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For I can take, aud Pistol's cock mi up,
AikI flashing fire will follow.

Nipn. I am not Burbuson.you cannot oonjars
me. I have an humour to kmick you indiflbrently
well : If you gmw fiiul with lue, Pist«»l. I wiU
scour you with my rapier, as J may, in fair terms :
if you would walk oO; 1 would prick your guta a
little, in good terms, as I may ; and thathi the hu-
mour of It. [wight !

i'lU. O braggard vile, and damned funttua
The grave doih gape, and doting death is near ;
Therefore exhale. [Pistol attd Nym draw.

Bard. Hear me. hear me what I say :— he that
strikes the first stroke. Til nan him op to the liilts,
as 1 am a soldier. [Dram.

PiU. An (Mth of mickla miglit ; and fury shall
Give me thy fist, thy fore- foot to me give:
Thv spirits lire nuiei tall.

ivjfm. I will rut thy throat, one time or otber.
jjj #.-; .... ._.L. "^ unMirof iL

s the word T— I thee

ou my spoose to get T

I of infsmy
e. and her esfiousa :
raoMctesi Quickly
ca^ there's euuuga.

Enter the Hof.

Bof. Mine boat Pistol, you most come to my
maatar,— and you. hoKtess:— he is very sick, and
would til bed.— Good Bardolpb. put thy nose be-
tween his slieets, aial do the office of u warming-
pan : Tsith. he's very ill.

Bard. Away, you rugue.

Q«fc4. By my troth, he'll yield the crow a pod-
diuic one of these ilays; the king hiis killed his
heart.— Good husband, come home presently.

[Exeunt Mrs. Quickly and Boy.

Bonf. Come, shall 1 muke vou two (hands T V^e
must to France togfther. why tlie devil should
we keep knives to cut one another's thniuts T

Fist. Let fltKids o'erswell, and fiends for food
howl on !

Hfm. You'll pay me the eight shillings I won
of you at betting f

fist. Baae is the slave that pays.

ffynt. I'hat now I will have ; tbat's the humour
of it.

Fist. As manhood shall omipoand : Push home.

Bard. By this sword, hi» that makes the first
thrust, I'll kill him ; liy tliis smtrU, I will.

Fist. Sword is sn oath, and oaths must ba^t

Bard. Corporal Nym. an thou wilt be friemls,
be friends : an thou wilt not, why then be eue-
niiea with me too. Pr'ythee. put up.

Ntm. I shall have my eight shilluigs, I woo if
you at betting T

Ftst. A noble shalt thou huve. and preaent pay
And liquor likewise will I give iti thee,
AihI friendship shall roiiihine. und bnitberliuod :
I'll live by Nym, and Nym shall live by me ;—
U not this just T— for 1 sliall sutler lie
L'iit4> the ciiiii|t. mid profits will uoc.ue.
Give me iby buwl

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A ^ 47C


lliat iiianr things, haviiut full refnrenoe
'I'u uiie ouotieiiL. may work am' ntnoiuiljr ;
Aa iiiuny amiWN, liiuMd aeTenU ways.
Fly U) una mHric ;

Aa mauy ae\(inil waya meet in ona town ;
Ax luaiiy fmh »treaina ran in one aelf aea;
Ai nwny liu«a cloae in the diars centre;
So raany a thouanud actiuna, once afout.
End in one purpuae. and be all well borne
Witliout defeat, 'llierefura to France, my liefp.
Divide y(»ar happy Euglaiid into four:
Whereof take you one quarter Into France,
And yuu withal ahall nuike all Giiltiu ahake.
If we, with Ihrioe that power left at home,
Caouot defend our own door frum the dog,
tet ua be worried ; and uor nation loae
l*he name of hardiueaa, and poiny. [Dauphin.
K, Hau Call in the meawogem aent (torn the
iExtt an AttendanL '/'Ac King aacatds
Now are we well resolv'd ; and,— by God'a help ;
And y<Mire, th« noble ainewa of our power. —
France being ouni, we'll bend it to our awe.
Or bnrak it all to pieces : Or there we'll ait,
Kuliiui, III large and ample enipery.
O'er France, and alt her ulmiwt kindly dukedomt.
Or Uv thetie bones in un unworthy uni,
'rombles*, with no remembraiioe over them :
Either our hiatory shall, with full mouth.
Speak fretily of our ncu ; or elae our rnire,
UkeTurki»h raute,sliall have n toiigueleaa mouth,
hot worstiip'd with a waxen epitaph.

Enter Ambaaaadora q/* France.
Now are we well prepar'd to know Uie pleastire
Of our fanr cousin Dauphin ; for. we hear,
Your greetinx is from him, not from the kinr.

Amb, May it pleaae your in^Jeaty, to give n»
Freely to render what we hare in charge.
Or ahall we aparmcly show vou fiir olf
The dauphin's meaning, and our embaasyf

K. Hen. We are no tyrant, but a Chriatiau
Unto wlitMe grace our pnsaion ia aa suhject.
As are i»ur wietchea fettrr'd in our pri«oiis:
TherKrore, with frank and with uncurbed plain-
Tell ua the dauptuu'a mind. (iies»

Amb. Thua. then, in tew.

Your highneaa. lately aending into France,
Dal clitiiu BitniH certain dukedoms, in the right
Of youraiwit predecesaor.kingEdwaitl the third.
In auawer uf wlndi claim, the prince our master
Says,— that you savour too much of your youth ;
And bids you lie advni'd. there's noiigtit in France
'llwt can be with a uimble gulbaixl won ;
You canntit revel into dukrtloma tliera :
He therefore aeiida you, nieet«r (ttr your apuit.
This tun of treasure : and, in lieu of tins,
Dfwrea you, let the dukodonia that you claim
Hear no more of you. This the dauphin speaks.

if. Hen What treasure, uucle t

£xe. '1 eimai-balls. my liege.

K. Hen. We are glad, the dauphin is so plea-
sant with ua;
His present, and your pains, we thank you for ;
When we have matcird our rackeia u> these balla.
We will. III France, liy God's grace, pluy a set.
Shall sinke hi» fattier s cruwii into the haxurd
Tell him, he hath made a mutch with such a

That all the courts of France will be disturb'd
With chaoea And we understand him well,
H4»w he omies o'er us with our wililer days.
Not measuring what use we made of them.

We never valu'd this poor seat of Gngland ,
And therefore, living neiice. did give ourself
To barbarous license ; As 'tis eve' «wromon.
That men nre merriest when they are from lioin«
But tell the dauphin,— I will keep my state.
Be like a kiiwr, and show my sail of grealnesa.
When 1 do rouse me in my tbruoe of France :

Fur that I have laid by niy migesiy.
And plodded like a nmn for w«irkii
But I will ride there wiil^ so fu|^ aflory,

I'hal I will diizzle all the eyeit)if France,
Yea. Mtnke the dauphin bliial to io(»k on ua.
And tell the pleaaniit prince.— Uimi mock of h'%
Hnth tum'd his balls to RUii-Ktones; and hw soul
Shall stand sore charged for the wasteful vvu-

geaiice [walowtf

Tliat shall dy with them : for many a iliousMnd
Shall this his mock muck out of their dear hua>

Iwiids ; [duwu :

MotJt nioihera from their anna, modi caaue*
And aojie are yet ongoiteo. and unborn.
That shall h ve cuuae to rune the daupfainVi
But litis l.e.4 all wiihm the will of God. [scixu.
To whom I do upiieal ; And in whose name.
Tell ytiu the dHUphin. I am coming on,
I'o venge me mh I may, and to out lorth
My rigiiiful h<ilid iii a well halUm'd caoMi.
So, get you lieiiCH in peace; and tell tlie dan-
His jest will suvour but of slialhiw wit. tphin.
When ihousuiMhi weep, more than did laugti at

Convey them with safe conduct.— Fare yon well.
{Exeunt Ambaaaadora.
Exi. This was a merry mesaiiKe.
K. Hm. We hope to make llie seialer binah

at It. lDtstemi$Jrmnku IhnMe.

Therefore, my lords, omit no liuppy hour
That iiwy givit furtiieruuce t4» our expedititm :
F«»r we have now no thought in un but Fiance :
Save those to tjod, iliat run before our biMiueas.
Therefore, let our pn>poriioiw lor tiieaie wan
Be sotin collected ; and ail Uiiiuca ihouglii upon.
That may, with reu»<>uuble swiAjHnw, aud
More feaLliers to our wingii ; for. God beinre.
We'll chide this dauphin at ins fuiher's di«ir.
Therefore, let every man now task liia tiiouglit.
That thu lair action may on foot be bruunht.



'Enter Chonia.
Ckor Now all the youth of Eiwland are on flra,
AihJ silken dalliance iirtlie wanlmlw lies:
.Now iiirive the aniiourare. aud ii«Hiu<ir*s thooght
KeigiM solely in the breast of every man :
They sell ihe pasture now. to boy Uie htirse ;
Followiiut I lie mirror of all ClinsiiMn kings,
Wiih winged hf els, as liliiglpili Mereuriea.
For uow sita kjciwctation in the air ;
Aud lihles a sword, frum hilta unto the point.
With crown imperial, crowns and ouruuets,
ProoiM'd to Harry aial his f<»llowers.
The French, advis'd by good mtelligenoe
Of UiiM nM«t dreadful preparntioo.
Shake in their tear: and with |Mle polk^
Seek to divert the Euglish purpoaes.
U Knghmd I model lo thy inward grealneaa.
Like Tittle body with a mighty heait,— (do.

What niight'si ihoudo, ihat honour wookl thee
Were all thy children kind and naiurnl !
But aee thy fault I France liaUi in tliee fuand o«t
A neat of hollow bootMus, which he fills (msii—
With treaclieroas crowns ; aial ihrue oumipiaJ

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Bnynotl rhn river Sala, in the year

>:iclit liuwireU five. Ueaudes, their writere ny,

K ug Pepin, which deptwed (^hil lerick,

LM. M heir fHiienU, bviug deaceuded

or Bhtluki, whrf^U wiw deuirhter to kiot CloUuur,

Mtike cljiiiu mnd title to the crown of Prauoa.

Huch Oipei al«).— that usarpM the crown

Uf Cbariee the duke of Lorrain, Mle heir male

or the tme line and stock of t^hailen the great,—

Til fine hn title with eome show of truth.

n'bnuKh,iu pure truth, it was corrupt ami naofht,)

Cuovey'd himaelf as lieir to the lady I^ngare,

Daofrhter to Charleniain, who was the etia

To LiewH tlie emperor, and Liewis tlie son

OrCttarleatlMfreal. Also king liewis the tenth,

Wiio was sole Iteir to Uie usurper Capet,

Coald not keep quiet in his conecieiioe,

Weannf the crown of France, tili 8aiis6ad

lliat fmr qoeeo IsaheL liis ffrandmoUter,

Was lineai of ttie ladv Enneufare,

Diitffbter to Charles the foresaid duke of Lorrain:

Bf the whirh marriage, the line of Charles the

Was ra-ooited to the crown of France.
So ttiat, as clear as h the summer'* sun.
King Pepiu's title, aud Hugh Capet's claim.
King L<ewis his satisfiuuion, all appear
To bold in right and title of Uie feirtale :
So do the kings of Framie onto tluR day;
Huwbeit they would hold op this Salique law,
I'd bar riMir highuess clHiming from the female
And rather cbooee to hale them iu a net.
lliaM aoHily to imbars their crooked titles
Uaurp'd noai yua and your prufeuitom.

K. Htm. May I, wiUi right ana oousoieDoa, make
thw claim t

CmU. 'Ilia sin upon my head, dread sovereigii I
For in the book at Nuroben is it writ,—
When the son dies, let the mheritance
f^Moend unto the daughter. Graaoiis lord.
Stand far ywr own ; unwind your bloody Aug,
Look back unto your mighty ancestors :
Go, my dread lord, to your great grsndsire'k tomb,
FlMu whom you claim ; invoke his warlike spint.
And ynor great 011010%, Edward the )>iack pmice;
Wlto ou the PTBOoh groood play'd a tragedy.
Making defeat on the ruU power of France ;
Whiles bia most mighty fittber on a hUl
tftoiNl smilioff, to behohl his lion's whelp
Fiirage in bluad of French nobility
O nuMe EMiMh. that ouold entertain
With half their (bmes the full pride of France;
AmI let aooiher half stand laughing by,
All oot of work* and ookl (ur action ! .

Mtf. Awake remembrance of these valiant dead,
Aad with your poissoni arm renew their feat* :
Y«M are their heir, you sit opua their throne ;

"liie biuod and courage, that renowned thenif
JUne in your vaius; and my Ihnoe-puissaui bege
Is in the very llay-mom of his yoath,
Kiue for exptoiu and mighty
em, Yoor bmther kings 1

his yoath,

r enterprises.

and mouarohs of the

yoa shnokl rouse yoaraeli^
UiMis of your blood.


WttL They know, y<Mir grace hath cause, and
■wane, and uugbl;
80 hath your highness ; never king of England
Had noble s ndier, and more kiyal sui^ecu;
WiMjea beans have toft their bodies here In


A«d Ue pavilkai'd ia the fields of Franc*.

Osm. a tot their bodtos follow, my dear Uece,
WAh blood.aad swoni, and Are, to win yoar right:
Ju aid whMW^ we of the spiiicoalty

Will mise your highiieiw kucIi ii uu^uty sum.

As never did the clergy atiHie time

Uniiif ID 10 any o( yoiir Hiice>t(>rs. [FYeocb ;

K Hen. Wo must no: only iirin to iiivude l\m
But Uy down our proiioniiNis to dei'end
Against tlie Soot, who will make iukI umhi us
With all advantages (reiga*

Cant. They of those marches, gracious s»v«*-
Shall be a wail lufllcient to defeiiu
Our iniaud from toe pilfering burderers.

£ Htn. We du not mean the counuog snatcb>
era only.
But fear the main infendment of the Soot,
Who huth heeu 8:dl a giddy neighbour t4> u» ;
Fur you sliuU roMd, lliat my great grauofaiUer
Never went with hui forces into Frunce,
But that the Scot on his uiifumiith'd kiugdom
Came pouring, like the tide mto a breach.

With ample aud bnni fulness of bis furoe ;

" ' the ■ ■

withcne' ^ .

That EiiglauJ, being euiptv or defeoce.

Galliug the gleanml land with h«it essava :
Girtliii{; with grievous siege, Ciis:le« and towns;

Uuth sliouk, aud irembtod at the ill iieigbbuur-
hoiid. (harm'd. my liexe :

Cant. She hath been then more I'oard laau
For hear her Imt exanipled by bentelf.—
When all her cliivulry liiith mseu iu France,
And site a mourning widow or lier uoliles,
Slie batli herself ii«»t only well defended.
But taken, and imptiumied as a stray.
The king or Scots; whom she did at^iid to Fninfle.
To till king Edward's 5ime with pnauiier kings;
And luuke your clinmicle as ri(*h wiih pnuse.
As is Ihe ooze and IhAUhu oT the sea
With sunken wreck ami sumleas treasuries.

West. But there's a saving, very old aud inie,—
If that you leiU rramt iota.
'llten mth ScoUand first beynt ;
For once the eugle England Iwiux in prey.
To her unguarded nest the weasel Sciti
Comes sneaking, and au sucks her princely eggs ;
PUiying the luouae, in abeenoe tif the cat,
Tospuil and Imviic more Ihuu slie can euU

£sr. It follows then, the cat must slay at home:
Yet that is but a cont'd necessity ;
Since we have lucks tu saiegourd uecesaariee.
And pretty traps to cutch the peUy Uneves.
While that the armed hand dutli ii<iit aliruad.
'ilie advMMHl head defends itself at hnme :
For ^verument. iliouirh high, and low, uud lower.
Put into parts, doth koep in one cuuseut;
Congruing in a lull aud uaiurul oluae.
Like niUMC.

ObnI. True : therefore dolh heaven divide
llie stale of man 10 divers AiiMtiious,
Setting endeavour in oimtinuui nio>iou;
I'o which n tixed, as an auu or bu4,
Obedieuoe: for so work Uih huuey bees:
Creatures, that, by a rule in nature, teaca
Tlie act of order to a peopled kingdom.
They Imve a kiug. and ofltcers of m»ru :
Where siNne, like luagiatrates, correct at home ;
Otliers, like merchants, venture trade abnud ;
Others, like soldiers, armed in their stings.
Make buot upoo the summer's velvet huds;
Which pillage they with merry murcli briug hone
To tlie tent-rtiyul or their emperor :
Who, busied in bw migesly, surveys
The singiug masons building roots or gold ;
The ovU citizens kneading up the hunej ;
The poor meriiaoic porteia crouding iu
llieir lieavy burdens at his narrow gaie ;
I'he sad-ey^d juiaica. witli his surly hum,
DeliveriuK o'er to executore pale
The buy yawniug drone. I this iBlar^»

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Le^vimc Ilia Iwdjr ■« a pMnuJwe,

I'll «niTei«»p mid cunUiin (wlentinl tiiirita.

Never wuk mich « sudden scholar made :

Nerttr came reformation in a fltiud,

W|.h sacU M heiKly current, soounng fitulu;

Niir DeTer Hydra-heuded wilfulneM

So aoon did luea hie eeaC aod all at once.

As in this kioff.

Elf. We are Mewed in the change.

CSbmI. Hear him but reason in diTinity,
And, aU-admirinff. with an inward wbh
Yoa woold desire, the king were made a prelate:
Hear him detiaTe of commonwealth affiUrs,
You'd sav.— it hath been all-in-ail his studf :
List his dnoounn of war, and you shall hear
A fearful battle render'd rou in music :
Tom him to any cause or policyi
The Gonltan knot of it he will unlooee,
Familiar as his fcarter; that, when he speaks,
llie air, a charter*d libertine, is stdl.
Awl the mute wonder lurketh in men's eara^
I'o steal his sweet and honey'd sentences ;
So that the art and practic part of life

«nst oe the mistren to this tbeunck :
liirh ii a wonder, how his frace should glean it;
Since his addiction wu to courses Tain :
His onnipiinies nnletter'd, rude, and shallow ;
Hie hnore fill'd np with nots, biuiqoets, qwrts;
And never n«Ked in him any study.
Any retirement, sny sequestration
Prom open haunts aiid popularity.
£(ir. llie strawheny grows ondemeath the

And wholesome hemes thrive and ripen best,
Newhbour'd by fruit of baser quality :
Andsn the prince obecur'd his contemplation
Under the veil of wikluees ; which, no doubt.

Grew Hke the summer grass, fastest by night.
Unseen, vet creedveln his facultv.
CimL It must be so: for miracles ars oeas'd ;

And therefore we must needs admit the means.
How things are perfected.
\Et9. But, rojr good Ion!,

How now lor mitigation of this bill
Un;'d by the commons T Duth his m^estjr
Incline to It, or not

Cant. He seems indiflhrent ;

Or, rather, swaying more upon our part
Than cberisliing the exiiibiters against us :
Fv I have made an oflisr to his mi^esty,—
Upon our spirituiil convocation.
And in regard of causes u<»w in hand,
Whicli 1 have open'd to his grace at hirge.
As touching France,— to give a greater sum
lluin ever at one time thie clergy yet
Did to his predecessore part withal.

EI9. How did this ofler seem reoeiv'd, my lurdT

Colli. Wi*h good acoeptaiioe nf his majesty ,
Save« that there was not time enough to hear
(As I perceiv'd, his grace would fain have done,)
'llie aeveials, and unhidden paasiures.
Of nis true titles to some certain dukedoms—
And. generally, to the crown and seat of France,
Oeriv'd from Cdward, his great arandfather.

Etf What was tlie impediment that broke this
nfff [sunt,

CAu. The French ambassador, upon that iii>
Craved audience : and the hour, I think, is come,
To give him hearing : Is it four o'clock T

Ett. Itis.

C01U. Tlien go we hi. to know his embassy ;

Which I oould, with a ready guess, declare,
.. , ..^ » . .- 1 ^ jj^

to hear it

Before the Frenchman speak a word of it.
10^. Ill wait upon you : aod I long to

[Alt L

SCENE W.-'Tkttam^, A Room ttf StaU m ttm

Enter King Henry, Gl «ter. Uedfonl, Exeif r. War-
wick, Westniorelund, and Attwdsnis

IT. Hen, Where is my gmrious lord of Cniiter-

£i«. Not hers in presence. Ibury f

K. Hen. SmihI for him. giMid uncle.

Weet. Shall we call in the ambassador, niv
liece f [aolv'd,

K Hen. Not yet. my cousin ; we would be r^
Before we hear him. of some thinxs of weicht.
I'hat task oar thoughts, couoiiming us and Pranot.

Enter the Archbishop of Canterbury and Bishop

Camt G«id and his sngels Kuaid your sacred
And make you lung become it I [tlirone,

K. Hen. Sure, we thank yOtt.

My learned lord, we pray you to proceed ;
And justly and religiously unfold.
Why the hiw Saliqnn, that they have in Franca,
Or should, or should not. bar us in our c aim.
And God forbid, my desir and faithful lord,
Tliiit you siiould fiishit in. rest, or Iniw your reading;
Or nicely chanre your uiulersiandinx si>ul
Witli opening titles miscrtRMte. whosu ri^iit
Salts iMit in native ciilours with the truth ;
For God duth know, liow many, imiw in health.
Shall drrtp their blouil in approbati<m
Of what your reverence slia.l incite us to:
Therefore taMe heed how you impawn our peiaoot
How vou awake ttie sleeping sword of war:
We charge you in the name of God. take heed :
For never two suoh kingdoms did conieiid,
Without much fiill of blood; whoM; guillle»s dropa
Are every one a woe, a sore complidnt,
'Gainst hiro whose wrongs give mlge unto tb«

That make such waste in brief mortality.
Under this ooi\jurdtHHi, npeak, my lord :
And we will hear, note, and believe in heart.
That what you siieak is in your consdeuoe wash'd
As pure as sin with baptism. [yuu poen.

Caul. I'lien hear me, gracious sovereign.— and
That owe your lives, your faith, aod seiviixa.
To this imperial thronn ;— There is no bar
To make against your huthuew' cluim to Prance,
But this, which they produce fniiii Pharamoud,—
In terram Satiram muLeres ne sucredantt
No MONMN $kaU smccerd m &tliqiie lond:
Wliich Salique land the Prencii unjustly gk«e,
To be the realm of Pmnce. and Ph;iramoud
I'he founder of this law and female bar.
Yet their own nutlioni faithfully afOrm,
That the land Saliqnp lies in GerniHiiy,
Between the fliNid^ of Sala iind of £>be :
Where Charles the great, having suhdned th*

There leA. behind and aettled certain French ;
Who, holding in disdain the German women
For souie dislionest manners of their life,
Estoblish'd there this luw.— to wit. no female
Should be inheritrix in Salique huid ;
Which Salique. t» I said, 'twixt PIbe and Sale,
Is at this day in Germaiiy oill'd— Meisen.
II1U8 doth it well appeMr. the SaUaue Inw
Wiis iMit devised for the realm of l-raiice ;
Nor did the French possess the Salique liual
Until f«»ur hundred one and twenty vears
After def unci ion of king Piiaramond.
Idly suppoMd the fouiaJer of tltis law ;
Who died within the year of our redempttm.
Four hundred twenty-six ; and Charles the ^rral
Sabdaed the Saxons, and did seat the Prauch

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y Act




J73 ^ .

kio miicli cliiywJ with fA nieat, our liiimMe au- 1 wiili yi»ur hunt t»iiiihoiui ; lor Utilr.iiii ^ iJimJ %
UMtr wilJ ciHiiiuue ilie siorr. with Sir John in il. martyr, mid ti.is w iioi the lusiii My louKue u
naU niake r"» "lerry wjih fiur Katliurine of I weary ; wlieii my i«g* are ton, I will InU yon i«o«iJ
(raiicw: whont, fur any thing I know, FMlsiatf^t iiiglit; iiiid mo kneel down l>eroro you.— bu ,ttt>.
itiall di« of a aweat, uule» already he be kiUitd } deed, to pray for ilie qaeen.


Rinir Hen^ the Fifth.

Duke of Enter, tmcfe to Me KiMg.

Duke of York, twain to the Kmg.

Earls of Salisbury, Weetniorelaiid, and Wnrwiek.

A rchhiahonof Caoterbary.

Biahop of Ely.

f"'^i£^""''*^*^ I eofupinton agaiftst tkt

Lord Scroop, > ^^ try^g

Sir Thomas Grey. > ^ *^* „ ,,

Sir Thomas Erpinfrbam, Gower^ Ploellen. Mao-
morris, Janiy, qfficera m King tknm't

fiatea. Court. Williams, «oUter« fat the $ame.

Nym, Banlolph. Pwtol, JormtrUf tervanU to FU-
mff, now uMmt in the mime.

Boy, $ervanl to than.



Charles the Sixth. Kmo of Frtmc*.

Lewis, <Ae Aiii|i*iii.

Dukes of BarKUiHJy, Orleans, and Bourboo.

7V Constable of France.

Ramhares. and Grandpree, French lord*.

Oooernor of HarJIeur.

Ifoutjoy, a Prettch Herald.

Jmhasandore to the Ktng of England.

Isabel Qaeen ofPranct.
KathsJiue. daaghter of Charlee and Isabel
Alice, o Mr attending on the J*rmcees Katharina.
Quickly, FietoCe wife, an hoettse.

Jjordi, Udiet, Qgtctrt, French and Engtisk Sol-
diere, Meeeengers, and Altendanta.

The SCENE, at the beginrnng of the Play, Ues in
Euglaod ; bat afieneards whoUt in France.

Enter Chorus.
0, Hm* a mtM of Are. that would ascend
The brkhtesi heav«n of invention I
A ktefdom f>»r a stajcr, pnnoM to act.
And (booarrha to beliold thit swalUnf scene I
Then should the warlike Harnr. like hinwelf;
Assume the port of Mars; himI. at hai heels.
Leash'd in like houndtf, should famine, sword.

and lire.
Cnmeh A»r einptoyroent. But pardon, centles all,
The Itat unraised spint, that hath dur'd.
On Ibis unworthy scnllbid. to bniuc 6>rth
8i» Rfeat an oli{«ct : Can this cockpit hold
Tw vusir flehli of France T or may we cram
>^ .thm this wooden O the very casques
That dkl affright the air at Afincourt T
O, panlon '. siaos a crooked riicore inav

Attest, in little plsicn. a million ;

And let us, ripheni lo lh.s tnva aronmpt.

On your imafciiuinr forces work :

Suppose, wiiliiii the sirdle of theve wnlUi

Are now ciHiriird two niiKlitir nioii.ircliitts,

Wliose hiKh upreared and ubuttinic fi-oiitM

I'he penlou*. nurrow ocean (taris aituiider

Piece out our unpttrfef^ioiis with your thouithts.

Into a thouMund purls divide one man,

And make iiiiainnary pinasiincH:

Think, when wk t^ilk of liorxes. that you sen them

Priniinff their pmud IiiniIs i'the receivitnt eurih :

For 'tis vour thoughts tbut now must deck our

Carry iliein here and there : jumpinir o'er times;
'rumiiut tlie accomplishineni of many year«
Iiitp Hu hoiir-fthu» : For the which supply.
Admit ine chorus to Uiix hisiory ;
Whu. pntUigue like, your humble patience pray,

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