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The Royal kalendar: and court and city register, for England, Scotland, Ireland, and the colonies .. (Volume yr.1781) online

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ID Jji:

^tiliani, Hants



3 1833 01941 4520



A Neiv Edition, correSled 'tothe^ilxof Tebruary:, of




o R,

Gentleman 's Complete


For the Year 1781 5


I. New and Corred LISTS of both

XL LISTS of the A R M y, NAVY,

Universities, Publico FFic£s,
Hospitals, i^c»

A^ith many Improvements, and the Addition r
of fome new LISTS.

L N D N:

Printed for J. Jolliffe, in St. JameCi-fireit\
J. Walter, at Channg-Crofs j

i HiNTON, T. Caslon, C. Dilly, J. ROBSOV,
S. Chowder, G. Robinson, R. Baldwin, B. Law,
W. NicoLL, W.Stuart, E.Johnston, T.Lowndes,
T.Longman, E. Johnson> J. Russel, J. Almon and
J. Debrett, W. Flexney, and B. Collins.

I Price bound, 2s, and with an Almanack zs, 6d.J





Admiraliy Ofnce
, Court




Africa Comp. of Merch,

Agent Viftuallers

Agents to the Army

Aldermen of London
AmbaiTadors to and from Fo
reign States ■ 92


Amicable Society — — 216
Amelia, Prfs. her Eflab. 90
Antiquary Society — — . 226
Archdeacons — 201

Army, Lift of 171

Artillery Company 209

Afylum - ■■■■■' 232

Auditors of Land Tax 97

Augmentation Office 105

^-|3 AN K of England 214
Bankers, London 214

Bankruptcy, Commilf. of 98
Bartholomew's Hofpital 227
Baronets «■ ■ - 190

Bethlem — — 228

BifhoDS ' ■ 16

Board' of Works 85

Bridewell 228

Briti/h Mufeum ■ ■■ ■ 226
Eritifh Lying-in Hofpital 231
pAMBRIDGE Univ. 236
^ Capt. of the R. Navy 148
Chamberlain,Ld.his Office 70
Chancellors of Diocefi^s 201
Chancery, Court of ■ 97

Chaplains in Ordinary 77
Charter Houfe ■ 227

Chelfea Hofpital 168

ChrilVs Hofpital — • 228
Cinque-Ports ■ 168

Coll. of Doftors of Law 107
College of Phyficians 220
Commillioners of Sewers 210
Committee of City Lands 210
Common Council ■ 204

Common Pleas, Court of 102

Commons^ Lift qS Hf of 22

j Commons, alphabetically 54.

I , their Officers T6^

j Company for pwpagating the

j Gofpel in New England 227

; Comptrollers of Army 169

j Confiils, abroad ■ 94

Cornv.all, Dutchy of 86

Corporation for Seamen 231

Counfel, King's, and Serj. 105

Cumberland,D.of,his Ei1:ab.89

Cuftoms — — 116

Q E A N S 200

Difpenfary for Poor 233
■ Inf. Poor

Drawing Room in Tower 167

g AST India Directors 211

Equitable AfTur. Off. 218

Exchequer, Officers of

'— — Court of





Excife Office

prilazers to Com. Pleas

Firft Fruits Office
Foundling Hofpital —
QENERALandftaffOff. J69
Gen. Medical Afylum 232
George's, St. Hofpital 229
Gloucefter,D.of, his Eftab. 89
Governments in America 112
Gibraltar, and Mi-






norca, &c.
in Gr. Britain

Greencloth, Board of
Greenwich, Hofpital
Grefham College —
Guy's Hofpital — —
fj A C K. N E y Coach Of-
fice — — 133
Haflar, Hofpital at — 140
Hawkers & Pedlars Office 133

Heralds-College 90

Hofp. for Fr. Proteftants 228
Houfekeepers, &c. — — 74
Houfhold, his Majefty's 80
Hudfon's-Bay Comp. 213

TEWEL Office 7a

J Iropreft Offices »— • 96

J^fu ranee Off. agalnftFire 216
.Juftices ofWales 105]

i^/" ING's Bench, Court of 101

C^ King's Kitchea 82

SK nights of the Ga-r'ter — 9 1

* Bath—— 91

; Thiftle 92.

tj Ancafter,Dutchj<!ourt 105
li^— Officers cf the Court ic6
* Laudable Soc. forWidows 225
ic^aud. Soc. of Annuitants 2 '.8

^Levee Days 79

^ieutenants of Counties 109
jLieutenants of the Navy 153
^^Lieutenancy of London 207

^ock Hjfp'ital 231

^London Ly'.ng-inHofpital 231

- Hofpital 230

4uke"s, St. Hofpital 231

"AGDALEN Houfe 232
V - ■ Marine Society 232

!lWarflialfea Court 106

Mafter of the Horfe — 84

Mafter of the Robes '■ 72

Mafters and Commanders 151
Medical Society, Lond. 233

Paymafler of Penfions 97

Peers, Houfe of ■■ i

■, H. or', alphabetically 18

Peers, their Officers — — 67
Peerefles — — - -

Penny Poll:

Penfioners, Band of —
Pipe Office — .
Plymouth Hofpital ■■
Poft Office



Preachers at King's Chapel 79
Prebendaries ■ 202

Privy Seal ■ 108

Privy Council ■ 69

Prodlors — — 108

QUEEN'S Houfhold
' Queen Anne's


Middlefex Hofpital —
Militia of London —
Million Bank — —
Minorca — —
Mint — —
Mifericordia Hofpital
Morden's College
Mufic, Band of

TSTAVAL Officers

^ Navy Yards

— — Royal, Lift of — —


Ordnance, 'Military
Oxford Unlverfit]|fc — —

p AY of the Army
■*• Pay Office, Navy
Paymafter of Land Forces










n ANGERS and Keepers 75

Redl. and Vic. Lond. 223

Regifters in Doc. Com. 107

Royal Academy ■ ■■

Chapels — —

— — Nurfery ■

Ruffia Company


Secretaries of State
Senegambia •■ ^
Serj. and King's Counfel
Scots Hofpital ■

Sheriffs - — —

Sick and Hurt Office —
Sixpenny Receivers-Office 140
Signet-Office — — 109
Sion-CoUege ■■ 22a

Small-Pox Hofpital 23O

Soc. of Artifts of Gr. Brit. 219
Soc, fofChr. Knowledge 227
Society for Gofpel ■ 227

— for Encouragem. of Arts 218
— for Recovery of drowned

Perfons 229

Stamp Office ■■■ i^z

South Sea Company 21a

^PM<«^u^dO%er« -^ J47













q^ALLY Court —

•*■ Tax Office .

Tenth's Office

Thomas's St. Hofpilal
Tower of London —
Trade, Board of -—
Tradefm. &c. to the King 74
Tjreafurer of the Chamber 87

Treafury *— « 94

Trinity-houfe — — 130

Turkey Company 213


'y^ALES, Pnnce of, his

Eftabh/hmenfc 87


War Office — —

Wardrobe, Removing

Great —

Welch Charity ——
-■-'■ Infirmary

— Lying-in Hofpi-

— 232

»___ General Difpen-

fary ..— — j -

Widows andChild;:^;^of Crer-

5iv?n2n- 22c

"\V'oolwich Acad, and Lab. 167
yEOMEN of the Guard 82



— 244




Admiralty Court


. Royal

Baronets — — . ■ ■■ 24a

Chancery 245

College of Phyficians 245

Gommiffary-Court 244

Gomm. for Fifheries, &c. 245
Court of Seffion — — 243
— — — Jufticiary — — 243
» ■ Exchequer — — 243
Guftoms, Salt Dnty, &c. 247
Excife Office — 246


Great SeaL Office

Lyon-Office — —

Officers of State — —

Police, Eftablifhment of
Pol-i Office — —

Privy Seal ■ , . ■

Regifler Office

Stamp Office,
Tax Office










Artillery and Engineers? 2-65
Bankers ■ 269

Baronets — — 271

Battle Axe Gijards 266

Chancery ■ 260

Clerks of H, of Lords 264
College of Phyficians 270

Commons, Houfe of 254

- Alphab. Lift of 259
Coramiffionersof Cuftoms 267

_ of Appeals 269

_.^— — of Works

Counties, Governors of
Court of King's-Bench

» Common Pleas

«—— Exchequer — —
^ , I of Admiralty — —
«»M of Delegates »-*







' a65


Deans — — - — — 270

Excife " 268

General-Officers ■ 265

Governors, &c. ' 266

Impreft Office 268

King's-Council — — 263

Laboratory — ' — — — 266

Ordnance 265

Patentee-Officers 268

Peers — — — 249

Poft Office 269

Prerogative Court -?— 264

Privy-Council -■ 249

Rangers, &c, ■ 264

Stamp Office •— — 26 j

State-Officers — -* 264

Trinity-College Uaiv, ^69


Speaker, ^ Rt. Hon. EDWARD Lord THURLOW,

03" Thoje tvith this Mark ^

are Privy-Counfellors.
* Under Age.
•f Don t Jit in the Houfe.
j Roman Catholic/: Peers.
4 Generally in tbeCountry

K. G.— K. T.— or K. B. Kt.

of the GarterfThijile^ crBath.
LL.D. DoSlor of Laios.
F.R.S. Fellow oftheRoyalSocietf
Inclofed thus [ ] are their

Country Seats,

b. VI, nv. batchelory married, ividcwer.

N. B. The Scots Peers take Place of all thofe of the fame Rank,

created fmce the Union, I707.

' PEERS o/r;{>e BLOOD ROYAL, 3. '

1762. * FT IS Royal Highnefs George-Augustus-

Aug. 19. J[ J. Frederick, Prince of Wales, Duke of
Cornwall and Rothfay, Earlof Chefter and Carrick, Elec»
toi"al Prince of Brunfwick-Lunenburgh, Baron of Renfrew,
Lord of thelfles. Great Steward of Scotland, and Captain
General of the Artillery Company, K. G. h.

J764.. Nov. 14. i^ HisR. H. Wm. Hen. D. of Gloucefterand
Edinburgh, E. of Connaught in Ireland, Gen. of his Maj,
Forces, Col. of the iftReg. of Foot Guards, Chanc. of the
Univ. of Dublin, Ranger and Keeper of Windfor Forcft,
and Cranbourn Chace, Ranger of Hampton-Court Park,
Warden and Keeper of New Foreft, Hampfhire, &c, and
Pref. of the Lond. Infirmary, K. G. [Cranbourn and
Hampton-Court Lodges, and Lyndhurjl, Hants. J m.

1766. 0&, 2,2. ^ His Royal Highnefs H^nry Frederick Duke
of Cumberland and Strathern, and Earl of Dublin in Ire-
land, Ranger of Windfor Great Park, and an Admiral
of the Blue Squadron, K.G. [Gr. Lodge in IVimlj'orParkt
and Cannon Park, Hants.] m*

D U K E S, 22.

IlliC. III. 14S3. Junez%. X Cha. Howard, D. of Norfolk, E.of
Arundel & Surrey, Heredit. E. Marfhal, Premier D. & E. of
Eng. [Arundel Caji/e, Su/Jex, ff'''orkfop Manor , Nottinghafnjh*
Deepden, n. Dorking, Surrey, &' Grayjlock, Cumb.] ;h.

fibttl. VI. 1546. Fib. 16. j^ Edward Seymour, Duke of So-
merfet, Lord Seymour [Maiden Bradhy, and Se:nd,}}^iltSf
and Berry Pomeroy, andTotnefs Cajiles, De'von.] b,

Clja. il- 1675. Aug. <). ^ Charles Lenox, D. of Rich-
mond in England, of Lenox in Scotland, and of Aubigny
in France, E. of March, Ld. Lieut, and Cull. Bo!, of the
Co. ot Suifex, Lieut. Gen. of his Majelly's Forces, High
1 Steward of the City of Chichefler, Col. of the Suifex Mil,
! and F.R.S. [Goodivoryd, nar Clichefter, SuJ/'cv.] n:.

1675. Sept. ] I. ^ Auguflus Henry Fitzroy, Duke of Grafton,

^ f Earl of Eu!>on, Hereditary Ranger of Whittlebur^' Fc-

A 2

"2 H U S E e/ PEE R 5. Dukes.

rsfl-, NorthamptonHiire, his Majeiry's Game-keeper at
Newm. Receiver-General of the Profits of the Seals in the
King's-Bench and Com.- Pleas, Chan, of the Univ. of
Cambridge, Ld. Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the Co. of Suf-
folk, High Steward of Dartmouth, Recorder of Thetford
and Coventrry, one of the Governors of the Charter Houfe,
and Pref. of the Small Pox Hofp. K. G. [Euflonball, Suf.
folk, and Wakefield Lodge, Northampt07jJhire~\ m.

'l6^z. Dec. 2. Henry Somerfet, Duke of Beaufort, Marquis
of Worcefter, Ld. Lieut, of the County of Monmouth, Col,
of theMonmouthfh. Militia, and LL.D. [Badminton, Gle-
cefierjhire, Troyy near MoKmouth'\ m.

l683.j'fl«.io.GeorgeBeauclerk, D. ofSt. Albans, E. ofTBur-
ford, Hereditary Grand Falconerof Eng. Hereditary Regifter
ofthe Court of Chanc.L.Lii^ut. andCuft. Rot. of the County
of Berks, and High Steward of the Corporal, of Wind for. io,

=|©t1(I.III. 1689. Apr. 8. ^ Harry Povvlet,D. of Bolton, M. bf
Winchefter, & Premier Marq. of England, Vice- Adm. ofthe
Csuntles of Southamp. & Dorf.. and an Adm. of the White
Squad, of his Maj. Fleet, IHackivod, Hants, Bolton-HouCef
Torkp. Hook Park, DorJetlh.& Ealing, Midd,] m.

■1694. May 4. ^ Thomas Oiborne, D. of Leeds, ( Vifc. Dum-
blainein Scotl.) Marq. of Carmarthen, LL.D. and F.R.S,
Ki-vetor.,Yorkjh. North Mints, n. Hatfield Herts] K.

1694. May II. * Francis Ruflelt, Duke of Bedford, Marquis of
Tavirtock [JVoburn Abbey, Bedfordjh. Streatbam, Surry] b.

-1694. May iz, Wm. Cavendifh, D. of Devon/hire, Marq. of
Hartington, Ld. HighTreafurer of Irel. Gov. ofthe County
of Corke in that Kingdom, and Col. ofthe Derby/h. Mil.
[Cbatfwortb, Derbyjhire, and Chifivicf, Middle/ex] m.

"^nne. 1702. D^c. 14.1^ Geo. Spencer, D. of Marlb-rcugh, M.
of Blandford, L. Lt. & Cuft. Rot. of Oxfordjh. Ranger of
WichvvoodForeft,0.^'"or^/2). H. Stew, of the Corporation of
Ojc/". a Gov. of the Chart. H. Pre/id. of the Radcliffe Innrm.
zlOxf. High Stew, of the Corporation of Woodftockj one of
the elder Brethren of the Trinity Houfe, K. G. &LL.D*
[Blenheim H. near Woodfiock, Oxf. & Ealing, Midd.] m.
I703. Mar. 10. Charles Manners, D.ofRuth-ndjM. of Granby^
Prefident of the Wilft Charity School, Ld. Lt. and Cuft.
Rot. of Leiceflerfh. and CuJ. ct the Leicefterfhire Militia.
[Haddon Hall, Derby fb. Bel-uoir Cafile, LittcolnJJAre, and
'■Che'vely Park, Cambridge/hire.] m.

"jjii j-Douglas Hamilton, D. of Brandon in England, ofChat-
telherault in France,, and of Har jiltoninScotJand.Marq.of
Douglas, Hered. Keeper of Holyrocd Houfe, Keeper of the
Palace at Linlithgow,and Caft^le of Blacknefs, and a Captain

I HOUSE 0/ PEERS. Dukes. j

b'tO. I. 1715. J"b ^9- Brownlow Bertie, D. of Ancafter and
Kefteven, M.ofLindfey, Lord Lieut, and Cullos Rot. of
Lincolnfh. Prefideni of the Lock lloi^'uz\.[CrimJlborpe,
Swinflead, and Uffi^'Z^otij Lincohfrnrelm. . , ^ ,

716. July 6. ^ William Hen. Cavendifh Bentinck, Duke ■
of Portland, M. of Tichhekl, one of the Truftees of the-
Briti<h Ivlufeurn, Prefident of the British Lyinp,-in Kofpital,

I and Medical Afylum, LL.D. ani F.R.S. [Welbeck, Not-

^19. y4pr. 30. G20. Montagu, D of Manchefter, Vjf. Mande-
H. Stew, of Godmanchefter, Colkaor of theCuftoms out-
! wards in the Port of Londctt, LL.D. {.Kitfiioltov CaJiU, Hun»
i ttngdonJ}yire,'\ m.

1719. April 30. ^ James Brydges, Duke cf Chandos, Marq.
of Carnarvon, Ranger of Enfield Chace, H. Steward of the.
I City of Winchefter,LL.D. [Mincher.don Houfe, M'uuUeJex,
I A'vin^jon, Hantsy and Keynjham ylbby, Sowerjejkire'] m.
[7^0. June 13. In. Fred. -Sackville, D. ofDorfet, E.oi Mid-
j dlefex. Vice Admiral cf the Coafls, Lord Lt. and Cuft. Rot.
j of tke Co. of Kent and City of Canterbury, Col. of the.-
Weft. Reg. of KentilTi Miiitia, and High Steward of Strat-
ford upon Avon l^KnotvIe n, Sevenoaks, Kent] b.
720. JuneiZ' Fiancis Egerton, D. ol Bridgewater, M. ^!>
I Brack ley [JVcrfky-Haily Lancapire, Apridge, Bucks] b.
|^C:II; 1756. iyov. 1 3< ^ Henry FienesPelhani -Clinton,,
Duke of New caftle, Eavl of Lincoln, Lord Lieutenant and
Cuftos Rctulorum of Npttin^ihamihire, Steward, Keeper,
and Guardian of the Forert of Sherwood, and Park of Foie;-
i wood, in the County of Nottingham, High Steward of Eaft'
i Retford, Auditor of the Exchequer for Life, Comptroller
I ©f the Cuftoms in the Port of London, High Steward of
j Weftminfter, and Prefident of the Weftminfter Hofpital, ,
K.G. LL.D. and F.R.S. [Oatlands near H^^eybridge, Surry,,
and Clumber Park Nottir.ghamjh.'] w.
J^eO.IIL i766.0<^. 22.f^Hugh Percy,D.of Northumberland,
Earl Percy, Lord Lieutenant and Cuftos Rotulorum of
the Counties of Middlefex and Northumberland, Vice
Adm. of Northumberland, Vice Adm. of all America,
Prefid. of the Middlefex Hofpital and Weftminfter Dif-
pcnfary, and a Truftee of the Britifh Mufeum, F. R. S ,
[Alnivick-CaJiUfNcrthumberlandyand SionHoufe, n. Brent"
ford, Middlefex] K. G. w.

766. Nw, 5. ;a* Geo. Montagu, D. of Montagu, Marq. of
Monthermer, Mafter of theHorfe to the King, Gov. and
Capt. of Windfor-Caftle, Pref. of St. Luke's Hofp, and
F. R. S. [Dean, Nortbamptonjh, Blackbeaib in.Kentf an4 -
Ricbmondf Surry'\ K, G. w*

4 HOUSE 0/ PEERS. Earls.

^eo.U. 1746. ^pr. 19. ^ Char. Watfon Wentworth, M.
ot Rockingham, E. of Malton, (alfo Earl of Malton in
Ireland) Lord Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the Weft Riding of
Yorkfhire, City of York, and County of the fame, and
Cuft. Rot. of the North Riding, a Gov. of the Charter-
Houfe, K.G. and F.R.S. [_JVentivorth-houfe Torkjh.} m.

EARLS, 78.
i^en»VLi442. Mayzo.} % Geo.Talbot, E. of Shrew/bury,Ld.
Talbot, E. of Waterford and Wexford in Irel. [IJltzvortb,
MiddlefeXy Heatborpey near Cbipp'ing-norton, OxfordpA m,
Wen. VII. 1485. Oa. 27. Edw. Smith Stanley, E. of Derby, L.
Stanley, Ld. Lieut. Cuft. Rot. and Col. of the Mil. of the
Co. of Lancafter [Knoivpy-hall^LancaJh. £f the Oaks near
Epfom, Surrey'] m.
I^en. VIII. 1529. Dec. 8. f* Francis Haftings.Earl of Hun-
tingdon, Lord Haftings, F.R.S. [Dunnifigton Park, near
Lekejijr, Ledfione-Uall, Torkjhire.] b.
€?Jto.VL 1551.0,5?. II. Henry Herbert, E. of Pembroke and
Montgomery, L. Herbert, H. Stew, of Saiifbury. and a Lt.
S'am. I. 1603. July 21. Thomns Howard, E. of Suffolk and
Berkfhire, Vifc. Andover.[^/f^, near Epfom, Surry.] iu.
1605. May 4. *f*James Cecil, E. of Saliftjurv, Vifc.Cranburn,
(Son-in-law to the E. of Hillft)orough) Treafurer of the
King's Houihold, Ld. Lt. Cuft. Rot. and Col. of the Militia
of Herts, and High Steward of the Bo. ofHertford, [Hatjield.
Houfe, Cecil Lodge, and S^ukkfivoody Hertfordjhire] m.
160$. May 4. Brownlow Cecil, E. of Exeter, Ld. Burleigh,
F.R.S. [Burleigh Houje, Northamptonjhire, near St am-
fordy Lincolnjhire] w.
161S. Aug. 2. Spencer Compton, E. of Northampton, Lord
Compton, Lord Lieutenant and Cuft. Rot. of the County
cfNorthamp. Recorder of the Town of Northamp. and
perpetual Prefidest of the Northamptonfti. Infirmary, [Cajile
AJhbyy Nortbamptonjh. Compton Vinyates, War-wickjh.] m.
1622. Sep. 14. ■^Bafil Fielding, E. of Denbigh, V. Fielding,
a Lord of the King's Bed-Chamber, Mafter of his Majefty's
Harriers and Fox-hounds, (Earl of Defmond in Ireland.)
[Neivnham Faddox, near Rugbyy Warivickjhire] m.
1624. May zg, John Fane, Earlof Weftmorland, Lord Burg,-
herfli, a Captain in the Norfhamptonftiire Militia, [y^'pe-
tborp, Nortbamptonjhire, and Brimpton, Somerjetjloire'] b.
Clja. I. 1627. Mar. g. Cbarles-Henry Mordaunt, E. of Peter-
borough and Monm.outh, Vifc. Mordaunt, [Dantzeyf
Wiltif Mounty near Soutbampton] b.

HOUSE* 0/ P E E R S. "Far ls. r

162%. Mar. 26. George Harry Grey. E. of Stamford, Lord
Grey \ I n-cHle.Hall, Stafford, and Dunham MaJey,Chejk,m.\

1628. July 12. George Finch, E. of Winchelfeaand Notting-
ham, Vifc. Maidftone, one of the Lords of .the King's Bed-
chamber, Ld.Lt.and Cuft. Rot. ofthe Co. of Rutland, a Ma-
jor of the 87th Reg. of Foot, and Pref. of the Afylum tor the
Relief of the Infant Poor, {Burleigh on the Kill, Rutland \ b.

1628. Aug. 4. Philip Stanhope, E. of Chefterfield, Lord
Stanhope, F. R. S. {Eythorp, Bucks] m.

1628. Au^. c.SackvilleTufton, E. of Thanet, Ld. Tufton,
Hereditary Sheriff of Weftmorland, and Lord of the Honour
of Skipton in Craven [Hothfteld, Kent, Appleby Cajile,
Wejimorland, and Skipton Cajile in Tcrkpire'] m.

Cfja.IL 1660. July 12. ^ John Montagu, E. of Sandwich,
V. Hinchingbrook, firft Lord Commiffioner of the Adm'-
ralty, a Governor of the CharLer-houfe, an Elder Brother
of theTrinity Houfe, and ranks as a General in the Army,
Rec. of the Corporation of Huntingdon and Godman-
chefter, LL.D. [Hincbivgbrook Houfe, near Huntingdon] m.

l66f. Apr. 20. Wm. Anne Holies Capel, E. of Elfex, Vifc.
Maiden, Mafter of his Majefty'sStag-Hounds ICaJbioberry
Park, r.€arJVatford,Hertfordp.'\ m. -n ^r'r

1 661. Apr. 1Q. "^ Frederick Howard, E. of Carlifle, VHc.
Morpeth, Lord Lieut, of Ireland, and Lord Lieut, and Cuft.
Rot.of the Eaft Riding of Yorkshire [CaJlle Hoivard,
near Mai ton, Torkjhire] K.T. n. r , c .* /r» r

1662. Feb. 15. HenryScott, E.ofDoncafter, Ld. Scott (U. ot
Buccleugh in Scotland) Prefid. of the Scotch Hofp. [Ad-
der bury, near Banbury, Oxfordfh. Dalkeith, Eaji Park, and

• Smeaton, near Edinburgh, & Melrofs, RoxburghJh.jK.T. m.

1672. Apr. 23. * Anth. Afhley Cooper, E. of Shaftefbury,
Ld. Afhlev, [fVinbourn St. Giles, Dorfetjhire] b.

,670 Sep. II. Fred. Aueuftus Berkeley, E. of Berkeley,
V Dudley, Conftable of St. Briavell's Caille in the Foreft
of Dean, Ld. Lt.Cuft. Rot. and Col. of the Mil ot the Co._
of Glouc. Cities and Counties of Briftol and Glouc. Keeper
of the Deer and Woods in the Foreft of Dean, ani H. Stew,
of the City of Glouc. [Berkeleycajile, Gloucejle'/hire.'] w.

1682. No-v. 30. Willoushby Bertie, E. of Abingdon, Ld.
Norreys, High-Steward of Abingdon and Wallingtord [Ry
cote, Oxfordptre, and Wit ham Berks, but near Oxf.j m.

1682. Dec. I. Thomas Noel, E. of Gainfborough, V. Camb-
den. High Steward of the Corporation of Chipping-Camb-
den, Gloucefter/hire [Exton, Ruth] ^' , r .

16S2 Dec. 6. Other Hickman, Earl ot Plymouth, Lord
Windfor, Lord Lieut, and CufV. Rot. of Glamorganfhire,
andF.R.S. [Heivell-Grange, TFarivickJhire'] m.

jPDiH, III, 1690. Apr, 15. ^ Rich. Lumiey Saunde-rfon, E.

w- ircnrs-E «/ p e e r s. lARts.

of Scarbrough, Vifc. Lumley, (Vifc. Lumley, in Ireland)
IGlent^vorth, Lircolnjh. Sandbeck, lorkjh, Lumley-Caftle\
"tear Durham] iv. j j ^

I69 5.i!fi7y 10. *^ Win. Hen. Naffau de Zuleftdn, Earl of
Kochford,_ Vifcount Tunbrldge, one of the elder Brethren
Oi the Trinity Houfe, a Governor of the Charter Koufe,
V :ce-Adm.ra] of the Coaft, Lord Lieutenant,Guft. Rot. and
toionel o\ the Weft Battalion of the Militia of the Co. of
ifiex {Eajton Suffolk, and. St. OfythEJJhx] K.G. 10,

1 ^9^'P^f'lo. * George Keppel, Earl of Albemarle, Vifcount
liury. r^dddeT^ham, Ncrfdk, and Bagfiot Park, Surrev^ b,

n9i.Apr.ze. Geo. William Covent/y, E. of Coventry,
\ lie. Deeihurfc, Lord Lieut, and Cuftos Rot. of Wor-
cefteriLire [Crome Court, near Worcejter] m.

V-\s^'^'A^-fi ^^°' ^"^y Villiers, E. of Jerfey, Vifc.
Villiers [Mtddleton Ston^ Oxfordjhlre] m.
SlJin? 1706. Dae. 29. Vere Poulett,E. Poulett, Vifc.Hinton,
Lord Lieut, and Cuft. Rot. of the County of Devon, and
t-ity of Exeter, Recorder of Bridgewater., [Hhion St.
i^eorge, SomerJet//ire, atid T-iuickenharv, Middiel'ex.l m.
'7o6.^f; 29. Geo. James Cholmondeley, E. Cholmundeley
Vifc Malpas, Ld. Lieut, r.nd Cuft. Rot. of the County of
Chefter, andCol. of the Chefliire Mil. (Vifc.Cholmonde-
ley of Kells in Ireland) [CLol-nondeky, Chepire.U.
J7 II. July 24. Edw. Harley, E. of Oxford and E. Mortimer,
La. Harlr/, a Ld. of the Bsdch. to his Maj. Ld. Lieut, of'
the County of Radnor, a Truftee of the Britifh Mufeum,
LL.D. and F.R.S. [Eyivood and Brampton Bryan CaHlL
Hercfordjhire\ nt. ^ j j.

1711. Sep ^. Robert Shirley, E. Ferrers, V. Tarn worth,

ICbanley Ciflle, Staffordjh. and Staunton-HaroU, Leic] m '■
J7 1 J. Sep. 4. vVm.Wentw .rth, E. of Straff6rd,V.Wentworth
F.R.S. [Wentworth-Caft. TorkJ?,., Baughton Nmhamp-
tonjfjirej m, '

J7.11. Sept. 5. ^ William Legge, Earl of Dartmouth,
Vifcount Lewifliam, Lord Privy Seal, Prefident of the
London Difpenfary, and Vice Prefident of the Foundling
and Lock Hofpitals, Recorder of Litchfield, LL.D. and.
F.RS. [SandTveU-hall, Stafford, Blackbeatby Kept, Wood".
(}:am-Hall, Torkffjirt.] m.
^O.I. i7t4.0<S'.J5. Cha. Bennet,E.of TankervillcL.OfTul-
fton. {Cbillir^bamCaft.Nor^bumb.&Daivne\-court,Bucks']m,
[ I714. 0^5.15. Heneage Finch, E. of Aylesford, Ld. Guernfey,
LL.D. one of the Lords of kis Majefty's Bedchamber, [Pack-
ingtonyWar%ulckp. Ayhiford/Kent. Albury near GuUd.^
ford, Surry^ h.
2714. 03. 15. Rt.Rev.Fred. Hervey, E. of Brlftol, L. Hervey,
Biihop of Derry in Ireland, D.D. {Ickivortb-Lodge^ Suff.]m, .

HOUSE f/ PEERS. Earls. 7

iJX'j.Au^. 3. Henry Yelverton, Earl ofSufFex, Vifc. Lonsue-
ville, Col. of theNorthampioiiili. Militia \ EajtonMauduit^
Northamptovjh. Brancon, JVuricickJhirey ^hcdlington, Bed-
fordjh'tre, Ckeihunt, Hfrtfordpjire\ m,

Iji^j.Mar. 18. George Naflau Chivering Cowper, E.Cowper,
V. Fordwich, a Prince cf ths holy Roman e:-npire, F. R. S,
[The Mctenea" Cai-.terl, and Ode-Grfen, Herif.J ;«.

1718. Apr. -J. Philip Stanhope, Earl Stanhope, Vifc. Mahone,
F.R.S. [Cl.e'vai'ingncatSevenoaks^Kent^ M.

1759. M/v 4. Re-/. Robert Sherrard, Clerk, Earl of Har-
borough,Vifc. Sherrard (Baron Leitrim in Ireland) [Staple^
ford, LeiccJJi'Jhirey Glcfion, Ru:/a7}d/hire] m,

tyzj. Nov. 15. Thomas Parkier, Earl of Macclesfield, Vifc,
Parker, F.iJ. 5. LL.D. {Sker)or7l-ca\'tle,OxfcJdjh.^yv.

jyzi. Dec. zi. ^ George Fermor, E. of Pomfret, L.Lempfter,
Keeper of the lower Parks and H. at Windfor. [Eaftort'
NeJ'ton, NortbamptOTtlblrey and Siifibury Middle fexl m.

1722. May 23. Wm. Graham, E. and Baron Graham of Bel-
ford (Duke of Montrofe in Scotl.) Chancellor of Glafgow

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