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intbrue t [Smatdiing itp ku sv*mt.

Then deaili ruck me asleep, abridge my dolelul

Why titeu. let gnevous. abastly, aaping wounds
Untwiue the stslers three! Cume, Atrop««. 1

Host. 1 litre's gnndly stuff toward I

/^ Give ine my ru|»ier, boy.

Doll I pray thee. Jack. I pray thee, do not draw.

#U. Get you down stair*.

[Drww/iVt aatf drivimf PhUoI *tU.

Host. Here's a gouilty tumult 1 I'll forswear
keeping liouse. afore I'll be in tliese tirriU aial

Inguia So; murder. I warrant now. AImn

Mlasl pot up your naked weapons, put up your
naked weaiwns. lExamt PhAoI and Bardoiok.

DoU. 1 pray thee. Jack, lie qniei ; the rascal is
guue. Ah.you whoreMto liule valiaut vUlMin.you.

Host Are you not hurt rthegrmn? inelbougUl,
be iiuule a shrewd tbrnst at your belly.

Rt-enter Bardolph.

/Vt Have you turned him out of doors?

Bard. Yes, sir. The rascal's drunk : yuo bava
hart itiro. sir. iu tlie slioulder.

Fal A rascal I to brave mel

DuU. Ah. yuu sweet liilte rogue, rou! Alas,
pour upe. how tlmu sweal'sl ! Cume, let me Mipe
thy Aice ;— cime uu. yoo whoreson chops :->Ab,
rogue I i'faiih. I love thee. Thou art as valonnui
as Hector uf Trtiy, worth five of Agameniu«Hi. aial
ten times bettor than tbe nine wurthies. Ak,

/^o/. A rascally slare! I wOItossthe rufuain
a blanket.


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WoaM torn th<*ir own iwrfection to iibnse,
To«eem.like iiiin : &• tlint, in lipeeeh, in g]Ut«
In diei. in nifi^iuos iif U«iifrlit,
In miU Hry rules, humours of blouil,
H« WM iho nwrk and kUm, copf and bonk.
That faahiou'd otb«r«. And bim,— O wondroos
liiin !

miracle uf men I —him did 70a leare,
(Second to none, unaeocmded by jrou,)
To look upon the hidiHKM kimI of war
In diaadvantaKe; to abide a 5eld,

Where nothing but the MMind oi Hotspor^ name
Did aeem defen«ble :— so jrou left him :—
Never, O iierer. do his gliiwi the wruni?.
To boul jroor honour mora preciM and nice
With others, than witli htm : let them alone ;
rhe marshal, and the arohbnlinp. are strung
Had mjr sweet Harry had but half their nnmi
To-dajr might I. hanging (m Hotspur's neck,
Have lalk'd of Monmouth's grave.

North. Beshrew your heart,

Fair daughter I you do draw my spirits from me.
With new bmenting ancient oversighta.
Bot I moat go, and meet with danger them;
Or it will seek me in another place.
And flod me worse piuvHled.

I^dfN. 0, fly to Scotland,

nil that the nobUw. and the armed oommoas.
Oive of their puissance made a liule taste, [king,

Laia P. If they get gruond and vantage of the
Then Join you with them, like a rib of steel.
To make strength stronger ; but. for all our loves.
Hnt let them trv themselves: So did your son;
He was so suffer d ; so came I a widow ;
And never shall have length of life enough.
To rain u|Nin remenibniuce with mine eyes,
That it way grow and spmut as hixh as heaven,
fbr rscordatjon to my noble husband. [mind.

Nm-tk. Come, come, go in with me : 'tis with my
As with the tide sweilVl up unto lU heigiit.
llMg makes a still-stand, running neither way.
Fhin would I go to meet the arclibnUiop,
B«t many thousand raasons hold me back :— ~

1 will resolve for Scotland ; thera am I,
Till tune and vantage or«ve my company.

SCENE nr.-LondoQ. A Room tm Om Boar's
Head Tavern, m Baaldieap.
Enter Two Dnyiwn.
I Drmo. What the devU hast thou btoogfat
there T apple-Johns f thou know^, sir John can-
out endura an apple-John.

a Drum. Mass, thou sayesC true : The prince
oaee set a disli of apple-Johns before him, and
told him, there wrrr live more sir Johns: and.
potting off his hat. said. ImU mmiakemtkam
tl^m mx drt, romd, old, wiOnrtd kmphU. It
■■gsrsil him to the bran : but he hath It^goC

1 Drmm. Why then, cover, and set them down :
And see if thou canst And out Sneak's nuise ;
MustniM I'ear-sheet wonkl Ihiu hear some music.
Despatch :— The room where they supped, is too
hot; fhoy'U oume in straight.

2 Drom. Sirrah, hero will be the prince, and
ot INjins anon : and thry will put on two of

omr jorfeiMS. and aprons; and sir John must not

"^ 'lardolph bath brought word.

ire witi be old utis

know of It: Dai

1 Drom. By the
will be an ezeellent stratugem.

3 Drmm. Ill see if 1 can dnd out Sneak. iExiL

BiUer Hostess onrf Doll Tear-sheet
Bmk rftHh, sweet hevt, methhiks now yoa

are in an excellent good tempeniUty : your pols-
idge beata as eAreordinarily aa heart would de-
sire; and your colour, I warrant voii. is as red as
any nsw : But. i'faith. yon have urunk too much
canaries ; and that^ a marvellous searching wine,
and it perfumes the blood ere one can sa;,—
What's th» ? How do you now ?

DoU. BeUer than I was. Hem.

HoH. Why. that's well said: a mod heart's
worth gold. Look, here comes sir John.

Enter FalstafC mnging.

FaL When Arthur first mcom-t—Emptftheinr'
dmxL—And isas a toortht kmg: lExtt Drawer.]
How now. mistress Doll t

Uoel. Sick of n calm : yea. good sooth.

FU. So is all her sect; an they be once in a
oalm, they are sick.

DolL You muddy rascal, is thoft all the corofint
yoa give me.

FaL You make (at rascals, mistress DolL

DM. I make them ! gluttony and di s e a se s make
them ; I make them not.

Fhl If the cook help to make the gluttony, yoo
help to make the diseases. Doll : we catch of you,
Doll, we catch of you ; grant that, my poor virtue,
grant that

DM. kf, marry ; our chains and our Jewels.

F>eL Yottr brooehn, pmrts, and tmehes ;— fiw to
serve bravely, is to aime halting off. you know :
To come off the brMch with his pike bent brave-
ly, and to surgery bravely ; to venture upon the
duuxnd chambers bravely :

Doll Hang yooraelA yoa muddy conger, hang

Bott. By my troth, thiw is the old fasldon ; you
two never meet, but you fill I to some dncord :
you are both, in good troth, as rheumatick a* two
dry Unists ; you cannot one bear with another's
confirmitiee What the ffood-year! one must
bear, and that must be jrou: (to DoU.l you are
the weaker vrssel. as they say. the emptier vesseL

DolL Can a weak emplv ve»el bear such a
huge Aill hogshead 7 there s a whole mernhant's
venture of Buurdenox stuff in bim; you havn not
seen a hulk belter stutled in the uold— Come.
I'll be friends with thee. Jack : tliou art going to
the wars; and whether I shall ever see thee
again, or no, there is nobody cares.

Ee-emler Dnwar.

Drom, Sir. ancient Pistol's below, and wonkl
speak with you.

DolL HniiK him, swaggering rascal I let him
not come hitlier : it is Um foul mouih'dsi fugue
in England.

Ho$L If he swagger, let him not come here: no,
by my faith ; I must live aiiNHiast my iieighliours;
nl no swaggerers : I am in giiuil nume and fume
with the very best :— Shut the door ;— there nooMfS
no swagtereni here; I have iMit lived all tlus
while, to have 1

I pray yoo.

m. Dost thou bear, hostess T

BmI. Pray yoo. pacify yooraelC sir John ; there
conies no swaxgerers here.

Fid. Dust thou liearl it is mine annent.

Ho$L Tilly-lally, sir John, never tell me: yoar
ancient swaggerer comes not in my doors. I was
before master Tisidc, the deputy, the other duy ;
and, as he said to me,;— it Wiis no longer ago than
Wednesday last,— ATMbMear QtddUff, says he ;—
master Dumb, our minister, was by then :—NeH/h-
bow Qvicktif, snys he, recetvr Most that are crt'i/ :
/or, says he, pou or* mom ill naam ,*— now he saal

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Emter Banlolph imd Pugai

Bard. *SaT« your grace !

P. Hen. Aim] yours, mart mible Bardolph I

Bard. Come, you virtuous ms, [to the Page.]
yoQ bnsliful AiuU must vou be blnsiiing ? whcre-
fiHV blush you nuwT What n maidenly mitn at
anus are yuu become ! Is it such a matter, to
get a poille-pofk maitlenlieail 7

Page. He calletl me even uow. my lord, throarh
a red lattice, and I could discern no oart of his
fere from the window : at Inst, I spied his eyes ;
and, mAth«iUi;ht, he liml made two holes in the
ale-wife's new pelticuHtt. and peeped through.

P. Hen. Huth not tlie b<iy prothed 7

Bard. Away, you wliuretfun upriffat rabbit,

Page. Awav.you rascally Althea's dream, away!

P. Hen. Iiiisirucl us. boy : What dream, boy 7

Page Marry, my lord, Althea dreamed ahe was
delivered of a hre-bnuul ; and Uierefore I call him
her dream.

P. Hen. A crown's worth of good interpretation.
— Thure ii is. Iioy. [Gives kim moneif.

Potn$. , that this Kood blossom could be kept
fhim CMuken !— Well, there is sixpence to pre-
serve thee.

Bard. An yoa do noC make bun be hanged
aniutix you. the aallows shall have wrouR.

P, Hen And how doth thy master, Bardolph T

Bard. Well, my lonl. He heard of your grace's
eoi^ng to town ; there's a leUer for you.

Poins. Delivered with good respect.— And how
duth the niartlemaii, )our master 7

Bard. In bodily health, sir.

PoiMM. Marry: the immortal part needs a physi-
cian : hut that moves nut him ; thuaiih that be
aick. it dies not.

P. Hem 1 do allow this wen to be as familiar
with me as my dog : and he holds his place ; fur,
look you. how he writes.

Poms [Reads] Jtihn FalstaflT, knight, Every

man must know that, as o(t as he has oocasittn to
name huitself. Even like tli*«e that are kin to
Uie king; for they never prick thrir linger, but
Ihey say. TVre is some of Vie kite's blood spilt.
Uow comes that f says he that takes u()on him not
lo oonceive : the answer is as ready as a borrow-
er's cap \ I am the king's poor cousin, sir.

P. lien. Nuy, they will be km to us. or they
will feteii it from Japliet. But the letter:—

Poins. Sir John Fa (staff. Jbii0A/. to the son t^ th*
king, netirret his father, Horrg prince tif (roief,
frer/iN^ — Why, litis is a certificate.

PHen Peace!

Poms. J wtU imiiau the honourable Roman m
Irevitg ;— he sure means brevity in breath ; short-
winded.— / comaieii'/ me to thee, I commend thee,
ami I leave thre. Be not too familiar wih P<iins ;
for he muHsrs tkf favours so much, twt he swears,
than art to marrv his stster Nell. Repent at idle
times a* tho* maist, ami so fareweU.

Thtne, b^ yea and no, {vMdh is as
mnrh as to sojf, as thoH usest Aim.)
Jack Falsian, with mufamiHars ;
John, wiih my brothers and sisters;
and str John with all Europe.
My lord. I will steep this letter in sack, and make
him eat it.

P. Hen. That*s to make him eat twenty of his
words. But do yua use me lhas,Nedf masti
Biarry your sister 7

Poms May tlie wench have no worse fortaoe I
but I never said so.

i' Hen, Well, thus we play the Ibols with the

time ; and the spirits of the wise sit in i he rlooda,
and mock us.— Is your master here in Loitd«»n T

Bard. Yes. my lord.

P. Urn Where sups heT doth the old boar feed
in the old frank 7

Bard. At t^e old place, my loni ; in Eutcheap.

P. Hen. What company 7

Page. Epheaians, my lord ; of the old eharch.

P. Hen Snp any women with bira 7

Page. None, mv lord, but old niistreas Qukriclj,
and mistress Doll Tear-slieet.

P. Hen. What pagan may that be 7

Page. A proper gentlewoman, sir, and a kine-
woman of my master's.

P. Hen. Even Ruch kin. as the parish lieifen
are to the town-bull.— Shall we steal opon them.
Ned, at supper 7

Pom*. I am your ahadow, my lord ; Ml follow

P. Ben Shmh, yon boy,— end Bardolph :— no
w(»id to your master, that 1 am yet come to town:
There's fi»r your silence.

Bard. I have no tongoe, sir.

Page And for mine, sir,— I will govern it

P. Hen Fare ye well ; ga {Exeunt Banlolph
and Page.]— This Doll Tear-sheet should be some

Poin$. 1 warrant you, as common aa the way
between Saint Albaii's and London.

P. Hen. How migtii we see Falstaff bestow
himself tonight in his true ooiours, and not our^
solves be seen 7

Pains. Put on two leather Jerkins, and aprons,
and wait upon him at his table as drawers

P. Hen. From a god to a ball 7 a heavy desoen-
sioo ! It was Jove's ciisc. Fnati a pnnoe to a
prentice 7 a low transformation! that shall be
mine : for, in every thing, the purpose must weigh
with the lolly. Follow me, Nud. [ExtmnL

SCENE m. — Waricwoith. Before ths CastU.

Enter Northumberland, Ladf Northumberland,
and Ladg Pen^.

North. I pray thee, loving wife, and gentle
Give even way unto my n>ttgh affairs :
Put not you on the vimge or the times.
And he, like them, to Percy trtMihiesome.

Lady N. I have given over, i will speak no nMire:
Do what you will ; yonr wisdom be your goale.

North. Alas, sweet wife, my honour is at pawn ;
And, bat my going, nothing can redeem it.

Ladg P. yet, for God's sake, go not to theae
The tinne was. ftiiher. that jroa bnrice yonr woni.
When you were more eudear'd to it tiian now ;
When your own Percy, when my heart's deer

Threw many a northward look, to see his father
Bring up his powers; but he did long in vain.
Who then persuaded you to st^y at hotne 7
There were two honours lost ; yours, and year

For vours.— may heavenly gloiy brighten it *
For his,— it stuck ujm>ii him, as tlie sun
Til the grey vault of heaven : and, by hia Ugfat,
Did all the chivalry of England move
To do brave acts; he was, iialeed, the glass
Wherein the noble youth did dress thenuclvea.
ifr had no legs, that practis'd not his gait :
And speaking thick, which nature made hk

Became the aooenta of the valiant :
Far thoee thatoould speek km. atal tardily,


■^ s

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y Kci

Act II.l .

/W/. As 1 am A mnllenuin ;—

HotL Nnjt. you smI su before.

Ai. Ai I am • geutlenuin ; Cume, do more

wmlsof iL

iktiL Bf ibie heevenly Krunod I tread un, I moat
be bio lo jMwn boili my plate, mmI the tapestry
of my disrair-cbainberB.

Ai UlMMte, glanes. in the ooly drinking ; nnd
Ibr tkf walla, — a pretty siirht druUery. or the
•uiry oi the pmdNcal, or the German huntiur in
waterwork, m worth a thousand of Iheee bed-
hanginiff, and these fly-lutteu tapestriea. Let it
be ten pound if thoa canst. Come, an it were
aot for thy liiimoan, thars is not a belter wench
la Knghinrt Oii. wasli thy &oe, and draw thy
aotioc : Come, thou most not be in this humour
with ae ; dost not Iibow me I Come, oume, I
know tboo wast set on to this.

ilBSf. Pray thee, sir Jiihn, let it be but twenty
■oMes ; t'iaith I am luath to pawn mjr plate, in
good earnest, la.

JU. Let it alone; I'll make other shift: yoall
be a foul alilL

iloef. WelLynQ shall hsTe it, though I P*wn
my gown. 1 hope you'll oume to sopper : You'll
pay me all tocethiir?

>bl Will llive?— Go. with her. with her; [to
.1 hook on, hook on.

Vill you have Ooll Tear-efaeet maetyoo
at sapper?

ACNo more wonh, let's hare her.

[ICanml HostMs. Banlolph, OOoers,

CI. Jmt. I hare heard beUer news.
Jbl. What's the news, my good lord T
Ck. Jmi. Where hiy the kiag last ught?
Oew. At BaiiiMtstoke. my lonl.
IW. 1 hope, my lonl, aU% well: What's the
Mws, my l<»rd I
CI. Jm^ Come all his foreee hockT
6ew. No; fUleen hundred foot, five hundred


Are march'd op to mr lord of lAncaster^
Aghast Northuoiberiaud, and the archbishop.

AI. CtHiies the king back from Wales, my

CI. Jasl. You shall have letters of roe pre-
eeoUy : Come, go along with me. good master

^ row

^ weani

^ Maud.

JU. Mylordl

€:k.JmML What's tlie matter?

A/: Master Gower, shall I entreat yo« with
Me todiunorT

Qim. 1 most wait upon my good kMd here : I
thank ynu, good sir John.

Ok JttA. Sir John, you loiter here too long.
being yo« are to take sokUert up m counties as

ru. WHIjrna sop with me, master Oower?

Ck.JtmL What Kwhsh master taught you theae

J%/. Master Gower. if they become me not, he
wse a fiml that taught them me.— Tliis is tlie
right iMMiag grace, my lonl; tap for tap, and so

0». JmaL How the Lonl Ugfaten thee ! tliou art
agreatfooL iExnuU.

8CENBIL— T^iosw. AnoOerStmL
Snltr frince lleniy and I>9ina.
P. Om. Trust me, I am exceeding weary.

Is it oume to that 7 1 had thought,
weanueae ducat not have attached one of so high

P. Hm. *Paith it does me; iWmz\\ H di*.
colours the ooniplexjoii of my grcatiiem to ar>
kuowledxe it. DoUi it not show vi.ely iu me. tu
desire smull beer?

Amis. Why, a prince should not be so huMwIy
studied, as to remember so weak a coiitpusi.

P. BtH, Belike then, rov appetite was tu*
princely gut; for. by my tioth. I do now reiiieiiH
ber the poor msature, small beer. But. imh'«d,
these hnnible oiiunderniions make me out of hive
with my grvatneas. What n diacrace is it tu mp,
to remember thy name? or to know thv f:ice to-
morrow ? or to lake note how many pair of silk-
ttiickings thoa hast; vis., these, and thooe Hiat
were the peach-cnlour'd ones? or to bear the iiH
ventory or thy shiru ; aa. one for superfluity, iumI
one other for use 7— but that, the tennis court
keeper knows belter than I ; fi>r it is a l«>w ebb
of Unen with thee, when thou keepest imt mckK
tliere; as thou hast nut done a great while, Ite-
cauee the rest of thy low-coonines have made a
shift to eat op thy hoi land; and God kiiowM,
whether those that bawl out the ruins of Uir
linen, shall inherit his kingdom ; but the mid>
wives say, the ciiildn>n are not in the fnult;
whereupon the wtirld increases, and kindreds are
mi;;htily strengthened.

Poms How ill it follows, after you have la-
bountd so hard, you slMtokl talk so nIIv? Tell

. how many good yuung prinnes wihiUI do wi.
ueir fothers being so »ick m» yours at this time wr
P. Hm. Shall ftell thee one tbiiir. hiins?

Pohu, Yes; and let it be an excellent good

P. Hen. It shall serve among wits of no higher
breeding than tlnne.
Poins. Go to; I aUnd the poeh of your ooa

P. Hen. Why. I tell rhee.— it is not meet that I
Mkoukl be sad. now my fother is sick : albeit I
cookl tell to thee, (as to one it pleases me, fur
ftinit of a better, to call my friend,) I could be sad,
and sad indeed t4»a

i'otas. Very lianlly upon such a snhjeot.

P. Htn. By this hand, thou think'st me as for
in the devil's book as thou, and FalstafT. for ob-
duracy and persistency : Let the end iry the man.
Bat I tell thee.— my heart bleeds inwardly, that
my fiither ia so aick : nnd keeping such vile com-
pany as thou art, hath in reason taken from me
all ostentation of sorrow.

Point, The reasou 7

P. Hen. What would*st thoa think of me, if I
should weep 1

Pobu. I would think thee a most pcinoeiy hy-

P Hen. It would be every man's thought : and
thou art a bteased fellow, to think as every mao
thinks ; uevara man's thuugtitin tlie world keeps
the road- way bntter tlian thine : every man would
think me au hypocrite indeed. And what accites
your most wonderful thought, to think so ?

Poins. Why. because yuu have been so lewd,
and so mudi enxraffod to Ji'UstatC

P. Htn. And to thee.

Point. By this lictit, I am well spokan of. I can
hear It with my own ears : the worst that they
can say of roe is, that I am a second lurother. and
tliut I urn a proper fellow of my hnnds ; and iIiom
two thing)*. I namfoiB. I caunot help By the
mass, httre comes Bnrdolph.

P Hen. And tlie hoy tliat I rive Palstaff: he
had him fnaii me clirwtinii : ami Iim»K, if tlie UtL
villain lutve nut tr«msforiiud lii.u ;i.*c.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC

^ no

HotL \vm. good ncaatar Saare ; I hHTe entered
hiiM iumI uil.

Smart li may cbanoe coat •oma of tu oar livw,
fur Im will Kteit.

/ifaiil. Aliut the day! teke heed of him; he
rMNied aie iii mine own bouse, mimJ that nuet
beu^tly : lu giitid fiutb. a' cares uoi what niisctiief
Ii0 duiU. 11' Ills w«Mpiiu be uat : he will Atiit lilce
Muy devil; he will spare neither man, wumsn.

Fumg. If ( csn close with him, 1 care ncA fur
ills thrust.

Uoii. N«i. n«r I neither : I'll be at your elbi>w.

Fuitif. All 1 but list him once ; au a' come but
wii hill my vice ;—

Hot/. I am iiiiUune by his foing; I warrant you,
he's an infinitive ihiii(( upon my score: — GimkI
luusler Fniix, liuid him sure ;— fiMid master Snare,
let him iiui 'KCHpe. He cunies coiitmuaiii ly tu Pie-
cunter (suviug y«ior niauho«ids\ t«i buy a saddle ;
. and he's iiMliied to dinner tu the Inblair's liead in
l^mbertrStreet, t<i mns:erSinouili's the silkmau :
1 pray ye, auoe my eicion ia entered, and aiy casu
su upenly known to tlie wurld. let him be brought
in lu Ids anifwer. A hundred mark is h long loan
fur u puur lone wnmim to l)ear; and I have nonie,
and burue, and borne : and have been fubbed otT,
aial fubbed off, aial tubbed off, from this day tu
tbat day, tliat it is a shame to be thought on.
'I'httre 18 no honesty in such dealing; unlesa a
wunuin sliuuhl be made an asa, and a beast, to
bear every knave's wrong

Enter Sir John FalsUO; Page, md Bardolph.
Yonder be comes; and that urranl malmsey-iuiae
knave, Bardolph, with him. Do ytair offices, do
your oflSces, master Fang and maaier Snare ; do
lue. do me, do me your olBoes.

f\U. How now I whuse mare's dead? what's
the matter I

Fittiff- Sir John, I arrest you at the suit of mie-
trsas Quickly.

Fht. Away, varlets !— Draw, Bardolph; cot me
off the vUUun's bend ; throw liie quean in the

HoMl. Throw me in the channel? HI throw
thee in the diannel. WiU thuu T wdt tlioo 1 1 hou
liastardty roffue ! — Murder, murder 1 O thou
honey-suckle villain ! wilt thou kill God's officers,
and tbe kinx's T U ihuu lioney-seed rugue I thuu
art a lioney-^eed ; a man queiler, and a wuman

FtU. Keep them nfl; Bardolph.

FhMg. A lescue ! a rescue 1

Hott. Goud people, bniic a reecoe or twa—
1'hou wo'i, wuH tliun 7 tlaiu wo't. wot thou T do,
do. iluiU rogue ! do. thou hempHwed I

fhi. Away, you scullion ! yon ramnalUan I you
fuMiilarian ! I'll tickle your calastruplie.

Enter the Lord Chief Jostioe. attended.
Ch. Just. What's the matter 7 keep the peace
here, bo I

Ho$t. Good my lord, be good to me ! 1 beseech

yott. stand lome!

Ck. JusL How now. ar John T what, are you

brawUug here 1 [aess 7

Doth this become your place, your time, and busi-

Yuu shuuld have been well on your way to

Statid from him. felluwl Wherefore bang'st thoo
uo him 7
Hoti. U, my moat wor>hipful lord, ani plean

Ciur sraru. 1 am a poor waiuw of bastcheap, and
» in ari«»ted at my suit.

Ch Juit. For what sum 1

Hoet. It \b more than for sone. my lord : it Is
f<ir all, all I have : be hath eaten me outuf laMwe
aial home; he hath put all my Kubstanoe mto
that fat belly of his;— but I will have some of it
out again, or I'll nde thee o'luglits, like the

Fbl. I think. 7 am as like to ride the mare, it I
have any vantage of vrouial to gft op.

c;* Jntt. How comes i his. sir John 7 Fyo ! what
man of K<iud temper would endure this tempest
of exclamaiimi T Are you not ashamed, lu eufitroe
a ptNir wkIuw to so rough a course to come by
lier uwn ?

F^L What is the rmss siini that I owe tliee f

Host. Marry, if thou w«rt an liunesl man, thy«
self, and ilie louney lu«». Thou dalst swear In
me upon a parcel ki It goblet, sitiiiic in my I>*l-
pliin-chamber. at the round table, by a sea-coal
fire, upuu Wednesday in Whiisun-week, wlien
the pritice broke thy head (<ir likina his father to
asiiatiuK-man ui UiiidMir; thuu dklst swear to
roe then, as I was washing thy wuuial. lo marry
me, and make me my lady thy wife. Canst thou
deny il 7 Did not goodwife h,eecli| the butcher's
wile. c<inie in then, and cull me gossip Quickly 7
coiiiiuK m lu borrow a mess of vinegar; lelUng
us. she had a gtaai dish of prawns ; whereby thou
didst desire to eat some ; whereby 1 told thee,
they were ill for a green wound 7 And didst Uhki
not, when slie waa g«me uowu stairs, desire me to
lie no more su funuliariiy with such piair people ;
saying, that ere Uaig they slmuHl aill lue nmdamt
And tiulst thuu not kisa me, and bid me fetch thre
thirty shillings 7 1 put thee now to thy buok-naUi;
deny it, if thou canst.

tu. My lord, this is a poor mad soal ; and she
says, up and down the town, that her eklesi son
IS like you : she hath been in good case, and. the
irutli ia. pc'iverty hatli dwtracted her. But for
these fooluUi otficeis, 1 beseech you, I may have
redress agaiiuit them.

Ch. Just. Sir John, sir John, I am well ac-
quainted with yiRir manner i>f wreiashing tbe
true cause the fiilve way. It is not a cunndeut
brow, nor the llmmg of words that onie with
sucti more Uian impudent hauciiiess frxMii you,
can thrust me fn»m a level coiisidrration ; yo«i
have, as it appears to niu. practiited up<«i llie

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