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That hath diihoonur'd Olaater^l honent

K. Hett Well (or thw night, we will repc«e Oi
I'o-niomiw, towsrd bndoii. bock again, (hera :
To look into thm hnKtae^oi thormarhly.
And call these fool oAemlers t4» tlieir answeis ;
And poise the camm hi josiioe' equul scalea,
Whose beam stands sore, whuae hchtfol oaosa
[Fkmrith. EMtmni.

■I: ^

SCENE n.—Lnwk». ThelMe^Yotk^tgmr^en,
Oiter York. Salisbury, and Warwick.

7ori. Now. my good lonk of Sidisboiy and
Oor simple sopper ended^ give me leave,
In thie cloee walk, to aatiiuy myself.
In craving your opinion of my title,
Which is infallible, to Enghnal's cmwn.

»iL My lofd, I long to hear it at full

tVer. Sweet York, begin : and if Uiy daim be
Tbe Nevils are thy sot«eots to command, [good,

ror*. Then thus—
Edward the l*hinl. my lords, had seven sons :
Tbe first, Edward the Black Pnoce, pnnce of

The second, William of Hatfield ; and the thinl,
Lionel, duke of Clarence ; next to wliom.
Was John of Gauiii. the duke of Lancaster :
Tite fifth, was Edmontl Laiigl**y. duke of York ;
l*he sixth, was Thumas of Woodstock, duke of

William of Wimlwtr was the seventh, and lasL
Edward, tlie Bluck Prince, di^d hefiire hisfiuher;
And left behiml him KicUiard. his <Nily son,
Who, after Edward the Third's death, reign*d aa

TiU Henry Bolinxbfoke. duke of Uncaeter,
Tlie eldest son aial heir of John of Uaunt.
Cruwn'd by the name of Henry the Fourtn.
Seiz'd on the realm ; depua'd the right Ail kmg :
Sent his poor queen to France, frum whence sbe

And him to Bimfrat ; where, as yon all know,
Harmleas Kichaid was murder'd traitorously.

War. Father. the duke hath tokl the truth;
Thus got the house of Lancaster the cmwn.

ToH^ Which now th«y hold by force, aad not
For Richard, i he first ao«*k heir beii« dead.
The issne off tlie next sun shouhl have mgnU

SaL But Wdimm of Ualfiekl died withont aA

Fert The third aoo, duke of Ckrenoe, (from
whuae line [ter :

I claim the crown.) had iasae— Philippe, a daogk*
Who married Edmund MtMtimer. earl of March :
Edmund had wrae— Ri«er, earl of March .
RiMfer had i>«ne— iikliuuial, Anne, wal Eleanor.

SaL This Edmund, in the reign of Boliugbruk%
As I hsve ivad, hud duim unto the crown ;
And, but fi>r Owen Glendower. iiad been kug;
Who kept him in captivity, till he died.
But. to the reet.

York. His eklest nifeter. Anna,

K mother, being heir unto tlie crown,
med Richard, earl of Camlmdge ; who was aq«
To kJlmmd La^feir. Edwaid the niiid*Biftlim^


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/ "cto.


[Act II.

Gto. My kinl, lis bat m iMse ifnnbla mind
That mounts no hifber tbMi a binl can tMor.

-.1^ CSV. I tlwMifbl as much; lia'd be abuva tha

ckHMls. [that r

Gto. A J. my lord nanJioal ; How think yoa br
Vvra it uoi jrood, yimr Knioe coaki fly to heaven f
K. Hen. The ireaaury of everlaaUni; ji»y

Oar. 'Hiy lieavea is on earth ; thiue eyes and
Beat on a crumi, the treason of thy heart ;
FemiCHMia DnAecUir, dnngeriHis peer.
'J'liat smiMiUi'st It so with kiny and commonweal !

Oio. What, cardinal, is your pheetbuod frown
Ttattmm ammu cmietttbmt irmT
Churchmeu au hoi! good uuclo, hide so<di malice;
Wiib such holiness can you do it f

S»J. No malice, sir : no mors than well becomes
So cmid a quarrel, and so bud a peer.

GUt. As who, my lonl 1

S^f. Why. as yoa, my lord ;

Ant like your lordly lord-prutecturship. (lenoe.

Oio. Why. SuflbUc, Eoftsnd Hoows thine insu-

Q. Mmr. And thy anibflon, Olusier.


i pr'/ih(
not on tliese luri*

Good queen ; and whet not on tliese furious peers,
For blessed sre the penceniHkers uii earth.

Osr. Let me be blessed for the peace I make,
Aitaiust this proud protecior. with nqr swonL

Olo. Vaith, holy uuole, 'would twers come to
that! (ilSMlt to Ms Cardinal

Osr. Marry, when then dar*sL lAttdm.

Qto. Make np no fiictMios nambsn liir ttw

In thiue owa person answer thy abase. {Ami*.
Car. Ar, where thou dar'st not peep: an if iboo

This evewnc, oo the eaet sale of the grove.


K. Bin. How now, my lords T

Car. Believe me. ooasin Oluster,

Had not yoor man pat up the fowl so auddeuly.
We had had mure sport —Come with ihy iwo-
haiMl sword. [Amde to Glu

Oto. IVoe, onde. lurove T

Cur. Are you advis'dT — the east sale of the

Ulo. Cardinal, I am with you. lAskit.

K. Jkn. Why, how now, ancle Gkister !

tilo. Talking of hawking; Buthiug elae, ray

krtd — (crown for litis,

NtiW. by God's mother, pnest, rll sliavr your

Ur all my i«ure slrnll fiul. lAsuU.

Car Matieetttpnm: ItAsiJM.

Frui«tct4>r, see tot well, protect yoarself. S i"****^

K. ikn. The winds grow high ; so do your sto-


How irksome is tliis mnsidt to my heart !
Wlieo such stringp jar. what hope of hwrmooy 7
1 pray, my lords.let me compound this strife.

JEator oa Inhabitant o^Suint Albuo's, crynv,

Oto. What menus tliis nuisoT
Fellow, what odrade dust thou proclaim f

hiku. A mirucJel a miracle !

anf. Come to the king, and tell him what nirt-
de. (slirine,

bAak. FoTMMlh. a blind man at Saint Albanti
Wiihm this half hour, huih received Ins siglit;
A man, tiiat ne'er saw lu h« life belure. [niob

jr. }ltm Now. God be prais'd I that to belicvinff
Gives light in durkusss. comfort iu despair I
ttiUr tkt Mayor ^ iiaint Alhau's, mmi hu krttkren;

km mh ami a gnmt wmUUwkjoUammg.

Car. Here come the townsmea in procetaioo*
To pr**M'iii your highness with the man.

K. Hm Graat IS hinronifbrt in this earthly vale,
AliluMixh by Kt^ht hw siu tie multiplied. (king,

Olo. SUiid by. my masters, bruis biro nenr the
His hNClineMf* pleasure is to Ulk with him.

K Utn. Good feUow. tell us hero the eireom-
1*tiai we Ah- thee may clonfy tlie UvrA. (staace.
What, hast thou been hwg blind, and now ro-

Simp. Born blhid, ant please yoor grace.

Wtf*. Ay, indeed, was he.

Suf. What woman is I hMT

HVs Hw wife, ant like yoor worriiip.

Oto. Had*it thou been his motlier, thou eoQld%t
liHve better told.

K. Hen Where weri ihoa bum T [grace.

&8ip. At Berwick in the north, an*t like your
" " " God's goodness hath been

Let never day mir night unhallow'd pass,

K. den Poor soul !
great to thee

But still remember what the Lord hath « „

Q. Mar. TvU me. guud fellow, cam'st thoo
hers by chance.
Or of devoUoo. to tliis lic^y shrine ?

Stmp. God knows, of pure devui ion: being call'd
A hundred times, and oH'iier, in mv slattp*
Bv good Saint Aibuit ; who mnd,—Simpcox. camti
Come, i^er at my tkrine, and J mil heip /Acs.

W\fli. Most true. fomooUi ; and inany tune and
Myself have heard a voice to call him so. [oft

Osr. WbaL, art thou lame I

Sinn. Ay, G<id Almighly help me 1

<S^ How cam'st thou so T

Smp. A fall off of « tree.

Wtft. A plum-troe, master.

Olo. How lorn; hsat thou been blind t

Hirnp. O, born so, master.

Olo. What, and wouhl'St climb i| tree 7

Utrnp. But that m all my life, when 1 was a
youth [dsar

W^e. Too true ; and bought his climbing very

Olo. 'MiMS. thou lov'dMt plums well, that
would'st veuture ita

Simp. Alas, good miisirr. my wi£i denir'd some
And made me climb, with danger of my life.

Oto. A subtle knave! but yet it shall »«
aerve." [litem :

Let me see tiune eves:~wtnk now; now open
In my opinion, yet thou see'Mt in it wall.

Stmp. Yes. miifitvr. clear as day; I thank God.
and 2>aint AlUiu. (oloak oft

Oto. Suv'st ibou me mo? What culuuristhm

Siwtp. Hed, iii.s er ; nnl as liloud.

Oto. Why. lliMi'K well »ukl: What onlow ii
iny ffiiwuoff

Asm BUtok. ibnmoih ; onul black, as jei.

K. Ben. Why ilten. iIhmi kuow'si what eoknr
jet is off

AlT. Aud yet. 1 think, jet did he never see.

Oto. But eluaks, aud gowua, beA>ro ihui dny •

Wife. Never, before this day. in all h» 4fk

Oto. Tell me, sirrah, wliui'a my uamel

Simp. Alaa. master, I know auL

Oto. What's his aame 7

Simp. I know not.


Stmp. No. indee I. master.

Oto. What's ihine own nameT

Simp. Sounder SimproE, au if it pleMo yms
master. Iknavf

Oto. llien, Saunder, sit thoa th«re-*tlie ly««lM
to Ch ri st en dom If tlioa hwtal heeu tama ' '


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f Act I.1_


ihaU nerar be abto to fiffat % Mow : O LonJ. my

Gte Siimh. or ]n>u m«nt Acht« nr else he hanx'd.

If. Am. A wav with tliem lo priMNi : and tbe day
Of ouittlMt shall be the last of the iiext iimwUi.—
Come. SomeiaeC we'U see thee sent awajr.

SCENE IY.-TVmsw. TV iM« 9f Olaetor^i

Alcr Maifeiy Joanlala. Hanc. Southwell, oW

AoNf. Come, my mastert : the dorhess. t tell
fiKi. vxpeeta performance «»f jrotir prumiees.

flo/*a(r. Master Hume, we are tlierarore pro-
nd«d : Will her ladynhip behuhl aud bear our

Hnmt. Ay ; What else f foar yoa mit her eoo-


Sofiav- I have heard her reported to be a wo-
auin of an invincible spirit : But ii shall be fson-
\ niasun- Hanie, thui you be by her aliift.

while we be busy behiw ; uiid wn I nmy vmo, cu
in God's name, ami leave us. C£si< Hume.] Mu-
tbrr Joanlain, be ytai piUMtrate. and fcrovel on
the earth : — John Itooth well, rami you; and let
M to uar work.

JEaler Dochcss, oAoM.

AirA. Well said, my masters ; and welcome alL
To ihis genr : the sooner the belter.
Bohma. PMtienoe, (utid Isdy: wiianls know
their limes :
Di«p nurlit, dark nifcht, the silent of the niirht,
Tb«i time of iiiicht wlirn Troy wns set on Are ;
l*he lime when icreecb-owb cry. aud ban-duRs

And spiriu walk, and ghosts break np their itraves.
1'liat time best fits the work we have in hand.
Madam. sK yon, and fear not ; whom we ranie,
Wu will maike fast wiihm a hallow'd verge.
C^crr I4«y perform Me eeremoiaet oftptrtamina,
mnd make tke drrlr; Boliiighnike. or Souili-
wall, reodt^ Gtujuni te. 4c It IHw»der$ and
Ugktfu UrrMpi Mm Ms 2»|Nrii rweM.]
Apir. Adsum.
M. Jemrd. Asmath.
Bv the eternal Oud. whose name and piiwer
lilou irrmltiest at. aiiswtir ihut I shall ask ;
Fur. till ihou speak, Uhhi shall n«iC pass from
beooe. ' .. |dune!

^ir. A>k what thoo wilt: That I had said and
Bpbiv FirU^ftkekuio What ukoU ofhim bt-
rsmc f [Rjtodtng omi ^m papn.

apir. llie duke yet lives, that Heury shall de-
Bat Um outlive, and die a violent death.

14m Ms Spirit tpt»k$, Southwell writtt Iki

BtUnp. What /kUmmaUs the dMkt iff SntTolkt

apir. By water shall lie die. and take his end.

Btihi^. Wkat9haUbefiHlthedMh*qriiomiuwtt1

aptr Let him sliuu castles ;
Salisr shall he he upon ihe sandy plains,
Tban whore castles uHHiuted stand
Have d«iiie, for m«ire I hardly can endurs.

Boiim/. Dtsaoend lo darkness, aud the bnndnf

Faias Oeod. avoid ! llake :

[na«^aWttp*Mflf. Spirit issMNdk.

Mmitr York mi BoekiMcham. kutUft with tkmr
Ouards, earf eMers.
ITsnlc. Lay haada upon thewr inuton. ami their

Beldame, I think, we watehM yoe at an inch.-
What, Bwdam, are ya« Ihera? the king aud

OMNI weal
Are deeply mdebted for this piece of paioa ;
My kicd prtfiecuir will. I doubt it not.
See yoo well ... - .


is is just.

' tkaU he die, omt take kit ad.—
aU betide the dake^Smermtt

all he be apom the aatit ptauu.



Kenluo'd for theee good deserts.
If so bad as iliine to t^aglaud't

Injurious duke; that thieat'st whers is no eauea.

ilaoi. True, madam, none at alL What cull

yoo tills T iSkowiap her the paprrt.

Away with ihem ; let them be cfaipp'd up cli«e.

And kept asunder.— You, madam, shall with us;—

StaflMU, take her to thee.

{ExU DuohcosyhHnadose.
Well see your trinkeU hers all forth-coming ;
AIL— Anvayl — — •.

lExruat Guards, with Stmth. Boling. 4c
Ferk. Lonl Buckingham. methmks,you wateh'd
her well ;
A plot well chosen to build opoa :
N ay. my lord, let's see the devil's writ.
^ vm we here f l£

't spellime, /A ' " " " "





C<>.»np, vi4ime. my lords ;

'lliese oracles are hanUly attain'd.

And hanily understood.

The king is now in pnarrsss toward Saint Albanli,

Willi him ihe huslNiiKl uf thia lovely Lady :

Thiiher go theee news, as fast as horse can carry

A aorrv breakfast for my lord prelector.
Bmk, Your grace shall give me leave, my lord

of York,
Tu be the puet, in hope of his reward.

FoHe. Ai your nleasure,nqr good lard.~Wbu1i
withia there, ho I

Aler eSerraat
Invite my lords of Salisbuiy and Warwick.
To sop with mm to-morrow aight— Away I


SCENE L - Saint Albaa'L

faler King Henry. Queen Margarnt, Oloster. Car-
dinal, aad Suilblk, wrM Falonoera W/env.

Q. Jfor. Believe me, lunls, for flying at the
I saw not lieiter sport theee seven ycari* day :
Vet, by your leave, the wind w«s very high ;
And ten lo one, old Joan Imd iiui gone out.

K. Uen. Bot what a pumu my lord, your folcoa
And what u pitdi she flew above the rest !~>
To aec how God in all ha creatnrtss works !
Yea, men and birds are fain of clinilNnic high.

Suf. No marvel, an it l.ke your niajesty,
Mv lord protecU»r's hawks do tower ao well :
They know, their masur loves to be aioli.
And bean his t hough ts ahiMre h» laiowt*s ptteh.

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..IMioai^ wr fiuKqr m* lira canlmiiU

Yet nurt w« juiu wtiU hiiii. mud witb tUe hmla,

1111 w« Imve hmufrlitduke Huaiphrey in diacraoe.

An for Um duke iif York,— ihw lat« cumplaint

WiU MBk« bat Utito for his benefit :

%;•», MM Iqr (Nie, well weed them all at last.

Add yuu youmlf abalt aleer the bappf helm.

Alter King Henry, York ami Someraet c w ne ia wM

mlk Ikm, Duke and DmAett of Olwter. CardiiiNk

Beaufort. Btickingham,Saliabury,aiu< Warwick.

K, Um. For mj part, noble kmls, I eara not


Or Someraet. or York, all's, one to me C^^noe,
For*. If York have ill demeimM Umaelf i

I'beii let him be deoy'd ihe nsgentahip.
J^bMi. If Someraet be unwurihy of the place.

Let York be regent. I will yield to him.
War. Whether ynur graoe be worthy, yea or no,

Diapace not that: York w the wnnhier.
Car. AnibitioiM Warwick, let thy beitere apeak.
IVdfr. The oafdinal's not my better in tlie fiekL
Back. AU iu thia preaeuce are thy batten, War^

IVar. Warwick may live to be the beat of all.

•NaC Fsaoe, ttuii; aud show muue reaMW,

Why SomefMi sluHiid be preferred m thia.
</. Har. Becaoaa the kuig, AHWuth. will have

it an.
Gfo. Mndam, the kiiiK is uM rnuugh himaelf
1'u give h» oemMire \ tiieee aie uu wuiueuti inai-
tera (grace

Q. Har. 1/ he be old eniMigli, wiiat needa yuur
1(1 be pnrteotur of his exoelleuce T

Uin. Madaui, 1 am pruieotur of the realm;
And. at his pleasure will resiKu my pUioe.

Haj. Kesucu it then, and leave tliiue luaolenoe.
Since thou wert king (us who u king, but tliuu \)
llie 01 imiiiou wealth huth daily run to wreck :
I'be Dauphin hath prevaiFd bfvond ihe aeaa.
And all tiie peera uud nublee uf ihe realm
Havr been us buodmen to thy Movereiguty.
c;ar. The oomuioas hast thou lacked; the
Are Iniik and lean, with thy extoni<ms. [attire,
5mm 1'liy auniptuoua Ituildiogs, und thy wifo'a
llavd nwt a maM of puUick treasury.

Back. Thy cmeltv iu execuUon
Ijp(*n oflemlfns haili ezceuded law,
And left thee lo ike mercy of the law.
g Mar Thy sale uf offices, and towns m
ir ih«*y Mere known, as the suspect is great.—
Would miiku ihee quickly hop wiihout thy head.
I Exit O' loiter. Tkt Queen drops h*r Jwn-
Give me my liui : What, luioiun, can you not f

{Gives the Ducheas a box oh the ear.

I cry you merry, iiiaiiiini ; Was it you ? (niuo :

Jjmck. Wmc'I I f yea, I it wiia, pruud Frenchwo-

CuaUl I come near your heautjr wiUi my llalh^

Va <et my ten oommandmenis iu your face.

A. Hem, Sweet aunt, be qoiet; 'twas agamst

her will [in time ;

Dadk. Againat her will I Good king, kiok lo't

She'll hamper tliee. and dandle thee like a buby :

I'huvgh iu this phMse must master wear no

She shall not strike dame Eleanor onreveng'd.
[Erit Ducheas.
buck. Lord cardinal, I will follow EIraiHir,
Ami lisien after Humphrey, how he pruoeeda :
NifV iKkltHl now : her fume can need iiu spars,
5<ic'll gallop faal MMMigh Ui hf r Uestruclioii.

it^t Uuckiuitham.

Oto. Now, lords, my chnler beiiv orer-hlowni
With walking once aliout the qaadrangle,
I come t4i talk of common wealth atfaira.
As f«»r ^-oar spiteful f<ils« ohjedions.
Prove ihem. and I Uf. <>pen ro the law ;
Bat iknl in m«nn' »t deal with my snal.
As I in duly love my kiiut and connUy !
But, to Ihe miitttsr ihHt wt> have in liami :—
I sav, niy sovereign. York is ineetest mim
To be your regent iu the realm iif France.

Suf Before we uiHke electiim. rive me leave
To show some reiuwu, of no iitile foror.
That York is most unmeet of any man.

York, ni tell tliee, Suffolk, wby I am
First, for ! cannot flatter thee in pride :
Next, if I he app«iiated fur the plane.
My lord of Somerset wdl keep ine h«;re,
Vnthout discliargu. money, or fomiture.
Till Fninoe tie won into liie lhtu)»hin's haoda.
Last lime, 1 daoc'd atremlanoe oo hw will.
Till E*aris was he:*iei;'d, famixliM, and lost.

IVor. niut I can wiiiie^s : whI h fooler fhot
Did never traitor iu the IhimI commit.

Saf. PMaoe, liead-etnHig Wnrwtck ! Cpeaoe f

War. Image of prale, why simakl I hold my

Emler Servants qCSolRilk. Arta^uy ia Homer end

Smf. Because here is a man accoa'd of treaaun:
Play God. the duke of York ttzcuse lumself !

York. Dutli any one arcnse York for a traitor 1

K. Urn. What meanest ihou, Suflblk f tell me :
What ara thew T

Suf. Please it yuur majesty, this is the man
That doth accuse his muster of high treastm :
His wurds were these;— that KaUnud, dake of


Waa rightful heir onto tlie English crown ;
And tliut your maiotty was un usurper.

K. UtH. Say. man. were these thy words T

Uor. Au't shall please yiHir migesty. I never
sakl nor thouxht any such maUer: Uoil at my
witness, I am hilsely nocused by the villain.

P*t. By these tea bones, my lords, ikoUiag ap
Us hamis.l he dkl speak them to me w tin garrK
mie night, as we were scouring my kml of York's

York. Base dunghill villain, and mechanical,
ril have thy head for this thy traitor's speech :—
I do beseech your royal misjesty.
Let hini have all the rigour ot the law.

Uor. Alas, my hird. hanit me. if ever I snake the
words Uy at-cuiwr is my preDUcv ; and when I
did correct him for his fault the other day. he did
vow upon his knees he would 1m even with me : 1
have good witnetv of this; Tlierefore* I bearerh
your nuuesty, do ui»t cast away an booekt mau
for a villain's aocusaiitm.

K. Hen. Unc4e. what shall we say to this In ktwl

Olo. This doom, my lonl. if I uiuy Judge.
Let Someraet be regent o'er the French,
Because in York Hue breeds suxptdon :
And let Uiese have a day appointed them
For single oomhat. iii nuiiveiiieiit place ;
For he hath wituess of his servant^ mabce :
Thia is the law. and this duke Humphrey's doom.

K. Hen. Then be il m. My lord of S«Hiieraei,
We nmke yuur ^rure lord regent o'er the Frenc h.

Soak. 1 huiiihly thank your royal majesiy.

Hot. And I accept the combat wiilingty.

PeL Alas, my lurd, I canuul flght; for Godlt
ike. pilv my mse! the spile of man prevailetli
rawst liie. O Lord. Imve mirpy upiMi me* \

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/ Hmm. Bi


Hum. Bnt, bjr Uia fraoB of Ood, and Huine^
Yimr imic!e*» litle shall he moIUpliM.
Daek What nav'tt tboa, luaa T hait thoa aa yt
With Mantery JoarJain, the ennninit witch {
And Kiieer BuUnrbmke. the nurijurer ?
And will thef umlertake Ut do me Kood T
Emm. I'hfai thej have pnimmMl.'-io ahow your

A spirit raia'd from depth of uuder frmnnd,

lliat shall make answer to such qtiesLicwa

As by fuar fnraoe shull be prupnuiiJed hiio.
Dick. It IS euuufh i lUl think upon the qoee-

When from Saiat Alban's we do make return,

Well see theae thin^ fflected to the full.

Here. Hume, take this reward ; make nMrry, man.

With thjr ouafodenitea in this weif hty caiiae.

[Exit Duchesa.
Hmm. Hume moat make merry with the duch-

Marry, and shall. But how now. nir John Hume T

Seal up your lipe, aiid Rive no wurds but— mum 1

The bustneas asketh silent secrecy.

Ikune Eleanor fives t(old. tn bring the witch :
Gold naunait come amiss, were she a deviL

Vet have I gold flies from another ouaat :

I diifB not SMV, from Uie rich cardinal, [folk :
And from Uie (rent and new-made duke of SuP
Yet I do find It su : ftir. to be plain.
'I1iey. kuiiwiiig dame KleaiiorSi Mspirinir humour,
Have hired nie to undermine the duchess.
And buz these OHiJunitioiia in her lirnln.
They sav, A cruity ku:iVe doen need no broker;
Yet am I Suffolk and the curdinal's lirok'er.
Humn. if you take not heed. y(»u siuill fin nev
1'u call them both~a pidr of crafly knavea.
Welt si> It stands; And thus, I fear, at'luMt,
Huiue'M knavery will be the duchfas' wreck ;
And her atiainture will be Humphrey^ fall :
Siort bow It will. I shall hjve gold fur aU. [SxU.

SCENE HI. — TV seme A Room m At Paiau.
Enter Piter, and othert. with peliUftu.

1 /Vl. My masters, let's stand clrMHt; mv lord
prutector will come this way by and by. and then
we nwy deliver our supplicatioiis in tlie quill.

2 Pri. Marry, the Lord pn>iea him. (br he's a
rimm] roan I Jeau bless him 1

AilerSttOelk amt Queen .Margaret.

1 /V/. Here 'a comee, methinka, and the queen
with him : I'll tie the first, sure.

2 PrL Come back, fool : thit is the duke of
Siifliilk. and not my h>rd pmtecuir.

Snf. How now, fellow I would'st any thing
with roe?

I Pei. I nray. my lord, pardon me I I took ye
f >r my lord protector.

Q. Mar. (BfcdiMg the nftr t c np tiim. ] Tbrnytord She bears a duke's revenuen on her back,
protector I Are your k:ip|tliCMtioiiN to his lordship T I And in her heart ahe soonm our p<«verty :
J4»t ntm wee them : Wbat is thine F * ^<llall I not live to be uvena'd on her T

1 Pet. Mine it. ant please your grace, aeainst (^aitemptuous base-boni callut as Hlie is!
Jcfhji OiNNlman, mv lord cardinurn man. for kee(»- She vnunied 'nioncvt her minions t'other day,
liiK ni7 huuse, and lands, uitd wife and all, from ' The very train of her worst weannK-gown
turn. i Was brtti'r worth than all my /hi hers lauds.

Suf. Thy wife too? that is some wrrmg. in-il'ill Sutfiilk gave twodukedtimHforhisdaufhter.
dwfil.— What's yours T— W hai's here f [ReadM ] Sttf. MNdam, myself have hni'd a Itush for her,
A<fr*n9t the duke of SeJ^tUt.for enctoting the com' And pinc'd a quire of suoh enticing birds,
neoM* of Metford.—Ho^ now, sir knaVeT I 'lliat iilie will light, to listen rn the luya,

"d Pet. Ala^ idr. T am but a poor petitioner of And never mount to trouble you again.
•ut wimle towiiHhip. Ni. let her ri^ : And. nnidain. list to me

/'• trr {PneeHiMfhigpetttnu^ ] AKtiniil my nras- For 1 aas biitd to citutHMl you lu iliw

tie dtike S

tar. Thumae Homer, fur enying. That the dtike
of York waa riabtful heir u» the on»wii.

Q. Mar. What say'st thoaT Did the duke tit
York say. he was rightful heir to tlie crown r

Peter. That my master waa T No, foraooth :
my maater aakl, 'rhat he wn ; and that tlie king
Was an osorper.

5gf. Who is there T {Sitter Servanta ]-Tak«
thia (!bUow in, and aend for his miuiter wiih a
pursuivant presently :— we'll hear more tj( yoor
matter before the king.

lExewU flervanta, imM Piter.

Q. Mar. And as for you, that love to be pro-
Under the wings of our prateotor^ fraoe,
Begin your suite anew, and sue to him.

{Thirt the petttiom.
Away, base colliona !— SttflbUc. let them go.

All Gime. let's be gone. C^Benaii Petitlonen.

Q. Mar My lord of Suflblk, suy, is Uds the
Is thia the raNhiou in the court of EnglMnd T
Is this the guvernnient of Britain's isle,
And this the rovwliy of Albion's king*
What, shall kinV Henry be u pupil still.
Under the surly Olnster's govenianoe f
Am 1 a queen lu title snd in style.
And must he made a subiert to a duke T
I tell thee. Poole, wheu in the city Tours,
Thou ran'st u tilt in honour ui' my love.
And stol'st away the ladies' heurts of Frnnoe;
I thooxht kinic Henry had resembled thee.
In courage, courtMiiip, atal propuriHiu :
But all his mind is bent to liollneap.
To number Ave-Mann on lib lieads:
His cliampioiia a 'poalles;

His Weapons, ho
His study la \m i
Are braxen iniiut
I would, the coil
Would choose hi
And set the tripl
That were a sui

ifHT. Madam. I i oaose

Your hisliiiesR c 1 1

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