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Jt ikn. Wall then. I know Uhm ; What ahaU I
know of thee t

JIOMf. Mvn

IC. Urn. Unfold it.

HmtL Thm aaya my king:— Say tboa to Harry
«i England, Though we oaemed dead, we dal but
aleep ; Advantage is a better auldier than rnh-
Mesa. Tell lum, we couM have rebuked him at
Harfleur : boi that we tiMMight nut good td bruiM
an M^ury. till it wera full npe : — now we apeak

ru uur cue, and our voice w imperial : England
II repeal his folly, aae ha weakneas, and ad-
mira our suileranoa. Ihd him. therefore, conaider
of our ranaouia: which must prqportiiMi the loasea
we liave bume. tlie suhiecu we luive lust, the dis-
frwre we have digeated : which, in weight to re-
aaswar, ha pettiuesa would bow under. For our
leases^ his loheiiner is too pour ; for the effuaiou


f> faint ^

of our liluud, Ilia uinater ••! ha kiuxdinn 'm' faint
a number ; aud for «Nir diagruoe, hut «»wii pi'rauo,
kneeliiut at our feet, liui a weuk and wuruiieaa
satiafoirtion. To tliis add— deiiMUQa: aud eil lum,
for onucluiuoii. he hath betrayed ha fi»>li>w«i«,
whose condemnation la pMuunnced, bo far my
kinx and maaier: so moch my oAioe.

K hen. Wiiatisthy muueT i know thy quality.

Mont. Montjoy. lhao.<,

K. H'n. TluMi doat thy oflire Aurly. Turn thee
Aud tell thy king,— I do not seek liim uow ;
But could be willing to iiiarcli tm to Calan
WithiMil impeachment : for. to aay the siMith,
(Though 'lis no wiadoiii Vi ONifesa so much
Unto an enemy of cthH and VMinage.)
My people are with aickne:« much eiifeebleil ;
Mv uumbera leiaien'd ; aud Lluiae fow I iiave,
Aliiioat no better than so many Kreiich :
Wliu when they were in healih, I lell ihee. heraU
I thought, upou one pau- of English kups [Gvl
Did march throe Frenchmen. — Yet. foncive i\-»
That I do brag thus i— tha your air of Frauoa
Hath Mown that vice in me : I muat rvpeul.
Oo, therefore^ tefl thv maatar. here I am ;
My ranaome, m Ihia frail and wortlilesa trunk;
My army, but a weak and aickly guard ;
Y^et. God be(>re, tell him we wiU come on.
Though France himself^ and auch another ueigli
hour, [joy.

Stand in <mr way. There's for thy labour, nL^hiX
Go lad thy master well advise hitiiNelf :
If we may pass, we will; if we lie liinder'd.
We sliall your tawnv grouud with jrour red Uuoa
Disnolour : and so, Miailjoy, f.tra you well.
The sum of all our answer a but iha :
W9 would not seek a buttle, as we are;
Nor as we are, we say, we will not shuu it ;
So teU your maaier

MonL I shall deliver no. Thanka to yimr high-
nesa. {Extl Mouiiuy.

Oto. I houe. they will nut oome upou us now.

K. Hen. We are in Gud'a baud, bniiher, not in
theirs. luKhi,—

March to the bridge; it now draws toward
Beyond the river wu'il oncanip ourselves;
Aud on to-morrow bal them mandi away.


^ENE VII. — TV French Gamp, war Agmconrt.

Enter the Cuostahle <iA France, the I>ml Ramliurea,
lAe Duke of Orleans. Uuuphiu. and oUiere.

Con. Tut i 1 have the beat arowur of tlie workL
—'Would it were day !

OrL You have au excellent armour; but let my
hurao have his due.

Con. It w the best horse of Eoiope.

Orl. Will it never be monuug ?

Dan. My lord of Orleaia, and my lord high
oonatable, you talk of horse and armourr—

OrL Yon are aa well pruvaied of both as miy
prince iu the world.

Boh, What a long night is this ! 1 wdl nut

change my horse wiUi auy that traada hut on four
uaterna. Co, ha! He bounda from tlic earth, aa
If ha entraila wera hairs ; te chrval volant^ tlie
Pexasus, <iuiale* narmtadejtui When I beairale
him, I soar. I am a hawk : be truta ihe air ; the
earth sinas wlien he touches it : the basest \wfix
of ha hoof a more muaical Hon the |«pe ui'

OrL He's of the coUmr uf the nutmeg

Don. And of ilie heat of tlie ginger. It a a
beast Uit PeiMfUs : he is pure air and fire ; und
the dull elemeula uf earth uiid watar uavar a|»>

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[Act m.


U4 «s wA lire in Prmnoe; let us quit ftlU
Add give oar noejrards to a hertiaruin peo^.
" -* «-• / dwil » few Bpnty* ol us,—

llie emp^iair of our fathera* lusurfv
Our •niofH, pot in wild and aaYaire atoek,
Spart up ao auddealjr into the ckioda.
And cMwrkmk tiieir RTsAfln f

Bmr. XoraMna. hut baatanl Nonnana, Nunni
Mori 4e mm me! U tkn mmtch akmc
Uiiruf^lii withaU but I will sell mj dukedom.
To liuy a al<il4Miy iind a dirty fann
lii that BOok-ah(ilten i«le of AHmou.

Om Mm ^ Aatteitef whece hare ther this
la not their cJimate (smgj. raw, and duH T
Un wh<un. aa in despite, the sun li^ika pale,
Kiilinc their (hut with frowns! Can aodden

A drench for sar-i«in*d jadea, their bariey bmth,
Ueooct their eoM MmhI to aucli VMiiant heat f
And shall nur quick hiiiod, spirited with wine,
Seem fraatv f O. f»r the honiHir of our hind,
liet oa not nang Kite mptnfr icich-a CpoAple

Uptai our housen* thatch, whiles a more fniatf
Sweat dn»pa of |(allant youHi in oar ricli flekls;
Potr— we niNy call theai. in tlieir native lords.

Dmt. By fmth mhI honiNir,
Our aiaaJens tuttek at ua; iuhI ptainlr aay,
ihir mettle is lired ml ; and tliey wftll fwc
1'heir bodies to the luat ui* l:UirlMii youth,
lo newHftore Prance witli bastard warriora.

Aonr. They hid us— to the English danciof-
And tnaeh lavoltns hich, and awift coraatot;
Suytnc. onr grace is only in our lieete.
And that mre ape moat lofty runaways.

/y. iO^. Where m Mongoy, the herald T speed

Let him greet fclugiand urith our sharp <lellance.~
tlo, prmora : and. with apirit ol lionour edg'd.
More sliarper than your swonla. hie to thn flehl ;
Chnrhss He la-hrH, liigh constable of Pntuoe;
You. dukes of Orleans, U«Hirtxin. and of Berry,
Alenmai. Brabant, Bar. and Burgundy;
JaquM ChaiilliiNi. Ramborva, VaiidenMint,
Beauntont, Grandpr^ Kouaai. and Pauooahef|r,
Foiz, Lestrale. Boucjqualt, and Charoloi*;
thgh dukea. grant princes, barons, lonU, and

For your gmi ants, now quit youof gtvatahamea:
Bar Harry EoKlaud. that swomm thruuch oar bnl
With pennons pMiutad in the blood of Harilaur -
Bnsh on his iNSit. ms doth the melted snow
Upon Uie valliea— whose low vusaal seat
'I'lie Alps doth spit and void his rheum upon ■
Oodown upon him.— you have p«iwer enough.—
And ui a captive chariot, into Bouen
Bring huu onr prisi«er.

Cam. ThM braomea the great.

Siirry am I, hia nnmhers art so few,
Hm aoidinra sick, and famish 'd ia their march;
F«ir, I am sura, wliea he ehall aee our army,
He'll drop hia heart into the. sink of tear.
And, for aefaievomeat. offer us his mimmie.

f)r. Kiag. 'rherefors, ford eonsiable, hasta on
And let him say to England, that we aend
!'«• know wliat wiilini; ransome he will give. —
Prince Daapbin. ron shall stay with us in Kouen.

Dmt. Not so, 1 do beseech your miOesty.

P^. lOmo. Be patient, ibr foa shall nmain with
Kow, iiirth. lord nuoatable. and princes all ;
Aad QmckJy hniig us word of wiyhuid's fall.


V AadquN

SCENE VI.-TW EngUah Osmp in Ploafdy.
Enter Uower mid Fluellea.

G*m. How now, captain Fluallen f eaoa yon
from the bridxer

Fly. I aasuie you. there m Toiy eaealleBt aer-
vice oommiited at the pridge.

Gom. Is the duke of Exetor safe T

Ftu, The duke of EieCer is aa m^aaaiaMMa m
AammemiMin : and a man that I love and honour
with ray aoui. and my heart, and my duty, and
my life, and mv livinga.and mv ottermoat powers :
he hi not, (God he praii««l and pleaaed I) any hurt
in '^he *orld ; but keeps the pridge moat valiantly,
with eaoollent dianplina. I'hare ia an ansicn
there nt the pridge,— I think, hi my very con*
aaenee, he ia as valiant aa Mark Antony ; and b«
M a man of no estimation Ift the 'orid : bat I dkl
aeo liim do gallant aerrioe.

Oow. What do yon call him T

Flm. He is ealled-anaaot Pistol.

Omf. I know him not.

FbL Do yon not know him f Hers oonies th«

Pist, Captain,! thee bear n ch to do »• feEVonn :
Tl»e duke of Exeter doth love thee well.

Fbt. Ay, I pnuae Got ; and I have merited tome
love at his hands.

H$t. Buidolph,aaoldier(innandao«iBdofhaait,
Of buxom valour, hath.— by cruel fiito.
And giddy fortnue's funoas fickle wheel.
That goddess blind.
That stands upon the rolling reatlesa atooe,—

Flm Br yi»ur patience, ancMtnt Pistol. Fortune
ia painted plind. with n muffler befina her eyes,
to sixiiify to sou that fortune ia plind : And ahe
ia painted alao with a wheel ; to sigmfy Ui you.
which is the .nwind of it. that ahe is turning, and
inconstant, and variations, and mutahilities : and
her f«iot, look you.ia fixed upon a anheneal stone,
wliich riJIs, and rolls, and rolla ;— In good truth,
the poet is make a most excel lent denBnp(i<«i of
fi»rtune : ibrtone, Umtk you. ia an excellent moral.

I'uL Fortune la Banlolpb^ft foe, and frowna oa
For he hath stol'n a pir, and hanged moat 'a ba.
A damned death !

Let galfowa gape fiar dog. let man go free.
And let not hemp his wind-pipe suffocate :
But Exeter hath given him the doom of death.
For pur of little pnce.

Therefore, goapeak. the duke will hear thy voice;
And kit not BartJolph's vital thread be cut
With edge of pennv oorti, and vile repriMeh :
Speak, captain, for his life, and I will thee requite.

fht Ancient Pistol, I do partly undaiatand your

/M. why then rejoice therafoia.

Fin. Certainly, aucienl. it ia not a thing to re-
joice at : for if. look you. be were my brother. I
woukl deeire the duke to nae his goot pleaaora.


and put him to exeeutiuos; for disciplines ought


i Ae for thy

r£»< Pistol

to be need.

PitL Die and ba dan

J^te. It is weU.

PiML Tbefigof SpainI

Ftu. Very good.

G<NP. Why. thi^ is an arrant counterfeit raacal ;
I remember nim miw; a bawd : a cuipurae.

Ftu. ru aasure you, 'a uttered aa prave 'tmb at
the pndae. as you ahall aee in a summer^ daj
But It in verv wnll : what he has apnke to mr
thai is well, I warrant you, when lime ii serva.


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/A ct III.]

/ Jtmt- Aal


Aa 1 thai'* a ftiai bull.

\A parUv sounded.

Oom. The town itoiimis a parley.

ttu. Giptain Macnwirrw, wbeo there is niftre

brlter opportunity m be reouired. kit^ vou, I will

be to boU aa to tell you. I know ibe iliacipliues


of war ; and there is an end.


SCENE in.~ TV •vme. B^art the OaUs nf

The Governor entf tome Citizens on the wafts ; the
Knciisli Fbrces bdom. Enter King Heury and
kis YWwi.

K. Hen. How yet resolves the governor of the
Thii IN the lutest parte we will admit:
Therefure. to our lieN( mercy give yoontelves ;
Or likf! to men proud of destmction.
Defy us to our worst : for, as I,nm h soldier.
(A name. that, in my thoughts. beoom«s roe best,)
If I heidn I he battery mice ngalii,
I will not leave the half-aclueved Harfleur,
Till in her ashes she lie buried.
The gates of mercy shall be all shut op ;
And Um flesh'd soldier. — rough and hard of

Ill liheriy of bloody hand, shall range
With ciNiKTienoe wkle as hell ; mowing like gmss
Yoar frcsli fair virgins and your flowering infants.
What is li then to me, if impious war.—
Arniy'd in flnmes. like to the prince of flenda. —
Do, with his smirrh'd complexion, all fell leats
Enlink'd to waste siid desubiiion T
Wlutt ist to me. when you yourselves are eaose.
If your pnre maidens fall into the hand
Of hot nnd forrring violation ?
What rein nan hold lioenti<Hia wjckedneas.
When down the bill tie holds his fieroe career?
We may as bootlnas spend our vain oummand
Upon the enntgnd sohliera in their spoil,
As send precepts to the Leviathan
To come aslHMV. Therefore, you mrn of Hiirflenr,
Take pity of your town, siid of your people.
Whiles yet my soldiers are in my cnmmaiHl ;
Whiles yet tlie oimiI nnd temperate wind of grace
(Xerblows I he filthy and contagH»us clouds
Of deadlv murder, apoil, and villiiny.
If nor. why, in s moment, look to see
The blind and bloody aoldier with foul hand
Defile the locks of your shrill-shriekingdaoghters:
Your rathem taken by the silver beanls.
And Uieir iiMiet rev«rend heads dash'd to the walla;
YiHir naked inrnnts spitted upon pikes :
While* the mad naithers with i heir liowlsonnfua'd
Do break the rlonds, as did the wives of Jewry
At Henid's liltMidy-hunting slaughtermen.
What say you T will you yield, and this avoid T
Or. guilly in defenoe. lie thus destroy'd ?

Gov. Our ezfiectation haih this day an end :
The dauphin, whom of succour we entreated,
Kstunis UK— ihai hi* powers are not vet ready
To mise no great a siege Therefore.' drend king.
We yield our lown. and lives, u> thy soft meroy:
Ettler cor titles ; dispiiee of us, uiid ours ;
For we no hniver are defi>n.«ible.

K. Hm. Open your gates. — Come, nnrle Exeter,
Go vou and enter Harfleur ; there remain,
And fiiriify it strong!/ 'gainst the French :
Vem roerey to them all. For us. dear uncle.—
The winter coming on. and siekiieas growing
I'pun cKir niilMrs.— we'll retire to Calais.
To aight in Harfleur will we be your gueet ;
To-MMMTow hit the march are we addrest.

iFUmriMk. Tne luug , 4c. enter tks lorn.

SCENE IV. — Rouen. A Room m the Patau.
Enter Katharine and Aline.

Kaih. Alice, tu as etU en Ajvkt*rre,ettti paries
men te ktnguage,

Atict. Unpen, madams.

Koth. Je te prie, m'nueignet ; H /ami que fan-
prenne a parler. Comment t^pdka voms ta main,

Alice. la matn T elle est appellee, de hand.

Kath. DehaiHl. EtttsdoiyUT

Alice. Les doigU f ma^ fof. je ouhHe kj doigis:
mou je me sonaintdrojf. Us doigis tje pntse, tu'ils
sont fippelle de fingres ; ouy, de flngrss

Kath. Ln mnin, de haud ; Its doigis, de fingrrs.
Je pente, que y stas le bon escolkr. Jay gagne deux
mots d'Anvtois vislemetU. Comment appdlez vous
les angles f

Alice. Les owfles T les oppellons, de nails.

Kath. De nnils. Escomtez ; dUes mat, » X VorJe
men : de hand, de fitigres. de nails.

A/ice. Cest ban dit, madame ; U est fort bon An-

Knth. Diles moif en Angkris, le bras.

AUce. De urni. madt

Kath. Etlecotuie.

Alice. De elbow.

Kath. De elbow. Je m*en fails la rrpehtum de
tons les mots, que vous m'aves appris des a presmL

AUce. Ucsttropdiginlf,mndame.rommeypense.

JmM. Excusrx mo^. AUce: escontes: De hand,
de fliigre. de iiuils, de arm. do bilbow.

AUce. De elbow, moi/oine.

Kath. Seigntu, Dieu ! je m'en onbtie ; De el-
bow. Comment appelks vous leadt

Alice. De nerk, madame.

Kath. De neck : Et le menton J

AUce. De chill.

Kath. De sin. J>col,de neck : le menton. de sfai.

Alice. Oun. Sanf vostre Itonnntr : en verite, vous
prononces les mnU aussi droict que les natifs d'An-

Kath. Je ne doute point d'apprendre par la graca
de Dieu ; ctenpntde temps.

<^^_iV]ai«s vous pas deja onbtie t* que je vous


TtcHerajf a vc
Je mails,-


I. de urme, de ilbow.
ttre honneur, de elbow.
je; de elbow, de neck, et de sin.
Co ^ — Jvousleptedttlarobej

AUce. De fiiot, MMsliniie ; et de con.

Kath. De foot, et de oini T O Seignmr Dieu I ee$
sont mots de son mauvais. corruptUde, arosse, et im-
pudique. et non pour les dames dThomteur denser :
Je ne voudmts prononeercrs mots devant ks Seio-
neurs dr France, pour loul le monde. U jaut de
foot, ei de (Mill, wowz-sionu. Je rtriierai unr autrt
fms ma lecon enstmUr : De hand, de finijre- de
nulls de arm. de eliiuw, da neck, de sin, de loot,
de con.

Atke. Excellent, madame t

Kaih. Cest assex pour utt ,V •(Itw nous a
disner. y, ,unL

Enter the French

same. Another Room in tJ^n

. . Kina, the Dnuphin. Duke nf
Bourbon, the ConsUble of France, and others.
Fr. Kinf Tis certain, he bath pass'd the nvef

Cor. And if be lie not fought withal, my lovil.

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Knookii go mhI cmue ; G<h1's rwma\% drop and die ;
Ami awoni aud ahiold.
In hiotidy Held.
Dtiih will imnKirtMl fune.
Ssy. 'Would I were in an alehouse in London !
—I would frive all my fatne fur a pii( of ale. and
Ihti. And 1 :

If wicties oould prnvail with roe.
My parpuee Bhould not foil with roe.
But thither would I hie
Bat. Aa duly, but not a« truly. a« bird doth
ifaig on byufctL

£Mer Fluelleo.

"FhL Gofk ploodi— Up to the preachre, y»o
rascals ! will yon not up to the preaches T

r Drivrng them forward.

Pi$L Be mercifal. great duke, to men of mould !
Abate thy raice, abate thy manly rage i
Abate thy rage, rrent duke ! [chock !

Uood baw(!ock. hate thy raim ! use leniiy, sweet

^^fNi. These be good humours 1 —your honour
wins bad humours.

{ExewU Nyro, Pistol, and Bardolph,
foUoued bt Fluellen.

B09. As young as I am, I hare observed these
three swashers. I am buy to them all three : but
all they three, though they would serve me. could
not he man in me; for, indeed, three such anticks
do not siiMMiiii 10 a man. For Burdolph,— he is
white-liver'd.niid reil-fiiced; by the ineuns where-
of, 'a (bees it out, bnt fighU nut Fur PikUiI,— he
hath a killing toncae, and a quiet sword ; by the
means whereof 'a breaks words, and keeps whole
weapons. For Nym, — lie hath heard, thai men
of few words are the best men ; and therefore
he sooms to say bis prayers, lest 'u should be
thought a coward : but his few bad words are
match'd with as few good deeds; fur 'a never
broke any man's head but his own ; uial that wss
against a post, when he was drunk. They will
ileal any thing, aial call it.— purchnse. Bardolph
stole a lute-CMse ; bore it twelve leagues, and sold
it fur three halfpence Nym and Bardolph are
sworn bruthers in lilching; and in Calais they
stole a flte-sliovel : I knew, by that piece of ser-
vice, the men woukl carry o«ials. I'hey would
have me as familiar with men's pockets as their
ghives or their handkerchief: whicli makes
much waiiist my manhood, if 1 should take from
auothdnt iNicket, to put into mine ; for it is plaiu
pocketing up ol wrongs. I must leave them, aiul
aeek some iietter service: their viUany goes
against my weak stomach, and therefore I most
cast It op. [Exit Buy.

Ke-emUr Fluellen, Gower/ottowtag.

601s. Captain Fluellen, you must come pro-
iently to the mines; the duke of Glt»t«r would
■peak with you.

FkL I'o the mines I tell you the duke, it is not
•o good to come lo tiie mines : For, look you. the
mines is not acoordiux t<i the diitciplines of the
war; the concavities of it is not suffiaent; for,
look you. lb' athversary (yuu may discuss unto
the duke, luok ynu.) is dighi himseir four yards
under the oouutemiiues ; by Chesliu, I think, 'a
will plow up all. if there w not better directiims.

Goto. 'Hie duke of Uloster, to whom the older
of the siege » given, is HlUigether diiected by an
Irisbniau \ h very vulmnt Kniileman, I'faith.

Flu. It IS captain .VlacuuM-na, is it nut !

OsML I think, it be.


Ftu. By Cheshu, he is an aas, as in the 'orld
will verify as much in his peard : he haa no mc. _
direciiouM in the true disciplines of the wmia, look
you— of the Human diauipIiDes, than is a poppj-

Enter Bfacmorris and Jamy, at a distance.

Gow. Here 'a comes; and the Scots eaptatn,
captain Jamy, with him.

rtu. Ca|«atn Jamy is a marvellons .kloroiM
gentleman, that is rerlain : and of treat expedi-
tion, and knowledre, in the ancient wars, upna
my particular knowledge of his directions: bf
Cheshu, he will maintain hi^ argument as well n
any military man in the 'orld. iii the diariplines
of the pristine wars of the Romans.

Jomjf I say. gud-day. captain Fluellen.

Fht. God-den to your worship, foot captain

Gow. How now, luiptain MacmorrisT haveroa
quit the mines T have the pioneers given o'erT

Mac. By Chrish la. tish ill done : the work ish

G' 'e over, the trumpet sound the retreat. By my
nd. I swear, and by my father's aoul, the work
ish ill done; it ish give over: I would have blow-
ed op the town, so Chrish save me, la. in an hour.
O, tish ill dune, tish ill done ; by my hand, tiah ill
done !

Ftu. Captain Macmorris, I pem^ech vno now,
will you vouisafe me. look you, a few disputations
with you, as partly touching or concerning the
disciplines of thi! war. the Roman wars, in the
way of nrirument. luok you, and friendly oummn-
nication; partly, Ui satisfy my opinion, and partly,
for the sHtisfnction. louk yun, of my mind, aa
touchiiiif the direction of the mihury disctplme;
that 18 the point.

Jamv. It S.1II be very god. god feith. rod cap-
tains baih : and I aall quit you with gud leve, aa
1 may pick occasion ; that sail (, marry.

Mac It is no time to discourse, so Clirish save
me: the day is hot, and the weather, and the
wars, and the king, and the dukes; it n no tiro*
to discourse. The town is iieseeched, and the
tromcet calls us to the breacli; and we talk. and.
by Chrish. do nothing ; tis shame for us all : so
God sa' me. 'tis shame to stand still ; it if shai»e.
bj^niy hand : and there is throaU to be cut. and
works to be done ; and there ish nothiugdooe, so
Chrish sa' me, la.

Jamt By the mess, ere thesie eyes of mine
take themselves to slumber, site do gode service,
or aile ligge i' the crund fur it ; av, or go to death :
and aile pay it as valoruusly as I may, that sal I
surely do, thai is the bretT and the long : Mary, I
wad full fain heard stane quesUon 'tween yoa

Ffu. Captain Macmorris. I think, look yo«, m-
dftr your curroctiuu, th«re is nut many of your

Mac Of my nation? What ish my nation T
ish a villain, and » bastard, and a kuave, and n
rascal? What ish my ualiuoT Who talks of niy

lltltltMl f

Flu. Look yoa, if yoo take the matter oiher>
wise than is meant, captain Macmorria, pcnul-
venture. I shall think ymi do not use me with
that affability as in discretiuu y»u ouch* to usa
roe, look you; being as giait a man as yonraelf^
both in the disciplines of wars, ami m the denva-
lioii of my larth, and in tither pan iculariii*«.

Mac I do nut knuw yon so goml a m»n as mjr*
self: so Chrish save me, I will cut off j. ur bend.

Gow. Geutlemeu both, yoa will austaka c "^

Digitized by



y Km ULl


(That, if raqiurinc MU h« will ooropiil ;)
Aod tads ytiQ. iu Umi tiuwels of iha LiinJ.
IMivAr up the crown ; aad Ui take mercf
On Uae pour euula, for wliwin 'htii huaicry war
Opena h» VHSty jaws : and on your heiid
Tunis be tha wid(»ws* tears, tlie orplmus* cries,
11ie d«ad men's bkxid, ilui piuiiif maidens' croana
For liusbHiida, Oiiheia, ami tMtruUied luren.
'I'liat nhHll be swral lowed iu ilus oontniversy.
Tb» M hisolaini. (lis rhrsar'ainic, aud my message;
UnleM Uie danphtn be in prasenoe here.
To wb<Hii exprawly I briur xretsiiux Umi. (ther :

Fr Kmg. Fur us, we will Ciiuiud^r iif thia fur-
Tu luurrow hIimII yuu bear uur full ioteat
Back to our broliier EoijlMmi

Dam. For the dauphin.

I stand here for him; What to bim from £og-

biad T riempt.

Est. Sooru, and deflaace ; sliidit regard, oua-
Attd aov Utwc tiiat may uiiC mwbeouuie
Tue wiKhty sender, del h be priEe you at.
I'biis ssys my king: and. if your Cher's bighaeas
Hu imR, in grant of all deuiiiuda st large,
Sweeten Uie bitier muck yiNi aent lus nugeslf ,
HeMl call you to so hot an answer fi>r it.
'Iliat caves mmI womby vauliages ut Franre
i>b«ll cliide yuor trespti»s, and retiun yuur mock
lu second accent of bis urdnance.

Dam. Suy, i( my fiubar render fair reply.
It in against mv wdl : for 1 dnsire
NtHluug but odds wiih Englaud ; to that end.
As uiati:hiiig to his youth and vsniiv.
I dMhi>reaent him with ibtiae Pxris balls

Ext. He'll make your Pans Lotivre shake for it.
Were it ilie iiiislress court of niiglity Europe :
Aud, he asKur'd, you'll find a diliereuoe,
(As we, bis sat^-ts. hare in wonder ibund,)
Between the promise of hia greeii«r daya
And tbaae he masten now ; now he wewhs time,
Kven to the utmost gram ; which you shall read
lu your own losaes, if he stay in f runce.

rr. Kmo. I'o- morrow »luill you know our mind
at full. (king

£sp. Despatch us with all speed, lest that our
Come here nimself to question our delay ;
Fur lie is fuoi4id in this bind already.

Ft. Kmg Yuu shall be miou deapatch'd with
fair ouuditions :
A night IS bat small breath, snd liule pause.
To «iaiw«r maiten uf ihi» consequence.



Saicr Chorus.

swift I


Ckn. Thus with Imagin'd wing our
1m mo'MHi <*f no less celenty
Tnauihatofthuagbt. 2iappiise that you have
\he well app«Huied king at llsmpttm pier
i'mbark bis royalty ; aud h« brave fleet

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