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1734. May 21. Codicil. Wife. Rachel, and friend and cousin. WtUlam
Hartshorns, executors. Witnesses — Joseph Wardell. Jr., Adam Brewer.
Daniel Tilton. Judah Williams. Proved May 80, 1748. Rachel Woolley,
a Quaker). Lib. D, p. 69.

1743. June 8. Renunciation of William Hartshome. of MIddletown. as
executor. Witnesses — William Hartshome, Jr., Robert Hartshome, Jr.

1743. Oct. 31. Inventory (£129.17.6) Includes Bible, Sewers History.
Made by Hexekiah Williams, Elphralm Allen. Emmanuel Woolley. Amos

1782, Not. 8. l¥oolley <l¥ooley), Lydla, of Town of Shrewsbury,
Monmouth Co., widow; will of. Son, Adam, and daughter, Ruth
Wooley. Residue to children Adam and George, children of Gabriel
Stelle and Elisabeth (the daughter of testatrix), Hannah Little, Con-
tent Bills and Ruth Wooley. Executors — sons Adam and George, and
daughter Content Bills. Witnesses — Mehetable Scott, William Scott,
George Thornborough. Proved July 20, 1738. Lib. B, p. 488.

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1732. Dec 19. Inventory* £80.02.0; made by John Scott and Abraham

1747, , «-. WfMlley, Thoataa, of Town of Shrewsbury, Mon-

mouth Co., yeoman; will of. Wife, Patience, use of all estate during
widowhood. Bidest son, John, land below Mossy Swamp, now in
said son's possession; land adjoining Amos White, 10 acres woodland
adjoining Hog Swamp, tract bought of Stoffel Lonffstreet. Re-
version to second and youngest son, Thomas, and also land boug-ht
of Qawin Drummond. After death of testator's wife, Thomas to pay
sums to his eldest sister. Content Clayton, and sisters Lydia Borden,
Abigail Liongstreet, Hannah Nicholson and (youngest) Meribah Wool-
ley. Executors — wife, and friend Job Cook, of Shrewsbury. Wit-
nesses — Amos White, Qavine Drummond. Stoffel Longstreet. Proved
March 2, 1747. (Amos White and the widow. Patience, Quakers).

Lib. E, p. 152.

1747-8. March 12. Inventory. £206.11 ; made by Amos White and Jarvis
Hanoe. Signed by "Patience Woolee."

1744» aB« mo. <A»r.)« •• Woobnas, Bllaabetk* J«»*^, of Gloucester
Co.; will of. My father, Samuel Woolman, to have my great Bible;
my mother. Elisabeth Woolman, my great looking-glass. Brothers
— John and Asher Woolman. Sisters — Sarah Elton and Patience
Moore. £6 to my brothers, Abner. Uriah. Jonah, Abram and Eber,
and younger sisters, Hannah. Esther and Rachel Woolman, to be put
to interest for their uses until they will be 21. Executors — brothers,
John and Asher Woolman. Witnesses— John Craig. Mary Qill, Elisa-
beth Estaugh. Affirmed 18 April. May 4. 1747. Lib. 6. p. 609.

1746-7, 1st mo. (Mar.), 17. Inventory, £278.11.11; made by John Craig.
Saml. Mickle, Jun.

17S0, 7tk 4Uiy, 9th mo. (Ang.). 'WiMlman, Samnel, of Burlington Co.;
will of. Wife, Elisabeth. % the plantation whereon I now live for
4 years and 8 months from this date, and then £5 annually, and per-
sonal estate. Sons — Asher, John, Jonah. Uriah, Abraham and Eber,
lands adjoining Fred. Sipenert, Edward Hllyer and Daniel Wills,
also 388 acres in Morris Co. surveyed by John Reding, and lots bought
of James Southwick and Will'm Murrill. Daughters — Sarah Elton,
Patience Moore. Hannah Qauntt. Esther and Rachel. Executors —
sons Asher and John. Witnesses — Daniel Wills. Jun'r. Thomas Green,
Joseph Green. Proved Nov. 6, 1760. Lib. 6. p. 891.

1760. 26th day, 8th mo. (Oct.). Inventory. £819.1.4; made by Joseph
Burr and John Deacon. Includes books of divinity, navigation and law,

1747-8, Feb. 17. WiMlstoB, Jokn, of Northampton. Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. My plantation on Leeds Lane divided between my
brothers. William and Samuel. Sisters — Ruth Allen. Susannah and
Margaret Woolston. Executor — brother, Samuel. Witnesses — Samuel
Woolston, Sen'r, Benjamin Pyppit, Gab. Blond. Proved March 8,
1747. Burlington Wills, 4166-8 C.

17IM, April S4. WiMlatoB, Josepk, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
yeoman. Int. Adm'x, Jane Woolston. widow. Thomas Budd. farmer,
and George Briggs, yeoman, both of Nottingham, fellow bondsmen.

Lib. 4. p. 16.

1784* Fck. 28. WfMlstoBf Joskoa* of Northampton, Burlington Co.,

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yeoman; will of. Dmocbtera — Rebockah. Ann and Elisabeth; all ub-
der affe. Real and personal estate. Executors— wife, Ann« and
brother Joseph Woolston. Witnesses — Lerl Shlnn, Will. AUcott, James
Wills. Proved March 18. 17SS.

17S3-4. March If. Inventory. £126.10.7; made by Philo L.eeds and
James WUla BurUnston Wills. 2781-« C.

1747, Feb. S4. 'W**lvertoa« Ro^er, of Hopewell, Hunterdon Co..
within the corporation of Trenton, tailor; will of. Wife. Mary. Son.
Isaac a minor, eastern part of plantation in AmwelU whereon Thomas
Starlingr dwells, bounded by lands of testator's brother. Isaac Wool-
▼erton. Son. Charles, when of agre. other half of plantation In Am-
welL Son. Roffer. homestead plantation of 160 acres, in HopewelL
Residue to dauchters. Rosannah, Mary. Sarah, Dinah, and Roaemand,
when 18 or at marriage. Executors — brothers, Charles, Isaac and
Dennis Woolverton. Witnesses — Mary Fox, Mary Fowler, Timothy
Milbum, Andrew Smith. Proved April 21, 1748. . Lib. 5. p. 444.

1748. April 18. Inventory. £132.17.1; made by Andrew Smith. Wilsoa

17S4» Marrk 27. Werlldse* Joseph, of Town and Co. of Salem,
cordwainer; will of. Wife. Arcadia, executrix. Sons — John and Jo-
seph, two-thirds of personal estate as they arrive at 21. Witnesses
— Renier Vanhist, Ann Coxe, William Shields. Proved 13 April. 1734.

Lib. 3, p. 467.

1734. April 11. Inventory. £101.13 ; made by Joseph Hawks, Joseph

1748-9, Blarek 14. Wonterse. Garrett, of Second River. Essex Co.
labourer. Int. Elisabeth Worster. widow, renounces riffht to ad-
minister, and desires that her brother-in-law, Henry Worster, be ap-
pointed. Witness — Andrew Joline.

1732, Oct 24. Bond of Henry Worster. as administrator. James
Hindes, fellow bondsman. Witness — ^Thomas Jackman. Lib. B, p. 30S.

17S9, Ist day. tth mo. (A«ff.). Wortk. GUM, of Windsor, Middlesex
Co.; will of. Mother. Sarah Worth. Brothers and sisters — James,
Samuel. William. Sarah. Providence. Elisabeth and Ann. 300 acres
of land in Bethlehem. Executors — wife. Elisabeth, and brother-in-
law Aaron Hews. Witnesses — Thos. Stevenson, D. Humphrey. Elisa-
beth Cunnlnirbam. Proved Oct. 24, 1730. Lib. 4, p. 205.

1748-9, Marek 14. Wovterse. Garrett, of Second River. Elssex Co.
Int. Adm*r Hendrick Brine (Birnie). Jun'r, principal creditor. Robert
Huston (Hewstone). fellow bondsman. Lib. En Pw 36f.

174S, A«w. 18. Wrlsht, BeMjMSiUi, of Chesterfield. BurUnffton Co^
yeoman. Int. Mary Wrlffht. widow, relinquishes riirht of administra-
tion, and requests that Peter Rose, of City of Burlinvton, brewer, be

1748. Aug. 10. Bond of Peter Rose as administrator. Jonathan Scott
wheelwright, and John Rose, brewer, both of same, fellow bondsmen.

lAh. 6. p. 327 ; Lib. 7. p. 03.

1748. Auff. 22. Inventory. £26.10 ; made by Judah Williams and Sam-
iMl Cheshire.

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1747, JaM. 28. WrIirM* Bfc c a cac r (over 16 srears), son of JonAtban,
Bsa-* ot Burlington, petitions that William Skeeles, of aamo place,
yeoman, be appointed his guardian. Letters issued. Blias Huffhes,
fellow bondsman. Burlington Wills, 4171 C.

1787, Jaa. 10. WHskt, Bllsabetk, of Gloucester Co., widow (de-
ceased during minority of Richard Wright, son). Int. Adm'r John
Kalffhin. Bondsman — Joseph BlUs. Both of Gloucester Co.

Lib. 4, p. 126.

1747. April 10. Wriffkt. Bmpiwa, of City of Burlington, farmer.

Int. Adm'r, Thomas Hartshorne, of Middleton, Monmouth Co., farmer.

Samuel Wright, Esq.. of Burlington, and Huffh Hartshorne. of City of

Burllngrton, blacksmith, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 6, p. 82f.

1747, April 10. Inventory, £840.16.9; made by Ralph Peart and Tbos.

1748. Jan. 19. Account. Pasrments to Doc. Shaw, Mary White (nurs-
ing), Abra. Heulinvs (for ooffln), Deborah Wright (nursing), Mary
Wright. Benjamin Wheat, BenJ'n Butterworth, Jonathan W^i^ht, John
Rose, Fretwell Wright, William Norcroes, lUchard Wright, Thomas Fox,
Richard Roberts. Thomas Scattergood, John Pole. Sam'l Lovett, John
Imlay. James Cobberly. Wm. Skeels.

1782, Dm. 1. WHskt, Jeka, of Burlington Co.; will of. Elisabeth
Branson and her son David, that part of the saw mill I had of Thomas
Fox. Personal estate of said Thomas Fox to the next six following-
children of Elisabeth Branson. Son. Samuel, 80 acres adjoining Thom-
as Earl, late widow Fox and Preserved Brown. Daughter, Mary, un-
der age. Remainder of estate to wife, AblsaU. Executora— friends,
John Steward and Benjamin Kirby. Witnesses — ^Tho. Elarl. John Mar-
shall. Wm. Cooke. Proved Feb. 18. 1732-8. Lib. 8, p. 801.

1782-8. Jan. 6. Inventory. £866.14.8; made by Wm. Cooke and Will
Montgomery. Includes bond payable March 1, 1729, for £100; bond of
Rob't Lawrence (£16). and debts of Tho. Fox E<state and Anthony

1788. April 80. John Steward and Benjamin Klrby refusing executor-
ship, Abigail Wright, widow, appointed administratrix, with Benjamin
Klrby and Silas Crispin of Burlington, taylor, fellow bondsmen.

1786. July 2. Account of Abigail Wright Paid Ann Lamb. Sarah
Cutler, Samuel Wright. Robert Hulitt. Wm. Coates. Thos. Houirh. Mathew
Champion. Joseph Amey (debt due his father. John Amey). Thoa
Leonard. Wm. Cooke, Peter Bard. Thomas Dikes. David Curtis, Preserved
Brown, Jun'r. Gilel Falser. Margaret Stelle. Robert Lawrence, George
Harrison. John Ryno. Samuel Lovett, Josiah White. Dan'l Smith, Thos.
Harrison. Dubious debts due from Nicholas Mills, dec'd, NIch's Mar-
tlneaux, who hath been many years removed to a distant colony, Rlch'd
Croxall. Thos. Fox, deceased, Jon. Wright (legatee), Wm. Webster, Thos.
KInc. Thomas Lovelattey. who ran away, and Thos. Harrison.

17BS, lV«v. M. y/lhcUfl^U ^•ka, of Amwell Township, Hunterdon Co.,
blacksmith; will of. Wife, Orka (or Orcha). Children— HarnMmus,
John, Hannah, William, Blisabeth, Katherine and Affea. Wife, ex-
eentrfac. Witnesses— Daniel Woolverton, Ruth Woolverton, Samuel
Green. Proved May 8, 1788. Lib. 8, p. 806.

1782. Dec 29. Inventory (£169.17.6) inehides Bible. Made by John
MoUtonib and Samuel Green.

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ITM, Sept. 18. "WwU^U J«hB. of Newton, Gloucester Co.; will of.
Wife, Bliiabeth, executrix. Sons — John, the 100 acres he lires on;
Richard, personal estate after death of my wife. Witnesses — ^Tobias
Holloway, Thomas Bd^erton, Robert Stephens. Affirmed 9 Dec, 17S6.

17S6, Nov. 29. Inventory. £265.07.2 ; made by Tobias Holloway, Robert
Stephens. Lib. 4, p. 7t.

174X lltk day, ttk wf. <As«.>. Wrl^kt, J«witluia« Km%^ of City and
Co. of Burlington; will of. Eldest son, Fretwell, my tan yard and
houses. Sons, Jonathan and Bbeneser, plantation whereon Joseph
Woodrow now dwelleth (about 700 acres) and salt marsh bought of
Peter Baynton and John Douglass; also lands in little B^^harbour,
irrist mill in partnership with Patrick Reynolds, and lands bought of
Thomas Scott at Wri^htstown. Daughters, Bsther and Rebecca, two
tenements near Yorkshire Bridge, lands and meadows bought of
Joshua Raper, and S20 acres in Hunterdon Co., near land I sold Jacob
Doughty. Dwelling houses on Hi^h Street in possession of Charles
Tonkin and Sarah BorradaiL Lot on High Street in tenure of Daniel
Smith. 260 acres in Hunterdon on Raritan River and on Musconetconff
River, at an Old Indian plantation called Whopemenchonhhon^.
Daughter, Ellen (wife of Isaac Connarro), 200 acres in Gloucester Co.
Friend, Martha Milnor, £100 and liberty of house on York Road.
Oranddauffhter, Sarah Connarroe. Friend, Patrick Reynolds, land near
Pellock Mile, beinff land surveyed to us and William Murrels. Liand
now in possession of Benjamin Butterworth; land at Black River.
Morris Co., now in tenure of Aaron Starke, and 50 acres at Tom Rob-
erts' meadow. Ne^ro woman, Nanny, to be free and to be under care
of my friend, Samuel Lovett. Ezeoutors — Caleb Raper, Samuel Liovett
and Joshua Raper. Witnesses — ^Thomas WetheriU, Joseph Robinson,
Jos. Scatterffood. Proved Aus. 31, 1742. Lib. 4. p. 346.

1742, Aur SO. Inventory, £1817.17.10 1.2 ; made by Thomas Wetherill
and Rob. Smith. Includes bonds and bills, £320.5.0 H ; article with Aaron
Starke, Jun'r (£81.6.6) ; money due on agreement with John Robinson and
William Griffith. £69.18.0; also with Jacob Drake. Obadlah Seward. At-
kinson, Webster ft Southworth : clock, silver tankard, etc., £37.7 ; larse
quarto Bible ; Denah Bard's note. Debts supposed to be insolvent and not
included in inventory — James Stephenson. John Albert. Peter Vantilbury.
Richard Rldirway. John Bell. John Hillas. John Bennet. John Oakford,
Samuel Shinn, Jonas Cattel. Robert Newbury. Francis Collins. Francis

174*, 7tk day, 8tk mm. (Get.). Wrl^kt. JMkma, of New Hanover.
Burlington Co., yeoman; will of. Son. Joshua (has already received
his portion). Sons, Mahlon, Nathan and David, land, being dividends
of 4th and 6th divisions after payment of 200 acres to Jonathan
Wright which I borrowed. Daughters, Elisabeth Knight and Rebecca,
600 acres in Nottingham, which adjoins upon Assunpink at Bear
Swamp. Plantation adjoining Joseph Steward's and widow Fowler's
as surveyed by Isaac DeCow. 200 acres upon Wading River in Little
Bggharbour and 690 acres in Nottingham near the Falls Pond at the
mouth of Watson's Creek. Brothers — ^Robert, Thomas and Samuel
Wright, and John Steward, to see that my land is properly divided.
10 grandchildren, £1 each. Wife. Rebeckah, remainder of estate and
executrix, with son Mahlon, brother Samuel Wright, and John
Steward. Witnesses — John Bower, Jos. Steward, Wm. Bmley. Proved
March 31. 1741. Lib. 4. p. 274.

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1741. March 37. InTentory, £6S6.15.1 ; made by Isaac Horner. Benja-
min KIrby, Wm. Lawrle, Sam'l Emley.

1T44-S. Fe^ M. W^rl^kt* Natkaa* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'z.
Sarah Wright, widow. Bondsman — Sinick Sinnlokson, Peter Peter-
son. Witnesses — Daniel Watson, DanL Mestayer. Lib. 6, p. 179.

1744-5. Feb. 11. Inirentory (£117.12.6) includes cattle, colt, carpenter
and tuminir tools and other things in the shop. Appraisers — Sinick Sinnick-
•on, Peter Peterson.

ITM, Oet. aOw W^rislit* RleharC of Woodbrid^e. Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Children — Abner, Jeremiah, Richard. David (a minor),
and Mary. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Sarah, and
Joseph FitsRandolph. Witnesses — Joseph FitsRandolph. Solomon
Tharp, Charles Murray. Proved Dec. 6, 1736. Lib. C, p. ISS.

17S7, Jam. !•• Wrl^M, Rlckard (above 14), son of Jon. Wright, late
of Gloucester Co., yeoman. Guardian — Joseph Ellis, of Newton Town-
ship. Bondsman — John Kai^hin. Lib. 4, p. 126.

174X J«ae 27. W^rl^kt* Robert, of Chesterfield, Burlington Co..
yeoman; will of. Children — Robert, Joshua, James and Jane; all
under a^e. Son-in-law and dau.-in-law. Andrew and Isabel Ware.
Real and personal estate. Executors — wife, Jane, brother Samuel,
and nephew Amos Wright. .Witnesses — Tho. Wright, Empson Wright,
Constant Woodward. Elisabeth Wright. Proved July 16, 1742.

Lib. 4. p. S27.

1742. May 12. Inventory. £239.4.11; made by Michael Newbold and
John Steward.

1741» 9Hh ««.• ttk wf. <As«.>. Wriffkt, Stepkea, of New Hanover,
Borlinffton Co.; will of. Mother Wright, the dwelling house wherein
she dwells, and then to be brother Benjamin's. Rachel Fowler, my
wife's wearing clothes. Sons — Benjamin, Nathan and William; all
under a^e. Real and personal estate. Ne^ro boy. Will, to be free at
to. ESxecutors — friend. John Steward, and WiU'm FoUowel. Wit-
nesses— Benja. Fowler, Mahlon Wright, Jos. Reckless. Proved July
23. 1743. Lib. 4, p. 370.

1743. July 23. Inventory, £188.19.8 ; made by Scun'l Emley and Mahlon
Wright. Includes servant man and ne^ro man. £21.

1744-5, Jam. 11. Wriffkt, Tkomam of Salem Co.; will of. Wife.
Elisabeth. Son, Nathan, the plantation I live on; in case of no lawful
issue it shall ffo. after his death, to my son Joseph. If my son,
Nathan, should have a child or children, then my son. Joseph, shall
pay £70 to such child or children. Executor — son, Joseph, and he to
have the personal estate. Witnesses — ^Mary Vanhist, Dennis Mao-
Carty. Ranier Vanhist. Proved 19 April. 1746. Lib. 6. p. 182.

1746, 2 mo. (Apr.), 19. Inventory. £184.14.10; made by Sinick Sinnick-
•on, Jonathan Bradway.

174«, J«Be IS. l^rlffkt, Tkomam of Freehold, Monmouth Co., black-
smith; will of. Wife, Priscilla, for bringrinff up of children. Residue
divided between wife and five children, Nancy, Abraham. Mary,
Susannah and William. Executors to compound with Mrs. Kerney.
widow to John Kerney, of New Brunswiolc, for time she has in testa-

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tor's house and lot at New Brunswick, in order to make sale of It.
Executors — wife, and friend Joseph Forman. Witnesses — Jemima
Wriffht, Henry Guest, Benjamin Dassl^ny. Proved Aug. 29, 1749.

Lib. E, p. 124.
1749, Auff. 25. Inventory (£171.16.t) Includes sword and gun, pistol,
white servant girl (£6). necro man and negro woman (£S5), bond on
Samuel Mulford. Made by Henry Quest and Benjamin Dussigney.

1744, Sept. 21. Wright, William* of Salem Co., yeoman. Int. Adm'z.
Desir Wright (relict). Bondsman — Samuel Wright and Wm. Siddons,
store- keeper, all of said county. Witness — Benjamin Baton.

Lib. 5, p. 54.

1744, Sept. 18. Inventory, £140.2.1; made by Wm. Siddons. BenJ.

ITSIK Dec IP. Wyckof, Jac«b» of Six-Mile Run, Somerset Co., yeo-
Buin; will of. Wife, Janietje, executrix, and. during widowhood,
dwelling bouse at Six -Mile Run, and one-half of benefits of the house
at the ferry, purchased of Samuel Mulford. Son, Cornelius, land
situate at the ferry, purchased of Jacob Ouky. Sons, Cornelius, Jacob
and Oarret, all lands possessed in the Province of New Jersey, after
marriage or decease of my executrix. Daughters, Hyntje (wife of
Abraham Hyert) and Oeertje, £6<K), '^within 15 years after the age of
Gerret Wyckof." Executors — son. Cornelius, and John Stryker (in
case of marriage or death of wife, Janietje). Witnesses-— Samuel
Romyn, Toghorn Willemson, H. N. Sperling. Proved 6 Feb., 1722.

Lib. B. p. 265.

17S8, As«. M. Wyckofl, Jacob, of Somerset Co.; will of. Wife,
Frances. Son, Jacob, all real estate, unless a son should be bom,
then he to share equally with Jacob; if daughter, she to have suitable
education out of my estate, and my son Jacob to pay her £100 at
age. Executors — wife, uncle Petrus Wyckof, of Middlebush, and
Reynier Fontine, of Middlesex County. Witnesses — Simon Wyckof,
Abraham Heyer. Wm. Ouke. Proved 20 Dec., 1728. Lib. C, p. 886.

1728. Dec. 8. Inventory (£207.18.4^) includes negroes, boy Cuff (£42),
girl PhUis (£86). 2 law books. Appraisers— Elbert Stoothcrf, Nfc^olas
Willemson, Frederick VanLeave (Van Llew).

1729, Aug. 17. Account. Includes bond of Jor's Bennett and note by
John Piatt

1748. April 27. Frances Pyatt, late Frances Wycof. one of the execu-
tors, qualified. Lib. C. p. 228.

17S7» May !«. WyeeC» C«oraelius» of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r. his
broither. Jacob Wycof. the widow, Idae. having renounced her right.
Fellow bondsman — Jan. Stryker. Lib. C, p. 141.

1727, May 18. Inventory. £167.6.6; made by Rynelre Fontyn. WlUem
Willemse, Jun.

1728-9. Feb. 2. Account of goods left out of Inventory by Jacob
Whsrooff, of said County, adm'r. deceased, and sold by Christopher V^n-
arsdall. adm'r de bonis non. of said County, to DanlL Hendeiwm, Pcdsr
WhycofF. Joseph Bennet. Saml. Freeman. Wto. Williamson. Christopher
Callowbash. Simon Whlcoff, Hendrlck Vanangle, StofEel Vanarsdall.

1788-9, March 22. Account of administration of Jacob Wioof, deosased.
on •estate of Oarrst Wyoof, by SKecotors of said Jacob. Includes cMb
paid RScbd. Plppenger. Renhre Fontyne, Jas. Prideauz, Francis WharooC,

Digitized by



Pan'l Hendrickson and Abram. Hiers. Signed by Francis Wicof, Rynlere
Pontyne, Peteres Wycof.

1737, May 1«. ^¥yeof, Oarrlt. of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r. his
brother. Jacob. Fellow bondsman — Jan. Stryker. Lib. C, p. 1^1.

1737, April 27. Inventory, £64.16.6 ; made by Ryniere Fontyn, Peter

1738-9, March 23. Account by Executors of Jacob Wyckoff, administra-
tor, deceased. Payments to Nichos. Williamson, John Manley. Rynlere
Fontyne, Peter Soullard. Jacob Ouke, Willlm Ouke. Doct. Farquar. Qarr't
Deexew. Derrick Schuyler, Adrian Hegeman, Altye Stryker, James Hard-
ing. Mr. Kimble. Mr. Jas. Hude. Cornelius Whycofs daughter, Abraham
Hires, John Whycof, in favour of Cornelius Whyoofs (deceased) daugh-
ter. Signed by Francis Wlcof, Rynlere Fontyne, Peteres Wycof.

1746, Feb. 27. ^¥7kof, Jan CJokn), of Somerset Co., yeoman; will
of. Wife, Neeltie, all real and personal estate in Somerset Co., or
elsewhere, during widowhood. Children — Cornelius (eldest), John,
Pieter, Jacob, Qeertle. Neeltie and Johannes. Sons Pieter and Jacob
to have outset at marriage, such as the others had. Executors —
sons, Cornells, John and brother, Symon Wyckoff. Witnesses — Fred-
erick VanLawe (Van Llew), Aert Wyckof, Samuel Garretspn. Proved
26 April, 1746. Lib. D, p. 376.

1746. April 26. Inventory (£288.10.6) includes "40 acres of weate"
(£30), horses, negro girl (£30). Made by Hendrlck Van Lewe and
Gerrlt (Serritsen.

1788-9, Mar«k IB. IPV^ynckoop, HeMry. of Salem Co., yeoman. In-
ventory, £201.18.9; made by William Hunt and John Thomson.

1788-9. Sept. 1. Bond of Sarah Wynckoop and Isaac Vanmeter, both
of Salem Co., as administrators. Salem Wills, 602 Q.

1738-9, July 18. Inventory, £127.8.3; made by William Hancock.

1741. June 29. Inventory, £14.13.2 ; made by Joseph Champneys and
Aaron Hill.

1788-0, Jan. 1«. ^¥yiui (Wtat), Jokn, of Second River, Essex Co.
Int. Inventory (£16.06) includes debts due from Execiah Barker, Hud-
son Stevens, Manes Burger, Thomas Shengelton, Warner Richards,
Phillip Row, Oysbert Vanlnburgh, Mrs. Jean Tongerlow, Peter Bay-
ard. John Sidman, Ebeneser Cate, John Foster, Thomas Richards,
Cornells Tomasse, William Dyar, John Cockrinn, John Kip, Richard
Doose, Charles Duran, David Poinsett, Jacobus Burgoo, Peter Bras,
Robert Kelley, William King, David Andrew; made by Peter Stouten-
burgh, John King.

1739, March 27. Adm*x, Johanna Wynn. Daniel Pierson. fellow bonds-
nrian. Witnesses — ^Andrew Joline, Nath'll BonnelL Lib. C, p. 269.

17S^ May 24. Yard* JoMpk, of WeIlinboro^gh, Burlington Co.,
bricklayer (who deceased May 1, 1738). Int. Inventory, £242.16.11;
made by John Busby and Thomas Busby.

1788, May 25. Adm'x, Susanna Yard, widow. John Busby and Thomas
Busby, yeomen, both of same, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. 138.

1756, Aug. 2. Thomas Busby, surviving appraiser, affirms to inventory.

IT'ir* May 11. Yar«, Mary* late Mary Peace, of Hunterdon Co. Int.

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Adm'r, William Yard of Trenton, gent. Joseph Yard and Andrew-
Reed, of Trenton, ^ents., sureties. Witness — Mary Rowland.

Lib. 5. p. 458.
IT^ia-S. Feb. 13. Yard* W^llUaai. Sr., of Trenton, Hunterdon Co., inn-
holder; will of. Wife, Mary. Real estate in Hunterdon County to
flye sons, Joseph, William, John, Benjamin and Jethro, ezceptins one
house and lot. Daughter, Blisabeth. William Justus, eldest son
of daughter Elisabeth, one-third of lot on west side of road, adjoin-
ing land formerly Joseph Higbee's, in Trenton. Neirro wench. Teen,
then with Henry Mershon in Maidenhead, to be sold, and one-half pro-
ceeds to William Mershon, eldest son of testator's daughter, Mary,
deceased; other half to Joseph and Benjamin Mershon, sons of said
daughter Mary. Lands in Morris County to be sold. Executors —
sons, Joseph and William Yard. Witnesses — Joseph De Cow, Andrew
Reed, David Cowell. Proved July S, 1745. Lib. 5, p. 127.

1749» April 90. Yowir, James, of Lebanon Township, Hunterdon
Co. Int. Adm'r, Andrew Palmer, of Lebanon. John Burroughs, of
Trenton, farmer, surety. Witness — Neil Lirinffston.

Hunterdon Wills, 273 J.

1788» Marek K. Yonnr, Jokaiuies, of Somerset Co. Int. Adm'r,
Samuel Stockton, Esq., of Somerset, the widow, Elmary, having re-
nounced her riffht. Witness — ^Zebulon Stout. Fellow bondsman —

Online LibraryWilliam Nelson New Jersey Historical SocietyCalendar of New Jersey wills, administrations, etc, Volume 30 → online text (page 69 of 85)