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Lest, being over-proud with sap and hluud.
With too much nches it contound itself:
Had he done so to great and growing men,
I'hey might have liv'd to bear, and he to taata
I'heir fruiu of duty. All superfluous branchoo
We lop awi^, that bearing iMiughs may live :
Had he dune so, hiiuseU had born<4 the crown.
Wluch waste of idle houra hath ^uno Uirowi
down. [be depiai'd ?

1 Sero. What, think you then, the king sluiU

Oard. l>epress'd tie is already ; and dep««'d.
T» doubt, he will be : Letters cume last night
I'o a dear fnend (»f Uie guud duke uf York'a,
That tell black tidings.

Queen. 0, 1 am press'd to deatli,

Through want of speakinc 1 — Thou, old AdHio's
1 ikeuess. [ Comung from her amcenUmnt
Set to draw this gnnieu, how daras (.uewa 1

Thy harsh rude lougue stMtud this unpleaaiag
What Eve, what serpent hath suggeeteil thee
To make a aeoond fall of cursed nam T
Why dost thou say, kuw Richard is depoad f
Oarat tliou, thou liule better thine than em h.


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Ami aeoda Hlto^ianoe, ami true faith ot heart.
To lib nit»t t*tyn\ pemm : hiHier ooiiia
Evm at hit fMl to Iny iiijr arms aud ptiwtr,
Pmvitled tliMt, nif bauisliiueai rvpeard,
Aod LiihIs rnUirVl mcmiu, be treeljr granted :
If iMM, I'll iwe the iidTHiitMgtt iri' my power,
▲ikJ layr the •uuinter'stluiit widi stioM-erM uf bloiid.
Kaiu'd fnun lite wounds of •laogb er'd KiifrliiUi-
nien: limike

I'he wliicii, how rnr off from the m-iid of U«>itiis-
b K itiicn c iiiieuii trnipest nhouhi bedreucli
'Die trtfh KUfti lap of lidr kiii< KH:.iu.d'« land,
Mj sUjoping duly tendeflv • la 1 »huw.
Gil, Kif iiit'y >•• iiiuctli ; Willie liulre we iiiurch
Upou iho Kru ay Citri>et ui this platu —

LMorihumberlaiid odoanou to Vm eastk,
10/14 a tiwnpti.
Imx'n imrdi without t lie noise of threai'iiing drum.
That frotn the ctunle's t«ili«r'd butileineii s
Our Ciir a|»p^tiiitineiiui may be w«ll peru^M
Meihiiiks, king Kichard aitd nivsrir'aliuold meet
With no le« terror than the eleinen •
Uf flr« and w.iter, when their liiuiMJ'riiig shock
At nieeiing leiira tUe clouily rhe«ks of lieuveu.
Be he the fire, I'll he the yielding water :
11m reiie lie hi'«. wnile on the earth I ndn
My waten; on the earth, ami mA on hini.
yarrh on, aitd mark king Kichanl how be lookSb

A park MtrndeA, and muteerwd 6y amother trump^
wakm. tlomriak Enier tm Ike waUt Kiiifr Kicli-
•nl. the Bishop of Carlisle. Aomerle, Scroop, and

ybr*. See. see, king Richanl dtith himself ap-
As doth the blush iiik disonntenieU sun, [pear.
From out the fiery pintal of the eaKt ;
Wbcn he perceives the envioiM clmids are bent
To dim b.8 (lory, and to suun lh4< tr.icn
or his bngnt pasiiage to the oomdent.
Yet looks he UKe u kiinc ; behold, liin ere.
As hnirht as is the ea(;le's, Ughteiik forth
Cuntroilimr majeay ; Alark, alack, for woe.
That any harm slitiutd suui su fair a show I
K. X>ck. Wm are amax'd ; and thus lung hnre
we stood [To Norh.

ng of thy knee,
f thy lawful king:
j«>ini* furget
onr presieuce f
land of Uod
I our stewardship;
I of bitiml aud huoe
} <>f uur sceptre,
or usurp.

all, as you have done,
riling them from us,
elt of frieials ; —
I omnipotent.
HI our hehair,
ihey shall stnk*
ind uubegut,
nguiiisi my head,
precious crown.
, methinks. lie w),
I upon my Uial
I ONne to ope

^ aauui

fur live in peace.
m uf moUteni' sons

. of England's face ;

Change the cowplexioo of her maid-pale peace

Tu eeartot indignation, and bedew

Her paaturss* grass with laithful English blood.

tank. The ling of heaven forbid, our lord the
IbouM su with uvd and unctvil anus [king

Be rujdi*d upon ! Thy tiim^-uutile coumu.
Harry B«>liiighroke, doih humbly tii!<s Uiy hand ;
And by tlie huutmrulile UniiIi he Mweant.
That stands upiNi iliy royal graudstre's Ikhmm ,
And by the myoliies of both your bkiods.
Currents that spring from one iiiost vmcious head
And by the buried liaiid of war.ike laauni ;
And by the worth and honour of hinuMlf.
Comprkiiug all that iiwy he sworn or said,—
His cuiiiiiig hither haih no further scope.
Than for hu lineal royiUiies, and lo heg
Eut'ranclUMJineni immediate on liia knees;
Which on thy royal imrty sraiued once.
His Kliiieriux arms he will ooinmend to rust,
Hi.H DsrtMMl s eeils lo Btuhles, and hut heart
i'o fiKbl'ul service tif your in.ijesty.
Thiii sweurv he. as he is a prince, is just ;
AihI, as 1 am a gentleman, 1 credit hun.

A'. Rick. Nonhuinberlaial. say,— tiius ibe king
returns ;
His noble consiii is riglit welcome hither;
And all ilie niimher of Ins hur Ueiiuiiids
biiall he MCciiiiplHli'd without no.ilr.t' notion :
Wi h all the irra«-itius ullxtnitice liiou luisl.
SpeuK lo III! gentle hearing kind cominends —
We do deiKUH) ourMif. cousin, do we n«>t,

[ V'o Aubi.
I'o look NO ptMirly, and to speak so fair ?
Sua. I we r^ill Uick Nortiinmlieriuiid. aud send
Ueti.ince lo the tniiUir, uud so die f [words,

Aum No, my giiod lord ; let's tlieht with gei>ne

Till time len>i friends, and rneiids their helpful

swords. [of muiH,

K. Rich.'0 God ! U God ! that e'er thin tongue
That laid the semenoe of dread btuiishmeiit
On yon prood man. should take it f>tf again
Wiib words of sooth ! U, that I were as great
As IS my ipnef. or lesaer than my name !
Ur th.it 1 could forget what I have been !
Or not rememljer what I most be nt>w ! [bent,
Swell'sl ilKMi, prt»ud heait 7 1*11 give thee art»pe tu
Since foes have sci>pe tu beat both thee and me.

Aum, Noithumberluud comes lKu:k fro.ii Bo-
liiigbroke. [he suhiim t

K. Rich. Wlutt most the king do now ] Most
The king sliall do it. Must he lie depiai'd ?
The king sliall be contented. Must be l<we
The name ot' king? o'GoO's name, let it gu:
I'll give my jewels for a set o( beaUs ;
My goigeous palace, for a hemiiiage ;
My |aj opperel. Ah* an alni»-man's gown ;
My ngur'd gobleis, for a di^ii uf wooil ;
My sceptre, for a palmer's w.ilknut-»iatr;
Mj snl^ects. liir a p<iir of carved saints :
AimI my luige kinxdom lor a little grave,
A liitle lui le grave, an obscure Krave:—
Or 111 be liuned m the king's highway,
Some wayof numtnon trade, wheie ^ul^ects' feet
May huuny tnuiiple tm iheir sovereign's head :
Fur on my heart they Head, miw whilst i live;
AimI, buried once, why not upou my head ?-^
Attmerle.tiiouweep'i4; MjieiuJer-heure«lcoiuj i'
We'll make liiul weather wiih despised tears f
Our sighs, »imJ they, sliall ludxe ilie summer cuni,
Ami make a dearth in this revuliiug laiai
Or sliall we play the wanUms with uur woes,
Aud make some preuy maich with sbediliiuc lenra?
As thus;— To dmp tliem still upun one piat*^:.
Till iliey have fretted us a pair of graves
Wit bin the earth: and, therein laid,— '/Vrv tm
Tmi kinsmen, dii^d Utttr tfravu mUk tmepum ei/ttt
Would not tins ill do well ?— Well, well, l see
I talk but ally, and you mock at me. —
Must imghty pnnoe. mj lord Nortnumherltind,
What says king bolingtoruke T will Uis uugesiy


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^ I WMrru



If w» praxiil. tbflir hends »luill pajr for it

I WHrntiit lliey have luwle pcnoe with BoUni^mke.

&roqp. Pe«oe luiTe Uwy iiuide wiiU lum. in*
dttwl, nijr liml [d«iiipUon.

K. Rkk. U viilMiiw, vipeni. dama'd witliuui re-
Doft*. euailjr wuo tu Ihwii uu miy maiu 1 lh«ut !
SnakM in tiij liean-bl«Ntd WMrin'd. that Mttm my
Three J udaMeM, each uim thrme wonti: ihiin Judaiil
Would they make pe.ic«3 ( terrible hell uiake war
Upon Uieir aptiited noutu ftir lh« (ttfeDCi* ! [perty,

Scroop. Sweet l«>v<i. I fee. chaunnf hi* pro*
1'Qrue i(» the luureia and luuet deadly Itaie :~
Ajtaio oucurae their atMtU : their peace la made
With Leada, ami uul with liaode: Uuiee wtMNn

ycu cunn.
Have felt the worst of death's deatroyiuf wound,
A Ml lie fuil low. icrav'd io tlie hollow cround

AuM. Is Dually. Greeu, and the eurl of Wilt-
shire, d^ r [heads

Scroop. Yea, all of them at Bristol luat their

AwH. Where is the duae my father, w^h his
pi»war T [9pouk :

K Rich. No niiiUer where ; of comlbrt no man
Let's talk of sraves. of wonua, and epitaphs ;
Make dust our puper.aiid witii rainy eyes
Wriie sorrow uu the Inmoiu of tiie tturth
Let's diouee ezecutora, aud talk of wills :
And yet u<*t so.— for what cm we b«i|ueatb,
SMve our depiaied btalies to the grouiid T
Uur lauds, our live*, ami a 1 are 0oliiu{broke's,
Aud uothiiHT oau wu call our uwu. bui death;
Aud tliat Hiiiall iiMalel of Uie barreu earth,
W|iv!h serves as pasta and oorer to our bouea.
For heaveu's sake, let us sit upon the grouiMl,
Aial I ell sad stones ol the de^iih of kiii^ :—
How vMUe liafe been de(ios'd, sume slam in War,
Shku« Imuiitnd by the kImwIm ihey have Ue|MM*a :
StHiie pouMHi'd liy their wives, some sleepily kilTd;
All murdered :— Fur within tlie hollow crowu.
That rouials the mortal lemplvs of a king.
KerjM deatli his Court : and there the amiek ilta,
SJc«imiac liw suie, aial ynumiut at his pump;
AUowiug him a hreaih. a little scene
Tu uNiiiarcliize, be foar'd, ami kill with looks ;
inlm»iuK him with self ami vaiu ouncviir
As if This r

Ware I


t dsaii. whicli walls about our hfe,
. _ iu« imprfc«iuible, aial, humuur'd Uioa,
Cwiiea at the last, aud with a little pm fkiug !
B<Mea ihruuxh h« castle wall, aial — farewuU
Cover your heads, and muck ut>i flesh aiai blood
Witli solemn revenmue : throw awny respect,
TradUiou. form, and cercnHJiiious duty.
Fur you have but misluok me all this while :
1 lure with bread Uke yuu. leel waut, taste ^ief,
Meed friends : - iiuhiecied thus,
llow can you say I o me— 1 am a king? [woee.
Cor. My hard, wiae men ne'er wuil iheirpreseut
But preeeutly prevent the ways to wuii.
To ftwr the hm^ since fear oppreaseib strength,
Uives, in your weakness, streuieth unto your lue,
And su your ladies liKht against yourself.
Fear, aud lai staiii ; no worse can oome. to fight :
And fight aial die. is death destroy iiiK death ;
Where feaniuc dying, pays death servile breath.
Aum. My htilier hath a pu^er. enquire of him;
Aud leem U# make a b idy of a limb,
if. Kick. IluMi dudVt me weU:— Prood Bo*
Uugbruke. I come
To cliamte biows with i hee for uur day of doom,
litis atcue-tU of fear u uver-liluwu ;
Au easy task it U, Ut wiu our «>wu.^—
hay. Scroop, Where lies «mr uude with his power f
8p»id( sweetly, man, although iliy looks be sour.
acrot^. Meu judge by the coroplexioii of the sky
The staU* aud iucUuation of the day ;

So may you by my dull and heavy eye.

My tongue iiuth but a heavier tale tottf.
1 play the t4>rtuier. bv small and small,
1 o leiMtthrn imt the worst tliat unija be spoken >••
Your uncle York hath join'd witli Bohogbnike ;
Aud all your mirthem castles yielded up^
And uil 7 tiir Miutheru gentlemen in araia
U|M»u his party.

K Rick I'hoii hast said enough —

Beehrew thee, oimstii. wliiiMi dalst lead me forth
(7b Aumerle.
Of that sweet w.iy I was in to despair 1 [m»w t
What Miy you now f What comfort have «*•
Bv heavcu. I'll hate him everlastingly,
'ni«.t bids me be of oHufort niiy more.
Go to Flint ciwile: there I'll pine away;
A king, woh's slsve, xliall kiiurly woe otN»y.
Tliai power I li.ive, diHCtiarge ; and lettliem go
I'o ear tlie laud that liatli simie hope to grow.
For I iiave iiune : — l«t ii>> man s(ie.ik again
To alter this, fiir oouumiI is hut vain.

^fOfi. My liet;e. one wi>rd.

A'l Rirk. 1 le does me double wmng

That woumls me with Uie fluit*f ne.n of his Uaigue

Discharge my loliovvers, let them hence ;— Away

From Richard's mght. to Boliu«{broKe's fair day


SC£NE IIL-Wales. B^ore Flint CasUe.

EmttTt with drumt and cobmrt, Bulingbruke omd

Pbroet; York, Northnmberlsnd. ew/ o/iker*.

BoHitg So tliat by tliis mtelUgeuoe we learn,
I'he Welshmen are dispers'd : and SaliiOmry
Is Kone to meet the king, who lately laialed.
With some few private iri^'mbt, upon this oaut.

A^oriA. The news is very fiiir. uiid giMal. my lord ;
Kiclmrd, mit fur from hence, luith lial his head.

York. It would besoeiu the lord Nurthumher-
To say— kinx Richard :— Alack, the heavy day.
When sucli a a-icred kuig sliuiild hide his heuil!

Sorth. Y«mr grace muiukes me ; only to be bnef
Lett I his Utle out.

Ynrk. I'he time hath been.

Wouhl you have heeu so bnef with him, he would
Have heeu su brief wuh you. to shorten ymi.
For taking so the head, your whole head's leiWh.

BoUng Mi^auke not, uuole, further than yuu
should. [sliouid,

York. Take not, good cousin, farther than y«iH
Leat you mis-toke : The heavens are o'er yciu

Boiing I know it, ancle : and oppose not
Myself against their will.— But who comes hers t

iialer Percy.
Well. Harnr ; what, will uoi this csitle yield T

/Vrcy. 'Ine castle royally ia inaun'd, my lonl,
Agaiiuit thy entrance.

BoUtm. Royally 1
Why. It contains no king?

t^crqf. Tea. my good kird.

It doth contain a king; king Richard lies
-Witliin the limits of yon lime aiul stone :
Aiai with lum are the lord Aumerle, lord Salisbury,
Sir Stephen Scniop: besides a dergymau
Of holy reverence, who, I cuiinol leuru.

Norih. Beldte, it is the bishop of Oariisle.

Bolnv. Noi»le kml, [7o Nonk

Go tu tlie rude nbs of that ancient caslle ;
Thrtiogh brazen trumpet send the breath «>f fairli
Into hui rum'd ears, and thus deliver.
Harry Bolingl«roke
Ou both lus knew, dotli kiss king Rk.'himl^ hand

hand y

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Act III.)


407 S

SCENE II.— TV CoaH nf Walei. A CasOe m


Drums ami TVionpefs. filler .

MiriMnl. Bisiiop uC Cvttsla, Aamerla, atti So)


tC. Rtek. Bxrkloafhlf castle call yon this at

haod T [the air,

Awm. Tea. my lonl. How bruoka jroar grace
AAer late ttrwins on the Itreaking aeaa T CJoy«
IC. Riek. Netnia ntuat I tike it well : I weep for
To staad upon my kiiicdora uncH airaiu.—
Dear earth. I do salute thee wiih my band,
Tbuttcb rebels wound thee with Uieir horses'

As a Innr parted mother with her diUd [imr ;
Plays roiKlly with lier teurs. and smiles in meet-
80. weeping, smiliiu;, Rreel I tliee. my eurth.
Awl do ihee 6ivoar with my royul bunds.
Feed not thy fttvereicu*s Aie, my fruittle earth.
Nor with thy sweeu comrori his rav'uous sense :
Bat let tby spaJiini, that surk up thy venom.
And heaTy-raiied tu^ids, lie in their way ;
Doiar annttyauce to tlie ireucherons ft^t
Which with luurpiiig steps do tmniple thee.
Yield siin^ng Deities ui mine enemies :
And when they from thy iHMura pluck a flower,
Goanl It. I pray thee, w'ltli u lurfciuf adder ;
Whoae (iovble Uwfoe mwy with a mortal touch
Throw death upon thy Miver»'i«irs enemiea.
Mock not my senseleasoMijuniiMMi. lords ;
litis earth shall have a ttttflms, aiai these stones
Prove armed soldieni. ere her imiive kinf
Shall falter under foul rebelhous arms
Bukop. Pear not, my lunl; that Power, that

made you kinir.
Hath power to keep yuu king, in spite of all.
llie means that heuven yield* must be embrac'd.
And not neglected ; else, if heaven would.
And we will not. heaven's offer we refuse :
llie profler'd means of succour and redress.
Aien. He means, my lord, that we are too re-

WliiiRt B4>linKbroke, throufh onr security,
Gruws strong and great, m subslauoe, and in

frienus. [not,

K. Rkh. Discomfortable ooosin I know'st inou
Tliat when tlie searching eye of heaven is hid
Behind the globe, and I'Uiht* the lower world.
Then thieves and roblwnt range ahroud unseen.
In morders, and in oulntire, bitiody bere :
Bat when, from ander this terrestrial bull.
He fires the proud lops of the easieru pities.
And darta bi^i light tlimugb every guilty bole,
llien morders. treasiHis. and detested sins,
11m clonk of night bring pluck'd from off their

Stand bare and naked, trembling at themselves 1
8n when this thief, this truitur, Botmxhroke,—
Who all this wlule hath r«veU'd in the night.
Whilst we were waud'nnx wiib the imtipodes,—
Shall see us rising m uor thriMie llie eaut.
His treasons will sit blusbiiix in his lace,
Not ahle to eodare the sight of day.
But, self-aflrighted, tremble at his sin.
NiA all the water in the rough roUe sea
Can wash tlie halm from an uiiumied king:
I1ie breath of worldly men caiinut depose
The depoty elected bf the Lord :
For every man that B<iUuglin>ke bath press'd
I'o liA shrewd steel against uur Kolden crown,
God for his RichsrU hath in huaveuly pay
Aglorious angel : then, if angels ^iit,
Wiak SMQ must fiili; for heaven still guards the


EhUt Salisbury.

Weloome, my lord . How lar off lies your power ?

maL Nor neur, uor further off, mv gracious lord.

Than this weak arm: Disconmirt guides my

And bids me speak of nothing but despair.
One dav too late. I fear, my n«»ble lord.
Hath clouded all thy happy daya on earth :
O. call bnck yesterday, NU lime retom, [inea :
And thou soalt have twelve thousand fighlmg
To-day, to-day. unhappy dav. l4io lute.
Overthrows thvjtiys. fneiais, fort uiie, and

jtiys. frieiHis, fort uiie. and thy stale;
ror an me welsiimen. hearing tboa wert dead.
Are Rone to Bolingbroke, dispersM and fled.

ilKSi. C«>mlort. my liege : why looks your i^ntct
so pule 7 [men

K. Rick But now, the blood of twenty thousand

Did tnuniph in niv face, and they are fled ;
And. till so much blood thither come agiiin,

Have I not rea»in to look pule and deail f
All souls that wnl lie safe, fly from mv side;
For tune hath set a lihit uptai my pride. [are.

Amm. Comfort, my liexe, remenilier wlio yon

K. Rich I bad ftirgot myself: Am I not king?
Awakti thou sluggaru inigesly ! thou sleep'st.
Is not the king's name forty thousand names T
Arm, arm, my name ! a imuy subject strikes
At thy great Kiory.— Look not to the ground.
Ye fiivount«« of a king : Are we not high 1
High be tmr thoughts: I know, my uncle York
Hath power enough to serve our torn. But who
Conies here T

£n<er Scroop.

Scroop. More health and happiness betide my
I1)sn can my care-tun'd tongue deliver him.

K. Rick. Aline ear is open, and my heart pr»-
par'd ;
Tlie Worst is worldiv loss, thou canst unfold.
Say, IS luy kinsUom Itsu, 1 why, 'twns my care;
And what low w it Ui be rid oi care 1
Strives Bolingbroke Ui be us irreat as we T
Greater he siiull not be : li he serve God,
We'll serve him too, and be his fuUow mi :
Revolt our suitjecta T that we cannot mend ;
They break ttu^ir failti to God, as well as us:
Cry wue, Uestrucii«*n, ram, loss, decay;
The worst i»— d.ath,iual death will have lib day.

Scroop. Glad am 1, that your highness is so
To bear the tidings of calamitv.
Like an unseasonuble stormy day.
Which makes Uie silver nvers drown their sbofM,
As if the world were all dissolved to tears ;
So high above his limits swells the rage
Of Bolingbroke, covering your fearful land
With hard brigtel steel, and hearts harder than


White bennls have arm'd their thin and hairless

Against thy uuuesfy : boys, with women's vomaa,
Strive to speak bur. aial clap ilieir ieuuile jumis
In stiff unwieldy arnw against thy crown :
Thy very lieudsmen learn lo bend their bows
Of doulile fatal yew against tby state ;
Yea. distaff'WoinMn manage rusty lalla
Against lliy aeat : boUi yoimc and old rebel.
And all goes worse than 1 have power to t«dL
JC. Rich. Too well, too wein thou teU^ a tale

so ill
Where is the earl of Wiltshire T where is Bagot t
What is become of Bushy I where is Green 1
That they liave let the dangerous enen^
Measure our ooaflnes with such peaoafnl jrfonii r

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lAn n.

\ In thi


Bobna. Ah 1 was bnnisUi'd, I wns baniiih'd Here-
Hut tut I ronie, 1 oonie Air lAnouiter. [funl :
AimI, milile uncle, I beaeecii jriinr ^nioe.
Look on ttif wroncs with un iiididfereQi eye :
Y(Hi am nijr father, for, meihinkn. in you
I aee old Gaunt alive ; O then, mv fiither !
Will yna permit that I ahall siand cundenin'd
A wandVinf TnKabond ; mv rights and royalties
Pluok'd from my arma perforce, and iciven away
To npMait untlirifts T Wherefore wan I bom f
If tb#t my cousin king be kiuR of £n«Lind,
It must be granted, I am duke of Lancusler.
YoQ have a son, Aumerle, my noble kinsman;
Had you first died, and he been thus trod down.
He Rhould have found hia uncle Gaunt a father,
'I'o rouse hw wrongs, and cliase ihem to the buy.
I am denied to sue my livery here.
And^et nty lettera-patent Kive me leave:
My b(thcr*« goodH are all d»tnun'd, and sold;
And these, and all. are all amiss employ'd.
What Would you have me do T I am a subject.
And challenge law : Attornies are denied me;
And iherefore pentonally I lay my claim
I'o my mheritance of free descent. Cahua'd.

North. 1 be noble duke bath been too mncli

Ro^t. It sUikIs your grace upon, to do him richt.

WiUo. Base men bf liis enuowuienis are made
gieat. flhia.—

York. My lonls of England, let roe tell you
1 have had feelinc of mv cousin's wrongs.
And lultour'd ail 1 cuulu to do him right :
But in this kind to come, in braving arms,
Be his own carver, and cut out his way,
I'o find out right with wrang.— it mav not be ;
And you that do abet him in this kind,
Chensh rebellion, and are rebels all. D*

North. Tlie noble duke hath sworn, hit 00
But f<ir his own : and. for the right of tliat,
We all have strongly swoni to give him aid ;
And let hun ne'er see jtiy that breaks that oath.

York. Well. well. I see the issue of these arms;
I cannot mend it, I must needs oonfew.
Because my power is weak, and all ill left :
But, if I could, by Him that gave me life,
I would attach you all, and make you stoop
UnU> the sovereign mercy of the king;
But, since I cannot, be it known to yon,
J do remain as neuter. So, fare you well ;—
Unless you please to enter in the castle,
And there repose you for tliis niglit.

Boimg, An offer, uncle, that we will
But we must win your gnoe. to go with us
I'o Bristol castle ; wliich. tliey my, is beU
By Bttshy, Bagot. and their oompliC(>«,
llie caten^lars of the commonwealth.
Which I have sworn to weed, and pluck awaj.

York. It may be, I will go with you :— but yet
I'll pause:
For I am luaib to break our country's laws.
Nor friends, nor ibes, to me welcome you are :
Thills past redress, are now with me past care.

SCENE IV.-^A QnnpM Wales.
Enter Salishnnr and a Captain.

CopL My lord of Salisbury, we have staid ten
And hardly kept our countrymen together, [days.
And yet we hear no tkliiigs from the king ;
Therefore we will disperse ourselves : farewell.

SaL Slay )ret another day, thou trusty Welsh-
The king repuaeth alt his ounfideuoe [man ;

In thee. May.

Coorf. *Tm thought the king is dead; wewiUnot
The uay-trees m our oonntry are uU wiilier'd,

And meteon* fhglit the fixed stars of heavea ,
The nale-far*d nKion hioks Moody on tlie earth.
And lean- look'd prophets whitH>er fearful clinnge ;
Rich men l(N»k aad. and rufflHiis dance au«l leap,—
The oiie, in fear to hne what they enjoy
1*he otiier, to enjoy hy race and war :
I'hese fiigns Ibrerun tiie deatli or fall of kings-
Farewell ; «iur muiitrynien are gime and fled.
As well asxur'd. Kichard their king isdead. {ExU.
StL Ail, Richard ! wii li the eyes of heavy miudt
I see thy gloiy, like a shooting star.
Full to the base eiinh from the firmament!
I'hy sun i«ts weepiiuc in the lowly west.
Witiiessiii? sioniis to come, woe, and unrest ;
Thy fneiuls are fied, to wait upon thy foes :
And crtMsly to thy good all fortune guea, {Bxtt.


SCENE I.— Bolingbroke's Camp at Bristol

Enter Bolingbroke, York. Northumberland, Perr^

Willoughby, Rims; Officers bthimi, with Bushy

and Green, pruontrs.

Bating. Bring forth these meiL —
Bushy, and Green, I will not vex your soals
(Since presently your souls must part yiNir budwsj
With too much urging your pemicions Uvea.
For 'twere no chanty : yet, to wash your bltNid
From off my hands, here, in the view of nmin,
I will unfold some causes of your death.
You have misled a prince, a royal king,
A happy gentleman in hhiod and lineaments.
By you unhappu-d and disfigor'd clean.
Yon have, in manner, with your sinful bonis.
Made a divorce betwixt his queen and him ;
Broke the pomession of a royal bod.
And stain'd the beauty of a fair qijeen'b cheeks
With lean drawn from bar eyes by your foul

Myself— a prince, by fortnne of my birth :
Near to the king in blood ; and near in love,
I'ill you dkl make him misinterpret me.—

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