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A golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. online

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Online LibraryWilliam PerkinsA golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. → online text (page 1 of 149)
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fetfLc aiis;,a-Si^







^golden Qhdine :

-7^> #'




/ Theologiey f\

itaining the order of the caufes of Sald^-

tion andDanination,accordingto Gods word. A view V

Tfhereofis to befeene in the Table v


[Hereunto is adioyned the order which

UW. Thfihiore 'Be'^A vfidin cmforting aJUSicd


Printed byloHN Legat,

the Vniuerfitie of Cambridge, i 6



To the Qhyijlian ^R^dei

^ ii

Hriftian Rcadlcr^thcrcarcat this day fow, {^^,^^3]]
pinions ofthcotdcr of Gods prcdellinatio.-Y^^^g
is,of the oldc and new Pelagians; who place 1


of Gods predeflinatfon in man ; inihal they hoj »
,God did ordainc me either to life or death,accoj
as he did forcfee.that they would by their natural .
vvilljcither rcicft or rcceiue grace ofFercd.Thc fcdi
of them,wh0(offomc)are tearmed Lutherans; w
tcachjthat God forefeeing.howc all mankindebceing fhuttc vp vnder v^-
fcefe.woU'ti therefore reie

"■ ' .whether he be tbe child of (jodor no, /aid Cafe ofconfcience is di^utpi^nd

68 J refilled,

Direclion for the 2:ouernment ofthe ton o-ue
according to Gods y^orL^:


J 'Thegentrall meanes of ruling the 6 Ofmodeflieandineekenes, 72 j

tongue. 715 7 Offobrietie^vrbamtiefidel^te,and

2 The matter of our fpeec.h. 714 care of others good narw, nic

^ The?na;fnerofour/peech,C^ryhat S Ofthe bonds of trueth. 729

muft be done before oar fpeech. ji6 p what is to bee done when vcee haae

.4, Whatistobedoneinfpeakingyand fpoken. , ^ 7?b

ofvrifdome. ' ibid, io OfwritinK ibid.

S- Of trneth and reference in fpeech. // Qfflence. 731

.718. 12 AnexhoYtatxiintokeepetheton'^ue^

- % z TWO

The Contents oftheftaerall Bookcs.

I. Ofthe nature and pradife of Repentance,


/ fVhat Repentance is. 738 J Of legall tnottHCS to Repentance,

i Ofrhecaufes of Repentance, 7^0 752

^ How Repentance iivpreught. 741 p Of motiuesEu angelic all. 7 «55

4. Ofthe partes of 'R^epentance. 74 a lO Of the time of Repentance. 756

J Of the degrees of%epentanc€. 74? / / Ofcerrcjne cafes tn repentance. 758

6 Of the perfons which w**Ji repent. 12 Of the coyHraries to repetance. 7 57

ibid. /^ Of corruptions in the doHrine of re»

7 O f the praBife of repent Ance. ibid. pentance. y6i

I I. Ofthe combat of the flefti and Spirit.ydz

The treatife of Dying well. p. 773.

The treatife ofthe right knowledge of
Chrift crucified, p. 815.

ADifcourfe of Confcience.


/ ffhat confcience is. 831 encejwhere Is hmtdled libertie of con-.

a The aclions or duties of confcience fcience^andihe^juefiondtfpHtedrvhe"

tvhere the point is handled^ Howe any ther a man may in confcience bee vn-

thing iafaide to btnde the confcience, fallibly certain ofhi^faluation. 867

832 4- (JMans duty touching confcience^

y The ki»df and differences of confci' whichistogetandkeepeit. ^00

Reformed Cathohke :


ing how neare we may come to theprefent

Church of Rome in fiindric points of Religion ; and
wherein we mujifor euer depart from them,


/ of free wilt. 9I0 $ Ajfurance of faluation. 918

s OfOriainallftrtHf, piy 4. luflificationofafnner. gt%

S Of

The Contents of the fcuerall Bookes^

ij Oflmpiicitcfaitk ppi

/6 OfPnrgAtorie, ppy

/7 Ofthefiiprewacie. pp^j

iS Oftheeffcacieofthefaerawents.

1 000
rp OfFAttk 100?

^0 Of%jpentance, 7 00 5

21 TheJim€Softhe%jmafie Church.

t^M adnertifemsnt to %^mane Ca-
thoiiket. 10 1 8

The foundation of Chriftian Religion,
gathered into fixeprinciples.p.iozj>.

Graine of Mufterd-feede.


/ of merit f.


6 OffathfaBionsforJinne,


7 OfTraditions,


i OfVes.


p Of [mages.


to OfreaUprefefice.


J J ThefacrtfceoftheLMajfe.


i2 OfFafiing.


1 J Oftheftate ofperfeBion.


i^ Ofthefvorpjtppmg of faints




A mm that doth hut hegmne to he con"
uerted^ii euen at that inflant the ve~
ry child of Godythottgh intvardly hee
he more caryiall then fpiritualL 1 0^5
The frfl material! beginning of the
connerCton of a firmer , or thefmallefi
me afire of renewing grace , haue the
promifes of this hfey and the hfe to
eome. ^ ^4 7

A conflant and eamej} defire to he re-
conciledto ^od, to heleeue and to re-
pent, if it bee in a tronhledheart ^ is in
acceptationwith God,aj reconciliati-
o»,faith, repentance it /e/fe. 10^8

4. Conclufion.

To fee and fee le in our felues the rvfint
of any grace , and to hegrieued ther^
forests the grace itfelfe. I O S ?

5. Conclufion.

He that hath begunne to fubieSl him-"
felfe to (^hrifi and his wordy though oi
yet hee be ignorant in mofl points of
religiomyet if he hauecare toincreafe
tn knowledge , and to praBife that
which he k»orveth, hee is accepted of
GodjOS a true beleeuer. ' O 5 1


The aforfaide beginnin(rs of grace arc
counter f eite yvnle^e they encreafe,


The bo^ieofholy

Scripture is Mjfi»gfti- .
eesy whereof

One fipmcipAll. 'f hcologic ftc afcieme cf fining wellmd
IfUQedljifor ener.

L Ethiqtics, a doBrine of lining hcnejify

//. Occonomickes, a doSlrine of gouer"

ning afamilie well.
1 1 L Politiqucs,«« doBrine of the right Ad*

mimjlration ofa^omwon vreale,
III I. Ecdcfiaf bcall difcipline,n,b«tby one^terriall and im-
mutable a£l of vnderftandingjdiftindUy and perfectly know himfelfe, and all
other thingSjthough infinite, whether they haue bccne or not. Matth. 11.27.
No man knovaeth the Sonne bm the Father,nor the Father but the Sontte, a>id:he
to Tvhome the Sonne rvillreueale hm. Hebr.4. T 5 . There is nothing created, which
is not ntantfefi in his fight •.but all things:are naked and of eh tit his eyes , withi whrefeeth
all- thin gsdiat areto comc.Aft.2.25. Hvmhaueye taken by tht hands of the vpic^
k^^^i beeing delmercd by the determin.tte comifell and foreknowledge of God, and
hane crucified andflaine. Rom, 8.7"^^ things which h'ekncvc before,he alfo prede^
Jiindted to be madeltk^Jta the image ofhisfonnek This is not properly (poken of
God,but by reaibn of men, to whorne things are pa(lbr tO prooucth firft himiclfcjand
then all his crfeatUres,without their tieftrt, and in tne doth take delight, i . loh.
4. \6Jjodii ioucandwho fo retmanetk in lotiCy temaineth tn Gody anoGodin htm.
loh. } A 6 So Godlouedthe vPorld,thfit ht gone hisvnely begotten Sonne, &c^ovi\.
^.%.God fetteth out his loue tovpkrdsvs y feeing that while we vpere yet linner:,
Chrifl died for VT.

The Hatred of God , is that by the which he difliketh and detefteth his
creature offending, for hisfault. 1. Cor. yo.^.'Buttnayy of them the Lord ntiJU'
'^d^fortheyferijhediftthemldemer. Pfal.5'. i^.Thon hateft all the rvorkersofiHi-
^»/>/>.PfaI.44»^' .Thou hafi lofted iftjlic^ and hated wt^itie.

The Grace of God, is that by which he freely declarcth his fauour to his
creatures. Roni. 11.^. If'ifhie if grace, it isnomor^afrporkest bfherwife grace ii
notgracejmtifitbtof'pporkesy itisno^ort grace. Tit, 2*li.The.JkM$9Jg grace of
Gedfhined to all men , teaching vs to denitimpietie, ^c, ■ ■

The GraciBofGbd,is either TiisGoc>dncs,or hisJVlerdFC.

The Goodrics of God ^ is that by which he beeing in himfelfe abfolutely
good^doth freely exerdfe hisbbcralitie vpon ios creatures. Matth. 1 9 .1 ; .Pf^hy
calhjl'th(iHifi^^t>^d;thgrii6 fioii^ g^odhm

Online LibraryWilliam PerkinsA golden chaine: or, the description of theologie : containing the order of the causes of salvation and damnation, according to Gods word .. → online text (page 1 of 149)