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ness with Morris, Imbrie & Co., 4611
Kenmore Ave., Chicago. — J. R. O.
Perkins, A. G. Carey, and H. D. Hale
are in the same corps of the American
Ambulance at the war front. Carey
and Hale have been given the Croix
de Querre, — H. T. Simon has formed
the Newtex Mfg. Co. in Brooklyn for
making products out of wood pulp. —
L. H. Niles is an architect in Amster-
dam, N.Y., living at 384 Division St.

— J. D. Winslow is in the print works
in a cotton mill in Lawrence. — W. G.
Simon is studying in the Graduate
School. His address is Conant 29,
Cambridge. — J. A. Howe is in the
cotton business. His address is the
same as formerly. — S. L. M. Barlow
is studying at the Institute of Musical
Art of New York and is teaching at
the Music School Settlement. —
Roger Griswold's present address is
Lyc^e Pasteur, Boulevard Inker-
mann, Neuilly-sur-Seine, France. He
is in the American Ambulance corps.

— E. Dodd is working in the Harvard
Architectural School. His address is
18 Concord Ave., Cambridge. — L. O.
Wright was a Spanish interpreter at
the Pan-American Scientific Congress
in Washington. — W. H. Distler is
teaching mathematics and science in
the Arnold High School, Arnold, Pa.

— J. Wentworth is an embryo archi-
tect in Chicago. — A. H. Clifford is
tutoring this winter in Dublin, N.H.

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News from the Classes.


— H. W. Zehner is in the Harvard Law
School. — R. S. Grinnell is working
off courses in Columbia in order to
get into the Medical School. — C. B.
Swift is working for Swift & Co., in

.the cattle-buying department. His
address is care of the University Club,
Chicago, 111. — G. B. Conant is
studying chemistry in the Graduate
School, third year. — G. M. Car-
nochan is working with Interstate
Electric Co., N.Y. His address is 138
East S9th St., New York-— J. L.
Moore is now in his second year at
the Law School. His address is 36
Hampden Hall, Cambridge. — P. D.
Childs is working in the Harvard
Architectural School. His address is
Western Club, Cambridge. — H. E.
Devereaux is in the bond business
with W. A. Reed & Co., 234 So. La-
Salle St., Chicago, 111. — J. P. Gifford
is now a bookkeeper in Arizona; ad-
dress, Cochise, Ariz, — R. H. Ander-
son is in the Harvard Law School. —
E. R. Davis is doing graduate work
in education and history at Harvard.

— E. K. Hale is working with Blake
Bros., Ill Devonshire St., Boston. —

E. Streeter is working for the Buffalo
Builders' Supply Co., Buffalo. —G.

F. Plimpton is in Plimpton, Cowan
& Co., wholesale grocers, Buffalo.. —
T. D. Bool is working with Niles &
NUes, accounting firm, Boston. His
address is 21 Sacramento St., Cam-
bridge. — A. Thalheimer is studying
at Johns Hopkins. — L. C. StoweU
is working with the Loose- Wiles Bis-
cuit Co. as an assistant city salesman.
His home address is 2 Holyoke St.,
Cambridge. — E. A. Shaw is in the
Cotton business with E. A. Shaw &
Co., 18 Post-Office Sq., Boston.—
N. Curtis, Jr., is studying the drug
business in the various departments
of the United Drug Co. — E. K. Carver

is studying chemistry at Harvard.
His field of research is surface ten-
sion. — C. H. Bradley, Jr., is in the
advertising business with the Tomer
Advertising Agency, 294 Washing-
ton St., Boston. — R. D. Walker is
with Walker & Pratt, stove mfrs., 31
Union St.. Boston, — Earl B. Put-
nam, Jr., is in the bond business in
Philadelphia. His address is 132
South 15th St. — C. L. Sweeting is
the principal of Public School No. 5,
Albion Place, Patterson, N.J. — D.
R. Hanson is working with the Com-
mercial-Financial Printing Co., 84
State St., Boston. His home address
is 25 East St., Melrose. — H. E.
Pierce is in the bond business with
Pearson & Erhart of Boston. — B. S.
WeUes*s address is the American
Embassy, Tokyo, Japan. — H. B.
Bryant is at the Harvard Law School,
third year. — E. D. Holmes, Jr., is
studying chemistry at Technology
and Harvard. — L. D. Howard is
with E. C. Hall Co., grocers, Brock-
ton. His address is Room 806
Y.M.C.A., 320 Main St., Brockton. —
G. H. Fiske is in the cotton business
with H. W. Mason & Co., 31 Kilby
St., Boston. — R. W. Stevenson, Jr.,
is with Colgate, Parker & Co., bond
house, 2 Wall St., New York. Please
address him there. ?— L. G. Del Cas-
tillo is playing the organ in the new
Fenway Theatre, Boston. His ad-
dress is 824 Franklin St., Cambridge.

— D. T. Thomson is taking the course
system in the Saco Lowell Textile
Machine Co., Lowell. His address is
383 East Merrimac St., Lowell. —
H. P. Metcalf is engaged in the manu-
facturing of cotton and woolen goods
with the Wanskuck Co., Providence.

— C. M. Rogers is working with the
Metropolitan Magazine, New York.
His address is care of Harvard Club,

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News from the Classes.


«7 West 44th St.. New York. — J. K.
Hodges has left the moving-picture
business and is now with Hodges &
Co.. brokers, 14 Wall St.. N.Y. —
A. H. Sanborn, having studied agri-
culture, is now looking for a farm on
which he can raise fruit and cattle. —
J. R. Abbott is studying architecture
in the Graduate School. His Cam-
bridge address is 44 Brattle St. —
L. Curtis, Jr.. is working with Brown
Bros., 59 WaD St., New York. — R.
P. Osbom is learning the shoe busi-
ness in the factory of French. Shriner
& Urner. «3 Melcher St., Boston. —
R. B. Dodge is with Pearson, Erhard
& Co.. investment bankers, 68 Devon-
shire St., Boston. — C. W. Bullard is
in his second year at the Medical
School. — H. A. Lawton is living in
Haverhill where he is learning the
shoe business. His address there is
43 Pleasant St. — W. Faulkner is
■till working with Brown & Adams,
wool commission merchants, of Bos-
ton. — T. £. Benner is working for an
A.M. at Harvard and for the Boston
Advertiser as a telegraph operator.
His address is 45 Holyoke House,
Cambridge. — N. H. Brodsky is
studying law in Newark, N.J. — C. B.
Blanchard is in the publishing busi-
ness with Porter E. Sargent at 50
Congress St., Boston. — O. Williams,
Jr., is with the Cunard S.S. Co., 126
State St., Boston. — T. G. Ross is
teaching the sciences and German,
this winter, at the Holdemess School
for Boys. Plymouth, N.H. — L. K.
Urquhart is spending the winter at
St. John's University, Shanghai,
China. — J. H. Hodges is now an
assistant in chemistry at Harvard. —
R. H. Holbrook is working with Cool-
idge. Brooks & Rogers, consulting
foresters, at 89 State St., Boston. —
J. H. Fales is interested in chemical

manufacturing. — F. J. Callanan is in
his second year at the Medical School.

— F. L. Converse is still working with
Converse & Co., leather merchants,
27 South St., Boston. — F. S. Kings-
bury is studying landscape architec-
ture in Cambridge. — C. W. Curtis,
Jr., is working in the shoe business
with Rice & Hutchins in Marlborough.

— A. K. Henry is with Winslow &
Co., wool commission merchants. 248
Summer St.. Boston. — C. W. Plum-
mer is with the Northwestern Mu-
tual Life Ins. Co.. 79 Milk St., Bos-
ton. His home address is The Hermi-
toge. Willow St.. Boston. ■— A. Walter
is now running a dairy farm in Caze-
novia, N.Y. — P. J. Wharshawsky is
an attorney at law in Newark, N.J.
His address is the Essex Building. —
S. Z. Kaplan is in his third year at the
Harvard Law School. — E. A. Robert
is with the General Electric Co.,
Lynn. — A. W. Bell is in the fruit
commission business in the Boston
office of Messrs. J. & H. Goodwin,
Ltd., of Manchester. Eng. — M. N.
Maloof is building up a business in
Oriental rugs and laces at 248 Boyl-
ston St., Boston. — V. Freedly is
studying at the Penn. Law School.
His address is 1830 S. Rittenhouse
Sq., Philadelphia. — G. N. Richard
is working with Richard & Co., bank-
ers, 33 Broadway. New York. — A. A.
Shapiro is a graduate student at
Harvard and an instructor in the
Romance Language Department. —
A. T. Bunten is working with the
Daniel Green Felt Shoe Co. of Bos-
ton. — J. S. Morgan is working with
J. P. Morgan & Co.. 23 Wall St.. New
York. — R. W. Searle is learning the
wool business in Norwood with Wins-
low Bros. & Smith. His address is 37
Press Ave., Norwood. — R. H. Mag-
wood is working for the Dennison

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News from the Classes.


Mfg. Co. of Boston in their branch
office at 416 Ist Nat. Bank Bldg.,
Denver, Colo. — I. Pichel is engaged
in theatrical production in Minnesota.
His address is The University Club,
St. Paul. — W. M. Bach is engaged
in the clothing business in Fremont,
Ohio. — W. D. Owens is an attorney
at law in Haverhill. His address there
is the Haverhill Nat. Bank Bldg.,
Washington Sq. — C. S. Weeks has
taken a house at 97 Valentine St.,
West Newton. — E. S. Herter now
lives at 146 East 49th St., New York.

— F. H. Canaday is still in the adver-
tising business in Chicago. His ad-
dress is 438 Belden Ave., Chicago. —
K. W. Snyder is managing his father's
esUte. His address is 4650 Wabut
St., Kansas City, Mo. — The second
prize for an essay on " The Wisdom of
Preparedness," offered by the Na-
tional Security League, was won by
P. B. Potter. — H. R. Amory went
on an expedition in a small schooner
to Madeira, Morocco, and Teneriffe
in search for zoological specimens for
Harvard. He met with great success.
He has organized the Western Is-
lands Trading Co., for the purpose
of selling American goods in the
Azores, Madeira, and Canary Islands.
His address is care of H. dos Passos-
Freitas, Funchal, Madeira. — W. L.
Allen, Jr., in conjunction with Wil-
liam Codman, '12, has bought and
is running a farm in Savannah, Ga.
His address is Box 257, Savannah. —
£. S. Sullivan is still at the Harvard
Medical School. — C. G. Squibb is
working in the Hawthorne Mill of
the American Felt Co. at Hyde Park.

— J. B. Clark is farming in North
Carolina. — L. S. Chanler, Jr., is
supervising the erection of buildings
on Long Island. He is with his old
firm. — W. A. Cleary is in the social

service of the State of Massachusetts.
He has been traveling through the
State investigating liquor and allied
problems. — R. St.B. Boyd is a^ent
of the Mason Regulator of Milton. —
W. H. Coolidge is working with the
American Zinc, Lead, and Smelting
Co. of Boston. — C. B. Bryant repre-
sents in Boston the American Flooring
Co. of New York. — M. Belmont is
working with August Belmont, bank-
er, of New York. — J. D. Brown is in
the Harvard Law School. — V. C.
Brink is working at the Varsity Club
and is in the Law School. — L. H.
Mills is opening a lumber broker*s
office in Portland, Or., under the
name of Mills & Candlbh. — A. S.
Harris is studying railroading in the
Business School at Harvard. — H. R.
Hitchcock is working for the Fire-
stone Tire Co. in Akron, O. — R. H.
Kettell is working in the School of
Architecture, Cambridge. His ad-
dress is 44 Brattle St. — F. B. Har-
vey is working in the Bethlehem Steel
Co. and attending night school. He
gave in the Lexington Town Library
an exhibition of photographs of New
England Colonial architecture. — K.
Reynolds and Q. Reynolds are in the
advertising business together in New
York. The former lives at 174 In-
wood Ave., Upper Montdair, N.J.,
and the latter on Wildwood Ave., of
the same town. — W. B. Clai*k is
teaching Latin, Greek and English in
the Lake Placid School this winter at
Cocoanut Grove, Fla. — L. Strahl-
man id in his third year at the Medical
School. His address is 16 Westland
Ave., Boston. — A. H. Doyle is back
in CoUege to get his degree which he
receives at the Mid- Years. He is
managing his father's business at 185
Franklin St., Boston. — A. A. Hut-
chinson, Jr., is working in the School

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News from the Clctsses.


of Political Sciences at Columbia. —
S. P. Clark has been working in Port-
land, Or., for the Portland Ry., Light
and Power Co. During the Christmas
holidays he was ill with appendicitis
in Philadelphia. He hopes to return to
work soon. — £. C. Pitman is study-
ing chemical engineering at Tech-
nology. — H. C. Greene is treasurer
of the Sterling Toys Corporation of
New York. His address is 8 East
45th St., New York. — S. D. Ripley
is in the real-estate business with
Cocks & Willetts, 49 WaU St., New
York. He is also interested in the
manufacture of orange ficzade. His
address is the Union Club, Fifth Ave.,
New York. E. D. T. Pousland is
working with the Portland Cattle
Loan Co. of Portland, Or. — S. C.
Noland is an editorial writer for the
Indianapolis News, and contributes
short stories to magazines. His ad-
dress is 92S West S2d St., Indiana-
polis, Ind. — W. J. Brown is teaching
Spanish in Indiana University, Bloom-
ington, Ind. — H. G. Morse is work-
ing on a lemon ranch in Lemon
Grove, San Diego Co., Cal. He was a
charter member of the Harvard Club
of San Diego County. — W. H. Chat-
field is in the paper business with
Chatfield & Woods in Pittsburg. His
address is 900 South Negley Ave.,
Pittsburg, Pa. — W. M. Breed is selling
lumber in southern New England.
His address is Box 768, Springfield. —
R. L. Whitman is in the dry-goods
business with Burton Bros. & Co., 267
Fifth Ave., New York. — W. C.
Schumb is doing research work in the
Graduate School of Arts and Sciences.
— W. E. Quinby is working with the
Bel] Telephone Co. of Pa. His ad-
dress is Merion Station, Pa. — F. M.
H. Dazcy is writing for "the movies."
His address is the Harvard Club, New

York. — G. C. Buell is in business in
Rochester, N.Y. — W. P. WilletU is
making shells with the E. W. Bliss Co.
of Brooklyn. His address is Shore
Road and 82d St., Brooklyn, N.Y. —
A. W. Poole is manager of the Poole
Piano Co., Cambridge. — W. Smith
is working with F. S. Moseley & Co.,
50 Congress St., Boston. His address
is 48 Beacon St., Boston. — E. H.
Woods is in the insurance business
with Hinckley & W^oods, S2 Kilby
St., Boston. — J. L. Cahill is work-
ing with the Choralcelo Co., 100
Boylston St., Boston. — M. White-
house is working in the Scientific De-
partment of Columbia University.
His address is ISl East 71st St., New
York. — W. G. Brackett, Jr., who has
been in the St. Louis office of the
Bemis Bros. Bag Co., has been sent
by the company to India and is now
with the Angus Jute Co., Ltd., in
CalcutU. >-H. M. J. Halligan is
teaching in the High School, East
Boston, Mass. — E. D. Curtis was
the first American to enter Belgium
after the outbreak of the war; he has
done much good service there. — •
W. B. Corbett is teaching English in
the High School of Commerce, Bos-
ton*— R. Morris is working with the
American Steel & Wire Co., Cleve-
land, O. His address in Cleveland is
8126 Prospect St.


M. J. Logan, Sec.,

28 Ridgely Hall, Cambridce.

Mayer F. Gates*s address is 2801

Broadway, Little Rock, Ark. — John

Farwell Fuller's address is 1144 Maine

St., Clinton. — C. W. Jones is Professor

of Latin and German at the Arkansas

Conference College. His address is

Box 476, Siloam Springs, Ark. —

Richard Sanger is with the Standard

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News from the Classes.


Oil Co., Hongkong, China. — N. L.
Tibbetts ia studying at the Union
Theological Seminary, Broadway and
West ll«th St., New York. — C. E.
Brickley, after a successful season as
coach of the Johns Hopkins football
team, has entered the employ of
O'Brien, Russell Ins. Co., 108 Water
St., Boston. — H. W. D. Rudd has
started as a real-estate and insurance
broker, with offices at 201 Devonshire
St., Boston. — B. P. Whitney is with
the Cocheco Department of the Paci-
fic Mills. His present address is 284
Washington St., Dover, N.H. —
Clifford Wood is with the Russell Co.,
general managers, 50 State St., Bos-
ton. His home address is 73 Wendell
St., Cambridge. — James A. Elliott
is with the Cooley & Marvin Co.,
public accountants and production
engineers, Tremont Bldg., Boston. —
Thayer Francis is with the Saco-
Lowell Machine Shops, Lowell. His
present address in Lowell is 59 Kirk
St. — J. H. Hustis, Jr., is with the
Chicago & Northwestern Railway at
Omaha, Neb. His present address in
Omaha is the Flatiron Hotel. — H. C.
Little is with the Saco-Lowell Machine
Shops. His present address is 56 Kirk
St., Lowell, but his permanent ad-
dress remains Carlisle. — C. H. Mo-
Clure is instructor in English in the
Frankfort (Ind.) High School. — B.
Z. Nelson is in the office of Charles E.
Loud, '87, real estate, etc., 75 State
St., Boston. His home address is 329
Savin Hill Ave., Dorchester. — T. L.
O'Connor, who was last year in the
maO-order department of Franklin
Simon & Co., New York, is now in
charge of the mail-order department
of the F. P. O'Connor Co., outfitters
for women, 157 Tremont St., Boston.
His new home address is 90 St. Mary's
St., Boston. — A. S. Thayer is with

the Burroughs' Adding Machine Co.,
136 Federal St., Boston. —J. L.
Barowsky is in the paper business
with his two brothers, under the
name of the B. & B. Paper Supply
Co., at Holyoke. — F. H. Evans
is assistant general manager of the
Story & Clark Piano Co., 317 War
bash Ave., Chicago, and has charge
of the mail-order department. He has
been appointed national treasurer of
the economics honor fraternity " Ar-
tus." Evans's home address is 5498
Hyde Park Boulevard, Chicago. —
H. S. Keelan is a chemist with the
Lackawanna Steel Co. His address is
521 Michigan Ave., Buffalo N.Y. —
F. J. Little is with the Rand Systems
Corporation of North Tonawanda,
N.Y., and is at present in Philadel-
phia. His address there is 5017 Chest-
nut St. — T. W. Swett is teaching in
the Lawrence Smith School for Boys,
111 East 60th St., New York. — E.
P. Allis is with the Mechanical Appli-
ance Co., manufacturers of electric
motors and generators, Milwaukee,
Wis. — E. J. B. Gorman is general
manager of the Dayton Aero Motors
Co.. Dayton, O. — W. M. Marston,
who is in the Harvard Law School, is
living at 12 Remington St., Cam-
bridge. — Walter T. Uiquhart died
Nov. 10, 1914, at Boulder, Col. He
was unfortunately forced to leave
Harvard on account of ill health and
was ordered to Colorado. As he was
improving in health and strength, be
entered the University of Colorado.
Here he certainly made his mark, but
after a bad case of ruptured appendix
he never regained his strength and
gradually failed. Urquhart was in his
Junior year at Colorado University
and had risen to be editor-in-chief of
the Coloradoan, the college annual.
He was one of the most popular boys

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in the College. — Raymond Sylvester
of Bradford, who was employed as
chemist by the New England Mfg.
Co., of North Woburn, died Nov.
29, 1915, from the effects of poisonous


Holders of Honorary Decrees.
A.M. 1896. Booker T. Washington,
President of Tuskegee Institute,
the negro school which he founded
and which has done very splendid
work in promoting the technical
education of the negro race, died
of hardening of the arteries at
Tuskegee, Ala., on Nov. 14, at the
age of 58.

Graduate School of Arte and Sciences.
1912. Ph.D. Carter G. Woodson is edi-
tor of a new quarterly. The Jour-
nal of Neffro History (Lancaster,
Pa., and Washington, D.C.). The
first issue is dated Jan., 1916.

Law School.

1871. J. H. Ladd was given a compli-
mentary dinner and a gold medal
by the South Middlesex Bar Asso-
ciation in Framingham on Nov.
18, in recognition of his 85 years
of service as clerk of the First
District Court.

1900- R. M. Smith has been appointed
01 . one of the general attorneys of the
Baltimore and Ohio R.R.

1903. R. M. Swan has been appointed
Dean of the Yale Law School. He
graduated from Yale in 1900. His
career in the Harvard Law School
was distingui^ed, as he was a
marshal of his Class and editor of
the Law Review. After graduation
he was associated with Prof. Beal
* in the organization of the Law

School of the University of Chi-
cago and since then has been en-
gaged in private practice.

1904. C. H. Olson has been appointed a
commissioner on uniform legisla-
tion for the Territory of Hawaii.

1905. J. B. Ely has been appointed Dis-
trict Attorney of the Western
Massachusetts District. He is a
graduate of Williams CoUege, and
since concluding his course in the
Law School has been practising
law in Westfield. — D. P. Mc-
Pherson has been elected a com-
mon pleas judge for the Adams-
Fulton district. Pa.

1909. W. A. Powers has been elected
captain of the newly organized
company of marines of the
Massachusetts Militia.

191 1 . J. J. O'Connor has been appointed
Assistant Deputy District Attor-
ney for New York County. On
graduation O'Connor took up the
practice of law in New York, but
was much interested in politics
and is known as one of the ablest
of the Tammany speakers.

1914. C. P. Sisson has been appointed
Third Assistant City Solicitor of
Providence, R.T. — A. M. Cristy
and W. T. Garden have been ap-
pointed first and second deputies
respectively in the office of the
county attorney of the city and
county of Honolulu, T.H. — C.
P. Franchot has formed a partner-
ship with L. F. Gilbert for the
practice of law in Buffalo, N.Y.

1915. J. R. McKay made the highest
grade of any of the candidates
who took the Ohio state bar ex-
aminations in December.

Medical School.
1862. William K. Fletcher died in Som-
erville on Jan. 14, at the age of 88.

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Literary Notes.


During the Civil War he was an
aaristant surgeon in the Union
army. After leaving the Medical
School he practised his profession
for 50 years in Cambridge and

1867. John C. Webster died on Nov. 15,
1915. He went to Chicago imme-
diately after graduation from the
Medical School and practised in
that city for 41 years. He was a
member of the George H. Thomas
Post, G.A.R., and of the Thera-
peutic Club.

1893- W. H. Coon, who has been for
95. several years health officer for the
northeastern district of Massa-
chusetts, has assumed charge of
the new department of industrial
hygiene of the Fisk Rubber Co. in
Chicopee Falb. He will have sup-
ervision c^ all remedial and pro-
phylactic work, and all sanitation.
Such work, voluntarily assumed
by a corporation, is along the best
lines of social reform.

IfH. S. E. Webber died at Cahus, Me.,
on Jan. 12, after a long illness. He
was for many years principal of
the Calais High School and for
several years thereafter was Super-
intendent of Schools and a mem-
ber of the School Board.

Divinity School,

(1905.) A. H. Robinson, a graduate of the
University of Maine, who later
spent three years in the Harvard
Divinity School, has resigned the
pastorate of the Second Unitarian
Church, Newton Centre, to be-
come pastor of the First Congre-
gational Unitarian Church of
Cincinnati, O.

(1915.) G. B. Hatfield of Lawrence, a
graduate of Oberlin College and of
the Harvard Divinity School, has

been elected President of King-
fisher College, Kingfisher, Ok.

OraduaU Sdiool qf Business Adminis'

1914. J. B. Coffey is with the Massa-
chusetts Bonding and Insurance
Co., Boston. — Donald English,
U. of Cal., '09, is Assistant P)ro-
fessor of Accounting in Cornell. —
M. B. Folsom, U. of Georgia, '12,
is with the Eastman Kodak Co.,
Rochester, N.Y. — H. D. Hite,
Randolph-Macon, '10, is in the
statistical department of the
American Telephone and Tele-
graph Co., New York City.

1915. A. L. Barbour, Yale, '13, is in
the Efficiency Department, Gray
and Davis, Cambridge. — C. E.
Coyne has been appointed secre-
tary of the Holyoke Chamber of
Commerce. — I. C. Pratt, Knox,
'IS, is in the Statistical Depart-
ment, Wyllis, Overland Co.,
Toledo, O.


V To avoid mlsunderatanding. the Editor
baiCB to state that copies of books by or about
Hanrard men should be sent to the Maffoang
If a review is desired. In no other way can a
complete register of Harvard publications be
kept. Writers of articles in prominent periodic
cals are also requested to send to the Editor

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