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Chew, Stephen Armitt, Michael Fisher, Saml. Harrison, Qibbins Lawrence,
Jacob Medcalfe. Gabriel Nowby, John Blackwood. Nathl. Tonkins. Charles
Beverly, Tobias Holloway, Benj. Paschall, Henry Thorn, Sarah Norrls,
Geo. Young. Francis Haddock, John ESastlick, Benj. Worthington. Mary
Robinson. Rich. Barrin. Jos. Jackson, Frances Simson, Thos. Woolsted,
Wm. Stamton, Gabriel Nelson. Jonas Cox, Edward Humphrey, Israel
Longacre, Danll. Wolly, Rich. West. Wm. Llndsey, Bdwd. Readwell, Peter
Marriage, Jno. Bond, Geo. Ward, Sen., Jno. Blackwood, Widdow Medcalfe,
Bttmll. Farrier. Thos. Rogers, Wm. Peters, Jno. Peters, E«phraim Saely,
Wm. Tatum. Edward Willson, Rich. Skirm, Black Christopher, Wm. Cun-
ningham, Noal BCackneal, finiis Davis, Sarah Wilson, Jacon Medcalfe,
Thomas Bryan, Jno. Covrle, Robt. Garrard, Jno. Ogilby, Wm. Long, (3eo.
Sherrel, Blisa. Wainwright, Isaac HoUingham, Israel Lock.

1789, Nov. 9. Brown, (Charity, late of Gloucester Co.. widow, deceased
(with testament annexed) during absence of Samuel Mickle, sole execv-
tor; letters of adm. granted to Owen Owen, of Philadelphia, joiner. Fel-

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low bondanuui — Saml. Harrison. Witnesses— Isaac Browne, Joseph Rose.
1741, Oct. 28. Brown. Charity, late of Philadelphia, widow, deceased,
made her last will duly executed and thereof appointed Samuel Mickle
sole executor, who renounced the same. Owen Owen was appointed admr.
Whereas he died, leaving part of said Charity's estate unadministered.
PrisciUa, widow and executrix of the above bound Owen Owen, to admin-
ister upon what remains. Fellow bondsman — Samuel McColloch. Wit«
a eas c s Ed. R. Price. Joseph Rose.

174«» Nov. 4. Browa» Jaae» of Woodbridffe. Middlesex Co. In 66th
year; will of. Friend, Jonathan Kinsey, Jane, eldest daughter of
Benjamin Kinsey. at 21 years. Benjamin Kinsey, flrreat Bible^ Friends
Meeting in Woodbrldffe, remainder of estate. Bxecutors — friends.
Nathaniel Fits Randolph, of Woodbrldffe. blacksmith, and John Kin-
sey, attorney at law. Witnesses — ^Mlcajah Bunn, Hartshorns Fits
Randolph, Nuffient Kelly. Proved Oct. 19, 1748. Lib. B. p. 216.

1741l» Aw. 7. Brown, Jeremiah* of Mendom Township. Morris Co.;
will of. Wife, Mary, to have personal estate absolutely and posses-
sion of the real estate until the children, Rhoda, Abner, Paul and
Eleneser, will be 21. Bxecutors — wife. Mary, and Brlce Riky, of Som-
erset County. Witnesses — William Axtell, Isaac Ballet, Benjamin
Linsley. Proved 80 Aug., 1749. Lib. B. p. 826.

1747* 20th da7» 12th mo. (Fek.)< Brown, Joanna, of Rodmantown,
BurlinflTton Co.. widow; will of. Daughter, Ann. Grandchildren —
Bphraim. Mary, Hannah and Hope Hainea Personal estate. Bxecu-
tors— friends, Sam'l Stokes, and Tho's Stokes. Witnesses — Joshua
Bispham. Sam'l Atkinson. Proved April 12, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 408.

1747-8, March 12. Inventory of personal estate, £189.9.0; made by
Joshua Bispham and Arthur Borradalll.

1727, 11 mo. (Jan.), 26 da. Brown, John, of Town and County of
Olouceeter; will of. Wife, Charity, to have all of real estate and per-
sonal excepting £200 to my sisters, Mary (wife of Robert Chambers,
living in Menchlon Hampton, near Strowdewater, "Gloucester Shire,**
Old England; Ruth (wife of Charles Karsey), of same place, and her
son, (Charles Karsey; Ann Brown (not knowing whether she be mar-
ried or not); and my brother, Charles Brown. Wife impowered to
sign deed of conveyance to George Ward, or his heirs, for the fulling
mill. Sole executrix — wife Charity. Witnesses — John Wood, Prlsdlla
Flemlngham, Thomas Sharp. Proved 21 Dec, 1736. Lib. 4, p. 101.

1787, May 28. Whereas John Brown, late of Gloucester Co., yeoman,
died in Philadelphia and left a last will, dated 26 Jany., 1727, and it has
been proved In due form in Pennsylvania, letters of adm. within Province
til New Jersey issued in due form. Lib. 4, p. 108.

17M, Feh. 2S. Brown, John, of Deptford, Gloucester Co.; will of.
Sons — John. Thomas, Chatfleld and James, to have the real estate
equally. Expected child. Daughters — ^Mary and Phebe. Bxecutors
— ^wife and friends, Alexander Randall and Joseph Young. Witnesses
— Mary Chester, Gabriel Rambo, Sarah Dryver. Proved 24 Dec., 1786.

Lib. 4, p. 79.

1786, Dec. 10. Inventory, £842.14.9 H. Appraisers — ^Peter Rambo, Ga-
briel Rambo. Signed, Phebe Brown, executrix.

1788, Sept 26. Account of Phebe Brown, executrix, moneys paid to

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Gabriel Rambo, Wm. Aldridge. Abraham Chattin, Q«orge CosenB, Whl.

1781» Sept. 28. Brown, John, Senior, late of Deptford, Olouceater
Co., yeoman. Int. Admr., Levi Pearce, yeoman. William Harrison,
ffentleman, Edward Rudolphaa Price, same County, bondsmen. Wit-
nesses—John Wriffht, SamL BustiL Lib. S, p. 158.

1781, Aug. 17. Inventory (£401.14.0), includes Indian man and child,
negro woman and boy. etc, and debts due from Thos. Bryon, William
Vaughns. Thos. Mingleston (?). Appraisers— William Harrison, Henrsr

1788, Sept. 17. Account of Levi Pearce. Admr.. shows moneys paid to
William Hudson, John Brown Fuller, John Sherbum, Ann Wheeldon. John
Spring. Qeorge Ward. Jr., Bryam Conelley. James Parrock. William
Bryan. James Brindley, William May, Charles Beverly, Thomas Chew.
Enoch Ellison. Walter Griffiths. Qeorge Ward. Michael Fisher. Thomas

1735, Jan. 24. Brown, Jokn, of Salem County. Int. Admz., Jo-
hannah Brown (relict). Bondsman — Jeremiah Baker. Witnesses —
William Philpott, Danl. Mestayer. Lib. 4, p. 67.

1786, April 24. Inventory. £29.1.0. Appraisers — Jeremiah Baker, Wil-
liam PhUpott.

17S7, May 8. Brown, John, of Mansfield, Burlington Co., Doctor;
will of. Dau., Elisabeth Lawrence. Each grandchild now bom 20
shillings and a silver spoon. Wife, Elizabeth, sole executrix and to
be guardian of grandson John, son of my son, John Brown, deo'd.
Witnesses — John Rockhill, Peter Imlay, Isaac DeCow, medius. Proved
Aug. 1, 1787. Lib. 4, p. 109.

1747, Sept. 10. Brown, John, of Hanover. Burlington Co., will of.
Children — Clayton, Theodidla Oroves, John plantation at age, he
paying legacies to Samuel, Sarah and Catharine and making suitable
provision for my wife Catherine, his mother. Negro Jim his freedom
in 4 years. Real and personal estate. Executors — wife and brother
Abraham Brown. Witnesses— William Emley, Sam*l Emley, Mary
Emley. Proved July 80, 1748. Lib. 6, p. 628.

1748. July 24. Inventory of the personal estate, £629.7.4 ; made by
Jacob Andrews and Saml. Emley. includes **One Qrate Bible*' and sundry
other books £8.6. Cattle £209 and negroes [186.

1748, May 19. Brown, John, of Township of Hopewell, Cumberland
Co., yeoman; will of. Wife to have plantation until son Isaac will be
21. Daughter, Anna Brown. Executors^wife and Jonathan Holmes,
Esq. Witnesses — ^Daniel Mieller. Thomas Brown, Robt. Nicholls.
Proved 29 June. 1749.

1749. , — . Letters testamentary granted to Deborah Brown,

executrix named in will. Lib. 6. p. 297.

1749, June 6. Inventory of personal estate, £106.10.8. Appraisers —
Abraham Reeves. Samuel Miller.

1748-4, Feb. S. Brown, Lanslott, of Chester. Burlington Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Joan. Grandchildren — ^Hannah, Ephraim and
Mary Hains, all estate in Province of New Jersey or elsewhere. Exe-
cutors — friends Samuel Stokes and Arthur Borradell, and if they

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should die before s'd grandchildren are of are, then my son-in-law
Nehemlah Hains. Witnesses — ^Richard Matlack, John Willis, Isa.
DeCow. Proved Oct 22. 1746. Lib. 6. p. 268.

1746. Oct. 22. Inventory of personal estate. £272 ; made by Rob't Smith
and Jos. Hollinshead, includes note due from Joshua Bispham.

1740» Jan. 27. Brown* BfMrsaret, of Burlinerton Co.. widow. Ad-
ministration granted to Edward Brown. Job Lippincott. yeoman,
fellow bondsman. Lib. 7. p. 91.

1749, Feb. 5. Inventory of personal estate. £16 ; made by John Mon-
row and Henry Cooper.

1741, Sept. 21. Brown, Bfathcw, of Piles Orove, Salem County. Int.
Admr., Benjamin Bispham. Bondsmen — John Blwell and Reynolds
Hawk of Pilessrrove. same County. Witnesses — ^Andw. Gardner,
Chas. O. Neill. Lib. 4, p. 289.

1741, Sept. 16. Renunciation. Hannah Brown in favor of Benjamin
Bispham. as Admr. Witnesses — ^Resmold Hawk. John Elwell.

1741, Sept. 16. Inventory (£29.16.0) mentions Joseph Morgen. Edward
Hushes. Appraisers — John Elwell, Reynold Hawk.

174S* April IX Brown* Phebe, of Deptford Township. Gloucester
Co., widow. Int. John Brown, yeoman, admr. John Wood and Gabriel
Rambo, of same place, yeomen, fellow bondsmen. Lib. 4, p. S79.

1748, 2 mo. (April), 2nd. Inventory (£148.10.4) includes bonds from
Joshua Hewett. Nehemiah CowgiU, Peter Rambo, Will'm Williams, Gabriel
Rambo, Peter Cox, Nathan Paull, Luke Gibson, Isaac Atkinson, Andrew
LoniT. Eidward Hewes. Appraisers — John Wood, Gabriel Rambo.

1748, , — Account of John Brown, Admr., shows cash paid

Joseph Rose, John Munyon, Gab. Rambo, Abrm. Chattin, Jno. Wood,
Josa. Lord, Peter Rambo, Martha Young, Eliza. Rambo.

174A» Feb. 5. Brown, Preserved, of Hanover, Burlington Co. In-
ventory of the personal estate, £68.0.8; made by John Monrow and
Henry Cooper, includes bonds of Thomas Stevenson and Sam*l Gas-

1749, Feb. 6. Mary Brown, widow and administratrix, affirms to above.

Lib. 7, p. 101.

17S4, Mnreh 23. Brown, Richard, of Northampton, Burlington Co.,
yeoman; will of. Wife, Elisabeth, sole executrix. Sons — Richard and
Benjamin; latter at 21 to have benefit of plantation with mother.
Daughters — Hannah Ridgway, Mary, Rachel and Esther. Daughter-
in-law, Prudence PowelL Witnesses — Rob't Powell, John Lavenner,
John ECwan. Proved May 12, 1735. Lib. 4, p. 19.

1736, April 21. Inventory of personal estate, £264.6.10; made by Na-
thaniel Cripps and James Wills.

1726, Dec 5. Brown, Thomas, of Woodbridge, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Mother, Annapel Brown. Brothers — William, Andrew
and James Brown. Sister — Christian Brown. Alexander, son of
Thomas Bger. Annaple, daughter of John Mootry. Real and per-
sonal estate. Executors — brother-in-law, Thomas Eggers and broth-
er, William Brown. Witnesses — Rob't Hude, WiU'm Stone, D. Stew-
art. Proved Feb. 9, 1740. Lib. C, p. 390.

ITSSt Amm. l%k Brown* Thomas* orphan (son of Thomas Brown, late

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of north side of Cohansey, Sal«m County, and Anna, his wife, also
deceased) ward. Guardian, Josiah Fifthian, Esq., of same place.
Witnesses — John Pruttan (?), Joseph Gk>uldinff. Lib. S, p. S66.

1787» May 10. Browm* Tkomaa* of Bssez Co.» orphan, affed about 14
years. Bond of Daniel Tichener and Silas Halsey, yeoman, both of
Newark, to be guardians. Jonathan Crane, Bsq., fellow bondsman.

Lib. C, p. 160.

1740» April 4. Browm* WlUlam* of Monmouth County, yeoman. In-
ventory of estate, £38.17.6; made by John Smith and Joseph Forman.
Land and buildingrs not appraised; 70 acresip, tailor.
Bond of James Hinchman, of Gloucester Co., administrator, with
Joseph Cooper, of same county, as fellow bondsman.

1786. July 22. Susanna Bullock, widow of Joseph Bullock, renounces
administration of his estate in favor of James Hinchman, Esq. Witness
Gervas HalL Gloucester Wills, 196 H.

17SS* ApHl 28. Bwi. Sem|ak» of Woodbridgre, Middlesex Co. Bond
of Shobel Smith, of Woodbridffe, as sruardian. Benjamin Force, fel-
low bondsman, yeoman. Lib. B, p. 426.

1743, Sept. 5. Bvma, Sarak, of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., widow;
will of. Sister — PriciUa Sutton. Martha, Sarah, Pricilla, Henry and
Jacob, children of Joseph Sutton. Martha, Hester and Mary, daugrh-
ters of brother Henry LanffstafFe. Martha, Sarah, Ruth and Pri-
cilla, daughters of Samuel Potter, deceased. William, Robert and
Bdward, three youngest sons of said Samuel Potter. Charlet, Sarah,
Mary, Pricilla, Martha, John, Jun'r, and Henry, Jun'r, children of
brother John LanffstafFe. Cousin, William Potter. Real and personal
estate. Bxecutors — ^Friends and brothers, Henry and John Lanr-
stafFe and Joseph Sutton. Witnesses— John Gillman, Henry Gavitt,
John Stelle. Proved Sept. 16, 1742. Lib. C, p. 649.

1743, 5tk 4ay, Ctk mo. (Aii«.>. Bvatlms, Mary, of Cresterfleld, Bur-
lington Co.; will of. Son, Amos, under affe. Brother, Amos Willits.
Two sisters mentioned but not named. Executors — ^father, Rich'd
Willits and brother Rich'd Willits, Jun'r. Witnesses — ^Rachel Lovell,
Joseph Ro§rers, Jos. Reckless. Proved Sept. 21, 1742.

1742, 14th day, 7th mo. (Sept). Richard WiUits, Sen'r, of "Bamygat,"
declines executorship. Lib. 4, p. 816.

1742, Sept 4. Inventory of personal estate, £49.12.6; made by Antho.
Woodward and William Bunting.

174»-1» Marek S. Bvattair* Samvel* of Mansfield, Burlinerton Co.,
yeoman; will of. ESxecutors — wife, Mary, and son, SamueL Chil-
dren — Isaac, Thomas, Bbeneser and Mary, all under age. Real and
personal estate. Land joiningr Joseph Nicholson. Witnesses — Isaac
Ivins, Sen.. William Folwell, John Fenimore.. Proved April 18, 1741,
by Mary Bunting, surviving executrix. ^ Lib. 4, p. 280.

1741, April 16. Inventory of personal estate, £207.8.8; made by John
Butcher and William FolweU.

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1X41, March «. B«stlms» Samvel* of Cheaterflcld, Burlincton Co.;
will of. Wife» Mary; son, Amos, and expected child. Father, SamL
Buntinff. Real and personal estate. Executors — Thos. Miller, of
Hanover, and Benjamin Fowler, blacksmith, of Upper Freehold. Wit-
nesses^Antho. Woodward, Constant Woodward, Benja. Horner. Prov-
ed April 3, 1741. Lib. 4, p. 276.

1741, April 2. Inventory of personal estate, £12S.00.6 ; made by John
Steward and Wm. Lowrie.

17S2, Nov. 18. Bnrd, Joseph, of Hanover, Hunterdon Co.; will of.
Brother, Abraham Burd; sister, Sarah Burd. Sister Sarah to have
'*what is due to me out of my father's estate, which is in West Ches-
ter in the flTovernment of New York." Executors not named. Wit-
nesses — Sarah Hathaway and James Frell. Proved Auff. 14. 1783, by
said witnesses, who stated that the testator sigrned the will a few
days before he died. Lib. B, p. 465.

1781* March 8. BurdsalU Jaeah, of Waterford, Burlinerton Co.,
house carpenter. Administration granted to Elisabeth Burdsall,
widow, of Burlinsrton. Thomas Coles, of Waterford, blacksmith, fel-
low bondsman. Lib. 3, p. 184.

1782, April 8. Inventory of personal estate, £101.5.6 ; made by John
Kay and John Collins.

1732-3. Jan. 20. Petition of John Busby of Northampton, who states
that his sister. Jane, lately intermarried with Jacob Burdsall. and said
Jacob had, by his said wife Jane, one daughter, named Jane, and, a little
after birth of said child, the mother died. After the death of petitioner'a
sister the said Jacob intermarried with one Elisabeth Cole, and, about 14
months after said intermarriage, the said Jacob also died, and now the
said John Busby petitions to be made guardian of his niece.

Lib. 8. p. 241.

1783, June 30. Account of Elisabeth Burdsall. administratrix of estate
of Jacob Burdsall, late of Bucks Co.. Province of Penna.. house carpenter
and. before that, of Burlington Co., showing moneys paid Mathew Allen,
Joseph Borden, Evan Harris, Sarah Norris, James Wilde, Jun'r. John
Chambers, James Childs. Joseph Coles. Mary Coles. Thomas Coles. Due
estate from Evan Harris, of Bucks Co., and from James Stevenson, who
has run away.

1783, Jan. 2M. Burdsall, Jaae (within age), daughter of Jacob and
Jane, both deceased. Letters of guardianship granted to John Busby,
of Northampton Township, Burlington Co., yeoman.

Burlington Wills. 2213-16C.

1781, Oct. 20. Burger, Martlu, of Monmouth Co. Bond of Ann
Burger, 'widow, as administratrix of estate. Samuel Vincent, of Mon-
mouth County, fellow bondsman. Witnessed by John Broughton.

Lib. B. p. 235.

, . — . Inventory of estate. £176.7.8^, includes one house

and 2 lots of ground at "Mate Wan Creek" ; a pocket pistol, flute, 18
books and a "Book Called Josephes." Made by Walter Waltz and John

1787, May 28. Bnrgin (Burgen), J«hn, of Cohansey, Salem Co., yeo-
man; will of. Sons, Joseph, John and Philip Burgen, to have equally
real estate as they arrive at 21. Wife, Margaret. Executors — Nicho-
las Oibbon and Leonard Oibbon, to have use of personal estate yearljr

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to pay and discharsre the Loan office. Witnesses — John Lace (Lacey),
William McMeneme, Andrew Gardiner. Proved 24 June, 17S7.

Lib. 4. p. 116.
17S7, June 10. Inventory (£161.7.0), includes negro man, cows, calves,
21 sheep and lambs, acre of wheat, etc. Appraisers — James Dixon, Samuel

17SS; Jam. IS. Bvivolst NIcMols* of Piscataway, Middlesex Co., yeo-
man; will of. Wife, Mary. Children — Moses, Margraret Smalley, Mary
Royse and Rachel Burgrois. Real and personal estate. Burying yard
on home lot to be reserved for bury in gr yard forever. Executors —
son-in-law, Thomas Royse, and Benjamin Stelle. Witnesses — Benja-
min Smalley, Peter Farwell, Henry Scibbow. Proved May 8, 1788.

Lib. B. p. 404.

1T89» Bfarck 28. Bvrmet, John, of Perth Amboy, Middlesex Co.
Bond of John Burnet and William Burnet, as Administrators.

Lib. C, p. 268.

174a, Oet. 29. Burr, Henry* of Northampton. Burlingrton Co.; will
of. Sons — John and Joseph. Daughters — ^Elisabeth Woolman, Mary
Lippincott, Sarah Haines, Rebeckah White and Martha Matlock.
Negrro woman, Maria, to have freedom. Real and personal estate.
Executors — Samuel Woolman and Caleb Haines. Witnesses — ^Tho.
Shinn, Revell Elton, John Woolman. Proved June 11, 1748.

Lib. 4, p. 862.

1748. 11th day, 4th mo. (June). Inventory of personal estate, £282.12.4 ;
made by James Lippincott and John Deacon.

1746* Sept. 5. Burovgrhs* Jeremiah, of Hunterdon Co. Inventory
of the estate (£72.6.10), Includingr 1 grun and sword; a loom and reed;
note of James Cox.

1746, Nov. 10. Bond of John Burrougrhs, of Trenton Township, yeoman,
as administrator. John Mathews, of Hopewell Township, yeoman, surety.
Witnesses — Garret Johnson and Theophilus Sevems. Lib. 5, p. 468.

1744, Marek 9. Bvrroiiirlui, Philip, of Readingrton, Hunterdon Co.,
yeoman. Renunciation of widow, Mary, of rigrht to administer, in
favor of John Burrougrhs, father of said Philip. Witnesses — John
and Joseph Burrougrhs. Hunterdon Wills, 167J.

179t, Jnae 19. Bvrroviriui, Samvel, of Waterford, Gloucester Co.,
yeoman. Son, Samuel, to have the 200 acres of land I live on, bougrht
of Richard Broomley and 100 acres on the other side of the creek,
bougrht of John Walker, he to pay my daugrhter Hannah, when 21,
£S0, and same to my daugrhter Esther, when 21. Son, John, to have
400 acres, bougrht of Joseph Heritagre and John Walker, Junior. Son,
Joseph, 400 acres (160 acres bougrht of Godfrey Harsfllder, 160 of
Samuel Coles, 100 acres of Joseph Heritage). Son, Benjamin, 100
acres purchased of Jacob Spicer, and 100 acres purchased of John
Bstauffh. Daugrhter Sarah, at 21, 100 acres bougrht of Hugrh Sharp.
Wife. Hannah, duringr life, 400 acres by the river side, purchased of
Edward Tue and, after her death, to expected child. Wife, Hannah,
sole executrix. "She to grive my son Samuel three cows or to pay
him £7 above which was griven him by his grrandfather, Jon. Taylor."
But he not to possess the land before 28 years of agre, except she al-
lows it. Witnesses — ^Thomas Eves, Junr., John Roberts, John Kay.
Proved 81 March, 1782. Lib. 8, p. 198.

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17S1-2. 1 (Mar.). 10 da. Inventory (£814.19.9). includes bacon, beef,
wheat, rye, Indian com, nevro man, negro woman, horses, 20 cows, et&
Appraisers — John Kay, Jos. Cooper.

174S, April 28. Bwrrovclui, W^lUlaBi* of Salem Co., mariner. Int.
Admx., Sarah Burrows (relict). Bondsman — Edward Test and John
Thompson, yeomen. All of town and county of Salem. WHness —
Mary Thompson. Lib. 4, p. 880.

178S» Oct. 10. Bvrt* BeaJaailB* of Somerset Co. Int. Administration
granted to John Mills, cooper. Fellow bondsmen — Peter Vannestt
John Freasuer (Fraser), of County aforesaid, and Alexander Mack-
dowall, of Perth Amboy. Lib. B, p. 805.

1782, Oct 27. Inventory (filed 8 Sept. 1740), Ledger book-debts 18 ^
pagea "Other debU outstanding to the heirs" (£470.17.6). Bonds, bills,
notes, goods, etc (£607.4.2), includes 4 remnants of "shrowds," 19 rac-
coon skins, 8 gold rings and pair gold "buttens." watch, chain and seal,
4 gold rings, buttens, etc, silver tankard, etc Made by John Fralser, Jan.
Hendryse, Anderies Teneyk.

Inventory, or List of Book Debts outstanding, due Heirs of Benj. Burt :
July 11, 1726. Henry Rivers; August 28, John Midlesworth, Andres An-
derson; Feby 18, 1722. Jacob Sebring, John Manley, Coll. Hooper; 1722,
John Clare; 1728, Joseph Wood; 1724, Lawrance Kenny, John Richard;
March 20, 1724, Mr. Browe, Albert Ammerman, (?), John Lawbers; June
24. 1725, John Dennon ; July 1725, Jacobus Devore, Robt. Darck, Gtorsham
Hall. Banjam WiUcox, (Ms. Lagrangey; Novr. 16. 1725, Rachiel Dennis,
Isaac (Mmimel; Jan. 8, 1725. Isaac Anderson; May 80. 1726. Abraham
Satoy; Deer. 10. 1781, Pears Swan; Dec 14, 1780. Jack Vroom; Jan.
8. 1781. Wm. Halls; Feby. 7, 1781, John Hagabout; March 6. 1781, Abra-
ham Vanhom ; April 8, 1782, Isaac and Cris Vroom ; April 15, 1782. John
Hall; Apr. 17. 1732, Hug. Nichol. Abr. Lane, Jon. Hendricks; Apr.
21, 1782, Rob. Traphagen; Apr. 24, 1782, Andrias StoU, John Hendrick,
Mr. Vroom. Jacob Vroom, John Franton; Apr. 25. 1782, Barant Limas;
Apr. 26. 1782. Mich. Hendry; Apr. 26 ft 27, Geo. Falioneer; Apr. 28,
Lucius Sceunerhom; Apr. 29. Bar. Limas, John Loder, Wm. Phillips;
Apr. 80. James Boyd; May 2. Dumb John; May 6, Isaac Lamer, Paul
Prickhaw, Isaac Ross; May 9, Jacob Tenneick; May 16, Guisbert Lane;
May 19. Lias Clawson; May 28. Ned Murphey; May 24, DanL Slover;
May 26, Oeo. Bowman ; May 27. Peare Vanneste, Rolif Traphagen ; June
8, James McCroggy ; June 5. 1782, Joseph Road ; June 7, Albert Jonston ;
June 9, John Troy; June 10, York Shire, Dumb John; June 10 ft 12, OuU-
bert Lane; June 16, Oeorge Bowman, John King, John Stevens; June
28 ft 24, John M. Farle; June 24 ft 26. Hauns Vannette, Mr. Damaras.
Francis ESnnis; June 2. Jans Vannetta; June 28. Thos. Tate; July 1,
John M. Neal; July 8, Coonrad, the Jerman; July 5, Blix. Bennet; July
7, Hugh Nichol; July 18, John Biggs; July 19. Cor's. Bowman; July
21, Josh. Clark, John Frasier; July 24, Abra. Slover; July 26, 27, 28,
Dederick VanStock; July 29, Cort. Johnston; July 81, (>ipn. Vanneste,
Wm. Hall; Aug. 2, 1782. Paul Rickhaw; Aug. 9, John Cook; Aug. 12,
Sanders Fitchet; Aug. 14, Jno. Wright; Aug. 17. Jon. Mills; Aug. 19,
Samll. Steevens, Urla Bakie ; Aug. 25, Wm. McCanes ; Sept 2, John Holli-
day; Feb. 7, Matthew Spencer; Feb. 11, Wm. Means; Sept 18. John
Applel; Sept 16, Josias Clawson; Sept 18, Phillip Bryan; Sept 19,
Thos. Collins, Edwd. Barber; Sept 28, Hendk. Rosebam; Sept 24, Brian
Megur; Sept 25, Richd. Power, John McFarland; Mar. 11, 1727; Jacob
Vandebick; May 18, 1728, Mr. Lane; Novr. 27, Gtorsham Hull; 1726,

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Tmtmr Kenny, TheophUiiB Kekham, Abr. Teetswortb; 1727, Iflndard John-
ston, DanL Sebrln^, Isaac Govemeur, Henry Vannest ; 17S0. Peter Beleiw ;
17S1, Arie Dewit. Jr., John Oeterman, Junr., Andrie StoU. Cristor, the
tfioea&aker; April 16, 1781, John Weal; May 19. Daniel Batron; June
29. Alezr. &nlth; Aug. 21, Mr. Core. Vanhom; Sept 4, Jon. Hacabout;
SQ>t. 11, Roy Vroam; Sept. 9, Andrlas Tenneik; Sept. 16, Wm. Johnston;
8^>t. 20, Dorick Malat. Mr. Layworthy; Jan., 1780, James Rutles, Hank
Vanover; 1781. Ennis Whlttinton, Benjam. Rounsavil, John States, Molly
Hull, John Vandervoort, Gors. Middagh, Benj. Arch'd., John Lyon, John
McMechU; 1782, Capt MUler; Apr. 1780, Crisparus Vanostrand, Adols.
Hardlnbrook, Wm. Albortus, James McCreei:, Peter Bum, Thos. Day, John
Stresler, James McC^raken ; 1781, Andres Coyman. Benjam Morgan ; 1780,
Philip Murphew, Bob. Hooper. Geo. Scamp, Dederick Fannestack, Urle
Fleldure, Joseph Clark, Michl. Henery, Peter Hunter, Frederick Fleet,
Mr. Legit, James Wlllson, Herman Shuniman, Richd. Hawkins. John
Member, Martin Bakeman, WUliam Phillips; 1781, John Pettinger; 1782,
John CSampbell, John Bodine.

1741. Oct. 26. Petition of Maynard Burt. gent, who has "come over
to this country, having intelligence that the said John Mills has gone a

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