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of the incompetency of the party by whom the instrument purports
to have been forged, ii. 817.
removed by the 9 Geo. 4, c. 32, ib.
as to the question whether the party, whose handwriting is forged,

is the only witness to prove the forgery, ii. 818.
handwriting could not be proved by comparison with a genuine

paper, ii. 819.
but may now, iii. 363.
quaere, whether persons of skill may give their opinion, whether

handwriting is genuine or an imitation, ii. 819.
of the admission of his own handwriting by the party accused, ii. 821.
evidence of an engraver, ib.
what sufficient evidence of forging a bill, ii. 822.
evidence of uttering, ii. 823, 824.
giving a forged bill to an innocent agent or to an accomplice, an

uttering, ii. 824.
what is a sufficient uttering, ii. 826.
conditional uttering, ii. 827.
giving an instrument as a specimen, ib.
showing a forged instrument, ib.
exhibiting a receipt, ii. 828, 829.
uttering by an innocent agent, ii. 831.

uttering a forged acceptance does not support a count for uttering a
forged bill, ib.

clxxii Index.

FORGERY— co7iti?iued.

all facts which are part of a continuous transaction are admissible on

an indictment for forgery and uttering, ii. 831.
questions as to proof of the identity or non-existence of the person
whose name is charged to be forged, ii. 832, et seq.
as to proof of the identity of a payee, ii. 832.
proprietor of stock examined to prove his identity, ib.
evidence that names are fictitious, ii. 833, et seq.
of guilty knowledge., ii. 836.

evidence of other forged notes having been uttered by prisoner,
ib. et seq.
of others being in circulation with his signature on them,

ii. 837.
of others found in the same pocket-book, ii. 838.
other utterings after the one charged, ib.
other forged notes on other banks, ib.
other orders and receipts, ii. 839.
engraving other notes, ii. 840.

other forged notes the subject of other indictments, ii. 841.
they must be proved to be forged, ib. et seq.
punishment for, ii. 843.

incompetency to be a witness after judgment, ii. 844.

attornies convicted, and afterwards practising, ib.

general provisions against forgery, ib. et seq.

forging, &c. in England or Ireland documents purporting to be made

abroad, ii. 844.
forgers may be tried where apprehended or in custody, ii. 845.
intent to defraud particular persons need not be stated or

proved, ib.
what is possession or custody, ib.
search for forged instruments, &c, ii. 846.
other punishments for those in 5 Eliz. c. 14, ii. 847.
all forgeries formerly capital subject to penal servitude for life,

&c, ib.
principals in the second degree and accessories, ii. 848.
abettors in misdemeanors, ib.
offences at sea, ib.
fine and sureties, ii. 849.
hard labour, ib.
solitary confinement, ib.
costs of prosecutions, ib.
extent of Act, ib.
of forging, Sfc. records, judicial process, mid evidence, ii. 850.
forging the hand of the receiver of prefines, ii. 851.
the Great Seal, Privy Seal, &c, ii. 850.
proceedings in Courts of Record or Equity, ii. 852.

Courts not of Record, &c, ii. 853.
cases as to pretending to act under County Court process, ib. 854.
forging instruments of evidence, ii. 855.

orders of justices, recognizances, &c, ii. 856.
certifying as true any false copy of records kept under the 1 & 2
Vict. c. 94, ii. 852.
relating to the public funds, and stocks of public companies, ii. 858, et seq.
forging powers of attorney to transfer stock, ii. 858, 863.

names of witnesses thereto, ii. 859.
personating proprietors of stock, &c, ii. 858, et seq.

endeavour to receive dividend sufficient, ii. 858, 865.

Index. clxxiii

FORGERY— continued.

making false entries in books of bank, ii. 859.

clerks making out false dividend warrants, ib.

forging stock certificates, &c, ii. 860.

personating owners thereof, ib.

engraving plates for, ib.

forgery of Exchequer hills, ii. 862, et seq.

it is no objection that the stock had never been accepted, and the
transfer not witnessed, ii. 863.
of the securities of the Bank of England, Ireland, and other banks, ii. 866,
et seq.

forging and uttering bank notes, ii. 866.

purchasing or receiving forged hank notes, or having them in posses-
sion, knowing them to be forged, ib.
making and using and having in possession any frame for making

paper, &c, ii. 867.
engraving any bank note, &c. on, or using any plate, or having it in

possession, ii. 868.
engraving on any plate any word, &c. resembling any part of any
bank note, &c. or using, &c. or having in possession, or uttering,
&c, ii. 869.
cases on the former statutes, ib.

expunging an indorsement by lemon juice held rasing, under

8 & 9 Will. 3, ib.
possession of a forged note, ib.
what constitutes an uttering, ii. 870.

delivering a forged bank note to another for the purpose of
being uttered, who did so accordingly, held ' a disposing and
putting away ' of the same, on the 15 Geo. 2, ib.
on an indictment for disposing of, &c. bank notes, &c. on the
45 Geo. 3, c. 89, it was not necessary to aver to whom they
were so disposed, ii. 871.

the offence committed by notes furnished by prisoners to
agents of the bank, ib.
evidence of guilty knowledge, ii. 872.
bank prosecutions, ib.

election to proceed for minor offence, ib.
East India securities, debentures, tyc, ii. 875.
forging, &c. East India hond, ib.
certificates of India stock, ib. 876.
personating owners thereof, ii. 876.
engraving India certificates, ib.
forging debentures, ii. 875.
forgeries upon insurance companies, ii. 877.
of forging and transposing stamps, ii. 878, et seq.

52 Geo. 3, c. 143, s. 1 — offences in breach of and resistance to the
revenue laws, felony, ii. 878.

s. 7, forging, &c. marks, stamps, &c. felony, ib.
s. 8, transposing any mark, stamp, &c. from one piece of plate
to another, and marking base metal with forged stamp,
ii. 879.
s. 9, making or having any frame, &c. for making excise paper,
&c. &c, ii. 880.
55 Geo. 3, c. 184, s. 7, cutting a stamp from paper, &c. to use on

another paper, &c, ib.
55 Geo. 3, c. 185, s. 6, persons forging plate, stamp, &c. to denote
duty on almanacks, newspapers, &c, ii. 882.

clxxiv Index.

FORGE RY—conti,i tied.

s. 7, forging, &c. stamp for plate, ii. 882.

2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 120, s. 32, forging stage carriage plates, ii. 883.

3 & 4 Will. 4, c. 1)7, s. 11, vendors of stamps having possession of coun-
terfeit stamp?, ii. 884.

s. 12, Laving forged dies in their possession, ib.

9 Geo. 4, c. 18, s. 35, forging stamps relating to cards and dice,

ii. 885.
56 Geo. 3, c. 56, s. 37 (Irish Act), forging any type, die, &c. of the
stamp-office in Dublin, or using or having them in possession, ii. 886.
s. 38, possession, by licensed persons, of vellum, paper, &c. with

counterfeit marks, &c, ii. 887.
s. 52, making or having any frame for paper, &c, ii. 888.
s. 58, penalty for evading stamp duties, ii. 889.
7 & 8 Vict. c. 22, s. 2, forging dies for marking gold and silver wares,

&c, ib.
transposing marks, &c. &c, ib.

construction of the Stamp Acts, ii. 890, et seq.

a fraudulent intent was not necessary to bring a case within the

13 Geo. 3, c. 59, ii. 890.
but it is to bring a case within the 12 Geo. 3, c. 48, ii. 891.

10 Anne, c. 19, s. 97, forging seals or stamps for linens, calicoes, &c>
ii. 892.

question upon the words ' intent to use ' in the 12 Geo. 3, c. 48,

ii. 893.
innocently cutting off stamp and parchment, and fraudulently

separating them, ib.
construction of the words ' any paper liable to the said duties '

in the 23 Geo. 3, c. 49, ii. 894.
the words ' duties of excise,' and ' duties under the manage-
ment of the commissioners of excise,' held synonymous, ii. 896.
variance between a lion passant and a lion rampant, ii. 897.
engraving a counterfeit stamp, similar in some parts, and dis-
similar in others, to the genuine, &c. &c, ib.
it is sufficient to describe a stamp as ' a stamp provided and
used in pursuance, &c.,' ib.
trial, in what county, ii. 898.

of official papers, securities, and documents, ii. 900, et seq.
the mark of the receiver of prefines, &c, ii. 900.
uttering a false certificate of previous conviction, ib.
of contracts, certificates, &c. for the redemption of the land-tax,

ii. 901.
of excise permits, ii. 902, 903.
of debentures, &c. for the return of money from duties of custom or

excise, ii. 904.
of the name or handwriting of the receiver-general, &c. of the

excise, ib.
of the customs, ii. 905.

certificates or receipts under Property Tax Act, ib.
of instruments in the name of the receiver-general of excise, &c,

ii. 906.
of Exchequer bills, &c, ib.
making plates, &c. for Exchequer bills, ii. 907.
making paper, &c. for Exchequer bills, ib.
having possession of such paper, ii. 908.
of certificates, &c. relating thereto, ib.
forging the handwriting of the receiver-general of the post-office, ib.

Index. cl.wv

FORGERY— continued.

forging dies for marking postage, ii. 908.

manufacturing or using paper similar to that used for postage covers
ii. 910. °

receiving paper for postage covers before it is stamped, ii. 91 1.

of the name or hand of the registrar of the Court of Admiralty,

&c, ib.
forging warrants, &c. relating to the Exchequer, ib.
counterfeiting certificates relating to Exchequer bills for Trinidad,
Guiana, St. Lucie, Dominica, ii. 912.

of the hand of the treasurer of the Ordnance, ii. 913.

forgery and false personation for the purpose of obtaining pay, prize-
money, &c. pensions, &c. of soldiers and sailors, ib. et sefj.

forging names of ofiicers entitled to prize-money, or of officers at
Chelsea, &c., ii. 913.

forging Chelsea pensions, &c., ii. 914.

it is not necessary that the pension to which the document relates
should be actually subsisting, ii. 915.

forging tickets, pay-lists, &c. to obtain prize, ii. 917.

subscribing false petitions to the treasurer of the Navy, ii. 918.

forging extracts from registers of marriage, and to obtain prize-
money, ii. 919.

registers of the Stationers' Company, ib.

medical practitioners, ib.

pharmaceutical chemists, ii. 920.

forging certificates relating to naval stores, ib.

petitions to the inspector of seamen's wills, ib.

certificates for half-pay, under the 2 & 3 Will. 4, c. 106, ii. 92 1 .

certificates of service in the navy, or protections from such

service, ib.
assignments of pensions, &c., ib.

fraudulent receipt of pension money, &c, ii. 922.

forging power of attorney to receive prize-money, ii. 923.

muster-books, evidence, ii. 924.

relating to merchant seamen's fund, ib.
seamen's savings' banks, ib.

of any Mediterranean pass, ib.

of certificates, &c. relating to the slave trade, ii. 925.

of quarantine certificates, ii. 926.

name of accountant-general and officers of Court of Chancery, ib.
judge of Landed Estates Court, ib.
officers of any court, ib.

of an office copy of the report of the accountant-general, and of a
certificate of one of the cashiers of the bank, ii. 927.

certificates, &c. under Merchant Seamen's Act, ib.

marriage license or certificate, ii. 928.

registers of births, baptisms, marriages, &c, ib.

false entries in copies of registers, ii. 929.

destroying such copies, &c, ib.

giving false information to registrars, ib.

indictment for so doing on a marriage, ib.

false statement must be intentional, ii. 930.

what is causing a false entry to be made, ii. 931.

indictment for destroying, defacing, and injuring a register, ib.

false notices and certificates of marriage, ii. 932.

of registers deposited under the 3 & 4 Vict. c. 92, ib.

of any register, &c. concerning life annuities, ii. 933, 934.

clxxvi Index.

FORG E R Y— continued.

personating any nominee, ii. 934.
of memorials, &c. of the registry of deeds, ii. 935.
false statements, &c. under Transfer of Land Act, ib.
suppression of deeds, &c. under the Declaration of Title Act, ii. 936.
of declaration of rt turn of premium on a policy of insurance, ii. 937.
of the name or handwriting of the commissioners of the Woods and

Forests, ib.
licenses for carriages, ii. 938, 939.
of private papers, securities, and documents, ii. 940.
forging wills, bills, notes, &c, ib.

deeds, bonds, orders for delivery of goods, receipts, &c,
ib. 941.
fraudulently making, &c. bills, &c. by procuration, ii. 941.
obliterating crossings on cheques, ii. 942.
forging court rolls, ib.

instruments however designated, &c, ib.
construction of the 5 Eliz. c. 14, ii. 943.
questions upon the repealed statutes, ib. et seq.
power of attorney is a deed, ii. 943.
uttering Scotch notes in England, ii. 944.
promissory note for payment of one guinea in cash or Bank of

England note, ib.
bill drawn upon commissioners of Navy held a bill of exchange,

ii. 945.
false assertion in an indorsement, that indorser has a procu-
ration, ii. 946, 947.
forging any indorsement sufficient, ii. 947.
case of a promissory note which was not negotiable, ii. 949.
a post dated cheque, ii. 950.
forging a bill payable to prisoner's own order, and uttering it

without indorsement, ib.
bills of exchange defective when acceptances were forged upon

them, ii. 951.
cases of receipts, ii. 952, et seq.

' received the contents above by me, S. "W./ a sufficient

statement of the receipt in the indictment, ii. 952.
a forged receipt for bank notes is not a receipt for money
or goods, ib.

but an entry of the receipt of money or notes made
by a cashier of the bank is an accountable receipt
for the payment of money, ib.
forged entries in bankers' pass-books are accountable

receipts, ii. 954, et seq.
the mere signing certain names to an assignment for pay-
ment of a sum in a Navy bill, does not purport to be a
receipt, ii. 956.
a signature may be proved to be a receipt, ii. 957.
indictments for forging the word 'settled,' ii. 958, et seq.
question as to this word, ii. 961.

indictment for forging high constable's receipt, ii. 959.
import of the word ' paid ' at the bottom of a bill, ib.
indictment for forging a receipt signed with initials, ii. 960.
forging receipts for subsistence money for the army, ii. 961.
altering sum in high constable's receipt, ii. 962.
a scrip receipt not filled up, ii. 963.

Index. clxxvii

FORGERY— continued.

a scrip certificate of a railway company is not a receipt,
acquittance, or accountable receipt, ii. 964.
or an undertaking for payment of money, ib.
memorandum importing payment, but not a receipt, ii. 966.
an agreement containing a receipt, ib.
receipts used to exonerate a testator's estate, ib.
forging a receipt in order to found a claim of payment

thereon against a third person, ii. 967.
as to the right of the prisoner to put the prosecutor to his

election of various forged receipts, ib.
it was not an offence within the 1 Will. 4, c. 66, to for^e
an indorsement on a warrant or order for the payment of
money, ii. 967 ; but see now ii. 941.
signing receipt for another in the party's own name, ii. 967.
a signature to a post-office order is a receipt, ii. 969.

so is a turnpike ticket, ib.
a receipt for costs in an action, ii. 970.
a pawnbroker's duplicate, ib.
a signature of a witness on an order for costs, ib.
accountable receipt for goods, ii. 972.
a receipt for goods, ib.
construction as to warrants or orders for payment of money &c.
ii. 973, et seq.
the statute not confined to commercial transactions, ii. 973.
bills of exchange may be laid as warrants or orders for the
payment of money, ib.

instrument considered as such, ii. 974.
instance of what is not an order, &c, ib.
the warrant or order must purport to have been made by
one having authority, &c., ib.

a note to a shopkeeper in the name of an overseer not

within the statute, ii. 975.
a note to a tradesman, requesting him to let the bearer

have goods, &c, ib.
an order for the purpose of obtaining a reward for the

apprehension of a vagrant, ib.
order upon the treasurer of a county, ii. 976.
it ought to appear in the indictment, that the person
whose name is subscribed had authority, &c. ii. 977.
if it purport to be one the party had a right to make
it is sufficient, ii. 979.
the order need not be directed to the holder or person

interested in or having possession of the goods, ii. 978.
a forged order on a banker, though in a fictitious name, is

within the statute, ii. 979.
the order ought to import that the party making it had a
disposing power, or there ought to be proof that he had
such power, ii. 980, et seq.
it may be an order, though there are no funds in the hands

of the drawee, ii. 981.
foreign letter addressed to a correspondent here, ii. 982.
an order to pay a sum in advance of an intended vova^e
ii. 984. 3 ° '

sailors' shipping notes, ib. 985.
indictment stating the sum mentioned in a forged order

good, ii. 985.
if an instrument be both a warrant and order it may be
so described in the indictment, ii. 986.

clxxviii Index.

FORG ER Y— continued.

the specification of goods in the order, ii. 987.

an order to taste wine, ib.

case of an order not available by reason of some collateral
objection, ii. 988.

warrants for payment of money, ii. 989, et seq.

authority to receive money deposited on accountable
receipts, ii. 989.

any instrument under which, if genuine, the payer might
recover the amount against the signer of it, is a warrant,
ii. 990, 991, 992.

distinction between a warrant and order, ii. 991.

authority to draw money, ii. 992.

certificate of death of a member of a dissolved lodge of
Odd Fellows, ii. 993.

of an existing lodge, ii. 994.

surgeon's certificate of sick workman, ib.

account of wages signed by a foreman, ib.

certificate of good conduct of a convict, ii. 995.

forgery of requests for the delivery of goods, ib.

a request need not be addressed to any person, ib.

an instrument may be shown to be a request by the custom
of the trade, ib.

not signed, directed, or naming the goods, ii. 996.

what is a sufficient signature, ii. 997.

a request purporting to be signed by a customer of a trades-
man, ii. 998.

the supposed writer of a request need not have any autho-
rity or any interest in the goods, ib.

the goods need not be specified in the request, ib.

an instrument may be a request, though it is also an under-
taking to pay for the goods, ii. 999.

a request for the payment of money was not within the
1 Will. 4, c. 66, but is within the new Act, ii. 1000.

where an indictment sets out a request it must either pur-
port or be shown by averment to be such, ib.

the indictment must have been for forging a request, and
not for false pretences, ii. 1001.

a conditional undertaking to pay money was within the
1 Will. 4, c. 66, ib. ; Add. iii. 676.

a forged undertaking by A. that B. shall pay, ii. 1002.

an undertaking without consideration since the 19 & 20
Vict. c. 97, ii. 1003.

jury may find an intent to defraud one of several
partners, ib.

making moulds for manufacturing paper of bankers, &c,
ii. 1004.

engraving foreign bills, notes, &c. on plates, &c, ii. 1005.

engrai iii'_r plates, &c. for foreign bills, or using or uttering
such plates, &c., ib.

taking a copy by photography, ib.

indictment for using plates, ii. 1006.

election on counts for engraving, and counts for using, ib.

on an indictment against several for engraving, a joint em-
ployment of the engraver must be proved, ii. 1007.

f/uare, whether persons causing plates to be engraved must
know the nature of the instrument, ib.

Index. clwix

FORGERY— continued.

demanding property on forged instruments, ii. 1010

cheats by, ii. 703.

death by correction in, i. 716, 861, et seq., 88u.

destroying, &c, ii. 1081.
FRAUD.— See tit. Cheat.

cheat by, ii. 701, 702.

larceny of things, part of the freehold, ii. 252, et sen.

assembly of, not unlawful, i. 397.

stealing, ii. 259.

destroying, &c., ii. 1068.

forgery, &c. relating to, ii. 858, et seq. — See tit. Forgery.

conspiracy to raise, hy false rumours, iii. 122.

punishment, i. 1051.


injuring works of art in, ii. 1096.

property in game at common law, i. 639, et seq.
destroying in the night-time, i. 641.

9 Geo. 4, c. 69, s. 1, any person unlawfully destroying game or rabbits in
the night, in any land, open or enclosed, ib.

any person unlawfully entering or being in any land by night for
such purpose, ib. ; Add. iii. 652.
second offence, i. 641.
third offence a misdemeanor, ib.

sec. 2, any person found on any land committing any
such offence may be apprehended by the owner, game-
keeper, &c, i. 642.
such offender assaulting any owner, &c. guilty of a
misdemeanor, ib.
sec. 4, prosecutions for offences punishable on summary
conviction to be commenced within six months, ib.
other prosecutions within twelve mo ths, ib.
sec. 8, convictions made evidence, ib.
sec. 9, three or more together entering or being in land
by night, for the purpose of taking game or rabbits,
being armed with offensive weapons, i. 643.
what shall be considered night, ib.
what shall be deemed game, ib.
7 & 8 Vict. c. 29, extending part of the previous Act to

highways, ib.
24 & 25 Vict. c. 114, search of persons found with game,
&c, i. 644 ; Add. iii. 653, 654.

what is the commencement of a prosecution, i. 645 ;

Add. iii. 655.
tame game, i. 646.

clxxx Index.

GAME — continued.

indictment on 9 Geo. 4, c. 69, s. 1, i. 646.

as to the authority to apprehend poachers, i. 647.

under 14 & 15 Vict. c. 19, s. 11, i. 648.

as to the form of an indictment for assaulting a

gamekeeper, i. 649.
as to being found on the land, i. 650
of the being armed, one being armed sufficient, i. 651.
not if the others are ignorant that he is so, ib.
a constructive arming sufficient, ib.
what are offensive weapons, i. 652.
what sufficient evidence of being in the land, i. 653.
whether an entry by one in the presence of two

others is sufficient, i. 654, et seq.
what is an entry within the statute, i. 660.
of the intent to kill game in the close laid in the in-
dictment, i. 661.
the indictment must specify the close, i. 663.
a variance in its name fatal, i. 664.
requisites of the indictment, ib.
joinder of counts, i. 665.

not necessary to disprove consent of owner, ib.
taking hares or rabbits in a warren, ii. 374.

gaming-house a nuisance, i. 443, et seq.

cock-pit considered so, and indictable, i. 444.
proceedings against keepers of, i. 446.
playing at cards, &c. as a recreation, and for moderate sums, no offence,
i. 624.

but excessive gaming is, ib.

former Acts repealed, ib.

cheating at play punishable under 8 & 9 Vict. c. 109, ib.

wagers not recoverable, i. 625.

cases on old Acts, ib. et seq.

on the new Act, i. 627, 628.

common, indictment for keeping, i. 443.
manner of proceeding on, i. 446.

oppression, &c. by, i. 202.

forcing persons to give evidence, ib.
suffering his prisoner to escape, ib.
extortion by, i. 208, 209.
putting prisoners in irons, i. 584, note (x).
murder hy duress of imprisonment by, i. 749.
confining with a person ill of smallpox, ib.
when guilty of manslaughter, i. 860.
and assistants, killing prisoner, when justifiable, i. 895.

destroying vegetables, &c. in, ii. 1068.
stealing flowers, vegetables, &c. in, ii. 259.

stealing, ib.

destroying, ii. 1074, 1076.

proof and effect in evidence, iii. 336.
in bankruptcy conclusive, Add. iii. 671.
production sufficient, ii. 540 ; iii. 336.

Index. clxxxi


stealing, &c, ii. 360.
maliciously killing, ii. 1057.
GIRL. — See tit. Abduction.
carnally knowing, i. 929.
procuring defilement of, i. 936.

i fixed to building, stealing, ii. 252.
painted, injuring, ii. 1096.

taking corn by, whether felonious, ii. 164.

document of title to, stealing, ii. 266.
setting fire to, in building, ii. 1030.
injuring, in process of manufacture, ii. 1081, et seq.

setting fire to, whilst growing, ii. 1063.
stack of, ib.

setting fire to crop of, ib.
stack of, ib.

setting fire to, ii. 1029.

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