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'the first pasrment for 1915-16 on account of
her offer of $1000 a year for five srears for the
purchase of books and materials bearing on
the history and development of that part of
America which lies beyond the Alleghanies,
and given in memory of her father, Charles
Elliott Perkins.

To Mr. A. Lincoln Filene tor his gift of $250
toward a certain salary for the year 1915-16.

To Mr. Henry L. Shattuck for his annual
gift of $50 toward the general expenses of
undergraduate instruction in Harvard College.

To the Rockefeller Institute for Medical
Research for the gift of $187.50 toward a cer-
tain salary for the year 1915-16.

To an anonymous friend for the eift of $150
for a scholarship in Harvard College for the
year 1915-16.

To the Harvard Club of N^raska for the
gift of $150 for the Scholarship for 1914-15.
' To Mrs. John W. Bartol for her gift of $50
toward the cost of restoring a painting of the
School of Qhirlandaio, presented to the Fogg
Art Museum by Messrs. Louis Cabot, William
E. C. Eustis, and Augustus Hemenway.

To Prof. Edward L. Mark for his gift of
$25 for the Bermuda Biological Station for

Voted that the generous offer of Mr.
Henry S. Bowers to establish two prises
in the Division of Fine Arts for the pres-
ent year be accepted.

The President reported the f oHowing
deaths: David William Cheever, Profes-
sor of Surgery, Emerihu, which occurred

' on the 27th ult., in the 85th year of his
age. James Clarke White, Professor of
Dermatology, EmerUus, which occurred

- on the 5th inst., in the 83d year of his


The resignation of Frank Jason Smiley
as Proctor and Assistant in Botany was •
received and accepted to take effect .
Jan. 1, 1016. . .

VaUd to make the foOowing appoint-

Par the year 1916-16: Albert Abraham Sha-
pira. Assistant in Anatomj'; Weston Perdval
Chamberlain, Lecturer on Military Medidne
(Graduate School of Medicine).

For one yearfnnn Sept. 1, 1916, Samuel Eliot
Morison, Instructor in History.

For the flrel half cf 1916-17, Wallace Clem-
ent Sabine, Exchange Professor to France.

Voted to change the title of MiUard
Burr Gulick from Assistant to Austin
Teaching Fellow in Fine Arts.

Voted to appoint Reid Hunt a member
of the Boylston Medical Committee in
place of Theobald Smith, resigned.

Voted to grant the following leaves of
absence in accordance with the rules
established by this Board May 81, 1880:
To Prof. Kuno Francke for the academic
year 1916-17; to Assistant Prof. Walter
Fenno Dearborn for the first half of


Stated Meeting, November 22, 1915.

Held in University Hall, Cambridge, at 2 p.m.

The following twenty-five members
were present: Mr. Meyer, the President
of the Board; Mr. Lowell, the President
of the University; Mr. Adams, the
Treasurer of the University; Messrs.
Boyden, Davis, Eliot, Endicott, Felton,
Fish, Forbes, Frothingham, Gordon,
Crrant, Hallowell, Herrick, Higginson,
Hyde, Marvin, Palmer, Shattuck, Slo-
cum, W. R. Thayer, W. S. Thayer, Wen-
dell, Wister.

The votes of the President and Fel-
k>ws of Oct. 11, 1915, electing Robert
Williamson Lovett, John B. and Buck-
minster Brown Professor of Orthopedic
Surgery, to serve from Sept. 1, 1915;
James Sturgis Pray, Charles Eliot Pro-
fessor of Landscape Architecture, to
serve from Sept. 1, 1915, were taken
from the table, and the Board ffoied to
consent to these votes.

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(herueri Records*


The Pretident of the Uniyerrity pre-
sented the votes of the President and
Fellows of Oct. 25, 1915, appointing
Lawrence Wills Baker, Assistant Prof ea-
sor of Orthodontia, for five years from
Sept. 1, 1915; Arthur Norman Hd-
oombe. Tutor in the Division of History,
Government and Economics from Sept.
1, 1915; appointing the following persons
to be members of the Administrative
Board of the Medical School for the year
1915-16, Edward Hickling Bradford,
Dean; Harold Clarence Ernst, George
Gray Sears, David linn Edsall, Reid
Hunt, Robert Battey Greenou|^ John
Lewis Bremer, Francis Winsiow Palfrey,
ear (>^Scio ; and the Board Mtaf to consent
to these votes.

The President of the University pre-
sented the votes of the President and
Fellows of Nov. 8, 1915, appointing the
following persons to be members of the
Administrative Board of the Dental
School for the year 1915-16, Eugene
Hanes Smith, Dean; Charles Albert
Brackett, George Howard Monks,
William Parker Cooke, William Henry
Potter, Amos Irving Hadley, Samuel
Tuttle Elliott, George Henry Wrii^t,
Leroy Matthew Simpson Miner; ap-
pointing the following persons to be
members of the Administrative Board of
the Graduate School of Medicine for the
year 1915-16, Horace David Arnold,
Dean; Edward Hickling Bradford, Al-
gernon Coolidge, Robert Williamson
Lovett, Charles Locke Scudder, Freder-
ick Taylor Lord, Walter Clarke Howe,
Secretary; appointing the following per-
sons to be members of the Administra-
tive Board for University Extension for
the year 1915-16, James Hardy Ropes,
Dean; Josiah Royoe, Paul Heniy Hanus,
Clifford Herschel Moore, Ernest Carroll
Moore, Kenneth Grant Tiremayne Web-
ster, George Washington Pierce, Hector
James Hughes, William Bennett Munro,

Arthur Fisher Whittem; and the Board
voted to consent to these votes.

Mr. Frothingham, on behalf of the
Executive Committee, communicated
the following resignations from Visiting
Coounittees: John L. Bates, from Di-
vinity Sdiool; James Geddes, Jr., from
Frendi and other Romance Languages;
Robert T^eat Paine, from Economics;
George N. BUck, from Fogg Museum
and Division of Fine Arts; Hanmiond V.
Hayes, from Jefferson Physical Labo*
ratory and Department of Physics.

Mr. FVothingham presented the Re*
port of the Secretary of the Board to the
Executive Conunittee for the academic
year of 1914-15, apd upon the recom-
mendation of said Committee, it was
accepted and ordered to be printed, and
the Secretary was requested to notify
the Chairmen of all ^^ting Conmiittees
who had failed to repc^ in writing to the
Board at least once in three years, as
provided by Section 29 of the Rules and
By-laws of the Board.

Mr. Frothingham presented the Re*
port of the Executive Committee on the
question of a further extension of the
right to vote for Overseers, unanimously
recommending sudi extension to all
holders of degrees heretofore or hereafter
granted by the University, and after
debate thereon, upon the motion of
President Eliot, the Board voUi unani-
mously to accept said Report, to assent
in principle to said extension of the suf-
frage, and to communicate this vote to
the IVesident and Fdlows, that they
may take action thereon if they shall see
fit; and the Secretary of the Board was
instructed to give notice that the Board
would act upon the question of extend-
ing the suffrage at its next Stated Bieet-
ing on Jan. 10, 1916.

Meetings of January 10, 1916.
A SUted Meeting and a Special Meet-

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Overseers' Records.


ing, convened upon application made to
the Secretary in writing by the President
of the Board to act upon the question of
eirtending the right to vote for Overseers
of said College, were held in University
Hall, Cambridge, Jan. 10, 1916, at

The following nineteen members were
present: Mr. Meyer, the President of the
Board; Mr. Lowell, the President of the
University; Messrs. Delano, Eliot, £n-
dicott, Felton, Fish, Frothingham,
Grant, Hallowell, Herrick, Lamont, Mar-
vin, Sexton, Shattuck, Slocum, W. R.
Thayer, W. S. Thayer, Wenddl.

The vote <rf the President and Fellows
of Oct. 25, 1915, electing William James
Cunningham, Professor of Transporta-
tion, to serve from Sept. 1, 1915, was
taken from the table, and the Board
toied to consent to this vote.

The F^resident of the University pre-
sented his Annual Report for the aca-
demic year of 1914-15, and the same was
referred to the Executive Committee,
and upon the recommendation of that
Committee it was accepted by the
Board, and ordered to be i»inted.

The President of the University, in
the absence of the Treasurer, presented
the Treasurer's Annual Statement of the
finandal affairs (A the University, for the
yea^ ending June 80, 1915, and it was
accepted and ordered to be printed.

The President of the Univernty pre-
sented the votes of the President and
Fellows of Nov. 29, 1915, appointing
Oakes Ames, Assistant Plrofessor of
Botany for five years from Sept. 1, 1915;
Dunham Jackson, Assistant Professor of
Mathematics for five years from Sept. 1,
1916; John Warren, an additional mem-
ber of the Administrative Board of the
Graduate Sdiool of Medicine for the year
1915-16; William Sturgis Bigdow, John
Templeman Coolidge and Robert Bacon,
Trustees of the Museum of Fine Arts

for one year from Jan. 1, 1916; and the
Board wUA to consent to these votes.

The President of the University pre-
sented the votes of the President and
FeUows of Dec. 20, 1915, appointing
Robert Howard Lord, Assistant Profes-
sor of History for five years from Sept.
1, 1916; Roy Kenneth Hack, Instructor
in Gredc and Latin from Sept. 1, 1916;
That on recommendation of the Faculty
{A Divinity, with the approval of the
Faculty of Arts and Scienoes, in so far as
their courses are concerned, for the aca-
demic year 1916-17 Graduate students
in Newton Theological Institution and
students in the Senior dass who are al«
ready Bachelors of Arts, who have at-
tained an average grade of not less than
85 percent during the preceding year in
the School may, with the approval of
both Faculties, register in the Harvard
Divinity School, and take, without
charge, a maximum of two Harvard
courses as part of their year's work in
Newton Theological Institution; it being
understood that this agreement does not
oblige an instructor to give any course
which would not be ^ven were it not for
students in Newton Theological Institu-
tion; and the Board toted to consent to
these votes.

The President of the University com-
municated the following vote of the
President and Fellows of November 29,
1915: The President and Fellows of Har-
vsird College, at a meeting called for
that purpose, acting under the authority
conferred by Act of the Legislature of
Massachusetts, chapter 243 of the Acts
of 1902, hereby determines that the re-
cipients of all degrees heretofore or here-
after granted by Harvard College, other
than the recipients of the degrees of
Bachelor of kt\s. Blaster <rf Arts, and
Honorary Degrees, whose rights are
fixed by dbapter 178 of the Acts of 1865
as amended, shall be entitled to vote for

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Haddiffe College.


Oveneers to the same extent to which
recipients of the degree of Badielor of
'Arts may now so vote and under thesanoe
restrictions: and it was voted that this
Board, acting under the authority con-
ferred by said Act of the Legialatuie of
Massachusetts, chapter 248 of the Acts
of 1902, and at this meeting called for
said purpose, hereby, concurrently with
said President and Fellows, determines
that the recipients of all degrees hereto-
fore or hereafter granted by Harvard
College, other than the recipients of the
degrees of Bachelor of Arts, Master of
Arts and Honorary Degrees, whose
rights are fixed by diapter 173 of the
• Acts of 1866 as amended, shall be en-
titled to vote for Overseers to the same
extent to whidi recipients of the degree
of Badielor of Arts may now so vote and
under the same restrictions.

Mr. Frothingham, on behalf of the
Executive Conmiittee, communicated
the resignation of T. Russell Sulli-
van from the Conmiittee on Frendi and
other Romance Languages and litera-
tures, and the following appointments:
George T. Cruft and Robert W. Wood,
to be members of the Committee to Visit
the Jefferson Physical Laboratory and
the Department of Physics; Dr. William
L. Ridiardson to be a member of the
Committee to Visit the Medical School;
and the Board voUd to approve said ap-

• The President of the University in-
qmred if it would be the pleasure of the
Board to hold a two days' session of the
Board during the present academic year,
and after debate thereon, upon the mo-
tion of Mr. Wendell, the Board rofoi to
hold such session, and to leave the selec-
tion of the time thereof to the President
of the Board and the President of the

BamHA M. Boodt, R., '99.

Radcliffe College has been made the
residuary legatee of the estate of Mrs.
Abigail W. Howe of Cambridge. The
College has also been left, by the will of
Miss Rose HoUingsworth of Boston,
IMOO to found the PoUy HoUingsworth
Scholarship, named for Miss Hollings-
worth's mother.

Mrs. Dudley L. Pickman has given
$100 to be used for a gate or for a section
{A the brick wall with wfaidi it is pro-
posed to surround the Fay House enclos-
ure. Mrs. David P. Kimball has given
24 beautiful etchings done by Bir.
George T. Plowman. The etchings were
on exhibition in the living room Wednes-
day afternoon, Jan. i6, when Mrs. Kim-
ball and Mr. and Mrs. Plowman came
out to the Dean's tea. The following
gifts have also come to the College: from
the Department of English $40 for the
library; from Miss E. L. Bond, a former
student, a Ldts objective No. 8, which
is to be used in the Zotf lo^cal laboratory;
and, from the Class of 1915, for the
Ghirlandaio Room, a Jacobean bench of
oak, brought from Chester, England.

At the November meeting of the
Council it was voted that any former
student of Radcliffe may take a course in
the gymnasium on payment of a fee of
$15. This vote confirms an inf<»mal ar-
rangement whidi has been in existence
for a number of yean.

The College was represented in No-
vember at the inauguration of the presi-
dent of ComeU College, Mount Vernon*
la., by E. R. Outland, graduate student
'10-11, and at the exercises in celebra-
tion of the eightieth birthday of Andrew
Carnegie and the fifteenth anniversary
of the founding of Carnegie Institute of
Technology, Pittsburgh, by £. B. Dema-
rest, Ph.D. 'IS; and in January at the

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1916.] Eaddiffe Cotlege. 609

Second Pan-American Scientific Con- schools in which they received their
gress in Washington, D.C. by F. G. training. In the first group are 4 ad-
Davenport, '94, and M. Colcord, '95. mitted by the new plan and 1 admitted
Miss Boody attended the inauguration by the old plan; in the second group are
of the president of Meredith College, 9 admitted by the new plan and 2 ad-
Raleigh, N.C., on Feb. 8, and brought mitted by the old plan,
greetings from the northern colleges for The list of Raddiffe scholars of the
women. first and second groups on the baas of
A list, corresponding to the one pub- their work in 1914-15 is as follows:
lished at Harvard University, has been There are 14 first-group scholars and 87
prepared of those candidates for admi»- second-group scholars, taken from the
sion in 1915 who did especially well in three upper classes of 298 members,
their examinations, together with the

FirH Group,

1916. Florence May BaO Northbridge High School, Whitinsville

Doris Friend Halnmn I£|^ School, Brookline

Marguerite Veasey Johnson. .Broadway Hi{^ School, Seattle, Wash.
Mary Josephine Quigley High School, North Brookfield

Eva Matthews Sanford St. Agnes School, Albany, N.Y.

Rosa Margaret Seymour

High School, Belmont, and Normal School, Bridgewater
Helen Constance White Girls' High School, Boston

1917. Jean Birdsall The Albany Academy for Girls, Albany, N.Y.

Harriet Chenery Bonney Girls' High School, Boston

Helen Grertrude Kershaw High School, Reading

Louise Bertha Roberts High School, Brookline

Elizabeth Maxwell Sabin The Misses Allen's School, West Newton

Gkdys Gifford Telfer Cambridge High and Latin School

1918. Lucretia Lowe Abbot Academy, Andover.

Second Group,

1918. Eunice Derby Allen The Berkdey School, Cambridge

Ruby Smith Baker SUte Normal School, Lowell

Katharine Eleanor Barr Girls' Latin School, Boston

Maddeine Brewer The Winsor School, Boston

Gertrude Ellen Bush High School, Lowell

Marion Edith Hedin Cambridge High and Latin School

Mary Lowe Hemenway The Berkeley School, Cambridge

Helen Kleinsrhmidt High School, Johnstown, Pa.

Adebude Nichok The Breariey School, New York, N.Y.

Amy Maria Sheldon Appleton Academy, New Ipswich, N.H.

Cedl Stemburg Girls' Latin School, Boston

Eleanor Mathews Stevens Hij^ School for Girls, Philadelphia, Pa.

1917. Frances Olivia Grant Girls' Latin School, Boston

Mary Lee The Winsor School, Boston

Margaret Miller Giris' Latin School, Boston

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610 JSaddife College. [Match,

Edith Woloott Parimian

The Winsor Sdiool, Boaton, and Mias Porter's School. Fanningtoii, Conn.
Katherine Elisabeth Read. . . .ffigh Sdiool Arlington
Dorothy Elisabeth Sampaon..Cla8siGal Hiflji School, Lynn
Anna Camilla Shau^mesay.. .South ffi^ Sdiool, Woroerter

1018. Helen Harkm Bail^ ffigh School, Swampaoott

Hester Louise Bassett High SdiooL Auburn, Me.

Elisabeth Brandeis The Winsor Sdiool Boston

Mary Matilda Gibson M. Street High School, Washington, D.C.

Alice Marie Graham ffigh School, East Boston

Mildred Mason Hunt B. M. C. Durfee High Sdiool, Fall River

Hasel Afiriam Jacobs West Rozbury High School

Beatrice Abby Keith Hi«^ Sdiool, Peabody

Esther Cooke Tinman Cambridge School for Girls

Beatrice Ingrid McCobb High School, Boothbay Harbor, Me.

Fhmces Ramona Osbum Waynflete School, Portland, Me.

Beatrice Stanton Parker Cambridge Hi^ and Latin School

Alice Mary Stewart High School, Brookline

Elsie Elizabeth Whitney High School, Maiden

Constance Wiener Cambridge Hi^^ and Latin School

Louise Follette WmSHit The l^^^nsor Sdiool, Boston


Alice Hampson Carieton College, Northfidd, Minn.

Bessie Clow Rounsefdl Brown University, Providence, R.L

Five half-courses not announced at
the beginning of the year are offered in
the second half-year: (1) English Litera-
ture from the Death of Scott to the
Death of Tennyson, by Prof. Ndlaon;
(2) The History of France to 1828, by
Ph>f. Haskins; (8) The Religion of the
Roman Empire at the Beginning of the
Christian Era, by Prof. Lake; (4) An
Litroduction to the Psychology of Hu-
man Behavior, by Prof. Holt; (5) Pho-
tomicrography and the Technique of
Microscope, by Prof. Jeffrey.

Mrs. Briggs and Miss Boody are at
home in the living room every Wednes-
day afternoon in January, February and
March, except during the mid-year

Dr. Edward H. Nidiols, the head of
the Harvard Unit, spoke at a mass meet-
ing on Dec. 8. Since November 1 there
have been three vocational conf crenoes.

as foDows: (1) on Secretarial Work^
speakers. Miss Ejmball, secretary to
Bishop Lawrence, and BdHss Wheeler,
secretary to Dean Briggs; (2) on Sales-
manship — speaker. Miss Norton, of the
Sdiool of Salesmanship, and on Adver-
tising — speaker. Miss Sullivan, of the
Wahon Advertising Agency; (8) on
Library Work — speakers. Miss Jordan,
Children's Librarian, Boston Public Li-
brary, and Miss Jones, Librarian Mc*
Lean Hospital, Waveriey. The average
attendance has been 15.

The Craig Prise in Dramatic Compo-
sition was awarded in 1915 to Mrs.
Chariotte B. Chorpenning, graduate
student '13-15, for her play. Between (he
Linei, a comedy of peaceful scenes and
inddents consisting of a prologue, three
acts and an epilogue. The play was pro-
duced at the Castle Square Theatre in

Digitized by



Raddiffe College.


Mrs. G. H. Flebbe (Beulah Dix, '97)
read her play Moloch on Dec. 7 to the 47
Club and the Radcliffe studenli. The
Radcliffe Guild gave TwelSth Night for
its flcholarship fund on Nov. 26 and 27.
On Dec. 6 Um Cerdes Fransais of Har-
vard and Radcliffe gave three plays,
Brieux's L'ScoU de$ BeUe9-M^es, Mae-
terlinck's Vlntnue^ and Moinaux's Le9
Deux Scurds. The plays were repeated
Dec. 7 in Boston, and the proceeds of
both performances were given to the
French Red Cross. The Radcliffe Choral
Society gave two performances of
Gluck's Orpheus Jan. 17 and 18. The
singing was under the direction of Mrs.
H. H. Grallison and Dr. A. T. Davison,
and the opera was staged and the dances
and ballets devised by Virginia Tanner
Green, '05. The opera was for the benefit
of the Choral Society Sdiolarship Fund,
from which this present year three schol-
arships were awarded, each of $100. The
Idler Club gave The Man cf Deetiny with
a cast of graduates on Jan 21, and in-
vited to a second performance pupils in
sdiools of Boston and the vicinity. After
this performance there was tea for the
visiting school girls, served in the living*

On Dec. 11 the annual conference of
the Association of Northern College
Magazines was held at Radcliffe College.
Delegates from Vassar, Barnard, Mount
fiolyoke. Hunter, Wells, Holy Cross,
and Columbia were present. For the
coming year the editor of the Raddiffe
Magazine was elected president of the

Bemice Brown, '16, whose theds won
the Baldwin Prize of $100 List year,
talked to the Harvard dass in Govern-
ment 20a Jan. 12 on New Sources of
City Revenue, the last diapter of her


The Radcliffe Alumnae Aasodatbn is
pubhshing a Biographical Catalogue
whidi contains complete lists with ad«
dresses of (1) the holders of the A.B.
degree, together with biographical infor-
mation, (2) all holders of the A.M. and
Ph.D. degrees and other past graduate
students, (8) past non-graduate stud-
ents. The Catalogue is to be sent free to
all members of the Alumiue Association,
and to all others who filled out the
biographical cards.

The winter meeting of the Radcliffe
Alumiue Association was hdd Dec. 27.
After the business meeting and a short
speech from Miss Boody, there was a
reception in the living-room. The Alum-
me voted to hold the Commencement
Dinner in 1916 at the Harvard Union.
At the winter meeting of the Radcliffe
Union, Jan. 20, Prof. W. A. Neilson
spoke on Europe in War ^nme.

The annual lundieon <A the Raddiffe
Club of New York was hdd Jan. 29, at
Hotd McAlpin. The guests of the dub
were Pres. Briggs, Dean Boody, Miss
Florence M. Majrshall, Prindpal of the
Manhattan Trade School, and Mrs. G.
H. Flebbe (B. M. Diz, '97). In the eve-
ning members of the dub attended the
performance at the Neighborhood Play-
house of two plays produced under the
direction of A. B. Morgan, '01.


189d-94. Olive Brown to Addbert
Harding, at Evanston, HI., Dec.
18, 1915.

1905. Edith Hden Archibald to Harvey
Churdi Brainerd, at West Somer-
ville, Jan. 15, 1916.

1909. Anna Beatrice Cashman to Tho-
mas Frauds O'Brien, at West
Quiney, Oct. 21, 1915.

1911. Hden Grace Carver to Hugh Les-
ter, at Cambridge* Jan. 8, 1916.

Digitized by



Student Life.


1911. Harriet Cyrene Wedgwood to Ed-
ward Hugh Cameron, at Somei^
ville, Oct. 2, 1915.

19H. Beatrice Adeline Gardner to
Obert Sletten, at Cambridge,
Jan. 15, 1916.

1897. Katharine Flavan Conlan, Jan.

14, 1916.
A.M. 1897. Maiy Brigfaam BSD, Oct

9S, 1915.
1909. AUce Addey Batler, Oct 89,


DwioHT Habold Ingram, '16.

The election of permanent officers of
the Claas of 1916 during December
showed a slight gain in the interest taken
as compared with this event in the imme-
diately preceding years. Considerably
over half of the Senior class voted at the
first balloting, and over 250 voted at
the succeeding committee elections. The
officers chosen are:

Firsi Marahal: William John Bin^
ham, Methuen: University Glee Club,
191S, 1914, 1915, 1916 Qeader) ;pie8ident
of University Musical Clubs, 1915; presi-
dent of Phillips Brooks House Assoda^
lion; University track team, 1914, 1915,
1916 (captain); head cheer leader, 1915;
captain of Freshman track and relay
teams; University relay team, 1914,
1915, 1916; Freshman Glee Club; F^h-
man cross-country team; prendent of
Freshman Class; vice-president of Stu-
dent Council; Jimior dance committee;
Phoenix, S.K., Institute of 1770,D.K.E.,
Fox, Hasty Pudding.
' Second Marshal: Edward William
Mahan, Natick: University football
team, 1913, 1914, 1915 (captam); Uni-
vei^ty baseball team, 1914, 1915; cap-
tain of FVeshman football team; FVesh-

man baseball and trac^ teams; chairman
of FVeshman entertainment committee;
president of Junior class; Student Coun-
cil; Phoenix.

Tkvrd Marshal: Richard Norris
Williams, 2d, Cambridge: captain of

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