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millan Co.
The book is undeniably vivid. It is
personal narrative, rather than descrip-
tion or estimate. It contains a multitude
of thrilling experiences, and, since the
author had the experiences, it is inevit-
able that he should have written about
them. But he ought never to have had
them. The war is a stupendous tragedy
for the wretched people who are engaged
in the struggle. Irresponsible Americans,
reporters or otherwise, who go blunder-
ing about on the edges of battles because
of morbid curiosity; who interfere with
the real work that is being done; who
drink to the Kaiser one day, and cry
"Vive la France" the next, both to
aVoid being shot; who insist on going
where they are not wanted and where
they have been ordered not to go, — de-
serve to be shot. There is the story of an
American who forced his way up to the

reserve lines and gave as his excuse that
he wanted to see things. "Very well,"
said the officer who arrested him, "you
shall see things"; and he put the prying
individual into the trenches and kept
him there a week. Mr. Sweetser was not
put into the trenches. He thought him-
self in danger of being shot as a spy, and
he was evidently a nuisance. All that
did not matter, since he was not shot;
and of course, since he was an American,
he thought that he deserved every pos-
sible consideration. In war-time he
showed as reckless a disregard of other
people's rights as the proverbial German
tourist shows in times of peace. The
author, not the war, is the subject of the
book; and if the book proves anything it
shows clearly that no Americans have
any business in Europe unless they go
unselfishly to help.


V All publioatioDS leoeived will be acknowl-
edged in this column. Worka by Harvard men
or relating to the Univermty will be noticed or
reviewed so far aa is possible.

Theodore RooeneU^ the Logic of hie Career,
by Charles G. Washburn.* 80. Boston: Hough-
ton Mifflin Co. 1016. Cloth, 245 pp. SI. 50 net.

The ChaUenoe of the Future, by Roland Q.
Usher, '01. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.
1916. aoth. 350 pp. SI .75 net.

Roadside Glimpeee of the War, by Arthur
Sweetser, '11. New York: The Maomillan Co.
1016. Qoth. S1.25.

Oermany va. CinUtatiant NoUe on the Atro-
eioue War, by W. R. Thayer, '81. Boston:
Houghton Mifflin Co. 1916. Cloth, 238 pp.
$1 net.

Artiste and Thinkers, by L. W. Flaccus,
Ph.D. '04. New Yivk: Longmans, Green A
Co. 1016. Qoth, 200 pp. S1.25.

Idols, by W. C. Arensburg, '00. Boston:
Houghton Mifflin Co. 1016. Boards, 80 pp.
$.75 net.

Turns and Movies, and Other Tales in
Verse, by Conrad Aiken, '11. Boston: Hough-
ton Mifflin Co. 1016. Boards, 01 pp. $.75

Charles Francis Adams, An Autobiography,
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1016. Cloth,
224 pp. $3 net.

The Federal Executive, by John Philip Hill,
LL.B. '03. Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co.
1016. Cloth, 260 pp. $2 net.

Digitized by





Oawain and Ihi Ormm Kuighi, bf Prof. Q. L.

Kittredse, '82. Cambridce: The Harvard
University PreM. 1916. aoth.323pp. $2.00.

The Gift oS ImmoriaUty, by C. L. Blattery,
'91. Boston: Houshton Mifflin Co. 1916.
Cloth. 235 pp. $1 net.

American and Fonign Jnvutment Bondt, by
W. L. Raymond, '99. Boston: Hougfaton
Mifflin Co. 1916. Ooth, 324 pp. $3 net.

The End of a Chapter, by Shane Leefie.
New York: Charles Scribner's Bona. 1916.
Cloth, 202 pp. S1.26.

Criiical RmlUm, by R. W. SeOan, Ph.D.
Chicaco: Rand McNally & Co. 1916. Cloth,
283 pp.

Sekettd Poenu, by Guetaf FVAding. Trans-
lated from the Swedish with an introduction
by C. W. Stork. A.M. '03. New York: The
Macmillan Co. 1916. Ooth. 168 pp. $1.25.

Ddiveranee, by H. O. Taylor, '78. New
York: The Macmillan Co. 1916. Cloth,
294 pp. $1.25.

The Writinge of John Quiney Adamt, edited
by Worthington C. Ford, h '07. Vol. vi.
New York: The Macmillan Co. 1916. Cloth,
8vo. $3.50.

New Homea Under Old Roofe, by J. 8. Sea-
bury. '04. New York: Frederick A. Stokes Co.
Qoth, illustrated. $3.50 net.

The War in Baetem Europe, by John Reed,
'10. New York: Charles Scribner's Sons.
1916. Cloth, illustrated, 336 pp. $2.00.

Thoee GiUeepiee, by W. J. Hopkins ('85).
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1916. Cloth.
825 pp. $1.35 net.

Union PortraiU, by Gamaliel Bradford
('86). Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1916.
Cloth, 294 pp. $1.50 net.


*!»* It is requested that wedding annonnoe-
ments be sent to the Editor of the Graduated
Maoaeine, in order to make this record more
nearly complete.

1892. Halsey De Wolf to Edith Howe,
at Philadelphia, Mar. 7, 1916.

1893. Charles Emerson Cook to Gladys
Hanson Snook, at Atlanta, Ga.,
Apr. 12, 1916.

1894. Frank C. Rosier to Hannah Eliza-
beth Swank, at Palm Beach, Fla.,
Jan. 29, 1916.

1894. Hugh Corby Fox to Anna Lauri-

etta Lavelle, at Granby, Conn.,

Feb. 19, 1916.
1896. Alfred Borden to Susan Bennett

Ellis, at New York, Feb. 1,


1806. FMteric Bimndlesome Green-
haldge to Ruth Ivy, at Newton*
Dec. 8, 1913.

1899. Alexander Bigelow Ewing to
Frances Louise Chikls, at Wash-
ington. D.C., Apr. 1, 1916.

1899. Royal Ransome Miller to Mrs.
Edmund C. Day, at New York,
F^. 16, 1910.

[1900] James Chase Campbdl to Fanny
Canfidd, at Athens, Fk., June,

1900. Harry Abraham fMberg to
Emily Carcrfyn Newbori^, at
Cincinnati, O., Apr. 19, 1915.

1900. Hemy Anderson Goiler to Wini-
fred W. Merrill, Jan. 5, 1916.

1900. Herbert Ray Johnson to Alliene
Sherman Davis, at Tenafly, N J.,
Nov. 1, 1915.

1900. Augustus Hunt Shearer to Ines
Arddl Rogers, at Dafbe, Mich.,
Nov. 4, 1915.

[1903] Frederick Augustme Corfoett to
Helen Margaret Judd, at Brook-
line, Feb. 24, 1916.

1908. James Couper Lord to Louise
Stewart Trevor, at New York,
May 15, 1916.

1905. Leonard Hatch to Dorothy Holt
Warrin, at Flushing, L.I., Apr.
29, 1916.

1907. Edward BaDantine to Edith Perry,
at Boston, Apr. 15, 1915.

1909. Charles Davies %ewer to Elisa-
beth Greenman, at Brooklyn,
N.Y., Feb. 17, 1916.

[1909] Frank Pembroke Huddns to
Florence Howland Ramsay, at
Nashua, N.H., Feb. 8, 1916.

1910. Charles James Cawley to Sarah
E. LaPierre, at Cambridge, Apr.
26, 1916.

1910. Henry Longfdlow Wilder to
Emily C. Young, at Cincinnati,
O., Apr., 1916.

1911. Norton Baldwin to Edith HorUm,

Digitized by





at White Fkins, N.Y., Apr. 84»
1911. Frederic Munroe Bumham to
Rosamond Eliot, at Manchester,
May 20, 1016.

1911. John Templeman Coolidge, Jr., to
Susannah Cunningham, at Long-
wood, Apr. 25, 1916.

1912. Charles Kenneth Clinton to Mar-
gery Oakes Rand, at New Yoric,
Feb. 19, 1016.

1912. Howard Eager to Alma v. French,
at Galveston, Tex., Sept. 7, 1015.

1012. William Levin to Bertha K. Bald-
win, at Ann Arbor, Mich., Apr. 5,

1012. Melville Monheimer to Ethel B.
Wolfson* at Brookiine, Jan. 6,

1012. Morton Stuart Bobbins to Ada
Chase Carson, at Rochester, N.Y.,
Mar. 25, 1016.

1012. Oliver Wolcott Roosevelt to
Grace Helen Temple Olmstead,
at West Brookfield, Mar. 6, 1016.

lOlS. George Browne Post, Jr., to Irene
Langhorne Gibson, at New York,
Apr. 27, 1016.

1018. Harold Salicath Ross to Lydia
Garwood DeCamp, at Medford,
Apr. 1, 1016.

1018. Walter Glover Rueter to Margot
Gushing, at Boston, Apr. 24,

[1014] Samuel Latham Mitchell Bar-
low to Evelyn H. Brown, at New
York, Apr. 25, 1016.

1014. David Bradley Buffum to Mar-
jorie Seagrave North, at New
York, March 4, 1016.

[1014] Warren Bulkeley to Penelope
Moulton, at Rochester, N.Y.,
June 14, 1015.

1014. Charles Willis Curtis, Jr., to Mar-
garet C. Blair, at Grand Rapids,
Mich., Apr. 25, 1016.

1014. Nelson Curtis, Jr., to Elinor Vir-

ginia Keroe, at Boston, Mar. 4,

1014. Harold Chase Greene to Made-
leine Fuller McDowell, at Cam-
bridge, Apr. 15, 1016.

1014. Ldand Henry Niles to EiUeen A.
Livingston, at Chariestown, Jan.
27, 1016.

1014. Charles Graves Squibb to Adele
Bouv6 Thayer, at Longwood,
Feb. 26, 1016.

1014. Isaac Witkin to Miriam Newman,
at Helena, Ark., Dec. 28, 1015.

1015. Pkul Graham Courtney to Dorothy
Morgan, at Boston, Apr. 8, 1016.

1015. Hoilis Darling Hatch to Luella

Howard Rolfe, at Maiden, Apr.

6, 1016.
1015. August Hansen Vogd, Jr., to

Virginia Cumner, at Brookiine,

Apr. 20, 1016.
1015. Robert Leopold Wolf to Anne

Page, at New York, Apr. 8> 1016.
1015. WiUiam Madison Wood, Jr., ta

Edith Gainsborough Robinson,

at Louisville, Ky., Feb. 10, 1016.
S.B. 1001. E;gbert Eldridge Thomas to

Clara Marguerite Applegate, at

Morristown, N J., Apr. 26, 1016.
S:B. 1010. John Josqph Fitsgerald to

Helen V. Reid, at Boston, Feb.

15, 1016.
S.B. 1010. Herbert Maloohn Funic to

Gertrude Willard Knowlton, at

Watertown, N.Y., Mar. 25, 1016.
S.B. 1018. Clarence Newman Holman

to Isabel Walker Ray, at Wobum,

Apr. 12, 1016.
G.S. 1011-18. Philip Stone Gushing to

Theodora Simmons, at Boston,

Mar. 28, 1015.
L.S. 1800-02. Charles Cooper Nott to

(Mrs.) Mary Porter Mitchell, at

New York, Apr. 15, 1016.
D.M.D. 1002. Walter Adams Bradford

to Doris Patterson, at Brookiine,

Mar. 14, 1016.

Digitized by






Deaths of GnduatM ftod Temponry Mmb-
ben durinc the pMt three monthe.

With some deaths of eariier date, not pra-
vioualy recorded.

Frtvartd bu ih» BdUar af the Quin^urnnM
Cataloffue o/ Hanard UnivertUy.
Any one having information of the decease
of a Graduate or Temporary Member of any
department of the University is asked to send
it to the Editor of the Quinquennial Cata-
loffoe. Harvard CoUece library, Cambridge,

The College,
1838. James Lloyd Wetlington, M.D.,

b. £7 Jan., 1818, at Tempieton;

d. at Swansea, 11 Feb., 1916.
Ifi44. Samuel Sewall Greeley, b. 11 Oct,

1824, at Boston; d. at Winnetka,

111., 8 Mar., 1916.
1845. Samuel Franklin Coues, M.D.,

b. 17 Sept., 1825, at Portsmouth,

N.H.; d. at Cambridge, 1 May»

1849. George Franklin Harding, LL.B.,

b. 1 Oct., 1830, at Lewisburg,

Pa.; d. at Chicago, 111., 27 Dec.,


1849. Thomas Meriam Stetson, b. 15
June, 1830; d. at New Bedford,
10 Feb., 1916.

1850. John Higginson Cabot, b. 11 Feb.,
1831, at Dracut; d. at Bnx^ine,
5 Feb., 1916.

1854. Joseph Rowe Webster, b. 3 Nov.,
1833^ at Milton; d. at Lexington,
9 May, 1916.

1859. Charles Chauncey, b. 15 Aug.,
1838, at Philadelphia, Pa.; d. at
Narberth, Pa., 3 Aprfl, 1916.

1862. Charles Edward Grinnell, Grad.
Div. S.; LL.B.; b. 7 May. 1841,
at Baltimore, Md.; d. at Boston,
1 Feb., 1916.

1862. James Henry Steams, b. 9 Jan.,
1841, at Hancock, N.H.; d. at
Freeport, HI., 9 Mar., 1916.

1868. Henderson Josiah Edwards, b.
13 April, 184a at Industry, Me.;
d. at Boston. 20 Jan., 1916.

1863. Charles Emerson, b. 15 Dec.,
1841, at Staten Island, N.Y.;
d. at Southold, N.Y., 1 April,

1866. John Leonard Norton, b. 22 Nov.,

1844, at Russelvflle, Ky.; d. at
Samt Joseph, Mich., 17 July,

1867. Edward Leander Wood, b. 6 Oct.,

1845, at Gardner; d. at Brookline,
20 Mar., 1916.

1869. Walter Cook, b. 23 July, 1846.
at New York City; d. at New
York City, 25 March, 1916.

1873. Edwaid Penniman Bliss, b. 4
Dec.. 1850, at Cambridge; d. at
Lexington, 22 Mar., 1916.

1876. Oscar Roland Jackson, b. 20 May,

1855, at Boston; d. at Wibning-
ton, Del., 10 April, 1916.

1878. Frederid: Lewis Gay, b. 28 Oct,

1856, at Boston; d. at Brookline,
3 Mar., 1916.

1879. Charles ElUot St John, S.T.B.
and A.M.; b. 19 Dec., 1856, at
Prairie du Chien, Wis.; d. at
Philadelphia, Pa., 25 Feb., 1916.

1880. WiUiam Wallace Goodi, b. 8
Sept., 1857, at Melrose; d. at New
York, N.Y., 18 Feb., 1916.

1880. William Stanford Stevens, b. 13
June, 1859, at Boston; d. at Bos-
ton, 29 April, 1916.

1881. Louis Brackett Carr. b. 31 May,
1860. at North Attleboro; d. at
Arlington. 11 Feb., 1916.

1881. Joseph McKean Gibbons, b. 25
Feb.. 1858, at New York, N. Y.;
d. at Boston. 18 Feb., 1916.

1882. Frederick Thayer Hunt, b. 11
Sept.. 1859, at Scituate; d. at
East We>^outh, 8 Mar., 1916.

1883. Baron Chokichi Kikkawa, b. 24
Dec., 1861, at Iwakoni. Japan;

Digitized by





d. at Tokyo, Japan, 28 Dec.»

1885. Abner Zaza Bowen, b. 27 July,

1859, at Loami, 111.; d. at San

Jo86, Cal.. 19 April, 1916.
1885. Charies Frederic Carrier, b. 27

Dec., 1862, at North East, Pa.;

d. at Santa Barbara, Cal., 80 Jan.

1887. Silas Arnold Houghton. M.D.

and A.M., b. 11 Sept., 1864, at

Keeseville, N.Y.; d. at Brookline,

6 Feb., 1916.

1887. Francis Cleaveland Huntington,
LL.B., b. 8 April 1865, at Wor-
cester; d. at New York, N.Y., 15
Mar., 1916.

1888. Nathan Oppenheim, b. 17 Oct.,
1865, at Albany, N.Y.; d. at New
York, N.Y., 5 April, 1916.

1889. Randolph Cassius Surbridge,
LL.B., b. 17 Feb., 1869, at Brook-
lyn, N.Y.; d. at Boston, 19 Sept.,

1890. William Bancroft Carpenter, b.
10 Feb., 1869, at Lookout Moun-
tain, Tenn.; d. at Jamaica Plain,
21 Mar., 1916.

1890. Lowell Fletcher Huntington, b.
29 Nov., 1868, at Cincinnati, O.;
d. at Cincinnati, O., in 1916.

1891. Howard Gardiner Cushing, b. 2
Feb., 1869, at Boston; d. at New
York, N.Y., 26 April. 1916.

1897. Chester Chapin RumriU. b. 29
Feb., 1876, at Springfield; d. at
Springfield. 7 April, 1916.

1903. Charles Robert Cross, LL.B., b.
17 June, 1881, at Roxbury; d. at
Dinard, France, 8 Oct., 1915.

1903. Gevork Garabed Tourian, A.M.,
b. 22 Mar., 1873, at Rodosto,
Turkey; d. near Erzeroom, Tur-
key, in 1915.

1914. Meredyth Whitehouse, b. 10
Mar., 1891, at Chicago, 111.; d. at
Watkins, N.Y., 10 April, 1916.

SeienHfie School.
1896. Malcolm Harlow Baker, d. 27
Nov., 1915.

Medical School,
1848. Charies Munroe Dickenson, b.

April, 1823, at Boston, Mass.;

d. at New Orleans, La., between

1866 and 1872.
1854. David Choate, b. 27 Nov., 1828,

at Essex; d. at Salem, April

1857. Benjamin Franklin Campbell, b.

12 Sept., 1834, near Halifax, N.S.;

d. at Brookline, 9 Mar., 1916.
1861. Frank £U Dow, b. in 1834, at

Newport, Vt; d. at Concord, Vt.,

80 Oct., 1880.
1870. Robert Allen Blood, b. 80 Oct.,

1838, at New London; N.H.; d. at

Lake Sunapee, N.H., 21 Feb..


1870. John Henry Simpson, d. at Oak-
land, Cal., 10 Aug., 1879.

1871. WUliam Palmer BoUes, b. 14
June, 1845, at New London,
Conn.; d. at Santa Barbara, Cal.,
19 Mar., 1916.

1879. Charles Parker Hooker, b. 18
Sept., 1855. at Springfield; d. near
Biddeford, Me., 21 July, 1915.

1885. WyiU WiUiam Colbum, b. 24
Nov., 1861, at South Boston; d.
at Brooklyn, N.Y., 4 Dec., 1886.

1886. Benjamin Franklin Richardson,
b. 23 Aug., 1863, at Middleton;
d. at Lynn, 16 Feb., 1916.

1890. Rufus Elmer Darrah, b. 24 July.
1861, at Fall River; d. at New-
port, R.I., 8 Feb., 1916.

1891. Edmund Randolph Peaslee Four-
tin, b. 2 Mar., 1876, at South
Amesbury; d. at Waltham, 15
Mar., 1916.

1892. Thomas Joseph Leahy, b. 18 Dec.,
1869, at Cambridge; d. at Cam-
bridge, 25 Dec., 1915.

Digitized by





1902. George Thomas Little, b. 24 Nov.,
1877, at Groton; d. at Bruns-
wick, Me., 6 Aug. 1915.

VeUrinary SckooL

1892. George Brown Foss, d. at South
Braintree, 17 April, 1916.

Law School,

1851. John William Augustine Sanford,
b. 80 Nov., 1825; d. 7 Aug., 1913.

1852. Benjamin Watkins Bedford, b. 4
Sept., 1828, at Nashville, Tenn.;
d. on a plantation, in De Soto Co.,
Miss., 17 Sept., 1866.

1853. John Henry Colgate, d. at New
York, N.Y., 12 Feb., 1916.

1856. Richard Aldrich McCurdy, b. 29
Jan., 1835, at New York, N.Y.;
d. at Morristown, N.J., 6 Mar.,

1860. Thomas Astley Atkins, b. 1840 at
Tompkinsville, S.I., N.Y.; d. at
New York, N.Y.. 11 Feb., 1916.

1861. Francis Wayland Jacobs, d. at
New York. N.Y., in 1905.

1865. Godfrey Siegenthaler, d. at St.
Paul, Minn., 20 Jan., 1914.

1866. David Thompson Watson, b. 2
Jan., 1844, at Washington, Pa.;
d. at Atlantic City, N.J., 25 Feb.,

1871. Moses Milton Bane, b. in 1825, in

Athens Co., O.; d. at Washington,

D.C., 30 Mar., 1897.
1871. John Augustine Coffey, b. in

Ire.; d. at New York, N.Y., in

Nov., 1911.
1871. Henry Augustus Harman, died in


1893. Junius Theodore Auerbach, b. at
Troy, AU.; d. at Brookline, 7
Mar., 1916.

Honorary Degrees.
1870. WUliam Coe Collar, A.M., b. 11
Sept., 1833, at Ashford, Conn.;

d. at West Newton, 27 Feb.,

1905. James Burrill Angell, LL.D., b.

7 Jan., 1829, at Scituate, R.I.; d.

at Ann Arbor, Mich., 1 April,

1911. Henry James, Litt.D., b. 15 April.

1843, at New York, N.Y.; d. at

London, Eng., 28 Feb., 1916.

Prepared from such data m reach the Editor
of the Qubqueonial Catalogue of Harvard Uni-

The College.

1849. Amos Brayton Hall, b. 7 Dec.,
1822 (Windham, Me.}; d. in

1854. Douglas Walworth, d. at Nat-
chex. Miss., 25 June, 1914.

1874. George Ashbumer, b. 13 Feb.,
1853, at Hartford, Conn.; d. at
London, Eng., 1 Mar., 1916.

1882. Edmund Freeman Welles, b. 11
April, 1860, at Marietta, O.; d.
at Vera Crus, Mexico, 13 Aug.,

1896. William Chapman French, b. 23
Nov., 1873, at Jamaica Plain;
d. at Belmont, 5 Feb., 1916.

1898. David Thomas Young, b. 11 Nov.,
1875, at Philadelphia, Pa.; d. at
Lansdale, Pa., 6 Sept., 1908.

1901. Maurice Joseph Wall, b. 8 Jan.,
1880, at Worcester; d. at Wash-
ington, D.C., 12 Sept, 1914.

1918. Julian Langson Lathrop, d. in
France, in 1916.

Scientific School,

1859. William A. Flagg, b. at Blooming-
ton, ni.; d. in Mo., 186-.

1862. John Wendell Barrett Hallett, b.
3 June, 1842, at Nantucket; d. at
Flushing, L.I., N. Y., 29 Dec. 1915.

1865. George Harrison Gray, b. 24

Digitized by



University Notes.


Sept., 1M6, at Boston; d. at
Kansas City, Mo., 6 Oct., 1908.
1866. DiUwyn Wistar, b. 4 Oct., 1844,
at Philadelphia, Pa.; d. at Phila-
delphia, Pa., 1« Feb., 1916.

1869. John Morey Buckminster, b. 15
Jan. 1850; d. at Boston, 21 April,

Oraduaie School of Arts and Sciences,
1891. John Oren Reed, b. 81 Dec.,
1856, at New Castle, Ind.; d. at
aeveland, Ohio, 22 Jan., 1916.
1900. Freeman Marshall Josslyn, b. SO
July, 1866, at Boston; d. at Bos-
ton, 2 Feb., 1916.

Bussey Institution.
1906. David Nevins Bigelow, b. 31 Oct.,
1886, at Framingham; d. at Bos-
ton, 20 Feb., 1916.

Medical School,

1844. Thomas Dickman Washburn, b.
25 April, 1819, at Greenfield; d.
at HiUsboro, III., 80 June, 1893.

1845. Edwm Folsom Hurd, d. at Gil-
manton, N.H., in 1856.

1854. John Harvey Woodbury, b. 8
Aug., 1831, at North Weare,
N.H.; d. at Clifton Springs, N.Y.,
28 Feb., 1880.

1861. Leonard Preston Holden, died
20 April, 1902.

1870. Nelson Edgar Hollace, d. in April,

1876. Louis Raymond Warren, b. 29
June, 1855, at Terre Haute, Ind.;
d. at Bradentown, Fla., 18 Jan.,

1891. Robert Gilkey Home, b. 23 Mar.,
1873, at Watertown; d. at Water-
town, 2 Feb., 1916.

1900. Harry Fillmore Warren, b. 16
April, 1880, at Cumberland Mills,
Me. ; d. at Cumberland Mills, Me.,
14 July, 1911.

LaiD School.

1841. WOIiam Stephen Walker, b. 13
April, 1822, in Pa.; d. at Atlanta,
Ga., 7 June, 1899.

1854. George Washburn Smalley, b. 2
June, 1833, at Franklin; d. at Lon-
don, Eng., 4 April, 1916.

Divinity School.
1869. Charles Neale Cate, b. IM Jan.,

1849, at Reading; d. at Yonkers,

N.Y., 23 Mar., 1916.
1914. Merrill Stanton Gaunt, b. 12

July, 1891. at Chepatelet, R.I.;

d. at Bar-le-Duc, France, 3 April,


Officer not a Graduaie.
Allen Mackenzie Cleghom, Assistard
and Instructor 1898-1901, b. 2
Feb., 1872, at London, Ont., Can.;
d. at Bramshott, Eng., 20 Mar.,


On March 11, a dinner was given by
the Harvard Teachers' Club in honor of
the 25th anniversary of the establish-
ment of the Department of Education
and of Prof. Hanus*s connection with
the University. Several speeches were
made in honor of Prof. Hanus, who de-
fined the function of his Department to
be *' to train educational leaders." Pres.
Lowell pointed out the fact that Prof.
Hanus had labored as a pioneer, and that
he had lived to see the fruition of his

Both Pres. Eliot and Pres. Lowell are
trustees of the recently organized In-
stitute of Government Research. The
plan of this organization is to study
specific cases of inefficiency of govern-
ment, and then to educate the public to
demand the reforms necessary.

Digitized by



University Notes.


Dean Rosooe Pound, of the Law
School, 18 to make the annual address
at the meeting of the California Associ-
ation in August.

Pres. Lowell and Pres. Madaurin, of
Technology, addressed the members of
the University Club of Los Angeles,
Cal., by means of the long-distance tele-
phone, when the Club assembled for the
annual dinner on March 9.

With the death of S. S. Greeley, '44,
who succeeded to the title of oldest liv-
ing graduate only a few weeks ago, that
fleeting honor fidls to Dr. N. £. Soule,
'45, of Exeter, N.H. He is also the
oldest living graduate of Exeter Acad-

Prof. A. C. Coolidge, '87, gave at
Princeton, during April, a course of six
lectures on the diplomatic history of
Europe in the years just preceding the
present war.

On April 2S, Prof. G. L. Kittredge
gave in Sanders Theatre an admirable ad-
dress on Shakespeare. This address is to
be published by the Harvard University
Press and should be widely read. The
University also celebrated the Shake-
speare Centenary by three performances
of Hamlet, given by Sir Johnston Forbes
Robertson and his company on the
Elizabethan stage in Sanders Theatre on
April 24, 25, and 26. The Library had
an excellent exhibition of Shakespeare
actor portraits, drawn from the great
Shaw collection of dramatic material
recently given.

On Oct. 5, the Divinity School will
celebrate its centenary as a separate
department of the University. Alumni
and friends will be invited to visit the
School in the morning; Pres. Eliot will
make an address in Divinity Chapel at
4 o'clock; and there will be a dinner in
the Harvard Union at which Pres.
Lowell and others will speak.

In our March number we printed an

artide giving detailed information about
the work of the Fogg Museum in recent
years. Since then the Museum's useful
activity has, as usual, continued without
interruption. A brief summary of the
work during the spring term must suf-
fice here*

Feb. 14. Loan for a few daye of a "Ma-
donna." by Filipo Lippi.

Id. Loan for several months of the
"Buildinc of the Temple.** by

16. Purehase by a friend of the Mu-
seum of the ''Judgment of Paris.'*
a Cassone panel by the so-called
" Paris master."

16. Conference by Professor Edgell on
the Lippi, Cassone panel, and

25. Gift from Mrs. Qeorge Blumen-
thai, of New York, of a 15th-«en-
tury Italian brocade.

26. Loan for three wedcs of Turner's
famous painting, called "Piss de

26. Exhibition in Print Room of water
color drawings by Turner and
other English artists; a selection
from the permanent coUections of
the Museum.
Idar. 8. Conference by Professor Pope on
Turner's "Pis de Calais.**

6. An acquisition and addition to the
permanent collections of the Mu-
seum, by gift and purehase, of 32
etchings by Millet, Jacque, Dau-
bigny, Corot. Rousseau, and

7. 9. Lectures by Mr. Charles T. Car-
ruth, on the Delia Robbia Family.

13. Foundation of Sachs Research
Fellowship in Fine Arts, with an
annual income of S2000.

15. First of ten lectures by Mr. Lang-
don Warner on the "Develop-
ment of Chinese Art."

16. Loan for two weeks of two anony-
mous 16th- century Flemish pic-

21. Lecture by Mr. Timothy Cole on
the "Analogy between Engraving
and Painting."
Apr. 3. Loan for three months of 90 of
Mr. J. P. Morgan's "Drawings by
Italian and German^ld Masters."

8. Gift from Professor Julius Sachs,
of New York, of 2300 lantern

10. Lecture by Prof esBor Van den Yen
on "The Churches of Constan-

10. Conference by Mr. Paul J. Sachs
on the Moigan drawings.

Digitized by



Umveraity Note*.


Apr. 24. Loan from Bir. Henry GoldniAii,
of New Yark» for nz months, of
nine Dutch pictures, most not-
able of which are a Rembrandt
andFnuu Hals.

26. Lecture by Mr. Carrington on
"Landscape Etching.'*

87. Loan from the Maiden Library for
two months of a picture by Nieh-
las Maes.

28. Lecture by Mr. FiURoy Carring-
ton on "Italian Engraving: the

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