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■who turns the leaves of this unique book, whether they belong to the Empire
State or to some other part of our broad country. The book is full of unex-
pressed State pride, and the school children of New York will feel richer ia
their State inheritance after their study of this concentrated record of the
facts, resources, and history of a State always justly proud of its past and
present. * ♦ * It is a credit not only to Publisher Bardeen's enterprise
but to his love for his State and his recognition of the grade and quality of
his State constituents, that he has seen and felt the occasion to bring out a
book of this nature."

2. The Oswego Method of Teaching Geography. By AmosW. Farnham.
Cloth, 16mo, pp. 127. 50 cts.

Dr. Sheldon, principal of the Oswego Normal, says in the preface :
*• The plan, the order of arrangement, the exclusion of unnecessary details,
all seem to me very commendable. And / take pleasure in endorsing it as
en embodiment of my own idea as to the method of teaching geography.^*

3. Descriptive Geography taught by means of Map-Drawing. By EvaD.
WiLKiNS. Boards 4to.

(a) Map Drawing Book of the Continents, pp. 66. 75 cts.
(&) Map Drawing Book of the United States, pp. 89. 75 cts.
{r) Teachers' Edition for both the above, pp. 129. $1.50.

4. Topical (?6'og'/'ap^j/, Avith Methods and Supplementary Notes. BylSA
Ii. Griffin. Leatherette, 12mo, pp. 142. 50 cts.

5. Oral Instruction in Geography. By Emma L, Pardon. Paper, 16mo,
pp. 29. 15 cts.

6. A School Geography of Pennsylvania. By J. W. Redwat. Leather-
ette, 16mo, pp. 98. 35 cts. Indispensable to Pennsylvania teachers.

7. A Globe Manual for Schools. By Flavius J. Cheney. Paper, 16mo,
pp. 95. 25 cts. Few teachers grasp the possibilities of globe-instruction.

8. The International Date Line. By Henry Collins. Paper, 16rao, pp.
15. 15 cts. This is final authority on a subject often little understood.

9. Latitude, Longitude and Time. By J. A. Bassett. MunlL'a, 16mo,
pp. 42. 25 cts. Makes simple one of the most difficult subjects.

C. W. BARDEEX, Publisher, Syracuse, N. Y.


" An effort in the right directiou."— T'/i*' Nation.

" Contains all the information that is likely to be desired by teacher or
pupil."— J' /^e Critic.

"There are numerous illustrations, many of which are vv^ell chosen and
well produced." — Science.

" I am delighted with it. It is brimful of helpful suggestions."— Prin-
cipal M. A. Taft, Mattituck, N. Y.

"Mr. Bardeen issues some splendid books, and this is one of them. It
is well arranged, edited, and printed, and the schools of New York are to
be congratulated on having so good a g^o^vA'^h.y.'''— Penman's Art Journal.

" I have just finished reading your Geography of the Empire State, and
I am heartily pleased with it. I never realized that there were so many
places and things of interest and importance in this State." — Frank L.
Miller, School Commissioner, Schuyler Co., N. Y.

"Bardeen's Geography of the Empire State meets a long-felt want. It
is just what we need to prepare for regents geography. The arrangement
of the subject matter is up to date. Our students are more than well-
pleased with it."— Principal James M. Grimes, Mount Vernon, N. Y.

"Received the Geography of the Empire State, and have read every
word of it. It is deeply interesting to me. * * * i think every one who
claims to be intelligent should make the book a study. Now we can have
it, it seems a necessity. Every pupil of the public school should be re-
quired to master this book somewhere in his course." — C. Ayer, Clifton
Springs, N. Y.

" Local geography is deservedly taking a high rank in school studies.
The regents make a separate requirement of geography and history of New
York State. No better text-book can be found to give the desired inform-
ation than Bardeen's Geography of the Empire State. Its illustrations and
text combine to give the student a very excellent idea of what New York
State really is."— C^as. T. Andrews, !l, April, 1890, to June, 1891, 8vo., pp. 163 ;
No. 2, Aug., 1891, to June,. 1892, 8vo, pp. 139. Each in manilla, 25 cents.
Both in one volume, cloth, uniform with the New York Question Book, $1.00.

The number of Questions in these three volumes is as follows : algebra,
339 ; American history, 733 ; arithmetic, 958 ; astronomy, 100 ; book-keep-
ing, 220 ; botany, 123 ; chemistry, 110 ; civil government, 674 ; composition,
207 ; current topics, 548 ; drawing, 499 ; French, 30 ; general history, 143 ;
geography, 984 ; geology, 109 ; geometry, 199 ; German, 30 ; grammar, 1046;
Latin, 195; literature, 160; methods, 549; penmanship, 61; physics, 240;
physiology, 707 ; reading, 83 ; rhetoric, 64 ; school economy, 91 ; school
law, 228 ; zoSlogy, 120— Total, 9,460.

3. The same. Uniform Questions and Answers only, Supplemetits No. 3,
Aug., 1892, to June, 1893 ; No. 4, Aug., 1893 to June, 1894 ; No. 5, Aug., 1894
to June, 1895; No. 6, Aug., 1895, to June, 1896; No. 7, Aug., 1896, to June, 1897;
No. 8, Aug. 1897, to June, 1898; No. 9, Aug.. 1898 to June, 1899; No. 10, Aug.,
1899 to June, 1900. Each, cloth, $1.00 ; manilla, 50 cts.

4. The same, the Questions and Ansivers in Drawing from August, 1892,
to June, 1896. The same, Aug. 1896 to June 1899. Each, cloth, $1.00,
manilla, 50 cts.

5. The same, the Questions and Answers in (a) Algebra; (6) American
History; (c) Arithmetic; (d) Art of Questioning and History of Education;
(«) Book-Keeping; (/) Civil Government; (g') Geography ; (A) Grammar;
(i) Methods and School Economy; (A;) Physics; (0 Physiology; (m) School
Law. Each, manilla. 25 ct.s.


Helps for the Uniform Examinations

The best helps in all subjects are the questions themselves already
given, with the answers, elsewhere advertised. Other special helps in each
subject are as follows:

American history.— For rapid review, to fix the outlines in mind,
get Williams's "Topics and References" (50 cts.), or Godard's
'• Outlines " (50 cts.)- Remember that there are always questions in
New York State history, for which the only books are Prentice's
($1.50) and Hendrick's (75 cts.).

Arithmetic— BrndfonVs "30 Problems in Percentage" (25 cts.)
and Bassetfs "Latitude, Longitude, and Time" (25 cts.) may carry
you through where you otherwise would fail.

Geography.— There are always questions on New York State
geography; get Bardeen's "Geography of the Emire State" (75
cts.). The "Regents' Questions in Geography", with answers (50
cts.), is excellent.

Grammar.— The questions are all upon the old lines of straight
grammar. Take a thorough drill in Kiddle's " 3000 Grammar Ques-
tions and Answers " ($1.00). He was editor of Brown's grammar.

Orthography.— Saniord's "Limited Speller" (25 cts.) contains
every word ever given at these examinations, and does not waste
your time on words not likely to be given.

Physiology.— Yon will get help from the two Dime Question
Books, "Physiology", and "Stimulants and Narcotics" (10 cts. each).
School Law.-The only book is Bardeen's " Manual of School
Law ", cloth $1.00; paper 50 cts.

Civil Government.-Get Northam's "Civil Government for Com-
mon Schools " (75 cts.). It is the only adequate New York book.

Current Topics.— The best preparation is the Current Topics
given in The School Bulletin, $1.00 a year, 10 cts. a number, For
each examination get the three proceding numbers, sent for 25 cts.
Drawing.— Get Greene's " Perspective " (50 cts.).
Methods and School Economy.— Get DeGraff's "School Room
Guide", and Landon's "School Management ", each, cloth, $1.50;
paper, 50 cts.

Advanced English.-Bardeen's " Outlines of Sentence Making '!
(60 cts.) gives just the preparation for this subject.

Algebra.— Get Michael's "Algebra for Beginners" (75 cts.).
Book' Keeping.— The " Dime Question Book of Book-Keeping "
(10 cts.) will very likely carry you through.

History of Ediication.-\V ininm^'s " History of Modern Educa-
tion " ($1.50) is much the best book, and answers the questions on
education in New York.

Physics.-The " Dime Question Book of Physics " (10 cts.) will
be of much help.


Special Books for Regents' Schools.

1. The Regents' Questions in Arithmetic, Geography, Grammar, and
Spelling from the first examination in 1866 to June, 1882. {No qaestions of
later date wUl be printtd.) Being the 11,000 Questions for the preliminary
examination for admission to the University of the State of New Yorlc,
prepared by the Regents of the University, and participated in simultane-
ously by more than 250 academies, forming a basis for the distribution of more
than a million of dollars. Complete with Key. Cloth, 16mo, pp. 473. S2.00.

f. Complete. The same as above but without answers. Pp.340. $1.00.

3. Separatel^j. The same, each subject by itself, all Manilla, 16mo.:

AHthmetic, 1293 Questions, pp. 93, 25 cts. Geography., 1987 Questions, pp.
70, 25 cts. Crrammar, 2976 Questions, pp. 100, 25 cts. Spelling, 4800 Words,
pp. 61, 25 cts. Keys to Arithmetic, Geography., and Qrammar., each 25 cts.

These are of course an indispensable preparation for the Regents' Ex-
aminations, and have been used for twenty years in most Regents' schools .

h. Regents'' Selections in Literature. Selections for Repetition from
Memory at the Examinations conducted by the Regents of the University of
the State of New York, in connection with the courses of American, German,
and French Literature. Leatherette, 16mo, pp. 56, 25 cts. Each separate,
paper, 10 cts.

These selections were officially prepared in the Regents' office, and pub-
lished under the direction of Mr. James Russell Parsons, jr. Besides their
special purpose, they will be found admirable for use in classes.

5. Outlines of English Literature. By Blanche R. Daniels. Cloth, 16mo,
pp. 50, interleaved for notes. 50 cts.

This has been prepared especially for Regents' classes, and follows the
Syllabus closely. It contains UO portmits, •with sketches, critical notes, etc.,
and while invaluable for its special purpose, will also be found of great
utility in all literature classes.

6. Review Problems in Arithmetic for Schools under the supervision of
the Regents. By Mrs. Jennie B. Pkentice. Paper, 16mo, pp. 93. 20 cts. Key,
25 cts.

7. Review Questions in Geography for Schools under the supervision of
the Regents. By Mrs. Jennie B. Prentice. Paper, 16mo, pp. 48. 15 cts.

These books have been prepared to supplement the published books of
Regents' Questions, and afford an admirable drill in these subjects. Not a
single problem in the first can be found in any published arithmetic, and
very few questions in geography have ever been asked by the Regents that
are not to be found in the second .

8. Elementary English. Prepared with reference to the Regents' Ex-
aminations in the State of New York. By John D. Wilson. Leatherette,
16mo, pp. 50. 35 cts.

This contains among other things all the work in Etymology required by
the last Regents' Syllabus.

9. A Yocabulat^ of Coisar's Gallic War, Book II. By George M. Smith .
Cloth, 16mo, pp. 69. 50 cts.

10. Consjnraaj Of the Helvetians. Five chapters of Caesar's Gallic War.
For use in First- Year Latin Classes, especially in Regents' Schools, (ou-
tlining Special Vocabulary, Exercises in Latin Composition, Idioms, and Ir-
icir iliir ( 'onii)arisoiis, with Suggestions for Study. By a High School Teaclier.
Paper, lOmo, pp. 20. 10 cts.

C. W, U.\UDr.EN, Publisher, Syracuse, N. Y.

Scliool Bulletin Publications

NOTE.— Binding is indicated as follows : B boards, C clolli, L leatherette^
M manilla, Y paper. Size as follows: 8:416 indicates S?;o, jgi/j. klO; 12:393 in-
dicates I'Zmo, pp. 393 ; 16:389 indicates IGmo, pp. 3S0. Numbers preceding the
binding and size give the pages in the Trade Sale catalogue of 1898 on which
the books are described, the fullest description being placed first. Books
preceded by a dagger (t) are selected by the State Superintendent of Public
Instruction for the New York Teachers' Library.

Books starred may be had also in the Standard Teachers' Library,
manilla binding, at 50 cts. each. Unless expressly ordered to be sent in this
binding, such volumes are always sent in cloth.

A DAY of My Life, or Everyday Experiences at Eton. 15 C 16:184. ... $1 00
Ackerman (Mrs. M. B.) Review Questions to accompany Hendtick's His-
tory of the Empire State. 58 P 12:15 05

Adams. Wall Map of the State of New York, 68x74 inches, 46 C 5 00

Ahii (F.) Method of Learning the Dutch Language. 43 C 12:135 1 35

Aids to School Discipline. 60, 58 Per box 47 1 25

Supplied separately; per 100 Merits, 15 cts.; Half Merits, 15 cts.;
Cards, 15 cts.; Checks, 40 cts.; Certificates, 50 cts.

Alden (Joseph). First PHncvples of Political Economy. 51 C 16:153 75

Aldis (Mary E.) The Great Giant Arithmos. A most Elementary

Arithmetic. C 16:324 1 00

Alexandrow (F.) Method of Learning Russian. 43 C 12:135, $1.25; iiTey 25

Arabic Self -Taught. 43 C 12:104 1 25

Arnold (Matthew). Reports on Elementary Schools, 1S52-1882. C 16:318. 2.00

(Thomas). * Stanley's Life of J. S. Carlisle. 18 C 16:252 1 00

Ascham (Roger). Sketch of by R. H. Quick. 18 P 16:55 15

* Biography, by Samuel Johnson. 18 C 16:252 1 00

Complete Work.9. 18 C 16:321, 273, 376, 374 4 vols 5 00

Attendance Blanks /or use 'under the Compulsory Laiv of iV, Y. (a)

First Notice to Parents; (6) Second Notice to Parents ; (c) Notice to
Attendance Officer. Manilla, 4x9, pp. 100 each. Per dozen, each. 3 00

*t Authors' Birthday Exercises. First Series: Poe, Longfellow,
Reed, Irving, Walt Whitman, IMrs. Stowe, Haw^thorne, Holmes,
Cooper, Bancroft, Bryant, Whittier. 50 portraits and illustration,
42 C 16:320 1 00

* Second Series, Bayard Taylor, Lowell, Howells, Motley, Emerson,

Saxe, Thoreau, E. S. Phelps-Ward, Parkman, Cable, Aldrich,
Joel Chandler Harris. 44 portraits. 16:459 1.00

Gam£ of Fireside Authors, 52 cards, with Portraits. 42 35

Yoirng Folks' Favorite Authors, 52 cards, with Portraits. 42 35

Game of Poems Illustrated, 52 cards, with Pictures 35

BALL. (J. W.) 1000 Questions-and- Answers in Drawing. 52 L 16:67 40

Instruction in Citizenship. L 12:63 40

Ballard (Addison) Arrows, or Teaching as Fine Art. C 12:100 $ 75

(Harlan H.) * Pieces to Speak. 39 C 16: 192 1 00

The same, Parts I and Y, each P 16:40 15

Barbera (Piero). Educational Publications in Italy. 15, 29, P 8:14 15

Bardeen (C. R.) Infection and Immunity . P 8:20 25

(C. W.) * Manual of School Law. 54, 51, 53, 56, C 16:276 1 00

+ Geography of the Empire State. 45, 53, 56 C 8:120 T.j

Outlines of Sentence- Making. C 12:187 60

■^: Verbal Pitfalls. A manual of 1500 misused words. 36,21016:223.. 75

* t Roderick Hume. The Story of a New York Teacher. 54, 13, 15, C

16:295 1 25

* Commissioner Hume, A Story of New York Scliools. C 16:210 1 25

The Little Old Man, or the School for Illiberal Mothers. 13 C 16:31 .. . 50

Teaching as a Business for Men. 29 P 8:20 25

The Teacher's Commercial Value. 29 P 8:20 25

The Teacher as He Slwuld Be. 29 P 8:24 25

Fitting Teachers to Places. P 16:70 . . 25

*\ Teaching as a Business. The above four addresses in one vol-
ume. C 16:154 100

The Tax-Payer and the Township System. 29 P 8:20 25

Lome Problems of City School Management. P 8:16 25

Effect of the College- Preparatoi^y High School. 28, 29 P 8:5 15

History of Educational Journalism in Neiv Yor'k. 15, 29, 53 P 8:45. . . 40

The Song Budget. 60Psmall4:76 15

The Song Century. 60 P small 4:87 15

The Song Patriot. 60 P small 4:80 15

The Song Budget Series Combined. 60 C small 4:250 50

Dime Question Books of Temperance Physiology, Book-Keeping, Let-

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