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easy-yielding spirit of I his woman, and made her
serve your nsen both in pun« and persun.

Host. Yea. m truth, my lord.

Ch. Just. Pr'ythee, peace - — Pay her the deU
you owe her, aiai uupuy the villuny you have
dune with her; ttie oueyou may do uiih sler-
ling money, and the other with correut re-

FbL My lord, I will not undenro this sneap
withoat reply. You call lionourahle bolduewa,
impudent saucii)ei«s : if a man will make court 'ay,
and Miy nutlnng, he m vinuoua : So, my loid, my
humble duly remeniben-d, I will not be yuui
■biuir ; 1 say to you. I do deaire deliverance frmu
these officers, bt ing upuu hasty emptuymeut in
the king's ullairs.

Ch.Just. You speak as having power lo do
wnaig ; but aiwwer in the efl'ect uf yuur reputa»
tioo, and satuify the p<Nir woman.

FkL Come hither, husiess. iTakmff W amte.

Enter Gower.
Ch. Just. Now. master Gower : Wnat nemt '
Got*. The king, my lord, and Harry |»nuoe of
Are near ai haiMl ; the rvst the |>aper ^lU.


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SCENE nL— York. A Room m Me Archbisliop't

Mmtv Ike ArdMthop of York, the LorOs Hastingi,
Mowbra/. amd Itenlolph.

ArdL Thus hure you beard our cause, and
known our means :
And, my mnet noble frieuda, I pray vou all,
^pewk pUiioly your opinions or uur hopes :—
And first, loni man«hal. what nay yon to it T

Mowb I well olltiw tlie (lorasiiin of our arms :
But Kladly would be better sutisAed.
How, ia oar means, we should advance ourselTct
To look with foTeheud hold and bix enough
Opon the power and puissanoe of the kinr.

HaM. Our prenent musters irrow upon the file
To five aitd twenty thousand men lu choice;
And our supplies five larxely in the hope
Of great North uniberlanu, whoae boeom boms
With an incensed fire of injuries.

Bard. The questjou then, lord Hastings, stand
eth thus;
MHiether our present five and twenty thousand
May hold up head wi'hout Northumberlaud.

Aitt. With him, we may.

Btrd. Ay, marry, there^ the pmst ;

But if without him we b(> thought too feeole,
My itidgmeut is, we should not step too fiir
I'lll we had his assirtance liy the hand :
For. iu a theme so bloody-fiic'd as this,
CofOectnre. expertatiiai, and surmise
Of aaJs uncertain, sliould not be admitted.

Arck. Tis very true, lord Bardolph : for. indeed,

u ». „»« u.^ 1- ^ , ««-iew8bury.

I himself with
r, [hope,

■ power

his thoughts :

to death,


r yet did hart,

I of hope.

r of war;—

on foot,)


to prove frait,

s despair,

■ we mean to



be siUl-honi. and that we now p m dtes s 'd

llie utmost man of expectation :

I think, we are a body strong enooch.

Even as we are. to equal with the king.

Bard. What ! is the king but five and twe«ty
thou^md r [Bardolph.

Auf. To us. no more * nay, mH ao modi. loi\]
For his divinons. as the timts do brawl.
Are in three heads: one p«iwer aoiinst the French,
And one agaiust Glendower ; perforce, a ihinl
Must take up as : So is tlie untirm Icing
In three divided ; and liis ooflbrs sound
With hollow poverty and emptiness.

Ar^. That he should draw lias several strengths
And oome against us in full puissance.
Need not be drea led

Hast. If he should do so.

He leaver tils back unarm'd, tlie French and

Baying him at the heelk : never leai that.

fiocr^ Who, m it like, shoukl levl his (iiroea
hither r

But. I'he duke of Lancaster, and Westntore-
land :
Against the Welsh, himwlf, and Harry Moo*

Bat who is suhstitnted 'gainst the French,
I have no certain notice.

Arch. Let us on ;

And publish the occasion of our arms.
Hie oomiiKmwealth is sick of their own ehotoe.
Their over-grvedy love hath surfeited :—
An habitatioii giddy and unsure
Hath he, that ImiUleth on the vnlgar heart

thou fond many ! with what loud appUuse
Didst thou beat heaven with blessing BoUnc*

Before he was what thou wonId*st have him be T
And being now tmnni'd in thitie own desires,
Tliou, beastly feeder, art so full of him.
That thou provok'st thyself to cast him up.
So. so. ihitu common do)(. didst thou ditforga

1 hy glutton b(Mom of tlie royal Richard :
And now thoa would'sl eat thy dead vomit up.
And howPst to find it I What trust is in these

times T [die.

They that, when Richard lir'd. would have him
Are now become enamour'd on his grave:
Thou, that ihrew'st du«t upon hn goodly head.
When thn>ugh proud London he came sighingoa
AfVer the admired lieels of BoUnct)n>ke,
Cry'st now. O earth, jidd vs thatktng again.
And take thou this I O tlioughts of men aceant !
Past, and to come, seem best; things presenL
worst. rout

Mowb. Shall we go draw our numbera, and set
Hast. We are time's subjects, and time bids ba


SCENE L — London. A Street
Enter Hostess; Fang, amd his Boy, with ker; and

Haet. Master Fang, have you entered the b»-

Fitna. His entered.

Host. Where is your yeoman 1 1s it a lusty yeo*
man T will a' stand ti>'t T

Fknff. Sirrah, where's Snare T

Host. O lord, ay : good master Soara

Snare. Here. hers.

Fanii. Suare. w« luust arrast sir Jcdui FjIMair.

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y 4o0_


Fffi. It hath iu original frAm much xrief ; from
•tui]y,-ftnd pertarhutioii of th« brain : 1 have rami
the raoaa vA hit eflbcu ia Giileo : it is a kind of

Ck. Jmtt. I think, jrou are follen into the dis-
eaae ; for jroo hear noT what 1 my to yoa.

Fal. Very welU mr lord, very well: rather,
a'nt pleaoe yoa, it is the diaaaae of mit Uneaiuff.
the malady of not luarkiiif, that I am troabled

CA. Jutt. To paniah yoa by the heela, woald
•mend the auention of your eara ; aud I oare not,
if 1 do heoome your physicinn.

Ftd I am as poor as Job, my lord ; bat nnt eo
patient: yoor lonlsliip may minbter the potion
of imprisnomeni to me. in respect of poverty ;
bat how I ahookl be your patient to follow your
prescriptions, the wise may make some dram of
a aerople, or. indeed, a scruple iiaelf.

Ohi JhjI 1 sent for you. wlien there were mat-
ters agamst you for your life, to oome apeak with

#W As I was then advised by my learned
eoansel in tlie laws of this laud-servioe, I did not

Cfc. Jm»L Well, the truth ii^ sir John, yoa live
it infamy.
He that buckles him in my belt, cannot

in areat infamy.

live in

Oh. Just. Yoor means are very slender, and
your wasle b freat.

FoL I would ii were otherwise; I would my
means were peater. ami my waist slenderer.

C*. JumL You have misled the youthful prince.

fb/. The youuK pnnce hath mmled me : I am
the follow with th(* great belly, and be my d(».

Oh. Jatf. Well. 1 am loath to call a new-healed
wound : your day's service at Shrewsbury hatii a
little fcilded over your nwUt's exploit ou Oads-hiU:
you may tliniik the utaiuieC time for your quiet

o'erpostinc tiinl action.
^W. My

__. MylonlT

OLJutt. But sinoe all is well, keep it so: wake
Bot a sleeping wolf.
FbL To wnke a woU; is as bad aa lo smell a


C* Jmti. Whatl you arp as a candle, the better
part burnt out

FhL A wessel oamlle, my lord : all tallow: if
1 did say of wax. my growth would approve the

• Ch. Juat. There is not a white hair on your
fooe. bui sbouhl have his effect of gravity.

Fid. His etfoct of gravy, gravy, gravy.

Vk, Jutt. Vou IblUiw the young pniice up and
down, like his ill angel.

F^L Nut so, my lord ; your ill angel is light :
but. I hope, lie titat looks upon me, wUI take me
without weigiiiiig : and yet, in some respects. 1
srant, 1 csnool go, I cannot tell : Virtue w of so
little regard in these coster-monger times, that
true valour is turned bear-henl: Pregnancy is
made a upster, aial hath his quick wit wasted in
giving reckimings : all the otiier gifts appertineut
to man. us the malice of this age shapes tbeui,
are not wtfrth a gooseberry. You, tiuU are old,
rooaaler not the capacities of us that are yoniig :
you measure the heat of our livera with the bit-
temei* of yiMir gnllf : and we that are in the
VMWani of our youth. I must ooufees. are wags too.

O^ Ju$L Do you set down your name m the
scroll of youth, that are written down old with
all the characters of age T Have you not a muis;
eye t.a dry handT a yellow cfieekT a white beard?
leg' an increasing belly? U u.ii your

\^ all tbe cnars

> eye t.a dry h

^ a decreasing

[Act I. >.

voice broken? year wbal short? yoor diin doablaT
ymr wit single? and every part aboat you blasted
with antiquity ? aud will you yet call younelf
yonng ? Vy^ fj: fye, sir John f

Fal My kml. I was bom about three of the
clock in riie anemoon. with a white bead, and
somethina a round belly. For my voice,— I huve
it with holltting, ami Hiimng of anthems. To
approve mv y«iuth lurUter, I will not : the troth
hi, I am only old in judgment and understanding ;
and he tliat will caper with me for a thousand
marka, let him leml me the money, and have at
him. For the box o'tlie ear that the prince gnve
you,— he gave it like a rude prince, and vou toidt
It like a sensible lord. I have checked him fur
It; and the young lion repeuts: nmrry, nut in
Sidles, and sackcloth ; but in new wlk* aud old

Ch.Jm$l Well, hearen send the prince a better

At. Heaven send the companion a better
prince ! I canmit nd my hands of him.

Ch. Just. Well, the king hath severed yoa and

Srinoe Harry : 1 hear, you are going witli toed
ohn of Lancaster, against the archbishop, and
the earl of NortliuiiiberluiHl.

FhL Yea : I thank vour preUr sweet wit for iC
Bat look you pray, aii you thst kiss my lady peaoe
at himie, that our aruuee join not iu a hot day!
fi>r, by the Lord, I take but two shirtx out wi h
me, and I mean not to sweat extraonlinamly : if
it be a hot day. an 1 brandish any Utiiig but my
bottle, I would I might never spit while agHin.
There is not a dangerous hction can peep out his
head, but I am thrust upon ii : Well. 1 cannot laat
ever : But it wms uiwu)s yet the trick of our Kog-
luh nation, if they have a good thing, to make it
too common. If you will needs siiy, I um un ok]
mun. you sliuuld give me mst. 1 wimid to God,
my name were not so terrible ti> the enemy as it
is. I were lajiter to be eaten t4i death wiUi rast,
than lo be soiiured to nothing with perpetual mu-

Ck Just. Well, be honest, be honest ; And God
bless your expedition !

Fid. Will yiNir lordship 1
pound, to furnish me forth?

Ck, JusL Not a penny, not a penny; you ars
too impatient to bear cruwes. Faie you well :
Commend me to my ctiUNin Westiu«»rel.uid.

iExaml Chief Justice mid Aitendaat.
o, fillip me With a thrse-imui beetle.
— A man can no more separate age aud cuvetous-
ness, than he can part young limbs and lechery :
bat the aoiit galls the one, and ilie pox piuchea
tbe other : and so both the degrees prevent n^
cuises.— Boyl

J*ave. Sir?

Fid. What money is in my purse ?

Foife. Seveh gruaU and two-pence.

FhL i can get no remedy against this consamp>
tion of the purse : iiorrownut only lingers and
Ungeta it out, bat the disease is incurable -^io
bear this letter to my lord of Lancaster ; this to
the pniice : this to the earl of Wistmoreland ;
and thu to oAl mistrsM Ursula, whom I luiva
weekly sworn to marry sinoe I perceived the first
white hsir on my* chin: About it: you know
where to find me. [Exit Page.] A pox of thia
gout I or, a gout of this pox 1 fur the one. or tite
other, plays the rogoe with ii^ great toe. It is
no matter, if I do halt; I have the wars for my
odoar, and ny pension shall seem tlie moq
sonable : A rood wit will make uae of aov tJ
I will tarn disesse* to oomnwidiiy

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f A ct f.3

/ 4nd doCh •



4nd doch enlarn hit risinr with the hloitd

Uf lair kiof Riobard, Knip'U from Pumfrec

PeriTM frm hrav«n his qaarrel, and hiaoame ;
Tells thaiu. be doth bestride h hleedioK land,
GMsiiinir Tor liie atnler KreHt Bdmsrhroke ;
▲ltd mure, aud leas, do fliiek to fullow tiiin.
Hvrtii. 1 kuew of ihia before ; bai, to apeak

This praaent grief haih wip'd it from mf mind.
Go ID with ne ; and cooaeel every man
I'lie apteat way i\a safety, and revence :
Get piMta, and letiera, and make fnenda with

Kever ao few, and nerer vet mora need.

SCENB U. — London. A Sum.

BmUr Sir John FsiaUfl; mi* his Ptaga beawv kii
sword ojtd bmcJUer.

PU. Sirrah, yon giant, what says the doctor to
my water T

Pave. He said, sir, the water Itself wae a good
heaJthy water; but. for ihe party iliat owed it,
be might have mora diseases Chan he knew

FU. Men of all sorts take a pride to gird at
me : 1^ brain of thm fo(ilnih-<^>mp«iunded clay,
man, is not able to vent any thing that tends to
laugliter. moie than 1 invent, or la invented on
m«f : I am ii«it only witty in myself, but the canse
that wit IS ill othor men', i do here walk before
lh«e. bk« a sow. ihat.hath overwhelmed all her
btter hut ime. If the pniic<i put tli«e into mv
aerrioe for any other reason than to set itie off,
why then f have no judgment 'I'lion whoreson
miindrake, thou art fltttsr to be worn in my cap.
than to wait at my heela I wu never nninned
with an agute till now ; but I will moi yon neiihcr
in cold nor silver, but in vile apiairei. mid send
you back again t4i your muster, for a jewal ; the
joveual, the pnnce your muster, whose chin is
uiA yei fledged. I will wiooer have a beard grow
in Uw patm of my hand, tlian he simil get one on
bin cheek ; and yet h« will not stick t4i miy, his
lace iM a face-niyal : God may Kniah it when he
will. It n not a hair amiss yet : he may keep it
still aa a face-myal. for a iMrber shull never earn
sixpence out of it ; and yet he will be crowing,aa
If he had writ man ever since ha father was a
bachelor. He may keep hm own grace, but he is

abiMMt oat of mine. I can assure him. What

said master Dumhlettm about the satin for my
sliort cioak, aiaJ slt»pa f

pate. He said, sir. von should procure him bet-
ter assurance than UurUolph : he would not take
bis iiond and yount; he liked no. the security.

/W. Let him he daniued line a glutton ! may
bis Unigue be hotter! — A wln'resun Achiiophel !
a rascal ly yea-forsouth knave ! to bear a aeiiile-
man in hand, ami then stand up«iu security!— The
whoreaott sniooth-patas do now wear notliiuc but
high slioea, and hunciies of keys at their gmlles;
ami if a man is thorough wuh them in honest
taking up. then they muvt siniid upon —security.
I had as lirf they would put rntsh.nie in my
mouth, as offer to stop it with security. I looked
lie shoold have sent me two and twenty yards of
satin, as I am a true knigiil, and he sends me
sacunty. Well, he may sleep in security : fiir he
hatii the horn of abunuunce. and the liglitoeMs of
111* wife shines ihrougii it ; and yet cannot he aee,
thotiah h«« hnve Ihn own lantern to light him.—
Whirr'* M^r.oiiiMi <

to \mf your %

Pa^e. He's gone into Sinitbfiekl.
r - ' - - " »rse.

rhi him in Paul's, and he'll hay me a

hfield : an i coald get me Imt a wife

t I were manned, horsed, and wived.

>rd Chief Jostioe. aatf an Attendant.

here cornea the nobleman that oom-

; »riuce lor striking him abonl Bar-

rliMie, I will not aee him.

Vhai's he that giies there T

da^ a'nt pleaae your lonlahip.

ie Uiat was in qneation for the rob-

, my lord ; but he hath since done

lit Shrewsbury; and. aa I hear, w

I ith sooM cliarge to ilie lord John of

What, to Yoritf Call him haek

John FalataffI

tell him. 1 am deaf

must speak loader, my master is

am sore, he is, to the hearing of any
I -Go, plnek iUin by the elbow ; I must

{ lim.


I a young knave, and beg ! Is there
I I there not eniptoyment r Dotli mit

I k suhJeotsT do not tlie reliela need

I hough it be a shame to be on any

I It IS worse shame to beg than to he

sule. were it worse titan the name
I can tell bow to inuke it.

A me, air.

sir, did I siy you were an honest
f my knish:!iood and my siildierahip
led ni my luitait if 1 had said so.
ly yiHi.sir. Uien set your knighthood
liersiiip aside : and give me leave tti

lie m your throat, if you sity I am

thee leave to tell me so 1 1 lay
grows to me I If tliou get'ai

tl grown to me I If tliou get'ai any

h hang me ; if thou takest leave, tboo

a « hanged : Yua buni-cnuntor, haaool


my lord would speak with you.

V*. .^Mi. 6tr John Kahoaff. m word with yua.

FaL Uy gtiod lord I — God give your lordship
good lime of day. I am ghid to aee your kird*
ship abroad : 1 heard say your Uirdsliip waa sask :
I hope, vour lordship goes almaal by advaie.
Vimr lonlalup, thougli not clean past your youth,
halli yet some smuck of aga in you. some relsdi
of thesaltnessof lime; aud InMsii humbly beseech
yoor lordslup, to have a reverend cara of yooi

CA. JuMi. Sir Jolin. 1 sent for you before yoor
ezuedtiion to Shrewsbury. •

FiU. Ant please your hnfdship, I hear, bia
majenty is returned with some disoomfurt firom

Ck. Just. I Ulk not of his miuesty :~Yoo wouhl
not come when I sent fiir yon.

At. And I hear, moreover, his hurhneas n
fallen into this same whiireson apoplexv.

Ck. Jmgt. Well, heaven mend him I I pray, let
me speak with you.

/hi. Thfa apoplex, .

lethargy, nn't pleaae your lordship; a kind of


I'his apoplexy is. as I take it. a kind of
", nn't pleaae your lordship; a k ' -"
ill the blood, a whore»m iimtlinf.

J I)

'nut Wiint irll you lue td it f Im it aa il

Sana. ^


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l«A a witiien'd asarpalion,

Smv. Mmiun. liidst ihna oome from SbrewabaryT

Mor. I niii fnim Shrewsbury, my noble lord ;
Where httteful drath put uo bis ugliest mask,
T«i friKbi our party.

Sortk. How dolli my son, and brother T

1'huu tremblest; and the wbiteness iu thy cht^
Is apter than thy tongue to tell thy errand.
KT»n such n man, so faint, so spinileaH,
^>u doll, sn dead iu look, so w<ie-begi>ue.
Drew Prinrn's curtain in tlie dead of night.
And would have told him half his Trov was bum*d;
But Pnani found the fire, ere be his'tooKue.
And 1 mjr Percy's death, ere thuu report'st it.
This thou would'st say,— Your son did thus, and

Your brother thus : no foocht the noble Douelas :
Slopping my greedy enr with their bokl deeds :
But in the end, to slop mine ear indeed.
Thou bant a sigh Ui blow ewny this praise,
i£oding with— bruthfr. son. aial all are dead.

Mor. Douahis is livinc, aiaJ your brother, yet :
But. for my lord your sun,

NortJL Why. he is dead.

See. what a ready tonciie suspicion hath I
He. that but feara the thine he would not know.
Hath, by instinct, knowledge from others' eyes.
That what he fear'd is chanced. Yet apemk,

MorUm ;
Tell thou thy earl, his divinaUno lies ;
AimI 1 will uke it as a sweet disgrace.
And make thee ridi for dianc me sucJi wrong.

JVor. You are too invat to be by me gainsakl :
Your spirit it Uio true, your fears Uio certain.

North. Yet, ftir all this, say not that Percy'a dead.
I see a strange ooofetvion in thine eye :
Thou shak'st iliv liead ; and luild'si it fear, or sin.
To speak a truth. If he be slain, say so *
The tongue oflends not, that reports his death :
And he doth sin, that doth belie the dead;
Not he, which siiys the dead is not alive.
Yet the first briiiger of uuwelooine news
Hath but a hisinK oflloe ; and his tongue
Sounds ever aAer as a sullen bell,
Keitirniber'd kuoUing a departing friend.

Bard, I cannot tiuuk, my lord, your sun is dead.

Mor. I am sorry. I should force you to believe
TIihU which I would to heaven I had not aeen :
But these mine eyes saw hini in bloody state.
Kood'nug faint quittance, wearied and out-
breHth'd, [down

To Harry Moaniouth : whose swift wrath beat
I'he never-daunted Percy to the earth,
Kntro whence with life he never more aprong up.
Ill few. his death (wboae spirit lent a fire
Kven to the dullest peasant in Ids camp)
' BeiuR bruited once, took fire and heat away
From the best-temprr'd courage in his tro^ :
For from Ins metal was his party stettrd :
Which ouo» in him abitted, all the rest
Turu'd on themselves, like dull und heavy lead.
AimJ as the Ihina that's heavy in ilaelf.
Up) HI enfiircenient, flies with greatest speed ;
S«» did our men. heavy in H«H«pur's lo«s,
Lend to Uum weixht Mich lightnesH with their fear.
That arrows fled not swifler toward their aim.
Than dui our Mildiem, ainiiiur at tlif ir Mufety,
Ply fnmi the tield : Then wa» thatiiulile Worcester
Too soon Ut'eu prisoner : uud thai furious Scut,
'i'lie bloody Douglas, wliuaewell-luiioiiriitgawu>nl
llml three tunes slsiu the appeurutice of lli«' king,
'Giiii vail hu sUiuiach. and did gruce the shame
Of ihtaw that turu'd their iNicks : uiid.inhisfligtil,
HiumMiiK "I fear, was look. The suirt of all
Is — tiiat the kmg hath won ; aii«i hath aeut oui

A speedy power to encounter jrou. my loid.
Under the conduct of young Laoeaster,
And Westnaireland : thia is the news at fulL

North. For this I shall have time enoosh to
In pnnnu then* is phyafn; and these news,
Having been well, that would have made me sHl,
Being sick, have in some measure nihde me well:
And as the wretch, wImmo fever-weaken'd jiaula.
Like strengthless hinges, buckle under life.
Impatient of his fit. breaks like a fire
Out of his keeper's arms ; even ko niv limha,
Weakeii'd with grief, being nowenragHl wii h gnef.
Are thrice themselves: heuoe therefore, thci

nice crutch ;
A acaly gauntlet now, with joints of steel.
Must lOove this hand : and hence, tliou swkly qooif^
Tlioo art a guard too wnuUm for the head.
Which princes, flesh *d with conquest, aim to hit.
Now bind luy brows with iron ; And approach
The racged'st boor that time and spile dare brings
To frown tipoa the enrag'd Northomborlaitd I
Let heiiv'n kisa earth 1 Now let not nature's liaad
Keep the wild flood cunfio'd ! let order die 1
And let this work) uo kaixer be a stage.
To feed oonteulk>n in a lingeriiuc act ;
But let one spirit of the first-lM*m Cam
Reigu in all boaoms, tliat, each heart being aeC
On bloody oourxes, the nide scene mey eud.
And darkness be the buner of the dead ! [loid.

TVo. Thtt strained paM«i<w doth you wn•l^^ my

Bard, Sweet earl, divorce nut wisdom miM
your honour

Mor. I'he lives of uU your loving conif^ioeM
liean i»ii your heiilth ; the which, if you give o'er
1'o stormy passion, must perA»rce decay.
Vou cast tlie event of war, my noble lord, (said.
And sunim'd the auoouui of chance, before yu«
Let us niiike head. It was your presumiise,
Hiat in the dole of blows your sun might drop :
You knew, he walk'd o'er penis, on an edge.
More likely to fidl in. than to get o'er :
You were advis'd, his flesh wus capable
Of wounds, and scars: and that his ftirwerd spirit
Wuuld lift him where navt trade of danger nuig'd ;
Yet did you say.— Go forth : and none of thM,
Though strongly appreheiMled, could restrain
Tlie sUfl'-borue action : What hath thuu befallen.
Or what hath this hold enterprize brought forth.
More than that beioit whaih was like to be t

Bard We all. that are engaged to thia hm
Knew that we ventur'd on such dangerous aeas
That, if we wrought our life, twas ten to one :
And yet we ventur'd, for the gain propus'd
Chok'd the respect of likely peril fear'd ;
And, since we are o'erset, venture again.
Come, we will nil put forth ; body, and gnoda.

ifor. 'TIS more than Uiue : Ami my must ao-
I bear for certain, and do speak the truth, - ^
The gentle archbishop of York is up.
With well-appointed powers; he is a man.
Who with a double surety hinds his fulloweri.
My loiU rour son had only but the corps.
Hut shadows, and the allows of men. to fight:
For that same w«ird. rebellion, did divide
The action of their bodies from their souls:
AikI they did fight with queasiness, oonMrain'U,
As men driuk potions: that their weapons only
Seeni'd on our side, but, for iheir spinU and mum,
Thw word, rebellion, it had froze them u\k
As fiiih are in a pond ; But now the bisliop
Turns insurrection t4i relicion :
Suppoe'd Mincere aial holy iu hn thoiig ts.
Hes follow'd liuih witli body und Miib jiiial


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L ailjr NurthumberlawL
Lmlv Percy.
HiwtaH Qtiiokly.
Dull Tear-tbMt.

Urdt and other Attaidamts; Qtkerg, SoMwr*. Mrf-
tnggn^ DnoMrs, Beadlet, OrocMM, 4«-

SCENE. — EiwUuid.


Warkworth. B^ort Northamberiaiid% Ce$Ue.

Elder Ramuor.^atiilaf/ii// fiftamgutt,

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