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But let him from my ihoujtUta :— What thiuk yov,

Of this vounfT Perry's pride T the prisoners,
Wliioh ua in this adventure hath surpns'd.
To his own ass he keeps; and sends me won!
I shall have none but Mordake eari uf nfe.

WaL I'hia ia bis uncle's teaduiur, this it
Makivolent to vou in all aspects ; rWorcester,
Which makes nim prune binstelf, suu bristle np
The crest of youth aituiust your dignity.

K. Hm. But I have sent for him to aiMMrer this *
And, for this caune, uwliile we must neglect
Our holy purpose to Jerusidein.
Gouxm, on Wednesday next our coondl we
WiU hoy at Windsor, so inform the lords :
But come yoonelf with speed to us axain :
For more ■ to be said, and to be done.
Than out of imger can be uttered.

Wed.- 1 wdU my liege. [firamt.

SC£.NE IL-rkt mrne. Another Room te th$

EMter Hmrj. Prtnee of Wiles, «wf Falstaff.

FaL Now. Hal, what time of day is it, ha! T

P. Hm. Thou art so to-witted. with drinking
of old sack, and unbuttoning Uiee aAer supper,
and sleeping upon benches after n<Min, that tnou
hast forgotten u> demand that irulv which thou
would'st truly know. What a devil hiisi thou to
do with the lime of the day I unless hours were
cups of sack, and minutes capiMiis and clocks the
tongues of bawds, mid dials the autus of leapiug
houses, aud the blettse'i sun luiuself a fiur hot
wench in dame-colour'd tutfii'a ; I see no reaaim.
why ihtHi shoukl'st be so superfluous to demand
the time of the day.

Fill Indeed, you come ncir me now, Hal : for
we, that take puraea, go by the motoi and seven
stars ; and luil by PlMsbus.— he. that wamUrinif
kmiiflU JO Ja&. Aud, I pray thee, sweet wag^ when
thou art king,— iw, Gtsl save tliy grace (miuesty, I
should say : rt Rruce thou wdt liave ntaie.)

P.Hm. Wliat! none?

/W. No. by my tro h ; not so much as wtU

MprM 111 If i.n.l<MriM to oil UglC MUd butlor.

i iW iheul come, roundly,

roc >

i sweet wag, when thou arc

kin ti are squirt« of the uighi*k

hot M of Uie day's beauty ; let ua

be- «, gentlemen of the shade,

mii...^.. w. ..... ...W..II : And let men suy. we lai

men of kimkI government ; being govenied, as the
sea is, by our iiol>le and chasie nuslress Uie mouo.

ader whose counli*u«uoe we — uleal
y. MnC 1'hou say'fet well ; and it holds well loo :
ftr the fortune of ua. that ore the moim's men, doih
ebb and flow like this sea ; being riivernad. a.o the
sea is, by ihe moon. As. for prooT, now : A pores
of gold must resolutely snatclied ou Monday night.

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J Eattm


Aa fkill of valoar. m <if n»]ral liUi^d :

Bd h hHTe I suilt : O. would the dred werai^Mid !
For iM>w the deTil that told me— I did well,
Sajra. thar 'hiit deed is chnmicled in hell.
This dead kin* to the liTiiur kiiiK I'll bear!—
Take benae the reel, aud five ilieiu buriul here.

SCENE VI.-.WiiMtoor. A Ratm m tkt CatU:

Emter Bohngliroke «wf Yurk, wUh
Liinle and Atteoduils.

BoHag' Kind aiiele York, the latest sews we
|ih-4hat the rehelM liave onnsam'd with fire
Oar tiiwn i»f CictstUer. in Gluetenhire ;
B«l whether they be U'en. or shun, we bear not.

Enter NorthMiberiaiMl.

Welonme. nir i»rd : Wlmt is the newaT
North. FirMi, lo liiy MKved sUOewiah I all bap-

The next imwh is.— 1 liave lo Londoa sent

11m heads u( Salisbarjr, Speaoer. Blunt, and

Kent :
The mauner i»f ihsir Ukinc majr appear
At large diaoonrsed in this paiwr here.

{Pntrntmff a ptptf.
Boluig. We Uiouk thee, gentle Pinqr. CM- ihf

And tu thy worth will add right worthy gains.

EnUr Fitzwaier.

Fits. My lord. I have from Oxford sent t«»
The lieadsuf Bmcm. mmI Sir Benuet Seely;
Two of the dauferiiiM c»osi>rt«d tnutom.
That sooght at Osfitrd thy dire overthmw.

Botuiif. Thy pattia, Fiiawater, shall not be (br-

Kigbt noble ja thy nksrit, weU 1 wet.

r'nrlHtlM ^

EmUr Percy, with th* BtsluH> of Cnriwie

Ptrqf The grand nNispirator, al>b<»t of ^^ eat-
With cioic of 0(»ni«uenoe. and sour nieianci.uly,
HaiU yielded up his body to I he pcnive;
But heie is Carlisle living, lo abide
Thy kingly diMim. and seiiteiioe of his pride.

Bolmg. Carlisle, this m your diioin :—
Chooae oat some secret place, some reven-ud

More than thou bast, aud with it Jny thy life ;
&I, as thoa liv'st in peane. die (nti rrom smfe :
For though mine enemy thoo hast ever hren.
Uigb sparks of honour in thee liave 1 sven.

Enter Exton, with At! endauts bearing « cqgbi.

Exiom. Great kiuir, within ihis oiffio I ^ ^.
Thy buried fear ; herein all brea>hlt>t« lies
llie mighiiesi of thy areatesi enemtea.
Richanf of B4>rd4;aux, by iiie hither liMUgliL

Bolmif. Exi<Mi, I ihauk thee util ; ti»r thou hasi
A ileed of slander, with tliy faUl hand.
Vpon my head, and all tliis famous bial.

^Ixfon From jrour own mouih, my lord, did I
this deed. (need.*

Botma. I'hey hive mil ts'isim that do pi*iMai
Nor do 1 thee ; Utttuxh I did wish luin dead,
I bate the murderer, love hiin murdfred.
The guilt of conaaeuce take thou for thy lali*mr
But neither my good word, nor princely favour :
With Cam go wander throuah the shade iif nitrui .

And never show thy head bv dajr mir lighL

Lords, I protest, ray soul is full of w«i«.

That blood should sprinkle me, to make me

Come, mourn with me fiir what I do lanieul.
And put on sullen black, inoontineul {
I'll make a voyage U> the Holy land,
I'o wash this liloiid off from my guilty hand :— .
March sadly after: grace my monrumgs hete.
in weeping after liiai untimely bier. ' " ~



PEKSO.NS llEPRCSi:.>fTli;iii
KUw HMrjr the Koorth.

Earl of Wcatmorehtiid, { f,,,^, /. |v, Kttm.

Str Walter Blnnt. J /'•««»rf* '• «« ««•.

I'homas Ftorcy. Earl of Worrrfter.

Henry IVroy, Enrt ttf Northttmbt rh nd.

Henry Ferry, atananml I loisiinr. Au asa.

Edmund Moniiner. Eatt of Mmrh.

bcruop, Arehtuktft itf Ynrk

btr Utchm9l,aJrHwt ttf the Ardtbahep.

Arohibakl, Earl qf Do^fktM.

Owen Glendower.

Sir Richard Vrmoi..

Sir John FalstaH:





Lady Perey . w(fe to Hottfmr, and sister to Mortmer
Lady Mortimer. daniMucr to GletmotstTn and mo* M

Mia. Quickly, husttss i^a taoem m Eaoteheap.

Lords. Qgkars. Shenf,Vtntner, Chambertam. iMnm-
erSf Two Comer*, 7 ruMikrs, and

SCJuNE— England.


SCENE L^London. A Room m the Fohm.

Enter King Heiiir. Westmoreland, Sir Wali4-i
Blunt, and others.
K. Hen. So shaken us we are. so wan with rsirv
Find we a lime fiir frixhted peace t4> pant.
And brfatiit short -wiiuled accents of uew liiuls
To be oouiiuenc'd m »i roods afar remote.

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ira, hiB Jack o' the olook.
et it •oQDd no more ;
« roadmen lo their wlU,
lake wise men mad.
t that ipves it me !
•nd love to Richard
lis all-haling world.


Thanks, noble peer,
n groata too dear.
V oomest thou hither,
mea. but that sad dof
make misTortane lire T
>r groom of thy stable,
who, travellinr towards
ch have gotten leave

rt. when I beheld,
on roan Barbaiy !
often hast bestrid:
tarbuyt Tell me. gno.
'' ,,. ,. Ctle friend,
M ifbe disdain'd the

t Bolingbroke was on his
1 trtvn mr royal hand ;
lim prood with dapiMng

Would he not fiill down,
a faU.) and break the

did usurp his beck T
' do I rail on the«,
I aw'd by man.
iauDoing Bolingbroke.

■oe; here is no longer
^. ^TotkeOnom,
me, lis tune thou wert

pie dares not, that iny
lease yon to fall toT
nt, aa thou art wont to
Cton, who
not; Sir Pierce of £x-
tng; commands the oou-

Cand thee I
r of Lan(

ke Henry of Lanoastci;

^ary of it.

(J&al«(Ae Keeper


Servants, armed.
rhat means death in this
elds thy death's ixMra-

room in helL
never-quenching Are.
unsoQ.— £itoa, thy Aeroe
[own land
kiod stain'd the king's
thy seat IS up on high;
oka downwanl. httn to

V ■»* downwanl. ht-m to ^

4\ ~-4

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, ^ 4;6


[Act V.

Hiiiimg IiiU*ikI«<<1 or ntni'iiiilml. was this ftiult ?
'I iiiU I he rinit. Iiuw httiiiuiiM ere il bt«,
to wm iliy uftur luve, I piirdun tlie«. fic^y*

Awn, TImiu i(iv« um Imnvv Ihal I maf tum Uut
rhMi mt iiMU ealer till my tale be duue.

ikdiity- littve thy UrSiTa.

TAnnieiie todb fAe ioor.

York. [IVi/Mn] My Ii««e. beware; luuk ui
Thiia liaai a iinitur in iby preaftnoa there.

Bolittf/. Villaii. ni nukn thet- wife. [ArtnwNf-

ilMM. Stay thy reveiixefol htuul ;
TiMiu tmst uu n;iU8e tu fear. (hardy kiiiff :

York, [WuktH,] Open the dour, aecure. liioU
Siiull I. (i»r love, apeak trcaana to ihy fiioa I
Open the dour, or i will breuk it open.

I BoliiiKbruka oi«m tke door.

BtOer York,

BoHng. What » the matter, uncle T apeak ;
Recuver breath ; tell u* how near u danger,
riiat we may arm us to eiiCiHiuier it [know

York. Perdae this writiuf here, and thou aiialt
TliO treason that my h:i»te forbids me show.

Aum, Kemeuiber. as thou rewl'st, thy promise
I do repent me : read not my name there, (past :
My heart is not confederae with my hand.

York, Twas. villuin. ere Uiy hand did set it
I tore it from the iniuor'ii Uwom. kiux ; [down. —
Fear, and not love, liefets hiw penitence :
Foq{et to pity hini. lest tliy pi:y prove
A serpent that will hUu; tliee Ui the heart.

Aitov- O heinous, strong, and tiold conspiracy!

Iciyal fiiiher of a treachenins sun !

'J'bou idieer, imraaculnle, and siiver fountain.
Froot whence Una stream through muddy pot-
Hath held his current, and defilM himael/I
'J*hy overflow iif giKid oaivers lo bad ;
And Iby ationdant jcoodueMi shuil excuae
'ihjs dwMlly blot in thy digresMiiig aou

York. So shall my virtue be iu» vii-e*s bawd ;
And he shall spend mine honour wiih Ins kliame.
As Ihndiesit sons their scraping fathers' gold.
Mme honour lives when his duhoiitiur dies,
Or my siiam'd life in bis disliiiiiuur lies :
1'hou kill'st me in Itis life ; giving him breath.
The iroilor lives, the true niuu'n put lo death.

DmA [IVilAia.] Wiuii ho. mybegei for God's
ktfke let lue in. [vsger cry f

BoUng. What shrill-voio'd suppliant niaxes thui

Duck. Awuman,and ihiue uunl, great kinr ;—
Speak with me, pity me, iipvn the door : ('tia L
A heggur begs, iliMt never liecc'd before, [thing.

bwmV' Uur soene is alter'u. — from a serioos
And now chung'd lo The BeyyarOMii tke Ko^.-^
My daugeroiM oousiii. let yuur iiMither m ;

1 ka»w ane's come to pray for y«Kir foul «ia

York. If tliou do punJiHi, whiatoever pray.
More nns, for thi« f«»rgivenes», pmaper may.
1'ni.t leMer'd joint cut o£ the nmt rests sound ;
I'his, let alone, will all the rest oonioaud.

£ater Duchess.
Iktck. king, believe not this hanl-heartad man;
Love, loving nut itself, none other can.

York, 'lliou finnuc wuman, what d<Mit thoo
make here I
Shall thy «iia du«K once more a traitor rearT
iMck. Sweet York, be paiieut: kiatx me. gen-
tle lirce. iKimU.
Hottitg. Ktte up, good aunt.
Ihich. Not yet, I thee
Foi ever will I kneel upon my knees.
And uevor see day ihat the happy sesa,

Till thou giTn joy; until thou bid me joy.
By piiTdiiiinig Ktitland, my inuts^ressiiig bof.

Aum Uhto my mother^ prayera 1 heiid my
knee [ifiwris.

Tbrfc. Against tbem both, my true joints beial-
edlie. iKmdt,

HI rony'si thou tlirive. if thoa crmnt any grace !

Duck. Pleads he in eiimesiT look upcnhis fisoe;
His eyes do drop no leuni, his prayers are m Jest ;
His wimU roine irom his mouth, oun from oar

He preys bat faintly, and woald be denied ;
We pray with heart, and soul, and all besida :
His weary joints would gladly nmi^ I know :
Uur knees shall kneel till to the gruund UMf

grow :
His preyere are fall of false hypocrisy ;
Ours, oi true zeal and deep integrity.
Our prayera do oui-pray his ; then let them hare
That mercy, which true prayera ought to have.

Botmg. Good aunt, stand up.

OmcA. Nay. do not siy stand «p^

But partlon. first: and afterwards, stand up.
And if I were tlir nurse, tliy tongue Ui teach,
ParJon— should be the first word of thy speech.
I never long'd to hear a word till now ;
Say — pardon, king ; let pity teach thee how :
The word b short, but mit so short as sweet ;
No word like panlon. lor kings' mouths so n "

York. Speak it in French, king; say.j

Duch. Dost thou teach pardon panlon to do-
sin»y T
Ah, my si>ur husband, my hard-hearted lord,
Thatsei'at the word iisi^if agMJnst the word I—
Speak, panlon, as 'us current in our land ;
Tiie chopping French we do not uodersiaind.
I'hine eye liegins to speak, sat thy toiigue there :
Or. in tliy piteous heart phiot thou tiuue ear;
Thai, hearing how our plaints and prayen de

Pity may move thee, pardon to rehearae.

BoUng. Good auui, aland up.

Dmh. I do not soe to atand.

Pardon is all the suit 1 Itave in hand.

BoUng. I pardon him, as Gtal shall pardon roe.

DhcA O happy vantage of a kneeling knee I
Yet am I sick for leur : speak it again ;
Twice saying pardtai, di»Ui not puidon twain,
i5ui makes one pardon atroug.

Botutg. With all mjr heart

I pardon him.

Duch. A god on earth thou ait.

Botvtg. But for our trusty brother-in-law,— aod
the abbot.
With all tiin rest of that consorted crew,—
DestrucUon straight snail dog them at ilie heeJii—
Good uncle, help to onler anveral powera
'I'o Oxford. Mr where'er iheae traiiora are ;
I'hey Khali not live within ihw worUi, I swear.
Bat I will have them, if 1 onoe know wliere.
Uncle, farewell.— and cousin too, adieu :
Your mother well hath pray'd, aod prove joa

Dmek. Come, mj old aoo;— >I pnj God maka
thee new [jTmail.

BnUr Ezton wtd a SenranL
E^om. Didflt thou not mark the king, whal
words he spake f
Was it nut so I
!kro. Th(«e were his ver> wvfxla


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Act V.l




TiM htEtrU of men. lh«y must perfurM have


Aim! hnrtiurMiu ibielf linTe piiied him.

Hut lieareii hath a hand m these events;

To wlHae hirii will we buoud oitr calm content*.

Ti* B(»lingbroke are we •witni suhjecte now,

Whuw stale and iMKHiar 1 fur «ye aliuw.

fia<rr Aamerie.

Dmek H< re oomes mj auo Aumarle.

York Annierle that was :

Bat that isi Inst, for beinit Richard's friend.
Anil, madiim, you most call him Kutlam) now:
i am in parliameul pied^ for liis truth,
Ami IniAnve feaiiy tu the n«w-mude kiiir. [now,

Duck, weloome. ray son : Who are the violetn
That strew the Kreen Isp uf the new-come spriiixT

Aum. Mudum, I know not. nor I Krea' ly care not:
God knows. I had as hef be none, as one.

York. Well, bear you well m this new spritur
of (mte.
Lest you be cnipp'd befors ynu come to prime.
What news from Oxford T hold thoee justs and

Aiam. F«H- au^t I know, my lord, they do.

York You ««rill be tliere. 1 know.

Aum, If God prevent it not ; i purpose so.

York, What seal is that, tliat bungs without
thy boeiHii T
Tea, lonk*si tli<>u pale T let me see the writing.

Atm. My lord, 'tis iMiChinf.

Ynrk. No matter then who sees it :

I will be sathifted, let me xee the wrium^.

Aitm. 1 do beseech your in^tce to purdon me ;
It IK a matter of smiill consequence,
Which for siHiie n»is«>ns I would not hsve seen.

York. Wliirh for some reasons, sir, 1 mean lo
I ffar. I fear,— [see.

Dmck. What should you fesirT

1 M nothinf hot some bond, thut lie is eiiter'd into
Fur say apparel. *inimst the inumpli dny. [botid

York. Bound to hnuself f whnt doth he witJi a
T\mi he is hound to ? Wife, thou art a 6ni1.—
Boy, let roe see the writiug [sIm>w it

Awm. 1 do beiieech you. pardon roe : I may not

York. I wUl be satisfied ; let me see it, 1 say.
[SmUrhu tt, and rtads.
TrMiaooI fool treason !~vti lain I traitor! slave!

Dmch. What is Uw matter, my lonJ f

York. Ho! who is wuhm there T iBnUr a Ser-
vauU] Saddle my liorse.
God for his mercy ! what Ireiichery is here I

Umck Why. what is il. my lord f [horse :—

Yof*. Give me my boots, I say:— saddle my
Now by mine b«iaoor, by my hfo, my troth.
1 will appeach the villain. [ExU Servant.

Dmck. What's the matter T

York. Peace, foolish woman. [son T

JMtck. I will not peace : — What is the matter,

ilasi. Good motlier, be coiitaut ; it is no more
Than my poor lifo must answer.

Dmck. Thy life answer T

RfoUer Servant, wUk boots.
7er4r. Briuf me my Inots, 1 will onto the kimr.
Dmck. Stnke him, Auuierie. — Poor buy, thou
. art aaiBZ'd :
Heoee, vithun : never more come in mr sifht.—
r To the Servant
T»Ht Give me my boots. I say.
Dmck. Why. York, what wiltttiou doT
Will ih«Ni u'lt hide the trespass of thine own T
Hove we more sihim T or are we tike lo have T
S» »A au/ iMemuic date drunk up with time f
Am wiU thuu pluck my fair sou from omm age.

And rob me of o happy mother's unuie '
Is he not like thee 7 is he not thine o<wu f

Strk. Thou fond mad woman,
thou OHioeal this dark oouspiracy ?
A dozen of them here have ta'en tlie samunent.
And interchangeablf set d >wn their hands,
I'o kill the king at Oxford.

Duck. He shall he imnm ;

WeHl keep him here : Then wluit is that to liiit (

York. Away,
Food woman I were he twenty limes my son
I would appeach him

Duck. Hndst thou Kro-iird for hiir.

As I have done, thou'dst he moie p liful.
But now I know thy mind ; ihoo dtie sispeot,
That I have been disloyal tt> thy h.-«l.
And that he is a hosturd, not thy stm :
Sweet Yiirk. sweet hUHtxiiid. be not of that mind:
He 18 as like thee as a iimii may be.
Not like lo me, or any of my kin.
And yet 1 love him.

York. Make way, unruly woman.


Dudk. After, Aumerle; mount tliee up«Hi Iim
Spur, post ; and ret before him to the king.
And bex thy pardon ere he do accuse tht^e.
I'll not be long behind ; tliou^di I be oUI,
I doubt not but lo ride us fast as York :
And never will I rise up from ilie ground.
Till Boiingbroke have purdou'd thee : Awiiv ;
Begone. [axewU.

SCENE III. - Windsor. A Room in the Cattte.

Enter Boiingbroke, as Kino; Percy, and otker

Bolma. Can no man tell of inv unthriflv son f
'Tis full three nionihs, siiioe I did see iiiui IhsI:—
If any phigue hang over us, 'tis he.
I would to God. my lords, he might he found :
Inquire si London, 'niimirst the taverns there.
For there, they say, he daily doth frequent.
With unrest nuned loose conipiuiitms ;
Even such, ihey say, as staml in narrow lanes.
And beat our watch, and rob our passeniters ;
While he, young, wanton, and eiTeniinate tioy.
Takes on the piHiit of honour, to support
So dissolute a crew. (prince ;

Percv My loid, some two days since 1 miw the
And told him of iliese tnumphs held at Oxf»nl

Doting. And what said the gallant f [stews

Ftrrf. Hn answer wus. — he would unu» the
And from the oommon'st creature pluck a glove.
And wear it ns a favour ; and with that
He woukl unhorse the lustiest challenger.

Botino- As dissolute, as desperate: yei, througli
I see some sparkles of a better hope, [bu.h

Whwh elder days mav happily bring forth.
But who comes here ?

Enter Aumerle. kastUt.
Aum. Where is the king?

IMmo. Whni means

Our riiusin, that he stares and looks so wilUL?
^Msi. Goil save your graoa 1 do beseech your
To have some drnferenne with your grace alon**.
BoHna Wiilidraw youn«lves.mid leave us hf re
alone.— [ExtmrU l^rcy and UhiIs.

What is the mattar with our oi>usiu now '
ilian. For ever may my knees grow to lbs
earth, [ICmtets.

My tongue chtave to my ntof within my uiuttUi,
Uuleas a pardon, ere I rise, or speak.


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WhyshoiilJ ImtJ-fiivonr'd |^f belodx'd in thee,
When ihuniplt is ht^unie iin aieliouse g^ioA 1

K. Hxk JtMu mit with grief, fttir womao, do
not M>,
To make my end ton sodden : learn, rood loul,
I'o ihiiik our furmer state a hapuy dreum ;
From which awuk'd. the tmih of what we are
Shows us hut this : i am sworn hriiiher, sweet.
1'o snin neceffdty ; and he and I
Will keep a leaeue til] death Hie thee to Prance,
Aitd eloi<c-r thee in some relifiiMis house:
Our holy lives lllu^<t win a new world's crown.
Winch oor pn»f«n«! ho«r>« here have stricken down.

Quetn. What >B my Richard both in blmpe and
Translbmrd. and weaken'd T Hath Biilinfchn«ke
()e|>o(iM thine intellect f Hath he been in thy
The lion,dviiir,thriixieih forth hispaw [heart T
And wounds the earth, if nothing elm. with rage
I'o lie o'erpower*d : and wilt ihou. pupil-hke,
I'ake tliy correction mildly T k»s i he rwl ;
And &WU tHi rage with b:iKe hntnili'y.
Which art a linn, ami a kiiir of beHitUt T fbeasUi,

K. Rick. A kiiucof bens s. iiMleed; if mnrht but
I had been sill a happy king of men [France :
(tood stimeniiie queen, preiiare thee hence for
I'hink. I am dead : and t haf even here thou tak'st,
As fiom my deHih-bed, my bml livinc leave.
Ill winter's teduius nirntx, sit by tlie fire
With giNHl tild folkH; and let iheiu tell thee tales
Of woeful ages, Imut ago betul :
And. ere thou bid gootlnight, to quit their grief.
Tell thou the lameniuble fall of me,
And send the henrerx weeping to their beds.
Pur why. the seiuM-len bmndiii will sympathize
Tlie lieavy accent of ihy UHtving tiHigue,
And. in compHSsiitn. weep the fire oui :
And some will iiioiim in ashes, some coaUblack,
For the depu»iiig uf a rightful king.

Emttr Northumberland, aitendmL
North. My li>rd. the mind of Bohngbrdke Is
chung'd ;

Too must to Ponifret, not nntoThe Tower.

And, madam, there is order tu'en for you ;
With all swifl fi|«ed von muxt awiiv u» France.
K. Bid*. Noithunil«rluud, thou ladder where-
The mouiitinc Bf^iinrbroke ascends my thmne, —
'lite time shHil not be many Imurs uf affe
Mure than it is. ere foul *n\, gnlherinK head.
Shall break intn ci»rruptiiHi : ihou/htill ihuik.
Though he divide the realm, and^ve thee half.
Jt IS too iiitle, helpimr him to all ; (wuy

And he shall think, that thou, wliM'h know'st the
I'o plant unrightful kuics, will kiiuw tigiuii.
Being ne'er mi In tie urg'd, another way
To pTuok him hendlomr fntiii the usurped throne
llie htve of wirkt-d inends cunveru lu fear ;
That fear, lu ha e ; and liuie turns one, or Ixitb.
To worthy d user, and deiierved deuth. [end.
NorUi. My g<iilt be on my head, nml there an
Take leave.'ttiMi iNirt; forvoumuKt pjir. furhwi h
K. Rich Oiiuhiy •li%orc'd f— Bad men. ye vi«ilat«
A twufold niiU-iiHire; 'twix< my crown and me;
And tlien. beiwixi nie and my nnirnod wife.—
Lei me uuki«s the taUli 'iwixt iliee and me;
AimI yet nut so, lor wiih a kias 'iwtis nitide —
P.irt us. N«»nhuiiiberhiiHl ; I towards the north,
WiiaiexhiverinK cold and ^ickll»-sMp•lleslhe(lime;
My wito u Fiance; from wliunce, set forth in


8lie Clime iMlorn*Hl hither l.ke sweet May,
Sent Imck iikf MiilUmiiins. or short 'st <if day.
QmiM. AuUuiusiMcbeuiviJtdT must we parti

K. Rkk. Ay. hand fh>m hand, iQy love, and
heart from heart. [me.

Qtuen. Banish us both, and semi the king with
North. That were some love, but little policy.
^fttn. Then whither he goce. thither let mega
£. RicS. So two, Uigetlier weeping, make wm
Weep thou for me in France. I for thee here;
Better far utf, than — near, be ne'er the iieai^.
Go, count thy way wiUi sighs; 1, mine wnh
(^leen. So longest way shall have the kngeat

JT. Rkh. Twice for one step Fll groao, the waf
being short.
And piece the way uQt with a heavy heart.
Come, ronie. in wooing sorrow lei's be brief.
Since, wedding it, there is such length in gnef.
One kiss shall stop our mouths, and dumbly pert ;
Thus give 1 mme, and thus I take thy heart.

Qium. Give me mine own again; Hwere uo
good part.
To take on me to keep, and kill iby heart.

.^, now I have mine own again, begone,
I'hat I may stnve to kill it with a groan, [delay:
K. Rich. We make woe wmiiIoii with this fond
Once more ad»eu , the rest let aurrow nay

SCENE n.— The stniif. A Room in the Duke ^
York's Paiact.

Enter Y(»rk and his Duchess.

DiuA. My lord, you luld me, you would tell the
When weeping made you break the story off
Uf our iMo C4iusin!t romnig iuto Luuduu.

York. Where did 1 leave T

Dtich. At that sad slop, my lond.

Where rude misgovem'd hands, Ihuu wnulowr

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