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Bjr Ibiieiunf a traitor and a coward.
Mild ire. and wmlhful Airj, niakee me weep
fbat thijit we die, while remiss tniitora sleep.

1mc9. O. send some sooouur to the distress'd
kml ! [word :

York. He dies, we Inee ; I break my warlike
W« oKMim. Fraooe smiles; w« liiae, tbey dady
AU 14H1K of this vile traitor Sumemei. \g»\. ;

Xacy. Thfiu, God take mercgr on brave Talbttt's
SiMlI I (Muce,

And on bis sim. yoonc John : whom, two hours
I met iu travel towurd his WHriike fuiher !
This seven years dnl not Tulboi see Ids ani ;
And nuw tliey uieet wliere boUi their lives are

7ori AIhs! what j«iy shall noble TMlbcit Iwve,
To lid his yuuiiff simi welctMiie to Ids (cnive 7
Awsy! vezaiitm hIrm*! sops my brenlh,
TbatsaQd(>r'd frifiidsKreet in the hour of death.—
Lucy, fiireweli : no nii>r« my ftirtune oau.
But curse lite CMUse I Ciiuuot aid the man.—
Ilaiue, Uluis. Piiiciient, mimI I'tiursiire woo sway.
'Luuf all uf Somerset, aiai hiS del iv. llCnt

Liicy. Thus, Willie the vulture <4 sedition
Feeds m tlie biwun of such great e umm ande i a,
SleepiuK oeflecUuu diKh betray to lu«
llie OMiquest of our sruron-ooUl daiquerur.
That ever-living iimii of iiiemury,
Henry the lifih —Whiles tlivy each other cross.
Uvea, buuours, laude, and all, hurry to loss.

SCENE IV. - outer Plauu qf Gasoony.

XmUt Somerset, mth hit Forca; am Officer of
Talbot's wt/A hun.
Som. It b too Ute ; I cannot send them now ;
This expeditioo was by York, aial Talbot,

1'ou raslily plotted ; all our geuerui force

Might witn a sully of the veir town

He buckled with ; Ute over-Uuring Tslbnt


Hath sallied all bisrU«s of former hiaiour.

?f this uiibendful, despemte, wild advMiiiure
ork set him oo to fight, and die w shmine.
That, Talbot dead, great YorK luigbi bear the
Q^ Here w sir William Lucy, wiio with me
Set fhioi our o*er-maich'd furoes forth for aid.

Ailer 8*r William Lucy.

Am. How now, sir WiihamI whither were
vttOSRiitr [ton] I'albot:

Xstcy. whitlier. my lord T from bought an I mIu
Who, riag'd aiioul %%ith bold adversiiy,
Cri«e oat for noble York nimI Stimersei.
^» beat assMling death from hi» weak legiona.
And whiles the uouourable captiuii Uiere
Drops bloody sweat from his war-weaned limbs^
Aou, in advantage ling'niix. looks for rescue,
Tuo. his hdse hopes, the trust of Euflud's

Ke>p off sluof with worthiest emnlatioQ.
L«t nut yttur private discord keep awav
Tl«e levied succours that should lend him aid.
Wlules he. renowned noble mntlemao.
Yi«l«hi up his life onto a world of odds:
i>t\mmm the Bastaitl. Charles, and Boiguody,
>W>uooo, iteignicr* compass him about.
Ami 'I'albut perishetb tqr your default.

Sam. York set him oo, York sboald have ernt
liim aid. (rlaiius;

LuTf. And York as flwt opoa fo/ar Kraoe ex-
Swearing that voo withhold his levied bi«i.
Collected for this ezpedi'ioo. (the horwti

Sam. York liee; he micht have sent and had
I owr him little duty, and less love :
And lake fool scorn, to fawn on him by aendinr.

iMCif llie (hind of Eagbmd, not the ftmse of
Hath now emmpp'd the noMe-minded Talbot :
Never to EiikIhimJ shall he bear his life;
But dies, hetray'd to triune by your strife.

Som Come, go; 1 wiU despatch the bursemen
Within six hours they will be at his aal. faiaiu :

Lary. Too laie comes rescue; lie n taeii, ot
For fly be could not. if he would have rind ;
And lly would Talbot never, tlioucb he mwrht

Som. If he be dead, bnive 'I'albut then adieu !

iMCf. His fiime Uvcs in the world, bis shame
layott. [BxtmrnL

SCENE V.-7V English Camp mar fioanleaux.
Baltr Talbot and John hU Son.
ToL O youi^ Jolin Talbot 1 1 did send for the«»
To tutttr thee in stratagems of war;
That Talbot's name nuglit be in thee reviv'tl.
When supless age. and weak unable IiiiiIm.
Sitould bring thy father to hw UnH>ping nfaair.
>iiiari( ' " " -*' - - ' -'


e ernt ^

But.— O inarignant and ill-boding stars !—
Now titou art eome unU» a fimsi of death,
A terrible and onavoidtNl danger :
Therefore, dear boy. mount «hi myswillest bona:
AihI ril direct thee now thou sImU escape
By sodden flight : oome. dally ikH. bettoia».

John. Is niv name Talbirt t and am I y«Hir son f
And shall I fly f O. if yitn l«iv« my iiajtber.
DiNboiiour not her lionountble iiante.
To Okake a bastard, and a slave of ine :
The wurkl will say,— He is imA Talbut'a blooO,
l*hat basely fle«l. when noble Talbot stood.

'iW. Fly. Ui revMiige my death, ii 1 be slain.
JohH. He, tlittt then so. will ne'er ret urn agiil
Tai. If we ImiiIi stay, we lio^h are son) to die.

John. Tiien let me suiy : and, ^iier. do yon (if
Your Ines is grvat. so your retard sitould lie;
My worth unkiuiwu. ih> lues w known in ine.
Uptm my death the Krenoii nun li tie btstsl ;
III yours they will— in you all hitpea are luat.
Flight cannot stam the tunMiur yuu Itave woa;
But mine it will, that no ex^t have diaie :
Y<Na fled (or vantage, every oite will swear;
But. if I bow, tIteyMI say— it ww< for four.
Tliere is no hope that ever 1 will slay.
If, the first boiir. I slirink, aial run aaray.
Here, on my knee, I be« moruiiiy.
Kuther than life praserv'd with mfomy.

Tul Shall all thy mother's hopes lie m om
tomb f [womb.

John. Ay, rather than Fll shame my iiKaiwr's

■" ■ " — • libeei

TaL dpiHt my blenaug i commaial tbee ao.

JohH. To fight I will, but not to fly the l«ie.

TaJ. Part (rf thy father may be sav'd in tliee.

John. No part of him. hot will be sliaine in ma.

Tai. Thoa never had'sl ra^pwa, nor oaisit aut
lose it.

JMm. Yes, your raoowned aaaw; Shall fl«lit
abuse It T (that staia.

7aiL Thy father^ ohaina shall clear thee frusa

John. You cannot witness for me, beu« alaia.
If death be so apparent, then both fly. [die f

'DU. And leave my folkiwera here, to flght aaJ
My age was never tawiaJ wi*a suuh ihaa*.

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Hint All m tnrta. thai wm boufhl with blaodl
Lvt nm be uiii|Hre in thi.n dcMilitful alhle.
t Me Mu nrMiitt. if i we«r tliiit roM,

IPuUim on a red nm.
mrtmtn be «(

\ "Si

That anf otM slionkl ih«t ^.

I more lorliue in S«im«niei than Yortc :
Btith are my krasuicn, and I love Uiem buth :
A» Well tliev ma upbraid me with my orown.
Beoauae. forwHith, ttie king of Scofa i« crowa'd.
Bat ytHir diicreUona better caa persuade,
I'han I am aMe lo inatruot or leach :
And therefore, as we hiiber came in peaoa,
thi let us atill continue peace and love.—
CiHiain of York, we luatiiute your iTfare
To he our regent in Uieee parts of Fnuice :—
Aad iood my lord of StHuerMet, unite
Your I ro«^ of horaemea with hia Imnds of foot;—
Ami, like true sulijeota, aoua of your profeaitolrs,
Go clieerfully Infeilier, and dignt
Your anfry cholar on your enemiea.
OurselC my kird pruteotor, and the reeC,
After soiuc reeplie, will reiaru to Calais;
From tbeuce Ui fc^iglaiai, where I hope ere long
to be preaeuted, by your victuriea.
Wiih Charles. Aleiicou. and UinI traiioroua mut
[Ftoyruk. Extmmi Kiiifc Henry. Glo. 2ium
Wm. Suf. and Baaael.

War. My lord of York, 1 pruiuise you, the king
Preuihr, metlioufltl. did plsy the orator.

York. And aw he dMl ; but yet I hke it not,
lo that he wears the badKe of Somerset.

Wor. Tush I tlial wes but his fancy, blame him
I dare prseume, sweet pnnoe, he thought no hann.

fork. An' if I wmi lie did.— But let il rest ;
Other adaiia must miw lie nianaged.

{Bxamt YiM-k. Warwwii. mrf Vernon.

En. Well didst thou. Kichanl, to suppreaa thy
For had the paaMons of thy heart burst out,
1 lisar we should have aeea deni|»lier'd Ihera
Mora mncorons spile. iiHire furious niffiufr broils.
Than yet can be iiiti«giu*d or suppos'd.
But iHfwaue'er, u<i xioiple niati that sees
Thiajarnuff dMOiird of noliility,
'I Ins slNiuld'nnf of each other in the court.
Tills fatanMu iMudyiiig of their fitvonntea,
Bui that It duih pnjsage aiHiie ill event.
*Tis much, wiiea sreplres are m children^ hands:
But luore. when envy limtds unkind divi»ioa ;
There cummm the rum, there buKius confusum.


8CE.N Ell. — France. B^fbre Boordeaoz.

Emter Talbot, teith ktt Forces.
TaL Go to the gales of Booideauc, trumpeter.
Amnion their general unto the waU.

rnanpet $oimdt a porlejf. Enter, on Vie watle. the

General q/^ the French forces, and others,
CuglMh John Talbot, capuins, calls you forth,
siervant tn arms tu Harry king of England ;
And tltoa lie would :— Open y<Hir diy galea.
Be humble to us : call inv sovereign youra.
And do hint homage as obedieut 8ul«ecia,
And I'll wiihUraw uie and my bioudv power :
But. if you frown upon tins pnifRir'J peace,
You lempt tlie fury of my three attendants,
l^ean famine, quartering rtee!. and climbuig Are ;
Wh«k in a UMHaent, even with liie earth
Shall Iv your sUiely and air-braVing towen,
If vou i*»rsake the otfer of ilieir love.

Gai. 'Hum owNt«HMi and foarful tiwl of death,
(Nir italioi«'M t«in>tr. anu llioir Itkaiiiy sr«Nir)|« !

The period of thy tyranny approaobeth.
On us lliou canst n<ii enter, but by death : *

For. I pnitest, we are well lortitiod.
And strung enough to issue out auu flgtit :
If thou retire, the dN0|>liin. well appohiied,
Stamls Willi the sniires of war to laiogle thee :
On either baud thee there aie Minadruns pitch d
To wull liitte iroin the liberty »( flight;
And no way canst thou turn thee f'O- redma.
But death d«ith front tbee wiih apiMUvni afsul.
And pale desiniciiun meets thee in the face
Ten thuuoiiid French have la'en the saciament.
To nve ihi ir duiiKerous anillerv
Upon ml Chris hiii soul but Itloglish TalboL
Lu I there Uiou sland'si, a l>rea)|iing vshaiit omu.
Of an luvincible uncoiiquer'd 8|an>-;
This is the laU st glory of thy praise,
Hiut I. thy eiieiny, due thee withal ;
For ere the glasM, that n>iw b<gins to run,
Finish the proa«SM of Ins sandy h«iUr.
These eyes, ihni see thee now well oolnorad.
Siliall see thee witlier'd, bloody, pale, and dead.

I Dnm afmr qf.
Hark I hark ! the (luu|*htn's drum, a wamiug bell,
Sines heavy inutick to thy tinKHr«»us8iHil;
And mine shall nng iliv lUre deuurure tHit

lExrtmt General, ^c/tom the waUs
TaL He falileo not, I hear the eoomy ; —
Out, some light hornenien, and peruse their

O. iiegligeut and heedless discipline I
Him are we (Kirk'd. and laHinded in a pale;
A litile herd of England's timorous deer,
Mas'd with a velpnut kennel of French curst
If we he EngliKh drer. be tliea m blood :
Not rascal-like, U* fall down with a pinch;
But rather, uiiMKly-niad, and desperate stags,
I'um cm the bloody hounds wiUi lieods of steel.
And make ihe ctiwartls stand akiof at bey :
Sell every man ids hfo as dear as none.
And they shsll lind dear deer of us. my JHen Ja —
God, and Saint George i Talliot, and Ei«land's

Prosper our culuuni in this dangerous light !


SCENE ni — Plauu m Ouanmf.
Enter York, mdh Fbrces; to kirn a lleseenger.
York, Are not tlie spe^ suouts ret ura'd

That dogg'd the mighty army of tlie dauuhiu I
Mess. They are retum'd, my loni ; and gave it

That be is march'd to Bourdeauz with bis power

To fight with I'albot : As he maroh'd alm^,

Bv your espials were discovered

1 wo ndghtier troops than that the daophin'M ;

Wliich join'd wiUi him, and made their .tmiee
for Bounleaux.
York. A plague upon that villain Somenwi ;

That thua uel>«vs my promised supply

Of horsemen, tliat were levied for this aiegel

Kenowoed I'albot dtRh expect my aid ;

And I am kiwted by a traibir villain.

And oaniMit help the mible chevMUsr:

God comfort him in thai necessity !

U he uuscany, fiiraweil wan in France.

Enter 3ir William Lttcy.
Lncf. Thou pnncely leader of our Enghih
Never si» needful oo the earth of France,
Spur to tlie rescue of the m*ble I'albot ;
Who miw is gmlhsd wiih a waist «»f mm,
AimI hviMHr>t alitMil HI. II ttr.

r mm.


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> Ac

Act TV.] KING HENRY VI. ^616

Bffrrewvmet, orthatftstrokawv . . — -

kfi to a troMiy aqaire, dkl run awi
In which lumiilt we I<i8t tw«lfe he ?


1? V

Mvaelf. am] diVinM reiitlflmen besid
wnre there sarpri^'d. and tnkep pi

Then j udxe. mat lords, if I haVe < K .

Or whether that such onwards dui m

I'his arnamfliit of knifhi lioud, jrea, lb

GUo To imy the truth, ihia fact s
Ami ill heoimJiiir any common mai
Much nMirv a knlifht. a Cii|)tain, am m,

TaU. When tint thM order waa
Xni^hta of the garter were of nobl
Vahnni, and Tirtuoai, foil of haa^l
Such a« wtrre irrown to credit bjr tl
Nut fearioK death, nor ahrinking fu
But always resolute in most extrei
He then, I hat Is not Aimieird in tb;
DiAh but usurp the sacred nanie a\
Vnttiimnx thia m«iat bonounible on
And should (it I were worthy to b*
Be quite defraded, like a hedfe bci
■ That doih |>r«isume to booMi of gnt L

it Un. »tain to thy cuuntrymeu
thy d«»om :
Be pnckuMr :lierefi>re. thon that wi
Heuoe forth we baniaii thee, i»u pal

Ami now, my lord nnitector, view i I

8(<nt fruiii (Mir uncle duke of Bargi Ic,

Olo. What means his gruoe.
cliung'd hia sty If T

I Viewing Oie in

No mors bat, plain and bluntly,"'
lluih lie furmA, he is Ubt aoVcreifii
Ur diHh thia churlish supersrripUo
Pretend scmie altemtiou in good w
What'a here f— / have, upon erpeaa


Ma&d wUk compatmoH <if my afunti
TotHker with tkt pUiful rmnplaintt
Of mttA at pour opprtuion feed* npa
For taken foar fendcioiu faetwn, >C.

AmijouedwUk Chartes, the rightfal .
U mooatmua treachery I Can thia I

lliai in mlliiinoe, amity, and oaths, s I

There slionld bs found such fkii


K. Hen. What! doth iny wwle

04o. HedoUi,mylord;attdisb«

JLUcn la that the wont, this 1<

0*». Iiaiib«worss,nidal],inyl
K. hen. Wliv then, lord Talbot t
with him,
And Kive hiu olioatiaement for thii la,

My lord, bow aay you T are yoo no4 s :

TaL CtNitent, my liege I Yaa; ii.

prevented. tr,

I idMNild have begg'd I migtit have t
K. Ucn. llieu gather strength, ai
him atnUght :
iMt him peraeive, how ill we bmoh
AimI wliat udeooe it ia. to flout hn
TaL I go. mj lord ; in heart desi
Yoa may behold confusioo of yooi

Aler Vernon and Baas
V(tr. Orant aie the combat, graci«
Bae. And me, my lord , grant me tl
York, This is uy servaat; Hei

Am. And thia ia mine; Sweet


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^ Kvwa



[Act IV.

^ TiMI

K]r iWMtiiic vma of the oroel Ibe I
Ai loiika tM moUier uo Iter tavely bHhe,
Wlien (iMtk doth cIum his leader dyinir efM*
*$«e. net the pinlwr Hnladjr i»r Fnmoe;
Behold the wootida. the in<«t umuiiaral wooodt,
WUioh tboa thjraelf hwi Kivmt iHsr wuTul breeatl
0. tani thf ediited nwurd unuther way ; (help !
Arike tboee that hurt, and hurt not thnee that
One drop of Uuud. drawn from thy coantrr'a

bosimi. [Ki>re ;

Should itneve ihee fnore than atrsanui of lureign
Retaru tliee. iherefiire. with a f1«iod of tears.
And wuali away thy omintry'ii Hiained ipuCsl
But. Uther the haili buwiicta'd nie with her

Or nature niiikes me suddenly relent, [on thee,
htc. Besides, all Pntitch and France ezdaime
OiHihtinic iliy hirth and lawful pnifreuy.
Whojoin^ thou with, hot with a lucdl.
That wiU nut trust thee, hut tor profit'^ sake T
When Talbot hath set (ntitinf once In Franoe,
And fiisiiiiiu'd Uiv« that instrumont of itl,
Who tlieu, but buiriisb Henry, will be lord.
And thiiu ha thrum out. like a fugitive f
I all we lu mind,— «nd mark but this, iur pn>of ; —
Wmk n<il thn duke ul Urleuns thy foeT
Aial was lie not iii F^nf land prinoner f
Bnt. wliMU they lieiinJ \m wiis thine enemy.
They set him fnw. without his ranstmie pwd.
Ill apiie Mi Buntundy. and all his dnmda.
Nm then t thou flKhi'si aaaiiist ihy countrymen.
And j«iin'st witli them will Iw tliy slaughier-ni«n
< 'unie. oume. return ; return, thou wan(T*riwc lord ;
Charles, and the met. will take tliee in their arms.
Bw. I am vanquiahed ; these haughty words

of bar's
I lure batter'd me like roerinf oanmm-ehot.
And made me almost yiekl upon my kneee. —
Forgive me, country, and sweet oountrymeu 1
AmT lords, accept this hearty kind embrace :
My roroea and my power uf men are youra ;->
Bik farewell, Talbot 1 I'U no longer truat thee.
■ em. Done like a Freoohmau; torn, and torn

again 1
CS^. Welcome, hraTC duke! thy friendship

makes us iireah.
BoA. And doth begat new oourngc hi our

breasUs [this,

lien. Pubnile hath bravely playkl Iter part m

And doth daaervu a coronet of gold. [powers ;

I CkOT. Now let us on, xni lords, and jiiiu our

And seek how Wa iiia^ pn^judice the foe.


BCEN£ IV. -Paris. A Room intks P9lM».

Adtr King Henry, Cluster, tutd othn Lords, Ver-
non, Basset, <f«. 'ie<A«»i Tid but, and some q^
Atf Officers.

TaL My graciouB prince,— and hoooorable
Hearing ol your arrival in this rtcalm,
I have awhile given truce unto my wars,
1 o do my duty to my awereigu :•
In sign whereol', thin arm.— that hath redalm'd
To your iibedieuce fifty furtrttssee.
I'wtflve diies. and seven wallad towns of strsugth,
Lei d es hvw hundred |inst>ners nf esieeiii,—
Leta Ml hM sword li«f«Ne \our hixhness* fMC;
And, witlt aubudssive loyally uf heart,
Ancnbes the gloiy of his conquest got.
First lo my Ood» and next anio yoiv gnwa.

if. Urn, Is this the kml Talbot, an«le Otoster,
That hath so long been reeident in France T
O'le Yes if •! fti«*asw )tHir majeiit\. my lioge.

K. Ben. Weicaaie, brav« captam, ai
When I was young, (as yet I am mA old.)
1 do remember how my father said.
A stouter champion never handled smonl.
Long since we were resolved of yoor truth.
Your finthAil service, and yoor toil m war ;
Yet never have you tasted our rswaid.
Or been reroerOou'd with so roach as thanka,
Hecauxe till now we never saw yoor fiine :
Therefors, stand op ; and, for these cnod dciert%
We here creuie you earl of Shrewshuiy ;
And in our coronation Uke yoor place.

[Extwa KingHenry, Gluater, Talbot

Ver. Now, air. to yoo, that were so hut at sea,
Diagracing of the colours that I w«ar
In honour of my noble lord of York^—
Dar'st thou maintain the fomer words tho«

Bss. Yes, sir: as well as yoa dare patnmaga
The envious barking of your aaocy tongue
AgjUnst my lord, the duke of SomerseL

Ytr. Simih, thy lord I honour as he is.

Ba*. Why, wliat is he T as good a man as York

Ver. Hark ye; not »• : in witness take ye that

Bom. VilUUn, thou know*st the law of arms ■
That, whuso draws a swurd, 'tis preeent death ;
Oralm this blow should broach iby dearest blood.
But I'll VNB A his m^Jeety, and crave
1 may Itave liberty to venge this wrong :
When thou shult see, I'U meet thee to Uiy coet.

Ver. Well, miscreant, I'll be there ss soua as

And, after, meet you eooner than you would.





Enter King Henry. Gloster. Exeter. York. Sof-

liilk, Somerset, Wiiioliester. Warwick, Talbirt,

the tiovemor <tf Pans, oiid othere,

6lo. Lord bishop, set the crown upon his head.

Wm. Ood save king Ueniy, of that name the

©to. Now, governor of Parts, take your oath,—
[Governor Aaceta.
That you elect no other khig bnt him :
Esteem none fiFiends, buteuoh as are his friends;
And none your Am^ but such as shall pnstead
Malicious practices against hw state :
That shall ye do^ so help yon righteous 6odl

Snter Sir John FtetoUe.

Fkst My gracious sovarsign, as I rode fkoa
To haste unto yoor coronation,
A letter was deliver'd to my brads,
Wni to your grace from the duke of Burgum^.

TaL Elaine to the duke of Burgundy, and thee.
I vow'd, base kntght, when 1 did meet thee next.
To tear the garter from tliy craven's leg.^

{Fhickmg at a^.
(Which I have done) becauaa nnwiirthily
Thou wast installed in that high degree —
Pardon ne, nrincely Henry, and Uit re« :
This dastard, at the battle of Patv.
When hut in all I wii* six thonsnnd stmng,
Aim! iIimi Ika FreucU «knre atUMWl •** u u


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X AcTlII.3


fm Tklbot BMUM no coimJimw. bjr his kiukil
God be wP yoa, mj kml I w« cuie, wr. Irat to
Tkd w» an iMre. [teii yoa

t Sm m U U Poeelie. 4c from Urn mtU$.

Td. Aad thurn will wo be too, ere it be loiig ,
Or ein repRMieh be Talbot's cruatoet fame I—
Vow, Baii«iMl/, by honottr of thy huiue,
(Priok'd on by pablicic wmuge susuiui'il in

Bther to Ret the town agaia, or die :
And (.—aa aora aa Kngliah Henry livea,
And M his father here waa oooqiienir;
A« sure iw in this iata-beurayod town
Owti CiBur-<)e-lion*a heait waa barieU ;
bo sore I awear, to get tba town, or die.

Bvr. My vowa are equal partners with thy towb.

Tai Uoc, ere wa iPs ranrd this dytuir priuoe.
The mliaat dnke of Bodford :— CtNue. my lord.
We will baelnw you in soma lieiter place.
Filter for riokness, and for crazy a^.

Bti. Lord Talbul, do not su Uwlionour ma :
Hera will I sit before tbe walls of Uihmu.
And will be partner of joar weal ur woe.

Bar. Courageooa Bedford, let us now peranada

Bid. Not 'to be gone from lieiice ; for oaoel
That stoat Pendraguo. in hit litter, nick.
Caaie to the field, and vanqoislted lii« foes :
Methiuk*. I shtHjkl rerire tue suidieri' hearta,
Beoaiiae I ever found them aa mywuU.

ihL Uudauuted spint in a dyinc breast I—
I'keii b« it tt» :— HeaTeuK keep (dd Bedfonl safe I—
And DOW no mure ado. brave Burgundy,
Hat Katber we our forces out of hand.
And eet upon our boasUos enemy.

lExatmt Borsuudy, ralbot, and fbrtei,
iSBViiv Bedfonl. tatd otken.

Almmm: Bwatniom. Enter Sir John Fhstolfi^
ami a Captain.
Gap. Whither away. Sir John FastoUa, in sttch

fM. Whither awarf to save myaalf by flight;
Va are like to bare the overthrow aniin.
Cof. What I will yoa fly, and leave lii>rd TalboC T

#tot Ay,

All the Talbota fa the world, to save my lift


Cm- Cowaidlf knight! ill fortune follow tli«e !


Rttrmt: Exemt iM S . fyter, from the (oipn. La

Pmselle. Alaaeuu. Charlea, 4c. md examL,

Ad. Now, qaiat aool, depart when hoaven

For I have aaan oor enanies' overthrow.
What M the trust or strength of fwdwh man T
Itiey. that of lato wore daring with Uieir scoflb,
Are glad and fain by flight to save themselvea.
iDus, and is oarrud ogm ku dmr.

Aimnm : 'AOtor Tidbot, Bui)gundy. mmd otksr$.
TmL Loot, aad raoovefd in a day againi
lliifi m a doable honour, Burgvndy :
Y«t. heaven have gfofy for this viutory I

Bta-. Wartika aad martiai Talhot, finrgnndy
KMHhriaea tbea In his heart ; and there araots

I valour's monanMuL [nowT
' I BotwheniiaPuoelle

'i'nr aoMe deeds, aa valour*!

TmL I'banka.geatlfl daka

I rliiak. Iter old famdiar i* s

Nuw wiHtrs'a the Bastard'a bravea, aad Charles

yaglaekaT (erief.

What, all B-mon. I Roaea hangs her head for

*11mM aiioh a valiant ciMipaajr aie fleil.

Now will we take some order in Ih* town,
Plaobg tbareiu aume expert oflk^ers ;
And thtw depart to Paria. to tlie Iciag:
For there young Harry, with his Miblea, ilea.
'* - - "'fiat willa kMd Talb ' "

Tal. But yet. before we go, let's aot fontat
The noble duka of Bedford, lato deceaa'd,
But see hie exequies fnldll'd in Kooen;
A Itraver soUlier never couclied lonne,
A gentler heart did never sway in court :
But kingM, and mightieat potontaiea. must die ;
For iluu's the end of human misery. ir

SCENE lIL-TVcosK. The Plaau mar dm dt^^

MiUer Charles, tke Bastard. Alenoon. La Puoalle
aad fbroB«.

Pme. Dismay not. pnuces, at this aoeiJaat,
Nor grieve that Kouen is mi nM»vered :
Care la nu nure. but rm her oumaava.
For things tliat are not to be remedied.
Let frantiok Talbot triumph for a whUe,
And like a peacock sweep along his tail :
We'll pull hai pinmes, and take away hia tnla.
If Dauphin, and the reel, will be bat rui'd.

Clhar. We have iMeu guided tnr thee hitherto^
And of thy cunning hud no diflidenoe ;
One auddeu foil aliall nevi^r breed dwtraat

Bast. Search out thy wit for secret polidea,
Aad we will make thee fomoas tliroagh tbe w«Mrkl

AUm. Wa'll set tUy suioe in some holy plaon.
And have thee raverenc'd like a bleeard saint;
Jilmploy thee. then, sweet virgin, for oar nnd.

Pme. llieu thus ii must be ; Uos doth Joan de-
By fidr parsnasiaas, miz'd witli sogar'd wonfa^
We will enUce the doke uf Burgondy
To leave tbe Talbot, and to follow aa

Ckar. Ay, marry, swueting, if we coohl do that.
France were no place for Henry's amrriora ;

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