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work in preparation for the lectures has
been a heavy task, as he is required to
give four consecutive one-hour lectures
each morning during the six weeks* dura-
tion of the Chautauqua session, to-
gether with additional explanatory lec-
tures in connection with concerts which
are given during the latter part of the
session. — A. B. Handy has been elec-
ted principal of the Putnam, Conn.,
High School.


F. A. Harding, Sec,,
62 Fulton St., Boston.
' About 180 men, participated in our
Sexennial Reunion at one time or an-
other. We had a beautiful day for the
•ail to Gloucester, which was accom-
plished safely after niunerous lifeboat
driUs, etc After luncheon there were
ball games for everybody, followed by
a refreshing swim, as the committee had
taken pains to have the tide high at ex-
actly the right moment. Later the Class
assembled for dinner at the Hawthorne
Inn, with Lunt presiding. Excellent short
speeches were made by Lunt, Currier,
and Rand. The resignation of Arthur
6. Cable as Class Secretary was regret-
fully presented to the meeting, and most
regretfully accepted, whereupon Arthur
was voted the thanks of. the Class for
his services. An election which followed
resulted in the choice of F. A. Harding
for Class Secretary. During the dinner
K. S« Cate was presented with a silver

inkstand as an appreciation of his
splendid work on the Class Report,
which is one of the best reports ever
published by a Sexennial Class. Class
Day was observed as usual, and, after
the Stadium exercises, at which many
of the wives of the married men were
present, the day ended with a spread.
This spread proved to be a great success,
and the example might well be followed
by other classes. On Wednesday morn-
ing the athletic talent was given an op-
portunity to see what it could do against
the heroes of 1912, and 1909 would sure-
ly have won the ball game had not the
Class "cops," Officers Wise and Mo-
Cormick, seen fit to arrest Umpires Geo.
Roosevelt and Sam Hoar just when they
were doing their best work. The track
games resulted in glorious individual
victories, but the crew race had to be
postponed until 1919. On Commence-
ment Day the Class ended its activities
with a spread in Holworthy just after
the Commencement exercises. As a whole
the reunion was a great success. Every-
body had a good time, and there was
enough, but not too much doing, which
resulted in a great many new friend-
ships being made, and old ones renewed.
Furthermore, the expense per man was
remarkably low — the total cost of the
Sexennial being probably much less than
that of any similar reunion in recent
years. The Class owes a deep debt of
gratitude to the chairman of the Sex-
ennial Committee, W. M. Rand, for his
unselfish and able work in formulating
and carrying out the plans. — It is with
deep sorrow that we have to record the
death of another classmate, Gtty W.
Maloon, who until recently has been in
Indianapolis with the National Glue Co.,
but who was forced to go to Colorado
Springs for his health, where he died.
His work has kept him apart from Class
activities since graduation, but his i

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Newajrom Me Clastes.


ory will be very dear to all who knew
him. — A son waa bom on July 12 to
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. G. Wendell. — Shir-
ley Ford has recently announced his en-
gagement to Miss Elizabeth Rankin of
Los Angeles. — Hobart Pillsbuiy is dep^
uty secretaiy of state of New Hamp-
shire. — £arl S. Gate has been ordained
to the«diaoonate in the Protestant Epis-
copal Church. — R. R. FVeeman, Jr.» was
one of those lost in the LiuHania dis-
aster. — Norman Prince is an aviator
in the IVench army. — Apart from the
above the Sexennial Report containa
the latest news of the Class, and the
Secretary will i^adly forward copies of
the Report to members of the Class who
have either never received or who have
lost theirs.


C. C. LiTTLXy SsOtp
Cottage St., Brookline.
With less than a year to our Sexen-
nial it seems suitable to make a plea at
this time for more cordial and general
cooperation on the part of the members
oi the Class in sending information to
the Secretary and in other branches of
Class activity. During the past six
months the Secretary has received only
two unsolicited "changes of address*'
from Class members. It has been the
custom since graduation to hold a lunch-
eon on Commencement Day in some one
of the College buildings. This year the
spread was in Holworthy 15. It was ad-
vertised by notices sent to the entire
Class by the Secretary in ample time for
those in or near Boston to midce arrange-
ments to be present. Exactly eight men,
slightly over one per cent of the Class,
attended this luncheon. The Treasurer
has repeatedly been attempting to col-
lect the amounts pledged to the Class
Fund slightly more than five years ago.
He has met with only slight success as a

perusal of his report, mailed to members
of the Class, shows. Altogether, with our
second important reunion dose at hand,
is it not a good time to turn over a new
leaf in the matter of Class loyalty and
try to make the Class organization more
efficient? To help this the Secretary
would greatly appreciate it if all those
who chance to read this notice will write
on a post-card their present address, and
will further indicate whether they ex-
pect to be in or near Boston during the
winter of 1915-16. Please mail such
post-cards to the Secretary. — Reports
have several times reached us that E. E.
Hunt has been and is still doing ex-
tremely efficient work in and about
Antwerp. In a two-days' interim be-
tween the evacuation of Antwerp by the
Belgian troops and its occupation by the
Germans, Hunt and one other man were
the highest authorities in Antwerp. •—
Robert Engs Andrews, son of Robert
Day and Elisabeth Seaman Andrews,
died at Brookline, May 22. He was bom
at Jamaica Plain, April 23, 1888, and
entered Harvard from the Brookline
Bigh School. He graduated in three
years. In College he was an editor and
Ibis of the Lampoon, — T. G. Aspin-
wall has been shifted to the freight solic-
itor's office of the Pennsylvania R.R. at
Philadelphia. — A. C. James has been
appointed instructor in business meth-
ods at the University of Minnesota. —
W. F. Dolan has been appointed a resi-
dent surgeon in the Boston City Hos-


J. A. SwxETBER, See.,

87 Warren St., Brookline.

All men in the Class who are members

of the Harvard Club of Boston are asked

to contribute any pictures, athletic or

otherwise, which they may have to spare,

for the decoration of Room 11, which the

Class has given to the Club. Any gifts

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News from the Classes.


suitable for the decoration of this room
will be very mudi appreciated and may
be sent, with the name of the donor, to
the Harvard Club, Commonwealth Ave.,
Boston, marked " For Room No. 11." —
A son, Wayland, Jr., was bom to Mr.
and Mrs. Wayland M. Minot on July 19,
at Cambridge. — C. K. Cobb, Jr., has re-
turned from the West, where he has been
for over a month, purchasing wool for
his firm, Famsworth and Stevenson.

— J. T. Coolidge, Jr., is studying paint-
ing at Ogunquit, Me. — E. R. Dick, Jr.,
has (^>ened a Boston office for the Provi-
dence firm of Calder & Richmond, cot-
ton brokers, at 9 Doane St., Boston. —
P. D. Howe has been appointed secre-
tary of the Saco-Lowell Shops. His busi-
ness address is now 77 Franklin St., Bos-
ton. — Richard Mortimer, Jr., is with
the law firm of Warner, Warner & Stack-

' pole, 84 SUte St., Boston. — Herbert
Jaques, Jr.'s, address is care of Ameri-
can Felt Co., 100 Summer St., Boston.

— C. S. McGuire is assistant to the
Sec.-Gen. of the U.S. section of the inter-
national commission appointed by the

\ Pan-American Financial Congress. —
Wydiffe C. Marshall has been appointed
manager of the Chamber of Commerce
of Oswego, N.Y.


R. B. WiGGLEswoRTH, Sec^
The engagement of George E. Alser-
son, of Minneapolis, and Miss Harriet
Blake, Wellesley, 14, of Omaha, has
been announced. — Ralph T. Alger,
M.I.T. 'IS, is assistant engineer on the
construction of a new $4,000,000 water
supply for Akron, O. His present ad-
dress is Kent, O. — Gardner Boyd is
general assistant in the boys' and girls'
dub work in the extension service car-
ried on jointly by the Mass. Agricultural
College and the U.S. Dept. of Agricul-

ture. His permanent address is 17
Marsh St., Dedham. — Robert F. Dun-
can, who is on the staff of the SpringfiM
RepMiean, will live at 40 High St.
Springfidd. — Thomas T. McCabe was
married in Boston on June S to Miss
Esther G. Freeman. Word has just come
of the sudden death of Mrs. McCabe in
Alberta, Can., early in July. — H. J.
Sargent's address is care of Busk &
Witherspoon, Dublin, Tex. — Joseph D.
Wilson, formerly prindpal of the Mc*
Donough (Ga.) High School, will teach
during this summer at the Culver Biili-
tary Academy, Culver, Ind. — R. S.
Conroy is doing engineering woric in
Salt Lake City, Utah. — L. M. Hen-
dridc, Jr., has been awarded the J.
A. Appleton Travding Fellowship hi
ardiitecture — About 250 members of
the Class attended the Triennial in
June, whidi proved to be a tremendous
success from start to finish. The re-
union really began on Sunday, June
20, with an informal gathering at the
Harvard Club. Monday was Picnic
Day at Paragon Park, the Class as-
sembling at the Parker House at 9 a.ic
and parading to Rowe's Wharf for the
Nantasket boat. Tuesday, Class Day,
was marked by the triumphal entry into
the Stadium of the 1912 Serpent, 225
feet in length and covering the entire
Class. On Wednesday morning, 1912
defeated their more experienced but less
agile rivals of 1909, at all known forms
of athletic contests; and then joined
forces with the defeated at luncheon in
the east wing of the Stadium. After
lundi the Class Reptile again made its
appearance and wound its way across
Soldier's Fidd to the Yale BasebaU
Game. The Class Banquet was held in
the evening at the City Club, Boston,
several members of the victorious Var-
sity Nine and the head of the Serpent
being entertained as guests. The chief

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NevDBfrom the Classes.


q)eaken of the evening were Toast-
master and General Chairman R. T.
Fisher, R. C. Bendiley, T. J. Campbell,
and First Marshall H. L. Gaddis, who
wired from Nebraska City. Thmsday
was Commencement Day, and a special
1912 sleeping-car was attached to the
5.03 P.M. train from Boston for New
London, due to the energies of Treasurer
R. LoweD, chairman of the Entertain-
ment Committee. About S5 members
saw both morning and afternoon races
at New London together on Friday and
the special car continued on to New
Yoric that night for the final Yale Base-
ball Game on Saturday. The features of
the celebration were — the Benchley-
Ross "Serpent"; the Simpkins costumes
(green Russian blouses with white trim-
mings, and round cooks' hats to match) ;
and the songs written for the occasion
by Ross, McKinney, and Lowell — Mc-
Kinney's "Good-bye, Yale, you're
through," was the real vocal hit of the

Levsbbtt Saltonbtalu See.,
M Bay State Road, Bocton.
Our Class had no reunion this year,
but about 15 members paraded with the
other Classes to the Stadium on Class
Day, and our room on Commencement
Day always had some genial spirits in it.
All of this bodes well for our future re-
unions. — John P. Brown, who has been
working in the American Ambulance all
winter, has now returned to this coun-
try. — David W. Lewis is working with
the American Ambulance in Paris. —
£. T. Cohen is working with the Cuba-
Connecticut Tobacco Co.; his present
address is Feeding Hills, Mass. — Her-
bert J. Solomon has gone abroad for a
year to work for his father's firm, Solo-
mon Bros. & Co.; his address is still
277 Broadway, N.Y.~- Ralph L. Blaikie
is a music q>ecialist with Silver, Burdett

& Co., 281 W. anh St., N.Y. — John L.
Handy is now in the N.Y. oflice of Gove
& French. — H. R. Hitchcock is with the
Firestone Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, O.;
his address is 84 N. Union St., Akron, O.

— Arthur J. Mannix is in the certified
pubUc accounting business, 184 State St.,
Boston. — Joseph F. Brown is with F. S.
Moseley & Co., 50 Congress St., Boston.

— John A. Garvey, Jr., is in charge of
boys' school work at the Mass. Reforma-
tory; address, 20 Central St., Concord
Junction. — Samuel Herson is with Leon
Israel & Bros., coffee importers, 101 Wall
St., N.Y. — Alez. L. Jackson has been
appointed executive secretary of the
Wabash Ave, Dept., Y.M.C.A., 8768
Wabash Ave., Chicago. — Arthur W.
Bell is with J. & H. Goodwin, commis-
sion fruit dealers, 60 State St., Boston.

— T. O. Freeman is with the Detroit
Graphite Co., paint-makers, 04 Milk St,
Boston. — W. Van V.Warren is with the
Am. Sugar Refining Co., So. Boston; his
address is Lincoln. — Alger T. Bunten
is with the Daniel Green Felt Shoe
Co., 72 Lincoln St., Boston. — James
A. Bradley is assistant chemist in
the biological laboratory of the Mass.
State Infirmary at Tewksbury. His ad-
dress is 86 Arlington Ave., Charlestown.

— Morgan G. Day is with the Lidian
Orchard Co., cotton manufacturing, In-
dian Orchard. — H. D. KroU is in the
labor and efficiency dept. of the Stan-
dard MaU Order Co., 485 W. 55th St.,
N.Y. — Donald White is graduate assist-
ant in the Poultiy Dept. of tlie Experi-
ment Station at Amherst; address care
of the Experiment Station. — W. A. Bar-
ron, Jr., is now with White, Weld & Co.,
brokers. 111 Devonshire St., Boston.

M. J. Logan, Sse.,
Ridgdy Hall, Cambridge.
Oceupatiom: Manufachnring, 84: E. P.

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News from ike Classes.


Allis, C. E. Almeda, O. I. Ames, J, W.
Ballou, L. Baylies, V. B. Chittenden, J.
C. Clark, D. C. Cottrell, E. S. Draper,
F. H. Evans, H. E. Fitzgibbons, J. R.
Fleming, S. Frindel, Jr., R. B. Frye^
T. E. Hanley, A. M. Howe. 2d, J. T.
Lanman, G. W. Merck, H. F. Moncrieff,
£. S. Munro, R. W. Orcntt, H. McB.
Parker, J. L. Schwab, £. L. Shaw, S.
Stanton, S. D. Stevens, Jr., M. H. Swift,
E. G. Swigert, J. C. Talbot, G. M. Tay-
lor, W. J. Underwood, H. A. Vogel,

B. P. Whitney. W. W. Whitney. — ^»-
gineering, 21 : S. T. Barker, E. H. Bany,

C. F. Brush, Jr., F. Chamberhun, V. S.
Church, A. C. Cox, E. C. B. Danforth,
Jr., T. Davis, S. Daniels, G. H. Durgin,

E. J. B. Gorman, F. G. Haniman, F. £.
Hulse, E. T. Hurley. L. E. Knowlton,

F. H. Mahn, T. K. Meloy, £. M. Robin-
son, F. F. Siebert, J. J. Storrow, Jr.,

B. V. Zamore. — Butinesi, 75: J. Ansell,
J. H. Baker, H. M. BaUou, Jr., J. L.
Baiowsky. F. J. Bird, D. W. Blakeslee,

C. E. Brickley, M. T. Burton, X B.
Camp, A. F. Chapin, S. Z. Charak, R. P.
Chase. R. V. Cleary, M. Cohen. E. P. C.
Currier. H. DeFord, J. A. Elliott, J. A.
Embry. P. C. Fahmey, L. M. Fairin,
J. S. Fleek, J. F. Fuller, F. Graves, D.
R. Gray. S. F. Greeley. S. P. Griffitts,
M. F. HaU, H. H. HalseO, F. L. Ham,
R. C. Hamlen, E. O. Handy, H. R.
Hardwick, B. Harwood. L. Hemenway,
E. H. Heminway. R. M. Hersey. J. D.
Hickey. M. A. Hofer. S. N. Hotaling,
L. B. Johnson, L. P. Jones, E. W. Joyce,
H. lider, F. J. Little, H. C. little, W.
O. Luscombe. Jr., A. T. McKay, R.
McKinney, H. G. MacLure, L. B. Mann,
P. L. Mande. G. H. L. MiUer, H. F.
Mueller, F. F. Munroe, T. L. O'Connor,
M. C. Patten, M. B. Phillips, G. W. F.
Prescott, S. J. Redmond. J. R. Reinhard,
M. H. Reynolds. B. Robberts, L. B.
Rossbach, P. H. Sherwood, T V. Soong,
R. W. Story, D. L. Strickland, H. S.

Sturgifl, C. T. Swinnerton, W. O. Taylw,
R. Tower, H. P. Tramer, H. W. Wheeler,
J. Winlock, H. M. Wright. — Chemutrp,
10: E. Backup, F. S. Bacon. A. S. Cool-
klge, F. J. Curtis, W. A. Elliott, G. W.
Fowlcar, F. L. Healey, H. S. Keelan, W.

B. Kroetzsch, J. W. linoofai, C. C.
Loomis, A. D. Biaodonald, J. W.
MacNaugfaer, J. J. May, S. B. Pennock,
R. Sylvester, G. A. E. Wessman, G.
Whitehead, J. S. Zinsser. — BanJb'fi^,
20: E. F. Atkins, Jr., J. S. Bennett, F. S.
Bloom, P. H. Bonner, F. J. Bradlee, Jr.,
M. Brainard, H. P. Briggs, R. Bullock,
T. J. Coolidge, Sd, P. G. Courtney, S. E.
Guild, W. S. Felton, C. G. Freeee, £. S.
Handy, 8d, C. F. Ilsley, E. G. Kennedy,
J. W. Keveney, E. L. Kqres, P. L.
Rabenold, W. Ziegler, Jr. — Jounuditm^
10: R. E. Connell, C. E. Gibbs, W.
McCoimick, E. F. A. Morgan, N. R.
O'Hara, W. A. Parker, G. H. Shaw,
W. B. Sloane. E. S. Smith, M. Weiss. —
Imuranee, 5: H. H. Edgerton. H. W. D.
Rudd. A. A. Sargent, A. H. Webber. F.
S. Welch. — Railroading, 4: H. M. At-
kinson, Jr.. C. W. Cheney, J. H. Hustis,
Jr., S. Lancaster. — ArchHeetwe, 6: B.
Cobb, K. J. Conant. A. P. Evans, Jr.,

C. A. Herter. H. A. Johnson, L. B. Sugaiw
man. — AgrieuUure, 5: A. L. Butler, P.
T. Cate. M. F. Gates. H. P. Russell, F.
Wigglesworth. — Aeo/ ectoto. 8: E. H.
Alsop, G. L. Elken, C. A. N. White. —
MiniHry, 9: W. H. ChitUck. V. P.
McDonnell. K. L. A. ViaU. — Student,
11: W. H. Arnold, Jr.. E. E. Cummings,
C. W. Jenks, R. F. KeUey, W. A. O'Shea,
J. L. Priest, P. Ramsay. E. R. Roberts,
I. K. Searle, H. W. Sun, R. J. White.—
Mining, S: R. Mead. R. S. Tanr, H. N.
Witt. — Munc, 2: E. G. Mead, S. A.
Matthews.— I>ip<omotie<S0rvtc0.2: G. W.
Minot, C. H. Russell, Jr. — if iMtotiary
Work in Turkey: F. T. Smith. — The^
atrieal: T. C. Browne. — Fotnltii^: G.
Hale. — AccountiTig: B. Z. Nelson. -—

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News from the Classes.


U,S. Army: H. Jones. — Ad/oerUnng: R.
Sanger. — lAbrarian: C. Morris. -—
Wriier: R. D. Skinner. — Qeciofn/: U. S.
Grant, 4fUi. — Social Service: J. M. King-
man. — Bunnees School: N. Sibert, H.

A. Sargent. — InUme PeychalogiH: C. S
Rossy. — Industrial ManagemerU: C.
Wood, Jr.— Undecided, 81: P. M.
Brown, J. B. Choate, K. ApoUonio^ R.
M. Baker, Jr., H. F. BaUantine, F. J.
Baaaett, O. Belies, G. E. Benson, I.
Berman, F. Brooks, A. B. Bnioe, R. H.
Campbdl, W. H. Claflin, Jr., R. C. Cobb,
L. Ctmningham, B. C. Curtis, C. F.
Damon, W. H. Davidson, J. L. Davis,
E. Daviscm, R. W. Dixon, A. Fisher, H.
Francke, T. J. D. Fuller, R.T. Gannett,
G. M. Gates, E. L. Griffiths, R. M. Har-
rington, R. D. Harvey, J. A. Hennessey,
W. C. Hickey, L. F. Hooper, G. H. How-
ard, Sd, A. O. Hoyt, R. C. Jackson, R.
W. Kean, R. P. Kelley, A. S. Kendall,
H. M. Levy, A. A. McAuslan, R. G.
McPhail, S. L. Mason, G. E. Massey,
S. Morse, T. E. Murphy, S. W. Murray,

B. Nichols, R. B. Parker, Jr., R. B.
Peirce, W. Perkms, W. B. Pimie, G. A.
Plunmer, F. L. Porter, Jr., J. H. Potter,
Jr., L. F. Ready, P. S. Reed, R L. Rey-
crolt, E. Reynolds, J. J. Roach, M. P.
Robinson, F. S. Rollins, L. L. Shaulis,
G. J. Shohofan, W. H. Siple, H. Slepian,

C. Southworth, T. W. Storrow, H. A.
Swan, W. H. Trumbull, Jr., J. Walcott,
J. S. Walsh, J. B. Waterman, R. C. Wat-
son, A. J. Weatherhead, Jr., R. B. Whid-
den, G. H. Whitney, M. L. Wiener, P.
Winsor, F. B. Withington, R. H. Wyner.
^Law, 05: P. G. Archambault, J. A.
Aylen, C. F. BardweO, P. Bamet, D. M.
Barry, W. Berman, P. Blackmer, C. S.
Bolster, F. W. Bnme, W. F. Campbell,
J. C. Compopiano, B. S. Carter, C. F.
Choate, 8d, R. L. Davis, B. Duer, J. A.
Edgarton, J. Endicott, C. Epstein, A.
Ettinger, P. E. Fardy, F. C. Femald,
W. R. Freitas, H. A. Fricdlich, E. W.

Giblin, V. J. Grace, J. M. Graham, Jr.,
S. S. Hall, Jr., L. C. Henin, S. B. Hoar.
R. H. J. Holden, C. K. Horwits, J. K.
Howard, J. T. L. Jeffries, J. C. Jennings,
C. H. Jones, D. Kimball, J. Kkrfeld,
M. J. Logan, C. L. McAlpine, E. C.
B£ack, Jr., C. E. Mead, H. H. Meyer,
T. D. Nesbit, W. F. Noyes, R. L.
Redmond, S. A. H. Rich, B. Robinson, K.
Rogers, H. W. ScUaffhorst, H. L. Shar-
mat, C. H. Smith, S. D. Smolev, R. B.
Southgate, M. Stem, S. C. Swift, B. K.
Vann, C. S. Walkup, W. M. Washburn,
P. B. Watson, H. M. Wertheimer, M.
Weston, G. L. Wilson, B. Winkleman,
R. L. Wolf, B. Woronoff. — Medicine,
89: M. R. Bradbury, W. B. Breed, H.
Cohen, R. A. Dcmahoe, R. C. Fenn, H.
P. Finkelstein, J. Garland, J. Greenou^
S. F. Haines, F. S. Hopkins, E. Hub-
bard, Jr., A. &. Hyman, H. Jackson, Jr.,
E. T. Leddy, J. B. Lockwood, R. M.
Lord, N. W. Loud, G. C. Ludlow, W.
"Mason, W. E. Mason, Jr., H. A. Muzw
ray, Jr., G. P. Pennoyer, T. J. Putnam,
J. T. S. Reed, T. K. Richards, J. C.
Rock, J. Rose, C. H. Sanford, E. J.
Sawyer, A. Shoenfeld, D. R. Sigoumey,
B. Snow, E.Stone, T. W. Swett, W. T. S.
Thomdike, E. W. Wilder, B. B. Wil-
liams, G. H. Williams. — Teaching, 45:

B. Beatley, D. M. Beers, J. A. Bell, Jr.,
R. P. Bonney, J. Bovingdon, J. C. Bos-
man, E. F. Cahill, W. F. Carlson, E. R.
Caverly, E. H. Cole J. F. Conway, P.
P. Cram, M. Davis, R. G. Donahue, R.
S. Easter. H. G. Files, L. deJ. Harvard,
H. D. Hatch, E. P. Hayes, J. S. van
Heerden, T. L. Kennedy, H. B. Jackson,

C. W. Jones, E. A. Lawlor, P. Levy, H.
Linsort, C.H. McClure, J. D. McKinley,
T. W. Merriam, C. W. Miller, R. S.
Mitchell, R. von Nardroff, F. O. Nolte,
H. G. Noyes, L. E. RamsdeU, H. A.
Sassemo, E. J. Schoen, S. O. Sears, T. M
Sloane, Jr., P. M. Symonds, A. S. Thayer,
N. L. Torrcy, E. J. Wall, A. B. Warren,

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News from Hie Clashes.


R. J. Williams, Jr. — Addresses: E. P.
Allis, 547 Juneau Place, Milwaukee,
Wis.; C. £. Almeda, 48 Emenon Rd.,
Winthrop; E. H. Alaop, Healey Bldg.,
Atlanta, Ga.; O. I. Ames, Canton Ave.,
ReadvUle; J. Ansell, 6S Glenway St.,
Dorchester; K. ApoUonio, 17 Canton
Ave., Milton; P. G. Archambault, Majes-
tic Hotel, Arctic.R. I.; W.H. Arnold, Jr.,
Texarkana, Ark.; E. F. Atkins, Jr., 580
Concord Ave., Belmont; H. M. Atkin-
son, Jr., Ponce de Letm Apartments,
Atlanta, Ga.; J. A. Aylen. 274 O'Connor
St., OtUwa, Canada; E. Backup, 6S W.
Cottage St., Roxbury; F. S. Bacon, 52
Hyde Ave., Newton; J. H. Baker, 195
Brattle St., Cambridge; R. M. Baker,
Jr., 70 Chestnut St., Boston; H. F. BaU
lantine, Ross St., Fitchburg; H. S. Bal-
lon, Jr., 189 Winthrop Rd., Brookline;
J. W. Ballou, Concord; C. F. Bardwell,
65 Main St., Hatfield; S. T. Barker, 34
Shepard St., Cambridge; P. Bamet, 501
Coggeshall St., New Bedford; J. L.
Barowsky, 84 Shawmut Ave., Holyoke;
D. M. Barry, 1828 Bath St., SanU Bar-
bara, Cal.; E. H. Barry, 580 Ward St,
Newton Center; F. J. Bassett, Taunton;
L. Baylies, 5 Commonwealth Ave., Bos-
ton; B. Beatley, 11 Waban St., Roxbury;
D. M. Beers, 16 Allyn Terrace, Law-
rence; J. A. Bell, Jr., 816 Huntington
Ave., Boston; O. Belles, Greenville, Pa.;
J. C. Bennett, 40 Linnean St., Cam-
bridge; G. E. Benson, 46 Washington
St., Salem; I. Berman, 860 Shawmut
Ave., Boston; W. Berman, 740 Dix
Court. Scranton, Pa.; F. J. Bird, 1827
Grand Ave., Milwaukee, Wis.; P. Black*
mur, 74 Elm St., Quincy; D. W. Blakes-
lee. North Haven, Conn.; F. S.
Bloom, 62 Summer St., Boston; C. S.
Bolster, 217 Norfolk St., Dorchester
Center; P. H. Bonner, 48 Gates Ave.,
Brooklyn. N.Y.; R. P. Bonney. 85 Bank
St., W. Somerville; J. C. Bosman, 75
Koch St., Pretoria, South Africa; J. Bor-

ingdon, Brentford Hall, Cambridge; M.
R. Bradbury, 17 Harvard St., Waltham;
F. J. Bradlee, Jr., 211 Beacon St., Bos-
ton; M. Brainard, 287 So. Spring Ave.,
LaGrange, HI.; W. B. Breed, 804 Oak
St., Syracuse, N.Y.; C. E. Brickley, 882
Broadway, Everett; H. P. Briggs, 04
Wahiut Place, Brookline; F. Brooks, 186
Beacon St, Boston; P. M. Brown, 16
Kent Sq., Brookline; T. C. Browne,
Strathcona Hall, Cambridge; A. B.
Bruce, 1018 Essex St, Lawrence; F. W.
Brune, 1088 N. Calvert St., Baltimore,
Md.; C. F. Brush, Jr., 8725 Euclid Ave.,
Cleveland, O.; R. Bullock, 80 Prospect
St., Fitchburg; M. T. Burton, 8720 Read-
ing Rd., Cincinnati, O.; A. L. Butler, 26
Rosedale St. Dorchester; E. F. Cahill,
485 Fourth St, South Boston; J. B.
Camp, 4628 Ellis Ave., Chicago, 111.;
R. H. Campbell, Ipswich; W. F. Camp-
beU, 68 Gorham St., Cambridge; J. C.
Campopiano, 8 Jackson Court, Law-
rence; W. F. Carlson, North Easton;

B. S. Carter, 1824 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge; P. T. Cate, 44 Kilby St,
Boston; E. R. Caverly. 48 Thomdike
St., Dorchester; A. F. Chapin, Lincoln;
S. Z. Charak, 7 Whiting St. Roxbury;
R. P. Chase, 24 Cedar Paric. Melrose;

C. W. Cheney, East Hill, Peterborough,
N.H.; V. B. Chittenden, 120 Columbia
Heights, Brooklyn, N.Y.; W. H. Chit-
tick, 69 G St., South Boston: C. F.

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