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Kever did paseenger in summer's beat
More thirst (or dnnk than she for this good turn.
Her help she sees, but help she cannot get :
She bathes in water, yet ber Are must bum :

•O, pity," 'gan Kbe cry, * flint-hearted boy !

T b but a kiss I beg ; why art thou coy f

*I have been woo'd, as I entreat thee now.
Even by th« stern and direful god of war,
Whoae sinewy neek in battle ne'er did bow.
Who eonaaers where be oomen in evert- iar;
Tei hatn he been my captive and my slave.
And begg*d for that whicb thou nnaitk'd shalt

'Over my altars hath he hung hi" lance,
Hb batter'd shield, hb uncontrolled cret»t.
And for my sake hath Team 'd to sport and dance.
To toy, to wanton, dally, smile snd jest.
Scorning hb chnrlbh dmm and ensign red.
Making my arms hb fleld. bin tent my bed.

'Thus he that overruled I overswsy'd.
Leading him prisoner in a red-rose chain :
8trong<^mpered steel his* Mroiiger strength
Tec was he servile to my coy diMliun. [obey'd,
O. be not proud, nor brag not of thy might.
For nustenng her that foll'd the god of flght!

' Touch but my lips with those fhir lips of thine,—
Tboueh mine be not so fair, yet are they red —
The kiss shall be thine own as well as mine.
What seeet thou In thegmundf hold up thy bead:
Look in mine eyebaua. there thy beauty lies:
Then why not lipa on-lips. since eyes in eyes ?

< Art thou ashamed to kiss? then wink again.

And I will wink ; so shall the day seem night;

Love keeps hb reveb where there are but twain ;

Be bold to play, our sport b not in sight :
These Mue-veln'd vloleta whereon we lean
Kever can Mab. nor know not what we mean.

*The tender spring upon thy tempting lip
Shows thee nnripe ; yet mayst thou well be test-
Make ase of time, let not advantage slip : [ed :
Bestttv within itself should not be wasted :
Fair Oowen that are not gather'din their prime
Boi and oonaome tbemaelvc* In little time.

V Besttti

> , Fair

V Boil

• Were I hard-favor'd, foul, or wrinkled-old.
Ill-nurtured, crooked, churhsb. hnish in voice,
O'erworn, despised, rheumatic and cold.
Thick-sighted, barren, lean and busking Juice,

Then mightst thou pause, for then I were not
for thee;

But having no defects, why dosi abhor me ?

'Thou canst not see one wrinkle in my brow ;
Mine eyes are gray and bright and quick in

turning ;
My beauty as the spring doth yearly grow,
MV fleeh is soft and plump, my marrow burning :
My smooth moist hand, we're it with thy hand

Would in thy palm dissolve, or seem to melt.

' Bid me discourse, 1 will enchant thine ear.

Or. like a fairy, trip upon the green.

Or, like a nymph, with long dlshevell'd hair.

Love b a spirit all compact of fire,

Not grose to sink, but light, and will aspire.

'Witness thb primrose bank whereon I lie;
These forceless flowers like sturdy tteen^uppoit
me; ftho sky.

Two strengthless doves will draw me through
From morn till night, even where I Ibt to sport
Is love BO light, sweet boy. and may it be
That thou snouldst think it heavy unto thee?

' Is thine own heart to thine own bee aftWcted \
Can thy right hand seize love upon thy leftf
Then woo ThyMelf, be of thvt^lf rejected.
Steal thine own freedom aud coinpbiin on theft.
Narcissus so himself him84>|i liii>ook.
And died to Iciss hb shadow in the brook.

'Torches are made to light, jewels to wear.
Dainties to taste, ftesh beauty for the uw.
Herbs for their smell, and nappy plants to bear:
Things growing to themselves are growth's
abuse : fbeauty ;

Reeds spring f^om seeds and beauty breedeth
Thou wast begot ; to get it is thy duty.

' Upon the earth's increase why shouldst thou

UnlesH the earth with thy increase be fed f
By law of nature thou art bound to breed.
That thine may live when thou thyself art dead;
And M>, in spite of death, thou dost survive.
In that thy likenesa still b left alive.'

By thb the love-sick queen began to sweat,
Kor where thevlav the shadow had forsook them.
And Titan, tired in the mid-day heat.
With burning eye did hotly overlook them;
Wbhing AdotiiA had bin team to guide,
60 he were like him and by Venus' side.

And now Adonis, with a lazv sprigbt.

And with a heavy, dark, dbliklng eye.

Hb louring brows o'erwiielming hit* ioXr sight.

Like misty vapors when thev Mot the sky.

Souring his cheeks cries * Fie, no more ol love !

The sun doth bum my fiuse ; I must remove.*

' Ay me.' quoth Venos, ' young, and so unkind f
What hare excuses makest thon to be gone !
1 11 sigh celeittUl breath, whose gentle wind
Shall cool the heat of thb deaoending sun

ne! ^

rind f

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* Villa miretur thIros : mlhi flavu* Apollo
Pocul* CtotftlUt p^na ministret aqua.'



I Ksow not how I shall offend in dedicating my nnpolished lines to your lordship^
nor how the world will cennare me for choosing so strong a prop to support so weak a burden :
only, if your honor seem but pleased, I account myself highly praised, and vow to take advan-
tage of all Idle hours, till I have honored you with some graver labor. But if the first heir of
my Invention prove deformed, I shall be sorry it had so noble a god-&ther, and net er after ew
80 barren a land, for fbar it yield me still so bad a harvest. I leave it to your honorable surrey.
and your honor to your heart's content; which I wish may always answer your own wish and
the world's hopeftil expectation.

Tour honor's in all duty,


Em as the sun with purple-oolor'd fhoe
Had ta'en his last leave of the weepiutr mom,
Rose-eheek'd Adonis hied him to the chase;
Hun tin 2 he loved, but love he laugh'd to scorn ;
Bick-thoughted Venus makesamain unto him,
And like a bold-fkced suitor 'gins to woo him.

'Thrice-fairer than myself,' thus she began,
' Tbe field's chief flower, sweet above compare.
Stain to all nymphs, more lovely than a nutn.
More white and red than doves or roses are :
Nature that made thee, with herself at strife,
Baith that the world hath ending with thy life.

* Vouchsafe, thou wonder, to alight thy steed.
And rein his proud head to the saddle-bow;
If thou will deign this fisvor, for thy meed
A thousand honey secrets shalt thou know :
Here come and sitj where never serpent hisses.
And being set, I 'U smother thee with kisses ;

' And yet not cloy thy lips with loathed satiety.
But rather famish tliem amid their plenty.
Making them red and pale with fresh variety.
Ten kisses short as one, one long as twentv :
A summer's day will seem an hour but snort.
Being wasted in such time-beguiling sport.'

With this she seiseth on his sweating palm.
The precedent of pith and livelihood.
And tremblina in ner passion, calls it balm,
Sarth's sovereign salve to do a goddess good :
Being so enraged, desire doth lend her force
Courageously to pluck him from his horse.

Over one arm the lustv courser's rein.
Under her other was the tender boy.
Who blnsh'd and pouted in a dull disdain.
With leaden appetite, unapt to toy ;
She red and hot as coals of glowins fire.
He red for shame, but froety in desire.


k He red

The studded bridle on a ragged bough
Nimbly she fastens : — O, how quickls lore ! —
The steed is stalled up. and even now
To tie the rider she begins to prove : [ihmsl.
Backward she push^ him, as she would be
And govern'd him in strength, though not in

So soon was she along as he was down.
Each leaning on their elbows and their hips:
Now doth she stroke his cheek, now dota he

And 'gins io chide, but soon she stops his lips;
And kissing speaks, with lustful language

' If thou wilt chide, thy lips shall never open.*

He burns with bashfhl shame : she with her tears
Poth quench the maiden burning of bis cheeks;
Then with her windy sighs and golden hairs
To fan and blow them dry again she seeks :

He saith she is immodMt, Dlames her *mim;

Wliat follows more she murders with a kiss.

Even as an empty eagle, sharp by hat.

Tires with her beak on feathers, n^h and bone.

Shaking her wings, devouring all in haste.

Till either gorge be stuffed or prey be gone ;
Even so she kissed his brow.hlscneeklhti chin.
And where she ends she doth anew d^|^

Forced to content, but never to obey.
Panting he lies and breatheth in her hoe;
She feedeth on the steam as on a prey.
And calls it heavenly moisture, air of grace;

Wishing her cheeks were gardens full of
flowers. [ers.

So they were dew'd with such distilling sbow'

Look, bow a bird lies tanfded in a nat.
So testen'd in her arms Adonis lies;

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/ tEL



9n9 ^

IM. Sir. TOO shttll aodenUiMl what bath be-
fellV flatuir.

Whieh. M 1 think, jruu kuow not: Hnre is a
Kound in tha pucket of the sluin Kudenxo ;
And h«r«, another : th« one of thuni import*
llie death i»r Caaaio to be uiidrriuok
Bjr Rudeniro.

Otk. O villain !

Cm Mnat heatheniah. and mo»t gmaa I

Lad. Now here's aooiher ducontttnled paper,
f iMind in hw pocket too; awl this, it aeenw,
RtHlerifco mmnt to have lent thia daouied villain;
But that, belike, lafo in the iutenni
Came in and natisfled him.

(kh O the pernicious caitiflT! —

How came jroo, Caasifs bjr that liaudkerclu«f
That was my wife's T

Ca$, I found it in my chamber :

And he himeelf oonfeas'd. bur even now.
That there be dntpp'd it. for a speciul porpaa*.
Which wrouffht to his desire.

OM. O fool! fool! fool!

Cat. There Is. besides, in Rodehf o's letter,—
How he upbraids lago, tbat be made him
Brave me upon the watch : whertf<m it came
That I was cast : And even but now he spake,
AdfT lone seeminc dead,— laco hurt him,
lani aei liim cm.

Lad. You inuat ft>rsake this room, and go
with tts:
Your power and yutiroiHnniaiMl is taken off.
And Caasiu rules in Cyi>ruM. Kor Una slave,—
If thers be any cunniuK cruelty.
That can loniienl liiiii niiicli. and hold liini Iook,
It shall be his: You atiali clime uriMNier rest,
I'lll that the nature of your fuuU \m known
To the Venetian state :— Come. briiMc liiiii away.

Otk. Soft you : a word or two. he lore you (to. I Mysel
I teve d<ifie tha state aume service, aiid U*ey 'I'bM heavy act wih heavy heart rvlaie

No more of that :— I prav you. in your letter*.
When you shall these unlucky deeds relate.
Speak of me as I am ; noihiiur extenuate.
Nor set down ausht in malice : tlien most you

Of one, that lov'd not wisely, but too well :
Of one, not easily jealous, but. beinir wrought,
Perplex'd in the extreme : of one. whose haml.
Like the base Jtkdean. threw a pearl away.
Richer than all his tribe ; of one, whose subdu'd

Albeit unused to the meltinff mood.
Drop tears as fast as the Arabian treee
Their medicinal gum : Set yon down this :
And soy. besides.— that in Aleppo once.
Where a malignant and a turban'd Tuik
Beat a Venetian, and traduc'd the slate.
1 took by the throat the arcumcised dor.
And smote him— thus. [Stabs kmtadt-

Lod. O bloody period !

Gra. All, that's spoke, is marr'd.

OTA. I kisa'd thee, ere I kill'd thee : — No way

but tliis, [FhUittQ upon Desdemona.

Killing myself, to die upon a kiss ( Dm.

Cos. Ibis did 1 fear, but thought h* had uu
For he was great of heart.

Lod O Sparun doff.

More fell than aiuniish. hunger, or the sea I
Look on the tragick loading of this bea:

Thia is thy work ; the ohiect poiaons stvbt :—
Let it he hid.— Gratuiiio. keep the house.
Aud neize upim the fort ones of the Moor,
For they suooeed to you —To von. loni coveiMN,
RemnHis the neusurs of this hellmh villain :
1'lie Ufiie, I he place, the torturv*.— O enforce it I
Myself will stnualit aboard : and. to the Male,

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MmiL Good ftnttowen. let im have 1mt» to
Tic proper 1 obejr him, but not now :
Pemiinnce. In|r«>. I will ne'fir to home.

Olh. O! O! O! [Honffing over Jui wife.

EmiL Najr, lay iliee down, and roar ;

For thoa ha<t killVl th«i aweateat innocent
That e'er did iift up eye.

Otk. O, she was foul I—

1 acarce did know you. uncle : There lies your
nieoe, [atopp'd :

Whoee breath, indeed, these hands hare newly
I know this act shows horrible simI mrim.

6rs. Poor Desdeniona ! 1 am idad thy fiUber'a
Thy match waa mortal to him. and pure Kri«*f
Shore his okl thmtid in twain : did he live now.
This sif ht would make him do a dewprmte turn.
Yea. ctirae his beturr anfel rrum U» side.
And fall to reprobation.

Olh. Tis pitiful : but yet Tagn knowa.
Iliat she with Ca»«io hath the act of shame
A thousand timeeoommitted ; (.^asaio coiifess'd it:
And she did cmtify his amorous works
With that reo(4mizaiM« and pledce of love
Which 1 flrst iravfl her; I saw it in his hand ;
It waa a handkercliief. an antique token
My father (rave my mother.

EmiL O heaven ! U heavenly powers I

laoo. Come, hold voar peace.

EmiL Twill out, twdl oat:— I bold my peace,
sir? iH>:
No, I will speak as liberal as the air;
Let heaven, and men. and tievils. let them all.
All. all, cry shame a«aiuat me. yet Til speak.

iooo. Be wise, and aet you iiome.

Emd. 1 will not

(lato ^^Stn to »lab Jug wife.

Gro. Fyel

Your sword upon a woman T

EmiL O thou dull Moor! that handkerohief
thou s{Nuik*Kt of.
I ftiand by fortune, awl did give my hnsband :
For often with a milemu enmeatneas.
(More than, iiidetHl. beloiur'd to such a trifle.)
He begy'd oi' me to steal A.

JoffO. Villainoua whore I

EmiL She cive it Caasio! no. alaa; I found it.
And I did ipvet my husband.

7000. filth, thou lieat.

Emit By haiiven. I do not : I do not. gentlemen :
O murderous ooxcomh I what should tooh a fool
Do with ao Koiid a wife T

[laffo atttbe Emilia, then rum out

Otk. Are tliere no stones in heaven.

But what aerve Air the thunder T — Precioua vil-
lain ! [wife.

era. The woman fiilhi ; sure he Itas kilrd bis

EmtL Ay. av : O, lay me bv my niiatresa* side I

Gro. He*s afinie. but his wife's kilPd.

Mon. *1'is H notonooa villain. Take you thia
Which 1 liiivf* liere reoover'd fnmi the Moor:
Come, auunl ihe door without; let him out paaa.
But kill him rather; I'll after that san»e villain.
Fur til a damned slave.

I Exetmt Montano and Oratiamx

Olh. * 1 am not valiaut neither.

But every punv whipeterRvU my aword :—
But why sliourd honuiir outlive ooneaty f

EmiL What did thv aonr bode, ladv T

Hark, caa'st thun hear me f I will play the swni.
And die in muaick ;— Willow, willow, witlow.—

i>o speakinit as I think, I die.—

Oih. I have another weapon in this e ,

Una sword of Spain, the ice-brook's temper; —
O. here ii is :— Uncle, I must come forth.

Gfo. [ Within.} U ibou attempt it, it will naa
thee dear;
Thou hast no weapon, and perfome mnat snfler.

Oth. Look in upon me then, and speak with mo.
Or, naked as I am, 1 will assault thee.

RB-enler Oratiano.

Gra. What ia the matter t

Oth, Behold ! I have a weapon:

A better never did itaelf sustain
Upon a «f>ldier*s thigti : I have aeen the day.
1'hat with this little arm. and this icond aword,
I have made my way throofh more impediaiMla
Than twenty timee^oor stop :— But. O vain boast !
Who can control his hAo I lis not ao now.—
Be not afraid though you do see me weapoa'd ;
Here is my joornev'a end. here is my batt.
And very sea-mark of my utmuat sail
I)ii you go barJc dismay'd f lis a lost fear;
Man but a ruah amiinst Utbello'k breast.
And he retires ;— Where aliould Othello aof—
Now, how deal tbou look iiowt O ill-atanM

Pale B8 thy smock ! when we shall meet at c

Thia look of thine will hurl my soul from t

And fiends will snatch at it. Cukl.eokl. my goiT
Even like thy r4iasiit]r.—
coraed. cursed slave '—Whip me. ye devlb.
From the poeaessitm of ihia heavenly aii^bt I
Blow me about in wiisls ! roast me m aulpbarl
Wash me in ateeu down gol& of lainid fire !•
O Oeademona! IVnleuiunal dead f
"eadr 01 O! O!

Enter Lndovico. Montano. Cassio. eonied im m
chair, and OffioerB. wtth lago. pneoiwr.

Lod. Where ■ thia raah and rouet unfortuaata

Olh. Thai's he. that was Othello; here I omi.

Lod. Where is tiiat viper t bring the villaa
forth. (a (ahia :

Of A I liMik down towarda his foot , - 4mii ibatls
If that thou be'st a devil, 1 ciunot kill thee.

. rot hello wamads laco.

Lod. Wrench his aword from him.

iieo. I bleed, air; hut not killM.

Otk. I am not aony neither; I'd have thee
For, in my aense. tis happineaa to die.

Lod O thou Oihello, that was onoe ao inioil.
Fall'n in the practice of a cursed slave
What shall be said to thee?

Olh. Why, any thinf :

An honourable mnrderer. if you will ;
Fur nouehi I did in hate, hut all in honour.

Lod. This wretch hath part ooofoaaVl hit
villainy :
Did you and he oomvnt in Canio^ d^ht

Oth. Ay.

Cai. Dear generel. I never gave you eaoae.

Oth. 1 do believe it. and 1 ask yoar pardon.

Will you. I prav you, demand that dcmi-devil.
Why be hath thua enaaar'd my sonl and b*«lv f
Jago. Demand me nothing : What you know.

'ou know :

From this time forth I never will apeak wunL
Lod. What? not to pray 7
Orm. Torments will um yuar lipa.

Olh. Well thoo doat beat.

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A -I v.]


Otk. What Douen this 7 — Noi dead! notytt
I, that am cru«l. am jr«t ueretfal.
] wiiold not baT« th«« linger in thy pain.—

. iWitluM.} What ho. mj lord ! mv lonl I
Otk. Who*; there 1

EmiL [WtfMa] O, food mj lord. 1 woald

■peak a wofd with joo.
Otk. Tea;— tie Emilia: — by and by: — She's
Tis like she oomes to speak of Casiio's death
The noae was hifrti.— Ha I no more movinie T
8lUl as the grave. Shall she come in? Weret

I think, she stirs again :— Na— Whaf s the best r
If she oome in, she'll sura speak tu my wife :
My wi£» I my wife I what wife T— 1 have no wile :
O. insapporuMe ! O heavy hour I
Methmks it should be now a huge eclipse
Of sun and moon ; and that Uie affrighted globe
Should yawn at alteration.
SmiL iWilkin.} 1 do beseech yon I may speak
with yo«i.

0, good my lord I
Olk.H" —

I had fi»rgol thee : O. oome in, Emilia :—
Soft,— by and by :— Let me the curtains draw.—
Where an ihuu I What's the matter with thee

now? iUmlocks the door.

MmB. O, good my lord, yooder^ fbul monler

Otk. What? nowt

Aw/ But now. my lord I

OUl It is ihe very error of the moon;
She oomes mora near the earth than she was

And makes men mad.
EmU. Cwtnn, my lord, has kill'd a young
Call'd— Hoderiga

Oik. RoderigokiU'dl

And Cassio kill'd?
MmiL No, Cassio is not kill'd.

OUL Not Caseio kiUld ? 1'ben murder's out of
Aad sweet rerenge grows harsh.
Du. O, ftlsely, fUsely ninrder'd !
Jbwi. Alas ; what cry is that?

Otk. That! whatt

MmU. Out, and alas! that was my lady's
roioe :—
Help ! help, bo 1 help !— O lady, speak again !
Sweet Deademona ! O, swoet misiress. speak f
Da A goiltless death I die.
EmU. O, who iwih done

This deed?

Da. Nobody: I niyneir: fiirewell :

Oommeud me to my kind h>rd : O, ferawelL

Oik. Why, how should she be murder'd r
EmM, Alsft. who knows T

(U. Ton heard her say heraetC it was not L
JML She said su : I must needs report the

CM. Ske's, like a latr. gone to burning hell ;
Twas I that kill'd her.

O. the more angel she.

UmI you the blacker devd I
Otk. She luni'd to fttlly. an
EmiLThitQ dost belle her. and thou art a deviL

. She luni'd to fttlly. and she was a whore.

Otk. She was fiilse as water.
EmU. llinu art rash as Are, to say

That she was Use ; O. she was heavenly true I

\ EmU

Otk. Cassio did tup her: ask thy husband tiM
O, I were daiun'd beneath all depth ui hell.
But that I did proceed upon lost grounds
To this extremity ; Thy husband knew it alL

EmiL My husband t

Otk. Thy husband.

EmiL That she was lalse to wedlock ?

Oik. Ay, with Cassio.

Nay. had she been true.
If heaven would make me such another world
Of one entire and perfect ohiysolite.
I'd not have sold her for it.

EmiL My husband 7

Otk. Ay. twas he that told ma fint ;

An honest man he is, and hates the slime
1*hat sticks on filthy deeds.

EmU. My husband T

Otk. What needs this iteranoe, woman t Isny
thy husband.

Emit. O. mistress, villainy hath made mocks
with love !—
My husband say, that she was (Use 7

Oik. He. woman;

I say, thy husband : Diait nndersUnd the word ?
My frieiid, thy husband, btmest. huoest lago.

EmU. If he say so. may his pernicious soul
Rot half a grain a day ! be lies to the heart ;
She was too fund of her most filthy baigain.

0(A Hal

Bml. Do thy worst ;

This deed of thine tt uo more worthy heaven,
llian thou wast worthy her.

06k. Peace, yon were best

EmU. Thou hast not half the power to do roe

As 1 have to be harL OgullfOdolt!

As ignorant as dirt I thou hast done a deed.—

I care not for thy sword ; 111 make thee known
Though I lost twenty lives: — Help! help! hoi

help! (derl

The Moor has kill'd my mistress; Mnitlerl mor>

BiUer Montano, Gretiano, ami laga
JfoR. What is the matter !— How now, general t
EmU. O. are you come, lago f you have done
T1 ers on your neck.

thou be'st a man!
H4 lus «'*tfitt was Ailse :

I I not ticli a vilUin :
8f [more

uglit; and told no


967 ^ y

• apt and true.
D she waa folse


he •-

lu say with Cassio T
Go lo, charm yoor

EmiL I will not charm my tongue : I am bound
to speak ;
My mi s tr e s s here lies murder'd in her bed.

AIL O heavens foralvnd !

EmiL And your reports have set the murder nn.

Otk. Nay. stare not. masters ; it is true, indeed.

Orm. 'TIS a strange truth.

Jfon. O monstrous act!

EmiL Viliafaiy, villainy, vilhuny !—

I think uponX— I think.— 1 amellt :— O viUainy I—
I thought so then ;— III kill myself for gn«f.—
O vdlainy. villainy I

iove. What, are yon mad f I charge yon, gel


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Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Do jroa we. ireailenwnT niiv. guiitineiM will
TtHMgh ttminwM were out of uae.

Bmbr Emilia.
BmU. *Lm. wimt'e the nuitter; wliafk the

nuitter. iiustNiud t
l00o dueio iiaih here beea let no in the dark,
Bjr KMleripi, and felluwv thnt are ncap'U ;
H«% almoal alaio. ami KtMit^ruco dead
EmiL Alas, good g«aU«iiiiut! ala«.guiNl Caaaiol
i!avo 'l*hui is tiie nruit of wboniig. — Pr'jrtliee,
G«i Itnow iif Casaio where he rapp'd to-oight >-
What, do vou shake al that T
Am. He supp'd at my boose; but 1 therefore

/«po O, did be soT I ohaiKe jroa, go with me.
&iuL Pye, fye upoa thee,straiiipet!
iii«M. I am DO slnimper ; bul tif life as
Asjrna tliat thus abiue nie.
And. As I r fohl fye opon theel

bfo. Kind tentleroen, letl go see poor Cassio
dms'd :—
Come, mistress, yoa most tell us another tale.—
Emilia, run yoa to the citadel,
Aad tell my lord and lady what has happ'd.—
Will you fo ou. 1 pray I I'bis is tbe nigbt.

That either maltes me, or fordoes me quite.

SCENE IL— it Bedchamber: Desderoona in bed
mditp. A Uyht bttrmng.

0th. It is the cause, it u the cauee. my souU—
Let me not name it to you. you chitstesiare!—
It is the cause.— Yet Hi nut shed ber bkmd ;
Nor scar that whiter skin of here tbau suuw.
And smooth as monumental alabaster.—

tTakti ^ kiM etoard.
11 betray

Yet she muiit die. else she' _,

Pui out tbe liiriit, and then put out the light

If I quench Uiee, thou flauuug minister,

I can aitajii thy former Iif ht resUire,

S.'iuuld I repent me :— but duce put out thine,

1'lH»u cumiiuff'st pattern of excelling nature.

I know nut where is that Promethean heal,

'I'hat can thy iiglit relume. WUeo I have pluck'd

thy ruse.

1 CHniiot Kive It vital growth again,

It needs must wither -.—I'll smell it on the tree —

[KuttHg ktr,

Imlmy breaih. that dost almost persuade
Justice u> break ber sword! — Uiie uiura,

more —

Be ihiii* when Uiuu art dead, and I will kill thee,
Aud love Uiee aiWr: — One more, aud lUis tbe

Ml Hwrei wu ne'er so fiital. 1 must weeo,
Bul thev are cruel lean: This sorrowv

venly ;
It fcirikes. where it doth love.— She wake*—
£>s. Who's there f Othello T
0/4. Ay. _..

Dn. Will you come to bed, my lord T
Oth. Have you pray'd to-iught, DesdemonaT
Dee. Ay, my lord.

(Mk. f f yon bethink voofMlf of any crime
CiirecoactTd as yet to heaven and grace,

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