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And SnUblk's dnody brow hin stnrmv hate ;
Sharp Bnckinxham nnburdens with his tongoe
The enTiou* load that lies nnon liia lioart ;
And danced York, that rearchea nl the nitMrn,
Whoae orerweeiiiiur ami ! have pluck'd back.
By febe accuse doth level at mjr life :—
And too. my aovereifn lady, with the rest,
Caoseleas have hiid diaimtcea on my head ;
And. with your bent endeavour, have stinr'd ap
My Iwfaft liege to he mine enemy :—
Ay. all of yoo have laid your heads ti«ether.
Myself iMHi notice of your conventidea.
And all u» make away my ruililess life :
I shall nut wunt fab« witiiens to noodemn me,
Nor store of traas<ms to auxment my ftaiU ;
11m ancient proverb will he well nfleeted,—
A stair it quickly foond to beat a dox.

C3sr. My lieffa. his railim? w intolemble :
If tbuse, that care to keep your royal person
Front trssHai's aecret knife, and traitors' rage.
Be thos npbraided. chid, and rated at,
Aad the mfender granted scope of speech.
1 wOl aMka them cmd in seal onto your crnoe.

fW. Hath he not twit our sovereivn lady here.
With knuountous words, thouxh clerkly ouuch'd,
As if she had suborned aome to swear
False allegattotts to o'erthrow his state 7
Q. Mer. 0ttt I can give the luMr leave to chidr.

[loae,i». S

Gto. Far tmer epoke. thin n

Beslirew the winners, for they play'd me folae !
And well such loeers may have leave to apeak.
Buck. He'll wreat the eenae, and hold es here
all day:
Lord cardinal, he is ynar priaooer.
Orr. Sirs, take away the duke, and gmird him
sure. t^ru'ch,

O/o. Ah. tiina king Henry throws away hie
Before his lees be Arm to lienr his body :
Thus is the aliepherd beaten frimi thy side.
And wolves are gnarling who ahall gnaw thae

Ah. that my foar were Ailse ! ah, that it were !
For, good king Henryrthy decay f fear.

[£seini< Attendanta, with Gkiarer
it. Bm. My lords, what to yoor wisdmiM

Do. or andu. aa if nuraelf were here

Q. Mar. What, will yoor highness leave the
parliament f I with grief.

IC. Hm. Ay, Margaret; my heart la druwuM
Wiiom flood berins to flow within mine eyes:
My body round en^rt with misery;
For what'a more miaerable than diaonnteMl T—
Ah. undo Homphrey! in thy face I aee
The map of honour, truth, aod loyalty ;
And yet, koinI Humphrey, to tlie hour Ui onme,
That e'M I prov'd thee falae, or fearM thy foith I
What low'ring star now envies thy estate.
That theae crsAt Imde, and Margaret oar qOeea,
Do aeek aobvenioa of thy hannleaa lifo f
Tbuu never didst them wnwg. nor no man

And as ilie butclier lakes away the calf.
And binds the wretch, and beato it when it

Bearing it to the blondv staoghter-house ;
Even so. ramuraelesa, have they borne him

And as the dam ratia lowinc up and down.
Looking the whv her harmless youmt one went.
And can do iiiHiirlit but wail her darling's loss;
Even so myself bewails gooil Olosler's case.
With sad unhel|dul tears; and with dimm'd eyea
Look after liim. and canmit do him good ;
Sit mighty are hi^ vowed enemiea.
His fortuiiea 1 «ill weep ; and. 'twixt each gmnn.
Say— Wko*$ 1 traitor, UkMter kt is nom. I Exit.

Q. Mar. Free lords, cohl anow melto with the
son's Itot beams.
Henrv. my lord, m coU in grant aflhirs.
Too full of foolish pity : and Glosi«r^i show
Begmles him. as the inoomfnl mioodile
With sorrow snarea relentmc poasengers ;
Or as the snake, ndl'd in a floweriiur bank.
With shining nheoker'd sloovh. doth stiiK a chl d.
That. f.>r the beauty. Uiinks it excellent.
Believe me, lords, were none more wise than I,
(And yet, herein. I iadce mine own wit good )
'I'his Ghator shoaki lie quickly rid the world.
To rid us from the fear we have of him.

Cor. That he sho«ihl die. is worthy policy ;
Bnt yet we want n odiair for liia deii: h :
Tis meet be be oondemn'd by oHiree of law.

Suf. But. in my mind, that wer^ no policy ;
The king will labour atill to aave hia life ;
The commons haply riae to save h« life ;

ply n
And yet we have bat trivial argnoieut.
Mora than nuatnist, that shows him worthy
Yorit So tliat by this, yon woold not have htm

S^f. Xlt, York, no man alive »o fiun as 1.


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/ML SharilL fiovwelU and bettvr than I, fmra 1
Ahhough ibou ImMl baea ocmmIum of iiiy sliame 1

Sktr. li w Ukj ulHoe: ami. nladaa^ panlon oia.

Duck. Aj.a)rffarBweU;th]rolfioaisUiacUttiv'd —
Coma. Staolajr, ahall wo ru I [ulioat,

tUmn. MadjuM. your penance dooa.ttira«r«iiruu«
And go we to mUiio 70a fur uur journey.

DmiL My ahanie wiU not ba altiHtid with my
No, it wiU hanf upon my ricfaart robaa.
And ahow itaalT, ailire ma hiiw 1 ean.
Qo, land tha way ; 1 luac tu aoa mjr priaoa.



SCENE I — Tim AMet at Barj.
Ekfer to tke PwrtumaU^ King Henry, Queen Mar*

garal. (;iinliUHl Beaufort, >»ul&lk, Yurie, Buuk-

luffliam, and otktn.

K. Hen. I muaa, roy lonl of OloaCar ia noCooma :
Tia nut bia wttut to be tlie hiuiim«iat man,
Wbate'er uccaaiun keapa him fnjm ua now.

Q. Mar. Uui you not aaa I or will y<m not ob-
— •• Jtar'd


and unlike himaelf T

B a larHiff iuuk,
D hie knee,
-'d him for aubmianoo ;
be it III the mom,
a tha time of day,
howa an angry eya.
r oubciwad knee,
M belunga.

dad, when they pin;
whan tha liou roan ;
la roan m England,
» ttia next will mount,
•ntUB mind ha bean,
ving your daoaaaa,—
iNit yuur niyal paraou,
iigfanaw* ouuuoil.
tlia aHnmuua' haarts;
make conimoUou,
i wUl ful low bun.
raada are alialluw-ruoCad;
ly'tl o'ancrow tha pnlau,
WMUi uf husbandry,
uuto my iurd
»iu;«rs HI tha duka.
>main*a tear ;
NNia ran lupplanl,
-1 wruiif'd the duka.
jkinybaiu.- awl York,—
f you can;

da afleotuaL (daka ;
bighnaBM aaaii into this
to itp«ak my mmd.
Id ytior graoa'a tala.

lo thuaa taulta,
igh daaoant.


mm HtHHuty.

lirainndck dnohan.
ua uur MnraraiffM's (aU.

Snioirth ruiM the water, where 1 he bruuk is davps
Aud in hilt Mmpte alum- ha harbnura >r«aMiu
'l*ha tox barka not, whan lie wuukl s'.cal ibe lamb
No, no, niy suvereign ; Ulovf «r it u man
Unnuuuded vol, and full of deep dat:«ii.

Car. DmI ha nut, ountrary to lorm uf hiw,
Dawaa atraaica dr at ia far aawdl oUaaoi do»a I

York. And did lia not, in his pruiaciursltip,
Levy great sums of money Ihroogh ilia reaiuu
For aukitars* pay in France, and navar sent it 1
B^ meaua whereof, the towua each dny ravt*li« J.
ifcidc Tut ! These are patty faults to hiuiu

Which time will brinf to Uyht in smooth doaa

Humphrey. £of us,

K. Ben. My lords, at onoa : The cam you have

To mow down tlioriM that would auiioy our fiiut,

Is wortliy pnuae: iiut ahall I ai^t, my coo*

science f
Our kiniimain Gloalar is aa innocent
From raeauiiig trauson to our ruyul perauii.
As la the sucking lamb, or h^rmtea* dura :
Tha duka w vinuoua. mihl ; and Uto well givrn.
To dream uo avil. or to work my dowoliiiL
Q. Mar. Ah, what's mora daugeruus than Uus

fond umaiH-e !
Saama he ad<iva i his faaihars are but borrowM,
For he's disposed aa the Imtefui mveii.
Is he a himb f his skin m surely lent him,
For he's incitu'd as are the ravenous wulvas.
Who cannot steal a shape, that roe*ina deceit T
Take head, my loid ; uia welfaru of ua all
Hangs uo tha cutiuig aliurt that fraudlui man.

£Mer Somerset.
59III. AU health unto my graClRks aovareiinil
K. Ubh. Welcome, lord 2>omersat. What news

from France 1
aaat. That all your iniefRst in tboae territonea
Is utterly barall you ; all m hiat.
K. Um. Cold news, kml bumaraet : but God\i
will be dona 1 iFrauoe,

York. Cokl news fur ma; for I bad laipa id
As timily as I hope for fertile iifughind.
I'boa are mv blaiwiNus blaaual in Uie ImmI,
And caterptUars eat my leaves awiiy :
But I will remedy this gear era liaig.
Or eell my Utia for a glonous grave. {AtidM.

£ml€r Cluster.

Glo. All happiness unto my lord thr king I
Pardon, my liMga, that I have aual so long.

S^. Nay, Gloater, know, that thou an cuna
Unless thuu wert more loyal than thoa ait:
1 do arrest thee of liigli irausuu hers. Iblinh,

GUf. Well, Sutfolk, yet thoo sliait not koe ma
Nur change my ooun>ai>anca for (his arrai^ ;
A heart nnaptiueil M not aasiiy daunted.
Ilia purest spnnc i nut so free Iruin luod,
Aa I all* daar fruin treasuu to my auveiaiKn :
Who can accuse me T whereui an 1 gouty f

York, Tia thought, my kiid, that yoa tuuk
bribes uf tmnoe.
And, being protecUir. »uy*d the aohliers' oay;
By means whereof, hst IngitiMaa haih loat Fniuos.

Gio. Isit but thuughi au t What are iliey, Uiat
think It T
I never rubb'd the aiddiers of thoir pay.
Nor ever had one penny bribe fruin France.
So help me Uod, aa 1 have watdi'd iiia night,'*
Ay, mght by night, — in aludying goud fur luu^

That duit that e'er I wrcatad from tha ki^r.
Or any groat 1 huandad to W| law

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Ikr. MMten. I am oom* hither, u it were,
opiin my mnn's insticaUtin, to prove him a ttoave,
•ihI mnelf nn himest man : aud tuooliiny the
duke (»r Yurfc,— wiii talce my death. I never oMunt
him Hoy ill, uur the kiuf, ihit the ^oeen : And
Uiereibre. Feter. hiive at thee with h diiwnrigtit
biow.as Bevia of S}iiuth»mpt4Ni fell open Aacdpert.

KerJt DeqMtch ;— thia knave's luui^ue begiua
to iluuble.
Sooad trampets, alarum lo the oombnuuitSL

iAIanm. fkefAfht, mtid Feter $trikei

Bar. HoU, Feter. huld ! I ounfeaa. I oonfeM
treamm. [Dte$.

York. Take away his weapon :— Fellow, tUank
Ood, and the cmnI wine in thy master's way.

Piter. O Ood 1 Iwve I uveromne mine enemiee
hi this praeenoeT O Peter, tbuo hunt prevailed

JLUm. Go, take hence tliat traitor from our
For. bv hia death, we do perceive hie Koilt :
Anu (mnI, in justice, hath revt'ul'd to iia
Hie truth and iiinuonnoe of this puorfellow,
Wbieh be had tbttught to have murd^r'd wrunf-

Come. fellow, follow as Ibr thy reward. iEnmU.



Ai/er OIneter ami Senranls, m wuMtmutg dolAes.

Oio. Thoa, anmetunes. hath the brifhieat day
And, after summer, evermore sunoeeda
£amtu wiiiti*r. with his wrathful nipping ooM:
tfo oaree himI y^f• abound, as seaaous fleet.
Sira, what's o'oloek T

Serv. Ten, my lord.

Gio. Ten Is the hoar thai whs apiiointeil me,
Tb watcli the fiuauiijr iif my pUMiah'd tlpabeas;
Dneaih may she endure ilie fliniy stre*ta,
To tread ihem with her teuder-ieelinf feet
Bweet Nell, ill cau thy ui»ble ouud abrook
1 he mhi«ot people, gaxinc on thy face.
With envious hioks still lMU|(tiini( at thy shane :
* I'bat erst dal follow thy pn>ud diariot wbeela,
Wbeo thou didst nde m inuiuph throoyh the

But eofl ! I think, she oomes ; and 1*11 prepare
My tear-atraiu'd eyes to see her miseries.

EmUr the Dtiehe$$ VGtoster, in a w/uU Mwf. witk
p«perg fitm'd ttpun ker back^ krr ftH bare, mmd a
taper barmimg m ker kaad: Sir John Stanley, a
&rv. So please y«Mir grace, well take her from

the sbenlf.
Olo. No. stir iMit. Ibr yoor lives ; let her pees li|r.
Dmeh. Come you, my lord, to see aqr open
abumeT (fe>«i

Now Umm duet penanee too. f<onk, bow they
See. how the pddy maltiiude do p«Hiit, [thee I
Aad aud their hemlK. and throw ih<?ir eyes on
All. Oloetor, hide tlie«! from llieir hairful hioks;
And, in ihv cl«ieet ptmt up. rue my sliame.
And Iwn tnine enemies, IkkIi mine and thine.
Ota. Ue pui lent, gentle Nell ; forget this grtet
Dmek. Ah. Gli«ter. teach me to lurget myself;
Ft*r. whilst I think I am thy married wife.
And Ukmi a prinoe. pnaeouir <»f this land,'
Moihinka, I should wit thua be led ahmc,
Mnll'd op In aluune, with papers ou my back;

And £>lluw'd with a rabble, that niinoa
Tu aoe mv team, aud hear my deep-fet g
Tho rnUUess ' -•-

And, when I surt, the euvHxis people laugli,
Aud bid mt) be advuMid how I trend
Ah. Homplirey, can 1 Uwr this shameful yosn 7
'I'row'st tiioa, that e'er I'll knik U|ioti the world;
Or count ihem lmp|iy, timt enji^ the sun ?
No; dark shall lie luy light. hiiJ iiUht my day ;
To iliiuk UMMi my pomp, shall be my h«ll.
SiNiHitinie ru Muy, 1 urn duKe iluuipurf y's wife ;
And he a prinoo, aud ruler of ihe IuihI :
Yet so he rul'd, and such a |>. iitce iih w.in.
As lie sUMjd by. wiiilst I. ins foriom d'ic:i«.>8.
Was made a wonder, and a poiatiug suick
To every idle ras&il follower.
Bui be Ihou mild, and blush not at my aliante :
Nor stir at nothing, till tlie axe of d«ath
Hung over thee, as, sure, it siiortly will.
For Suffi»lk.— he that can do ull in all
With her, that hateth Uiee. aial bii es os m1I.~
Aud YorlLund impious Beaufitrt, Uiat fuise priest,
H;ive all hm'd bushes lo tieirii^ thy wings.
And, fly th«Mi how thou cmisL tlie/ll tsiKle tlwe:
But feiir not thou, uiild thy foot In) snar'd.
Nor never seek prevention of ihy ftws

Olo. Ah. Nell, forbear ; tlioo aimeet all awry ;
1 must oifeiMl, before I be aitaOMed :
And bad I twenty limee so many foes,
Aud each of them had twenty tiiues iheir power.
All these ooukl not procure me any soitiie,
8«i long as I am loyal, true, and cnjieitMS
Would at have me rescue thee Crmn Mim iitprukiouf
Why. yet thy HCumlal wore not wiu'u uw«y,
But I in danger for the brescii ot law
Tiiy greatest help » quioi, gentle Neil :
I pray thee, son thy iitutrt U> patience :
These fow days' wonder will bt> quickly worn.

Enter a Herald.
Her. I somroon yoor grace u* his m:iieety*s par*
lianwnt, holden at Bury the first oi tins iwTt

Qto. And my consent ne'er ask'd herein before \
This is dose dealiug.^VVell, 1 will Iw tii«re.

iExU llerakL
My Nell, I lake my leave :— end. master siivntf.
Let ma her penmM-e exceed the king's oiiuiuissMin.
Sker. Ant pivase your grace, here my a>mntis-
kion slays :
And sir Jolin Suuiley is appointed now
To Uke lier with him Ui me wle of Man.
Oto. Must you, nr John, protect my haly hnre f
Staa. So am I given in cliurgut, nmy't please

your grace.
Olo. Entreat hsr not the worse, in that I pMy
You use her well : the world may lauxh ugaia :
And 1 may live to do you kindness, if
You do u her. Aim! m». sir John, isrewelL
Dock. What, gone, my lord : aud bid nse nut

GiOi Witua« my tears, I cannot stay to speiik.
{ExKwU Ulualer am/ Servnuta.
DmA. Art thou goue loo I All comfort gu wiUt
For none abides with me : my joy ie— death;
Dratb, at whose name I of^ Iwve been afeanl.
Because I wMh'd this world's etenii y —
SUuley, 1 pr'ythee, g(», and bike me lience ;
I care not whither, lor 1 beg no fovour.
Only convey me where tlioo art commanded.

Sta* Why, nualam, iliat w to tlie wie of Man ;
There to be used aocording lo your state.

DacH. Thai's bad oiumgh. f>ir I am but repronch;
And shall 1 then he U9«'u rHpniachiullv f
Stan. Uke to a ducUesa, aud duke Humplii ey's
Aaoordnig to that state vou shult-lw aasd.


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Bt her I cbin the kfawdaM : i

Tm Ut^nr, mii of Marrti ; whu was tlw Mm

Of I;:diiMin<i MortiiiMtr: who nameU PtiUippe,

Sol«t dMUctiter uam Umiel. «luk« uf Clanuioe :

a**. i( Ike MM «if the «kler acM

Surread heftire die jrouuicer. I am kiiiff.

War. WImi |ilaia pn c aeJing* are more plaia
Uian iliix f
H<«rr <l«v h ciMiiii tite nowo fri«i Juha of Gaimt,
1 ho iMUih aiM : V<irk claiunN ii from the thinl.
I'lli Lamol's ii<««« fiiiiii. tii« vhttakl uol rvigtt ;
It faifai wit }-«i ; but dtHuruibca lu ihp«.
Ami iu Ihv ftma, f^ir *ii|i« of aiich a aiook.—
lliea^ fiaher SalHJiv^. kaoel we tmih u«ether;
AmL m th« pnvate pint, be we the lirvt,
llwl sImII WMlatc 4iur nffbtful anverean
With hwHiur 14* bia Mn bright Ui the rrown.

Bolk Luuff live imr auvereiKn ftioluurd, Ewr*
hiud a kiiMt. (kiunf

York. We thuuk jri m, knds. Bat I am iHit four
Till I be RniwtiM ; ami tliat mjr kwiml be ctaia^d
With lieiirt-hluud uf th« hiHiae <if Uncaater;
Ami that's not mtdtienly to be perfurmed ;
But with adtriee, uml aateot aecrecjr.

Du jpua, aa I d4i, m theae. dancerous dajra.
Wink at the duke <if Sofioik'a laMolence.
At Beaafort^ prKie. at Suiiieraet'a unibitHW.
AK BwkiiHtlmm. nud ail the crew <»f them.
Till the)- have Mmr'd the aliepbeni cif the fliick.
That virtmiii* pnuce. the ruud duke Humphrey ;
*1'ia that they aeek ; and tfief . m aeekimt laat.
Shall fimi Ibeir di«tha. if Yiirk can pruphaey.

SaL My loni. bmak we off; we know ytmr mind
at Ml (Warwick

War. Mr heart aaaorea me. that Uie OHrt uf
Shall <ioe aay uuike the duke uf York a kiiif.

York. Awl, Nenl, ihia I tk» amure myiieir.—
Sichand ahall live Ui nmke the earl uf Warwitsk
The greateat man m l-Inglaud. but the kiiix.


SCENE UL — nrwme. A HaU <^ JmHioe.

TntmpeiM mmnilfd. Enier Kinc Homy. Queen
Marxaret. Gb«ier. V<irk. S«ll(ilk. nmt SiiUa-
bury: Urn Dmrkf$$ <tf Ulooter. MNrgery Joor-
dMin. Southwell, Uume,a«< BuUaffbruke, lUMJer

K. Utn. Suy. Hnmphrejr duke of Oleater : ere
Give up Ihv atalf: Henry will to hmaelf [thua f(\
Pniteotur be : ami God ahall be my hope.
My auy. my Kwde. and laotem to my feet ;
And ffii m peace, Hnrnplirey ; m> lc«» bekivM,
Than when thou wert protector to thy kinr-

Q. Mar. I aee m» reaana, why a krac of yean
Should be t<i he pmtected like a chihT—
G4id and kiax Henry giiveni England^ halm :
Give up v«Mkr ataff, rir, and ihe knar bia realm.

aio My Maff r— hei«. nuMe Heniy, ie my alaff:
Aa wiIliuiHy dti I the aaroe reaign,
Ae ere thy fcther Henry made it mine :
And even as willingly at thy feet I leave it.
As others woukl ambitioualy reoeivo it.
Fkrewell. sood king : when I am dead and fcoiiet
May hoooarable peaoe attend thy throne I \ExtL

Q. Mar. Why. now ia Henry king, and Margaret

And Humphrey, duke of Oloater, acaroe hiaaelC
lliatbearasoiihrewdanuum: two pulls at oooav—
His lady hauiah'd, and a limb loppVl off;
I'hia ataff of bonuur mught .—There let U stand.
Where it best fita lu be, in Henry's hand.
8Hf. Thus droops tliis Utttj pine, and hangs his

K. Ufu. Stand forth, dame Eleamir Cobham,
Gkwirr'a wife :
in Kurtit «if G««l. Mud ua. yvNir guilt is great ;
R««t«ve Uie Mmteooe tif ihe Law. fer sins
Such aa by G«Ni*K biNik are adjudg'd to death.—
You CMir. frum heooe lu piiauu back again ;

[Ve Juurd. 4<-
Pnim Uieaca. onto the place of esecutiim :
Tlie witrii m SmithfiaU shall be bam'd to aahas.
Ami yuu three shall he siranaled on the gallows.—
You, maJam. for you are imirs miblv bum,
Uumuilcil of votir honour lu your lile.
Shall. aOer three days* upeu peuaiice done
live in your cuuninr here iu bausaliment.
With air Jolm Stauiey. m Ihe mle of Man.

Zhiok. Wrlciinie ai bauishineut, weloume were
nif death. fthee:

Oh. liAwuior, Uie hiw. tlmti aeest, hath adjudg'd
I cumHit ju»lify whimi Uie law flondemiw.—

[ExaaU Ike UuolieMi. amd tke oiker pnmmer$,

Mi'-e eyee are full oftears, my heart uf grieC
Ah. Ilumphr«y, this dishunour iu thine axe
Will liruig ihy liead with surruw lolhegnmnd I—
1 beaeerh four majealy give n.e leave to gu.
tiMTfuw Muuid Suiaoa, and wiae age wuuhl eaae.

^ lbeae«

> tinrfuw

Thus Eleanor*^ pride dies in her youngest days.

York. Lords, let him go:— Please it yiHir nng^Mty,
Thia is the day appiMnt«<l for the combat ;
And ready are the appellant and defendant.
'Ilie armourer and his man. to enter the lisls.
So please your higlioess to behold the light, [l^irs

Q. Mar. Ay. good my lord ; (or purpiaely thare-
Letl I the court, to aee Uiis quarrel tried.

K. Hem. O* 0<id'a name, soe the lists and all
thmgs lit :
Here let theni end it. and God defeial the right i

York. 1 never knw a fellow woffse bMted.
Or more afraul Ut fight, than ia the appellaM,
The servant of this armourer, my kmls.

Emier„ m om side. Homer, and kit mei gkbe mr$,
drwkim to Um ao mttek tkmt kt itdrmmk; and ki
emten bearmg ku ttoWmtk a $ma d -kag Jaatemed to
il;a drwn hi;fore ktm: at tke other mde. Pater.
mlk a drum and a ehmkar tt^; aeeompamed b§

1 Nei|^ Here, neighbour Homer. I drink to yoa
in a cup (^ sack ; And fear not, nelghboor, yoa
shall do well euouch.

2 NeijV*. And here, neighbour, bere% a cap ol

3 Nev*. And here's a pot of good douMa bear,
neighbour : drink, ami fear not Vour man.

Uor LetitoMne.ifnith.andril pledge yoa all;
And a fig fer Peter!

i Prtn. Here, Peter, Idriuk to thee; and be not

2 Prem. Be merry. Peter, and fear not thy bmi*
ter : Aght Amt ilie credit of ibe prentioea.

Paler. I thank you all : drink, and pray Ibr ma,
I pray yoa; for, 1 think. I have taken mv hMt
draught iu this worid.— Here. Robin, an if I dw,
i give thee my apnm ; aial. Will, thon ehatt have
my hammer ;— «imI liere. Tom, take all the money
that 1 have.— O Uinl. bleas me, I pray God 1 for 1
am never able to deal wiili my master, ha hath
hmrat an much fence already.

8aL Come, leave your drinking, and fell ta
blows.— Sirrah, what^ thy name t

i*eter. Peter, forauoih.

Hot Peter i what more?

Peter llinmp.

Sat llinmpf than sac thoo thoMp tky

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f An

/ Tlnn

Act II]


Tiii.ii mslit'it as w«ill luiT« known oor

Til MM« tli« MTornl coluum we do wear, [thus

&ifhi niMjr (listinxnMi u( ouktori ; hut suddenly

To annuuste them ell. *% inipoiaiiilr.—

Mjr Inrds. 8eint Alhen h«re baih done a miraole:

Ami wiHjId je nnt think ihut oonuiuff to be freat.

Tbat oouM raelore thM ori|iple to Um legs again I

SaK» O, ouMler. that v<mi roohl i

Glo, Jljr masters of siauil Aihiin's, have voo not
btudlas in jroor Uiwn. himI things called wliii«T

Mat- Ym- niy lord, if ii pleiise voor grace.

Gto. I'hen send f«»r ime present Ir.

Mat Sirrah, 9>» fetch 'he heudle hither straight.

J Exit cm AUendant.
hither hyand bjr.

6fo. Now fetch me a sti
I i «too( ^rsMtf*! oitf.] Now. strrah, if yoo
lu save jruumeir from whipping, leap me vmx this
riNil. and run away.

So»p. Alu». master, 1 am not able to stand alone;
You fu abuut to tortnre me in vain.

Ke-THitr Attendant, mth the Beadla.
Gh. Well, sir, we must have rou find yoor legs.
Kmih beadle, whip him till be loap over that
Mune Mtuol.

Bead. 1 wilU my lord — Come on. sirrah ; off
with your dool>lei quickly.

Snif- Alas, master, what shall I do T I am not
able to stand.

l4/ter the Beadle kath hit him imee,,he kvpt
over the eiooi, and nau etssy : and the
pmmk foUofB, end ctnh A Miracle I
£ Hen, O Uod, see'st thou this, and bear'st so

Q. Mot It made me Inuch to see the villain run.
Olo Follow the knave: and take tliis drabaway.
Wr/c Alas. sir. we did it for pure need.
Olo. Let them he whipped ibniuch every mar-
ket town, till they rtnne t«i Berwick, whence they
came. ( Eznmi Mayor, Beadle. Wife. Ac.

Car. Duke Humi»lirey lias done a miracle to-dny.
Snf. 'I'me ; made the lame to leap, and fly awav.
Ulo. Bat you have done mure miradea than 1 ;
Yuu made in a day, my lord, whole towns to fly.

Enter BnekimrhaiB.

jr. Hen. Wliat talings with our ooaam Book-

Bitrk. Such as my heart doth tremble to onfold.
A itn itf iinuchty persons, lewdly bent^—
Uudor the coniitenanoe aial cuomlerMcy
Of hsJy Ekninor. the protector^i wife.
Tbe nnclt'Mder and head of all this itnit,—
Have pfMctit'd dangerously against your stata,
Uemliuc wiUi witches, and with ooi^urora :
Whom we hNve apprehended in the fiict ;
Raising up wicked spints fnmi under gnmnd,
DenuuMlias <if king Henry's lile and death.
And otiter iif your hiffhueM* privy oouncil.
As mure ai large your craoe shall ondeistaad.

Cmr. And ms my li>nl prulecuir, by this meant
Yoar lady m f<>nlinMniiig yei at Londtm.
Ilus n«9ws,l tliiuk. Iiatli turu'd your weapoii^edge;
I'ia liko, my lord, yoo will nut keep your hour.

Ol*. Amhi'ious diorohman, leave to afflict my
flnrrow and gnef hnve vanqui«ird all my powers:
Aud, vaaquisb'd as I am. 1 yield to thee.
Or to th« niesnest groom. [ones :

A'. Um U Uod. what nnschiefs work the wicked
Utmirtnc mmfUNion on Uifir own bends thereby I

Q i#ffr. Gliwlor.eeelierRthetaJutureofthyiMst,
Ami. i»tk tbyaelf be fsultlew, tlmu wvrt beet.

QtB. Madam, lor mvseli; to hbaven I do appiMl,

How I have lov'd inv king, and cncamwuwl
And, for my wife, I know not how it stands;
Sorry 1 am Ui hear wlmt I have heanl ;
Noble she is; hot if she have fbnnt
Honour, snd virtne. and maiveni'd with tooh
As, hke U> pitch, defile nobility,
I banish her my bed, and conpuny :

And give her, as a prev. to law and i

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