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Ijidg P. Not mine, in so«id sooth.

UoL Not yours, in food sooth I liMrt. yoo
• vear like a oomllt-niaker'a wife I Not you, in
giiod aooth ; and. As true as I live; and. As uod
aliail mend me ; aud. As sure as day :
And fiv'st such suroenet surety for thy oaths.
As if thou never walk'dst further than Finsbunr.
Swear me, Kate, like a lady, as thou art,
A food mouth-filling oath ; and lenve. In sooth«
And such protest or pepper-gingerbread,
1 o veivet-guanls, and suuday-atizens.
Conie, sing.

Ltidf p. 1 will not sing.

Hot. Tts the next way to torn tnflor, or he red-
breast teacher. An the indentures be drawn. I'll
a«viiy within these two hours; and act come in
^ilifnye will. [ExiL

Otnd. ('(Wiie. cnme. kml Iforlinier; you are vet
Aa but loni Percy u on fire to go. [aluw,


By this our bo<ik*s dniwn ; we'll but seal, and
'Vo horse immediately. [then

MorL With all my heart.

SCENE IL—Loodoii. il Jlooai (a tfo /'laiaee.

JSnter King Henry. Prince of Wales, emd Lords.

K. Hot. Lords, give us leave; the Prinua of

Wales and I

Moat have some conference; Bat be nrar al

For wo shaU preaontly have need of you —

[Exnml Loidfe.
I know not whether God will have it so.
For some displeasing service I have done.
That, in his secret iTiium. out of my blood
He'll breed revengement and a scourge for me ;
But thou dost, ill thy passages of life,
Make uie believe.— that thou art only mark'd
For tite hot vengeance and the rod of heaven.
To punish my mis-ireatUiigs. Tell me else.
Could such inordinate, and low demrea,
Sudi poor, sucli bare, such lewd, such mean at-
Such barren pleasores, rude society.
As thou art maicird witlial. and craned to.
Accompany the greatnet<s of thy bloud.
Aud huki their level with thy prinnely lieart?
P. Hen. So please your lutgesiy, 1 would, I
Quit all offences with as clear excuae,
As well us, I Mill doubilt*t, I can purge
Myitelf uf many I am cliurg'd wiUial :
Yet such exieiiuatitiu lei me beg;
As, in reproof of many tales devis'd.—
WhicJi (ill the ear of greatness needs must liear^-
By smiling pick-thanks and haw newsmonKera,
I may. fi>r aome Uiiuxs true, wherein my youtb
Hath faulty wunder'd aial irregular.
Find pardon on my true submission.
K. Htn. G(mI pardon thee I— yet let me won-
der, Harry,
At thy afEB&'ious. which do bold a wing
Quite from the fliicht of all thy ancestors.
'Fhy place in council thou hast rudely lost,
Whtth by thy younger brother is supplied ;
And art almoat an alien to the liearu
Of all tUe court uiid princes of my blood ;
I'he hope and expectauon of ihy time
fs ruiu'd ; and tlie soul of every man
Prophetically does foretlunk tljy lalL
Had I so laviah of my presence been.
So conimon-hackney'd in the eyes or men.
So stale and cheap to vulgar company ;
Opinion, that did help me lo the crown,
md still kept loyul to possession;
And lea me in reputeless banishroeot,
A fellow of ncAmark. nor hkelihood.
By being seldom seen, I oould not stir.
But, like a comet, I was wonder'd at ;
That men wouUl tell their cliiUlren. 'Prig i$ke;
Others would say.- Wken t WMck it DolimM»
And then I stole all courtenr fnan heaven.
And dress'd myself in such humility.
That I did pluck allegiance from men^ hearts.
Loud ahouu and SHiutatioiis from their luouilia,
Even in the presence of tlie crowned king.
Thus did 1 kt^ep my person fresh, and new ;
My presence, like a '••be pontificail.
Ne'er seen, but wouder'd at ; ami so my state,
^ieldom, but sumptuous, showed like a leiua;
And woo. by nireiiess. sucli solemnity
Tlie Kkipiiui? kiua. he anihlmi up mihI duwn
V\ ilh shallow jes.ers. sud raah buviu wiia.


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^ AcT IH]



ibf. Hofiie witbow boota, ami in foul wenther But. in ih« wny of bonpiin. mark jre me,
Uiui ns cavil (NO th«i niiitii part of a liiiir.

Jlow V«p«a he aipier, in the Jevira name T Are the iudeniur«a ilntwu f »h:ili we ho fiMie T

. Come, heni*» the map ; ahali we divide
Aoon«dinf( 'o «i«ir thrre f«>ld nrdm- ta*en T

Mnrt I he ardidearam hatb divided it
Into three liuiita. very equally :
£B«rtMnd. fnNB Trent mimI Severn hitherto,
fiv aooih and enat. « to my part aangmed :
All weetward, W«|fti heyiiod the Severn shore.
And all Uie fenilti land within that hoQiHl,
To Owen Glendower :— and. dear oiiz, to yoo
I'be remnHnt nur hward, lyiii^ olf rntiii Trent.
AiHi our indenture! tri|>artite are drawn :
Which beinir aealed iiiterchan::eal>ly,
(A biuuniiie that ihia iiiftit may execute.)
ro-nM>rrvw. ouusiu Percy, you. and 1,
And my Kimd lonl of Wurtxeier. will aet forth,
I'u me«t yuur father, and the Scottish power.
As IK appuinied u*, at 8hrew»hury.
My father Gleodtiwer is not ready yet,
Nor shall we need hit help these fourteen days:—
Withm that apace, {to Olend ] you may haTe
drawn tuKetlier (men.

Yoor tenanta, friends, and neifhboarinf gfntle-

Gtoirf. A ebon rr lime shall send metoyoujords.
And iu my ooodoct shall your ladien oitnie :
KriHu whumyuu now nii>»tsteal,andtake nuleaTe;
Kur tliere will be a world of water slied.
Upon the paitinx of yuur wives and you. [here,

Uol. Methiuks. mv nunetv, nnnh frum Burton
In quantity equals not one of yuun :
bee how this riTer coineic me crank inc in.
And cuts nie. from the best oi' all my land,
A hufe lialf-muoii, a nHinstrous canile out
I'll hsive the current in this place daniin'd op;
And here the smug and lulver 'f*reni shall run.
In a new channel, fair and evenly :
li shall not wind with such a deep indent.
To full me of so rich a liottoiii here. [di»th.

Utmd. Nut wind t it shall, it must; you see. H

UorL Yea, [up

But nmrk hi»w he benrs his coarse, and runs me
With like edvantaice on the other side ;
Gekling the uppuaed continent as much.
As on the other side it takes from you. [here,

tVer. Yea. but a Utile charfe will trench him
And OQ thai north aide win this cape of iaial ;
And then lie runs straight and even.

Hoi. ru have it so ; a liule ehaige will do iL

Oind. I wai not have it alterU

Uol WiUnotyoat

iiknd. Nis nor foa shall n<it

Uol. Who shall say me nayl

Gkod. Why, that will I.
Uol. Let me I

not andersland yoa then ;

(veil ai

as well as
he harp

1 my heart:

I uo IMA care:




. ,».„: Ill nve lorioe so much

1 tf Miqr weil-deaervinff friead : [hiud

Qiend. TIn* miN>n mIiiihss fair, you may away hf
ril hnsie the writer, aial, withi^l. Iiikjut:

Break with your wivtm 4»f your departure htfuoo *
1 am afhtid, my daughter will run niiiil,
So much Khe uute' h on her Mortimer s,l£xit.

Mori. Kye, niusio Perry! how yim cmss my

Hot. 1 cannot nhonse: somntimee he angen ina^
With telling nie of the moldwarp and the ant.
Of the dreamer Mttrlin, and his (>n>,>hecie8 ;
And of a dragon and a tinier tia>i,
A clip-wing'd gnlRn. and a moulten raven,
A couching lioii, and a ranipitig oat,
And such a deal of skinihle Kkunible stuflT
As puts me fiom my faith. I tell you what.—
He neld me, but last night, at le.iat n.ne houni.
In reckoniu'X up the several devils' iinines.
That were his lackeys; 1 cned, humph— and well,

— gi> to.—
But mark'd him not a word. O, he's as tedious
As is a tired horse, a railing wife ;
Worse than a smoky house :— I had rather live
With cheese and xarlic, ui a windmill, far,
Than feetl on caies, siiiil h ive limi talk to me.
In any summer-house in ChraHfialoni

Aforl. In fiiiih, he is a worthy Kenileman;
Exceedingly well rMui, aial pni ited
In strange concaulmeiitN ; VHlinnt as a lion.
And wondrous aflBible ; and a^i iMranliful
As mines of India. Shall I tell you. cousin T
He hotds your temper in a tii«h respect.
And curbs himseil even of his nntund scope.
When you di» exvm his humour; 'faith, lie doea:
I warrant yoo. that man is not alive,
Mirht so hiave tempted him us you have done.
Without the taste of danger and reproof;
Bat do not uae it oA, let me eiitreni yuii.

Wor. In faith, my lord, you \iw Uto wilful-Mame;
And since your cominir hither, have done enough
To put him quite lieside his puiiencn.
You must needs leani. lord, to amend this fault;
'Though simietimes it show greatness, courage,

(And that's ilie dearest gmoe it renders yoo,)
Yet oftentimes it doth present harsh rage.
Defect of manners, want of gDvemnieul,
Pride, haughtiness, opinion, and dualain :
The least i^ whiiRh. haunting a uuhleman,
Lose'h men's hearts; and leaves heluud a staio
Upon the boauty of all pnrta besides,
Bevuiling them of ounimendation. [ s pe e d !

Uol Well, I am schuol'd; good manners he your
Hers oome our wives, and let im take our kabve.

lU-enter Glendower, with tkt Ladies.
Aforl. Tliis is the deadly spite that angers me,—
My wife can speak rto English. I mi Welsh.
Giend. My daughter weeps ; she will not part
with you.
Shell be a soldier too, she'll to the wars.
Mart, G«ioil father, tell her,— that she, and nqr
aunt Percy,
Shall follttw in your onndoct speeddy.

[Glemluwer speaks to Ms dattg^tter tn Welsh,
awl ske mutsrrs htm in the snntf.
Oleml. She's des|)erute here; a peeviidi self>
will'd Imrluiry.
One no persuasion can do Kond upon.

[/yn/y M speaks to Mortimer m Wnlsh.

Mori. I understand thy Inoks: that pretty Welsh

Which thu<i pourea down I'r.uu thtnw vwelluig


miag y


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[Act in

P. HuL AtMl thoa a Dalural onward, without

FU, I denr your wiajor: If jon will denjr the
•heriC ao : if not, lei him enter : if I beonme not
a cart as well aa amiiher num. a plmrae on roj
bdnitinff op ! 1 hnpe, I ahall as soun be stnuiglfd
with a halter, aa autKher.

P. Hen. Go, bide thee behind the arraa;— Uie
reat walk up above. Now, my nuuten, for a
true fiiee, and cood oonadenoe.

fVi. Both whioli I have liad : bat their date ia
out, and therefore 111 hide me.

[Emai aUlmtUm Prince catf INiiiia*

P,api. CallmthqaheriO:

BtUtr Sheriff end Carrier.
Now, masiter slieriff ; what's roar will with roe T

Sktr. Finit. imrdtni roe, niy lord. A hue and cry
Hath foUow'd certain men unto this houae.

P. Hen. WliatmeuT [lonl:

Shtr. One of them ie well known, my gracious
A itross fia num.

Cmr. As fiit as batter.

P. Hm. llie man. 1 do assure you, is not here ;
For I myself at this time have empluyM him.
And, shenfl; I will engage my word to thee,
llwt 1 will, by to-morrow dinuAr-time,
Send him to answer thee, or any man,
For any thing he shall be cliarsed withal :
And S(i let uie entrent yi*u leave the lioose.

Shtr. I will, my Cml : There are two cetttlemea
Have in this rubbery hist three hundrvd marks

P. Bm. It may be so: if he have robb'd these
He riiall be answenUile: and so, farewell

Sker. Good nicht, my noble liird.

p. Hen. I think it is rihmI morrow; Is it not?

Sker. Indeed, my lonl. 1 :hiuk it be twti o'clock.
[Exnmt Sheriff aaif Carrier.

P. Htm. This oily rascal is known as well us
Paul's. Go. call him forth.

Poine KaWiuff I— -fosi asleep behind the arras,
and suortiux like a horse.

P. Hen. Hurk, how hanl he fetches breath :
Search his pockets. (Poms ttarchrj,} What hast
tliou fiiundl

PoiH*, Nothing but papers, my kird.

P. Hen. Let's see what they be : read them.

Paha. Item, A capon, 2b. 2iL
Itens Sauce. 4d.
Item, Sack, two gaUooa, 8s. 8d.
Item. Aucb«*vies, aial sack aAer suppsr, 2b. 6d.
Item, Bread, a halfpenny

P. Hen. Omonstroua! but one half-penny wnrtli
of bread to this iotolenOile deal of sack 1— What
there is elsH. keep close ; w«1l read it at more
advantage : there let him sle«*p till day. I'll tu
the court in the morning: we moat all to the
wits, and thy place abaU be hoiiouruhle. Ill
procure this fat rogue a charge of funt ; and, I
know, his death will be a march of twelve-snore,
llie money kliall be paid bock again with advan-
tage. Be with me beiunes iu the morning ; and
so goiNl morrow. Hums.

Pome. Good morruw. good my lonL [Cmml.


SCENE L — Bangitr. A Room m the Arch-

deacon's Hmmk.
ktiier Hotspur, Worcester. Mortimer, and Glen-
Jforf . These promiaes are fair, the parties sure,
iud our umIuccou full of proeperous nope.

Hoi. LnnI Mnrtimer.— and ei>u«un Glendower,

Will y«»a sit down T

And, undo Worreitter : - A plague upoo it 1
I Imve forgot the map.

Otend, No. here K ia.

Sit, a>nsin Percy : ail. koimI cou!«in Hotspur:
For by tliat name as oil as Lancaster
Doth speak of you. his cheek Itioks pale, aad, with
A naing sarh, he wisiieth yon in heaven.

Hot. And you in hell, as oiten as lie hearB
Owen Gleialuwer spoke of.

Gtend 1 cannot blame him : at my nativity.
The front of heaven was full of fiery sliapes.
Of burning cressets ; and, at my birth.
I'he frame and huge foundation of tlie earth
Shak'd like a coward.

HoL Why, 80 it would have dene

At the same sesson. if your mother's cat had
But kitten'd. though yourself had ne'er been bom.

Glend. 1 say, the earth dal ahake when I was

Bot. And I say, the earth was not of my mind.
If you suppuee, as fieanug you it shook.

(Mend. 1 lie heavens were all on fire, the earth
did tremble. [on fire,

Bbi. O then the earth shook to see the heavens
And not m fear of your nativity.
Diseaaed nature oftentimes brnsks forth
In strange ernptions : oft the teeming earth
Is with a kind of colic pinoh'd and vex d
Bv the imprisiming of unrahr wiial 0ng,

witliin her womb ; which, hir enlttigeroent sinv-
SliMkes the old beklame earth, and topples dowu
Steeples, and nMNS-grown towers. At your birth.
Our gnindam eaith,ltaving this distemperature.
In passion shook.

Olend. Cousin, of rosny men

I do not bear these croasiags. Give me leave
To tell you oiioe again,— <mit at ray birth.
I'lie fnmt of heaven waa fail of fiaiy aliapes ;
I'Ih) goals ran from the mountains, and Uie herds
Wore strangely clamorous to the frighted fiekJa.
Theee signs have iiiark'd me extraordiimry ;
And all the couraas of my life do sliow,
I am nut in the roll of common men.
Where is be hving.— clipp'd in with the aeu
Hiat chides the banks of England, SeoHand,


Which calls me pupil, or Iwth read to me f
And bring him out. that is bat woman's sou.
Can trace roe in the tedious wuys of art.
And liokl me pace in deep experiments.

HoL I think, tliere is uo man apeaks bettw

WtUh :

I will to dinner. [mad.

Mort. Peace, couam Percy : you will make liim

Oiend. I can call stunta from the vasty deep.

HoL Why, so can I ; or «» can any man :
But will they come, when you do call <br them f

Olend. Why, I can leach you, cousiu, to com-
The devil. *

UoL And I can teaeh thee, cos,
By telling truth; Tell truth, nod shame the

If thou have power to rniBe him. bring him hither.
And I'll be swom, I have power tu aliaiue him

O, while vuu hve. tell truth, and diame the deviL

MorL Come, come.
No UMire of thm unprofitable chat, fmaile h«iad

Oknd. Three tunes hMth Henry fii>Uii«l>riik«
Asuitist my power : Uirice fnim the tmuks of V\ jn^
And sandy-boitom'd Severn, have 1 MUt hiu»,
and weatUer-bea.eu back.


home, I

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Act II.]


luaklrnhMfds as they bitjr liub-nails. by the huu- trra. then pereniiiUmly T xpeak it, Uiere is nitu*
dTMlM. in timt Ftdsuitf: liiiii keep with, the rwt banish.

Fhl. By the mass, lad, thna aayest true : it is AiuJ tell iiie now, tboa iiuu«hty Tolrlet. lell im,
lik«, we shall have ic«mm1 trading that wnv. — BAi. where hast thuu been tins mouth f
tril me, hal. urt thou mit horriiily afrnnJ T thou > P Htn. Dist thiiu hptwk liki* a king? Do thoa
Iw^iia h«*if apparent, aiaki tlie wurid pick thee i stand I'ur me, aial I'll play my fiitlter.
out three such enemiea acain, us that (teud Duo- 1 /U. Deptan me T if iltoo diaitit half so (travely,
Rian, ihai spirit Pwrrv.iind ih«t dwil Glendower? set nuOesiically, bnth in w<ird and manner, haitf
Art r|.iKi not hiirrihly afraid T duth not thy blood , OM up by the heels for a rabbit -sucker, or a pouf
thnll at It r tor^ hare.

/' Men. Nntawhit,i'faith

iituo \

I lackaomtofthy

l''itL Well, thou wilt be horribly chid to-roor-
ruw. when thuu cumest 10 tliy father : if tlion
tivtf me, pracikn an answer.

/' Hm. D» thou Ktand for my father, and eza-
nui e me upiHi ihe pariiculara of my life

t\U. Shall I f cuul4tiii :— lliis chair shall be my
stale, this dagger my sceptre, and this cushion
my crown.

I*. Hm. Thy state is taken for • Joint-stool, thy
golden soepire (ur a leaden dagger, and thy pre-
cious rich crown, for a pi iful bsild crown i

Fid. Well, an tlie fire uf grace be not quite out
of tliee, now shalt thou be OKivcsl.— Give me a
cup of MHCk, to make mine eyes look red, that it
amy lie tliought I have wept : Utr I must sp«iak in
|NMiii»n, aud 1 will do it in king Cambyses* Vfin.

t*. Htn. Well, here is my lee. [biliiy.

fiiL And here » my speech : — Stand aside, no-

Htmt. Ibis is excellent spi»rt,rfaiih

FuL Weep nut, sweet queen, (or trickling tears
are vain.

Haai. U the fiither, how be holds his coonta-

faL For God's sake, Ionia, onovey my tristful
For team d<i stop tlie flood-gates of her eyes.

Mssf. O rare I he doth it as like lata uf these
harttiiry players, as 1 ever see.

/W. l\Nire. foud pint-put ; peace, good tiekle-
bram— Harry, J do nut only marvel where tiiou

*'it thy time, but also how tliou art accuui-

: liir tlKNich tlie cam«Miule, tlie imire it is
-' ' ' the





P. Hen. Well, here I am aeL

FkA. And here I sund :-Hudge, my masters.

P. Htn. Now, Harry T whence come you I

FkL My Bobla lonl. ftom Easteheap.

P. Hm. The oumplaints I hear of thee are

#bi. 'Sbiood. my lonl. they are false :— nay, 1*11
tackle ve for a young prince, I'fatth.

P. &n. SwearMt Inou, onvraciousbny ? henr*-
fbrth ne'er look on me. Thou art violently oar-
ried away fnmi grace : there i^ a devil haunia
thee, in the likeness of a fat old man : a tun of
man is thy ouiiipanion N^ by diMt thou omverse
with that trunk of hamimra, that bulUng-hnteh
of heastUness. thiii swo n parcel of dropsies, tluit
hoiTB bumlianl of stick, tliitl siutfeJ cltiak-bag of

Suts, that ruMsted Maniiiugiree ox with Uie pud-
ing in hi« fit^lly, that reverend vice, that grey
iniquiiy, tliat futhnr ruffian, that vmiity in yeam I
Wherein is he Kuod, hut to taste imcic and dniik
it r wherein neat and cleanly, but 10 carve a ca-
pon and eat it ? wherein cuiiuiii«, but in craft t
wherein crafiy. but in villuny T wherein villaiioua.
but in all things t wiiertfiii worthy, but in nothing 7

FhL I would your grace would take me with
you ; WluNH means your grace 1

P. Hen. That villaaous iibomin ible misleader
of viKith, Falstafi; that old white-bearded Suian.

/W. My lord, tlie man I know.

P. Hm. I know, thou dtist.

fU. But U) Kay, I know more harm hi Irim than
in iiiysell, were to say more ihau 1 know. That
he m old (the more the pity), hia white hairs do
wi ness it : but that he is (saving your reverence )
a whoremaster, that I utterly deny. If Mick ana
Bucar he a f .uit. Gtal help the wicked ! If tc be
old and merry be a siu, then many an old htarC
that I know, is damned : if to he fat be to b<i
hated, then Pharaoh'^ lean kiue are to Iw loveil.
No, myjrooJ lord ; iMiiish t\>to. banish Banltilph.
Imiiuiii Poms: but fur sweet Jack Kalsiai( kind
Jack Falstait true Jack FalsiJitC vulisnt Jacic
PaJstalC and tbenrfbre nmre valiant, beiiix as he
M, old Jack FaistMtf. Inuiisii ihK him thy Harry's
company, banish not him thy Harry's oouiuuny ;
banish plump Jack aud banish all tlie world.

P. Hm. I do, 1 will. [A kmorkiny heard.

IKtemnt Hostess. Francis, and Bardulph.


Bard. O, my lord, my lord : the alieriS^ with ■
m<Mt monstrous watch, is at the dtair.

F»d. Uut, you nigue ! play out the play : I ht »e
much to say in the behalf of that FalstaJt

HoH O Jesu, my lord, my lonl !^—

FlaL Htfifli, heigfa! the devil rides upon a lkl«
dlrstick : What's the matter f

Hoti. The sheriff aud all the wateh are at the
door : they are come tu search the house ; Shall
I let them lu ?

Fal. Di«t thou hear. Hal t never call a true

piece of gold a cimnterfeit : tboa art easentuUijr
mad. williwJt seeming su.


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liHil Uwia wb^irwiai, olaoeiM, gnnaf uUow-

Fat. What, art thoa nuul T art tboa rimI T it not
tlivirutU, ilieinuhT

F. Htn. Why, hiiw ouald'M thoo kii«>w tbeiMi
iiMiii lu Kpodiil fnwtt, when it WNi so danc thun
enakPst imt ae* ihjr luind T omie, tell oa jrour
reason ; What aayeat Ihou to Uiis 7

Foitu. VAtoM. your reaMNif Jack, your reaaon.

FlaL WliMi, uponciNuputaionf N(»; were I at
liie strapiNKkN ur all Uie racks in tlie world, I
woold mil tell ynu m otaupulsiun. tiive yoa a
reason ub oumpukidu I if reasons were as plenty
ns blackberriei<, I would give no man a reaaon
npun couipuliKin. 1

P. Hat. I'll he DO Itmger ffuil'y of this sin ; this
•ancoine coward, iliia hed-preaser, this Ihirae
baCK-breaker, tUw huite hill t*f flesh ;

FhL Away, you ttarveiiuf:. you elf-skin, jou
dned uealVlongue, ImiII's piTxIe, you atoek-nsh.
— O, for breatli U* utter wliui is line thee: —you
tailor's yard, yon sUeatU. you tMW-oase. you vile
standiiiK tuck :—

f. Htn. V\eU, breathe a while, and then to it
agaw : and when Uiuu Itaet Ured thyself lu beee
oumpariMNW. bear uie spea^ but tbik

Pomi. Mark, Jark.

P. Htn. We two saw you fiNir set on four ; yon
laiaiHl Uiew, and were utasiera of tiiwir wealth.
— — Mark imiw, Iwiw phuu a tale sliall put you
down.— llteu dal we two set im yuu luur : and.
with a word, oui-tuced yuo f^jui y<mr pnxe, and
have It; yea, aial cuu stiow it you here in tlie
bouse :— aud, Falsiait, you curried your guts uway
as nimbly, with as quick dexienly. and roared mt
uieroTt mid suil ran aud ruarvd, as ever 1 heard
bull-calf. What a slave art Uum. to hack thy
swoni as tboa hui>t done ; aial then ssy, it was in
tight I What trick, wliat device, wliai starting-
bole, canst thou now find out. to hale thee ttoux
Uua open and apparent shaiue I

Point. Conie. let's liear. Jack ; What trick haat

ghL By the Lord. I knew ye. as well as h9 that
made ye. Why. bear ye, my masters : Was it for
me, to kill the heir apparent T Sliould 1 turn upon
the tros prince? Wny, ibou knowesi, I am as
valiant as Hercules: but bewure iiislinot; the
lion wiU nut toud) the iroe pnnoe. luatmct u a
gnat matter ; 1 was a cowani iw instinct. 1 shall
think the belter of niyMelC, aud thee, during my
hie : 1, for a valiant iiou, aial Uuhi, for a true
pnuoe. But, by the Lord, bab, I am ghid you have

the money. Hostew, clap lo the Uuors; watch

to uigbt, pray tu-u»orrow. — Galbuits. hals. boya,
liearu of gukl. all the liUea of good fellowMliip
oouie to yuu 1 Wlwt, shall we be merry T sbaU
we have a play extempore T

P. Hen. Cooteni ;— and the aifumeut shall be,
tby running away.

FbL Ablno more of that, Hal, an tboa lovest

£Mer Hostess.

Hotl. My lonl the prinoev

P. Hen. How now. my Ualy the hoiteat what
M^'at tium to me t

HotL Marry, my lord, tbert is a nobleman of
the court at door, would apeak witb yoa : be suys.
be oumes from your fiitber.

P Htn. Oive him as mndi as will make him
a royal man, and seial him back again to my i

of maaiahet

PhL What dnth rranty out of bin bed a mid*
iiirbt ?— 8hnll I give him iiis un*wer 7

/'. Hen Pry thee. do. Jack.

Fbl 'Fiuih, iind 111 send Idm packing [Eat,

P. Hen Now. sirs ; by'r lady, yuo foiwht fiiir ;
-«o did you. PvU> :— so did you, banlulplt : yiMi
are lious too. you nin away upon instinct, you
will iMit tondi tlie true pnnoe ; nu,— fye I

Bard. 'FMilh, 1 ran wlien I saw others mn.

P. Hen. Tell me now in earne■^ How came
FklstalTs swurd HO hacked f

Ptio. Why. he hackeil it with his daner : and
said, he woukl sweur truth out of England, but
he woukl uiiike you believe it was doiu^ in tbrUt ;
aiMl persoiHled ui« Ui do the like.

Buni. Yea. aiHl to tickle our noaes with spnur-
grasii. to make them bleed ; and then to besluMier
our garmeuls with ii, snd to swear it was the Mood
of troe men. I did that I did not this seven year
before, I blushed to bear b» monstrous devices.

P. Hen. U villain, thuu suilesi a cup of aark
eighteen years ago. and wert taken with ibe
manner, and ever since tboa hast blush'd extem-
pore : l'b<Mi hadat 6re WkI sword on tliy nde, aial

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