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Satisfactory little maps enable the reader
unfamiliar with the various battle-
grounds to understand the tactics of the
opposing armies. There is, very piop-
eriy, little expression of opinion, since
the book is a record; and as a record it is
certainly the best thing which has been
done so far, because it is so dear, so oon-
aae^ so open-minded.

ColUge and the Future. (New Yoric:
Charles Scribner's Sons, 1915. doth,
$1.50.) Indiana University is one of the
leaders in putting the teaching of En^ish
Composition in America on a more rea-
sonable basis. Much has been accom-
plished by Prof. Frank Ayddotte, A.M.
'03, and his work is now ably seconded
by the volume. College and the Future (a
somewhat misleading title), with an in-
troduction and two essays by his col-
league. Prof. Richard Rice, Jr., A.M. '08.
The central idea of this more "rational"
method of teaching the student how to
write is suggested in the sentence, "the
technique of correct English, which one
may i^parently study by itself in a hand-
book, is really nothing but a practical
method of thinking." A thorough knowl-
edge of English Grammar should be

presupposed on the part of students
entering college. TMning in writing, in
college^ should be primarily a training
in correct and consecutive thinking. No
study of the prindples of rhetoric will
make a man write well, except in so far
as those prindples are made deariy an
integral part of the expression of real
thought. Correct writing, therefore, is
the direct result of dear thinking; it is as
much the business of the teacher of his-
tory as of the teacher of En^ish. College
and the Future emphasizes these ideas in
Parti. The larger portion of the book is
made up of a series of essays intended to
make students form and express their
own ideas on topics of immediate and
practical conoem, leading them through
college into national life, and from nar
tionality into the consideration of hu-
manity. The essays are well chosen,
although naturally every teacher will
find some favorites omitted. The essays
indude p^>ers by John Corbin, 'M,
William James, m '80, William de Witt
Hyde, 70, Francis G. Peabody, '80,
Theodore Roosevdt, '80, and John J.
Chapman, '84, as weU as such a mastcr-
luece of expression as "An Apology for
Idlers," by Stevenson, and such a mas-
terpiece of dear reasoning as Newman's
"Knowledge Viewed in Relation to
Learning." On the whole the book
should be highly suggestive to teachers,
and by no means devoid of interest to
general readers.

Qerman Culture. The Contnbutione of
the Oermane to Knowledge, Literature, Art
and Life. Sdected by Prof . W. P. Pater-
son, of Edinburgh University. (New
York: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1015.)
A book on Oeman Culture, written by
professors in English and Scotch univer-
rities in the year 1015, might be supposed
to be a tirade against Germany and all
things German. This book is nothing of
the sort. Nor has Cu/tvr^ anything to do

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with Knliur, as the word ia bandied
about today. The Editor states in his
preface that the German means by J^tii-
htr exactly what he himself means by
CttUure, "civilization viewed on its high-
er side." He says also that from gross
overestimation of the intellectual effort
of Germany we have swung to the oppo-
site extreme of undue depredation, and
that his book is published in the hope of
setting a true standard. This attempt is
made in successive chapters, written by
various professors, on History, Science^
Phflosophy, Art, literature, Religion,
etc. AU this is very fair-minded and the
articles are all well done. It is extremely
British, this overemphasis on fair play.
No attempt, moreover, is made to angU-
dse Goethe as the German university
professors have already denaticmalised
and germanized Shakespeare.


N*A11 pablioatioDS received will be adcnoid-
edied in this column. Works by Hmrraid men
or relating to the University will be noticed or
reviewed ao far as is possible.

Mad» to Order: Short Storiet from o ColUfft
Courae. Selected by Howard Maamadier, '80,
Instructor in Enc^iah. (New Yoric: Lloyd
Adams Noble. 1916. aoth, $1.25.)

Repruontative Phi Beta Kappa Oratime.
Edited for the United Stotes Chapters of Fhl
Beta Kappa by C. S. Northnip, W. C. Lane,
'81, Librarian of Harrard College, and J. C.
Bdiwab. (Boston: Houghton MifBinCo.1916.
Cloth, $3.00.)

Play in BducaUon. By Joseph Lee. '83.
(NewYork:TheMacmiIlanCo. 1915. Qoth,

The Appointment of Teaehere in Citiee. Har-
vard Studies in Education, u. By F. W. Bal-
lon, Ph.D. (Harvard Univendty Pmh. 1915.
CHoth, 8vo, $1.60.)

The Riteraide Hietory of the United Statee,
in 4 vds. I. Beginninge of the American Peo-
pl«, byC. L. Becker; [n. Bxpaneion and Conf
fiiet, by W. E. Dodd; III. Union and Democ
racy, by Allen Johnson; IV. The New Nation^
by F. L. Pazson, p '02. (Boston: Houghton
Mifflin Co. 1915. Leather, $1.76 per volume.)

Report of the Efficiency and Beonomy Com^
mittee. The 48th General Assembly, Illinois.
(Chicago. 1916. Cloth.)

Some Aepecte of the Tariff Queetion. By F.
W. Taussig, '79. Professor of

(Cambridge: Harvard University P^esB. 1916.
Cloth, 8vo, $2.00.)

The Care of the Teeth. By C. A. Brackett,
D.M.D. '73, Professor of Dental Pathology.
(Ca mbri dge; Harvard University P ress. 1916.
doth, 16mo, $.60.)

CoUege and the Future. By Richard Rice,
Jr.. p '03. Associate Professor of En^h in
Indiana University. (New York: Charles
Scribner's Sons. Cloth, $1.60.)

An Interpretation of the Ruaeian People. By
Leo Wiener, Pni^mat of Slavic Languages
and literature. (New York: McBride, Nast
ft Co. 1916. Qoth, $1.26 net.)

Hietory and Qenealogy of One Line of Decent
from Captain Bdward Johnaon, together vnth hie
BngKah Anceatry, t600 to 1914^ By Alfred
Johnson. '96. (Boston: Published by the
Author at the Stanhope PfesB. 1914. Cloth,

The AUigator and ita Attiea. By Albert M.
Reese, Ph.D. (New York: Q. P. Putnam's
Sons. Ciotb, 8vo, 1916. Dlustrated, $2.60.)

OurOleam»ngDaya. By Daniel Sargent, '13.
(Boston: Richard Q. Badger, n.d. Boards,

The Great War: The Second Phaae. By Frank
H. Simonds, '00. (New York: Mitohdl Ken-
neriey. 1916. Cloth, $1.26.)

The Diplomacy of the War of 1914, ByEllery
C. Stowell, '98, Assistant Professor of Inter-
national Law in 0>lumbia University. (Bos-
ton: Houghton Mifflin Co. 1916. Cloth,
Royal 8vo, $6.00.)

Haraard Studiea in Claaaical PkOology, vol.
zxvi. (Cambridge: The Harvard University
Press. Boards, $1.60.)

German Culture. Edited by Prof. W. P.
Paterson, of Edinburgh University. (New
York: Charles Scribners' Sons. 1916. Cloth,

A Handbook 9fthe Beat Priaate Sehoda of the
United Statea and Canada. By Porter E. Sar-
gent, '06. (Boston. 1916. Cloth, 12mo, $1.60J


V It is rsqueated that wedding annoimoe-
ments be sent to the Editor of the Graduatea*
Magaginct in order to make this record more
nearly complete.

1880. Henry P. McKean to Margaret
Moore Riker, at New York. N. Y.,
December 2, 1014.

1880. Gordon Strong to Louiae Anne
Snyder, October 8, 1014.

1800. Henry F. Hewes to Margaret
Gordon Warman, at Moncton,
New Brunswick, June 5, 1015.

1800. Henry G. Vaughan to Eliiabeth

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Ruttell Tyson» at Cambridge,
April 5, 1915.

1893. Joseph Clark Hoppin to Eleanor
Dennistoim Wood, at lalip, Long
Island, N.Y., July 80, 1915.

1894. Rolla Sherwin Knapp to Emily
Baer Connard, at Beading, Pa.,
June 14, 1915.

1894. Townaend Lawrence to Caroline
L. (Bogert) Brown, at New York,
N.Y., June 10, 1915.

[1896.] Frederick Maurice Newton to
Margaret Ashley Shepard, at
Brookline, May 15, 1915.

1899. PhilipGreenleafCarieton to Sarah
Swift Schaff, at Southborou^,
June 19, 1915.

1899. Henry Fdix Wolff to Miriam
Upton Miner, at New Yoric, N. Y.,
June 80, 1915.

1900. Arthur Stedman Hills to Helen
Mayo Seizas, at New York, N. Y.,
June 1, 1915.

1900. Wilbur Morse to Margaret M.
Lawrence, at Reading, Pa., May
15, 1915.

1901. Maurice Caro to Janet Stener, at
Roxbury, May 2, 1915.

1901. Charles Miner Stearns to May
Willson Laughlin, at Alexandria
Bay, N.Y., June S4, 1915.

l9Wt, Harold Fletcher Barber to Alice
L. GibKxn, April 28, 1914.

1902. Francis Raym<Mid Boyd to Sarah
H. Lyles, at Columbia, S.C, April
27, 1915.

1902. Louis Crawford Claric, Jr., to

Frances Stokes, at Hiiladelphia,

Pa., May 5, 1915.
1902. JohnVanLetrFind]ay,toCorrine

Blacon Hart, April 14, 1915.
1902. Joseph Aloysius Love to MaiyE.

Lafford, at Webster, June 29,

1908. Burton Howard Camp to Rachd

C. Rice, at Roibury, June 80,


1908. Charies Gredy Loring to Kathe-
rine Alice Page, at London, Eng.,
Aug. 4, 1915.

[1904.] Arthur Wilbur Godfrey to Gei^
trade Maiy Hits, at New York,
N.Y., April 29, 1915.

1905. Arthur Lawrence Derby to Jan-
etta Barr, at New (Means, La.,
May 11, 1915.

1905. Joseph Benson Marvm to Gladys
Canoll, at San Juan, Porto Rico^
April 9, 1915.

1907. Augustus Smith Cobb to Maiy
Christine Converse Shaw, at New-
ton Centre, June 9, 1915.

[1907.] Francis Michael Doyle to Mar>
garet M. Crowl^, at Boston,
June 17, 1915.

1907. Leslie Hastings to Dorothy Dow,
at Marion, May 22, 1915.

1907. J. Horton Ijams to Margaret
Seton Porter, at Lawrence, Long
Island, N.Y., May 8, 1915.

1907. TTilliam Bowditch Long to Har-
riet Bayl^, at Cohasaet, June 6,

1907. livingsUm Phelps to Mile, de
Berteauz, at Rome, Italy, June
11, 1915.

1907. Frank Skiddy von Stade to Kath^
ryn N. Steele, at Westbury, L.I.,
June 20, 1915.

1907. Gordon Weeks Waller to Mar-
garet Garrison Voorhees, at Hope^
weU, N J., June 9, 1915.

1908. Edward Stoddard Barber to
Elenor Vincent Campbell, at
Portsmouth, N.H., June 18, 1915.

1908. Josq>h Warner Butler to Florence

E. Waring, at Fall River, June 24,

1908. Ralph Maurice Corson to Cora

Joan Kohlsaat, at Chicago, 111.,

June 26, 1915.
1908. George Luther Foote to Doris

Russell, at Keene, N.H., May 15,


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1906. Henry Webb Hyde to Luoette
Chapon, at Cohaaset, June 26,

1008. George RichardBMinot to Marian
Linsie Weld, at Milton, June 20,

1006. Henry Ashton Robinson to Ann
Luretta Sullivan, at Boston, June
12, 1015.

1000. Maurice Hayman Hoiblitt to
Rose Cohen, at Dordiester, June
10, 1015.

1000. Arthur Warren Ingalls to Miriam
Elizabeth James» at Chelsea, June
2, 1015.

1000. Lawrence IQrby Lunt to (Mrs.)
Marjory Glen Nicholson, at Long-
wood, May 17, 1015.

1009. Hobart PiUsbury to Olinda Wel-
ler, at New York, N.Y., May 8,

1010. Elliot Cowdin Bacon to Hope
Norman, at Beverly, June 5, 1015.

1010. Stanley Cobb to Elisabeth Mason

Ahny, at Cotuit, July 10, 1015.
1010. Alanson Trask Enos, Jr., to Dor^

othy Hulbert Sutphin, at Brook-
lyn, N.Y., June 5, 1015.
1010. Albert Paine Everts to Fannie

Foster Tower, at Pepperdl, April

24, 1015.
[1010.] John Alden Fisher to Florence

Saben Field, at Hinsdale, N.H.,

June 90, 1015.
1010. Horace Guild to Emily Davenport

Merriam, at Sherbum, June 80,

1010. Ernest James Hall to Alice G.

Poole, at Brockton, July 28, 1015.
1010. George Putnam to Eatherine

Harte, at Philadelphia, Pa., June

10, 1015.
1010. Herbert Rogers to Elise Burlen,

at Boston, June 0, 1015.
1010. George Eustls Stephenson to

Louise Dixon, at Boston, June 12,


1010. James Batcheller Sumner to
Bertha Louise Ricketts, at Jack*
son. Miss., July 21, 1015. i

1010. Jesse Edwin Waid to Elinor Cut-
ting Hamlin, at Brookline, May
20, 1015.

1011. Edward Augustus Allen to Mar-
garet Fhinn^, at Brookline, July
21, 1015.

1011. Harry Vroman Borst to Mabel
Callahan, at Amsterdam, N.Y.,
June 28, 1015.

1011. Lyneham Crocker to MaiyThom-
d&e, at Longwood, June 1, 1015.

1011. Frederick May Eliot to Elizabeth
Berkeley Lee, at Cambrid^ June
25, 1015.

1011. Lawrence Cushing Goodhue to
Gertrude Munroe-Smith, at New
York, N.Y., May 8, 1015.

1011. Gumee Munn to Marie Louise
Wanamaker, at Philadelphia, Pa.,
June 28, 1015.

1011. Daniel Vincent O'Flaherty to
Caroline Barrett Woods, at Spring-
field, July 7, 1015.

1011. John Humphr^s Storer, Jr., to
Elisabeth May Clazton, at Chest-
nut Hill, Pa., June 1, 1015.

1011. Arthur Sweetser to Ruth Gregory,
at Highland Park, 111., June 10,

1011. Samud Lionel Wolfson to Bessie
Freedman, at Chelsea, June 8,

1012. George Edward Akerson to Har-
riet Blake, at Omaha, Neb., June
28, 1015.

1012. Thomas Tileston Baldwm, Jr., to

Maijorie Virginia Streeter, at

Chelsea, June 1, 1015.
1012. Huntington P(^ Faxon to Laura

Greenough, at Cambridge, June

14, 1015.
1012. Paul Gifford to Florence Chase,

at Fall River, May 18, 1015.
1012. Lois Cantro Levison to Jeanette

Digitized by





Van Raalte, at New York, N.Y.,
April 8, 1915.

1912. Thomas Tonkin McCabeto Esther
G. Freenum, at Boston, June 5,

1912. FVank Cabot Paine to Virginia M.
Low, at Detroit, Mich., April 15,

1912. Benjamin Pitman to Harriet Tal-
bot Taylor, at Haverhill, July 24,

1912. Allen Ames Prior to Madeline I.
Taylor, at Boston, July 2, 1915.

1912. Myron Richards Williams to
Helen Clare Gardner, at Spring
field, June 19, 1915.

1914. H(»ner Darling Burch to Mildred
Meredith, at Dubuque, la., June
16, 1915.

1914. Gouvemeur Morris Camochan,
Jr., to Eleanor Taylor, at Middle
Haddam, Conn., June 17, 1915.

1914. James Campbell Maniy to Mar-
garet Wight King, at Cambridge,
June 16, 1915.

1914. Junius Spencer Morgan to Louise
Converse, at Newton, June 15,

1914. Quentin Reynolds to Sylvia Crow-
ell, at Upper Montdair, NJ.,
May 15, 1915.

1914. Richard Dexter Walker to Marion
Smith Watters, at Boston, May 8,

1915. Francis Chamberlain to Dorothy
Homer, at Arlington, June 90,

1915. Huntington Reed Hardwick to
Margaret Stone, at Marion, July
8, 1915.

1915. John Kenneth Howard to Ruth
Gaston, at Boston, June 26,

1915. Grafton Winthrop Minot to Con-
stance Gardner, at Ipswich, July
24, 1915.

1915. Henry St. John Smith to Con-

stance Wharton, at Groton, June

80, 1915.
S.B. 1875. William French Smith to

Margaret R. Dawson, at Somer-

ville. May 12, 1915.
S.B. 1905. Edward Holyoke Osgood to

Mary Child Nickerson. at Wal-

pole, June 5, 1915.
S.B. 1914. TTilliam Prentice Willetts to

Christine Newhall Oark, at Ger-

mantown. Pa., June 19, 1915.
A.M. 1910. Henry Goddard Leach to

Agnes Lisle Brown, at Northwick,

ViUa Nova, Pa., Feb. 20, 1915.
A.M. 1912. Frank Estes Kendrie to

Helen Phinney Wolcott, at Bel-
mont, June 29, 1915.
A.M. 1914. TTdliam John Crosier to

Blanche M. Benjamin, at Cam-
bridge, June 25, 1915.
A.M. 1914. Thomas Dalgliesh Macmii-

Un, to Eva Bryant Adams, at

Northampton, June 24, 1915.
LL.B. 1898. Frederick Elliott Draper

to Janet Mann, at Troy, N.Y.,

June 26, 1915.
LL.B. 1908. Guy Henry Cutter to

Marion L. Bums, at Winchendon,

June 80, 1915.
LL.B. 1908. Walter Henry Merritt to

Dorothy G. Wells, at Chicago,

ID., June 5, 1915.
IL.S. 1910.] Frederick Huntington Bab-

oodc to Dorothy Doubleday, at

Oyater Bay, N.Y., May 19, 1915.
LL.B. 1910. Ridimond Lennox Brown

to Helen Pitkin, at Boston, May

8, 1915.
LLB. 1915. Robert Graham Bosworth

to Helen Russell Cauldwell, at

Orange, N J., June 17, 1915.
LL.B. 1915. Henry Ely McElwam, Jr.,

to Elizabeth Ward Calhihan. at

Louisville, Ky., June 9, 1915.
LLB. 1915. Henry Kimball Urion to

Katherine Paul, at Fitswilliam*

N.H., June 26, 1915.

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M.D. 1904. James PrinoeLewifl to Marie 1862.

Dupont Emmons, at Jamestown,

R.I., June 26, 1915.
M.D. 1913. Edward De Witt Leonard 1862.

to Graee Kyle Richardson, at

Newton, June 15, 1915.
M.D. 1915. Horace Kennedy Sowles to 1862.

Avis H. Wheeler, at Barre, Vt.,

June 24, 1915.
M.D. 1917. Aaron Paul Pratt to Agnes 1868.

C. Daniels, at Wellesley, July 18,

D.M.D. 1912. Paul Robert Manning to 1864.

Marion Alice Red! ord, at Holyoke,

June 1, 1915.


Mat 1 to JuLT 81, 1915.

With some deaths of earlier date, not pre-

▼ioosly recorded.

Frepartd by (A« Bditor of lAa QutnffiMnnuiZ

Catalogue of Hanard Univeraily.

Any one having information of the decease
of any Oraduate or Temporary Member of
any department of the Uniyerrity ia asked to
send it to the Editor of the Quinquennial
Catalogue, 33 Univenity Hall, Cambridge,








The College,
<b 1852. ^^lliam Robert Ware, S.B.,LL.D^
b. 27 May, 1882, at Cambridge;
d. at Milton, 9 June, 1915.
1855. Charles Augustas Gregory, b. 7
Sept., 1885; d. at Jamaica Plain,
2 June, 1915.
^ 1855. James Tyndale MitcheU, b. 9

Nov., 1884, at BdleviUe, lU.; d.<^1876.
at Philadelphia, Pa.. 4 July, 1915. '
S 1856. John Jordan Jaoobsen, b. 25 May,
' 1884, at Baltimore, Md.; d. at

Baltimore, Md., 4 April, 1915.

1858. Joseph Alden Shaw, b. 4 Jan.,
1886, at Athol; d. at Boston, in
May, 1915.

1859. Edward Herbert Jackson, b. 9
July, 1886, at Plymouth; d. at
Aiken. S.C., 24 May, 1915.



John Read, b. 19 May, 1840, at
Cambridge; d. at Cambridge, 29
July, 1915.

Edward Baboock Sawtell, b. 26
Sept., 1840, at Fitchburg; d. at
Manchester, N.H., 1 July, 1915.
John Langdon Ward, b. 25 Oct.,
1841, at Buffalo, N.Y.; d. at New
York, N.Y., 18 July, 1915.
Edmund Souder Wheeler, b. 8
Sept., 1841^ at Eastport, Me.;d.
at Buffalo, N.Y., 6 July, 1915.
John Owen, b. 6 Mar., 1842, at
Cambridge; d. at Boston, 8 May.

ArUiur George Sedgwick, LL.B.,
b. 6 Oct.. 1844, at New York,
N.Y.; d. at Pittsfield, 14 July,

Henry Christian Mayer, b. 81
Mar., 1844, at Westfield. N.Y.;
d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 21 May,

Otis Heniy Currier, b. 25 Nov..
1850, at Chariestown; d. at Som-
erville, 4 July, 1915.
^^lliam Bricen Lord, b. 25 Dec.,
1849, at Washington, D.C.; d. at
Washington, D.C., 14 Feb., 1914.
William Mansfield Groton, b. 28
Nov., 1850, at Waldoboro, Me.;
d. at Philadelphia, Pa., 25 May,

James Edwin Cleaves, M.D., b.
5 July, 1858, at Somerville; d. at
Medford, 20 June, 1915.
Theodore Chickering Williams,
S.T.B., b. 2 July, 1855. at Brook-
line; d. at Boston, 6 May, 1915.
Frederic William Sharon, b. 2
Aug., 1857, at San Francisco,
Cal.; d. at San Francisco, Cal., 14
July, 1915.

Fairfax Henry Wheelan, b. 27
Sept., 1856, at San Francisco,
Cal.; d. at San Frandsoo, Cal., 26
Mar., 1915.

Digitized by



(^ 1888. Angell Bom Babbitt, b. 21 Aug.,

1859, at Burrillville, R.I.; d. at
Media, Pa., 90 Apr., 1915.

. 1883. ManhaU Cuahing, b. 11 Marofa,

1860, at Hingfaam; d. at New
York, N.Y., 12 May. 1915.

1888. Walter Elijah Damon, b. 22 Nov.,
1860, at Boston; d. at Brockton,
28 Feb., 1915.

1888. Charles Mifflin Hammond, b. 4
Aug., 1861, at Nahant; d. at
Upper Lake, CaL, 14 June, 1915.

1886. Gouvemeur Morris Camochan,
b. 5 Sept., 1865, at New York,
N.Y.; d. at Nyack. N.Y., 80 June,

1887. Frederic ShurtleffCoolidge,M.D.,
b. 19 Dec., 1865, at Boston; d. at
New York, NY., 15 May. 1915.

1888. John Rice Eldridge, b. 19 SepL,
1864, at Milford; d. at Berkeley,
Cal., 28 May, 1915.

1889. George Hodges Shattuck, b. 2
June, 1868, at Winchester; d. at
Salem, 4 May, 1915.

1890. Arthur Howe Pingree, b. 8 July,
1868» at Jamaica Plain; d. at
Annisquam, 19 July, 1915.

1891. Sumner Carruth Saville, M.D., b.
17 May, 1867, at Boston; d. at
Cambridge, 27 Bfay, 1915.

1894. James Biddle Eustis. b. 8 Sept.,

1870. at New Orleans, La.; d. at
New York, N.Y., 8 July, 1915.

1894. Allan Bradshaw Fay, A.M., b. 1
Aug., 1872, at Brooklyn, N.Y.;
d. at Washington, D.C., 5 July,

1894. Herbert Stuart Stone, b. 29 May,

1871, at Chicago. 111.; d. at sea in
the wreck of the steamship Lusi"
taniOf near Queenstown, Ire., 7
May. 1915.

1895. Murray Anthony Potter, A.M.,
Ph.D., b. 15 March, 1871, at
Clifton. III.; d. at Lancaster, 17
May, 1915.






Cari Gottfried Jahn, b. 19 Feb.,
1875, at Cincinnati, O.; d. at
Pasadena, Cal., 9 March. 1915.
Robert Franklin Manning, b. 1
Maidi,1881^atPlainfield.NJ.; d.
at Brooklyn, N. Y., 9 March. 1915.
Carlton Thayer Brodrick, A.M.,
b. 22 Jan., 1887, at Roxbury ; d. at
sea in the wreck of the steamship
XuMtento, near Queenstown, Ire.,
7 May, 1915.
1908. Edwin William Friend. A.M., b.

15 June, 1886, at Tipton, Ind.; d.
at sea in the wreck of the steam-
ship Lusitania, near Queenstown,
Ire., 7 May, 1915.

1908. Edgar Ferdinand Zachritx, b. 5
Sept., 1887, at St. Louis, Mo.; d.
at St. Louis, Mo., 27 March, 1915.

1909. Richard Rich Freeman, b. 28
Oct., 1886. at WoUaston; d. at sea
in the wreck of the steamship Lu-
niania, near Queenstown, Ire., 7
May, 1915.

1910. Robert Engs Andrews, b. 28 AprO,
1888» at Jamaica Plain; d. at
Brookline, 22 May, 1915.
Harold Penn Updegraff AIsop, b.
18 April 1889, at Pittsburgh. Pa.;
d. at Washington, D.C., 10 Dec.,

Walter Cabot Paine, b. 17 Feb.,
1891. at Boston; d. at Manchester,

16 July, 1915.



SeietUific School,
must, George Arnold Hines, b. 29 Jan.,

1841, at BratUebotOb Vt.; d. at

Brattleboio. yt., 8 Aug.. 1914.
1865. Charles Follen Atkinson, b. 16

April, 1844, at West Roxbury; d.

at Boston, 6 May. 1915.
1$K)1. Albert Heminway Michelson, b.

16 Jan., 1878. at Amunpolis. Md.;

d. at Cologne. Ger.. 9 June, 1915.
1910. George Yelverton Baker. M.F.. b.

26 Sept, 1886^ at Newp<^ R.I.;

Digitized by





d. at ScatUe, Waah.» U April,

Graduate School of Arts and Sdenees.
1898. Charles William Prentiss, A.M.,
Ph.D., b. 14 Aug., 1874, at Wash-
ington, D.C: d. at Chicago, 01.,
12 June, 1915.

Medit^ Sehool.
1855. Henry Rodcwood, b. 4 March,

1882, at Fitchburg; d. at South

Weymouth, SO Sept., 1914.
1864. Michael Freebem Gavin, b. 12

May, 1844, at Rosconmion, Ire.;

d. at South Boston, 20 May, 1915.
1869. John Hildreth McCollom, b. 6

May, 1848, at Pittston. Me.; d. at

Boston, 14 June, 1915.
1872. William Neilson, b. 4 Feb., 1840,

at Halifax, N.S. ; d. at Leominster,

14 May, 1915.
1874. Seth Wight KeUey, b. 26 June^

1848, at Orford, Me.; d. at Wo-

bum, 5 May, 1915.

1879. Charles Parker Hooker, b. 18
Sept., 1855, at Springfield; d. at
Fortune Rocks, near Biddeford,
Me., 19 July, 1915.

1880. Abraham Barker Cates, b. 12
May, 1854, at East Vassalboro,
Me.; d. at Annandale, Minn., 10
June, 1915.

1880. Thomas Alexander Crowell, d. in

1894. Daniel Joseph Mehegan, b. 26
Feb., 1870, at Taunton; d. at
Taunton, 21 April, 1915.

1895. John Mason Hastings, b. 1 Oct.,
1869, at Bangor, Me.; d. at Prov-
incetown, 10 June, 1915.

1898. WiUiam Henry Downey, b. at
New Braintree; d. at Taunton, 1
Oct., 1914.

1902. Albert Joseph Roberts, b. 26
Aug., 1874, at Weston; d. at
Bridgeport, Conn. 11 May, 1915.

Denial School.
1878. Gecvge Henry Knowles, b. 12 Aug.
1851, at HaUowell, Me.; d. at
Pawtucket, R.I., 12 Jan., 1915.

1885. Edward Merrill Currier, b. 15
Aug., 1859, at Pepperell; d. at
Quincy, 9 July, 1915.

1901. John Joseph Gallahue, b. 10 Feb.,
1877, in Ireland; d. at South Bos-
ton, 17 May, 1915.

Law School.
1866. John Clinton Gray, LL.D., b. 4

Dec., 1843, at New York, N.Y.;

d. at Newport, R.I., 28 June, 1915.
1895. Seeber Edwards, b. 17 Oct., 1869,

at Glen, N.Y.; d. at Providence,

R.I.. 25 Nov., 1914.
1912. James Herron McCuUoch, U 4

July, 1888, at Omaha, Nebr.; d.near

Chula Vista, Cal., 18 May, 1918.

Buesey InatUute.
1897. Elisha Wilson Morse, b. 20 April,
1866, at Brockton; d. at Wash-
ington, D.C, 18 April, 1915.

STemjporairp fRvxAtxu^

Prepared from such data as reaoh the Editor
of the Quinquenxual Catalogue of Harvard

The College.
1880. Frank Russak, b. 10 April, 1858,
at New York, N.Y.; d. at sea on
the steamship Minnetonka, Lon-
don to New York, N.Y., 29 Nov.,

1886. (Special) Augustus Barker Hig- !
ginson, b. 16 June, 1866, at Stack-
bridge; d. at Santa Barbara, Cal.,

17 June, 1915.
1900. (Special) Donald Wheeiock Davis,

b. 28 Nov., 1878, at Pindky, O.;

d. at Findlay, O., 19 July, 1915.
1900. Herbert Warner Stebbins, b. 15

March, 1857, at Worcester; d. at

Brookline, 19 June, 1915.

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