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J Act IV.3



ppeK. and knaveries, and mocks ; 1 am fui|ret his

Gam. Sir J»hn PmIsUK

flM. Iliat is he : I can tell yoa, there n gool
DMn porn at Monmouth.

Gov. Here comes his majesty.

Enter Kinx Henry wUh a part of Ike
Roglish Fifrce$; Warwirk, Glueter, Exeter, and

K Hen. I was not anf^ since I came to France
Unul this instant.— I'ake a trumpet, herald ;
Aide Uurti uuui the horsemen on yon hill ;
If titer will turhl with us, bid them come down,
Or vohI the fiekl : they do offend oar sixht :
If they'll do neitiier, we will come to them ;
And make them skirr away, as swift as stones
Enforced fh>m the old Assyrian slini^ :
Beskles. we'll cut the throats of those we have ;
And not a man of them, that we shall take.
Atiall taste our men^ : - Go, and tell them so.

Enter Viaariof.

Kxe. Here comes the herald of the French, my

Olo His evee are humbler than they os'd to be.

K. Hen. How now I what means this, herald T
know'kt thou not.
I'hat I have fin'd these bones of mine for mn-
Coffl'st thou afiuu for rausome I (some T

Moid No, great kiuK :

1 come to thee (w charitable licence.
That we may wander o'er this bloody field,.
To book our dend, and then to bury them ;
Tu sort our nobles from our common men ;
For many of oar princes (woe the whde !)
Lm drown'd and suak'd in mercenary blood ;

iSu do our vuUpir drench their peasant limbs
n blo<id of princes;) and their wounded steeds
Fret fetlock deep in core. and. with wild raice,
Yerk out their armed heels at their dead masters,
Kiliimr them twice. O. give us leave, great kiug,
1*o view the field in sufely, and dispose
Of their dead bodies.

K. Hen. I tell thee truly, herald,

I know nof , if the day be ours, or no ;
For yet a aMoy of your horsemen peer,
And gallop o^er the field.
iloHl. The day is yours.

K. Bern, Praised be God, and not our strength,
What ia this castle oallU that stands hard by f
MaeU. They call itr-Agincourt. Toourt,

K. Hen. Then call we this— the field of Agin-
Fu^ht on the day of Crispin Crispianus.

Ftu. Your graiidfatlier of famous memory. an*t
pleaae your m^iesty. and your grent uncle Ed-
ward the plaek pnnoe of Wiiles. as I have read
in the chrooioles, fought a most prave pattlo hare
la Fmnca.
K Hen. They did. Floellen.
Flm. Your mi^esty says very true : if your ma-
Irsttiea is remembered of it. the Webhmea did
g««ot aervioe in ■ garden where leeks did grow,
w««riiiff leeks in their Monmouth caps; which,
jruor majesty knows, to this hour is an houour-
■Me pndge of the aervioe ; and, I do believe, your
ntMMstjr takes uo soorn to wear the leek upon
6wni Tavy"* day.

K. Ben. I wear it for a memorable honour :
For I am Webb, yuu know, good countryman.

#2h. All the water in Wye cannot wash yonr
.jt^mf'% Webb olood out ol your pody. I can tell
rvfl thaii : Got plew if and preiterve it. as long as
I pImmm his grace, and his m^esiy too ! I

K. Hen. Thanks, good my coiinlrymiin.

Flu. By Cheshu. I am your nl^jesty's coontry-
mun. 1 earn not who know it ; I will confess it to
all the 'orld : 1 need not to he ashamed of your
majesty, praised be 6(m1. so long as your miyeety
is au honest miui.

K Hen God keep me so !— Our heralds go wi*h
Bring me just notice of the namhers dead
On both our parts. — Call yonder fellow hither.

iPoinU to Williams Exeunt Moutjof
and others.

Bxe, Soldier, yon must come to the king.

if Hen. Soldier, why wear's; ihoa that glove
in thy cap T

WtiL An't please yonr majesty, 'tis the gage of
one that I should flight withai, if he be alive.

K Hen. An Englishman T

Wilt An't plesute your muesty, a rascal, lint
swaggered with me last ni^ht : who. if 'a live,
and ever dare to challenge this glove, T have
sworn to take him a box o'the ear : or. if I can
see my glove in Ins cau, (which he swore, as he
was a soldier, he would wear, if alive,) I will
strike it out soundly

JC. Hm. What think you. captain FluelleaT to
it fit this soldier keep his oath T

Fiu. He is a craven and a villain else, ant
please your roajesiv. tu my conscience.

K Hen It may he, his enemy n n gentleman
of greiit s«irt. quite from the answer of Ins degree.

Flu. 'riiougli lie he as gtMit a geutlfman as the
tevil is. as Lucifer and Belzebiib biinself, it is ne-
cessary, look yiiur grace, that he keep his vow
and his oath : if he l>e p*ti;jured, see you now, his
rppuutioa is as arreni a villain, and a Juck-saiioe,
as ever his plack shoe trod upon HoC* ground -
and his earth, iu my coiuicienne, la.

K. Hen 1'hen keep thy vow, sirrah, when thoa
meet'st the fellow.

WiU. So I will, my lien, as I live.

K Hen. Who servest tlion under 7

WiU. Under captain Gower. my liege.

Flu Gower is a goot captain : and is goat kaow-
ledce and literature in ihe wars.

K Hen. CoHi him hither hi me, soldier.

WW. I will, my liege. TExiL

K. Hen. Here. Fluellen ; wear thou thismvour
for me. and slick it in thy cap : When Alencua
and mvself were dowu together. I plucked this
friove from his helm ; if any man challenge this,
he is a friend to Alencon and an enemy to oar
f ik^.. encounter any such, apprehend
a. love me.

ice does me as great honoars, as

ca iu the hearts of his sabjeota : (

w( the man, that has bat two legs,

till himself sKgriefed at this glove,

tlu would fain see it onoe ;

Gu . that 1 might see it.

rest thou Gower f

dear friend, an please yna.

thee, go seek him, and bring him

to my lent.

Flu. I will fetch him. {BaU,

JCHtn My lord of Warwick, mod mj brother
Follow Fluellen closely at the heels :
The glove, whkih I have given him for a favi ur.
May. luiply. purchase him a box o'the ear ;
It is the soldier's; I. by bargain, should
Wear it mvself. Follow, good cousin Warwlclc t
If that the soldier strike him. (as 1 judge
By his blunt beunng. he will ke«4p his word,)
S«Mue suddeu mischief may arise uf il i



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f 402



^ Yfti

\ Upoi

Bon. Skntts mmt le ^rand captiwm.

[Ent French loldior.
I did nerer know so rail a voice isnue fntm so
•Diptf a heart : but tlia iuiyiiiir w true,— the empty
vesMl mjikes the greatesi aouiid. BNrdolph*. ami
Nym, had l«n limes aiore valour thao this ruar-
ins devil i' the old plav, that every one may pare
his nails with a wnodeu daforer; and thejr are
both handed : and so would Uiis be, if he durrt
■teal any tbiug adventamusly. 1 must stay with
the lacarys, with the Ittuage of our camp : the
French miflit have a Koiid pmy of us. if he knew
of It; (or there is ooue to guard it. but Ixiya.


SCENE y." Another Part of tMe FMd nfBattk,

AlarumM. Enter Dauphin. Orleans. Boorboo,
('4iuaul>le, Rauibures, a/k< oMem

Om. OdiobU!

Orl Oaeiomair!— iejottr at perdu, tout e$t perdu!

ZW Afor< dewMvie! all is amiuunded, all 1
Reproach and everluaUnfr shaiue
Sits mocking in our pluiuea.~0 MesdWm/e/ordnK/
Do not ran away. [A Aort atanan.

Can. Why, all our ranks are broke.

Doaa. perdurable shame!— let's Slab ouraelves.
Be theae the wretches that we play'd at dicti fur ?

OrL b this the king we sent to fur hu rausiNneT

Baur. Shame, and eternal ahauie, nothing but
shame I
Let OS die instant : Once more hack again ;
And he that will not follow Bourbon now.
Let bhn go hence, and. with bis cap in hand.
Like a buse pander, hold the chamber-door.
Whilst liy a shive, no gentler than luy dog,
His fairest daughter is contaminate.

Oml Disiirder, thai hath spoil'd us, Yriend as
Let us. in heaps, go Oder up our iivea |now!

Unio these English, or else die wiUi fame.

OrL We are enough, yet living in tins Aeld,
To smother up Uie Kngiish in iiur Uirougs,
If any order might be thought upon. [throng ;

Bour. The devil teke order now ! Pli to the
Let life be abort ; elee sluune wnl be too loiuc.


SCENE y\.- Another Port of the Fidd.

AJorumt. Enter King Henry and F\arce$ ; Exeter,

K. Hen. Well have we done, thrice-valiant
countrymen :
Bat all^ not diHie. vet keep the French the fl(»M

Exe. The duke of York coinm«udjt him to your

K. Ben. Lives he, good ancle 7 thhoe wiihm
this hour,
I saw him down ; thrice op again, and flgliting ;
Kruin helmet U* the «pur. all bliKHl lie wim.

Exe, In which army (brave Moldier) doth he he
Larding the mIhiu : and by his bloody side,
(Yiike-fellow lo hu luHi<fur-o%viuir wuuuds,)
The noble earl of .Sudoik abo Ui;m.
Sullblk mat died : aiwl YiH-k. al haggled over,
CtMiea Ui him. wtiere in g«*re he hy instieep'd,
And takes him bv tlie beanl ; kisMeM liie gashes,
That bloodily did yawo upon h.s Inn; ;
And nrifs hIoimI.— '/Mrry, i/erir rounn iinffbikt
Mf mml ehatt thine kerp compOMf lo heavtH :
Tarrf, tweet tout, for mint, Ittcn fit abrea$t ;
At, M this gtunomt uud welt Jouyhien/ietU,
We kept lovetker m our cHtoatrt I
Upon Iheee words I eame. and cheer'd him op :
He smil'd om in the lace, raught tne his haiai.

And with u fcsehle gnpe. says.— Dear mt lord.

Commend mf aervtce to me tovertif/n-

Sti did he turn, and over Sufllulk's nock

He threw ins wounded arm. and kias'd his Npn;

And so. espous'd lo death, witli blood he amu'd

A lealament of noble-eudiug lnve.

Tlie pretty and sweet manner of it forc'd

I'hoee waters from me.which Iwonld have stoppVPl

But I had not so much of man in me.

But ail my mother cume into muie ejea.

And gave me up to tears.

K. Hen. 1 Mame yoQ not :

For, heannc this, I mast perforce oi»mpi»eiMl
With iiiisifal eyes, or they will nsue too.-

Bat, hark : what new alaruin ia this same T—
The French have reinftirc'd their scattered men;—
Then every soldier kill tuo prisouera;
Give the word through. [ExaunL

SCEHEVIL — Another Port t^ the Field,

Alarums. Enter Plueilen aiii< Gower.

Ftn. Kill the (loys and the lacgage! tie ex-
pressly against thn law of araia : 'iw aa arrant •
piece of knavery, mark you now. af can be oOer*
ed. in the 'orld : In your oonsaeiice now, is H

Oom. Tis certain there's not a boy left alive;
and the cowaitlly rascals, that ran trtnu Uie bat-
tle, have done tins slaughter : besides, thev have
burned and earned away all that was In the
king's tent; wherefore the king. m«iat worihiiy,
hath caused every soldier to cut his prisoners
throat. O, tis a gallant king i

Flu. Ay. he was pom at MoniiMiath, captain
Gower : what call you tlie town's name, where
Alexander Uie pig was tatm.

Oow. Alexander the greaL

Ftu. Why, 1 pray you, is not pig, great ' The
pig, or the great, or the mighty, or the hnge. or
the magnammous, are all cue reckouiuga. save
the praise is a little vanaiioiiit.

Uote. 1 think Alexander ilie great was burn in
Iklaced<ia ; ins father was called— Philip of Maos-
don, as 1 lake it.

Flu. 1 think it is in Mnredtm, where Alexander
is porn. I tell you, capiain,— It' you look in the
miips of the 'orW, I warrant, you slisdl rind, in the
comparisons between Marediai aial Mimmooth,
that the situations, lo«>k yua. is iioth alike Hiere
is a river m Macedon ; and there is also moreover
a river at Monmoutli : it is called Wye. at Moo-
mouth ; bat It IS out .of my prains, what m the
nunie of the other river ; liui 'tis all taie, 'tis au
like as my fingers n lo my fingers, and there is
salmons in boih. If you mark Alexander's life
well, Harry of MonniouihV life is come af.er d
indifferently well; fur iltere is (iKanr^ lu all
things. Alexander (God know*, and you kuowj
III his rages, and Ins furies. hihI his wraths, aail
his cholent, >ind Uu* moods, and bis displevsnivs,
and his iiulignati<ins. and also being a little in-
toxicates in his prams, did. in Ids alas and his
aiurers, look you, kill his pest frieial, Clytus.

Oow. Our king u not like iiim m Uiat; be never
killed any nf his frieials.

Flu. Ii IS utH Mfell done, mark you now. lo take
tales out of my niouih, ere it is maile an end and
tiniahwi. I speak hut in the figures and compan-
S4HW of U : As Atexander ui kill ins ineud Clytus,
bfing lu his alea and his cups: ao uimt liarry
MiNimoulh, being in his right wiu and lus gout
judgments, is turn uwMy the fat knight wal* iba
great p«Ly-doablel : lie was full ui' jeaia, ami

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Act IV.]



f^ttt Perisli the man, wIiom mind is backwanl


K. Stn. I'bn-.i dost not wish more b^ from

England, Ruu«in T [alcme,

WaL Owl's will, nir Hecs, 'woold yon and I

WUhiHit mure help, mi^kt fiitht this battle oat!

IL Hen. Why. tmw thon bast anwiab'd five

Whk* Hkes roe better, than to wish as one —
Ym know yoar places ; God be with yoa all I

Enter Moiitjoy.
ilfenl. Once more I come to know of thee, king
ff finr tlijr rausurae thoo wilt now compound,
Beftire thy most ussunMl otrertlimw :
For, oeitainly, thou art w> near the rolf.
Thou needs mast he eiwrlutted. Besides, in mercy,
Tlie oooctable desires thee— thna wilt mind
Iliy followers of repeiitiince ; thiit their souls
1 May make a peanerul and a sweet retire
< From off these tielda, where (wretches) their poor
J bodies

' Most lie and fester.
i K. Ikm. Who hath sent thee now t

i' J/oH/. The constable Iff France [back;

K. Men. I pray tliee. bear my former answer
Bid them achieve me, and then sell my bones.
6uud God I why should they mock poor fellows
The roan, that once did sell the lion's skin
Wliile the beast liv'd. was kill'd with hunting him.
A many of oar Imdies Mhall, no doubt.
Kind native gnves ; upon the which, I tmst,
Sliall witness live in brusa of this day's work ;
And tluM« that leave their vadtMiii buues in Pranoe,
Dying like men, though buried in your dunghills.
They shall he fkm'd : fur there the sou shall greet

And draw their honoars reeking op to heaven ;
Leaving their earthly pans to cbuke your clime.
1'lte smell whereof shall breed a plagu« in Kranoe.
Mark then a buuiHling valour iu uur English ;
That, being dead, Uke to the bullet's gnizing,
BreaK out inUi a second course of mischief.
Killing iu rala|«e i»f mortality
Lat me speak proudly ;— Tell the constable.
We are but warnurs for the working day :
Our Kayneas, and our gilt, are »ll iMmiuirch'd
With rainy marching in the painful field;
Tb«re*R nut a piece uf feather iu our bust,
(G«mn1 argument, I hope we aliall not fiy,)
And time hath wuru us into slovenry :
But, by Uie mass, our hearts are iu the trim :
And itiy poor soUlien teU me — yet ere night
Thayll be in fresher robes: or they will pluck
I'be KMy new cxiats o'er the French suldiera* heads.
Ami torn them out of service. If they do this,
(Aa, if God please, they shall,) my ran»<rtue then
Will auou lie levied. Herald, save tluiu thy

CiMne thou w* more for ransome, gentle hereld ;
1 bey aliall have none, I swear, but these my

1% hich if they have as I will leave 'em to them,
8baU yiald them little, tell the c«Mistuble.
Moml. 1 shall, king Harry. And so (an thee
well :
Thf*a never shalt hear herald any more. [ Exit.
K Hen. I iWar. thuu'lt once more come again
fi>r ransome.

&i/«r tki Duke of York.
My luid. roost linmMy on my knee I beg
" of tiis vawaitL

K. Hen. l^ke it, brave York. ~ Now, soldiera,
marcli away :— .
And how thou pleasest, God. dispose the day !


SCENE IV. - 7%; FkUL qf Battte.

Alamma: Bxanimu. £n/rr French Soldier,

Pistol, and Boy.
Art. Yield, cur.
J ' t kgentithommi

rmstme me, art
line I diacuse.

R gentleman:—
M, and murk;—
It of fox,
I lue

vet pitk demon!
lave forty moys!

WPtr la force dt


a ton of movsf
ive in i'Vencn,


ter Fer.
and firk him,
line in Praucli

for fer, and fer-

out his throat.


tM. Ouy, c«iuper gonre, par ma fny, pesaat.
Unless thou give me cruwns, brave crowns ;
Or niaiurled sliall iliou be by thw my MWord.

Fr. SoL O.ie oous aupplie pour Vamour de Dint^
me pardonaer I Je jnm genttUtomme de bonne maieon;
gante* ma o/e, etjt oout donnerat denr cent eecus.

PiH. What are his wunls T

Bi^ He prays you U> save his life: he is a gen-
tleman of a guod house ; aial, £ir his ransome, he
will givtf yi>u two liundred crtiwoa.

Fat. Tell him— my fuiy shall abate, and I
The crowns will lake.

Fr. Sol. FeUt monaiewr. que dU-U f

Bojf. Encore qu'ile^coHtn eon jmrtment, depot'
donner attcun prteonnieri neantmome, pour let eteut
quK WMt Caoez promit, U ett content de voutdomm
la UberUi, le Irandutanent.

Fr. SoL Sur met yenoux, je vout donne milk re-
mercKmont: el y. m'etUme heureux que je tmt tombe
entre let maint d'uHchevatier.je pente, kptutbrove^
vaUant, et trtt duUnyue teiuneur d'Angklerre.

Pitt. Expound unto me, buy.

Bop He nves you, apun his knees, a thoosand
thanks: and he esteems himself happy that he
hath Mien into the bunds of (as he thinks) the
must brave, valorous, and thhoe«worthy signieur
of England.

Pitt. As I sock bkiud, ( will some mercy show —
f ttliow JIM, cur. iHiu PuUiL


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[Act 17.

JiM. Wtaf. wUI

wui rott I


Mm, TiM Ei^lnk an fliiiUul«d. yoa Franch
peer*. (hiirae !

Om. Tu hovav, jrow mllant phnoes ! stnught to
Do bat bebokJ yoo puur and lUrved ImimI.
And 7oar fair ahow siiaU aack away ilMnr wMjIa,
Leamw ttem bat the Kbalai and huika uf omo.
lliere it not work enooirti for all nar itaads ;
2Scmme bkiod eooorb iii alt Uieir ncklj vmu
Tn ova each aakeid oQrtl«->az a alain—
That var French gailaoU ahall tiMlay draw oat
Aud theath, for lank of spurt: let as but hivw on

1*he Tapoiir uf oar Talour will Q:ertum them.
' I'is fHMttJTv 'gamat all exopptitins. lords,
I'hatoursoperH'hius lackejrs. wnd uor peamita^—
Who, in opue cm a a ry actmn, Bwarm
Abuut uar squares of baUle,— were enoagh
To porge this field of soch a Inkling foe :
TlitMiini we. upon this mouutaiu's Uists by,
Tuuk aland fi»r idle speculatiou :
But that uar htaioura must nut. What's to say ?
A Tery little lAtle let us do.
And all is done, llien let the trnmpeC soond
The tucket-sunnanoe, and tlie nute to mount :
For our appruaeh shall so much dare the field,
TiMl Knfianil shall cooch down in fear, and yield.

£ii/er Grandpr^.
Ormti. Why do you stay so loof . my lords of
Ton island carrions, desperate of their bonee,
IH-favoaHdly beoume the inoroiuir field :
Their ragce.' curtains pourly aie let loose.
And oa*- air Makes them passing aoumfullT.
Big Mars serrtis bankrupt in their briarar'd boat.
And fiuntiy Ihroogli a rusty beaver peepa.
llieir horsemen sit like liasd candlesticks,
WHh torrh-etaves m their hand : aud their poor
jmles (hips:

l4ib down their heads, dmppinx the hkles and
The gam dowu-rouing from their pale-dead eyes ;
And in their pale uuir inouilie the gimmal hit
Lies fool with chewed gniss. sutl und motionless ;
And their executors, the knavish crows.
Fly o'er them all, impatient fur their hour.
Dnscnplion cannot »ail itself id wurds.
To demonstrate the life of such a battle
In life so Ufeless as it kIiows itself.
Gmi. 'lliey have said their prayers, tad they
stay fmr death, [suits.

Dmt. Shall we go send them dinners, and frssh
And gire their fiutting horses pmvender.
And aAer ftglit with theiu ?

Con. I stay but fur my guurd : On. to the field :
1 will the baiiuer friHn a iniiiipet lake.
And use it. fur my haste. Ciiine. come away I
llM nwBk M high, und we outwear tlie day.

SCENE 111.- Tike English Camp.
Wmm- Ike English Hotl : Cluster. Bedford, Exeter.
Salwhury, oiki Westmoreland.
Qh. Where U the king? [battle.

Btd. The kinx himself is rode to view their
WaM, Of Affhtiug men they have full tbrecsoore

There's live to one ; besides, they sll are
fresh. redds.

aWL G«id% arm strike with us ! tis a fearftil
Ood be wi* you princes all ; HI to my cUarge :


If we no mure meet, uii we meet in h e av en.
Then, juyfully.— my noMe lord uf Bedfurd.—
My dear lord GlnaU}r,-HUtd my good h>ni Exeter.'^
And my kind kiimuan,— wmrrairs, all adieu i

Btd, Farewell, good Sahsbury ; and good luck
go with Uiee ! '

£xK Fkrewell.kuMl lord, fight valiantly to-day;
And yet I do thee wimik. to mind thee uf it.
For thou art framM of the firm truUi of valour.
[£rt< Salisboiy.

Btd. Heisasfullofvaloar.asurkmdaea;
Pnooely in both.

IVesf . O that we now had here

BhUt Kins Henry.
Bat one ten thnamnd of those men in Englaad
Tbnt do no work to-day !

K Ofn. What's he. that wnhfe so I

My oooslh Westmoreland 1— No. my fiiir cousin :
If we arp marked tn die. we are enbagh
'In do our country Iom ; and if to live,
I'he fewer men. the greater share of hoooor.
Gud's will ! I |iray llice, wish nut one man luora.
by Juve. I am mH oivetous fur gold :
Nor care I. who dnih feed upon my cost ;
It yearns me nut. if men my garmsts wear ;
Soch outward ihingsdwell not to Hqr desires:
Bot. if It be a sin to ciivet himoor,
I am the moiit oOendinc soul alive.
No. fsiih, my ens. wish nut a man flmm Endaad :
G«id*s pence 1 1 wuuld nut li«e so creat an iHNMHir,
As one nmn mure, methinks. would share from me.
For the best hope I have. O, do not wmh one more:
Ratber proclaim it, WeatmoreUml, through my

That he. whidi hath no stomach to this figlit,
Let him depnrt ; his pesapcMt sliall be made.
And cmwns for coiivov put mio his purse :
We wuuld nut die in that man's company,
lliat fears lii:i fellowship to die with on.
ThM day is call'd— Che least of CrtspiMn :
He thst uuthves this day, and comes safis
Will sUnd a iip-toe when thai day Is nam'd.
And rouse him at the name uf Ciitpian.
He. that shall live this day. and see okl age,
WUI yearly <m the vigil feast his fheials.
And say^o-morrow is saint Cnypuin :
Then will he strip bis sleeve, and sliow Ids scon,
Aiai say, these wounds I had on Crispin's day.
Okl men furget; yet all shall.be fbrgut.
But he'll remember, with advaotsKes,
Whitt feats he Old thiitdity: Tlien shall onr names
FNmilter in their m«»otli8 as iiiMisehukl words,—
Harrv the kiiur. Bedford, ami Exeter.
Warwick aud TnllMH, S»li»bury and Gk«ter,—
Be in their flowing oops frt^ly mmember'd :
This sUiry uliail tlie gooil man leucii his sou ;
AimI Crispin Crispian shiill ne'er gu by.
From this day to the endinir uf the workl.
But we in it shall be reuiemlier'd :
We few, we happy few. we band of brothcra
For he. to-day that sheds hn MinmI with roe,
Shall be my brother; bH be ne'er so vile,
riiis day shall gentle his ooudition :
And gentlemen in EmilHitd. now a-bed. [here;
Sliall (liiiik tlienuielves iiccurs'd. \\%ry wets n«iC
And hi»kl Uieir nianh«Nids rhenp. while any spetdts
That fought with us upon Samt Cri^Hu's day.

Btdtr Sniisbary.
SoL My sovereign lord, beotow yourself with
The French are bravely In their battles set.
And will with all expedience charge un us
K. Bkn. AU things are ready, if our muk.s be aa


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Act IV.]



fiiUf ; bat, wben oar Ummta lira cat, be maj be
'MMDiiH'd, and w« ue'er ihv wie«r.
K. Hm 1/ I Ure to see it. 1 will never trual
his wunl oAer.

^dL 'Mai«, youll pajr him then I That^ a
perikHW sh4it uut u( nn elder iruii, ibat a piMir
mmI private dispieaaare ohii dt> nxaiiMt a moiuircli!
ym amy us well fi> abuui ti> tarn lite sua to ice
wHb jbioiiing ID bM fitoe wii b a peaaick'a t'eatber
Yuall never irtui bie wunl ufler! ouiue, 'lia a
Ibolab suyiiiK.

K. Hen. YiHir reproof it loniething too roand ;
1 ibuold be augry wiib juu, if ibe Uiue were oou-

\yiiL Let it be a qaarrel between as, if yoa
JC. Hen. I enibmoe it.
Will Hiiw «ball I know thee again f
K. Mm. (}ive Die any gage uf tUiue, end I will
wear it lo my bunnel ; tiien. if ev^r tbuii daniat
aLkuuwIedae it, 1 will makn it my quarrel
IVitf. Here's my giove ; aive me auutiter of thine.
K. Ikn. There.

WtiL line will I alau weur in my nap ; if ever
tbou OHiie tu me and sny, nfusr to- morrow. Tku
is wu tto9e, bf this baud, I will lake tbee a Imz
on the vmr. lit.

K Hen If ever I live to oee it. 1 will challenge
WtlL Thou darevt as well be baiiKod.
• K. Hen. Well, 1 will do it, tiiough I lake tbee
ii the king's company.

WtU. Keep thy w«»rd : fare ihee w«lL
Baim, Be fnenda. you Euiclikb Ibiita. be friemle ;
we have Kreucb quarrels enough, if you could
tail bow to reckon.

K. Um. Indeed, the French may lay twenty
French crowns to <hi«. ihey will beat u»; for ihev
bear tliem on their shuuldrrv ; But ii ai no Knxlish
treason to cot French cn*wuii; and. tu-iuc»rruw.

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