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A large dictionary English and Dutch, in two parts : wherein each language is set forth in its proper form ; the various significations of the words being exactly noted, and abundance of choice phrases and proverbs intermixt. : To which is added a grammar, for both languages. ... = Groot woordenboek online

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Online LibraryWilliam SewelA large dictionary English and Dutch, in two parts : wherein each language is set forth in its proper form ; the various significations of the words being exactly noted, and abundance of choice phrases and proverbs intermixt. : To which is added a grammar, for both languages. ... = Groot woordenboek → online text (page 152 of 187)
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Quakken , fee Quaaken.

QUAKSALVkN, to Quack as a Mountebank.

QUAKZALVER (M.), a Quack, Mountebank

Quakzalvery (F.), Quackery.

QUALM (M.)» aStear/i, reek, vapour^ mill.

QUALSTEREN (fpuuwen) , to Spawl.

Qual fter -beyen ( Ly Rer- bey en} , Red berries of a wild

QUANSELEN, to Scof, to truck

der , to fpend away.
Quanfelaar (M.), ^One that fpends aways his money

with continual bartering or trucking.
QU ANSU YS , As if, forfooth.
QUANT (M.) , a tellow, a young Blade.
Een ongebonde quant , a Debauched fellow.
Een aardig Quantje, a Handfom and neat young
QUARTEEL (N.) , a Certain cafk or barrel.
QUARTEL (M ) (quakkel), a Quail.
QU ARTIER (N.), a Quarter.

Een Quartier , quartier uurs , a Quarter of an

Een Quartier gaans , As far as one can go in a

quarter of an hour.
Binnen een quartier , Within a quarter of an

Quartier maans, a Quarter of the moon.
't EerHe quartier, the Firfl quarter.
't Lefte quartier, the Laft quarter.
een Quartier van een fchaap , a Quarter of mut-
Oj' Om quartier roepen, (om lyfsgena bidden) To
call for quarter.
Quartier geeven ('t leeven fchenken) , To give

Winter-quartieren, Winter quarters.
In-QUARTIEREN, to Quarter [Souldiers.]
Quartiermeelter (M.), a Quarter-Majhr.
QUAST (F.) Verw-quaft, a Painting br tip,
(O'een Quail (of quispelj in een bedljee, a Suspea-
\ fO' een Quad aan een behangfel , a Fringe,
Cci'Een Wy-quaft, a Holy -water- fprinkle.
i a^* QUAST (G.) (in 't hout), a Knot in vi^ood.
Quaitig, Knotty, rough.
O^Een quaftige vent, a Stubborn fellow .

' ghncfs.

QUEE, Queepeer (M.), a Quince.
Queepeerboom (M.), a Qiiir.ce-tree,
Queevleefch (N.) , Codiniack , quiddeny , marme-

QUEEKEN, toCheriJb, murip, plant.
Queekery (F.), "^ ^ . ^

Queekhdf (M ), f '^ ^'^'^'^'^ry , nu.fe-gardm.

a Seminary for learning.
Tt i QUEE^

331 QUE. QUI.

QVEELEN, to, Make melody, tojr^g-

ri)OUEERN (F.) (handmeulen), aHand-miit.

QUEEN (F.) , ^ Cow that never bears a calf.

OUEESTHN ^-^ odd way ofvjoing ujual in jnme

^Sea-towns or Isles of Holland after tins manner :
When the wench ss gone to bed , the jellow enters
the room, and lays himfelf down tn ks clothes upon
the blankets, next unto her, with one window oj
the room open , and thus he talks with her very in-
nocently , as it is reported.

OUEET, /ro»^ Quyten, as Hy queet 7,ich alsecn
man, He dtd acquit {or behave) hmfelf like a man.

QUEEZEL (F.), a Nun, begume

QUEEZELEN, to Behave- one's felf hypocritically.

QUEL,yi'^ Quellaadje. _

QuelgeeiUMO, a Haunting fptrit. aTfouble-

Com perfon. . ■, ; • j

QUELLAADJE (F.), Vexation, tribulation, ad-

Quellachiig, Vexatious , troublefom.
QU ELLEN, to Vex, trouble, teafe , pejter.
Queller (M-), ^ Vcxer , trouhler.
Quelling (F.) , Vexation troub'''
03= Quelling (quaal), a Difeafe , difiemper.
Ouelfter (F.) , « Woman- vcxer.
(JUENDEL (F.) (Wilde tym), Wild or creeping

Thyme. ^ ^.

4-QUESTIE (F.) rgefchil), Qjieflum.

Dat is de zaak die in queftie is , That s the mat-
ter in quejlion.
cS-Q'-ieaie (krakkeel) , a Debate , Jinfe , contefl ,

Queftie krygen, Tu fall out., to fall at odds.
Quets , fee Quetfuur.
QUETSEN, toU'otind, hurt.

Zyne eere quetfen, to Blemilh his reputation.
Ouetluur (F ), a Wound infliaed by force.
QUETTEREN, to Chatter as birds.

■j^C^\^\JS (yi-) . a Silly'fellow.

4- QUID AM (M.), ^ Strange kind of fellow.

f+^lQUtKBlL F.) (loopfter), a Gadding gojfip.

QUIkSTAERTCF.),^^^;^-'''^'/- ^^

OUIKZILVER CN.), Quik-Jilver , Mercury.

QUINKELEEREN, to Warble, to fmg , tomake

QUINKSLAG (M.), ^ d^'^ble , pun. _

QUINT A AL (N.) (honderd pond gewigt) , a
Hundred weight.

QUhNTEN (F.), 'tricks, pranks.
QUIPS, SqueamifrJ.

QUiSPEDOOR (F.) (fpuuwpdtje) , a Little pot
tofpit in. This word is crept in of late , and is
grown very common now, being a corrupt chan-
ging of the Spanifh word Escupedor or Escupi-
QUISPEL (M.), a Sprinkle.
2 Quifpel (qi-^aft in eene bedllee) (F.) , a Sifpen-



QUISPELEN , To Brufjoffwith a fringe.

Quispelen met de ftaert. \ To Fifk the tail, (as

QUISPELSTAERTEN,/ dogs ufe to do )

QuiQachtig, Lavijh , prodigal.

QUISTEN, to Spend , fquander, lavijh.

Quirter (M.), a Great fpender , an expenfiveman,

Quiligeld , ^,

Quiftgoed, > (M.), aSpend-thrift, Prodigal.

Quillpenning, J

Quillery i.F.), Prodigality, profufion.

Quiftig, Expenfive , lavijh, unthrifty, profufe.

Qoilligheyd (F.), Profufenefs ^ lavijhnefs , frodiga'

Quilling 'vF. ), a Spending away.
-I— QUITANCIE ;F.), an 'Acquittance , receipt.
W gaf hem ecne quiran':ie van de fom die hy my
betaalde, I gave him a receit of the fum he paid

(-1—) QUOTE) (aandeel), a Share , contingent.
Zy hebben hunne quote niet opgebragt , They
have njt fHrnijhed their contingent.
QUYL(F.), Spittle, drivel, Jlaver.

De quyl loopt hem ten monde uyt , The fpittle
runs out of his mouth.
Quylbab (C), a Driveling child.
QU YLEN , to Drivel, Jlaver. ^

lemand doen quylen (gelyk de Pdkmeefters
doen), to Flux one.
Quyler (iM.), « Driveler.
Quyling (F.), a Driveling, fluxing,
Quylflab(F.J, a Bib.

QUYNEN, to Languip , to pine away , to droop,
Een quynend leeven , a Languijloing life , a lin*

Een quynende ziekte, a Lmgring difeafe , a Ian-

gmjhing Jtcknefs.
Een quynende koorts, a He^ickfeaver.
QUYT, Lojl, rid of

Ik ben 't cuyt , / haielojl it.

Zich iets quyt maaken , To get rid of a thing , to

put a thing off (or away.) -
Ik heb het my quyt gemaakt, / have put it off.
Quyt raaken, to Lofe , to get rid of, to be deiivc-

red of.
Ik raakte hem quyt, I got rid of him.
Ik ben myn horologie quyt geraakt , / have loji
my ivatch ; / am robbed of my watch ; I have ptet
my watch off.
Hy is de koorts quyt, The ague has left him , be

is gotten rid of the ague.
Quyt weezen , quyt 2yn , To be rid of.
Quyt worden, to Loje.
Quytbrief (M.), a Receit , quittance.
QUYTEN J tQ Acquit J discharge.



Zich quyten , To Discharge or acqiut himfelf;

to perform one's duty,
"Zich van zynen pligt quyteia , To discharge his

dtity (or part.)
Hy heeft zich wel gequeeten , He did acquit him-
Quyting (F.) . an Acquitting.^ discharging.
QUYTSCHELDEN, toQuu, discharge^ remit.
Quytfchelding (F.), a Discharge., quittance.
Quytfchrift (N.)j an Acquittance., receipt.


AA (F.), the Sail-yard: fee Ree.

Een Raa-zeyl (N.), ^ Tard-fail , alfo a

Ship with three mafis , fo called becaufe
they bear yard-fails.
RAAD(M.), Counfel, advice.

Raadgeeven, To give counfel ., to give advice.
Raad houdeil, to Deliberate.
Raad vraagen , om raad vraagen , To ask counfel.
iXJ'Raad (hulpmiddel) , a Remedy.

Een goede raad voor de koorts , a Good remedy
againfi the ague.
05*Raad tot lets weeten, To know a remedy for fo-
methtng; to know a way ov method to do a thing;
or to know what courfe to take.
Ik weet wel raad met hem , / know v>hat courfe
to take with him.
iXi°In die verlegenheyd wiften wy gecnen raad , In
thatfirait we knew not what to do.
Raad fchaffen, To find out a means.
Met iemand te raade gaan , To Confult with one.
0:1= Te Raade houden. To take care for., to fpare.
Hy houdt zyn geld wel te raade , He does not
lay out more money than what is needfull ; he ss
not at all expenfive ; he takes good care of his
money., He is a frugal manager of his money.
Ccl'Te raade worden (goedvinden) , To be of opi-
nion , to refolve , to think fit or convenient.
o3°RAAD (M.) (Raadsvergadering) , the Council.,
De hooge Raad, the Supreme Council.
De geheyme Raad, the Privy Council.
De Kerke-Raad , the Confiftcry , or Affembly of
RAAD (M.) (Raadsheer), aCounfelor, a Member
of the Board.

Een Ryks-Raad, a Counfelour of the Empire.
RAADELOOS, At one's wits end , to feck , at a

lofs., desperate.
Raadeloosheyd (F.)» ^ Being at a lofs.
RAADEN (raad geeven), to Counfel., advife.
Ik 20U het u niet raaden , / would not advife you
to do it.
Cft RAADEN (raamen), to Guefs., conjecture.
RAADGEEVER (M.), an Advifer, counfel',r.
Kaadgeeving (F-), a Giving of counfel , an Advifmg-

RAA. 353

RAADHUYS (N.), the Tozvn. hall , Scnate-houfe.

Raadkamer (F.), the Council-chamber.

RAADFLEEGEN , to Confult , deliberate , con-

Raadplceging (F.) , Confultati.n , deliberation.

Raadsbelluyt (N.) , a Decree, an Ad , Refolution of
the Council.

RAADSEL (N.), a Riddle, enigm.

Raadfelachtig, Enigmatical.

RAADSHEER (M.), aCounfdour, LordCounfe-
lor., Senator., Alderman.

Raadsheerlchap (N.) , the Office or Digniiy of a

RAADSLiAG (M.) , Confultation , purpofe in-

Raadslieden, Raadsluyden, Counfelors.

Raadsman (M), an Advifer, counfelor.

Kaadfldt (N ), ^ Determination, decree , a£i.

RAADSVERGADERING (F.) , an AfJ'embly of

the Council., the Council-board.
Raadsvrouw (F.) , a Woman advifer.
RAADZAAM , Advifable , convenient , expe-
RAAGBO'L (M.), a Cobweb-hrup.
RAAGEN, to Br up away the cobwebs.
RxAAKEN , to Touch , hn , affea.

Hy kon het doel niet raaken , He could nos hit
the mark.
& Zy wierdt 'er door geraakt , She was affeded

(or touched') With it\ pe was reached by it.
^Y{&. raakt my niet , It doth not concern (or af-
feil) me.

Raakende die zaak , Concerning or touching that

Hy kon 't niet raaken , He could not hit it.

Luk raak , Hit or mifs.
o^Weg raaken, to Get away , to be lofl.

Lds raaken, to Get loofe., to get rlear.

Klaar raaken , to Get clear ; To have cleared one's
bufinefs .
OCj' Vaft raaken , to Become fa/iened., to flick clofeto.
ccl' Valt raaken , aan den grond raaken, To run on

ground , (as a fhip )
Raaking (F.), a Touching., hitting.
RAAM (G.), a Frame.
r^Raam, laken-raam, a Tenter.
"^'Raam, glaze-raam, a Pane of glafs,
RAAMEN, to Conjedure^ guefs.
id=- Raamen (raaken), to Hit., to pitch upon.
tt^ Raamen (beraamen ) , to Conclude.
RAAP (F.), aTurnep.

Een fchotel raapen , a Dip ofturneps.
RAAPEN, to Take up., to reap.

Vodden raapen , To gather (or take up) ragn
from the jireets.

Voordeel raapen , To reap benefit.
RAAPULI(F.), Rape-feed-oyt.
Raapkoeken , Cakes or lumps of beaten rape- feed.
Tt 3 Raap



RAAR, Rare^ happening bntjeldom, UHufual , ex-
traordinary, excellent, curious.
Raarigheyd\ (K), a Rare thmg , rarUy , cu-
Raariteyt, f ri'fity.
RA ASBO'L (M.) , '^ rHrmod:»gmovj.
Hy Raaft , He Rageth , he u m a rage : trom

RAASK ALLEN, to Rave. n • r r

Raaskallery of Raaskalling (F.), a Raving Frenfy.
RAAUW, Raw, unboiled.

Raauwc fpys , Raw vidiuals.
Raauwheyd \fp.), Rawnefs , crudity.
Raauwigheyd, ; ' " ,

' Raazen en ticren , 7^ make a fad mtfe , to keep u
Een Raazende koorts , a Raging feavcr.
RAAZERNY(F.), ^^'^<?^W«'> .,

Dc dric Helfche Raazernyen, the Three infernal
Furies , VIZ, Tiliphone , Megsra tf»^ A-

RAAZEYL ( N. ) , <^ Tard-fail ; alfo a Ship

bearing yard-fails.

^ ^ RAB.

RABARBERIM.), Rhubarb,
^RABAT (N.) (afflag), Abatement.
o:3=R9bat (Tuynbed langs ecne fchutting)
den-bed along a wall or wooden partition.
RABAUWCM.), aRafcal, rogue. z\£oakind

RABBELEN , to Rattle it , tofpeak or read too

RAB!3YN (M.), a,Rabby, Rabbine.
RABRAAKEN , to Break upon the wheel.

\ Rabraaken is eenc (Iraffe der moordenaaren ,
The breaking upon the wheel is a puni[hment in-
dicted on murtherers or a(faffLnes.
^ De ta;il Rabraaken , To fpeak a broken Ian-

g'^^i"' RACIT.

Rz\CHEBELCF.), a Fleam.
Rachelen, /^- Rdchelcn.

RhD(Cnc]), Nimble, ^uick^fajl.

Rad omdraaijen , to Turn or xvheel about
RAD (Subft. N.), a Wheel.

Ecn Wagen-rad , the Wheel of a v)aggon.
Op een rad gexet , Set upon a wheel, as mur-
derers or incendiaries after they are put to
Een Pdttebakkers rad, a Potter's wheel.
Een rad omdraaijen, To turn a wheel. ^
't Rad van Avontuurc, the Wheel of Fortune.
Radbraaken , fee Rabraaken.
RADHEYD,^^^P_>^ 0^1,1,.,^ f.irablenefs,
Raddigheyd j ^ ^ ' -^ •> ^


iRADEMAAKER (M.;, « ^-^^^fZ-twr;;^/^/.
RADEREN , Radcrs , Wheels, (the Plural of

jRadertjes (N.) , Little vjheels , fuch as are in a
Radcrwcrk (N.) , Wheel-work.
Radfcheen (F.) , the Band or iron plate of a

Radfpeek (F.), the Spoke of awheel.
Radvelge (F.), the Felly, jaunt.
RADYS (F.) , Radijh.

Spaanfche Radys, J>'£'^»//??-rrti//-'.
RAE , fee Raa, or Ree.

RAG (F.&N.) (fpinnevveb) , Cob-web.

De hoekcn zyn vol rag , The corners are full of
I cob-web.

Zo fyn als rag. As fine as cob-web.
Dock lo fyn als rag, Cobweb-lawn.
Ragenj fee Raagen.

RAK (N.) (rek), a Rack to fet or hang fomething

K5"Ecn Rak wegs, a Part of the way.
Kj=Een huys in rak en dak houdon , To keep a

houfe in repair.
tiJ'Een Rakjc in de wind , Some part of the way

againfl the vjind. alfo Adverjity.
RAKE'T (N) (kaatstuyg), a Racket.
i>5"RAKh'T (een kruyd)(F.), Rocket (the herb.)

Stcen-raket, Blank-crejfes, hedge-mufiard.
RAKKER ( JVl.) , a Hangman^ fervant , racker,

a Beadle of beggars.

(t)RALLEN (^boerten ojkakelen) , to Jabber or

1 j^^^-

RAM (M.), a Ram, either a bcafl: , or an engine

anciently ufcd to break the walls of a city.
RAMiVJELAAR (M.) ('t mannetje van een ko-

nyn), a Buck-rabbet.
:>3-RAMMELAAR (M.) (Rammcltuyg) , a Rat-
tle , or a rattling toy.
f^Rammclaar (ecn die veel gerammels maakt) , a

Rattling fellow.
RAMMELEN , to M^ke a rattling noife , to rat-
tle it.
ocf RAMMELEN (befpringen) , to Leap upon the

female (as conies.)
RAM ME YEN , to Ramm, to batter.
RAMMENATS (F.) (Spaanfche radys) , a Spa-
nip radip.
RAMP (M.)> Damntage, lofs , mischief, disajier ,

Rampfpoed (F.), Misfortune , difa/ler , adverjity.
Rampfpocdig, Infortunate , disajlrous , fatal,
Rampvallig. fee Rampfpocdig.
RAMPZALIG, Wretched^ unhappy.



Rampxaligheyd (F.) , IVretchednefs ^ unhapfwefs.
Rampzaliglyk, Unhappily.
RAMSHOOFD (R), a Ram's-head,

RAND (M.), a Brim, margent.

De rand van eenen hoed , the Brim of a hat.

De rand van een boek , the Margin of a book.
RANG (M.), Rank, rate.

. lemand van den voornaamften rang , a Perfon of
the fir ft rank.

Een oorldgfchip van den eerften of tweeden
rang, a Man of war of the firfi or fecond rate.

Een Dichter van den eeriten rang , a Firft-rate
RANK (P.), a Branch.

Een Wyngaard-rank , a Vine-branch.
t^RANKhN (parten), Pranks, tricks.
K^RANK (Adj.) (dun). Lank , flender.

Zy is heel rank , She is very flender.
Rankheyd (F.), Stendemefs, lanknefs.
RANSUYL (M.), a Certain kind of an Owl.
RANTSOEN (N ) (Idsgeld), Rayifim.
RANTSOENEEREN (IdlTen) , to Ranfom , to

pay a ranfom.
t^Rantzoeneeren (op rant^oen ftellen), to Ranfom,
to ex ail a ranfom.

RAP, Raps, Nimble, quick.
RAPHOEN (N.) (Patrys hen) , the Female of a

RAPIER, Rappier (N.), a Raper,fwyrd.
■4-RAPORT (N.), ^ Return, relation.
RAPPIG (fchurfd), Scabby , fcurfy.
Rappigheyd (F.) , Scabbinejs.
RAPi> (fnel), Ntmbk , adive , agile.

Rapfegaften, Nimble fellows.
Rapshcyd (F.), Nimblenejs, agility,

RAS. j

RAS, Quickly, fafl.
Rasheyd (F.)", Quicknefs.
(+-)RASEEREN (tdc den grond toe afbreeken)

fee Slechten.
c^ Rafeeren (den baard fcheeren) , To ftjave the

beard, to trim.
RASP (F.), a Rafp. alfo Several faws fcrued

clofe together to break log- wood,
6^ Rafp (ryf ) , a Grater.
R\SPEN, to Rasp , to Grate. alfo To faw

with a faw confifling of fever al blades fcrued toge-
ther : "Fhis being the ordinary work of the ro-
gues in Bridewel at Amfterdam.

Brood raspen , to Rafp bread.
RASPHUYS (N.), the Houfe ofCorre^lon, Bri-

dew el.

Het wilh'ge RasphuyS , an Hospital at Amflerdam
where lazy beggars are kept at work.
Rasphuys bocf (M.), a Rafping rafcal^ aBridewel-

r<'gue 5 a Ncv.'gate-bird.




RAT(rdt)(C.), a Rat.

^ATEL(M.), a Rattle.

R^TELEN, to Rattle.

Ratelaar (M.), a Rattling fellow.

RATE LS LANG (F.) ,' a Rattle-fmke.

RATELWACHTCM.), alPatch-man, who wal-
king the rounds at night , rattles and cryes every
h.ilfhour what time of the night it is, (fomewhat
like the Bell-man at London.)

RATYN (N.) (zekere wolle ftdf), Rateen.

RAVE, Raven (C), a Raven.
Ravens zyn roofvogels , Ravens are ravenous

RAVELEN, to Ravel.
Uyt ravelen , to Ravel out.

RAVELYN (N.), a Raveline.

RAVOTTEN , to Revel, to run to and fro in the
Jireets, as vi ild boys ufe to do.

Ravdtter (M.), aWtldboy; ox a debauched fellow.

Ravo'ctery (F.), a Riot, a revel-rout.


-f-REBE'L (M.) (muyter), a Rc'bel.

Reb^liig (wederfpannig). Rebellions.

r,r^ RECH.

RtCHT (Adj ), Right, fir aight.
Een rechte lyn, a R'ght or Jlralght line.
De rechte weg , the Right way.
Recht overend, Straight upon one's feet ^ right

Recht d»Drvaaren, to Sail direSity.
Recht over. Over againfl:
jS' Recht van palTe komen, To come in due feafon^

to come in puddtKg-time.
t^ Recht (billyk), Rtght, juft , eaual.
Hy deed het gene recht was , He did what was

right or juft.
De rechte hand , the Right hand.
Fe Recht, Duely, well.

Te recht zeyde de Profeet , Well might the Pro-
phet fay.
Te recht brengen, To Rcfiore.
i5' Te recht komen , te recht raaken , To get to

right ; To perform a thing well. alfo To

find a hoiife or place according to dirediun or by
Te recht komen, Weder tt recht komen aan den'
_ eygenaar , To be reftored tu its owner.
i e recht helpen, To inform duely , oi To fa to

Rechts om , Turning tovJards the ri?ht hand.

R£X:HT(N.), Right, Juftice. \\iotheLaw,

. Execution, alfo a Right or title.

Recht doen , To do right , to do juftice ; alfo Tc
execute maiefaclors , to do juftue upon one.
i^ Het Recht laat het niet toe , The Law docs not'




permit it. . ,

lemand voor 't Recht roepcn , To go to Law with

one^ tofnmmon o»e before the Court ofjmifca-

lemand in rcchte vervdigen , To profecate one at

I'i^- '■ . ■, • , •

(& Ik heb 'er recht m^, / /:ave a right or title to it.
Van rechts wege, ^ r/g/:'^. , ^ ,

't Burgerlyk Recht , -the Civil Right , the Ctvil


i^ lemand te Recht ftellcn , l^o bring one to his

RECHTBANK (F.) ,. a Bench of Judicature.
ccr Rechtbank (bank om fchotels en bdrden op te

Zetten), a Cup-board,
RECHTDaGEN (M.), ^Jfizes, Juridical days,

Lazv-days, Court-days.
DeRECHIEN, the Laws.

In de Rechten fludeeren, to Study the Law.

RECHT EN, to Right, to direii. alfo To

f'.ead, or to go to Law.
Zich ielven rechten, To right one''s felf.
AI zyn bedryf was daar na gerecht , All his
aSiums were direiled that way.
CCt'Ik wil met hem niet rechten en pleyten, I won't

go to law with him.
cc^ Eenen quaaddoener rechten , To execute a Ma-

Rechter (gelyker), Righter , ftraighter.
RECHTER (M.) (Oordeelaar), a Judge.
KECHTERHAND (P.), the Right hand.

Ter rechterhand, ter rechter lyde , At the right-
RECHTERSTOEL (M.) , the Judges feat , a

RECHTEVOORT, At this time., now adays.
\ Komt my rechtevoort niet gelegen , / am not
at leifure at frefent ; / have no occafion for it at
this time,
't Is rechtevoort een flechte tyd, It is a dead ti-
me at prefect ; there'' s little to be earned (or got)
now ndays.
RECHTGELOOVIG , Sound in faith , orthodox.
RECHTHOEK (M.) , a Right-angle,
Rechthockig, Ris^ht- angle d ., right-corner'' d.
RECHTHC'F (N ), the Court of Judicature.
REGHTHUYS(NO,^, ,j,, Sefrton-Hall.
Rechtkamer ;F.), ; "^

RECHTMAATIG, >/?, equal, reafonable.
Rechtmaatigheyd (.F.) , Eciuity , jujincfs , reafona-

Rechtmaatiglyk, Juflly.
RECHTS, Ki^ht-handed.

Rechts en flinks, Right-and left-handed.
Rechts om , Turning towards the right-hand,'
Rechtsboode, /£■? Gerechtsboode.
REGHTSGEBIED (N.), Junsdidion.


Rechtseeding (N.) , a Plea, law-fuit, procefs.
RECHTS GElEERDE,(M.), a Lawyer^ Jurijl i,

Civilian , a DoBor of Law.
Rechtsgeleerdheyd (F.), iinx-wledoe ox fkill in the

Laws , Jurisprudence. alio the Stile ox form

of the Law.
,RECHTSHANDEL (M.) , a Procefs , a Law-

'RECHTSPLEEGING (F.) , a Proceeding accor-

ding to Law , the courfe of pleading ; a Going to

RECHTSCHAPEN, T:rue, real.

Een rechtfchapen vrind, a True friend.

Een rechtfchapen werkbaas , a Skilfull Artificer.,
a s.^od work-mafi^r.
RECHTSNOER (N.), a Line, Carpenter's line.
RECHTS PRAAK (F.;, a Juridical fentence.
Te Recht ftelling (F.), Arraignment , Tryal.
RECHTSTREEKS, Direaiy , Jlraitway.
RECHTS VO'RDERING (F.) , a Suing at Law,

Door rechtsvordering, By due courje of law.
RECHTUYT, Down right ,Jlraight way, with-

out dijfembltng , ingenuous
Rechtuytheyd (F.), Upright dealing , ingenuity.
RECHTVAERDIG , Righteous., juji
RECHTVAbRDlGEN, tojuflify, todear.
Rechtvaerdigheyd (F ), Rtghtenusnefs.

Een tocgerekende Rechtvaerdigheyd, an Imp ut a-*
ti'oe ris,hteousnefs.
Rechtvaerdiglyk , Righteously , juftly.
Rechtvaerdigm.iaker (M ) , a Juftifier.
Rechtvaerdigmaaking (F.), Jujlification.
RECHTZINNIG , Orthodox ^ orthodoxal.
Rechtzinnigheyd (F.), Orthodoxy.

REDDELOOS (ontredderd) , Tattered, Jhivered,

(Tj' Reddeloos (onredbaar), Irretrievable.
REDDEN, to Retrieve, refcue , rid, fave, falvff,

Een land redden, to Retrieve a country

Een Ichip redden, to Salve a /hip.

Hy tracht zich door zonditie middelen te red-
den , He feeks to refcue hrmfelf by Jinfull means.

Zichzelven redden, to Rid one''sJelf.
REDDEREN , ti Bring m order,, to clear , to rid.
Reddering (F), a Bringing in order, a clear tug,
REDDING (F.), Riddmce, retrieving ,' refining.
REDELYK, Reafonable , rational.

Een redelyke zaak , a Reafonable thing.
De menlch is een redelyk dier, Man is a ratio'
nal creature,
Redelyk (Adv ), Reafonably ., indifferently,

Redelyk wel, Pretty well.
Redelykheyd (F.), Reufonablenefs , equity.
REDhiM (F.), Reafon., caufe

lemaiid tot reden brengen , To bring one to reafion,
to make one yield to reafon.

Voor de reden wyken , Aan de reden plaats gee-



ven, To yield ( n fubm'it) to reafon.
In reden ftaan, fo be reafinabte.
Het bellaat ganfch niet in reden , U is very

Wat is 'er de red.-n van? fJ'^/.iat's the reafon
05^^ Reden (gelpr^k), a Speech ^ discorirs : fee Rccde.
REDENAAR(M.), an Orator, Rhetor.
Redencierfel (N.), Embelli/hrrtent of fpeech,
Redeneerftoel (M ), an Orator'' s pulpit.
Redenen (the Plural of Reden), Reafons, discour-

REDENEEREN, to Reafon: to Discourfe.

Redeneerkonft (F ) (bewyskonfl), Logick.

RKDENKAVhLE.^, to Reafon., argue.

Redenkavelaar (M ) , a Reafoner.

Redenkavelig , Ratiocnative.

Redenkaveling (F.)j aReafoning, arguing ., ratioci-

REDENKONST(F.), Rhetorick.

Rcdenkonftenaar (,M ) Redenkundige , a Rhetori-

Redenkonftig, Rhetorical.

Redenkonltiglyk , Rhetorically.

REDENMAAliG , According to reafon^ jujl ,

Redenmaatigheyd (F.), Reafonablenefs ^ equity.

REDENTWISr (F.), a Dispute.

REDENTWISTEN, to Debate, Mspute.

Rcdentwifter (M.), a Dtsputer.

Redentwifting ^F ), a Disputing.

REDENVOEREN, to Make a fpeech.

Redenvoerin)^ {\^ .) ^ a Speech., oration.

REDERYKER (M ), « Rhetorician.

^ Rederykers , are called at prejent fame Country
jellowi that meddle with the compojing ani aiiing
of Plaxs in a homely or courfe way.

Rederykkonll (F.), Rhetorick.

REDZAAM, Adtve, able., dexterous.

Rcdzaamheyd (F ) , ASltrity ., dexterity.

REE (F.), Raa, a Satt-yard.
De Groote ree, the Main yard.
de Fdkk-ree, the Fore-yard.
de Bezaans ree, the M 'fan yard.
de Begyne ree, the Crofs-trce yard.
de Kruys-ree, the Mifan topjad yard.r
de Groote marszeyls ree, the Main topfail-yard.
de Voor marsxeyls ree, the Fore-topfail-yard.
de Groot bramzeyls ree, the lop-gallant yard.
de Voor bramzeyls ree, the Fore 'Top gallant yard.
de Groote blinde ree, the Sprit-fjil yard.
de Blinde boven ree, the S^rit-fai I top-yard.

Ree 7.eyl (N.), a Yard fail.

REE (F.) (wilde geyt), a Roe.

Reebok (M ; , a Roe-buck.

REEDE , F.), Ree, a Road (for flilps.)
De fchepen lagen op ccn vcylige reede ten sn-
il. Deel.

REE. 337

ker , The pips were anchored (or riding) in
a fife road.
a^-REEDE (Fj (vertoog), a Speech, oration.
Hy voerde eene lange reede , He made a kng

Tcrwyl wy in reede waaren, JVhile we were


RE EDEN A AR ^M.), an Orator: fee Redenaar.

Zyne reede quam hier op uyt , This was the pur*

■ port (or tenor) op his fpeech.

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