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With more than half the Gallhin temionee.
And therein reverenc'd for their Iswfhl king:
Shall I, for lucre of the rest unvnnquish'd,
Detrart so moch from that prerogative.
As to be oallU but viceroy of the whole T
No, kml ambassador; I'll rather keep
That which I have, than, roveiinc for more.
Be cast from pussihility of all.

Yorilc Insulting Charles' hast ihou by seoi«l

Used intercession to obtain a leaene ;

And. now the matter grows to comprnmisa,

Siand'st thou aloof upon compariaon f

Either accept tlie title thou uaurp'st.

or benefit proceeding fnwn our king.

And not of any challinxe of def<eri.

Or we will plague thee with im^esaant wars.

Rhff. My lord, you do not well hi olisHnaef
To cavil in the ctiurso of thw emit ract :
If once it be nerlected. teu tn «»im'.
We sliull iH>t find tike oppiinumty.

Attn. 1'o say the iriith. \f ix yiMir |Miliry
1'u ssve yiiui suhjet?:* fnmi such



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Act v.]



9i4 Sftv.graUc priBoe**. would yoa not imppuwi
Twar buniuags happy, to be nmde a queen 7

Urn. To be a quean m boudnge, w more vile,
TbaD is a alave m hnae MrriUty ;
Pur prinoaa aboulU be free.

9il, And so shall jon.

If hapw EnglNiMlti roral king be free.

Jlor. Why. wba< oonoerns his fire«dom unto meT

A(f I'll nnderuke lo make tbee Henry's queen;
To pot a RiriUen Mceptre in thy bund,
Ana sK a preoous crown upon thy head*
If ihoQ wdt oundesoeud to be my—

Afer. Whatf

a»4. His love.

tkr. I am unworthy to be Henry's wife.

9»f. No, Kenlle miMLim ; I unworthy am
Tk> woo so fjtir a dame to be his wife.
And have no portion m the cfacnoe myself.
Uiiw say yofu madam ; are yuu so content?

Mar. An if imr fiitlier pleiise, I am outitent.

Sttf. llMm oell our captains, and our coloora,
And. madam, at your father's castle walls [forth:
Well crave a perley, to confer with him.

C'iVcMyt ooMw /onpord.

A forkg Morndtd. Etder Reignier. on the milU.

S^f. See. Keifnier, see. ihy daughter pr.soner.

XHo. To whom T

Suf. To me.

Bei§. Suflblk,wh«trsiiwdyr

I am a soldier: and unapt t» weep.
Or to esolaim on fbituiie's fiokleness.

8nf. Tea. there is remedy emHigh, my lord :
Cisieent. (and, for thy honour, give oimsent,)
I'liy daughter shaU he wedded to my kimc :
Whom I with pain have woo'd and w«a tliereto ;
And this her ea^-held impnsnanient
Hath gain'd thy dauchivr pnnc«*ly iiberty.

Raa. Speaks Sufiolk as be thinks?

iMf- \t\ar Mantaret knows

That Soflfolk doth not flatter, feoe, or feign

Jtajir. Upon thy princely warrant. 1 descend
To give tkee answer of iliy iunt demand


Suf. And here 1 will expeiA thy «!i»uiing.

Enter K^iguier, below.

Stio- Welcome, brave eurU into our territories;
Comnand in Ai\iuu what your hunonr plenses.

9^f. Thanks, Reignier, happy for so sweet a
FU tt» be OMde eompanion with a kimr :
What answer makes voornnoe unto my suit 7

£n0. Since Ummi dost deign to weo ber liule
To be the prinoely bride of such a lord ;
Upon oooditloQ I may quietly
Btiiof nine owa, the county Maine, and An^oo,
Free fmoi u p p w sii m . or the stn>ke of war,
My daogtitor siwil be Henry %. if he pleNse.

Aif. Tbat is her nmwime. I deliver Iter;
Aad thoae twooouniiee. I will uutlertake.
Vuur gmce shall well and q^iietly enjiMr.

Reig. And I again,— in H«nry'« ruyal name,
Ae UMOty unto tbat fraoiou» kin*.
Give Umm her hand, htr sigii of pli«hted feith.

SHf. iUignier of rranoe. 1 give tbee kingly
Beoaoao this is in traflkik of a king :
And ]reC methinks, I oonkl lie well content
lo he nine <»wa attorney iu this oaae. [Am^.

JU wver then to England with this net
And oiake this maanege to be solenini- _ ,
Su. fkrawell. Reivwer 1 Set thw diamond safe



Reh. I do embrace tbee. as I would ombrare
Thf ChriNiiun pniioe. kiue Henry, wen; he liere.
'Tor. Fnrewell. my lord I Quod wkthes, prais^
and prayers.
Shall Suffolk ever have of MafgarM. {Gamgu
Suf. Fkrewell, sweet madam I But hark you.
No princely commeiidaticHis to my king ?

Afor. Such ctmimendationK as beciHiie a maid,
A vimu. and his servant, say to liini.
Sitf. Words sweetly plao'd, and modttlly
But, madam, 1 most trouble you again,—
No loving token to his imgesty ? *
Mar. Yes, my good lofxl ; a pure un potteJ
Never yet tiiint with love, 1 send the kinc
St</: And this withnU [ICustsker.

Mar. 'I'liat fur tliysMlf ; I will not no piesume.
To send such pttevi^li tokens to a kine.

[Kxrtimi Reisnier ojtft Mnrgnret.
Sttf. 0. wert tliuu for niywif! — But, Suffillt,
Thou niay'st not wander In that labyrinth ;
There Minotanrs, hihI mrly treasons, lurk.
Solicit Henry with her w«Hid'nHis pmistt :
Beltiiiik thee on her virtnrd that surmmint ;
Mad, nainml graces that extiuffuiKh uri ;
Repeat their eemblanoe often on the he.is.
That, when thou oom'st to kneel at Henry'k feet.
Thou nmy'at bereave him of hm wiut with
wonder. [BrU.

SCENE IV. — Camp of Ms Dm** pf York, m

Enter York, Warwick, and oOmt,
York. Bring forth tiMt sorceress, condemnM to

Enter La PiMelle, gmrded, and m Shepherd.

8hep Ah. Joan! this kills thy fothert heart
outnght I
Have I sooerht every onnntry Air and near.
And, iMiw it is my clianoe to AimI thee out,
Must I behold thy timeless cruel death?
All. Jism. sweet daughter Joan, I'U die with

Puc Decrepit miser 1 base ignoble wretch !
I am desoended of a gentler blcHid !
l*hou art no fiitber, nor no friend, of mine.

Shep. Out. out 1 — My lords, an please you, tie
not so:
1 did becet her, all the parish knows :
Her mother liveth yet. ran testify
She WHS the first fhiii of my baohelomhip.

War. Graceless! wilt thou dei^ iliy ptirfnt-
aie? [tieeu;

7orh, This argues what her kind of life >iai h
Wirked and vile; and so her dontli ctMinhidtM.

Shep. Fye, Joan ! that thou wilt be so obNtade 1
God knows, thou art a oollop of my flesh ;
And for iby sake have 1 shed many a tear :
r>eny me not, I (v'ythee, teatle Joan.

Phc Peasant, avannt! — You have soborilA
this man.
Of pnrpuee to obeoore my noble birth.

^tep. lis true, I gave a mible lo the nneei,
1*he mom that I was w«dde«l t» her iw4h*tr.—
Kneel down and take mv bteHwinv. eiind my siil
Wilt thon not sto<>p ? Now. ourxed he tite timo
Of thy nativity ! I would, the milk
1'liy mutlier gave thee, wlieu ttMto Kook'diy bar


Had boen a tattle ratdMiie fur

tiMM) Koos iby IMT ^

Uiysaka! -y|


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Into two pwrtii, ia now onaioni'd in u
And lurmm to pve yon bnltle pKMratljr'.

Clor. SiiroewhBi too sadden,ara,tbe warning it;
Bat we will iirMRiitlr piovidi) for tliem.

Bur llntsi.tlitfirhastari'teibotlsnntthert
Now he is Kmie, mjr lord, jon need not fwir.

PHc (>fell biiMe pNMtons.fearisiDaetiionan*d:~
Command the ounaoeat. Chaiiea. it shall he Uime ;
Let Hearj fret, and all tlie world repine.

' \ur. ilien on, my lords; and Franoe he for-
tonatei iEaxmU.

SCENE m. — 7^ JVSML ScTore Angiera.
AlanamB: Esetnrskmt. Alcr La Puoelle.
Ptie. The ragmit eonqoera. and the Frenohipen
Now help, ye charminit spella, and periapts;
And ye choice epiriiii that admeiiiMh me.
Aud five roe Biaua uf fuiare accidents I [7
Too spefdy helpers, that are suhsthates
Under Uie lordly nionaroli of the north,
Appear, and aid me in this enterprise !

£Mcr blends.
Thin speedy qoiok apoearanoe •rgvm pnwf
Oi' your aocosiuw'd dilifmoe to me.
Now. jre fiuniliar spirits, that are coll'd
Ovt or the powerful ragiotts under earth.
Help me this ouoe, thai Prunoe may get the Add

O. hold me not with eitonee over-hmgl
V^re 1 was wont to feed you with my blood,
ni lop a member oflC and give it yoo.
In earnest of a fur her benefit ;
So you do condes c e nd to help roe now.

I'nKt Jua^ tkiir heads.
No bop» to have redrssa 1— My body shall
Fkgr rscompeuae, if you willgrant my suiL

Mood sacrifice.

Cannot ny hndy, nor Mi
Entreat you to yuor wont4id furthenmoe T
Then take my soul : my body, aonl, and all,
Beftwe that England give the Frenoh Uie Ml.

See ! they forsake me. Now tbe time is oome.
That Prance mnst veil her loft v-pliimed oresi,
Aud let her head fiUl into Ei^tandti lap.
My ancieut inoantatjous are too weak.
And hell too stmi« forme Ui boekle with:
Now, Knuioe, thy gUay droopeth Ui the dusL


JUanmu. BaterTnnehaadZagMt.JbhUv- La
Pnoelle and York JUfht hand to haad. La Pu-
oelki u taktn. The Prenoh Ar.

, Jerk. Damsel of Fraune. 1 think , I have,
And trj if they'cau itaiii your liberty.—

Unchain your spints now with

spelling charms,

, - _ . , - liberty.—

A goodly pnxe. fit Air the devil's gnnse I
See. how the ugly witoh duth bend her bmws.
As if. with Circe, xlie wookl change ny shape,
i^ne. Chaiig'd to a woraer shinie thon canst

not be.
Fork. O. Charles the Dauphin is a proper man;
No shape but his can please yiHir Uaiuty eye.
Pae. A plainiii« misehief hght uu Charles, and

• I

And mar ye both be sutklenly sarpris*d
Bf Uoudy bauds, in sleepiug on your beds I
York. FMI, bannii« hag I enctiantress, kidd thy


fm. I nrVthe«,>ive n« leave to corse a while.
7sHc Curse, miscreant, whan ikuu oomeet to

Alarwnt. Eater SoOldk, Issi^iiv ra Ladf Umr-

Siff. Be what thou wilt, thou ait ray pnsoner. '
lOasee em Imr.

foirest beauty, do not fear, nor fly ;

For I will louRh thee but with reveiwit hands.
And lay lliem gently on thy tender side.

1 kiss these fingen XKienmi her kom/.] for etereal

Who ait thuu't say. that I amy honoar thee.

Afar. Margaret my mime ; and daughter to a
The king of Naplea^— whosoe'er thou art. (kii«.

Saf. Aa earl I am, and SuAilk am 1 oall'd.
Be not iiOeoded, nature's miracle,
'llwu art allotted to he U'en by me :
So dotti the swan her downy cygnets save.
Keeping tliem priennera undemeaih her
Yet if this servile usage laice uSend.
Go, and be finse again, as Suffidk's friend.

O, stay !— I have no power to let her pass ;
My luind would free her, but my heart says no.
An pLiys the sun upon tlic gbusy streams.
Twinkling another counterfeited lawiu.
So seems thin gumuos beauiv U» mine eyes.
Fain. would I woo her. yet I dnre not speak :
III call for pen and iidc. aud write my mind :

Ke, De hi Ftoole I dMble nut thyaeli !
ist nut a tongue 7 is she not here ttiy prisoner f
Wilt thou be dHUuted at a wonuin'ii i«(hi I
Ay ; beauty's priunely nmieiay at stioh, [rouglt.

Confounds the tongue, aud makes the

Mar. Say. earl of Suffolk.— if thy
What ransume must I My before I

folk.— if thy name be so.—

For, I peroehre, I am thy pnsoiier.

9nf. How oamit tboa teU, she will deny thy suit,
Befara thoa make a trial of her love I [A$^.

Oar, Why speaklit thoa notT what rausouie

Stif. jibe's beaotiAd; and therefore to be woo'd:
Sheisawoman; thersforstobe wim. lAmdt.

Mar. Wiltthoaaeoeptofranft»me,yea.ornol

Saf. Fnnd man I remember, that thoa hast a
ThenhowcanMainretbethyparamoorf fjjarff.

itfor. I were beotfoave hhn, for he wdl not hear.

aaf. There aU is mair'd; there lies a oooUi«

ATor. He talks at random; SOTS, tbe man to mad.

9nf. And yet a dispensation may he had. [me.

Msr. And yet I wookl that you w«»ukl anstver

Suf. 1*11 win this lady Maigarai. Fur whom '
Why, for my king ! Tuah I thatti a wooden thug.

Afor. He talks of wood : It is some carpenter.

a^. Yet so my fancgr may be satisfied.
And pe a ce eatabuahed net ween theae realms.
^ there reniams a scruple in that too :
For though her fother be the king uf Naples,
Duke of Ani«>a and Maine, yet is he poor.
And oar noUhty will scorn the matdi. yXadiL

ilor. HearysLflaptaiuT Areyounotailetsorat

S»f. It shall be so, diadain they nn'er an wucU:
Henry to youthful, aud will quickly yield.—
Madam, 1 have a secret to revral. [knicht,

Mir. What, though I be eiitltmllM 7 he s
Aud will not any way dtohonour me.

ar^. Lady, vooohsafe to Itoten what 1 ny.

Mar. Ferhaptk I shall be lesooM tw the Fr«iM4i ;
And then I need not crave his courUa^. \Aan:

beeu uiptivHiL- «ie
now. {jMrfft

Saf. Lady, wherefore talk yi »o so T
Jlor. 1 ory you inerogr. *Us but qmk for tfm.



£tof. Sweet madam,give me hearing in a
Jfor. Tush 1 women have "^^

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y hcrV.]


CMviurt M« Ui Um Diiuphiii's leut ; to kauw i And lurer hind, this kwi* of amity,—

Wmi biitli ubUin'd tho flory uf the duy. | 'Ilia earl of AniuupMr— near kiiii to Chadea,

dm. Ua what Mubaitatave meaMiKe art thtta A man tif irraai autliuri y m Fraooe.—
nnt T [woni ; Prutfera Itis mily daagUter to your grraoe

Iwy. SaiNniMion. Daaphin T 'tis a mere French In iitarriu(e. wiili h lara^e and suutpiuuuM dowry.

61,9 ^ .

We EaitlMh warhon wui mit wliat it n

I ONM to know what pnsiMieni Uioii ha«t ta'an.

And t4> sunray the btidies uf the dend. [la.

Ckar. Pbr priannon aak'te tiiou T bell oar priaoo
Bat idl aw whom thou aeek'»t T

I«y. Where i* the graai Alcidea of the field,
Viluuit lunJ Talbot, earl of Shrewnbury f
Created, for hia rare anooesa lu aniuK
Gr.«i aari of WMhfiml. WateHunl. and Valenoe ;
L««d Talbot of Gimdns and Uroliindeld.
Lunl StraufB uf Blackmere. hml Verdnn of Alton,
LunI CiDmwell of Wiogtield. lord FumiTal uf

The thrice viotonoaa lord of Feloonbridfe;
JCnifht of the noble order *4 Smnt Ueonre.
Wurthy Plaint Mioluiel and the guldeu fleece ;
Great marBehal u* Henry the iizth.
Of all life wara within the realm of France 1

Pmc. Here » a Mlly stately atyle imieed !
The Turk, that two and (lf..y kiagduoia hath,
Wntee aot so iediou!i a style as tliia.
Him. tliat thou roaKniOeat with all these titlea,
Stinkiufr. and dy- blown, lien hers at oar feet.
Lucf Is 'i'albot alain— the Prencluneu's only
Foot khifdoui'e tenw and black Nemeaiat
0, were min** eye-balls into bullets tum*d.
That f , iu race, niictit vhoot them at yoar fisooal
O, that I oiiuld iMit call theae dead tu Ufa !
It were eooutch t«> frwhi the realm of FraMe :
Were but but picture left auiouK yoa here.
It woaki amaze Ihe proudeet «f you ail.
tftye me ih^ar biidiMii : that I may lieer them henoe.
And give tlieiu iKirwl aa beeeeina their wih-iIl

Puc. I Uiiiik. ihw u|«ian w uld Talhot'e f boat,
He veaka wiih aueii a pruud oommaudinx apinl.
For Ood'a sake, let him have *em ; U» keep tbem
TbcT woukl but aiiok, and putrefy the air. [here,
dtai. (io, take thrir bodiee beuee.
iMCf. I'll bear them hence ;

Bat Arum their aahea shall be rsar'd
A phmou that sliall make all France afeard.
Cker. tfo we be nd of theoi, do with *ea what

And now to ftrta. ra this oonoi

All will be oara, now bloody 'ralbot's alum^


SCENE L — LoadoB. A Ream m the P^laei,

Bmktr Kiaf Henry. Oioeter, md ExeUr.
K Um. Have yna penu'd the letter* from rke
TIse emperor, mid the earl of Armaguac \ [pope,
Olo. rimve, my lord ; and their intent la thia,—
1 hey hambly sue uato your ewlleiioe,
T** have a goodly peane ciiacluded of.
Betwof^ tite realms of ESngtend and of France.
JT. Hem. How diith y«ior grace afleot ihetr mo-

Oi». Well, my iBood lord ; and as the ouly meoM
Tw atnp efltasioa of oar Chnstiau Mood,
And latabimh qnietaeas on every sale.

EC. Hem Af. nutrry, uncle ; hr I alwMys thought.
It wma boib impMMw and aimatural.
TIriat aoeh immanity and N<iudy strife
MliMalil reign aiiemg pni<iB«i(rs of one (hlth.
'^' ffeMde. my aird.— the suouer to eifBct,


JC Hen. Marruige. uncle 1 alas ! my years are
AihI litter is my a<.udy aad my books, (yoaug ;
Than wanton dalliance wiili a uaramoor.
Yet, call the aiiibuaMulora : and, aa yuu pleaae.
So let I hem have their auswera every one :
I sliall be well content wiUi any cb«Hce,
Tends to God's glory, and my country's weaL

£iii^ a Legiite, md two Ambassadors, with Win-
Chester, ta a CanUtrnts kabu.
Eat. WhatI » my lord of Wiachealer intfaird,
And call'd unto a canlinul's degree 1
Tlien, I peroeive, that will be venlled.

Hitnry the A/Ui did aemeUme pn»|
If omee kt coma tobta cardinal^
HeUl make hu eap eo-emut with the

IT. /fem. My lords ambaaiii
Have been cobsider'd and

yfHir ae veral sMta

Your purpuae is both good and reaeonable :
And. therefore, are we certniiilv resolv'd
To draw ooaditioos of a fneudiy pence :
Which, by my lord of Winclieater, we mean
Shall be transported preeeiiUy to Franue.

Glo. And for Uie proifbrof luy loal your m~
I have iiifunu*d hw highii»dt so «t large.
Aa— likiug uf Uie lady s virtuous gills.
Her beauty, and tlie value «»f her dower,—
He doth intend ahe shall lie £nglandVi queen

K. Mem. in aigaasent and pruuf of wiucu con-
Bear bar tliia Jewel, [to Urn Amlft.] pledge of nty

And ao. nqr kml proteelor. ate tiiem guarded.
And safely brought to Dover ; where, iaabipp'd.
Commit Uiem to the fiirtune of the sea.

lExeiaU King Henry, aad Irsm; Gloeter,
Exeter, mmd Ambasaadora

IVin. Stay, uiy bird lexate ; you shall llret n»-
The sum ot moomr. whicli I pnimised loeive
Sbovid be delivered to hia holiness
For duUiing me la tlieae gmve omaaenls.

Lixf. I wUl attend upon your lordaoip'e leuure.

Win. Now, Wincheater will not subiuit, 1 trow,
Or be inferior to tbe proudeat peer.
Humphrey of (iloster, thou shalt well perceive.
That, neither in binh, or (ur authority, '
'l*be bishop shall be overborne by ihee :
ni either make thee atoop, and bend thy knee.
Or sack tbis couauy with a mutiny. lEtemtL

SCENE II. — France. Ptmiu in Ai^ni.

Enter Charlee, Bancuudy, Alenoai, La Pocelle,
and Fimx$, marrkmg.

Cher. Tbeee news, my lords, may cheer oar
droofaog spirits ;
Tis said, the itiNit Panaiana do revolt.
And tarn agwi. onto the warlike Freuch.
Akm. Then march to Paris, ruyid Cbarleff of

And keep nut back yoor powen in dalliance.

i*me. iW)e be aniougatlhem, if tliey turn lo i
Else, min ooadiot with their palacea I

Enter a Meaaeiiger.

Jfaiv. Socoeas onto our valiant general.
And bappineas to his accumplicesT
Char. What taliaga send our aouutaf I pryhee.

Hem. The English nrroy. that <Uvideit waa


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y Mm.


[Act IV,

JMn. And ilwll my jrooth be KoQtj of aiiGh
No more can I be «««rM Anom jroar side.
Than can yooraelf fomwlf in twain diTide :
Stajr, Ko, do what joo will, the like do I ;
Fur live I will not, if niv &tber die. [eon,

TkL Then here I take my leaire of thee, fair
Biirn to eclipse thy life this ailerniion.
Come, idde bv side ttattftlier live and die :
And aool with loul from Fnutce to heaven fly.

SCENE Vl.-il Field tifBatOe.
Exatrmmg, wherem Talbot'a iSIm it
' mt,tDui I'alhot r

lU. Saint OeoiKe and victory ! fight, aokliera,
The recent hath with Talhot broke hia word.
And left ua to the race of t'raiioe liis sword.
Wliere is John Talbot l—paoae, and take thy

breiiih ;
I gave thee life, and reacn'd thee fVnm death.

Jolm. O twice my fni iinr ! twitw iiiii I thy son :
The life thou KNV*st me first, wait hwt and done ;
Till with thy warlike swonl. devpite of fate.
To my datnniiiird time thou pkv\t new date.

TbC When troai the Dauphin's creet thy sword
strock fire.
It warni'd ihy father'^ heart with proud desire
Of htild-fac'd victory. Then leaden ace,
Quickened with yooihAil spleen, and warlike rage,
beat down Alencon, Orleans, BurKUiidy,
And from the pride of Gallia rescu'd thee.
The ireful bastMrd Orleans— that drew blood
From thee, my boy ; and had the maidenhood
Of th^ first figlit-^ soon encountered ;
A|id. interohaiiuing blows. I quickly shed
Some of his hasianl blo<id ; and, iu disgrace,
bespoke him thus: Contammated^bam,
Mean and rii/ktpoor; far that pure Uood tffpHm,
WkKk tkou dtdst force from Tatbot, mrbraveboif .—
Here, purpuMiic the Bastjird to destrov,
Came in strong rescue. Speak, Uiy fkttiur*s care
Art ni»t ihuu w«ary. Johu T How Jidst thou tare
Wilt tliou yet leave the buitle, boy. and fly.
Now thou art seul'd the mm of oliiVHirv T
Fly, to revengv my death, wlmn I am uend ;
The help of tme stands ine in little stead.
O. too much folly is it, well I wut.
To hasanl all our Ihree in one small boat.
If I to-day die not with Frenciimen*s nige,
Tf»-roorrow I shall die with micklu ugM :
Bv me they iioiliing gain, an if I utay,
'TIS but th« short'ning or my hfe one day :
In thee thv mutlier diex, our household's name.
My deaih^i revenge, thy youth, and fcaigland's

All theee. and more, we hazard by thy stay ;
All Uiese are sav'd. if thou wilt fiy awHy

Jolm. The swonl of Orleans hath iioi made me
smart, (heart ;

llieae words of youre draw life-blood from my
"-■-•- ■ - ■-■ shame,

On that advantace, bought with such a i
( I'u save a paltry lifo. and slay lirichi lame.)
Belure yunng Talbot from okl I'alhot fiy,
llie cowardliorse, that bean me, full and die f

And like me to the p«asant hiiys of FiNiif«
I'o be shame'k aoom, and MUb|«K« of iniseUMUoe f
Knrely, by all the glory vou hMve won.
An ifl fly, I am nut Talbot's miii :
llien talk no mora of flichi, ii u no lioot ;
If aoo to Talb<»t. die at Talbot's f«iot. [Crete.
^TW. Thvii follow thiMi thy desperate sire of
ThtM loarM; ttey lift to me is sweet :

\ TlkMl

If thoo wilt fight, flcht bv thy father's side :'
1, oonunendable pniv'd, let's die in pridft '

SCENE VII — Atwtker Part nfthe tame.
Alarmn: Sxeursioms. BMterTn\baiwoimdrd,smp'
ported bf a Servant.
TaL Where is my other life T— mine own is
gone : —
0, where'ti young TalbotT where is valiant John?—
Triumphant death, smear'd with captivity !
Young 1'albot's valour makes me smile at thfe :—
When he perneiv'd me shrink, and on my knee.
His bloody sword he brendbh'd oiver me.


And, Uke a hungry lion, did o

Kougli deeds of rage, and stern imparl

But when my angry goardant stood alone.

I'rinc my ruin, and assaii'd Of none,
Dizzv-ev d fbry, and great rage of heart,
SutJdenly made him from my sale to sUrt
Into the rlusi'ring baUle nf the French :
And in that sea nf binod my boy did drench
Hw overmounting spirit: and there died
My Icarus, my blossom, in bis pride.

£N<er Servants, bearnnf m the tody of John TalboL
Serv. O my dear lord I lo, where your son is

borne! [to score.

7W I'bou antick death, which laogh'st us here
Anon, from thy insulting tyranny.
Coupled in bonds of uerpetuity,
1'wo Talbots. winced through the lither sky.
In thy despite shall 'scape mortality —
O thoa whose wounds become hard-(avoer\l

Speak t» thy fiither, era thou yield thy breath :
Brave death by speaking, whether he will, or no:
Imagine him a Frenchman, and thy foe.—
Poor boy I he smiles, roethinks ; as who should

say— [day.

Had death been French, then death had died to-
Conie. come, and lay liiiri in his father^ arms;
My spirit can no longer bear these harma.
Soldiers, adieu ! I have what I would have.
Now my okl arms ara young John Talbot's grave.


Alarums. ExnaU Soldiera and Servant, iasiaa#
the two bodiet. Enter Charles, Alenooo, Bur-
gundy, Bastard, La Puoelle, and Fareet,
Char. Had York and Somerset bronght rascoe in.
We should have found a bloody dav of this.
Bait. How the young whelp of '1 alboi*k, raging
Did fiesh hit* puny sword in Franchinen*s Mood !
Puc. Onoe I enoounier'd him. and thus I said,
Tfiou maiden yotUk, be vanquish'd bj/a nurid:
But— with a proud mnjestical high sairn,—
He answered thus; Young Taibol was not bom
To be tkepiUage of a f/iylot wench:
Sti. rnsliiiig in the bowels of the French,
He left me oroudly. as unworthy fight. [kn.ght :
Bw. Doubtless, he would have made a noblo
See. where he lies inhearsed in the arms '
Of the most bloody nuraer of his harms.
Bast. Hew them to pieces, hack their bonaa
aNunder !
Whi«e life «vas England's glory, Gallia^ wonder.
Char. O. no; I'urbear: for timt which we have
During the life, let us not wrong it dead.

Enter Sir WUliom Lucy. aitemM;
Herald tfnosdmg.
Lner. Herald,

m Frauek



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/ TdB<


Act IV.)


TDBoardMOX^wnrlikedake! t4i B(Mirdeaux.Yorki
Ebe, fiuy wpII TMlbot, Fraooe, uiU Eii(cImim1's ho-
nuur. [hrart

York O Gud! that Somereet — who in prood
CUh ibip my oiinieis^were in TuliMA't plwse I
So slMMikl we aave a valiant KeoUvman,

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