her default Margaret shall have the land for-

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ever, upon like condition as to Jane. Executors— father-in-law, 'Wil-
liam Mecum, and Thomas Miles. Proved , 1738. Lib. 4, p. 17S.

1738. Nov. 30. Inventory (£108.15.5%) includes cattle. £36; wheat in
the ground. £22. Appraisers—Martin Skeers, Edmond Weatherby.

1749. May S. TIekey (Tlekery)t Bdwar«, of Salem Co. Inventory,
£51.11.6; made by Wm. Hall, James Mason. Salem Wills. 781 Q.

lTSl-2, Jaay. 6. VIekey (VIekery), Jaaieis of Mannin^ton, Salem Co..
husbandman; will of. Daughter, Elisabeth Viokey, £30 to be paid by
my son James in six years after he has possession of plantation I
live on (which will be when he comes of a^e). If son dies in nonage,
my brother. Edward, and his male heirs shall possess it; for want of
such issue, next male heir of the Vickerys shall have it. allowing my
daughter. Elisabeth. £60. Said son shall not sell the plantation unless
thirty years old. and then to no one out of the Vickery family. Ex-
ecutors — brother. Edward, and Sinick Sinickson *to whom I give all
of my lands and tenements." Witnesses — Robt. Robieson. Elisabeth
Robleson, Alex*r Simpson. Affirmed 15 Feb.. 1781-2. Lib. 3, p. 207.

1781-2, Jan. 14. Inventory. £47.12.6 ; made by John Hughs. Alexander

17S4, Aas. 901 VlalBs, BeaJaadB, of Barrenton house, near Salem,
sent.; will of. Eldest son, John, to have Barrenton house and land.
800 acres, where I live, being part of lands called the **sixth lott,"
as lately surveyed, by Thomas Miles, beginning at head of Holiburn
Creek, thence south by west to corner tree of old John Smith and John
Pledger's, thence west to MulhoUow Creek (called Smith's Creek);
also that "fifth lott." called Petersfleld. 1060 acres, excepting 800 acres
formerly sold to William Willis, and 200 acres since devised by Hugh
Middleton to Sarah Hurley and her heirs; also my late dwelling at
Philadelphia that Mr. Peter Baynton, merchant, lives in; also 9 acres
on west side of Myamensick road, opposite eastward of Philip Johns,
of Wickohoe. Son, Benjamin, and his eldest heir the remainder of
the said Barrenton (sixth lot) being the westernmost part of late
survey, containing 900 acres, beginning at mouth of Holiburn Creek
to Millhollow Creek, till it intersects Fenwick River; also the old
house and lot in Salem, east side of Bridge St.; also my house and lot
in Philadelphia and water lot and wharf at Philadelphia, where my
brother, Abraham Vining, lives. "Child in embro" (whether male or
female) to have plantation on Mohoppony's Creek, near Salem, that
John Wetherby lives on, together with the half of the grist mill; also
my house and lot on north side of Chestnut Street in Philadelphia,
that John Harker lives in. In case any of said children die under age.
or issueless, his or her part to revert to survivors after they arrive
at full age. Son, John, and his heirs to have my half gallon, eight-
square silver tankard, the silver salver and a new silver spoon,
marked "J. V.." also my library. Benjamin to have my three pint
silver tankard, the largest silver porringer, and silver spoon marked
"B. V." My unborn child my Winchester measur'd pint silver can. the
next biggest silver porringer and a silver spoon, marked ''M. V.**
The 1,000 acres in Covehaukln, or "Capt. John Neck" to be sold to
bring up my children, clear of charges, to their respective ages, and
the other lands in the Jerseys, after the Judgment obtained against
the late house and lot of Wm. Clark of Liewistown, Sussex County,
and my lands (8.000 acres) of Prlmehook in said County, part of which

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is in possession of the widow Codd (the deeds whereof are in my
chest); also my house and three lots at Markashoop, alias Chichester,
in the possession of CapL Welding:, and the Qoshen plantation in
Chester County. Residue of my whole estate to my wife upon condi-
tion that **my children may be piously educated in the Rubrick of the
Church of England and that my two sons may have a Qrammar, Latin
education and all be well tauffht to write well and learn Arithmetic,
without any charges for their maintenance," until their respective
affes of 21. Executors— wife, and sons, John and Benjamin Vininff.
In case of death of my wife, my brother, Abra. Vininff, and Doctor
Philip Chetwood, shall be guardians and trustees of my children. Wit-
nesses — Sarah Turner, Danl. Mestayer. Philip Chetwood. Proved 13
Oct., 1785. (Letters srranted to Mary Vinin^, John Vinin^ and Benja-
min Vininff beinff infants). Lib. 4, p. 42.
1785, Oct 16. Inventory (£ includes silver in plate, £42.-
11.6; linen (bed and table). £35.10.2; "divinity law and phisick books."
£1.8.9 ; clock and case in entry, "bein^ very old ;" negro slaves, men.
women and children, £160; servant boy's time, £12; grain, farming
animals, etc. Appraisers — Nichs. Gibbon. Ranier Vanhist.

t742» Amm» 9. Vleat, Margaret, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co..
widow; will of. Children — John. Francis, Marey, Ann, William, and
Daniell, last two under age. Legacy to Philip Obrien. Executor —
Elbert Stotof. Witnesses — John Bookhout, John Piatt, J. Wilmot.

1742. Aug. 9. CJodlcil. I desire my sons, Daniel and William, to keep
house together. Witnesses — ^Francis Wilmot. J. Wilmot. Proved Nov. 6.
1742. Lib. D. p. 13.

1742. Oct 26. Inventory (£201.10.7) ; includes cash in hands of
Abraham VanVoorhous. several negroes and silver cup; made by William
Walling, Reyck Sudam.

1747, Sept. 7. Toorkles, Laeaa, of New Brunswick, Middlesex Co..
blacksmith. Int Adm*x, Siche (Sytye), the widow. John Boyse. yeoman,
fellow bondsman. Witness — John Boice, Jun'r. Lib. E, p. 78.

1747. Sept 30. Inventory, £107.11.2; made by Bollker Van Noordstrat
Witness — John Boice, Jun*r.

1784, Dec KK VrelaaA (Treclaadt), AbraMam, of Newark, Essex Co..
yeoman; will of. "Being aged and infirm." Son, Enoch, received £135
on Dec. 22, 1782; this to be his full legacy. Other sons — Jacob, Jo-
hannus, Simeon, Isaac, Abraham, and Hendrick. Daughter, Dirlckee.
Land Joining land of Tunis Pier at Pesayack River; land bought of
sons of John Fransoy, vis., Hendrick, France, Barat and Abraham
Franser, on Nov. 19, 1788; land formerly belonging to Jacob Van-
Winkle, Jun'r, conveyed to me by Simeon VanWinkle, Oct 17, 1715.
Executors — sons Jacob and Johanus. Witnesses — Jno. Cooper, Jacob
Van Winkle, William Wllliamsee. Proved Jan. 8, 1747-8.

1747-8, Jan. 8. William Willlamsee testified to his signature, the other
witnesses being deceased. Lib. E, p. 168.

1750, Ifov. 4. Treland, Michael, of Acquechenong, Essex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Sons — George and Michael. Seven children of daugh-
ter, Margaret, deceased. Executors — sons, Michael and Ellas, and Mr.
John Low. Real and personal estate. Witnesses — Gierret Oerretson.
Adrian Post, Jun'r, James Billington. Proved Dec. 29, 1760. (John
Low declines to act). Lib. E, p. 600.

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1747* Feb. at. VrelasM* KUmm, of Pemmerepoffh, Bergen Co., yeo-
man; will of. Negroes, Tom and Susannah, to be sold at auction.
Brother, Joris, of Pemmerepoffh, to have farm at New Barbadoes Neck,
Berffen Co., and to pay £460 within three months after my decease;
on refusal, executors to sell the same, deducting: costs and overplus,
to be ffiven to him and his heirs. Monies from sale of personal
estate and the £450 to be put at interest and paid yearly to my sister
Fey tie, wife of Perri^ren Santford; at her decease to be divided
amonff her children. Executors — Michael, son of Harmen Vrelandt,
deceased, Johannes Vrelandt, and Cornelius Gterrebrants, all of
Qemonepa^h, Bergen Co. Witnesses — Frans Covenhoven, Abram Van-
Dursen, S. Johnson. Proved 25 April, 1748. Lib. £, p. 196.

1748, July 1. Citation. Whereas executors named have refused to
act, etc., Feytie Sandford, residuary legatee, petitions that administration
be granted to Isaac Lyon, of Newark, Elssex Co. Witnesses — Peter Schuy-
ler, Usal Ogden.

1748, June 18. Renunciation of Michael Vrelandt, Johannes Vrelandt
and Cornelius Qarrabrant, in favor of Saphira Sandtford, sister of EHias
Vrelandt. Witnesses — Usal Ogden, Eleasor Brown.

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 63 of 85)