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Bishoprick at Jerusalem— The Swearer's End
and the Widow's Son — Vclcson the AboKtiou

of Promotion by Purchase in the Army— Sin-
clair's Letter to a Member of Parlisuneut on
National Education, &c— The Choralist—
Poole on the State of Paities in the Church—
The Leeds Tracts — Archdeacon Wilkins's
Address to his Parishioners— Nottingham
Journal— The Churchmah— Wesleyan Tracts
for the Times— Sermons, 374 — 376.

April.— Brief Memorials of the Rev. W. B.
Mathias — Mackenzie's Letter to Wniiam
LyaU, Esq.— The Kings of the East-H3cotf s
Narrative of a recent Imprisonment in China
— Verses by a Poor Man— Serious Remon-
strance to the Rev. W. B. Sibthorp— Macart-
ney's Observations on the Book of Ruth —
Hope's British Monthly Magazine— Arch-
bishop Ussher's Works — Patrick, Lowth,
Arnold, Whitby, and Lowman's Commentary
— Malet's Church Extension — Mrs. Ellis's
Daughters of England — Barr's Anglican
Church Architecture — Markland's Remarks
on English Churches- WoUTs Mystic Ra-
tionalism in Germany — A Guide to the Holy
Eucharist— WUberforce's Christian Unity-
Catechetical Examinations — Charlie Burton
— Memoirs of Naval Commanders whose
Portraits are exhibited in Greenwich Hos-
pital—Church and SUte Gazette— Sermons
by the Bishop of New Jersey — OUivant's
Christian Student— The Cartoons of Raffkelle
— Palin's Christian Month, 478—480.

May.— Massingberd's History of the Reforma-
tion—New Poems, by Wordsworth and Trench
—Williams's Baptistery— Card well's Synod-
alia— Stanhope on the Epistles and Gospels,
by Dr. Kenny— Chandler's Life of William of
Wykeham — Burns' "Pourpcnny Books" —
Life of Richard Hooker— Modem Methodism
—The Martyr of Prasa, or the First and last
Prayer; by Rev. R. W. Kyle — Coolcy's
Negro-land of the Arabs— Manasseh, a Tale
of the Jews— Robert and Frederick— The
Appropriate Character of Church Architec-
ture—The Library of the Fathers— Lives of
the Evangelists and Apostles — Taylor's An-
cient Christianity. No. VII.— The Christian
Miscellany — A Letter to the Laity of the
Church of England, by Rev. A. Watson —
Hook's Church Dictionary — Bishop of Salis-
bury's Charge— Alford's Hulsean Lectures —

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WUbctf<Kc«'8 Sermon btfore the Queen—
Leger'i Sermon — Conflrmation and Com-
munion— Addreu to the Parents of Children
attending the Church School— &c. &c, 591—

JvNB. — ^The Churchman's Year, hy Geo. Fyler
Townsend, m.a. — Christ our Law — Lewis's
niustrations of Killpeck Church, Hereford-
shire— Italv, dassical, Historical, and Pic-
turesque, Of Mr. Brockedon— The Mother's
Help, by the Eev. J. James— 01117*8 Appeal

on behalf of the Peasantry of the J
Christian Magaxine — Common
Every Body's Magasine— Hoaie's Beply to
the Bishop of Salisbury's Reasons te with-
drawing ftom the Bible Society — A Tract for
Squires, by a Squire — ^Thoughts on England's
ResponsibOity — Hone's CommenU on tl.e
Epistles — Church Atlas — Bishop of Loo-
don's Three Sermons on the Chnrdi— The
Bishop of Edinburgh's Primary Charge —
Twenty-one Sermons, by the Rev. C. J. F.
Clinton— Sermon by the Her. Ch. Cb. Bar-
tholomew—Cards for Distribotion, 700—702.

Christ Church, Streatham (with an Engraving) 136, Ul.


Oidlnatioos— Preferments— Deaths of Clergy—
Unirersity News— Proceedings of Church
Societies — Miscellaneous Diocesan Intelli-

gence— Ireland— Scotland— Foneign, Pp. Its,
263, 377, 487, 596,^711.

N.B. - Coples of the two previous Volumes of the RsMSMBaAVcsa may stUl be had, price 10«.
each, in doth. Also, a few separate Numbers to complete Sets. The following is a sketch of
their Contents:—

Religious Poets of the Day.
Literature and Authorship in England.
Church Architecture, with Plates.
Invalidity of Dissenters' Baptisms.
The Inductive Sciences.
Life and Writings of St. Irenieus.
Chemical Philosophy.
Illustrations of Ballad Poetry.
Christian Almsgiving.
On the Sonnet (2 Nos.)
Episcopal Visitations (3 Nus.)
The Divine Right of Tithes and the Oftr-
tory (4 Nos.)

Missious in the Eist.

The Ancient British Church.

Presbyterianism in Scotland.

Ecclesiastical Music (iNos.)


Chapters on Ecclesiastical Law.


Original Letters of Archbishop

The Church in Scotland.

Travels in Palestine.

The Parables of our Lord.

Churches and Churchwardens.




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DEC 6 - 1939

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