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Or daring-hiinly. aa to touch tlie lisu ;
Lioe|»l the mankhal, aial such ofKoers
Appointed to Uired tlieae fsir dcsigne.

ifodnif. Lord marshal, let me kisa my auvareigav
And bow my knee before his mtgcaty :
For Mowbray, aud m>-aaif. aiv hk« two


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j^ Ktx\

^ Mo*

Acr 1.3

Nnr. I take it up ; and by thai sword I
t^'tuRh KMiily lnyVJ my kuigtithoad i« oiy sboul-
ni aaywer itiiNf iit any fnir ilexree, Ld«r,

Or riiivalnrtu desMpi of knixhi ly irial :
A lid. when I imrant, ulive niuy I noi light.
If 1 be traitor, i^ anjuaily Agiu !

K RKk. What doUi iMir cousin lay to Uow-
brav^l ch;irK«i T







o( Nnrfulk. what tay'it thno lo this T
Sor. O, let niy wirereiim turn away b« face.
And bid bis eara a liule wliile be deaf.
'I'lU I bare loM ih« slander nf liis bltiod.
Huw G«id. and irmmI nieii, bale m> fuul a bar.
JL Ibck. Milwbray, impartial are uur eyes and
Were he mv brother, nay. my kinfdom'k heir,

(As he M b«n my fatlier's bro: Iter's mtu.)
Now by any aoeptre's awe I make a tow.
Socb neighbour iMameas to our sacred b ond

SbiMild BMtluiiK privilege him. iii>r panialize
The unktdopnat firmnetm of my upricht soul ;
lie ia our sul^ect. Mowhrajr, so art liioa ;
Free sp ee c h a«jd fearless, I to ih»e allow.

Msr. llten, Bobiig broke, as low aa to thy heart,
l*bfuu^ the fiUae paange of thy ibruot, Uiou

Three paru of that receipt I had fiar Calais,
Diabum'd 1 duly to his highness' soldiers :
The other part reserv'd I by cuoseut ;
For that my sovereign liege was in my debt,
Upon remamder uf a dear aoooont,
biaoe h«t I went to France 10 feidi his queen :
Now swallow down that lie. For Ulmtrr's

I slew him mit; but, to my own diagraoe,
Neglected my sworn dutv in thai case —
Fur you, my noble lord uf Lancnster,
llM huooorahle (kiber to my lue.
Once did I lay in ambusli for your life.
A trasposB that doth vex my grieved siiol :
But, ere I hist reoeiv'd the sucriimeut,
! dal oonfess U; and exacily begg'd
Vuor graoe'k pankiu, and. 1 hope, I bad it
lliBi Bi mv fkuii : A* lor tlie resi aupet I'd,
b — M— tnmt the rancour of a villaim
A iMveanC and moat degenerate tntkur :
Which in myaell i buhiiy will defend ;
Aad inlBS M hi n g e ab l y hurl down mf gmf

Upon this overweening traitor's font,

I'o prove myself a loyal gentleman

Even in the best blond chamlier'd in his boeom :

In haste whereiif. most heartiljr I pray

Your liishnees to aasiKn our tnid day. Tme ;

K. Etfk. Wraih-kiialled grntlamen, be nd^d hjr
Let*ft purge this choler wiilioui Icititig blood :
Tiiia we preMRri he, though iio physictnu;
Deep msiiict* makes too deep iiiRUuim :
Piirget, forgive ; mnrlude, iind be serend ;
Our dticKint tmy. this is no lime to bleed.—
Good uncle, let tins end where it begun ;
We'll atlm the duke of Norfuik, you your snn.

Uwmi To be a makepevoe shall become my
age: —
Thruw duwn. my son. the duke of Norfolk's gage

K. Rich. And, Norfolk, Uirnw down his.

GutmL When, Harry T wlien f

Obedience bids, I shoubl not bid again.

K. Bick. Nortiilk, throw down; we bid ; there
is no Imku : [Aioi :

jVor. Myself I throw, dread sovereign, at thy

My life Ihoo shalt oominand, but not my slianie:
The one nnr duiv owes; but my I'uir name,
(Despite or deal ti, that lives upiHi my gimve.)

To dark dishonour's uve ih«(U hIinIi iioi have.
I am diifT'^'C'd. inipeac.i'd. and butfled lie<«;
Piem'd tti lite soul witii slitnder's venom 'd spear :
I'lie whicli no iwim caut cure, t«ut bi» heairtblaia
Which bi-eaih'd this poiiNMt.

K. Rirk. Kage must be wihiitood :

Give lue hu gage :— Lunw make le<>|iui\b imiie.

Nor. Yea. but not diange their spos: take but
my sh ime.
And I resign my gage. My dear, dear lord,
Tiie purest treasure morul tinier aiflunl,
l»-iipoilet>s repuiatiiMi ; that away.
Men are but giUled liaun, or paiiit«Ml clay.
A jewel in a leu-uines >Nirr*d U|* cliest
l» - a iMild npiiit in a loyal breast.
Mine honour is oij life ; lioth grow in one ;
Tiike honour from me, and my Lie w d<Mie :
Thau, dear my hege. mine honour let me try;
In tnat 1 live, and for thai will 1 die-

K. Rtch. Uiusiii, thruw down your gage ; do
you begin. [mn I

Bolmif. O, Uod defemi my soul from such foul
Shall I seem crest fallen in niy father's sl<ht f
Or with pale beg>tar-fear impeeeh my height
before that ouidar'd dastard T £<v my loitgue
Shall wound mine honour with Kuch feeble wrong.
Or sound so bnse a parle, my ieet,it shali leai
Tbe sImvisIi motive of reciuittiig fear :
And spit it bleeding, in hv high di -griioe.
Where shame dutu bnrbour, even in Mowbray's
face. [ tint Guuiit

JC Itkk. We were nut bora to sue, but tocom*
mand :
Which since we cannot do to make you firieudn,
Be ready, as your bves shall tuwwer it.
At Coventrr, 'ipon 6aiol Lambert's day ;
There shall your kwords and lauces a. bitrate
The swelling diflerenoe of your settled hate ;
Since we cannot atone you, we shnll see
Justice design tite Vdctor's chivalry.—
Marslial, oommnnd our oAoers at arms
Be reudy lo direct these home aUmak [£xmmI.

SCENE n. — Vte nmte. A Room m Um Dukt 1/
Uuicasier*s PaUiot,

Enter Gaunt, emf Duchess of Glosler.
OoMi. Ahwl the part I had in Oloster^ blou4
Doth more sulicit nte, than your eiclMHua,

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QiMwn to Kimi Rxhnrd.
UuciieM of tilu'tttvr.
IhicheiHiui Vurk.
Ladt lUttndiny on the Queen.

Lords, HenUd$, Qfioers. Soldiers, /mo Oardeners,
Keeper, Messenifer, Oroom, ami other AttendmtUs,

SCESE.—dispersedlM in Etiglattd and Woks.


SCb*NE 1. — Lu(ul«NL A Room m the Paincs.

EtUrr KinK KiciiMnl.a//fl«/«/,- Juhn uf Omuiit.
oncf other Nuliltw, with him.
K. Ridi. Old Johu uf Gaunt, iiiue<houoar'd
Ijiiictister, ,

Hut thuii. iioi»nliiig to llijr imlh mid b:ind,
BrouKlit iiiilter Ileiirv liereford. tlay iMild wm;
Hurti lu iiiiike ipNid tile iMiitt.erdOjf ImIu u|i|N!hI,
Wliicii tlieii uur leixure wuald iiul IkI im iieur,
A(.iiiiwt ititf duke of Norfolk, Tliumiu Mowlmiy.
Uaiott I liiive. luy lie^e. L'*""'

K Rich 'I'eil me. iiioriMiver, hast thoa luuiMJed
If he uppeuj tlie duke «ui aiitteiit malice ;
Or won Inly an u goud BUdjecl should,
CSi Koiiie known Kruuiul of ireuchery in him T

Gouni. As iieur as 1 tmuld sifi him <ni that ar^ti-
Oii some Hp(>urenl danger seen in hint. [nient,
Aim'd at your highness, no inveterate malice
K. Rich Thru cull iheiu to our preaenoe ; fiire
to face.
And fruwuiiig bniw to brow, curMlves will hear
The aocuaer aud Uic accused, freely sfieak :—

{Exeunt some AUeudants.

High-stomach'd are they both, and fbll of in.
In rage deaf as the sea. hasiy as (ire.
Re-enter Attendants, inth Bolingbroke and Nor-

Bolmff. Many years uf happy days befal
My gracious sovereign, my iimmii loving Iwge t

Nor. Kach day slill belter trther's bappim^sa;
Until the heavens, envying earth's good hap.
Add an immortal title to your orown 1 (ut,

K. Rich We tliHuk you both: yet one bat flatura
As welkappeareth by the canse vou come;
Namely, to appeal each other of high treaaon.—
Cousin of Hereford, what dn^t thou otyect
Agniiuit the dake nf Norfolk. 1'hooias Mowbray?

Ufjiinif. First, (heaven l>e the reconl to my
In Uie devo inn of a subject's love, [speech f)
'reiideruig the precious safety of my prince,
And free from other misbegotten hate.
Come 1 appellant lo this princely preseune.—
Now, Thtmias Mowbray, do 1 1 uni t» Uiee,
And mark niv greeting well : for what I qn
My body shMll make good up(w this earth.
Or my divine soul aiiswer it in heaven.
I'hou art a traitor, aud a miscreant ;
1'uo good to be so, and too bad to live ;
Smre, the more fair and crvsul is the sky.
The uglier seems the clouds that in it fly.
Unue more, the more to aggravate the note,
W ith a foul trait4ir's niime stutf 1 thy throat :
Aud wiKh (so please rov soveregu), ere 1 move,
Wliat uiy tongue speaks, my ngnudrawn sword
may prove. [seal:

Nor. Let not my cold words here aoimse my
^I'is not the iruil of a wonuin*k war,
I'he bitter clumtiur of two eager tongues.
Can ajbiirule tlia cause betwut us twain :
The biood IS hot, Uiai must lie coui'd for this.
Yet can 1 not of suoli tame piitience taaut.
As lo be husird. and notghc at all lo say : [me
First, the lair reverence of your higbueaa corba
From giving reins and spurn to my ir^e speecli ;
Which else wouUI p««i, until it bad r^iurn'd
Tliewe terms of ireHSon doubled down lus ihroaU
Seaing aKide his high blood's royalty,
And let liini be no kiii>mun t4i my Lege,
I do defy liiin. aial I Hp«t at him ;
Call litm^a slanderous ouward. and a villain :
Winch lo iiiaiiitani, I would allow him odua;
AikI meet him, wt-re I tied i«> run u-foot
Even to ^he frozen ritlio* uf the Alps,
Or any oilier ground inliahiiiibie
Wherever fclnglisliinan dur^t set his foot.
Mean time, let tins defi'tid my loyalty,—
Uy all my liopei«, in««t falaeiy doih he lie.

Botinif. Hale irembliiig cowartl, there I throw
my Kiige.
Disclaiming here the kindred uf the king;
And lay as^ie my high bloud^ rtiyulty.
Which tear, not reverence, makes thee to exeept :
If guilty dread bith left i bee so much streugth.
As to lake up iniiie honour'it psiwii, then niuop ;
By that, and all the ngliis of knightuoud elw.
Will i make good agaiiud thee, ann u« arm.
What I have Spoke, or thou canst wuiie deviMb

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Cuofoaml thrawelres. Tis stnug* ihat doaUa

sltouUl Hnf.—
( urn th« cyimet lu this pole fiiint swan,
Who chants a doleful hymn to Ins own death ;
And. rmn the orxan pipe i»f frailtjr, sings
His soqI and biidj to their lasting rest.
SaL Be of good oomfort, prince; for yoa are

To set a form opon that indicest,
Widoh lie hatb leA m shapeless and so rode.

ib *mter Bigot tatd AttendanU. who brim » Kinff
John, ill a chair.

K. John. Ay, marry, now niy aonl hath elbow-
b woQld not oQt at windows, nor at doors.
'Ibers is so hot a sooiiner m my iMiaom,
lliat all wr bowels crumble op to dust :
I an a sertnbleil fin-ni, drawn with a pen
Upon a parchment ; and against this fire
Do I shrink up.

P. BoL How Aires yoar mi^Jestjr t

K. Mm. Pioisan*d,~itl (are ; dead, forsook, cast
And none of yoa will hid the winter come,
To thru«t his icjr finaers in my maw ;
Nor let my kingdom^ rirers uke thehr oonrae
ItirooKh my buni'd b(«om ; nor entreat the north
To make ha bleak winds kiM my pnrched lips,
And comfort me with coki : — 1 do not ask yoa

I beg cold oiNiifort ; and you are so strait.
And so iograteful. you deny me that.

P. Jkn U. tliat there were some yirtoe in my
I'hat migtit rwlieve you I

K. John. The salt in them is hot.—

Within me ti a hell : and there the poisoa
Is. as a ftenU. OMiiin'd ti» tyrannise
On unreprievable oniideinued bhiod.

EmUr the Bastard.

Basf . O. I am scalded with my violent motion.
And soleen of speed to see your majesty.

K Jakn UaHiwD,lh<»u ait come t4i set mine eye:
Tlie tackle ol luy heart is crack'd aud l»am'd ;
And ail tlie shroudx, wherewith my life should

Are tomed to one thread, one little hair :
Mt heart huth one jKNir string to stay it by.
Which h<ildi> hut till thy n«ws he altered :
And then all this thou ««e'i»t k bat a clod,
And module of confituuded ruyiilty.

Baal. The dauphin is prepnnng hitherwanl ;
Where, heaven he knows, how we shall answer

For. hi a mght, the best part of my power,
A» I npon adTantage dul reroore.
Were in ihe %rashes. all unwanly,
Da%our'd by the unexpected flood.

[Tte King die*.

SaL You breathe these dead news in as dead
an ear. —
My lien ! my lord I— But now a king.— now thna.

P. Hen. Even so mast I run on, and even so stop.
What surety of the world, what hope, what stay
When this was now a kinr. and now is clay !

Ba»l. Art tliou gone so T 1 dt> but stay behind.
To do the olBoe fur thre of revenxe ;
And then my soul shall wait on thee to heaven
As it on earth hath been tliy sarvant Mill.—
Now, now, you stars, that move in your right

MThere be your powers T Show now your mended

And instantly return with me again.
To push destruction, ami perpetual shame.
Out of the weak door of our fiiiuting luud :
Straight let usseek.orstraight wetihullbeaoughti
The uauphin rages at our very heels.

SeU. It seems, you know not then ao much as
The cardinal Pandulph is within at rest.
Who half au hour since came fnim the dauphin;
And brings from hiiii such oifers of our peace
As we with himour and respet't mny Uike,
With puniose presently to loiive this war.

Ba$t. He will the rather do it. wlien lie sees
Ourselves well sinewed to our defence

SaL Nay, it is in u manner done already ;
For many carriages he huth despatch'd
1'o the seaside, and put his c^use and quarrel
To tlie dispueinx of the cardinal.
With whom yourself, myself, and other lords.
If y<io think meet, tliii afterntiou will post
I'o musumniule this business happily.

B'liL Let it be M> :— And you. my noble prince
With other priices thai may best he spar'n,
Shiili wtut upon y<iur lather's fuueml

P. Um. At Woroesier must his body be ii.-
For so he will'd lU [terr'u;

Bu$t. lliither shall it then.

And liappily mnj yitur sweet self put on
I'he lineail state himI irUiry of the land !
To whmn, with nil suhmoRqon. on my knee.
I do bnqueNih my ^iihful sen'ioes
Aud true sulijeclioii everlasliiuly.

SaL And ihu like tender of our love we maki>
To rest without a spot for evenoore.

P. HtH. I have a aiud soul, that would give you
And knows not h<iw to do it, but with tears.

BaM U, let ns pHy the time but needful w«ie.
Since It hath been berorehaud with our grie£i.—
'I'liis fc^iglMiid ue\'er did. (nor never shall,)
Lie at the pri>ud Am»i of a conqueror.
But when it first did hi^li' t<i wound itself.
Now iheite lier princes are twine hiniie again.
Come the tiiree ooniers <if the world in ariiM,
AihI we shall 8ho«:k iheiu: Nought shall make

us rue,
If CugUud to Itself do rest but trae. iEz«%iU,


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[Act v.

I Mjr Miiin, if Lewis do win the day.

He w fi^rewiini. if e'er thaae eves (if jroari

Beliitkl aauilier day break in ine eaM :

But even this nifthu— whnae Itlark oontamous

Already sniokes about the bominf crest [breath
or the okl. feeiile. and day-weaned sun.—
Even thiif ill ni«ht, yonr brenthiiie shall expire ;
PiiyinK the fine of rated treachery,
L\eu wiih a treacherous fine of ail your livas^
If Lftwis by your aftiisiunoe win the day.
Coinmeud me to one Hubert, with your king;
The hive <if him.— and this respect besides.
For thai my frrandsire was an Englishman,—
Awakes my conscienre to confess all this.
In lieu whereof. I pray you, bear nie hence
From forth the muse ami rumour of the field ;
Where 1 may think the remnant of my thoughts
In peace, and part this body and my soul
With contemphition and devout desires.

Sal We do believe thee,— and beshrew my
Bat I do lore the favour and the form [soul

Of this most fair occasion, by the which
We will uiitread the steps of damned flight ;
And, like a bated and retired AcnmI.
Leaving our raiiknttss and irregular oourae,
Stoop l«»w within those bounds we have o*er-
And calmly ran on in nbedieuoe, [look'd,

Even to oar ocean, to our great king John.^
My arm shall give thee help to bear tliee henoe ;
For I do see the cruel pangs of death CfliR^^ i
Right in thine eye. — Away, my friends I New
And happy newness, that intends old risht.

lExnmU Imdmg of Melon

SCENE v. — TV mmt. The French Camp.

Enter Le»vi« and his TVvm.
Lew. The sun of heaven, methooght, was
loath to set :
But stay'd. and made the western welkin blush.
When the Enslish measiir'd backward their own

In Mnt retire : O. bravely came we ofl^
When with a volley of our needless shot.
After such bloody toil, we bid good night ;
And wound oar talterd oolouni clearly up,
Last in the fiekl, and almost lords of it I

Enter a Messenger.
Me$$. Where iM my prince, the dauphin t
Lew. Here :— Whst news T

JIfM. The ooant Melon is mImiu; the English
Bf hw penniaston. are again fallen off: [lords.
And your supply, wliich you have wish'd so long.
Are east awav, and sunk, on Ginidwiirs sands.
Lew. Ah, f(>ul shrewd news ! — Rethrew thy
verv heart!
I did not vhink to be so ssd lo-nicht.
As this hatli made me.— Who was he. that said.
King John did Ay. an hour or two before
The stumbling night did part our weary powers T
Mem, Whoever spoke it. it is true, my lord.
Lew. W«ll; keep good quarter, and good care
The day slialT ooi be up so soon as I.
I'o try the fiiir adventure of lo-monrow.


SCENE VL—An open Ploet in the neigkJbottrhood
of ^winstead-Abbey.

FMer the BasUnl and Hubert, meeting.
UMb. Who's there T speak, ho! speak quickly,
Bmt. A fhend.— What art thou T [or 1 shooL
UHk Of tbeoortof £i«lana.

Baet. Whither dost thoa CO f lOMai

Hub. What's that to thee? Why may I «ild0-
Of thine aflUrs, as well as tboo of mine f

Bast. Hubert, I think.

Hub. I'hou hast a perfect thooght :

I will, upon all hazards, well believe
Thou art my fnend, that know'vt my toogoe en
Who art thou I [well:

Baal Who thoa wilt : an if you pleaaa.

Thou roay'st befhend me ao much, as to think
I come one way of the Plantagenets. [uight,

HiA. Unkind remembrance ! thou, and eyeless
Have done me shame:— Brave soldier, pardon ni»
That any accent, breaking from thy tongne.
Should scape the true acquaintance of mine ei\r.

Ba»L Come, come; sons oomphment, whtt
news abroad T [oight.

IhA. Why, here walk I, hi the black brow vi
To find voa out.

BaaL Brief, then ; and what's the news T

Ibdi. O, my sweet sir, news fitting to the ught.
Black, fearful, oomfortleos, and horrible

Boat. Show nie the very wound of this ill news;
I am no womtin. Til not swoon at it.

Hub. I'he kiug, I fear, is poison'd by a rooak :
I left him almuat speechless, and broke out
To acquaint you with Uiis evil ; that yoa aught
The better arm voa to the sadden tiine.
Than if vou had at leisure kiMiwn of this.

Jiosf. How did he take iti who did taste to


Whose bowels suddenly burst out; the king
Yet speaks, and. peradventure, may recover.

Bast. Who didst thoa leave to tend his ma-
Jesty T (come back«

Bnb. Why, know you notT the lords are all
And brought prince Henry in their oompanjr;
At whoae request the kinc haih pardoned them.
And they are all about his niiijesty. [heaven,

Bosf. Withhokl thine indignatkm, mighty
And tempt us not to bear above our power!—
I'll tell thee Hubert, half my power this night.
Passing these dais, uken by the tide.
Hiese Lincoln washes have devonreu them;
Myself, well-Hioonted. hardly have eaoap'd.
Away, before! conduct me to the king;
I doubt, he will be dead, or ere I ctaob. iSxtnad.

SCENE VIL— 7V0rrJkani<i/^Swinate«l.Abbey.

Enter Prince Henry, Salisbury, and Bigot.

P. Hen. It ia too late ; the life of all his blood

Is toucli'd corruptibly ; and his pure brain

(Whwh some suppose the soul's frail dwi lling-

Doth, by the klle comments that it makes,
Foretell the ending of rooruhty.

Enter Pembroke.

Pern His highness yet doth speak ; and hoidt
That, being brought into the open air, [belial.
It Would allay the burning quality
Of that fell poison which ussqiileth him. [beie.—

P. Hen. Let him be brought into the orohaid
Doth he stUl rage T {ExU BigoL

Pern. He is more patient

Than when yoa left him ; even now he sung.

P. Hen. O vanity of sickness ! fierce extremes.
In their contiiuiaiioe. will not feel themselves.
Death, having prey'd upon the ootwanl parta.
Leaves them insensible ; and his siege is now
Agsinst the mind, the which he pricks and woonds
With many legions of streoge fSmtasies :
Which, m their tlmmg and praes luthat bug hultf.

lands ^

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Act v.]



How I not hminl iheae wlwiilera tlMHil o«t.
Vim fe roy / lu I hnve liunk'd ttwir lowiw 7
Have I iKit here tlie best oinls for the enme.
To win Una mtxy miiUtli plav'd for ■ cmwn T
Ami shall I nnw rive o'er ihe yielded M*t /
No. on mjr »>qI. it never shall he9««id.

Pamd. Tuu liM>k hut on the onuide aftVbwnk.

Lew. OuUide tir iuside. i wilt not retoni
Till my altem|il so mach he iclorirted
As to my ample hope was promised
Before I draw this cnlluut lie hI of war.
And ml I'd Uieee Aery s;iirits from llie world.
fo oiitloiik OiHiqueai. and ro win n>iii>wii
Even ia the jaws of danger and nf death.—

[Trumpet MMOtdt.
What losty trampet thus doth suiiiumni us I

K0i*r tht Buurd. atladed.
Ba$L Accttrdint to the fair piny of the world.
Let roe have andlHiice ; I am sent to speak :^
Mv lioly l(»nl ttf Milan, from ihe kiuf
I dome, to learn how you have dealt for him;
AhJ, as you answer, I do know the scope
And warrant linuted onto my ton^e.
Poitd. 11m DuuDhin is too wilful opposite,
lis arme.
fury breath^
ir our English
me. Ckiag;
I should :

\i troopa,
11 prepar'd
l>iffniy arms,
les. [d<ior,

n, even at your
I wells;
;>lanks ;
sta and trunks;
I safely out
II. and shake,
s crow,
ishman ;—
«d here,
luistisement T
I inarms;

uir Ins nesL—


itli Utr shame :
if'd inaals,
' drunw ;
!ts diunce,
;euUe hearta

urn thy face in
fare thee well;
iie spent

i-9 to

I to neither :^
oiMtue of war
Vf here, [out :
eaten, will cry
i> but Stan
, Jrum.

And even at hand a drum is rpadv hrac'd,
"11141 aoall reverbeniie all as loud as thine

jad but another, and anmher shall.
Aa l«*ad aa tlane. raUle tlie welkui's ear

And mock the deep-moath'd thunder ; tor at liaad
(Nottmstimr to this haltina leffate iiere.
Whom he hath us'd rather for sport than need,)
Is warlike John : and iu his forehexd xiis
A biim-ril)b'd death, whoaa olfice is tiiix day
To feast opim whole ilMHJsands of the Fn-nch.
Lno. Strike up our drama, to iind this dauaer


Boat. And thoo shall find it, Dauphin, do not
doubu [ExeuhL

SCENE ni.-T^jome. A JleUi of BaUk.

AUtnans. Enter King John mtd Hubert.
K. John. How fcoes the day with usT O, le.l

me. Hubert
Jinb. Badlv. I fear : How Aires your miOesty T
K. John. This fever, that hath tmubled me so
Lies heavy on me ; O, my tieart is sick I [long.

Enter a Messengfer.
Mess. My lonl. your valiant kinsman, Fauloo^
Desirsa your majesty to leave the field ; [bndgn.
And send him word by me. which way you go.
JT. John. ThU him. toward Swinstead, to the
abhejr there. [ply,

Me$$. Be of gmnl comfort; for tlie great sup-
That was expected by the dauphin bore.
Are wreck'd ibren nighia ago on Goodwin's

This news was bruucht to Rtr4ianl but even now:
The French fight coldly, and retire thenaailvea.

K. John. Ah me ! this tyrant fever burns me up.
And will not let me welcome this cood news —
Set on towani Swinstead : lo my litter straight;
Waakueas poaMaseth me, and I am faint.


SCENE Vf.^The mme. Another part «/ the mme.

Enter Salisbury, Pembroke, Bigot, and olhert.

&U. I did mit think the king so stor'd with

Pim. Up once again ; pot spirit in the French :
If they niMcarry, we miscarr^ Uia

SvL That misbegotten devil. Faulccaibridge,
hi spHe of spite, aliaie upholds tlie day.
Pern. They say. kiug John, sore sick, Itath left
the field.

Enter Meluu, wounded, and ted bf Suklienu

MeL l^md me to the revolts of England hera.

Sat When we were happy .we had other namea.

Pern. It is the count Meluu.

Sd. Woondmi to death.

MH. V\j, noble English, you are bought and
Unilire:td the rude eye of reljellion. lsi>ld;

And welntme home avain diMcanled fiuih.
Seek out kiug John, and fall bef >re hai feet;
Fur. if the French lie lords uf this lou«l day.
He mefUM to raoompenae the pnitai you take.
By cuUing oif your lieada: Thus hath he swum,
And I with him, and maiiv na>rn with me.
Upon tlie al'ar ai Siunt luJmuiHl's-Bnry ;
Evfii on that altar, wliere we Nwitre to yon
Dear ami'y and everlasinv l«>ve.

SaL May tliiM lie ptNi<ilil« f nuiy this be true T

Met. Have 1 no' liideousdeath within my view
Rpfaiming but a quantity of life ;
Which hit«ds awiiy. evMii as a furm of wai
Resolvetli from hi» figure 'aaiiurt tlie fire f
What in the world sliould make me now decaivak
Since 1 iiiust li«e tlie uae of all deceit f
Why sh4>uid 1 then lie false ; since ii is true

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