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Shot-put 9

Hammer-throw.. 2 6

Totals 53 «1


(Franklin Field, Philaddpkia,

May 28>29.)

The score: Cornell, 45 1-2; Harvard,
26; Yale, 25; Princeton. Penn., 21; Mich-
igan, Dartmouth, 14; Columbia* 10;
Maine, 9; Penn. State, 6; Johna Hop-
kins, 1 1-2; Bowdoin, M.I.T., 1.

Weakness in the field events and long
runs prevented the University from
being a better contender against the all-
round strength of the Cornell team.
Meredith, of Pennsylvania, performed
the feat of winning both the 440- and
880- yard runs. In the former event, he
barely nosed out W. Willooz, Jr., '17, in
the time of 48 seconds, remarkable speed
on the heavy track. E. A. Teschner, '17,
Was second to Smith of Michigan in both
sprints, his defeat of Treadway of Yale
in the 220. the last race of the day, giv-
ing Harvard second place in the meet
M. L. Greeley, Jr., '15, who tied with
Carter of Yale and Foss of Comdl at
12 feet in the pole-vault, won the only
first place for the University. The Har-
vard team was weakened at the last mo-
ment through the inability 6i W. W.

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Athletics. — 2^ack.


Kent, '16, miler, and J. B. Camp, '15,
iogh-jumper and pole vaulter, to com-
pete on aooount of injuries.
Tlie summary:

KXHfd. daah. Final heat: Won by Smith,
Bliohigan; E. A. Tesehner, '17, Beoond; Inger-
BoU, Cornell, third; Treadway, Tale, fourth:
J. L. Foley, '15, fifth. Time, lOa.

MKHid, dash. Final heat: Won by Smith,
Michigan{ E. A. Teeohner, *17, second; Tread-
way, Yale, third; Lockwood, Penn., fourth;
Patterson, Penn., fifth. Time, 22b.

UiHfd. run. Won by Meredith, Penn.; W.
Willcoz, Jr., '17, oecond; WiUde, Yale, thiid;
Righafdaon, Princeton, fourth; Riley, Dart-
mouth, fifth. Time, 48b. (Equaled interool-

Ha^f-mUe run. Won by Meredith, Penn.;
Speiden, Cornell, eecond; Hayes, Princeton,
third; F. W. Capper, '1&, fourth; Cooley,
Princeton, fifth. Time, Im., 64 2-^.

MileTun, Won by McKensie, Princeton;
WiQdnacle,Comel],Becond; Carroll, Miohigai^
third; Altha, Princeton, fourth; Irish, Cornell,
fifth. Time, 4m., 22 4-5s.

Two-mile nuu Won by Potter, Cornell;
Overton, Yale, second; Hofifmire, Cornell,
tUrd: Holden, Yale, fourth; Cook, Mass.
loBtitute ol Teohnolosy, filth. Time, Iteou,
27 1-^8.

Bighhurdlea, Final heat: Won by Ferguson,
Penn.; Starr, Cornell, second; Hammitt, Penn*
State, third; Qrubb, Cornell, fourth; Lukens,
Cornell, fifth. Time, 15 2-5b.

LowhurdUa. Final heat: Won by Stewart,
Princeton; H. St. J. Smith, '15,second; Brown,
Penn. State, third; Brady, Columbia, fourth;
Ormwford, Princeton, fifth. Time, 24 2-5^

8hol-pta, Won by Whitney, Dartmouth>
distance. 47 ft., 4 7-8 in.; Beatty, Columbia,
second, distance, 46 ft., 9 5-8 in. ; McCutcheon,
Cornell, third, distance, 45 ft., 8-8 in.; Spears,
Dartmouth, fourth, distance, 44 ft., 5 1-2 in.

Hammer-ikrow. Won by BaHey, Maine, dia-
tance, 165 ft., 3-4 in.; McCutcheon, Cornell,
second, distance, 160 ft., 2 in.: Murphy, Penn.,
third, distance, 156 ft., 6 in. ;Lou«hridge, Yale,
fourth, distance, 145 ft., 1 in.; Leadbetter,
Bowdoin, fifth, distance, 145 ft., in.

High jump. Won by Oler, Yale, height. 6
ft., 4 1-2 in. (new intercollegiate and American
eoUeg^te record) ; Richards, Cornell, second,
height, 6 ft., 3 1-2 in.; J. O. Johnstone, '16,
third, height, 6 ft., 1-2 in.; McLaren, Cornell,
and Connolly, Johns Hopkins, tied for fourth,
heis^t,5ft., 113-8in.

Broad jump. Won by Worthington, Dart>
mouth, distance, 23 ft., 9 1-4 in.; Graham,
Columbia, second, distance, 22 ft., 9 5-8 in.;
Firench, Maine, third, distance, 22 ft., 7 1-4
in.; Richards, Cornell, fourth, distance, 22 ft.,
6 in.; Frederick, Dartmouth, fifth, distance,
22 ft., 8 in.

PoU-vauU. Carter, Yale. M. L. Greeley, Jr.,
'15, and Fobs, Cornell, tied for first, hei^t.

12 ft.; Baker, Princeton, fourth, hdght, 11 ft.
« in.: Wilson, Michigan, fifth, height, 11 ft.

T. Clark, '17, of Spokane, Wash., has
been appointed second assistant man-
ager of the University track team, and
J. P, Warburg, '17, of New York, has
been appointed assistant manager of the
cros»K30unti7 team.

The best race of the handicap meet on
May 22 was the mile run for the Frank
WeUs cup, in which Captain Cap-
per passed Southworth (both starting
scratch) on the last turn, winning by
less than a yard in 4m., 25 2^8. E. A.
Teschner, '17, won the 220 sprint for
the Dodge cup m 22 2^s., over W. Will-
cox, Jr., '17. J. M. Waterman, '17, start-
ing from the 40-yard mark, defeated the
scratch men in the quarter-mile race for
the S. Gannett Wells cup.

The eastern division of the A.A.U.
held their trials in the Stadium on June
26 to pick a team for the games at the
PanamarPadfic Ezpodition. W. H.
Meanix» '17, competing for the Boston
AA., was the only Harvard man to be
chosen. Meaniz won the 440-7^tfd hur-
dles in 54 4-«s. N. S. Taber, formerly of
Brown and Oxford, ran the mile in 4m.,
15 1-58., althou^ the track was sodden
from raina in the morning.

Freshman Track,

The 1918 track team lost all of its

three meets, scoring only six first places

throu^out the season. Captain J.

Coggeshall did the best work, winnmg

the mile run in every meet. The scores

for the season were:

May 1. Andover. 76 1-2; 1918. Id 1-2.
8. Exeter, 70 1-2; 1918. 37 1-2.
15, Yale Freshmen, 74 1-2; 1918. 29 1-2.

Summary of the Yale 1918 meet:

ItO^d. high hwdUt. Won by Lersenring
(Y) ; Farwell (Y), second: L. M. Pratt. Jr. (H)
and L. B. Means (H) tied for third. Time,
15 4-£e.

lOO-i/d. daah. Won by Gumey (Y) ; Keeler
(Y), second; Jones (Y), third. Time. 10 l-6s.

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AMeticB. — Crew.


On^^miU run. Won by J. CocvMhaU, Jr.
(H): Rolfe (Y), woond; O. N. HoUia (H).
third. Time 4m., 39 3-5e.

44( Won by Oit(Y); Walker (T).
Moond; Williams (Y). third. Time, 40 3-4Sa.

880-ifd. run. Won by Whittemore (Y); Q.
R. CocBwell (H), second; T. R. Motm {B),
third. Time, 2m., 2 4-6%.

iS'pound thol-put. Schmidt CY), and Brown
(Y), tied for first, distance. 36 ft. 6 1-2 in.; R.
Horween (H), third, distance, 36 ft., 1-2 in.

2t(H/d. low hurdlet. Won by Farwell (Y)»
Lersenring (Y), second; A. E. Rowse, Jr. (H),
third. Time. 25 2n5e.

£t(Hfd. dMh. Won by Gumey (Y); E. E.
Silver (H). second; W. Moore (H), third.
Time, 22 3-Ss.

Tvto-miU run. Won by C. W. W. P. He!-
fenger (H); Q. deL. Harris (H), second; Q. A.
Kins, Jr. (H). third. Time, 10m., 81 4-£e.

Broad jump. Won by Clark (Y), distanoe,
21 ft.. 8 in.; H. Davis (H). seoond, distance,
21 ft., 4 1-2 in.; Thomas (Y), third, distance,
20 ft., 3-4 in. '

Hiohjump. Won by Gifford (Y), height
6 ft., 7 1-2 in. ; M. S. Dickinson (H). and Hill
(Y), tied for second. 5 ft., 6 1-8 in.

Hammer-throw. Won by Gates (Y). dis-
tance, 124 ft.. 1-2 in.; Vorys (Y), second, dis-
tance. Ill ft.. 11 1-8 in.; Baldridge (Y), third,
111 ft.. 4 1-8 in.

PoU-vauU. Won by MoLeish (Y), height,
11 ft., 1-2 in.; C. S. Babbitt (H), second,
height. 11 ft.. 6 in.; M. T. MacDonald (H).
third, 10 ft.. 10 in.

The following 17 Freshmen won their
numerals by placing in the meet with
Yale 1918: C. S. Babbitt, of Media, Pa.;
J. Coggeshall, Jr., of Allston; G. R. Cogs-
well, of Cambridge; H. Davis, of Brook-
line; M. S. Dickinson, of Cambridge;
G. deL. Harris, of New York; C. W. W.
P. Heffenger, of Portsmouth, N.H.;
O. N. Hollis, of Worcester; R. Horween,
of Chicago, 111.; G. A. King, Jr., of
Washington, D.C.; M. T. MacDonald,
of Brooklyn, N.Y.; L. B. Means, of
Manchester; W. Moore, of Gloucester;
T. R. Morse, of Falmouth; N. M. Pratt,
Jr., of Chestnut Hill; A. E. Rowse, Jr., of
Arlington; E. E. Silver, Jr., of Wobum.

Gore Hall won the interdormitory
title in the Stadium on May 21, the
score being. Gore, 55; Smith, S6; and
Standish, 26. Poor weather conditions
were responsible for slow times in the

Andover won the thirteenth aimoil
interscholastic meet in the Stadium on
May 15, barely beating Exeter by the
score of 29 to 24. Worcester Academy
WW third and Huntington fourth.

An aooount of the Varsity race with
Yale is given earlier in this issue. The fol-
lowing u a summary of the other work
of the crews.

CanM Regatta, Lake Cayuga, Mag 22.

The University won its first victory
in seven years over Cornell, and also its
first vict(»y on Lake Cayuga since row*
ing relations have been resumed. Har-
vard jumped into the lead at the start,
pulling 88 strokes to the minute, and
was never headed. The Univernty eight
rowed a smooth, powerful stroke, and
crossed the finish line 8^ of a length
ahead, covering the 2-mile course in
10m., 41 2-5s. The Freshman crew had
a good lead at the half-mile mark, but
because of the poor condition of the men
could not stand a fast pace, and Cornell
won by 1 1-2 lengths in 10m., 548.

The orders of the crews were:

Harvard. Str.. Lund; 7. Cabot; 6. Panon;
6, Middendorf; 4, Harwood; 3. Stebbins; 2,
Morgan; bow. Murray; ooz.. Kreeer.

Cornell. Str.. Andrus; 7. O'Brien; 6, StaU;

5, Moir; 4. CoUyer; 3, Welles. 2, Cuahing;
bow. Terriberry; ooz.. McCandleas.

Harvard Freshmen. Str.. Wiggin; 7, Quinby;

6. Pope; 5. Nathan; 4, Davis; 3, Maokie; 2,
Taylor; bow. Brayer; ooz.. Place.

Cornell fVeshmen. Str., Handwerger; 7,
Brower; 6, Coe; 5. Kirkland; 4, Helmus; 3,
Wykes; 2, Fuller; bow. Comings; ooz., Collins.

The Sophomore crew, which defeated
1916 for the interdass championshq>,
won from the Yale 1917 boat in the
Basin by three lengths on May 15. For
the first quarter of a mile the two boats
were even, but the Sophomores led
easily for the balance of the race. In the
single sculls race at the same time, N. P.
Darling, '17, finally lost to GaUlard of

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Athletics. — Crew.


Tale by a lengtK alter fighting nip and
tuck the wh<4e distance. Thesmnmary:

Sopbomor^ crew. Str., White; 7, Potter;
V, Lovell; 5. Riohardaon; 4, Coolidge; 8, Web-
ber; 2, Fhllipe; bow, Inffdb; ooz., Hendenon.

Yale 1917 crew. Str., Hume; 7, WooUey; 6,
Green; 5, Bartlett; 4. R. Walker; 3. Ball; 2,
Koehoe; bow, L. Walker; ooz., Hemingway.

Time, 10m., 5e.

Single scullincraee. WonbyQaiOard, Yale;
eeeond, N. P. Darling, '17; third, B. Carpenter,
Jr., '16; fourth. Burton, Ya&e. Time, 5m„ 51a.

The champion Sophomore crew fin*
ished third in the principal event of the
amiiia] regatta of the American Rowing
Association on the Schuylkill River on
Biay 82, being beaten by the Univer-
sity of Pennsylvania and the Union
Boat Club of Boston. Shortly after-
wards the same Pennsylvania crew de-
feated the Harvard second crew over
the Henley distance, the Princeton sec-
ond crew trailing in third place. N. P.
Darling, '17, finished second in the sin-
gle sculls race.

To encourage rowing in the College
at large, the University held an invita-
tion regatta in the Charles River Basin
on May 29 and 81. The program in-
cluded races between Boston prefMura-
tory schools, the Freshman dormitories*
the Thayer and Eliot boat dubs, and the
Union Boat Club and the University
third boat. N. P. Darling, '17, won the
Carroll cup for single sculls, his nearest
competitor being B. Carpenter, Jr., '16.

The 1918 second eight defeated Mid-
dlesex by 8 lengths on May 17, and
Exeter by a quarter of a length on May
8. In the latter event, the schoolboys
held a small lead for 8-4 of the distance,
but by hard driving at the finish, the
Freshmen won. The orders of the
crews were:

Second Freshman crew. 0tr., Samonds; 7,
WiUiams; 6, Burr; 5, Qray; 4, Franklin; 3,
Bead; 2, Cabot; bow, Dickey; cox., Hawkins.

Exeter crew Str., Bracken; 7, King; 6, B.
Walker, 5. Hall; 4. Christmas; 3, N. Walker;
2, Kelley; bow, Duncan; ooz., Richmond.

The Freshman four-oared boat nosed
out Pomf ret and Middlesex by 2 feet in
the Basin OD May 29. At the same time
the 1918 second four beat the Middle-
sex seconds, with the 1918 third four
trailing. The orders of the Freshman
boats were:

Firat four. Str., Simonds; 3, Williams; 3,
Maodonell; bow, Reynolds; coz., Hawkins.

Second four. Str., Franklin; 3, Read; 2,
Cabot; bow. Gray; ooz., Jackson.

Third four. Str., Lund; 3, Osborne; 2, Burr;
bow, Storer; coz., Eielty.

New London Race*.
On Thursday evening, June 24, oo-
cnrred the race for Freshman Fours, one
mile upstream from the 1} mile mark.
This race was won easily by the Harvard
Freshmen. Hie crews were made up as
follows, the Harvard Crew being a little
the heavier:

Yale Fnahnum Four. Bow, J. Englis; 2, O.
B. James; 3, W. H. Seward; Stroke, A. R.
Hyatt; Coz., W. Baker.

Hanard FrethwMn Four. Bow, T. T.
Maokie; 2, P. M. Cabot; 8, B. Williams;
Stroke, J. M. Fhmklin; Coz.. R. P. Place.

Immediately following this race came
that of the Graduate Eights of a half-
mile for the Herrick cup. This also was
won by the Harvard crew by about a
length and a half.

YaU GraduaUe. Bow. C. C. ElweU. Jr.. '11;
2. H. Bolton, '07; 3, H. L. Livingston. '09; 4,
R. B. Meyer, '14; 5. H. Roberts. '09; 6, H. L.
Rogers. '14; 7, R. Romeyn. '13; Stroke, J. A.
Appleton, '14; Coz., P. Bamum. '13.

Harvard Oraduatea. Bow. G. H. Balch. '12;
2. Q. Ton L. Meyer. '13; 3. Q. P. Metcalf, '12;
4, W. T. Gardiner, '14; 5, James Lswrence,
•01; 6, L. Withington, Jr., '11 ; 7, R. W. CuUcr,
'11; Stroke, Eliot Farley, '07: Coz., C. T.
Abelea, *13.

Varsity Second Eights Race,
The two-mile race for the Second Var-
sity crews was rowed on Friday morning
at 10.80, downstream from the Navy
Yard. The crews were well matched and
the race was an exciting one, Yale win-
ning by less than a length. Yale had an
excellent start and began to draw away.

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Athletics. — Crew^


but Harv&rd raiaed the itroke and n^

idly caught up. There was nerer open

water betweeif the boats and alternate

spurts made the result doubtful until

the veiy end. Times:

Earvard TaU

i Mile '2m., 6s. 2m., fii.

Mile 6m., 7a. 5m., iei

li Mile 8m., fit. 8m., Is.

2 Miles 10m..43s. 10m., 40b.

Sanard Second Eight

Age Wt. Hi.
Bow. F. H. L. Whit-
manh, '10, New
York 21 160 5.07

2. R. R. Brown, '17

Utiea, N.Y 20 161 ft.lU

3. A. Potter. '17,

Brookline 10 170 5.10|

4. J. Talcott. Jr.. '16,

New York 21 181 6i)l

5. W.RichardBoii,'17,

Boeton 18 187 0.01}

0. H. S. Middendorf,

'16. Baltimore. ... 20 188 0.01
7. H. H. Meyer, '16
(Capt.), Kanaaa

City 21 173 0.011

Str. F. W. Buek, '16, New

York 21 154 5.1U

Cos. A. A. Cameron, ' 19,

Weetford 19 125 5.07

Average weight of eight, 171 i pwmrisi

Taie Second BighL

Age WU St

Bow. A. M. Mnnson,

York Harbor. Me. 21 170 0.00

2. R. G. Gilfillao,

Springfield 24 163 0.00

3. S. W. Atkina, Ma-
rietta. Pa. 20 175 0.00

4. R. H. Koeitcky,

MQler. S.D 24 184 0.00

5. L. W. Fox, Phil».
delphia,Pa. 20 194 0.08

6. M. M Whittlesey,

Pittsfield 21- 181 6.11}

7. C. W. Gamble,
Watertown. N.Y.. 21 171 6.10

Str. W. Adams. Jr.,

Lawrence, L.1 20 162 5.11

Cox. C. Pratt. Brook-
lyn. N.Y 22 117 5.06

Average weight of dght. 175 pounds.

Freshman Race,
The Freshman Race, which was post-
poned from the morning on account of
rough water, was announced to start at
7.10 P.M. from the railroad bridge. This

was soon found to be impossible, how-
ever, by reason of the confusion on the
river due to the departure of the various
steamers. Tlie race was therefore actu-
ally rowed upstream from the Navy
Yard. It was seen by only a very few,
since the observation trains did not re-
turn and darkness was ^proaching.
The race was more closely contested
than the Varsity Race, but even here the
result was never really in doubt It was
so late that the distance was cut down to
a mile and a half.

Bamard YaU

I Mae 2m.,23s. 2m., 228.

1 MOe 5m.,22B. 6m , 20a.

li Mils 8m.,10B. 8m., 68.

Hanard FreeKman Sight,

Age WL Bt,
Bow. N. BrsBV, Brook-

Hna 20 172 6.00

2. H. G. Simonds,

NewYotk 19 170 0.00

8. D. L. Moody, Bal-

lardvale 17 178 6.00}

4. A. W. Pope, Brook-
line 20 180 6.C0I

6. E. Nathan, Brook-
line 20 181 6.01

0. M. Taylor, Boeton 20 182 6.01

7. H. A. Quimby,

Springfield 20 178 6.02

Stc M. Wiggin (Capt)

Boston 19 150 5.00

Cox. M. A. Hawkins,

Chicago 19 118 6.041

Average weight oi eight, 174 pounds.

YaU Preekman Sight,

Age Wt, Bt
Bow. W. A. RookfeUer,

Greenwich. Conn... 18 168 5.10
2. F. H. LoveJoy,

Montolair. N.J. . . 19 170 5.10}

8. R. R. S. Converse,

Rochester. N.Y... 20 170 6.00

4. J. L. Glover, Fair-
field. Conn 22 178 6.02

6. L. M. McNaugh-
ton. Fort Edwards.
N.Y 20 183 5.11J

6. R. L. Coleman, Jr.,

Cambridge 17 190 6.03*

7. R. Q. Coombs,

New York 20 168 5.10|

Str. G. F. Lawrence,

Short Hills, N.J. . . 20 150 6.00
Cos. T. H. Lashar,

Bridgeport, Conn. 20 106 6.04
Average weight of eight, 172i pounds.

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Athletics. — Tennis.


F. S. Marden, '18, of New York; and
T. Nelaon, '18, o£ Hubbard Wooda, 111.,
were appointed manager and assistant
manager, respectively, of the Freshman

The University tennis team won 9 of
its 12 matches during the spring, losing
to Cornell, Princeton, and the Long-
wood Cricket Club. Captain R. N.
Williams, 8d, '16, national champion in
1914, led the team throughout the sea-
son, and finished without a defeat in his
singes matches. In the contest against
Princeton at Princeton, which had been
twice postponed on account of rain,
Williams partially atoned for his defeat
in the intercollegiates last year by beat-
ing G. M. Church, the title holder, 7-5»

The season clbsed with a brilliant 8 to
1 victory over Yale. The Harvard play-
ers exhibited fine form, and easily won
every match except that between L.
Curtis, 2d, '16, and M. Bumham of
Yale. The summary:

SingleB. R. N. WUliams, 2d, '16. defeated
Stoddart, 6-1. 6-2; G. C. Caner, '17. defeated
Cunningham. 6-2. 6-1; W. Rand, 3d, '17, de-
feated Tilton, 6-0. 3-6. 6^; Bumham defeated
L. Curtis. 2d. '16. 7-6. 9-7; A. F. Doty. '16. de-
feated Hapcood, 7-6. 6-2; J. 8. Brown, Jr.. '17.
defeated KeUey. 10-8. 0-6. 6-2.

Doubles. Williama and Caner defeated
Stoddart and Cunningham. 4-6. 6^. 6^; Rand
and Doty defeated Tilton and Kelley. 6^,
2-6. 8-6; J. Wooldredge. '16. and W. W. Mans-
field. Jr.. '15. defeated Leighton and Tronstine
14. 6-2, 6-1.

The following men won their ** tHt '*
for the first time by playing against
Yale at Brookline: G. C. Caner, '17, of
Philadelphia, Pa.; A. F. Doty, 16,
of Waltham; W. W. Mansfield, Jr., '15,
of Portland, Me.; W. Band, 8d, '17, of
Rye, N.Y.; and J. Wooldredge, '16, of
Pasadena, Cal.

The University's record for the season

April 19. H., 4; Agawam Hunt Club, Prori-
denoe, 2.

20. H., 4; Philadelphia Crieket Qub. 0.

21. H.. 5; Annapolis, 1.

22. H., 6; Chevy GhaM Chib, Waahing-

ton. L

23. H.. 6; Norfolk Country Club. 1.

24. H.. 4; Baltimore Country dub. 2.
BCay 1. H., 6; Amherst, 0.

8. H.. 9; Dartmouth, 0,
16. ComeO, 6; H., 3.

25. Prinoeton, 7; H.. 2.

27. Longwood Cricket dub. 6; H., 8.
29. H.. 8; Yale, 1.

Captain Williams won the day court
diampioDship of the United States at
the ^ttsburg Athletic Club on June
26 and the week following. In the
final round he disposed of George M.
Church, of Princeton, in three out of
four sets.

The Eastern tennis team, composed
of R. N. ^lUiams, 2d. '16, W. M. Wash-
bum, 15, G. M. Church and Dean
Mathey, both of Princeton, failed to win
in the games at San Francisco during
the first half of July. Washburn was the
first to be eliminated. He was beaten by
Melville Long, former Pacific Coast
diampion in strai^t sets, 7-5, 6-2. On
the same day, July 12, ^Diams and
Washburn were defeated in doubles by
L. Curtis, 2d, '16, and J. C. Bohlfs, of
San Francisco, largely because Wash-
bum was clearly off his game. In the
third round of the sinuses tournament,
Williams defeated R. Lindley Murray,
of Oakland, in three hard sets, 8-6, 7-9,
9-7. On July 14, Williams, the last
representative of the East, lost his match
in the fourth round to Clarence J.
Griffin, of San Francisco, 6-3. 5-7, 6-1.
Maurice McLou^^ilin, of San Francisco,
later won the tournament.

The University second team won
every set in the last two matches of their
schedule, the victims being the Connec-
ticut Agricultural Cc^ege, and Boston
College. The team played in the follow-
ing order: Captain J. Wooldredge, '16,

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Athletics. -^ Lacrosse.


A. F. Doty. '16. P. Boyer, 'lO, R. Z.
Crane, '17, H. Morgan. '17, H. Francke,

The 1918 team lost to the Yale Fresh-
men at New Haven by the score of 7 to
2. Captain Talcott and Benedict were
the only members of the Freshman squad
irho won their matches. Hie following
won their insignia by playing in the con-
test : E. B. Benedict, of New York; £. B.
Benjamin, of New Orleans, La.; R. C.
Cooke, of Newton Centre; D. K. Dun-
more, of West Newton; L. £. Green, of
Kansas City, Mo.; H. Talcott, of New
York. S.B. Kaiser, '18, of Brookline,and
J. Lavalle, Jr., '18, of Boston, were man-
ager and assistant manager of the 1018
team. ; /

Tlie scores for the season wefe;

May 8. Boaton Y.M.C.A.. 6; 1918. 8.
12. Andover, 6; 1918. 2.

19. 1918, 7; Woroeater Academy. 0.

20. 1918, 4; Dartmouth Freohmen, 2.
27. 1918. 9: 8t. Mark's. 0.

29. Yale Fnahmen, 7; 1918. 2.

A. F. Doty, '16, and H. Wainwright,
'15, won the University diampionship in
doubles, their opponents in the finals
being H. R. Guild, '17, and D. Duncan,
'17. H. Morgan, '17, won the all-comers
tournament in singles from H. Wain-
wright, '15, but the challenge round
with R. N. Williams, 2d, '16, was indefi-
nitely postponed.

Gore Hall won the interdormitory
title in tennis. The victors were tied
with Standish at the end of the regular
schedule, and agreed on a doubles matdi
to settle the championship. W. D. D.
Morgan and P. N. Rhinelander, of Gore,
defeated W. Richmond and D. Apple-
ton, of Standish, in the final contest. )

Andover won the interscholastic ten-
nis tournament with 14 points, Exeter
finishing second with 8. S. Thayer, of
Andover, was the individual champion.
In the finals he disposed of R. Rand, of
St. Mark's, 6-4, S-6, 4-6, 6-4, 7^. ^


TIm University golf team broke even

b the spring games, winning two, lo*->

ing two, and tying the fifth. The season

dosed with a 5 to 1 victory over Yale

at the Rhode Island Country Oub of

Providence. Hie summary of the Yale


B. P. AUb, '15. won from Plcne (6 and 4);
L. H. Canan, '17, won from Qardner (2 and 1) :
J. W. Hubbell, '17. won from Bloasom (6 and
4); Capt. J. Q. Heyburn. '16. won from Mcll-
waine (1 up); G. A. MoCook. '16. lort to
Qain68 (2 and 1); and J. I. Wylde, '17, won
frx>m Fanis worth (1 up).

The scores for the season:

May 8. R.I. State. 4: H., 3.
11. H.. 3; Penn., 8.
16. H.. 4; FaU Riv«r G.C.. 8.
27. Brookline CO.. 7; H.. 2.
29. H., 5; Yale, 1.

E. P. Allis, '15, of Milwaukee, Wis.,
won the University diampionship at the
Oakley Country Club. The nmner-up
was H. D. Bassett, '18.

The Freshman golf team, organised for
the first time, won one match, lost one»
and tied one. The results follow:

May 22. 1918, 2; Exeter. 2.

25. 1918. 5: Newton High. 0.

26. Watertown Hich. 3; 1918. 2.

The team played in the following order:
H. D. Baasett. W. H. Ruaeell, R. W. Hoakier.
R. 8. Tufts. C. W. Timpeon, C. W. Manning.


After winning the diampionship of the
Northern interoollegiate league, the Uni*
versity team dosed the season by de-
feating Yale at New Haven on May 22,
by the score of 8 to 4. This is the first
time that Yale has played lacrosse for
80 years, and it was largely through the
efforts of Captain Nightingale that a
team was formed there. The following
won the lacrosse insignia for the first
time: E. B. Flu, '17. of Lynn; R. H.
Franzen, '17, of St. Paul, Minn.; T. W.
Merriam, '15, of Skowhegan, Me.; O. H.
Persons, '17, of Cazenovia, N.Y.; G.
'Whitehead, '15, of Cambridge.

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The Freshman lacroflse team was
beaten by Andover» S to 2, in their only
outside contest, on May 8. The follow*
ing were awarded numends: R. O. Chaf-
fee» of Belmont; H« H. Dampman, of
Phoenizville. Pa.; C. M. Durgin, of Ex-
eter, N.H.; H. £. Fales, of Attleboro;
G. F. Freer, of Gilbertsville, N.Y.; O. P.
Johnson, of Yonkers, N.Y.; H. J. KeUe-
her, of Brooklyn, N.Y.; R. M. Lovett,
Jr., of Chicago, lU.; £. H. McCabe^ of
Lawrence; K. L. Madachlan, of Melrose;

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